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17 rCBJcrrrrorfrtvi; ':ctl trturc. ruh!k r-cj?" !r. Kerr -eve J 1 1 ! - V ',-
' To fit! f? PTtU'-it-r IIrlUh suhjects'lorrd t t . t -r:i -a si:.
' air,-?, country la the mon f " Mr. V. AI.: ,.:t t ' i'.c cour r I ,
- If nriT,U', tirn,,',vc-',wcr,r miS'cnsis , .e cb.t'c,, inn,:,-o .Mr. Key, i' t ,
oi property w'i k l . '
' a- lrf , S ia cac war, which that ever was invt'ntc 1 wou!luir. A to p
. - -N.. p.r'. -It wit .measure which Iititkl tiocLrin? s UzA Mr. AA God forbid that t
"' '. nrrt v"CUr.are"an'milLoutbrneliB8U sW.deversae the clay when the dourlacj
: iL our own citizens in the slightest d-rree. Mr. of thi ntl.m her- n Wn ,
-. . -r'-"" uii nisiimf ni now rn-i . I t
' . e t tkL t on the events w!.;.'.i U
f Jkw.a rtne t ,;, n Valke
V,?' ic I-t the erwtur - cUv.c
r s s s -, r .
jth .ttjh - ? "t!eir.t:r,.;:;
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cruia recon
vhen no
-n 'Qi he rcrceitrdiupportirgthubill,
oncjle it with. conu:ency to do so,
Charge ,f circiimr jrr.'k) k.t
pu which could Buthorne a chanwrin their
pmions ; Mr. C. also noticed the ,v.t.. f
- arm 1 1 m n w. i
i, ...rrtaani eseU, Which he pro
nounced to be novel and futile Mr. C spoke
bout:t hour. . He . did ooi state- how he
. w.sht rote on the bill 'when on its nal pis-ao-
. - :s . i".--
; .Mr. Randolph reDlled towamm''.iWiJaL
vwioqi ci x:r. Campbell on ihe subject of
. the arminrr svsteinrn ;n
tencr. -
r Mr. Rhea HYl renlied to m- f
maris cf Mr Campbell and defended himself.
VK.w rS .1 ..... . r
Un,e.pvwiinterTetie, th, Dbrecdon to the I cr Jess evaded tM Uitlo
' 11 ' wouu fall tL Tru I arrument . raitRir I..
n f4", thB 8wJeih'. Action.
t the same point as before. lie if the Senate
Lad erred, tbt error was not tn k- , j
proposlyoa submiued to tht House It w ooly
putun? . tortaia. nqder the elephant t for the ,tem
would. CK, iuue to prcisel7 the same objections as i
terdktin? commercial inurcour. -.r fa to exa'nSon rfTilT?
Mr." Masters moved to strike ouf of the J-ckson rW. to .hw 7ZLr2?"'I:
qae&tioq ca Mr,!rh
was then taken. -Yeas 47 Navs T 5. -V
' .And the House resolved itself infot com
mittee of the whole: Aves 60 Mr. OliiET in
the chair, en the bill front the Scoatc for in-!
Jlth section the words andtocausetcl b is. was iu fact the same nrm -k,u .w. h .:
ued under suitable bledre and orecautiona. I onder cooiiide ration a lew da .v j--.
letters of marque an J reprisal against the na. of wr iautur leaving h tnchance as to whom
tioo tKereafter continuing in fore its unlawful ww;w 10 de.hirtd r with a xncntal fe
Cdicts aeraiost die commerce of the IT.-s. - tecVa9on pe same Um that all thta was mere
S Vitenvaad in relation twcontM.kx "Mr. Milnor supported ihe motion ton the I Eli'Jft!!!1 W'-,,?? complying wj h b-
t r! ,
vi-.::; ucf the .... . ,
. . 1 . . . " V '
re tcuij t
w mwillJi 1 ,
punishment of murdtr." Ir.-T. srcLt
half an hour... . ; ,-V ... -4 :
..The questipa w'al then ukeo on urik!
the fint clause of, ihe fccxti&n, and cer-
i6w -"48. ':v,-;. . V , -:
yhc oucation recurring oV Jr.' .
motion tor striking out th rtiaaiadcr ! r '
section, relating to the lettera f ,n.aiC e
repriaaL:.V;";.--v-r -t ; -
f Air, Lyon siole ioXavour of -suUir. f
the clause' :f ." - ,
Mr. D. R. Williams vie'wio. iC::.'.:;. -
a meaauMcontemplatuig further 'rfmia,n!'
wa. wholly opposed to it.- It sakj i L ! J
groundihattbeonititutiftnofthe U.Suw tf
provided that Can.. IwiM r. wattbg.the na- with you. If you will revoke , your lord?,
; inconsistency., He was in favor of the present
: b'Md id voting for jt should not change his
I-.: Erouna; ile thought that this bill was what
. ' the mbarKo ouht to hare been in the begin-ning.-
. In commenting on Mrt Campbell tb
nervations in relat
, ouxtry he ad that when ye went to.war for
" h'S"1 ne woulct ot say that twenty
, bullions of private property.1 io this ' country
v should be taken possession of bv us.
. : - r,h. quest joo was then ukeft on Mri Bibb's
. oion:ajw .iegauved by yew' and nays,' as
"JVT;lc?rk Bard, Bastt,- BlUb. r Blsekleds.
even c
was cTch.i
wo 6f
provided that Congress alone should have the Up " -order, ;
Uower tod-rl.r J,- Vt.ii k j.:....! Wl. Jti. wcr W tmdest keeper. COunui. . at told our poor sailors nr.
"-ewho voted o the report bf Ae President i Jretonju
mm. - uould it be supposed that if it wci not rufoiU time ago prcicuted three th rfZu6' "L:" p , " , c ana;cf
Mmo.nn.tA s ..u .'. I of them to thA TTnn tr. i.. r . I tner riKhta previouslv in COntet
k... w iu W4r,.ii wouiq uc proper 1 . - , , -.v .mw we proceeo-i . i . ' . -. "
before the next meeting of Congress V Cer. 0ftc ' 'ot fu. JUra,e mo?,er for the ' "t
t..;i i. ... . . . P "...v't, I served Mr. R iat tki. IT... v . - the order in rmii;i ' ..J L. Li .
Mimy-nou Anait not. should the PreiHntl Y " ween acunir un-1 j;- uuuc oiusncu lor .
of the have the power of declaring W S t AK "". be m3c j a'par, country.ihat such a proposition should Le T
SSS ssssssss &
I . - - . I " j -w w , .mkJ svv F au c I B S71 W mmrwmm m smm... .. . .
against Uie other, without e- vine th.. MW. not,toield to the wuheaof .rr.t .'..m: ! ""iucoarepnsaLbuth
i i . ... u o t i - m - g ' fvvi.Mig nr. .t.tM . - j . . v-
vuwbo io wunaraw ncrs and thus r
war r and he was therefore opposed to
fill.. i mA-A . ' . ' .
mr. jjvermore also contended that the part ftn I .tT J, 8VTCruHlcn rrance was atstroyea by -r"'-:"V"u'-" f avuetioa into the fami'V , f
, Apunt, Boyle, Uurwcll, BaUer. Calhowi. aff.&
e u Cly, CiOMon. Deju lio.h. sv.i,i:n r 1 .
ord, J. i. Jackson, Jobnort, Kenan, Kirkpa-
P6sed to be struck out was . uticxim,7l Vk- ? P"nienu putting the gallaries inihe place of l.ho ho criecT out so loudl v fX- . '
, - 'J ai,.T V ri. ii "-mn5mery, in. fawrcw, John
H v SnvW lvB- (Hen.) Bay, Smiliesun-
" ATS--tfisi: Aiavj. t ' w 'tl"r '- .-'-'
' ' ' n w Uyd L3'on Mrs, M Creery.- MUnor,
- M!fforo.ry,- N. H. Moore. UoaeW: MumtW.? xJ
- . LhAli TK..Iv .-. V' -- "
- ' ' IwiJ 6 L iMwioipn;, itea, (Ten.) ML Rich.
w. K. Smith, h Smith. .
resiaent or, anv other nerson. :. Tliw. -ntn-k.
weU delegate to the president power to make or re
voke all laws. The bill did not eoritemnW
l.l r . r - . . . Z r,'
uHjve aci ror issuing letters or marque or reprisal a-
cut ll. s
Mr. Randolph - moved to 'r5t f Vt.
12th ctioa the exceptions to the general re.
noval of theembargci.r.; : 1,; r , y -r:
i Mr. Randolph iupported the motion on the
.wound of the expediency, for general reasons
:f total repeal of the erobargoV Am in ad-
union ro- ujc general reasons in favour bf a re
uiauses oi uie eauenea. lius was a Jorrihl ntut I croveraiyin ' ..i "yu"
ofthlngs., B if anybody tf metA to .legtoj MrT a aa SaST Vl
underjassinga, where.the ooffc
uiey wmeirpm the Ulenesv or, m resily, LtuJ-"" :." re. !y tj
aparticular enemy, but gave. Wrt7 U
rresiaeut chuse wiatwhich of the beUieerents he .""'r.UiU W rpgate-. fiunseif not . ZTT7,T '"WM' w h! 'u a
1 I .i . . . . - Ih.M.SA,i.: - sw i
w uua oi juagmg oi me connictot uus liouse, 1 7 out icr it would he virtual!v
a uuuio m wese ooservaipns, ijcel a repug
nance at comparing such an stdience as X see a
round me to persons of that dtediption. ?
."Vlhe foreign difficulties h which we are now
involved, , Mr. jR. attributed to our own over,
sight j to the rejection oft treaty which mirht
war, . If the nation Was in favor of war: thi .w
the proper way to make it. He rnnri-m- c
fhrir iK?. .1.' S ; T. "!
r-. .uui vuicu- toiisuiuents would lejl
them thii.Uiey Were traitors to the cpnsdtution that
tiicy had betrayed the trust reooaed in them. ,Tk.
hawT nf beenastonished to
bj. ' j ee such a bill as tlus com from tK. . v.
.1 . , . MviMiij a iKal
the age of TOiracles was not passed. He should
scarcely now be surtxized at anv thn -hi.K ..u
L. . kmwa.-j v . J b """"'uiq
..v.i iin;itu wouia snajto the covem. I ... .1 . ..
ment of the U. S. tn
sidered it in s ZZ OTiT fasted of, that our
iiiexMdiency, that was a tnmoMbnsidxiau'orwhen Tolumea of p,
er: -
-.t.t : ' nnor.
that temporisinff 6M .k- .
M vsuion. 01 tne people' in the
passage would be a 'wecedent treaty or the aecenrn.
Conw oJtho U. S.y H. aaiT..;
K;k k. .:. ,77 v . . l wtu unitea atatesJU
gjn anerma, he taid that,3 except!,
tew who had been orm, - t
" - 0 muu IQBt; or; British do
walofMr. there werVSny
haegoc,ated by government in a war laSSS
in? a
tr,'- -oaf.
not jour ti.B '
connived, have pla. tftT: ?"m lin-;
iituationfarprehr. K
now found itselfBut h.iA. ' .'
nnnpr ; n 1 ah .: ' ' r . . " ---w m aiw u sarr tr 1 ii
r "a: t . . . I . r
uuui a iiiamn -a arrAi 1 a.. a. 1 . - - . , . u-a
putfn cpeddon with ibnco and produced aolc yolumeaplo ried aye, 72 V v'H-
; MriXyon followed on the airne Win. .Ja-.L tic correspondence! He A fc- i " M "ye! 2 s " .-riV;v-iA
- 1
y ; peal, be obse rved that although the embarirb IS? ?u MeosrftUnor and livertnorW I wish 'that the Curaf and Barber would come
s ,wa 10 oe out partially, repealed, in point bf:vr" w Tr ,v. v- wtsn tor war-. I imp uie library axl make
v trac.tlr.e '...ii 1 - 7'." wimicu wr, uui lOOae, who wishml nff,... ImKKTok .,k:u u..ij
t ; " 7 . ,TU 44 oe P,a I( me re or some other
I for: k but those: who. wished office, rubbish Which hadld us l
itted to grow.- He knew of no I :- y aei . f- ,
raining part of it.V He denrecSW
ent which fisted in almost e ver- other pluntredinto a war with n n-Ju " I"r!"7 our. own creatiotf that
a bonfire bf all .he 1 ,-1 1, j V,-T.r r-ff .f-V? -. -.ri
tothiswind-millexpe-l ' 'BTr; '
ddmesticdlfficul. tSfire th.jrftffefiik I
mat they Were all of B,i v." .J"B.OCTWen " s, and 6. Britain 1
they had ben product 11, j
te He: compared the fanr-C4-iwCar V 1 1
country than ourhi, that bedietjee .was dueto If P"1 than by this provision of the bilL Althontrh ed '"tidgerfconduct; He compared the I AarartC-c
v . . lT ong as tne wnm 01 the execution- "V -? F wx.tuo the embareo, because he eon. I r,re' no iairuaiion 01 this coun'rv with I ih".K1'9
r was Hounshed over the head. 2nd no io.. aw " "unpus to the people, hi wontdww "at of Great liiuin under the adminUt,i r10?"-00
. Mr. Ihrnn U I.... --f.t. wi COnunue tt lor Seven, fawt than , nf Ti.wl "Nr,.t. It- .f J r'.-. . . ' ; : cm
V" wwui v :.iuc nioiion. oe. 1 m.j . . r"'K u war. 1 :. wuruiiETess were itit 1 ... . . .j
, , cause; he wished.- bv ao dotritr! tr. mV. ., .-w.oiwia spoke to reply to the preceding tren now like licbeth. in a altttnfi k . I Nys-Mcssra. Bariirf.
- r tk m..j...f .t ", 1 lie was. aaton shed that .I.7J I ' l 4 y b Hillhouse. yvrf. ihA-. T'
... c v .mviiuureinoi me irenueman irom s. . ... "t- - "v..Vm uwuju i nu a y to retreat. nrn-aitu. . ij
I tfA;i.r...l . . fv
t u .... ...... ..- .-?-). ?
i t i-ir' nomn. hjwib 01 aid. f
ith of TcBnesseevvlTurHston Wid
.Xrawfoid, Cih&an, Jlioodrich,
-ig, iteeo, : buinter Tur. v
. reoilei. f., c 7: . T ;w "T'F" genuemeir should I on was as t v as to retreat. ! w .u.-j .Mwa, rw
t-v ' ....... . v. 7 -rv - umui everr oronosirinn ih. n i.u. . i - . - .. . i'-.vm i uu nniTeji'z. . r?i j.-
:ts to. Thomas Jeffer. V. TTT. '
- , -I r--v-....6 m,, BVry, uic nan- i.uaye war man tne embartro. ' Now ihrir 1 1 "T. ivw. uie uouse irom
.itercburse systetn was to be adopted, Mr, B. changed Cut this uKthlradSS
V r " t vuur wjrepeaung the provisions war, noratuscrettTn to the President to make it-. MrJr"1 emMr8 the cotnmence.
0i"gaw and: enacting othe'rs, "authorised the President, at the moment of one' CBW Psent session. Ifhey aow io-
; ' whtA should be more fnttlligible to the reve- ?f oTowers - withdrawing its orders or decrees, ,tpnded modify the embargo' at alh he becw
i -Mliue ouicera than it 'iAnla k-aJ.t.' V-' toJSsue letters of marnuei knH vsi :,. --c." creH YtVemlemii f -tl e. ' t .
'-pealed;:!i;;rK:si:' Ptwer onme "Exer,miv- Tkw I of. ceitfitrv. taking warn'm- ki .'Jl-
'V iT.' nr.-a'.'-1' ;4"i'vt" ',ivi-r rt.r:i.-: ewmt vu fii:,i,. k" . 7 ;"rV I e"" 'r or ts-v ",sKa errors
:,u,nrZacj"pcltw otion fromthe made known m the PT? .ormaswra (the ministry of Lord
. a. . - tit : -
i . auc
I manhiawar, however aveVseVhe committee tonriuire whhher
fehr hH. was' ojosed to war but bui ""Wiia recently heen iff
Embargo te.o-Ae'Wa?. and ii theShS S 'Ifv8 to"w thefiornvT
riiM t.v. tk.-lTai . othcr a'' "txl whether a freeiW; Af.kl-
' ' : nar wiiii vnA r.rni i -uaw aat.aa.a w ami iviiv r niniia i m e - " wa uaw . .
- latat rtiiTrf rtt Jii aUv-; . i i n iiaano laea ot scmMiiHncw- k i ' j.Frtirvv aa jk .Vaar - " , n i w Kwemmtnt br&nv rMMBMnai ..a ; r
r. . r w u v ayv. k iiiui i rn mr ir ar nno a-vaa i . waaisa uie imrmra artv nrw rwi viku n ua- uc llkl i nan f inmaeriA ata. - - a l r . r .i ,rr j t vLt LOLiiiaiivc
repealed onthatgWdny
' i.-..n (v..- v - . s . i uuuiis were detprnin4 : i ji.t . . . . i tiwi v uuoiig ann
. frr" V ." I'vwcr w procure, tne theirhrriera n . T . r I t v ....-w, ,v Koiusi : -1 ng dui he- I other ..l i ..
repeal of anv' law whie.k J r!;. .tir l-..7.iJl r;".? rrTSrw Kcnutman m the Kouai More the commktee miirhr Kr,. '.i ..Z 1 -Tne appar
. - . :- v - , v i fviivviavu tu iiiiii i "uuiu Hav iniir tnisi hn( - -.u- .1 i .1 .
..hy tate affiiust. ts intere.w m. j' tl a .u.; vi.- tL?r 1""? mouki not resist Ecm,
3 . ..j .. . . -r I--,- ,"v" 'P' we irenueman from v.-VnrkfMn
v-.-iioiwiiostsuwtny ail, that had been said; to the .Uardeuler); or the gendetnan from KeVitucir Sir
- contrary, hewdtlUimatntalnhth JfK
1 nj .1. o - ata. wuulj , a . j vw i.aic liuiihr inr si wn ri7 rx
f. . a-.f ' wixivr a,,u aviac Ullllllin fill
Onal iosolt by ;
gfotinu tuatas the law now stood compounded t,Z i T - .ton6Tess only, by naUig him
wlth tK ZveArA lt.t. i. of what ,,Pledircs md nU'
jit i ... . ., rr ------7 w.i ku mno, 11 1 u tmioh." . .u..i T. ' . - . . . .
' i - , 7'"- 'kw WM uii 1 nwaiiut io De emmored. Wliirh J. . I.'-
tnt view to in.- .
itasnotJntendedFYeslrlfSd hh o fSSTiv " " Lhrd5sch tf.M. duty
may bringu. to fighting dKc W.KfoTfa-"An
somengtikdress;our.elv.upn tvwf
dougMfe; and,winding,8heet to frighlen o! ccSfeth
uicfa, wup may oiow our Drams out at the mew I and t . i J V . 8 titucnts Xif!
menk .unnA.- k., .u. k 1 7 ' , . .TOO" .n-!tt enquire ', whether: it h -u.k. .u f
- '"-Tr 'yfzs """" iw iicisrnt Ot tneir. I thi
Gpd.8 sake, smg a the ashes of the I UJX"? tl,e Pnaple that pmate yesftJsmiirht be aut
:; .moarg j.ici not our successors have tQ tak "U"" lomaKe? reprisals whert tfie publi4 force
.Uithe.d6leful ditjty where ,We "left 6Sj!jlS i?sJ presumed to b emplqfcd It'was there
i't ii "V -..w v wv. Hiue aiuc, ni
' it i ivn a uittusura uiiwoiihr f. to ,
. me ...t. . . . t,j w'f,vviiimviriu
question; rrj4a, happy ta'find that thafdoe. th ",7 of nau;hc construe.
k , - j i art a a a i iir anrtnt . i -. . i . i
trine .which, at the cbmmencement 6f ,the kes- JVu nsT,f'. WM
terror. Mr. K. spoke about an hnilr nnrl
J.Mr T. C.-Jackson' observed thlt it Wj kii
Opinion that it-would, he :
of the nation to persevere in the .embaicct till
they,went to war t - but the maintirv r
House appeared to'be bf opinion that-tiehhe
course was proper,- i tiat being the lease, he
was walhng to make the ground as tenable ,
h CouUl, so as to avoid down riaht?ubmissi.
on. t- .tie rephtjd to variou bhservaiiho
.... j .. iT T IUUUC
a 1 or
legislature. . houW-express any opinion,
take anr resolve thr.n. r.-...yv.r ."
lately ihAed t con
' W ,ince Snnaos-
a! 4Ul2ea;C
turned sate, with valimkl .;... i
. Maai. i ana' .1 3.ifrv.rPMi..l
tne statement u. i... -i ., .
' " "nwi out are f iau v nrriu-
.. . . . .v.
r'-Y tt r "wl,wiVWPt tMW Should be ninde of,tli? VhAeitr rantured 1 theaii
ne. maintained his erouud: he should mnh u 1 vc8Scr.Cwkpfk;.ui..zJ j' .fi- rt.
III. the Mirhl hnVKh .,,.l. ... - . lltigto . J". . . ' . .
a- rigu. cnurcn, prcacning aound waaniere Wgueprppouui, jakLunworthyof the"
C , and Saving docthoev Mr.', Key; sa id that the I Bovemnient, asit proposJ H?r by individuals whilst j
,v- provision .01 tne biu . py which tho mmence. F. "auon irn tie contest, He objected
ment of the nbn-importatibh Wat fixed
be as little influenced br attack. thr Wfi 7 e-wi I nmMf fVft,W
- k-il. ,.. . ..-" ""r I1C Whole nniv,k-.i.- - : T.'' J
i"ri tjur,metiiigs: liituic.ire1 i - ' ' ' ''
peopie.,wuh arms ,w their hands, in opposition
to the:,'rJtn relation to the trea IHMRS.; WAINEhSr
k al-l lhat th. t.;4t. -L . . , . . -f I -1 . - M;aersr t tne unua! nri.. : 111,. i ' . ,

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