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    BooKs rand;J5fafibMfy.
for'sale efihePrittiinfctffice,' Wilmington-
Family-and schooLBible "
Prayer iiooks, elegant and common editions
Blair's Sermons, New whole duty of Man.,;
Sermons and other, practical .Wotks of Xhe.
ttevv HaJph.Erikine,. A- M. - . ,; . ....
Thompson's history of Christ, with the
, of "Apostles aiKTthelt, successors for
300 years after the. crucifixion ; -
Ilerrrfs- Merlitaliofl, Vatu'Miscclkoki.
Boyie'eTheological Worksp . ; ,
Beauties dl Watts FamiU Instructor
, Zi romehnan on. Solitude, vjrilgrimls Progre H
BoatdnVfottf .&W WA offfllm ': ;. j$ 4
Timet, Sermons, c. on important subjects
The Christian (World Unmasked . '' , o ,
Tlje sjneere ()hmtian'.Guidc in the choice.
pf religion t ;",, "TV ,' ' V .. '
Hijtyjjrt6n's Memoir .', ;, ' '
The doctrines' and discipline of Ihe Methodist
IfnUcnnal Chiirch in America ' '' 'A-
C Ayihtsrn.' and Universalism contrasted ) ' i
Satrimental Directory .VV- .m
Tficatre of God's judgment " '
Poor Man's Htlp and young Man's Guide . J
, Methodist hymns and spiritual songn ..",; ;
HJppons hymns, , The Scapular , ;
The Naked 'luth, tQiicerwit sprinkling o-.
' .Infants rr ; ; ,:"-. ..
l arraer s Magazine, American Husbandry
The Minor Encyclopedia, or Cabinet of,C,e-
jieral . Knowledge, beingf a' Dictionary, of
- "Arfs, Sciences, and polite Literature ,
Joftnstorijsy Sheridan's, J6nes'i Bailey 's and' .
I'mick'S Dictionaries', ;:.V .", '
Blair's lectures,' Rollin's Belles Letter '!
Kaime's Criticism, Sheridan's Lecture c
Held'' Essay on the intellectual and iCtlre" '
' power of man ! "j - ' ' ' " ' j
Burke on the Sublime and Benuti fill
Sheridan's Elocution, . Duncan's LorIc ' '
Goldsmith's Greece,, DUt England , ,
Harris's Hermes, or a philosophical enquiry :
IqoAcecning universal grammar , ,
Wse;s,Gazctteei, AflamV.grsphf ; -Salzroao'
Gymnastic forjrouth , . ,,:
Gibson's Surveying, "Ferguson's Astronomy ,
Paley's Philosophy, Nicholson's ditto
Stewart's Elements of the philosophy of the
human mind W" .
Hutton's Conic Sections, Simpson's ditto
Ditto' Logarithms, Elements of Euclid
Dillworrtli's and Jones's Book-keeping .
An easy method of working the "lain and
Sliding Rules; for the use of Architectors
Kenning Re?ly Reckoner, or Trader's use
ful Assistant
Clerk's Magatine
Murray's, ,Lo(vilic's,, Harrison' and Web
ster's Lnglish Grammars "
A Key to the Exercises, adapted to Murray's
' Grammar -
Murray! English Reader ' '
Orator' Assistant, Enfield Speaker
SiAt's Lessors, American Selections
American Preceptor, American Monitof
Yrwmg en'lemsn and tody's Monitor
Hill'n Asthmatic, Giugh' ditto . .'
Yoisig Man's Companion .
Di'ltt's Geography in question and answer
Spelling. Books ,
Priestley miscellaneous observation relat-
Ing to education .
Burton' Lecture on female education and
Aikin's lxiters from a father to his son, on
' various topics relative to literature and the
conduct of life
Wc-t's Inciters to a young man on his first
, entrance into life
HVood" Mentor, or the American Teacher'
Assistant, Female Mentor
letter to a young lly on a variety of useful
and interesting subjects, calculated to im-
prvcliie heart, to form the manner fcd
intighith the understanding
Seaaca'a Morals .- .,
Baron lUlltr letters to his daughter on the
' truihs'of the Christian Heligion
"Moral Tale, BUoins of Morality
'The Boarding School, or lxont from a
' Preceptress to her Pupil
Element of Morality
y ucen Mab
, Gay ', Croiall't and Dodsley ' Fable
'Primer, chap books, Copy Slip
, Boyer'a tnd Nugciu't'Krviich and English
and Et)liskaiMl French Dtclionaiiet
Fearcc't Longinus
Virgil, Horace,
I'iorro Delpliini , Virgil Dtlphini
Daiidon' Virgil,
. Clark's lutrwlurtioii
i Curderii Ctilltxjuioi um Centuria Select
Emropil Hisloriat Komana Brcviarium
Coruvltu Nr pHi
Llementafy Introduction to the Latin Cram
"mar, Itin Grammars, New French do.
Chatnbaud' Frtnch and Ln&lt-h I', sere ins
r.oHia' Ancient History
GfW Hiry ef the American Revolu
tion, Kolcrtscit'k Hiitofy of Aintrrta
o,lcn, do. do. .
Hume' d. ff England
PukII ' do. of Modem Europe
Col limith' d. of the,lUnh and
Animated N'stttr . , -
Harrow's do. in the Interior dist ricts cl South
rn Africa
Campbell' Advtt.turr
Carver' Travels throNgl-out the Interior
tirt tf NwnlfA luetic a, for moit Uan
CfclhoutaMj mile
Travel li F.utpe, AU arvlAOira
Matktniic' Vojajti Lvrn Moutrtil thfi
UherCoDtitient of Kortb-America,
Sporting Magazine ', " y ,
Essay on Comnierte, Ijblingbrook Tract.
Jefferson's Notes oh Virginia r ' 4 il.
Beckford's History of France v SJ; J r'1":--Gifford'
Residencfe'tn dd. " , . -Moreau's
History of Mi Domingo ' " fc. :
TVavels of AhacharsTs'iKe Younger in Greece
Park Travels (iri the inferior districts of AT-
', ridaV;" Dam'berger'i do.--."'do.'J '
Bruce' Travels to discover the source of the :
aii aw r . . j ,
Denoh's Travels m Upper and Lower Egypt,
':' during the,, Campaign! of General Bdona-'
jj'he Young Gffltle'matf s ahd Lady '.' Monitor
.with an Atltti '. ','?. , , , j
Cook's Voyages Rbbinwn GroBoe-" ' .
, he Algenne' Captive be the life and adven-
Ui're.) bfiDfi Underhill,. - 6 year a prisoner
amonur tne .Mgef ines ; . , . .
Membir of MajorGeneralLcft ,
IJfe of Bubna'par(e,, " . , ' V '
Do. of Suwarrow , ' , .
Dq, or Robert Lord Cltve;. ' '-'r
Stern' Works, Winter Evening, or Lucu
brations on Life and IeUem r
The Spectator-,' The fdUr
;Pa?he's Work , 'v i
An 'Enquiry into ' the nature and origin of
, xvii iy. t : '.. : w?. '; , .
Beautiel.of the Studies of Nature, aelected
si- from he work ;of Saint Pierre ,,. , " v
jBeautieS) of Nature, Principles of Nature, ,
i lYo'urig's Night Thoughts , ... :
;Columbiari Mute Select Poems '
!Spjrit pf Despotism'' ' '
!; oltair'8 Philosophical Dictionary .
IJlVS-l tl a rB f .t'rM Aalcjrvoni fln f 4 Mrs n rvM AIt.
wuiiiua m ajvuviii vivgtuiw 111114 vviuuiWH ut
-tion ..... ' '
Pohtical Dictionary, Democrat : ,,
Caustic' Democracy unveiled
An say on Crimes and VunUhmcnts v..
' Defence of Usury
Zimmerman s on National ruie
Somerville's Poiilicul Transaction .
Dramatic Diulogues ; "' ' '
'Telemaclui, elegapt and common edition
)Volney' Rtiin ' -,-- ,.
Row's Letters from' the dead to the living
,The Complete Letter Writer
Lady's Miscellanies . f
Free Mason's Monitor "
The Frugal Housewife, or complete Woman,
: Cook
Steuben's Military Discipline
.Cavalry. Discipline ..''
' ' - 'u
Milton's Works, Paradise Lost
The Works of Peter Finder
Little's, Savage's and Cunningham' Poem
Thompson' Seasons,-!
Pleasures of Hope, Do. of Imagination
Science Revived, or the Vision of Alfred .
Musical Miscellanies,
Songster's Magaeine, Do. Museum
The' Bulfinch, .Masonic Songs
Tom Jones, Rhodcrick Random ,
Gill Bias, elegant and common edition
Don Quixote, BcggcrCirl, BeggcrUoy
A Peep at the World, Evelina
Romance of the Forest, Henrietta Bellman
Anlonia Pcrcival, Armenian, Aleais
Interesting Memoirs, by a Lady
The Cojuette, Jane Tallbot .
Ambrose 8c Eleanor, WtutllasBeca '
Noctunial Vuil, Female Foundlmg
Vicar of WaltelieM, Vicar of lnsdow".
Constantiade Valmont) u novel by Harriot
lee, Children of the Abbey V. '
Zadia, or the dethronement of MuhamcdIV
Stephinie de Bourbon, The Monk
Roseau' Fiona, Camilla,' or a picture of
youth, i Visit for a Week, or hint on the
improvement of time
Montnlbcrt, a novel by Charlotte Smith
Grasville Abbvy, a Romance
Cecelia, or meinoirs of an heiress
Tale 'of the Times, Tale of Wonder
The Pigftm, a tale translated from lh Ger
man ol Kotaebue 1 1
The Castles, or Athlyn k Dunbayn, a High
'land Story, Sandtbrd aivd Merlon .
The Mintrcl, or Antcdote of distinguished
Ildeigerte, Queen cf Norway '
Werter, Adelale deSanccrre -
Dervat, or the Speculator, a novd founded on
recent fct -
Iyracal Ballads, Ocean Spectre
The Animated Skeleton, Mordaunl
The Rival Mother, Zcluco
Charlotte Tempi
Atala, or the Love and Constancy of two Sa
vage in the desert
Th Ring, a Spanish Story
The Royal Captives
A philosophical, historical and moul Ejy
011 Old Maids (
The Ortcnberz Family, by Kottcbue
Rassetas and Piuarbas, by Dr. Johnston
The Negro, Moss ClitT AbUy .
The Haunte.' Cavern, Black Valley
Contrast, Ph.wnlropist, The Mirror
Sinrit of the Casile, Miseries of L'dolphe
Man of Feeling, Georqe Barnwell
Matilda Bctkcley, Lucy Ormond '
D'ltrat lis' Romances, St. I .con
Inrjuititor, lm.tant !vtr
Ixe at Vnl Sight
Iwsof N'orth CaroliiMito the yeir 180J In.
. Martin' NcwJuvj let
Park on insurance
Puthieron Obligfttion
FiuHcrSem Nstnra Brtviura
Ixt Mercatorit Americana
F.jinssc' Nisi Priu
Evins's Emits
Tlor' Report t
Glltrt' DiatrcsscV ,
I lay wood' ditto 5
Sthiifcr Ffictici tt Law
-!!- ' - -i'j.i-
! !'
! ..:-.: I
State Trials,,
Proctor'a Practice
Talbot' Cases :
batches .ditto -Martin'
Statutes -- ,
Almanacks for 1806, Sec. &cc.'
! ... . ALSO. ,
Duills.' and Ink Powder of a junenQr quality s
Jl hick post Wo ' . Thin do1. ' 1 Quarto Post,1
VeUomt. best quality Foolscap,') Pot and
;t Blatting. Paperi " ' '' ?" "' :
Shining Sand, Pouncei ' Wafer's, ; Red and
black Sealing Wax, Black and red Lead:
Pencils of anexcellent quality .
'Seaman's journals. Blank MesfiVge Card
f Assortment of Blank Books " ' , "
Blanks of most .kinds " " - f 1
Charts , 4 '. - .'-.-.?-:
The Nofth.American Pilot, being a Cbllec-"
tion of sixty accurate Charts' and Plans. ' '
1 Wilmington,: March 1 1 , 1806. ;
: : notice.
IN confequence cf the Legiflatre having;
by aa AlcI ol the lart. Virion repeiie'd the
! Al paifed 10 the' year i8oo"irleftrrrg the
Trulfees of the Untvetfiiof thcVfCneat
; ed propetty , t lie Board of .Trtittee enter.
ed into a rcl'oluiion, di reft ung their feveral
3 Attornies to notify in tliejrrcfp-flive dif-
tndls the laid' repeal, and alf to give the vvUlTngncfs and teadi--
nefs' of that Body- to entef into 'compro-
. tnifes for all property Which has been con-
iidered as ekneatea and claimed under tne
original ' donation of theLegiflaUife.'
4 Alt per fbtis therefore who ire fn poflef.
fiofl pi, or claim, property of fhat cfefcrip-:
t&w,' fittiaie in the ditlricl of Wiliningi; ,
ton, are hereby aitordihgly noticed, of the
repeal 'ab'oVerrlehtidned, antf aVe-' heteby
further Infcirrrled that' the fubferiberor the
Attorney and one of the member of the
Board of TrufteVs In Hild diflrift,' will rc-
ctTye bopQfiuonf for'comcfrornifci, and
with triether'irtemb'erf belonging to tbe
diftrlft Will proceed to act upon fuch.prtv.
pofitions agreeably toiformcf refolufionii
and 'ordinances of . the Board on thefub
. jeel, . - - - , .-
v J. G. i WRIGHT. :
Wilmington, March ir, i8tf3 .3W.
THE subscriber informs bis friends and
the public in general, that he has taken
the shop adjoining Mr. Jacob Hariman's at
the corner of Front and Dock-streets, where
lie has for sale Gold Watch Seals and Keys,
BreaH Pins, Ear Drops, Finger Rings, Fau
cy Combs, Pocket Books, black lead Pencils,
Segar Boxes, Razors aod Bator Case, Gilt
Watch Chains, Seal and Keys.
Nathaniel Dana, jun'r.
N. B. . Watches cleaned and" repaired '
usual. , 1
W ilmington, Feb. 26.
A Bargain.
THAT well known. and valuable Mil
Seat orf Holly Shelter, about tMrty
miles from Wilmington, late the properly
of Co!. John P. Williams in fituailon
is healthy and agreeable, there is on the
premifci a two llory Dwelling, Kitchen,
and other out Houfci he dream is known
to be equal to any in the State, with a fet
of Mills' a little out of repair, the Grid.
Mill in giHxl order. The term of fae
nay be mad known by application to
Roger Moore, Sheriff of New. Hanover
County, or Robert Dor fey, meichant,
December 17, 1805.
ON Tuefday the 151 h day of April
next,- be let out at pHblic ven
due to the lowed bidder, at the Court.
Houfc In inflow County, the BuiMii g of
a Bridge acrofs New Rivtr, nearly orpo-
. mm a.
iiieunuow ciHirt. Motile. I he condition
of payment and the plan of building will
he fully made known on the day d iiir-
UcQow, Jrcb 31, i8c6. 7W.
Spring-IIill Academy Lenoir
yilF. mblie are Informed that Che Acade
A my is now open where Youth will be
Uught Reading, Writinj, Arithmatic and
F.nglih Grammar at twelve dollar per year.
Also, the latin and Creek Language and
Geography, at tit teen dollar per year.
The subscriber will engage to board Ihos
who wish it, at forty-eight dollar tr year.
6w Jofcph Kline.
M'liuirc h lioatwright
CARRY onth Dtack Wbiu fmiili
bufirtfi In all in variout brarclci,
on lelfaii'i Wharf; arwl will furnifh'op.
tain tf e!rclt and all other with whe.
ver they may want in thrir lii.c of bufinefi,
at the Ihodcfl notice, wel ciecutcd, and
on the anofl leafor.ablc ttrmi.
Wilfnirgtfri, Mirch I .
A tUckboy i wn'.ed i N f-rn'.icf le
te ajveiurr.cM.
j I l 1 1 1 I I V7 "I' ,11
Hate just received from Nem.TorH, M additiok
1 rA Ship Chandlery c Grocery Storc",
; tohich mshs their ouo'rtment extensive. -. V
i Maclenrk Sherry ClaretAViric'
Shrub, Holland Gin, Cogniac Braadr 'V!
Loaf and Muscovado Sugar , , ' . - '
.Greert Coffee;-' - ; , '. ' '
tf vsnn. Tmnfrinl nA C...l,.. T".
Nutmeg, Clove, CinnaouaiH . '' 4
Race and ground Ginger 1 '
Alsptte, Pepper:' '
J W-est-India and N.-. England Rum of various
.' kind,: . . .
Molasse, Chocolate, Gur towder, .Shot.
Bar and sheet Lead, . . ; ; , , ' , - , .--- 'r.'i
Allum, Jiiiratone , . :v'.'.. 0
mi ...u J jw. r.. it - '
niyuiu uu uijn vaiiuies , -,
Copperasi, , Glue . ' ' u; ,
8 by 10 and 10, by 12 Wbdow Glass '
White and brown Soap
Cat ironQvens, Pots and Spider j
Mustard in. bottles, ., ,
Sweet Qil,;' Olives, .'Capers.' Anchovies"
Saltpetre . , ; ; ;-; ;l
Spanish Scgar . ,
Sheet arid cast iron Tea Kctlle , C ' "
Looking Glasses (- ,' '
-Russia and English Canva ,, .. ' .'
Raven Duck, Russia Sheeting. . .' . ,
Sewing;.Twine and Needle , '
Sheathing Paper ,.
Ditto i, Naii;:; : "::, - . ...
Bar Iron, "Nails of all sizes "
Cordage, of every description ... '
Large aij4 small. Anchor
Paint apS Lamp Oil ' , ' ... '
Pjuit 4f v and ground in oil of all kind . ','
Black and bright Variiisli, , . , -
Verdegreasp i ..' . ,' .,
Charts of America 5c West-Indies in gencrat
Nautical Books, Quadrants, Spy" Glasses
Log and writing paper ....
Scrying and cau!kingIallcts
Single, double and treble Blocks . . ', ' .
Sheaves and Pins ' '-''
Hooks and Thimble assorted sizes
Honks . - " . ditto . .'
Marl)n Spikes, Boat Hooks, Caulking Jron
Scupper and Pump Nail
Truck j . '
Upper and lower Pump Boes
Hand Pumps, Pump Leather
Deep, Sea and Hand. Lead Lines and Lead
Log, Fishing, and BonnetLints
'Harpoons, Grains, Tormentors, Ladles',
Tinder Boxes compleat
Binnacle and other Lamps '
Sand Glasses from 14 seconds to one hour. !
Ensigns of different sizes
Bunting of all colours
Trumpets of different sizes
Honi and Tin Lanterns . , ,
Signal ' ditto ' ,
Paint, tar and white wash Brushes
Hair Brooms, Scrubing Brushes 1
Cloth Brushes '
Mops and Handle '
Long and short handled Frying Pans
Log Reel
Iron and wood handled Scr.rper
Oars of all sizes, Hund Spikes
Brass and wood Compasses
Grid Irons.
Box andiron Coffee Mills
Hanks, Tin Pots, Hatchets,
Pump Hammers, Palm Irons,
'I'hej hate alio en hand
An assortment of Dry Goods
Suitable to the approaching teat on f and ventral
If hate a large svfflj cf
Pork, Beef and l'lour, in barrels
Butter and Lard in Cikins
Bacon, Black eyed Peas, Indian Corn
On Ctntirnmtnt
A few tierces, barrels and boxes
men and women's Shoes
Waldecker Boots, Cotton Bagging
Sugar in hogsheads and barrels
j .1 , r 1, ,
u mm .u fium .tioiuiea " ,
400 superior dressed Calf Skins.
- Produce of every description ill be takes
in barter.
90 tierces Kicc, for cash or a
short credit for approved paper.
Fresh Garden Seeds,
Juft received and for fate by
Wilmington, Jan. ao, 1806.
" heriff's Sale.
' (',: be SJd on the Hth tarth next,
Between 2 8c 300 acres of Land
on the head of Lort-('reck. Likewise fifty
acre adjoining the land of Samuel Bunting ;
tossiiily an ecccutkm in my hands Gaven
Aires, assignee, kc. vs. Samuel Iiloodorth.
R. SF.AGROVt, D'y. bU'ff.
Vilrolngton, Ftbmsry JJ, 1104.
:Vcry cheap for cash.
rPHK subscribers are selliag e.0 their ex.
tensiv tssoi itnent of Good at reduced
frit et amorist which arc Ship ChitMlkry,
tord, Groceries of all kinds, t lour. Ship
Bread, Tease, Beef, Bet Wax, Tallow,
hU on Glasgow or London,' by

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