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ed although Hhe state of. tKe. "moat imDortant
alien of auclden..adournmett. ;. ;
,."ThVcwseso ipjRd&jM'iT Korth-Garofl, 1
- A '. A. ft . . 1 ' 1 I
maliRnant ' optoiiX.bowmn'diai. ba
!!!' i?TWN-yM!at. in
the House orKeprMetatiTes, before, any im
portant natiojiijbtismesiJi&d been decided
von;w VFiirappy,bax!ercenct) to the joum
fto and QjBwpapei V ! 7; "
rOn.tojr arrivatl Xoi?d,tH jLegUlature ti
aged in del'sifig jmeaiyres, for th release
"tjf 6r 'impressed' searaeh, and preparing
Svjch arrannn TOigKt terd to restrain
the" Brftfsh crWemimnf, from suchi lawless
JP16, aijapfteAr tjo pe daily commifted
Ty the arme3"ves8etDetonging, o(thatna
ion, ,updr fjje pedour Ipf new: n!dorced
tons'trrtlon oje law' of nations! modifyecl ;
for the express pumps curbing" thtf'gl'ov- '
opnlVBqncf w. lue United States, .ba tatal
;t Several resolutions Jiavp ben intrbjiaced
Vth a , y;e if . fa give ve'ijj;H to an'oijher at-,
"tempt to obtain, by neKociation, anaiuicaJ)le
j adjustment of our existing differences ..VVn
, jtbat nation. One of these proposes to prohibit,
aftpr a certain day, the importation of all Bri
i ' tish manufactures ; if prior to that day our
differences are not adjusted by negociation ;
and others contemplate the prohibition of
' certain specified articles only.
' An opinion prevails amongst such mem-
'(bers as I have .had the pleasure to converse
with onihis importantsubject, that some de
cisive measures ought to be taken to obtain
redress of those grievances, and our tables
are covered with memorials and resolutions
forwarded to the Executive, faorn .our popu-
. lous towns and other corporations, expressing
VWadiness and ardent 2eal to support the .
overnment in whatever measures should be
deemed most adviseable in the present situ
ation of affairs. The merits of tbese resolu
tions remainjttill undiscussed ,$uch de
layi may appear strange' to h(nc who arc .
impatient to find oyt the- closed door nereis, '
Rnd anxious n, lit-nr a decision, and to such
as do -seriously view the insults and injuries
exercised by the British
- a degradat t'lfi it i consistent with l dignity of a
, free andindrpetiden people Yet. they will cer
tainly iV.nw that in the discussion of mrn-
cures wjiich, in the opinion -of good mrn.
may lead to war, that it U prudent to prucecd
with coolness and deliberation.
You may have fen by the President's mes
sage at the onenirp of Congress, that the,
.Spiniards had committed several octf pi.
. racy and t'tolence, besidfi.theif . ttlrroar.h.
.rnntain louisiani, and hase peremptorily
, refused, to surrender that part which they
, West Florida. Measures have been ta
keo hv ojir, gdvtrnment, which alfnid, a f.i-
Voura'le'prospcct of an amicable adjuMrnent
cf all diiTVruKts withJthat country, and the
Spatmh -Ambassador, ' Mnrfpin tie Yrujo,
flu had Imptoperly interfered with the con
k 'rerns of the government of the U. titates, has
tbrcrroidercyliOmei ' ' ' '
Several treaties ilb Tndin f,Vve la'tflr
r4tlSeV. sir', one with Ike Oelawarcv, ,
. vj.i.. .wyic v-im.,awi, one.wiin trie vne
"ttokcs iie Vrith the, Cretks, and two with
tit N')rnriilotw. By.thfsa six. treaties we
3havc'xOfrtriiUhed the Indian title la several
J ril ilons of arVe s of s-aluable lands ind naviga
Merivfrsv -Thelreaty 'witli"th4 Choctaw
.forlhe UnJ which' trpsrate the Tombiitbv
iaelilnr.i from the Natchet, :kai sol yst
ber B ratjficdJ . ,: . , , .;
J 4 The dansWdeTtnce,: reported by I com-
rnltrtff tur hote, tre to f.nlfy cMtr ports
rl harbors, and more naval preparations by
. htuU'mty guo-boau tod aix aerenty.fours.
None ef ihcie plans have, at ytt, been carri
ev'-infbtllc'V, ; . :
The public bills whkh hartibeen inttWu--tedf
re t4Korlhe cncotragmeni f the
ihippi ig md oavijtir.n f the United States
il-J A 1LU making further provision for tx
. fiuzuUhint! the debts dud from the Un'ttrd
. 5uts- A , DHI prohibiting, fork limited .
Iipje thec'xrtatloti'gf Arrai apd Atrlmuni
lien rro;a tbe United Sta!e-- A Hill to ius-
WDd the'commereJal lrrtertoorseltwe en the
Vtifted States ahd'tenairt parts cf the Islaiid
ef .Si. norn,mK-A Bill fir he protection
tUlnkmninjartof American stamen
A-1M td'estalJWH i usifemal academy A
4HffTrTttMrhingr4mg-hm)es with the
Indict, tribes A UH fof eaUVIishipg rules
rr4 articles for jhe gorcromrnt of iht rmiei
f thaUnittiVatts A mil for tht punlh
,,j',ntf couijtfrfch'.ng the currant coin, cf
,lhe Uni'cd Sutt ,A Din for altering U.c
-ime ofitotdiart the circuit roiirt of the state
4 Korth-Catohna A Bill declaring U.e
ent ofCor.f re to a - set of Ihe Central
sinbly of Ihe Stale ff Sorth Carotiua, su
ihori.lnjftU bufc cf Tenncue-; 19 perfect
'""ft M autlminc" the ;&crctatV' bf
7i-eaury to'ca4h c0st of Nrth-Ckro-tj?t
witfclte kartera amtjCape-Fekn
to ,e aurveyeu;,I qb sinderely htbt will pass
'jpto'ilaw aa'.U ctjhiemplateavX ..alscvtr the
:pracUcab, Uty .bjerecling af ligbrhoi 'iti bf Hgh
?tei.bfaQ;br lyojft oh nf near hi extreme
.point of tlie;8esnot This'plan taVriedlnto ef
fect will 'icraiplr prqVe of utility to the tom
.mercial Merest of tt$ "United $tktes,,:arfa'tb
Northarollna in partfJdlar. ' ':
Ji rjcport pf a seledt ''committee ; a'uthort
aing' ihel'resident to apnoint Commissioners
fto7ac;with snoh Cbmmssioners as, will be
f appointed, by the states of l4orth'-Carolina and
Georgia, to cstablisha dividing line between
tne two' states where some disputes, have a
Tfisen, re amongst he files on the table. 1
,1 cannot; conclude without noticing the un
; manly manner in which some of those ene
miea to the.rigKis of man (whose serpentine
venom for many years has been heaped upon
",me) did, .from or near the town of Sneadsbck
'rouh, send a budget of calum'hy (in hopes
to prejudice the public mind, and spread the
itiramy of their inviduous and diabolical
schemes,) to the Frederick Town Herald, the
, Editor of which,; on the. 22d ultimo,' did,
from his prostituted press, make known the
contents, and artfully attempted to revive
Major Purviance's , Ribaldry , long since dis
regarded by all,' except a few er.vious and
malicious Aristocrats whose malignance and
hatred to every thing that is honest, just, and
decent, has 'prompted them to support the
speculative views of their monarchical parti
sans, whose discernmenwin the selection of
materials to injure and destroy the reputation
of others has entitled them to a place in the
dark pages of Porcupine's M-edley.
I have always disapproved entering into a
serious refutation of any charges which are
published by any anonymous writer, as I ne
. ver could imagine it possible that any consi
derable portion of the American people are
. made of such materials be the dupes of
calumny and misrepresentation, and as I do
believe the opinion of men, composed of such
materials, can be of little conseq'ience, for
their esteem could confer no honour, nor
their censure can be no disgrace, us all such
are liable to the controul and artifice of a few 4
designing men.
At the clone of the session it is my intn
tion to (five -you a correct detail of its further
proceeding in another letter, and I do che- '
i;ih a hope on my return amongst my con
stituents, to be to satisfy them that I
have understood and duly attended to their
interest with assiduity and integrity, c iJ "
wjlh the zenl f a faithful servant.
N. U. Please to communicate the contents
to your neighbour.
From the Njtional Intelligencer.-
Our readers must have noticed, for somr
time pat. atrong animadversions in several
of the public prints, on the conduct of m--ncnl
Armstrong, our minister in France,
in the case o( the New-Jersey hich has
likewise produced a remonstrance to the Pie
sident from (lie Insurance Compsnv of New.
York. Of the communication cf this remon
stranrp, Dr. Mitchill, f.f the stnr.te of the
United States, was some tinir since made
the organ. An atuwrr was made through
him at an efrly day, by the President, ex
pressive of confidence in the intepiity of our
tninintcr, and intiirrt'.np ilmt as on as In
formation had tern received on the opinion
ascribed to him, a letter disapproving it had
been written to him. the reply to which, it
was expected, would comprise the nertmry
explanations. The President added, that
Jjaving no doubt of the ntht of insurers to
stand in the place cf the insured, that right
would be asserted and maintained on every
proper occasion
An explanatory letter having been since
rrceired from general Armstrong, and com
municated to Dr. Mitchill, is now published,
with the view of elucidating subject which
baa excited so much sensation among mcr
cautile men.
Ettrafi ef a Utter fron General rmttrog,
Hinhter fiWvtrntUrj of iht United St at tt,
! at rStii,SU iht Setretarj ef State, dated
rarii, Krtxmler 26, 1 60S.
ut I had the honor, within the last wee,of;
receiving jrir letter of the a Sib of August,
etprtisirg the solicitude cf the parties Inter
estrd in'the Mp New-Jersey and cargo,!
u least their claim should be rejected on the
idea, thet the right cfth Insured did not:
psts to the Insurers j" and communicating i
also the opinion of the Trtiident that M A
merkan underwrltert who had paid the loss
1othe origin si owners, cit'nens of the United
-State, wrt entitled t the Ixmfiii if the
Irtiiy of I80J.H : t ' .
In my nexldiipstche I shall furnish you
wilK lidt II mrnl t frum tahirh Imi aitl il,.i
I " ins.
the.diflT.culties lo this case, have in ro stage
cf it. arisen from (ha causes to whirh ihw
ItaveLcen ascribed j thai its admistion by the
imcncin uoara vss long lutpeoded under
coll Merttr objeetioni, that no evidence
had Itea produced cf tbe iosolrcncy of
j -v.
captors," that its retection. bv the -council
general 'f riuldaUon, proceeded iVomithe
pcMeCihat M the ship and caro were. paV
tiillyv or 'altogtthr British property ;, and
from cer.trtin jthe causeV'-aixi that when
tots belief tonterning the national character
cf the property was dene away by the pro
duttiotl of certain policies of insurance, which,
mid been effected in different parts of the
United States (but whkh till, then had ben
carefully kept out of sight) the claim so far
from being -opposed on the principle that
' the rights of the insured did not vest in the
insurers," or indeed on any other principle,
wasori my suggestion sent back to the coun
' cil, relieved from the first and apparently the
principal objection, and left the subject only
to the " other causes" .mentioned iu the re
jecting arrete of the 28th of Friinaire.
These " other causes" are fully exhibited
in the report of the Directory of the 4th di
vision, dated en the 15th Germinal, and may
be digested into the following heads: .
; ' - 1st. That the judgment. of the 17th
Prairial, year- 6, pronouncing the confiscation
of the New-Jersey and car&o, is still subsist
iflg inasmuch, as it has not been annulled
by the decree of the council of prizes, which
directs only,-the-restitution of the sum de
posited by the owner with general lledou-
, vill. ' : ; ; v-v ' . ,, ; . . ,
M 2d. That the claimants having neglected
to prosecute their appeal within six years af
ter the capture, were precluded, by the laws
of France, from a right of appealing.
3d. That the New-Jersey not having
role d'equipage, as provided by the treaty of
1T78, was excluded from the provisions of the
4th article of the treaty of 1800.
4th. That the captain and agent of the
privateer not having been heard in their de
fence, nor even summoned to appear before
the tribunal, the decree of the council of
prizes was illegal.
-J 5th. That no evidence' having been pro
duced of the abandonment of the ship and
cargo to. the underwriters, and the agents
having even deniedthc right of their govern
ment to question them with regatd to an a
bdrtdonment of the property, snd having be
sides acknowledged that the original owners,
or -a part of them, hnd acquired the New
Jersey by a new title; by idlingto the un
derwriters, uj" droit cr.nenatle Je nprue
dans Li depot" it'may be f tiily inferred, that
thejossneverwaspaidby the insurers and that
the receipts (whi.:h by ihe' M ay do not corres
pind in number with the policies) are merely
fictitious, and
" Clh. That were it in proof that theowntrs
had abandoned, and that the underwriters
hud paid, still the cl.iim of the latter could
not be admitted inasmuch as it could not now
be liquidated under the rules prescribed by
.the treaty the Anicritan commission hav
ing no longer an existence.
You wilt readily perceive that in all this
there is not a tinlo ayllabie ointed at the
rights of iniurers, " who have p'dd the loss
or the original owners." It only remains
for me, therefore to hew, that in no after act
if her of the council or of Mr. Muibois and
inyitir, was the broad principle which has
iv'tii ko much alarm to our underwriting ci-1
tir;ns, or even the qualified one to be found
in the Picsider.t's opinion, adapted or applied
to the rate of the New-Ji'isey -The report
of winch 1 have tdrcady given you the sub.
stance, not having been agreed to by all the
jr.cmb'TS of the council, and the liquidator
general not cheosir.g to decide the differ
ences, transmitted the case a second time to
theUcaiury. with a wlh that Mr. Marbois
and myarlf might determinate it t
complied with this wish we did determinate
it, and admitted it for its full proportion cf
the marginal fund. It Is true that Mr. Mar
bois and I differed somewhat concerning this
rircponion. He would have given 333,000
rancs, wjieress I thought that 300,000 were
quite as many as fell to its share ; and that
fou think as I did, I have no doubt, when
inform you, that there are claims amount,
ing to more than three millions, as sound in
point of principle, less objectionable in point
of form, and better rtcnmmended by the pe
cuniary circumstances feflhe claimants! lor
whkh I have not yet got a single sous."
i M:tt;::tt:ttf
The Rochcfoii fquadron leiurned Into
that port on the 2d December. They ate
faid 10 have made 39 prizes duiirg iluif
. The Senate have difsftcrd to the bill,
introduced by Gen. S. Smith, lor new
crinization cf the militia on the piUcU
pte cf eliding them
The fenite we trdetdind, wrte ycflrr
Jit erigired on the till brought In by Mr.
Wjlfto, tUtjve in tU irnprelTment cf
our icamcn, auer lome fiiicuiuoo, me y
whole wiiftrick otil ticept the wordrtj
ut 11 inaat mat 1 rrw 9111 was teen re
ported in in room, which met with
milar fte. V.
March. 17.
cdsivd igntdtle ct for stopping thiln;r
jcqnne with-certain parts 'cjfjihe island olSl
.mingtj, oil the J8th ult,
W-J..yJ',Lij- - . .....
$jtUhtKg Kc jiaft if tacit ariiff thi 'f or o'thtr
;Vj.iii'ehaMaep a'fctunt of iht IX
.Friga -nitedtMi ? S '209,336 5
ConsVituu'oiir i ; 302,7 1 6 84
; - w tellaV(,
r.. 'T Congresi ;J
- President . r
314,212 15
!50,9rd 08
220.677 ,80
'155,t39 0
139,3o3' 53
113,50 72
'i j.
Phi ffi
.. Kew-Yori
John Adams. &
76,622 2r
..:".; ; (Jcorge Waslingt,bn ' ! 69,024
1 19,570 04.
, , ..general Qrceine',
" ;, Insurgent , . V
Ship , . 'Canges 7
, : j 'f . Ports moitH fy." '
, "Merrimack'(!,l
."'.! j;:; Cpnneciicut ' " .''
i- .. .Baltimore j ';'
-.. ... Delaware , , .'-
, , . Maryland' '
l ... , -j .lhvM. , t
, , I rumbull
Warren .
. ., Montezuma -
Brig Norfolk
- ; Siren ,
'105,492 42
' '96,640 &
80'.'P65 21
5,soi ax
46,170 20
, 56,277 67,
59,563 01
70,249 8
73,104 40
47,,780 77,
56,494 at
34,702 01
'51,732 13
18,720 55
27,896 87
32,126 06
32,521 rr
37,428 29
Hornet, fht accounts -for
builuitigilas ves
sel have tift been
exfiiiitcd, the ad
. . xenecs ou account
omou)tto 52,603
Schooner Enterprise r 16,240 52
' Kxperimcnt . - 1 6,689 15
. Vixen 20,872 73
Nautilus 18,763 5t
Galley South-Carolina 5,14$ 54
1 Thsrleston f t Of). DA
lieaufort 5,03f5 53,
St. Marys 5,575 III
Savannah 6228 6
Protector 4.443 69
Mars 4,387 45
Covernor Darie 3,125 0?
C'lvernor Williams 3,211 34i
CuQ-BoatNo.l builtaUYfivhington 10,210 65
2 " Ilamplon 11,399 95
3 Philadelphia 11.737 4t
4 Wakhiogton 1 1,930 50
5 Ualtimore 12.291 8f
6 New.York 13.790
7 Dilto 12.729.50
8 lloston 13,090 97
9 Charleston 12,792 44
10 Washington 12,072 46 '
Bomb Ketch Spitfire 17,307 83
Vengeance 18,143 24
Xtt. The frigates. United States, Consti
tution and Consti Hat ion,, were built before
the establishment ol the navy department,
and their costs ascertained from data obtain
td from the treasury and war departments.
Jiuvy Depart tttent,
Aciounttmt'tOJf.ce Ftb. f, 1806.
THOMAS TURN till, Auountart
Exhibiting the amount tf mtnej expended in tht
f urthest and improvement tf eth nay jr&
belonging lo tht United Statu, el's.
Navy yard at Washington g 180,920 is
Boston 80,$ 31 94
Portsmouth,,!. '33,349 Of
Nr w.York 89,555 50
Philadelphia 41,180 14
Norfolk 32,799 7
aVjtf Department,
Actnntant's Ojitt, Feb. 6, 1106.
THOMAS TURNER, Atovr.tont:
Sheriff's Sale.
TXlLI.te sold, without reserve, cnthe
v y 4th day of April next, the Mill Seat, on
Holly Shelter, which Us been advertised
some time past by Robert Dorse y.
R. SEAGROVE, D'j. Shf.
March 2S, 1806 3 w.
Against Los or Damage by Fire,'
fur the Phaoix Company of London
continue! to make Insurance on DsiDdinf t
Merchandize, Furniture and Shipi and
Cargoes in port talnft Iof or i!amreb
Fire, at hie Office, No. 36, Fifl-Dsy,
Chirlcflon, South-Carolina. For partU
entan enquire of John London, Lffj.
Jko. M.DAVIS, Ageaf, &c,
Clarlflii, Ijl Jlfirth, 1806.
N.D. LeiunloiheAjent poll faUJ
duly anfwercJ, and on receipt of Trcffii
urn policies will be executed and forwar
rfrd it ditcdrd. without delir.

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