North Carolina Newspapers

    .1 V ,7 , "f giTT V7 rj V H r aT-'f reeaivedt iaust cither be suw
the.,; fulfvahf . tnklMM Bndett nti&d-isUuended. what wan ,
Terea pKfmpjV fcdgland musi;d wbO( another nimeior apeaie
peace, a she Ui purf rsased ar. . Dj-a pcifc 0f p'jrfcion, a peace of sccuri f.
.A I. I I ..
mNC,EN, Dec. 10.
that the mamara between the Hleeiora! Piiri.
fiSSjrf B-tvaria with Eugene lteauharnois,
6n-Trtfaw "of ttnr fpperor;; Napoleon, and
Viceroy of Italy, will be celebrated immedi
ately at Manictii. -That Monarch will seiae
tl)r'nhninM!4MuJ:v af ilrlncr l lip. rmin Ir ,1 '
- t y - j-.-.-.,. ..... v u 'i ii i ia j
c,T rhe head of hn son-in-law, who will found
the? betidiUry ily fcaJiyiof-the lieauharnow-
ThTyrol, fthafcikiiciettt .bulvarkij tC. the
Austria Moharcbjj.fwIIPbe far thfergpeater
p'irrt :tt;tetf ohe ilav&rian .tales, and the
Sfridftt.iVn IHUlrilMa1 "trill 4 . ,L
WHdiiV of Italy, m such a manner Uwtjtha'i
rathe1 tond' aon-in-law . will be .near; neigh
WtV i' : . ,o ...
' BERLIN, Dec. U. . '.
"Itfis a enteral .report,, much credited'! by.
ttiSpublibi that Austria will make a separate'
pfeucc'l and another report' sas, that !in,
CotWquence, of the aruiUtice, "alley rand,
fUjM Vltil',.,..' ' , an, I r"...l-. .1
' .7 1 V UUTC I
jfrtVcVed Into ntfgociations at Nichblsburg, anil
i niir i iiv in'prmffirjTHjn At pi ici .... 1
w i j wn.iiuij (liu Mill
du ller guarantee, u peace is to be etpected.
''It Walsoreported tbatiif Buonaparte' cam
paigns should be.'-: tended with the desired
sdticeas, aoveral cfciiiiilerable parts of, thu
rVicsio;iv! of Russia, Austria and Pruisia,
h.l"o!aild, are to he given to Muratj the bro.'
her-hluv to Buoaapartej to create him king
of those united parts. 1 ,
5CEIiyAMrDecennbcr l9.
Soma Swiss Journals ay that a corps cf
40d blench troop 'have entered the county
of Neufchatel, buloniruicf to the Line of Prus.
3P55raE"V: - -i-- Ik 'CQ wun a,iies 1 ln,s oe could' ne-
nSITinir Iwtllll-lill th li'lunlnnal Dn'ili- II . t f I." i- l -
7"' UJ - urope, nu at taar.y useltU pur ;
pose.he was piiriuaded we were iiheqal to it.
It is aaUli that. ihe IVeneh arm. nnrti
thc-wmairid ot prince Louis, is destined to
. the relief of Hameln. .......
" From Milan they write, that the English
ehd. Russian troops, 'which had landed in the:'
kingdom of Naples, hare been . re-iin'jarkti. v
' r, PARIS, Dec. i6
The ETiperor of Germany demanJedan
afminfee tir hi iroopsj which was grin
led hfm in armi.tics w detrramled for
ind Rtilyjtn trtjAp 'who were fct thu Iratile
of Au.Wrli't. Of 8f,cvoltii .Hans, 4.0,000
ci'JJl h nrjre ; tie re' rwi:h-nt artilltf-1
rv of tuv ni: fgrruir;de.l l)'v $
r rn.h -rr.y, tojiM pot , fcipe wlihoutau
aiiuiltivC, H,is Majcfty the Einprror liaJ
the (?pnero;i'f tnrjotit, upon co'n.liunti
llut the Ru'.Iijni ihould evicrtite, by et.
fy mirche, Gsrmany. and the two Galli.
cias, an I return home. The forcing ne
gor"i ons by which a was hoped to fur.
pf iftf the iii!.nce of the Emperor of the
Frcgih, will he tucveeded bj reil n-o-ciA'itms
the trl'tilt -r whmh will be fe.
rutc And honorific peace.
, ( Minl'tur.J
. , . LONDON', Janmry 13.
. The intelligence com.mnicatcd in the Lis'
b in letter, 'untried 'in our Ust, of fourteen
Trench aliipt of rc'tr having been seen off
L"Jicnt by a iwredili Vdel, is rtnd rcd
vsry pi-i')ahU by dt.ipatches received on Ha
tuiiif fiim the piit admiral at I'lvinoiuh',
'whih' iiais a report, tint uiiot!ier sq.u.lron
hal cCjpv'd fiom Breit, bttwrtn th IJth
and '2J:h u'.t. the dcsUnaiion of winch waun
Admiral sir John B. Werrcn sailed yes
trrday lioin Puii.n.jith, wiih srvrnMi of
Jhe line, tvro fri,tc and one !o;.; he is .
cxiertcJ ti.! by othr ve.-cl.
'Ills destination is not certai'.ly known
bu'jly hi 01 in q jcM of -i.ic of the itra
,lin; f,uadroTi oi' .tl.e encnir.
V kMinoULi td in one of our p'eri cf
ths pre.cnt wctk, tl at in consideration "cf'
the circ'intiince vf the ti.iH,'aid Vh.U wa
-txpcctrd of theni in ti:e en-iipg jsrl: anient, '
the kadm nf what is raHed'thc opi.ition, .
i.J somc of the ffioit disiinnnished ntnin
iKo riumlrl' klit t.trmt.l 1 1, ...... . l-
. liMU p
(St, and Inn Mrfady met fincet'p
fci the pnci.t Sitii.ttiini cf public ftlT-Sis.
, They fjae sinvr had j ncotd Meelinj, it
the house of the t.arl of A -Ic, when a
q'jrstlon.ftt tie Crt puhlic inier.t, nd in
Vii.Uinj in it the Very unin of the pi-y,'to
tfic.v.parat'on nf which thr fount ry must fKk
f wiUt J rm, a fully discunud and finally :
arrsfi '. '
Tin. tj if .ion wai no less than the line
of pohr jr'lo Ih: obs-rvrd y the party in the
ciMiiii psitiament, Jbcinif tUe great quciuou
of I'eace or War, , . ,
We h .ve oUJncd Hrm'nlon,and, w arc'
' Confidtnt, caiH.ivdy, to state as follow t
Mr. l ot t It as bis opin'nm, thtt in the
f recent kolitary J. of this ccOntry, itter
cu ly tf.r la tfenu from hrr ctu aliUi,
and ty the im enn's rcrdcrtd drf -r'e
"in fwf htr .! si.p('Jrtii(f Hirir pUrt by o.
Ihcrs.w.ih H..'j r'trta'intrln a tnaunfrlhut
a wl.t.Jtf tear w.fuW t.! Jo,t bef tt she cnli
ajai co-nf tl c ficl?. and with Austria
i rt lutcd that sha jM tKter agsinrtnnt
Intoihe f.tfd !l.a t.itiii politlcsl .olitndf ,
ltn iiiMVf ,!i h of alliance, nothing
lt"a:ifJ f.r ihUeuui.inr hot to V. hidf
" ptarv. I'Si.l I'ic 'inftrfrrurf and farmer
iMiianrf, muse iiow of on.dfie-J s P.fl d..
, !.! 4m nr,tl.l! ffiu t bJcmrd by o
thr r .icuoi iai. . timt t. bn ii tl,ee tie
ICf,ia:iiiiilo ipf tofMl.iian ttut fte a wnk
f tji'Mhtinr. Ai"? rt nccr'mty
la the w:jti time tha war, if it c:t
"-HiaHiio spirit of the eountry intleed-wa e-.;
filial in it 1nf id ...lint Hin. . 1 : b
,1M1Il. vvasuiic 11)111, ailU :
t.he phyiical strenprth of the body another.
That -spirit was but mother name for. . pas--sion,
Keiisrous indeed. but- Jikf
passion, not exactly under the comroul ofi
icusun; oui, .11 me passion ot courrgej the,
passion of. glory led us to dispis ilangers,
reasoiiV).ri5CidIing , u, from the, elevation,
brought tis iowet towards the ground--Thatpuo
dno admired more than him the
F lived too lotm and, loved safety too wi-11. , fm
sacrifice it to a nme.-rl hat he Io,ved heroes
inthg field butiiot-in, the cabinet ; II.x:on,
eluded by, a$ hivopinioti.that the
situation of the country required ptace. ' ,
, Mr. Grey 4e.nted to-al 1 his arguments, if
peage. could. da nothing, it had still Ue me
ritthat it coit .not'ain?. '1 his, he thought,,
constituted, th -whole of the difTereoce be
qvveeil pe&Qe,firi4war : such a war atjeast us
we . could be expected to maintain, ; Var
could do n'.)thinjj, but cost' niueb -ptuce '
couIddo nothing, but then it cost notliing. -
, Mr. v;ii!Jhum did not approve of this mer
cantile. calcuJatioa of the v;due -cf peace nnd
war. An arijcle cf some value was, totally
nnatted. Rational honor in .his opinion tit
least,, was. no inconsiderable item.. ,, Wa he -cajifd
upon to make out a jwlitical bill, to,bi
lrice,the creditor and debtor side', of peace
and war, he should, charge' it at U value.i
Uaa Iruiiless peace, vras indeed bette? tlian
a tnutlifbs war s us a jn-o-ativ vii.
J privation, better than a positive evil,1 an
v,.., wiu.w auiiriijig. 1 nat war was some
thing, peace. .w rotliing.. 1 hat. war was
;jrj,jftV.a!i t m.iI, and an efil ofgrat ,mHg,
rufidi-, and was o.njy relatively a gpod That,
hu di;rei fd mucins to the eJTiciency of the
country to maintain, a war without a conti
nental ally. Uut that .he would not Vigie'ly.
?.,.;rc to (hiaopiiiiwi, as there eu- many,
very .many of his friendsmen by whose
jn lb'TUent he had been accustomed to frtine
Ins own; who now differed with him upon
l..j Vu)l ,Uit that there was one point in
wmch all his friends agreed t the necessity of a
pcrki-t imkui of rne amon;;-.t another, an unt
oii.jlrtch touh! ,c ,.lt.rV(;(j in-iia tf
icciue che.sion by a adiwrt-nc e.toone co!incctiiitr print i,-J ci.d mutual
.cnlicra ;n points indiiftrsi.t. Tbt ull U
w.,heJ r.-s, n hrt!UT c? r war, ths
.ojorofl.ic ro-in'.ry li.)ii)iiConaidert:fl,tt
well as its a-.fcrr ; thn Ur; f j'ure thould b
taken Into co-isuliTutiou as cll u.the pit
er.t ; that we s! ould not sacrifice future
Uoty to preM iit..e; and that we khould
Vu,!-r our honor. a tl most etfectutl meaos
or our s.iieiy. above every petty .ppunht
i-.-' : "'""'i iiwTr n wen.
war as the p-cicnl. IIcprfrrrred a vigorous
pyace to an inactive war. He conduced kr
l.iviiki. l.! ...
i 11 .. . ... 1
mucr a peace like a war, than a war like a
Lo.d GrenviHe was not prescntxbut a gen
tlernin. i..o was authorised to speak lor him,
declared for
A safe and honorable peacr a peace ren
dered safe by guarantees, and . honorable by
t.upporimjj an a.pca, and a Verity vL5th
h uld teach the enemy that ire ftarcd not'
Mr. Fox Then, thanks to th fortune of
the rcuntry, thanks to the patriotUtn which
the t .nense of our dan-cr baa kindled,
there i a i..ifsct unmimit; and this bt our
MUtilsl plr.H'f, ,
A safe Bud Irorable peace.
A,tdareby guaranteet, and
A peace a war
--Inv.cad of a ar like a peace'
Suth was this. crUWaia lueednj. V
pledge ourselrei fully to tht 1 j.jtance if
not to tf,e C1iac, ,jy 0 muft ,a
the court': 0r te rext wetk wt shall inur
tnorc full on this auljrct. .
CIIANGR Ot Misrsrn r.
T,h chan of Ministry j, n0w confident!;
UUcdor, and the Mowing li.t Wk
Harl nuwini.m.Lord Lieutenant oflrtlsml.
Mr. Vt, becrctary for furcicn ' DcDart
' ment.
Ird CrenvllJe, fir Home itto. ' 1
Mr. Windh.m, Srcrctai) U Cnlonfea.
Mr.C.rcy, tf the KarUqtur.
Id Spencer, I'itstUrU of U.t AdmiraJ
Urd M.ra, HiM Ird ftheTtfurr.
Ui.cral I'itfpatrirk, becntary at War.
Mr. T. Craniillr, Srfretaiy fr Irrlsr.d.
Mr. Sheridan ai.d I,rd Hef.ry Kit,, igT;
tnlrr. " '
Mr. IjUV'fie. Lrd Cbancellcr.
Mfort!rriUnd' ti:"nCn, xu E"bc9uer
Mf. riamia. India n-ard
Jtd (' tre OrCnce.
Uf A S.dmomU, rre t,M of ih, Council.
ll:re art the pfir(lo lj.K.ii,ttatnf,
IhtlMt or M.TItmty, h xn r,,
old -Mustion.f TrfaMirif of the Ny.
Such are the report f.ftbe day, and, as to
tain land Jnti-gri'y, wr ..kthe iMtWi iop.f., lfuchano',h.-f bt of tren could e
ma If nA. or o l.ktlv In save the n.:ion
rrnnt the dar.gsr ith Walth It 11 t ow tire-t-eutd
r lej'pripu acjion fj-jtweeTp tliwarcndUkC
Chartcs ardmar4al Ney, does, not set m to
Sel with much Jcredit-upon ttfieaioh. ilf
e a4xhdoke haoVgassetl 'into CtoatUi as has
JriwitAaTeJiar a.battle-with ilarmoKf -yMJ
.... mnwt. 19 m . a vasi, uiaiatie.
' At Nuremberg,1 the? do-nmon cbnver.ation
f ipealut freely o.f.JBuorWrie; kXeriiynatio
1 to re-establish the kingdom of Poland.
the JSTj ll- Sir tnhn VVarrn. -t,.J2W
got tuidcf weigh, and iqwardlthe'.e.v'er
,rxiflg;.they were.AHt of confi.iiing of.
ijleven (ail of the i,ne two higatcj,. and, a '
-jfloop; viz. oudroytit, h 80 guny,-La
!;N)n, 98, Merq, Kepulfe, H.milieR,.;
Lmuvand. Courageux, of 74.;: aCilalica.
I and Ampliion frigate j nd Sifa?en fioooi'
It is generally tiBdrttoodv t hat Ss'r John's
orders are ,tj proceed 't: the;'W;
Hies, in d,'ue(t r.f.t!ie' 3reft.ft3fdran.'j 'Tli'c
I Unit rUais,;1 Canada arid MoritaHjr, ' of
74. Ss,cach, .w.hidwe'rt of his fidrp'riV'
air ordered' upon at7i:r fei y icea; rhe- ll
itrcclnu a.-fniwcW ,$C-$wstyio. tb,
. WcllJ Miics c aod .-tHoiiuiu.'s,.
Certain Pittance with- the .'utwaviitoili!
,-convoyi.-. . ... ( f,,lh!;. ...,,.-,';
7 he WcfUtndia, Irtd jMcditecranear;
conveys began to h6Vecariyihimoriiingy
but-btjore they couhl-gei; bWtf w$u Sic.
' lenVj WtndTiliftfd to th IS.' WjJSomc
otthem are ac StiMcren'" aftd1 fume at
t!is "Mothsir '.Batik;' ' 1 VfnifWiW Ihipi,
which have the conycyi ori'tltf' their Witae,
'have' ahchdr'cd i'i Pi. n'tW"
; il.aHdacuiui,. Mediator; Si'iJrfc' Hofe,
i 'J,rt,!a." Camol, lVevoyaatiV, Xr 'i,
VVi,l m I A . A " I . ' I ' - ' A '. ...
i Jfef. of tiguha Vice-Ajirjir'ai 'Coti
; lO-V Q.-p;. : Rkkctts ; ahij - the Caytaij
74 guns Captain Stcp:u:is...fvm . thp
Channel flret. . The Captjiniud hcenloi
: hut. for lite fsr'trable.llits cf the' wind ,
; fl'.e tmift come ii.' "...i .
1 rT"' . 1 ''''-" i-t'. ,-. 1- , , '
T fniew?rn allprifonsirour.'irgWnti
Decor Gun. ciitti,aiiv Timh,.'f
othcrwiie 1 1 1 T-ju f:i n t on Suritur VAA P!aw
.fivn aml il iU Jap ijiVooi tl.ence ;o
ih P.ii' Vr'-A,- I I 1. ' a 't.rJ. J
liau.Canipl-ell, tinder pcn.Jjy ot piofecu
tuui aw lar ai ilic wiUi4l;otN
- J O.U N. M KA R LAN..
'N-w.Hariovtr Ct.tiniy, M.ud. 24-iw
Yi iLRC11 i.5,Mfeoo4
DR. SCOTT has the pVaHrr- cf Jh
loioling tii Liendi and the public,
thai du:ingii$,abfen.c,lfoin town, he was
fortunate ' in procuring Valine Virus,
which has foccreded iitheful jeA. be. ha?
inoculate I 'tis rcturr.. At a tiiie
like, the pfffen', when .that mo.l dr-adtui
Iccurgi; of ihe human race fthc (nail jnh;
ii fo preyaUf.t both in pur own, and
t . I I m t mm I A . a I.
""'Ii ua-.r, j.b conceive? it a u .
du.y he owe, ,0 the pohl,,-, , inJ(rm j J6'
1 iliar h u.nt 4i-.- , . 1 imperial,
jH55licbt5tl oUi politeness " of "fit Bri-
tannicajeslf 8TonsurrBehjamTnTo
the, Esq. for the following letter from Ad
miral LbchraBa,' eonta'mir.g'an account of
- the action between the-Briiihh mid t rench
fleets, offttie City of St. Domingo, on tho
k 6th l ebnurv lasfl -i. . ., t
, ine.jetter was put on board the brier fane.
''Wr'i; 1 ""vfU jfisieraay morntftg
. raraoors, wno tetHfi with'tfae AnAam
derlanJMi the Ifih . ultimo, Tn laU -24 54,
uJobg.63 - Admiral Cochrane rntended' "to
'luake for Hulifax to repair, hating hie
tnam mast' aliot aWay about ten feet above
deck, and his mizen-mast considerably in-'jMfe""-
'..''; r
An officer of the Northumberland informed
"capt. Hunt, that this ship BustainedVthe '
' B1"-. tnjafy "in the-aciibn, bavjd
.niuiig side fhe Frent' Adniirafof iSo
guh-The Northumberland li f r.
' :' - 'v::'CO-X ' V
" 'Nothmukrlaai of&i--fiomingot
yV--' ' " W'.wry,' 2806.
ttt-I bare much satifcticfK,u"in cc-i.tiu-nrcitrngtoyou,
that the tneitiv's tViyvn
rately; arrived from rrtrnfe, in the
iMnjiii-wHicn-vice-AcHiai btr Jo.ln DutK-w-o.;nfvy,-ljt
in pursuit $ irvm t. ci,. Ut.
phcr'a oaths lshavon tiiken or cfestroy.
.'',I!5cruWfcr? liC0rpJ at anchor off the
tiih of br. Dommg-o, on Ihe iffon.iTor the
6th. yAs .tbe-'Hritiah quadro: aiiVanctd,
Wiepit-undef Vcigh,' and .uvnM.ird iosI
":tie !,y f imnlng ..h.wti .Wi; .iPf sfert,' l0
tne 3. H. y. but wiie lrustrau 'y ihe
prompt meures artortcdLy the uccu.'i.
rl' '.'- tv . ." - , .
headhy thcttvanctd -.pjrt' l .i(n-.v3a
p.lHdi'W(, nnd brought l-cWe'tf-r, . ' T11
vSuperb.tyy . b J.)Kif'l),n F wortifs flato
bchVig, i,ivul by -tl Noruu.eil;
consing ol tl.ennornv.bearir,;, ,l,c
ot reaMiTmtrat 1 D.nce ,i .ad Atlus
cominjf tip to L-c aai J. - c
.. The atviori vby Ue Strw-f f .;n on
thi? Alexander, the loding bh.'.of i"he'iie"
wy's hue; ihe'.VonhuntlnTlaftd,
he fmper,a!,lhe .econdinp, Whtu-thc ac
tionaoon afier became gerttrid .
J Tf Alexarid.-r, be in -KU'a'Jw', dropt a
atern, and nbowt 1 1 o'clrc ,,.v,k ,er co rs
umn,. lost aH her .nU. T.,,.rSr
oi tne entmv ii -"-t
ll .l t , , . "-i J "-eir cmt:'l
H tn the Imperial.- ar.d ot a rn.uner j.,st
. . Jlr. struct- to
the Donegal. I he- lir.m l,o .ubmivtcd soon
otter. , -
f - The Imperial t.sed every jncans to e sran.
! buthndtnir thu inirov, i. '
"I" 1 U " 10 lftV,UCi S. W.
. of bt. Doming,, , ,,d Wjl fufmc(1 , lf)e
.... r .,crc ttnnilcd. and aere nf.
.1 r ui ici tin ni ;u it r
ot .Matfer, at Ii:s medicinal llo.p, in Mr.
John Mjrini a houu, rrnnt-'titcl.
Wilmington, Match. 5, i 86.
MMMMa) 1 a 1 l aasMaaaaBTaSSsam
20 Dollars UcwanL
RAN-AWAV from the fubfetiber a.
Kuit ihrce weeks ago, a negro man Jack, jeilovromp!c'lcj, about Ave
feet un irthes bif h, hn a lare fear bc
iwten his eyM, nhlch apjeari lohatebcen
o.-cali.nrd by the kick of a hotfc, and Ii
ahnt Iwetiiy fecn yean v( age He it
veil known in 0. flow Couuty, in fome
part of whivb I fuppofe he ii now lur
kinj, ha.ifij hcud of his being in the
rm; hfcoiuhti'id nf Swai fjorooh. I will
ru thethuftf Reward lor taking up ami
co.ifininj? in jiil the aforefaid Negro, and
in additian ihereio will pay al rcafona'ate
eipences for having him tJeJifcrei to me
on Topfai S;ur.d thiiteen milci Jtom
Vtlmir j;.on, ' vfffili aod all mher pcifoni
arel errhy forewarned ' from carrying a.
way, ent;h y rtg, concealing cr harboiipg
bim under the ffteiell penaltica of ih
Marh 25. 1 6c6 tf
Aiinit Low or Dair-.i-cbvUrc.
J l.-r the Vhtix Cortjp.ny ( Lr.lon,
CMiit'Oi'fi inmaktf li furarceonn.ii'diii.
Nlercharite, Furore a.xl ahipi and
I argots in ritifainQ U.oe .Isaeeb
Hre, si Imi ()tf)ce, 3s( '
Cbar1,non, .Sooth Can Ii, 1. , Vot piM,!
ntlari enT. of Jtf, LonoVn, tffl.
ilmir-g-o,-. . , ...
B LflttnSoihc Agenl rnft paUl
y af fvf red, aHonteidpn f remi.
M.p iM'iM w,tl. tittuifd ar.d fuiwar.
vleJaa JiieOc wltaeui ifi'ar.
- r . .
J no i-ncrr.v ull 1.'...? 1 .
tnpertal, hut the raniiit .r .1... i-.-
was brought i.ff w :h alr. inn . l
the rest had got m sho,e; ' ""Cr'
1 he loss ol the enemy hast;tcn Tcry nim
jereUy a fug of Truce whxh came 4f
to reiesi, ixrmision to send sut.plie, i
f,7u.ndfdiirm, that the im
penal bad about 7uO killed and woumied-L
1 he D.on.fd. a great many the three thins
f.nlu makirP
01 ,nc,r fluadron to be 1,800 or
3,000 men.
I am happy to say that the loss cf the
Dntuh amuJror, ha Leen. romparailvelr.
imall, not bear ing any proportion hb that of
h'rf:!B2Z!?V,U,,Jn' ndI not
1 enclose a copy of the thanks test to thcl ol the squadron, l.y 8ir John Duck
hPiebT f hi dcr,rture fop J,Tn,i
Ing prcctdcd bim the day before.''""
Tte Iriiratra an. I . . - . . . .
I- - ,"7 " , ".sue tnocieq ineir
,'ieape during the action, but 1 hope ther
. et be met with by a squadron I batV
1 hire the honor to he, sir,
Your not iJdipnt sertant.
ALhx. cocnnANc.
Imp ri.l,
A Corrctft,
A h i irposie for lantosgt to coorr
an sinuate irnt f my fctimg to the Ho
torbl lUir Admiral (totl.farw, for ih no
bit aupport rendered tc ty the Northurn.
brlndtor lift Admiral Uuis, and tha
tsa.moftbtiuadton undtr my command,
Ivf Ihe brastre tnj jodgmepl di.plajed in
tN imin of ibtir.Kmg am c,ontry,br
tlTf cting a cooiplcte t Utory in m hort a tt.
fK)d it our tiavsl annals cart produce) I
Ibfrefcrt. tan only, with a beati.impresad
by" tb b.g!t mom f admiration aad ap. Uc to ofTer to the Honorafde
Hear Adm r Cothraoe, lUar Admiral

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