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wpecucies or tne renewal jot, pasw scenes.
Come with confidence to'trade initour ports i
come to exenange lue prouuci 01 your wmt
, ' k d industry with oar rldies. and. bfij?crsu.
v;ded that yoa will never have caus (o. regent
v, having trusted to' our promises.' ; 140 -
is me seme . unjc iriui jne gavcrnraci". uu
. therr endeavor to afford yoivth advantage
' of a brilliant xoinmerce., they expect from
. 'your agents the lame loyaUf AfP-4JK?A&v-i
... which will bo. practised toward" you s lhy
. likewise.hope that the dastardly conduct of i
T''i Vbf Louisiana willntliKliirm-.'
- 'tators.- ami will "not give ithemi'thioaio ,'efj
,.. , tcomplaioinj. that' their to4gtaa.tanfideace ;
thartoean deceived?' -.Wi'l i li ft -'?'v.t
TIiTpoetiprentry "vPapftWtJPW
. ipjiiai PgfterPaixi waiyei St. lark.JJort-:
. tu-PriqceirLei Cayis, Jeremie. &M JaqkmeJ,
. l J 'l .. L .
,wiier you may, wii
goes and( adventure
- fitaMii rfttiirri.' .J
y Th'e well knbwrt puhcT aaiity bftbTgverh
- in?rit,in tndfillBlme'nt of theiP e'nWierh'eVs,
' 1 i is Werriti (Hedge of the fafthwT txecutiori
' of their treaty wtth 'yoii.' Notwithifahding
.the misfortunes that havB preceded fcuVnde-
, pendettcty fend h'e '4iisastrou wars they haw
- ,- occasioned, the meant of the f-ovorntnent
have-altt-fys-'beeu adequate to ita wnte. Such )
i thest;(jnuhuix exten'i:.vf;.!our ceioareei,
. thi even thecc of the uractdiflff adtninid-
Jration: hate, not prV3ntei(Uie.lis,chajrg;iiof
orulent ecoTidmv. anti"5 (hat'an eomtable
::wodtfirf'ollpctinjr the rerenuci," will fue the
ca Viayjes, JerenTa? .wa.itmy,
y, witb aecurttlao'd r-awrcar'' '
!Qture Vth the cei (alhtyol pro- '
'direct ViinainTjrci upon Niuoijuti otanoft
A ue heavy cavalry r which nact not yet join
ed the. irny4 cou(4 not cottie, up to hbet'ore
noon, ; The cavalry of the imperial guard wa
;thirty-aix hbui-arid'istancexhatc.vejr -might
hae been it forced marcnestince iu aepnv
ture from Pariu But thercK-e roomwti in.
war where ,no contiderationflueht.ta baUnce;
ror caused the whole of marshal Lannes corp
to h arrayed on She platibrm. flcctiwed by
tour' suardu whickitbe; enemy., ap
peared to. Have seelected, -tw).gh Ue. waTa
- Msitlen opposite teit.Hbu corpai waar-
rtccd)ihro-aa:h the i ears' ttenera .Vktbr,
each division iormine a wm& Jjlarsual L-
;.fehre cauifid. the imperUlcuard tq be station.
ed Wqyare battalions -at the The
' 'i - ' right? of the government add secure thope cf !
, TO'?ror,,aT MUnucr iron, jii m um.
's Yrave-'fellowi. '" ' ' The flight offered-; i
Tspeclacle worthy. remattV that of two r;
triieV, th obe displaying itTforif oon ati tx-
'te'nxot aix feajjucs, .tnlthiU Brei setting
the fctmosphere lb a blaze,,; end tue otner
whtf Apparent' fire were conCftttratetfi in a
Email tront y ana in 00m armies 'aumiy ntt
rovimtnKi tThe fire light of both armies
'were' at half Iht distance of a tartnon shot
The ScrUitixls ahppit touched each oVtrr, ot
t mrm6 ither aide but, what.fcy.ul'l b
to performeJ good orJe.r during the 1st
ijiour j Jwitit became a,"dreoJful disorderrom
our (puirassiit haTin- the grind duke of Ber
it'their bead should, lake Part in the affaif.
1l&t faV,Caaliers slittdderin-J ' to see Via
torr' decided without them,, rushed out ln e
iwy direction where ihey. could. nrnetwitK.'S-v
nsraiet. fiNether the Caralry.noMhe rru-.
ahvn Mantry could resist their shock; In yam
qiu ioe enemy . aimanwy 101 mwu
oattauons, uve oi-inese oauaiious were iuu
ted 1- Ahillery , Ciralry, Infantry, 1J were tlej-
".feated and taketi.. The t'fcnch arrived at Wey- j
mar t the ame time with' the enemy, who '
i,was th-us pursued for the space of aix league 4
un our neat, -the: v.orpa qi aiartua. u-i
toust wal performing pmdigietr vot t
kept lo the enemy rearhut he followed bca-
iinfr for the spaco of three leagues, the maw 1
(.he enemy'a'.trooVwhicti; wai to ';dcj51 by ).
Kbesen' ,'This Malshar has 'displayed i Cis-
unfrutshed Valour ana ir.urmness oi. cDarac"
tef : -ihe principal qualifications of a warrior.
ne nas oeeij aeconcieo. oy vteneran uuum,
TriautMdfand, DaUltinne, -Chief of itlie
Staff, -nd "by the unctmrnum intrepidity: or
his Wave corps.' I , br:Vz r; ji'.Vfff
f ,The results of the hatlle ar 33to 40 thov
.Mnd-priaonera; 3, orrSp llands, of, Colqurs j j
4Q4icj inpon;ilii'pnmD,se. majatinea j
be found upwarda of twenty generals inclu-
dinz several Lieutenant generals x.ueuten
iii xAaVics thjtm'enttf upon.Tiis lerfiwry;
bwt thatihe Prussians mujtrcmain in ;rrus
iatiulhlfniefsTiouIJ not med.lIeTii "f ;
ant frnMl frhmMtJIM IS Onp. - Ths tlUThbtr
C J. . 1 1 .. .1 .1,- DhIiiIiii nVrrift 1 n MiMf' (f 1
is'coinnuted'Uiat there are upwards oftwenty
thoiisand killed or ''wounded i Field Marshal j
TST6ellend6rj hff Deeu.wounacu, me uikc v
'EriihawVek' kilfedVUenernt "LucheP killed t
'tknbul strengthen' more and more" t ''Vhat-l
'V 'v-f rer-mjy heihfi Wuniberpf jour rscYs',Vha't-4
"V: :" ,f "eer "iaav' be the" 'eitent'of Vbtik tfttculallohs t
4u ou.r pbft:d'a?tleaH3fit
-ivr'''ijre cam. "JAn abunclafi'txrdp V'cbnlmo'dUieei.
. tiittn aunt Ltijt, mt xtm ct yet, i.auo,;
it. ij smVW
': LjtiiiiBitihi-Sttiiirj of ih Govern.'
r ' V ' .w- . - : '
- . ' - ' ARMY." .;.
. ' JEli October
- ,i ne uutc oi Jena n.vrAnea awoy; tne
Wtiominy .Qf.IIbsbich,. and .decided in seven
' -dafi, a esnipain which jits fiMirery'. .aetid
j ..e .u. u......: , . v
J - '.. position Pi Ue rmy on,,ibel3tli war
, , VnlufMtlk flsiH fitnsi vrmrm as r Vln
Iying.rcflnh6itrjiij..prj d;
" o Mf marching to ; uunilru.-'Ji ' .:..:.-J
,' t VTha't. jbMw-sbai , Lawy:a waa juriv'uif at:
. ... Jenp. ,i'; f i
; J ,. .That of Marshal AfigtrrJ tad taken pW;
The corps of mal-shals Ner and SouU, apent;
the.nieht' in. marchine At 'day break the
4vhoict army, 'took up arms. ::o:t4tviaiop o
Gaien ras arraneea wpoij tnree lines on tnef
'iettof lihi plarm; The-miMoii AttShW
formed the right i the impertal tuaVd becu
liied the summit of the hillock, each of these
corps ' hating its anW'itf tbclWrMils k rrmWtlebry of Trtissia grieviouly wourt
from, the .eitf krttf-tho irtifeniiourtng talliesJ! l-fod f according to- the report oi tne oeser.
defites. had been otitrived-4wlVc!t1erro ini .flags jof truce, disorder'
the troops, that could not .he: placed on the r;atAh extremes in tne
olatform. ito display themselves with 101 rtemainder Of the enemy's army. -'.,- it ? C
greatest ease for perhaps It was the .firsi i(UiOa ur tde,"we have. , only ! to-tament, a-
i'tme? llHit an army was jo,pasr;yrough'.0i I nonRthe generals, yie loss p general UebiJ-
ttuall ajileule. , ',.lfiVj-?( y Jy,( an exceifent aoiaipr.; ana; ,among. ine
y,K Very thick fojp obscured; the .iay.'.lTha- . wounded, general 6tBriga6i CohrcoxiyA
Smpe(9r passed in front teveraKtiroes.,!;He; mong the Colonels' kUled, are,. Ve.rges,",pf
.rccommrnueu 10 vne ouuicr io iutmi 11 ioe i tio reeiniem miauir u iui k-
selvc's against that. Prostian. cavalry wluchf I roottf, "of the 36th j Brbenegrc, of the 9ih j
01 nussars j jviangny, i ine win ui v.nes
seuff'r Harispei of tfie'T6lh of light ihfah.tV ;
Dulemboim.,of the Istof drasroonf r Nicohit
of UieTnt of thr llne v nlxrof thrd rsir
Uigonet, of the 108th.'
' "The Hussars and Chesieurs have display
ed tn this day a boldness worthy of (be great
est encomiums. - T he I'nuwan Wavtary. jie
vermade a stand before them, and all the
charges against Iho hilantry have proved
euecess!uu;", . V : ; ;,., -.:. ''
, V iay; nothing C;f.,t.he Trrnch. Ipuntry
It list been long since-acknowledged that, it
is tj'a best in the wbiw, the" enireror has de-
dared that the French Cavalry, Jiom the ex.
penence of the two Cempains and of this lat
battle, had not its equal. ,s ; - ; ; ,.'', ;
;-'.! I mssian army has in the tjatue losf
all retreat and the whole of itijine of p'peVa; :
tions. Its Iclt pursued by Marshal f)Voust,
secured its retreat on Weymar a? the. time;
maiusjignt eenre.wre reireaiingipom
Weymar in Hanen.burgi, . The toiiluwon,:
therefore, , was , ex'trtriie. The king . miiat
. .. . .' . . 1 ! .1 . F U. . l' I . I
jiavcfciireuarri ne ucios, si mc ncaa ot
his regiment of Cavalry. 1 1 i-m 1 , : t
.. Our loss is esVlro&led at one jheuiand ele.
ten hundred kil'cd.'asd three tUoufaod woun.,
ded. The grand Duke of Rerg tsatthismo. .
mentiries'.ing.rrth v litre there is a corps
of, the eneniy cprnnianiSed hy Msrshal lotl-t
That 01 .Mir.ial .Ney.wa at Koqo.
',,:' Tlvc htad qaarters were'at (Jera,". ..
-! - ,Tbe Einpci or was marching for Jena, '
.. Tke corps of M arsbsl Soult, was advanein t
. " fiomGera to uk'e atiearerposition attheforb
of the roads of,Naumburg and of ent. y.
T The poaition of the enemy was as follows I
-The of Prussia wishing to commence
: h'TStiliile on the SKa, Jby dixcclinj ,1iis right
upon Frantfbr't, hi fenlxc upon Wurtzburg,
t and his left upon-.1Jsir.bcrg,. aU.lhe division
Of his army were disposed toexecuU plan;
but the Frehchsiniy tnrniiifC. on jl xtre
tuity of is'lcft) found itself in a few-dayietj
" festiibug, at "fyohehstein.. atScfcleua, atCc:
7-ra,;and at Naomhurg. - 'fhe Trussian a,rmr,
: ' thus turaed, emphivtd the 0, O. ll and 11,
.to recall all its detachments, and on the 13th;
presented itself in order of Ooulc between Ca-J
pciiJora and. Auertxdt( ijcidj peany ; jo.u'oa
i;,miiatroii?.;. ., .. . ,
, iJO tn stn ai 3 r. jm,. ine, emperor pr-.xWdTirJenaT"ftCi".''M
. . ..which whs occupied by our dJvanced guaru'
. ... he could dictinbe(;)witpD ofihj che
"vnf, who seemed mncs'vre.. to attack -Jh,
next day, and to force t!ie . seyrral defilea ofj
the SaI. The enemy defended '.he cause
.( way leading from Jeua .to Veimar, with a
' ftreat force, and If an" Impregnable position
the; seemedlo.thinklhat the French, couli
ot"reach the plain wiibout. forciog that pss4
aage. In faot,it did pot appear possjblejogei
'. any aitjllery. on the, atcep platform, which,
-, ' leiJrs.wsisosmalltlist fourbsy'tliomcould
. "- .ij.harfjlybe displsjeJ. j The whole riighl wsa.
vtmpliyed ia open ins 't?" f hi-oi'gVthe rockj
V'lby which meanilhry succeeded U conveying
, artillery pn the height. ' .i, '. . . H
; f Marshal pavoust received ordera toiei!
'.nVyNaumhurijIodefeniJlhef s.iagrsnfKocser)f
. jf.the eoem jr should march upon Naumbur j
, or id proceed to Atpoda to uke him in tlijj
' ' rer, sliioulJ )ie" remsiivio'tlic same pvifciiiou
; which, .wv. ... . ., ! r 'I
" - The corps ofMarshsl prince dePonte Cor
t f .ws'.'titip'u Ccile Iron ' Purhburg
' fc3ettJrsxtf oXHTccactu sWyld'hc titrieji
wis represented to be "so formidable He re4
rninded Ihem that it was at the same period,
Jtear beforefthey had takerV;Ulm J that the.
rfUSilso rn'; I" uvuiriair rni7f was
now surjronnded, having wits line of ope
rations, and its stoi'es that it did not combat
at the present time for glory, but for its re-
treat ; that eadeavouring to cut its way thro,
on different points, the corps that should sul
fur them tp pts would he lost in honour and1
in reputation. At this animated discourse.
',thej soldiers answered hy tries of M JL u$
2ianJ -V .TK fu'liera .began . th action 5
The miTsketry, became watm 1 However good
-ine posuion neia oy mo enemy,, nq was u-
ven from it,' and the French army defiling In
the plain bcRaa to form itself in battle array.,
On the other side, the tnain':aimy tf .the,
eiiemy wTiO had not projects, to attack until
'lht fog should have been dispersed,, took" up!
i Uhns. ! A body of 50,000 men of the Iclt sta
(m-sed itself to cover the defiles of Naumburg
aiwl made themselves masters of the defiles,
of.ocens but Marshal JDavoust; had. been
bt Cure hand.,. The two other bodies forming
a force "of 80,00') men advanced, toward, the
p'enen , army wincn was ucumifj irom sue
platform of Jena. The fog covered both er,
rnifi durincr two hours hut it was dispersed
by th'e"bright sun of Autumn. The , two ar;
mies discovered, each other wnbm cannon,
shot.! 'The left of the French army : auppor.
led by a village and woods, was coramiind'ed
by MarshaVAugereau. . The imperial guard
-separated n irom inc enycr, wiiis-n ji pc
enpiedby the corps of Marshal Luhnes. , Th'e
"riglA was formed by the ccrps of Iarshal,
Soultr Marshal Ncy had, but JOtXH men-.
The only troops that had yet arrived trom bis
corpaofthaermy. v, - ' .
. The enemy's array was numerous & hew;
e4 handsome Cavalry, Its m'snotrres were
scuted with rsDidilv and Drcciiioa. The
Emperor would have" wished to pos(pie the
engaemeni lor iwo aours, in uruer 10 wan in
tte position he had just taken after the mor
fc ning battle, for the troops which were to join
h!ra and -esneciallf : his Cavalry tr but the
Ficnch ardour carried it, several battalions
havin? engaged kt the. village of HoIUtedt,
he saw the enemy making "movement t&
disloc them from itf Marshal Lannes re
ceived orders itnroecmtely to march in'aupv
port of that village. ilarshal Soult bad. at
tacked a wood on the right 1 the enemy ii
vln jrm-ade rme?Tenkeflt'Xfirt liiei-ittht oitouii
Jeu, Msrshai Augereau was cnargsa to re-i
nulse them t in less than an hour the action
"becs'Trfe general) 350 or 300,000 men with
f or 803 pieces or Csnnon carried drain in
every direction, and exhibited one of those
spectacles rartV to be met with in history.
At each army thvy manervred constantly as
If at a parade.' There never existed the feast
confusion ' amongst ou4reopi victory wal
not uncertain an mstsnt. 1 he tmperof had
slwsysnear him independently of the impe
rial gear!, eufficient nnmber. of troops of
reserve la witd off say unforeseen accidtnu
Marshal Divoust having carried the wood
he had tcen.sttatking for Iwo hours, msd
a w srd movr ment. At this moment the
T.mbcror wss informed that the division ol
the French" Cavalry of reserve were taking
Iheirstarton, snd (hat two tjew divisions of
Marshal Ney 1 corps wen placing themselves
in the rvsr on the field ol' bsttle. AS the
treontof reserve wrre then ordered. to ad
tsnce ori thr Crst Jine, which Ending Itself
thus auppnrted overthrew the enemy in the
twinUitx of go ej and tpt ltiafullrttrci6
-, L
i, ,
:ynahpet!j thc..apVifof Germany-. thatch;
Saxona ought to be louna unueu u mo ."-fede-aUoji.oheillrine,
-andej-he 'prote'iQB?r
offrance, r protection that was not hew to
shetT-lkat, )Oce,iwOvhundrcdor.earat .witnouc
France, ahe would havebeejntnyaaed oy aus-.
tria or Prussia that the! Emperor had Ukett
Vms bhfy"w&en4Prassii hald intadedSaxdify
-that ltwaa necessary to put a terra, to ineso
outrages that the continent had need ot re- , r-
pose and tliat' in spite of he 4ntrrgue.s and y ',, ;
the hasejwssina wjiiqli a'gteAmaoytHrta,V i. ' , -
it waiflecessarr' that their rtpoafe ' shoWt'ex- - - -
isr, aunopgTrit eosij-io procure iub v. .,.,, . 1
aome'th,r6ne1.H. ' -'"'''t ' '? ' 1
: tficcfltely 'all ttio oaxon prisoners nerev
ne'nt to thdrhore?s,,fwiin the procama
of the Emperor to th$i(x&n8,Jn' wM
.. .
'' A
sissurarices'i that no vejitaityvexisUd egaintt
their inattoav? ';4 .iii! sj 'f-ypfr-f " i '
v-.ThC4n4 buke of BwerrcledtEr .'
.furl.h on.tbei thirteenth' a the.tnornlpl,!)!! ' v
t he 1 6th the place' capi tulatedi f .Bjr this i, ';;' '
;Op pe.n, of which .BOQa.wej.woundedt and ,- .
6000 able sidhayeMceroV-Pr1W
twaviimon'g which pr&U'fe' prih6e,(f Orange,, , " f 1 ;'- 11
its Lagaveand Sveifeh- AT pirk if 120 Ss'rv'-
."eeirof artillery, jvell'furni'fched'ha's also fallen r; :e:.
-ruio our nauusv bvciy usy iie vuusviyii" r; .
ladners."' 'J 1 1 J ' " '""'- ;fwyt
' v '- ,i t'in. ' , i n 'i:'vfcijW;t
.TIutigkthMulUtini indmitd Wtim&y)ctobti
' The different corps of the army which are-;yp
pursuyig the eoemy, :anounce:4every mo -;
ment prisoners, baggage, cannon, maga-
fxinesf apd ptovitions of all, kinds Ulan
i Marshal 0avoust haa juwt taken So pieces of
cannon t. marshal 5ouU a convoy-; of. 3,000'
.1.-., i.' i . . . , Me
lons 01 uourt siki msrsiui ucrnauoue i,ju -,
jprisopers.iThea'rtnf is in iuth . amannef ;'V ; .!
''ptrsea,andtniied with onr troops, that ono V 4
tof their battalions' came to join one of out ad- .- ;
.wtncfd ligJit-guaKls,; tnistaklpg tt for one pf 4 ',- ; .,;
their o"wns: tSitii ii; t 'k.-w- S.l:u.-t;i.;..-l;;. v v -;. ,.j
-jr.-Twelfth Bulletin-That the! French; had' y r :
.entered Magdchurg.;?-,." ':"!;f5"i'";:'',a,,'1;-;r
irH'Th'tfteenih JJulletin Kepprt, thJt. tho -u-:f
Tench-entered BerUnHtfrOctohct.W-
,, The above it a manuscript meinprajaduim i
.01 tnose. twoannetinSi.
' S-V'-v
? 1.
services rcn
sltrtu' b'i tjhe-.tlifferent corps and' regiments
will be nnde known.' If that can "add anv
thing to the claim which the army has tjponi
! - ... J .1 ,t....l r . I . ! !.
111c c:cein iiu miuuuo ui uic nsiion, i tan.
not add any thlcg to the 'tender emotions
experienced by those who have bern. witness,
esof the enthusiasm and love testified tdihe
emperor in the hottest period of the combat.
If there wss a moment of hesitation the mere
cry of Fiw L'EmSrrori". would reanimate
courage and give new energy to t very breast.
At the height of the Conflict the Emperor
observing his wings menaced by the Cavalry-
would gallop Irons one to the other lo order
roaneuvrea and the changes of position from
front into squares he wss interrupted at e
very instsnt by the eries of" Vivt L'Smftror!
The foot Imperial guard could not conceal ita
vexation at being inactive, whiht others were
fishting. Several voices were besrd to eja
-culatewoVtU -in ciant forSfaO t'Wha'T:
Is that r ksid the r.mfierorrlf eahndrtut'
be a Jfoung man who has no beard, Who can
presume to prejudge what J ought to do j let
him wait until lie has commanded In thirty
pitched battles before he can pretend te give
me advice.-, ' V. ,7 ,' '' 'v.- -
A part of the army baa had no participa
tion in the battle,- and li yet without bavins;
fued a single sheu ' , ,( -t t .
; ", ' ' .' . : '
T7i SjM Dublin vhith ifdatti Iff! mar, 0t,
. . yf 1.1" i'.Ms'V'i.-' '.'--.' '
, ,' J51x tnousand Saxons, and more than 300
officers, 'have been made prisoners. The
F.iopcror had the officers assembled, and told
thtm tlat be saw with pain that their army
made war upon him that for his part, he had
taken lo arms only to insure the Indepen
dence of the Saxon nation, and to oppose Ita
incorporation with the Prussian monaichy
that his intention was to send them all hemei
it they gsvaiUtr. parole of honor' peter to
aerve against franc that tbtlr sovereign,
whose title he acknowledged, had acted weak-
thus j iciiUnj t?f rutsisn menaces, and
)l '''v'.Btti-r's' Conopiracy'-';'
j F.very day throws more light on this highly ;
liiterein(rubict. Cy the arrival yfs.teri!ay ..
of ihe schr. Ameli, capt. Brocks, from New
Orleans, we received tho papers ol that cjty
to the 12tli ult. Hir tl.f ke nanrr lcrn. '.
that on the Slh 4ilt. in conenuence of a nrcvi- ,'
dus Uivitaiionfi om his excellency the govern '
or,1 the Mjicbanis bf.that place.asscn.bled. at , ;
government house,- for the purpose of coo-T
sultiog'wiih" him on some point of great lm
;portW.e. .'V His excclfcDcy, in very few '
(Words explained 'to the gentlemen the object .
"of-, tho -military preparations making there
which are in defence of a premeditated attack :
brf the'ttnttory , by i formidable party of men r
assembling onhc Ohio, headed and led 00
by some pt the first characters in the union.
He, informed them thai the principal object
ofcalliig them together, vwattn deliberate on "
the lest pUj of procuring for i'e pubJk aer 1 . '
vice a number of ttanen, sufficient to soars
the gun boata and other crafts. Intend;! ta
bs srncd. That be conceived aii appeal to
"the merchants .themselves would at this hour '.
tt Banger, be prefersble to an impressment,
and he Wai persuaded they would display
their patriotism, by adopting the best and
most immediate 'measures, to enable Cc-nw .
modore Shaw, to procure the hands secessa
ry. - V y ' ' ' v:.-" :-
' After goverBor Chtiborne eoncluded his ob
aervations, gehsrsl Wilkinson, who attended -the
meeting, Informed the gentlemen of tho
nature of the plot and the manner it had been '
'iaclesed lo him, and on this occasion tnado
a very Impressive and 1 afTettins erpeal to "
their feelings. He departed from that inse.
I .whose tit
perable line of Biilifary conduct which he haa
always observed, by informing them at well
of his plans of office as dcTente, and cxpa- "
Hated largely on the want of authority to -x-
ecute te the'r extent his views and measures. .
.le nsnicuisny related the object or the in-- -vaders
to le the reduction of that place; in .
order, with the booty theymlght find in it, to
make an attempt on Mexico, and if they sue '
ceded, to sever tho .western staler from tho
union ( he attack was to be made as well by -land
at by tea, and concluded by denouoeinr
the leader, Aaron Burr and pledged hie own
Jifc in our defence..- The governor and gene " -
ral having retired, the meeting proceeded to
deliberate 00 the best plan to co-operalt with
government, when it was unanimously agreed -
that an embargo ouglrt to take place, which .
has since tsken pUett The governor left -the
meeting or the Merchants to consult with -colonels
Ucllechasso, M.'arty and Dor aicre
reWive to the snilitia. . .
- The battalioa of Orleana Volunteert have '
received orders to hald themselves ia rodi. .
ness fo duty t s moment's warninc.
..; IlwasataudatNew-Oilean. wlthaA-
mcl.a sailed, that the adherent of rrr a
juounli ;d to, ;o0 mo , and lt, bcliVved
that his force! would coiuld.i.iJl" .7. .
, that number. The attack, It w, rxpeui
wodldbembtlwten tie soil Stwi
' i
1 .

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