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    (taction at thiitUrojit, thatnojiadUi-j
a ot the town will be called on to do h.
duu more" than once'a rnoBth,
"-"aaiBpa . .
NiwYonRv March 22.
jrjrrjw Jntelligence.y thearrlval of tlie "
ship John Morgan, from Liverpool, we. have .
received Londorf4ates to the Uth.ultw .The
nevr ministry, from whom, much U justly
sewed, have commenced their career, l ar
Uaraent has been occupied almostexclusively,
with the treaties entered into by government,
witfcr the powers on the continent Austria,
Russia, Sweden, &c. and other state papers
- Boulogne has again become the scene of
preparation. The flotilla is immediately" to
be augmented, the ' camp of the ocean' to be
formed anew, , and the invasion of England
is once more " the order of the day" . ;
Expectation f anotherlictvat engagement.-
When captain Bunker left. Liverpool, go
hourly .expectation of a de
cisive engagement having taken place bej
Vno-tUh fleet . tinder ;Slr Richard
Strarlian. and a French fleet of . rune sail ot
lU iinn anrl cvrral (Vie-ates. in latt 47, lornr. 4
The captain, of an American vessel, latejy
Arrived there, reportea tnat no nau oecii
brought to by the, English fleet oft" Cape Acar,
then within Jour hours sauoi in? chcuij.
On the 31st ultimo, in Congress, the in
junction of secrecy imposed on the members
in Jntirv last, durinfr the proceedinesTrith
- closed doors, was taken off, by a majority of
seven votes.
In the National Intelligencer of the 5d ihsti
republished Detailsof the proceedings of the
House of "Representatives of the . United
" States,- during the secret sittipgs in January
last." . ' . - --' - - --
The -transactions with closed , doors, ter
ittiriated in the adoption of a bill, (76 to 51)
empowering" the President to purchase - of;
Spain the territories lying on. t he. Atlantic O
"cean end Uulph of Mexico and eastward of
the Mississippi; and appropriating two mil
lions of dollar therefor. .
On the 26th ult. ihe till prohibiting the
importation of certain .British goods, wares
end merchandise, passed the IlOuseoi'Uepre
aenlativts by a majority of 61 votes.
- . - . Kktkiikd - .
m , t,rrh n,rT Pntlir. ttioriiw Jamaica
Iff 0rii,-Drig Union, Tucker, Charleston
i Stli'r President, , Vick v Nevada
2d, Sloop Friendship, Swift, Charleston
3d, Sch'r Patty, Crocker, Trinidad, with su-
gar and molasses to N. W. Kuggles. ,
t- Jjplg Ulisus," llatchins, fu Thomas, -7
wuh otigar; inolasse and fruit to J. Pots."
4th, Sch'r Alfred. Grunt, NorloK
3th, Ship Mary, Chitds, Cainlalnuptf. w Ui'
mpar It k flee, to Darid Smith & o'.hersj
vessel atrarided near U. I I lit adi
3lh, Sch'r Washington, Kennard, Cptida
lnuse, with sin;ur, rum and molasses to Hi-
r liardLangdon. , '
7lh, Sch'r Venn, Oliver, IS'ew-York
9ih, Ship Charlotte, Cook, " .Providence
1 ' Sc.h'r Hcrjnrutdr, M'l!hehnn Churloioi
Uih, Sch'r Polly, Selle-v. " l'I.iUU IpUiu
. Cynthia, Albury; aum;, with
coffee and fruit to Joshua Putts.
.., . CLKARI v, ,',
Jiri! If. Bfi I .Mcretia, Morris. fudem
4Hi, flrig KatT, Covel!, (Jatidaioupe
5th, .. German Pejrgy, Davis, N. York
Clarrndort, I)utlley, Jamsir a
thj Sch't President, Wicks, , ' Newborn
Frederick. Appletcn, , Ponton
Jlrijj Union, Tucker Providence
Sloop Argy Weswr, Philadelphia
loth, Sch'r Amaiida, Nobles,- Gsudaloupe
IlUiJ SHoSunannah, Hatch, Ncw-Port
Friendship' Swift, : flston
I Jth, .Sch'r" Mary H 1.1'ua, Baker, ew-I'ori
r Brig Orange, Telham, of this porr,
from Ncw.Orleanf ffr Ihvanna, wtnt
a fhore on the Moro, on tlie2J i!t. and
went to piecss. ' ,
BACOtf pe ICO lbs.
Cotton per lb.
Coffee i4r lb.
Corn Dcr bushel, ,
Meal do.
Flour r barrel,
Ditto per half barrel,
Lumber pr M.,
W. 0. hhd. states,
K. o. do. do. d.
Vf t tl. da. rough
Miinjjlcspcr 1000,
Ruirsrper ewt. ,
Mojakui per (pllon
Rum, W. 1, pr. g. 3d p,
Jamaica do. 4th p.
K.'L do
Tar per bsrrtl,
Turpentine, ,,
TotsecO ptrcirt.
VU. Cis. I)h. Cr
9 10
34 3$
73 I
71 3
1 3
i: 4b
.4 jo,
1 1106. J
Wrrt re mt, TatAt o? CAfits.
lit, 3d, 3d, 4th k ill dayt New IUnotr k
Preiisiwtk. , ,,
Ith; Cnmipal Causes, , . i , (,
Tt&, VoWshed Ckiroitwi .Cause. .
fill, lUi H 9th, IHtdtn, Uupfin, Orion, ui
tojU of tll);stricu , , ..,,'
1 wtli, Argument Causes.
,M&K nh, J2th, It Caun In Fruity.
tVi!jntitpn, April ij.
; ' Kotlde is hereby given
ASF the deceafeof George Merrick,
XJ Efq. late of Newr-Hanqver County,
and of the qualification of the fuhferibers
is Executors of his Uft Will and Teaa.
fnent. All perfons therefore vyhd have
;any demands on the eftate df the f aid
Gerge Merrick are required to prefent
them tothe tubfcriberS; properly attefted
within thetime limitted by an acl tf the
General A ffetnbly, paired in the year 1789,
entitled an iSt to amend an ak entitled an
fzt "concerning proving' of wills, and
: gratiiini. letters of adminiHration,- ind-
to prevept frauds in the management of
7 inteftate? eftates'; dtherwife thejr will Be
barreJbj the operation of faid act. and
all perfons Indebted to faid eftate are re-
quelled to come-foryvard and make pay.
tnentas fjiecdily as fioiliblei to John Mac
Auflan,. authorifed to receive fuch
payments, and alfo to receiye and adjuft
the demands againft tileertaic. i '
jOHN MAC AUSLAN,! p. ri,
i GEORGE M. LEECH, txr '
.Wilmington, April to. 5w.
TltR Siibstriber beinsr determined toeata-.
blish an income independent of the
tares, anxieties and disappointments atten-.
din$ expectations from Negro LuhQiir, is
willinj to dispose of the following Properly ;
arid will receive payment principally iu Hank
Slock. .,
The Brick, ilouse in Market Street, now
Occupied by es8rs. Hoo)er and' Mitchell.
A Lot in Marsin's or Quince's alley, pear
ly opposite to the abovtr,
A Lot in Dock-Street, adjoining to and
Westward of Capt ScottV
The Plantiorl and Lands late the proper-
. ty of Col. Jamss Read, including a Grist ancL
haw Mill, plenty of well timbered land and a
large body of prime Tide. Swamp in the viry
best pitch of the tide and perfectly free honf
freshes. .
A Tid ?)amp' Tract between Old Town
and Clarcndoii. . : .
A Tract of Land joinirtg'RowMi containing
350 acrss, part of which is Cypres timbered
land and the Swamp very fertile; .
Sturgeon Cruek Plantation where John
Roots formerly lived. .
1000 acres on the North east River,. at.
Marl lilufT-
April l.uh. 1S06. , ,.
- rii .1 ... . .
Wanted .... w i
FREIGHT to Philadelphia fr
Five llundred cut Uet, confill'tii of
fjv'crjl boxes of fire arms.
Apply to the Pri m r or the fobforil cr
. . JOihl'H G SAVIf V.
Ll' Cemmd'Hiant, '
C40 acre (nand on ihc wtis
9I Cape-Tear liiver, lituatt-d U-!vvt.ii Lit
Irpui undllic Sand Hiit, aboct tiine iniics
ftn-n'Town. The htuaihm it lun !! me
and pUalaiif, bcjt'g hiu'F nj-.o:i Mit rivwr,
and extendi thcrron abottt a I'ti'c. 'III.
land is"VU limbcled and .':s ixl'tn:
platr for range, bothtsr Can'; as 1 1 !.,s
AH"'ii forty acres Rice hit!, it;.'. o;iv
higli Marlh m the tlvor, vhi ,t .". in
drained. AlHl 155 3trcS wt'i
!a:id on Wood' Crttk, whuli i f'i
kno'n as a ctJrd plat lor targ"I
terms offalc are fix myths' uVdit lor one
ha!f, and twelve
11 the laid lands fhrUld not be fold bv'orr
the fir(l (lav of he enfuiiiK f tU'c
rii?r Cutnt, .
they w ill then be fold at Vrnd i
rplin subscriber -being desirous of rel-r
qunhunj the litiMhess of Hrintini', i.l
sell, in whole or In part, THE ESTABLISH
on llrms far below its valtir, and on a d'T
credit. This eitaUishmcnt h equally if 1 .t
more productive of real prtCt than any other I
thekindinthts?tatctheoffce issuilietlith
materials iufheient for the estehsianof I ,.
ncss, kthe sifuslion'ucliglblefor I,...t:..I,ri!
itij; and Dind'tntf, it behip our most rmiHt.
rable Seaport, and the Mart of an cs unite
and rich uatk country. , ' '
A particular description of ti e qusr.'ity and
fluidity of the printing Apparatus iiunneces
ary here, as on application h? rm r,r otl rr
wise.hwiHhe furnished, and the ostcniLl
conditions of sa!e made know r..
, Wilminqon, JCoHh.Carohr.a, ,
... April 1st, HOC. 5
. a c.ijuj,
DR. SCOTT has ihe p'rafure of In
forming his friends ami the public,
that during hit abfenct from town, he wsi
fortunate in procuring Vaccine Virus,'
which has fucceeded In t!c fuhjeli he hat
Inoculated - finc hii return. At 1 time
like th pftfent, when that mo ft dreadful
fcourgt of t!e human tact (h fmall pol )
(i fo prevalent both. In cur own, and
fclghljoitrjng fla?ei, he conceive! H a
duty he6t. to tVe -public, fo Inform
them, thltha wHI.ilwivi Ka?v fiinn!.
of Matter, at nil medicinal flort . In Mr. I
' " Ten Dollars Reward;
RUN-AWAY from the fubfcHheriii
negro fellow'by the nardeof JOHN j
he is about five Feet ten or eleven inches
hi gh i 1 i kely and wel I ' made; bei n g a car
pehter by trade and having worked for
fome time paft in Town, - it is probable
that he may lurk within the fame Th
above! reward will be paid to any perYoo
who will deliver him to me at my Planta
tion, or confine hini in Jail fo that I gee
JOHN roissoN.
Wilmington, April 15, t06; ;
List of letters remaininc: in the
Post-Office- at Wilmington.
A A DIE & Hoggt . Madame An-
' JLX drie, captain John Allen,
Joleph Ailalt, miuel Anthony, juirr..
B. 1 Richard Burges, a ; Vm, Belki;
franklin ..I, JiUidyronh, 2 j cUpt. iienja.
min Bourn. Ear! Bourn. Benjamin Bow.
en, J,acob Bailey, Neal Beard, William
Bragg, John Baptifta Brouard, Thomas
noyion, captain John perlandi imi r. 1-
faac BUtler, captain J onaihau Bicklprd,
captain Liera Bryan, Jofeph E. Bacon.-
- Cv Captain Anli.ur Child, Gideon
Cafejf. Mofcs Chafe, VVilliam Cutler,
captain William Camby, captain Wil
licm Culver.
O. Thottias Dohfon, 3 ;;Rev. George
miigharty, 4; captain Ja-.nes Derby,
Anthony Dyer, Henry? rDeavcs, Thotnas
' E. William Eden,
F. John Ktccbornj .Siriieon Frcciriah,
Mrs. .v,hriftian 1', 1 nomas Flow-
I, ers, Mr. J' rancis f orlter, Robert f rayk-
in, John I'Ooie.
U. .'Williattj Gulav, Edward James
H.." 'i't... c ... :.. c .
mutl GUijatiick, Mat hew Gletlon
n. M's. Mary Hooper, 2: Abner
Match, 2 ; captain Edward B. Ilaliet
Ocorgch. HobdjT, captain Elias llatnb-
li'i, Abncr Houtttii, captain William
HarmiJ, Hohtrt Hart, ' Captain Charles
noiien, fJihemtah nairiy.
J, ifaacks ind Simpion, ? ; '-MtfTrf.
Ifaao ft Jjiihop, Jdliti Jones, Samuel R.
loccln.; Wliliahi W. Jones.
K. ScthS. Kctttl, Jblm Kellick, Ow.
en rvcnai), 2. . ,.
L. Captain David Lewis. 1 i captain
He;Viah J. Lee, Job L'iin hivtt IutIo , ttergictii, 2 fxadun Lvvvin, nuberi
.Ly ..
i M.
J (Hit)
Ka, i captYin Wiliiim Miiti,i, a :
Mt Maii' M'keiifcie, 1 1 .Martin
and IVoodvtor'h, 1 L (Jc'orr Mimic,
. ."vamuU Morjjrj Arnold .Niai'liikro l,
cantntn MarMti Moairhtr, Oroide M'Don-
a .', Daniel Ma!lcttj Abr-ham W.IJiktn,"
.... . s '
cai'iUk hann.el .AlutrtH. ,
V! K I , I I: i ; ....,.
nt, iwni j' 11 Juc' n iuttj Wiiiiam
Kmi, ; RkIihuI Nisonf3 Richard
, -N icoi Ion, Mrs, Ka !uc N.xtiti, (Jol.
VViiliamN-lh,? ; C iii! Noriliyj1, Mrs,
Mirf NitolK, Jahti Nsale, Jancl No
bles, ,
P- Bnjamin, f'tri?" roldcn.
taptam Ji.lcnh rnn!le, Lmns t'afu Id,
H. i humas Rulldl; Kdu-td KlITcII,
)-dward K'Hiinfan, Jnhn Rsv, tartsin
( Kofiit KniM, Audit Read, Horatio H.
Hopei, John .".otll'iii.
. S. Atthtir Stiotid, 1 : v f'.lialn Smith,
SallJ Scwif-, Chnilrf bvott, Mr. hntc,
1 tap'ain Wiiiiam Sann, cap'iin Edward
ii Salter, 1 l:oma bficad, i jptain llukil.
Smtthj captain Edward Suiter, Shcrill ot
J iASv Tt-rtirr, Wi'.liart) Turner, cap.
j tain John Tiblt, Thur!on and 1'clham,
Philip TiH'tTf . Adam Tebo," John
, T I o:o;'fnti,' J 4t:i I. Tillin"hail, juf.
V. Jt:i!.?s W.Vofwinkel. ';
V, Edward Ward t Son4 4 George
' V;rdV far'- kbenem White, 1 j "TI50.
mas I'. Wood, 3 j CtE W ilium Win.
ptc, 2$ Nathan Wah'th; John Waf)u.
tr,;!n, Mrs, Htnr Watcr Cipiain
. Strpl t Whcder, J. B. r.ulur.
V- Mti Voimgcri JonaO an Ymn,
April?, tf:n. , ;, , , ,
Tllhofh'cert commanding Corr.raniei
belonging ihd ti tached to the New.
Hanover Ufgimeut ftf Militia ire hereby
required to appear at Wilmington, with
their refpcctlte companies cctvp'ctelr ir
! rtuirrfJ ptt atlj'to law, it ht
ufual ParaJej on.TuefwVy tlie ftrff day
of May next, to bft formed in lincmd
their follicalleJ prcclfelf at 12 0Mt
, in nriknoi, Cicneral Ktview."
Putiflual ittendahce if cipecd, and a
Cnrtea return of tha numbers of men and
rmi belonging To each cctnpanj- 4ill be
required from the cbmmaodiiiff ofJiceri
, 13 order, ,
1 A4 SCHEME of a Lottery for raising ,
lum otmoner for tlm purpose bf defray
ing the expence of making the Court-House
Eire proof. .
' ' r- tVitmimrtont Mdrth ii. 1606, -
svO-TickHsT-cgF " 83,80
1 rnte of 500
1 do. loo
i do : j(?
do. so
HI do. lo
500 -100
.1 do. last drawn Tickety
-1. ' -
1 47 Prises.
Discount front. the Pri-J
ses 20 per teht. produ
ces -500 dollars for the
353 Itlarths
purpose aforementioned I
The Lottery will be 'under th .matre-
ment of Joshua G, Wright, Archibald Fi
M'Neil, Archibald M. Hooper and Johri
Scott; arid shall edmmehct drawiWiinnri ths ;
first Monday in May next.
The Commissioners"', or 'the tbttn flatttf .
thpilHlv.4 fliaf a ri.:..- -i -
... ..v- ... .. j.iujci.i, ior raising money
lor so essential a purposb, and to nreveht the
necessity Of burthening'the Inhabitants vvilh '
additional taxes, or levies by stihscPihtinH
will meet with general encouragerttetit.
w Jl1!1 allendkr; t. & ;
' Wifainrton, March 3. 1 808i
uaiitict & Go
ilavr just received from -New.rork, en addhU
tj their Ship Chandlery & Grocery Stores
which makrs their assortment extensive. '
MMeirri, Shcn-y S; Claret Vinc
' of a superior quality '
Shrub,. .JIolhuui Gin, CogniacBmndy
Green CnrTtc
Hjion, Imperial andlRanrh-. Teas
Mmi.tgs, Cloves. Cinniibn
Itace and ground Ginger
Afspice, Pepper
Weht-lndltt and X. LngTand Rum of raricuV
rnids . ,
Molasses thocoiatcj uu Powdery She
Jarand sheet Lead, .' .
Alhun, llrimstone
Mould and dipt Candles '
I'rmni'VTie m..
"p t k- 2 WindoW Glass
W lute and-brown So:ip
st iron Orww, Pots ami Spiders
Mustard i: bottles !
lUre' 1,Vtl'.C, Anchor.'
ftpatiiOi SegarS
Sheet and cast iron Tea Ksttlei '
Ixiokintr Glaasci
Kusu uinj,j, chtas
"aeiu nutki- JusHia Shcetinrf
liar Iron, ha!!sofnl! silt
Cofdage of evny cleKiiptiutt
1 . j L'c aim iriMi Ah..!. ....
i aint and Lanp t)(l
Painti dry an4 Kr.,i,d in uil of all kinds
HUrk and hritjhi Vanish
Clm,.f Americn t: We-thd1cs in geheh!
I oj; and tvritinjf Pap,.r '
Srtvi.jr i,ndcat.lkln
Smctf, flonhjoBiicltiflde JllocUS
Kht-ives and Pnn
IlooUtti'd l"hSinb!es assorted sizel
..larlin Sp.kcS lloat lIonHY, Caul'hfftrcH
upjH rand Pump NmU
"Cn. r Mritt hvrrr Pump poxes
Hand Pump,, Pump Umhet
jWp, Sra and Hand Lead Unrsard tAil
l'Xt l-U!iiK, and Ih.tmet l.ihcs
Harp-Km,, Grains, Tornuntori, Last's
J mder Iluxrt cotnpleat
PSimade ursd rnher l.jrrips
.Ji-nd l..nts from Uset'onds to one hou
1 .nsi-r.s f diflcrent sin k ...
Hunling ofall f nliairv "
-Tnimpft ,f diuVrtnt sirel ! ' r
Horn and tin lanterns
s'a ditto , ;
J'aihS lar and white wash flhfsiit
Hair llrooms, Scrubing limUtca
lloth Jlrushcs
lnfr and abort handled fryih? PaaS
Iron and wood handled Scrrpert
0rsof all sites, HandSpikcv
JImm and woodCompassca
5 rid Irons .
Ilea and Iron CofTc e Mitfa .
lUnks, Tin Pots, llatthete,
Pump llantmers, Plm lrons ,
Wot sled 1'rwU
An assonmcnt nf Dry Co'oL
-WIA a U the tyfwthimg tenon f andgtMtaL
.Pork, JU-ii nnd l-'lour, in larrclfs
P.uutranH Ufd in filin
U?ton, liUck eyed Ptat, Tnd!tn Cora
d icw uerrcs, barrel and
lr)l ICil u. VI,...
WaldccktrBfrtts, Cytf ,n Pfgif
S4r In hftKlt(tl:s and Umls
' ?i nd adptor.f J?in,4 Mtlsssti
4W wperor rsssUCdf Skns.
PrvdUCt tiVtttt dkkrnlUn :tt tw. A ...
in bsita, '."...
. 90 tierces tticc, for cash or a
ilstt crtd.t Ux ap;rvnd i-ct.
JoU MitUa'i honffron.Rrcet, j

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