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' - - W fcvoafd .tJ linden par ertmif ofthe
' ' ' , l-tli lVcrmV ' i.U-:tm attracts liM : " J.
: On the flee. I French bag truce MrivefC
""rDrcr,'1 fii IV.ogne, with French and Uussiin
"i V,AtnAr. Thcr went to London miih' their dis-
' A v wichv' in few days"Tvturned with wx ladks,
". 'A ' hre aTwhom were ' bekes of Talkjrjnd and em-
Y rtntho SldtMthe break of day, the Tixncb r
t; " roy begun ia march. ) It took iti direcbon to' CW
' " " V j" quarters of CastanoS t U found, that town evacuated,
iind afterwards niurched-upon Alfro, -whene- the
. . " nemy had in UKe manner retrevea. v
" r - On tiid "23d, at break of dayi the General of Di
' f vision. Ifebvre,wWVidof the cavalry,; ted an-
-yortea oy ine uvisw i ucii i'iv":y, lui-rnui trio
. . -advanefcd euard, met the enemy. immediately
- , ' ' rave information to the Doke of tontebello, rho
' v-'xi -found VM army of The er?!ny uilevt i visions, coo-i-""1'
istincr of 4Sj000 men, ,!, IcJ arms, -with K Tisrht
! before Tudeltt, and its .left - occupyuig a.'i tthe of a
- leaeue and a hidf, a diapewijoa absolutely bad. The
"' " -Arragoneso were on 'the right, t!e troop of Valen-
tia arid New Castile io the centre, "and the three di
i visions of Andalusia, which Geti.' Castanoa : corn
v' manded more especially, formed the left, 'Opckc
: . of cannon tovereii the entmy'a line" ...'? r , v'
? At nin in the morlBe,the? columns of th
" - Trench arui began to yfepurt with tliut 'orderj -that
T - re gularity and eoolneaafhich: characterise vet eran
. ti oops.'.' . &tuatfooa. irko.. 'Chosen ' for 'catabliabiiig
. ' buttenes witn aixrjf pfees oi cannon ; but the m
v pctuosity of th tlooya, and the innuietude of the e
tiemy,did1iot alW tome for this. . y Thor Spanish
; ormywasalreadfranquished by the order 8c move
.'J mentsof the Fnch army, "f; Vii A'v
-x, The DukeW Montebello caused the tentt to
be vti"rced By tJb division of the General " Maurice
lp Matha?av- Tf Oeneral of hisiort; Lefebvre,' with
. ' his cavalry ymediately passed oh the trot through
. tlas operongfnu enveiopea, oy a- ffUarter ; wheel to
' the left, thrl Je right of the enemy. Y"' . H t r -i
r - - "'The Trfitont wlien half of the enemy'a !me
'r found itsetfhu turned and defeated, Wai that in
- which Gff-1 Lagrang attacked the T villajre W
. ; - - Cu scantehere the tow, bl Castrio8v: was placed,
V wHcb dpt exhibit a better counteiiance than the
t" right, U handoned the fieldof, tttlc,v leaving
fc belati&j artillerjTr and a great number- of pruon
t cavalry pursued the remains of the iene
' my'a FY JMallera, , in the direction of Saragos
' 1 ' " ea ; a-to Tarracona, in the dii-ection of Agreda i
" - Bevcrfandards, thirty iece of cannon, with all
; ' thcii,ture ir 1 3 colonel, 300 officers, and 3000
tfiei&ve been taken ; 4000 Spaniards bare been
' leftM i the field of battle. or have been -driven
4 ' " int Ebro. Our loss has been trifling w have
u - - hai mm killed, and 400 wounded j ' among the
' ,A' , latp the General of Division, Lagrange who has
t rtd bullet in the ana A5:, t: d t i" ;
v ur Hwps uiw at uaeia a numoer , ot ma
he Marshal Duke of Cornegliano, has beran
.arch- upon Saraeossa.--V "JJirm . &
While a part of the tfuffitives retired 'to this
O the left, which had been cut off; fled in disor
to Tan-acona and Agreda!?i; Jf j&V'-):UK
The Duke of EkhinffenV who was on tlio 2d
Soria, ought to have been on the 23d at Aercda ;
t a fnah could have escaped but this corps being
3 much fatigued,' reraainetf atSorfi the 23d and
4thA 'He arrived at Agreda on the 25th; atili iufr
t,iently in time to seize a great number ;maga
The army of iS fiOO has been thus beaten with
out our having Jiad Tnore than 600J men engafced.
The battle of Burgos had struck the centrerbf
me cneiny, miu i"s uaww oi c.piiiuaa me rigm. v ne
baUle oi Tudela has ttrackf ther Icft. Victory lias
.i . j. -. . .... J j it ' j - . j
inus sirutiv, -as m itu - xiiunuci wit, tuni - uibhticu
the whole league oi the mycH;.5J-?r,
TThe twelfth Bulletin is elated at Aranda. Not.
. 28 It merely states that Geh.MathleuV pursuing
' the eoe'tnyt -flrrfy4'.:'ioit -tbe 95th;k;iJci.Th(P
; French army had takerf" 37 pieces of cannon, " and
rnaae 5,uuu prisoners, troops oi in' nne.T ivo
Cjuarter w,a8 giyearto aiiy -;of tlie 'peasants .fouh4 In
Ukcn,tf theyd not ihrowu aw.y tbur a, ir ar
dw;erea In tb tiKnuiuuij, ' ... .
. un ina m utcc. . r.U.e head- iucn d e
Emperor were t Su AuvJn, aad n iU 2.', tU
? U Ji "7. comnunded the
heights of MaihvL . . . - -
fcTlwiiiurT couU not arrlvt hef.. tK- 1 tki.
imeliigence wlAc we hitherto hire recuvedleids
us to think that town U tufTerio untfer ll
kHMta c driers, nj th-t the doors burrica-
lus wcaincr u erv Iuia.
. .
i The town of Lulrfd h-s eiituWL Our troops
entered it this u m rjn. ' f ThU im-i,.
contained in the M(Jakeur of me i jjj gnd i4th ia
n.'t, w hr ri tl n .'loti-l frv petirybtini: httr.i
.fe at-Acl, t'.. coinrt rl - frota th
is -fv,-fvI i! cvatx V.; .VLni". V. o ,
To rit
l'he lollowuicr vere are tfe k.inr:e ei.u
kxis of one of TourmiUcrfbcrs; sljuld you tfonk
ihra wonhv. a place in your urji ivunuwy, you
will at least grauiy one of his wloin- whatna, wy giv
inj them an insertion, . ... . .' . . s'.h h j
Y o:U f JH. Patrick your force! now rtJTy, . ; .
fe tUadara M rrrcuom once murv uau vi
Thhiofro4rfUeiUjolJBntiIlioa teITd r
Hja ywur. children owrtw'd ml your right Wih cur
Cone fiy t the Ym i0 IT-vc you protection, 4 -'
Ad Uiold from oppreiin your thry ffy, , (j ,
Ajd csr Wtlie sidles or Maoton,ry A Warrea , '
, fa America Fre-doin to conquer or die. , f -Betnenbct:
yoa heroes lio (kd froni oppreMton V.
T enjoy with th mmm of fair Free Jon a seat r ; v
lLhc!taler ihe nan fho aS friends did invite you, , I-
"Ye sues vt poor Erin enlay this rtrC" ; -v-
With Uie sons of Colombia jom ana m nemqjr, , h
In def not of ihei UiUt, Constitution and LaH j.;
A.!! t-r7 by the Saint m Uose rnie Jr jvi aeable -:
Should the Lioa apjiroaeh jou wdl cup off his flawa
But hark! the proil featfe procUim'a frojn hk piaious
f BJ thj free aona vf Bn wiiW to raiue, --y-.s f's
Uui ye internal traitor, ye Ure of opprtMora, , ; .f :
' - 'm Km! of enrruntinn. re foes of mauldml, ' " '
Who With bravlins and railing 'gainrt aUieamen and
We have received this inonunir. tht IfAnihiirtrW
uorresponoemea io me autfi.ult. It eppe.r that
pre at commercial Litres have occurred ia Austria.
These fche unfortuiutely ows to the restricted attfe
of her tnde, through the piirt she is compelled by
trance to take. vThla is'h price at which air
purchases -a nouunol peace, and what Bonun-rs:
calls entering into the Continental System, Wi
a " ft T I a tv-.k. .i. A I J i hinni tn ri-nifTat tnw tlri.m I
naa'amvea saieir at pauvuuu Uovernour. Th ,r... .w... v
ta , . r. Z. rA.T w'cii.r. . a iimi m D mr sutes; away to vour monarch . ' .
w-JuajrJIeters, from tome to time, his return "tTX.7d!mon nrofaL nit nv ihrino.-. t
to capita . va Ms entrr will be no cause of
joy or tntrmph to VJm whoever maika of. affecuon
may m srwwn ntoVr some of its loval ritittn. !
" i'- y a nun no. tJour$ piendoura or
exjniv. esUbhiients, to revive the gaiety und
activity' of his ineridaoii. p,4,; sin. va :
Depone fronk tny UUes; away to your monarch . r
: M Ye trailcroui demoiu pjvfane not my ihrina." " -.4
3! -', ' '.-.! ; ."C.".--'r -V '--5 v .
... I IK . , .
aim unariortenourtrWiii w. 1- ,: v
, . , , .I" -V.Ilk Mill! WIIUKUn
famed abodes p :hls ora, polluted by the re
cent xutectwo ot las fauk cruel enemies, i . , v 1
' ' 'JV-X' "".mA, v. .a--
v DfcemVer If. ? .-.a ' -. . '.,;,,
"5:h?flr "FV "To that eirfe
. By the flag of irce, which returned last evening
to Pover,Vith MrKi,aw,the messengerfon boardt
- 12JCeiTdliPs P8 to the i5tfa instant.
Their contents aret great importance. A The city
or Madrid Jus CaiWcd, and the French trpops
entered on the fount in sunt, at noon.; This btelli.
&Tf : J1 'l'e French camp at JVIadrid,
and officially apnimced in,the Mowteurs of the
)3th andj4th. , Sotr Wk us Thursday, the 8th
inbtant,f we announc Tthe advance of ft French
corps or 8000 raon tolomosiern, i town about 40
mUes orth of MadiV.vtFor this information we
had oibcial lnteHimhi ' f w. '. ,
proclamauon, addiessei by the Supttme Junta to
me- people ot Spam, 44 particularly those of Ma
dnd, recommending Uieronduct which they ought
tderveuuderjhes:W p.p.
,. ,w uuimine novai faiarem Arn.
juexron the 21st utL OTdjonseKitientlv w maV
sume that the Orst appeaimce oMthe enemy at Soi
... . . r.-v- .WSI iic i oui or i son.. v nat
became of this corps is notWutionad J. It
r- t : r . - r- r
the cu&e,
it Probablv retreaterf h ratit! ... u K-..t oorJ.i
4 nat a large porUon of the enemy had not advsmced
r date, re may presunte, as the defeat
of the force under Castattos upon the Ebro, did hot
take place until tho 23d. -
AThe details of tlieapproacli of the French to Mad
nd are contained the, JL3th JSuiletin, dated St. Mar
tin, the 2d inst. It states that, an t
aicrra wun a corps oi i j,uuu men theft he found the
si "
,'.6n the 29tb ult the head tfuarters' of tljc'Empe-
? ' roiMvere' rerncjved toithe village of Bduiealas : on
tl.e 30tl)vfttreak of daythe DufcS on?elluhd'pfe
ptnted liiniself athe foot of the' Send. Sierra-; di
n V A tiaion of 13,000 men oi the bnuriiKhurmyoi reserve
! 1 1 ? l defended the passage of itfietnountainsAjTbe ene-
l my U;OughttnemseivesunatiaciurfjieminaipoEiatn,
- ; J'uerto, with sixteen - pieces of Cannon.:; The $ib
' -light infantry marched upon the right the 96tb up-
on tljeiCauseway j'and tho S4th lollowed by. the
aide of the 'heigbti'on the left.-.' Gen. Senarmont,
I ' with tax pieces of artineryi-variced by the?'cause-
. ay,: 'T'hc action commenced by tho'iiriiig 6f iiius
xticVry and cunrtoru
A charee rnnde by tlieGenlMontbruru t the
1 H tcadof the Polisb light horse, ecidctthc autur,it
. i t was a. most ormiani one, ami tne rcgtnent pverea
' ' "'' itself with glory, and provpd it .was worthyto7prm
i i a pari of the Imperial Guards i cannons, flagsrrnuii-
t , tlietsaoldiefs, all were taken or cut .to' pieceBy
f A V'' obt Polish iight.horso were killed 'upon the can
A I ,wnand sixteen have been wcimded.fAroohe he
' last rs canUin -Hzirrvcnoskl. who was dance'rouidv
j v oundedy and Jiesjilmost itfout hopes of recovery.
Majdr Sgur, Marshal of the Emperor's Household,
TTTT1. 'Tt AMROrtl':
tnan rait St. tcit'l niT."".i' !
rave Son of HibemW Vur shamrochl display, "
Frnvw msilf. urrcd tn Potifck'a L-V i U .'V. t '
fTisa type of religion, the badge of our SainC & A
mni a niiint m inur Bdii wnirn mi ran ' .
fhen, va.h iliamrocti as, myrtles, let's garni ah the bowt.
hconrei-ae convivial, ana sweet flowot aou 4
To ujr Sunt make oblations of generous Wine,
jVTiat Suiut would have more,'ure, "tia ww ship divine.
1 ' v .' j .'m . -iv
fi.e ;-t -: lAw-Ai-jcit!. wor.a is i
sr.'- AiJ and thtvf .oarca Pi'
u;.aCU'ticv. jjis jnvti'.-
wvcrt H- IA-. Uuuve thry lute uea ti;x u.
not Ul
tier U:e Ivni-n ii.f.aenc of .cur KrptiuiK-n iusauu- .
tiona, and the m tint enancfi of pece Kb aa ivuivro. .
wUiSt aoaativ o'thrm were tr-ii 1117
wasteful wrthefruIuorajuH.:Ky wens tn.-op.-. - ,
e J in an unrivaled gromb of our sua r-( .
stiurce.'. .Ti-oof of this were seen in the jm;rot
meus of agriculture 1 la the successful enurpiu cs
of co nil acre e in the progrort of hnuac:ufts r.d. . .
useful arts : in the increaie of the pubhc revcr.ue, . .
, ana tne me nuae uitm rcxiucuig uv . r
an in the .' valuable works and esublishmenU erjf "
whertf xuUltii- ingpvef.the face ourkt.J.' ;. Af,'''.."
It is a precious rellecuon that ti.e irar.&iiiuu y
this pmspei wxi cotxlitioh of ortr country ,to the ccn4 ;J
which h for some time been diatresMng us, is not w-A.
chargeable on any -unwarrantable. Jiews, nor, as .v , . .
trurf, on any involuntary errors, in the public cojnr
cils Indulging no pasuons whicn tresspass on
rights, or the reDose of other nations, klas been the A '
true glory of the U; S. to ctdrate peace, by ob-.r r .1;
in? justice and to entitle themselves to the respecj , . ;
of the nations at war, by fulfilling their neutral obli-; t
gallons, with the moat scrupulous imparuaiuy. v. . . -there
be candor in the World, the truth of thes -ts - A ;.,
sertkmsvill no't be questioned J poaterrqrt at r least trV
will do jusdee" tothenw.. ,lA A -A - ' '- -A A'i5 '
.; H his unelceptionablb course couw zx yau a, , ,
gainst the injustice and violence , of tla'bni5rcnt ' i .
DOWera. In their rar fctrainst each otlir, br; lm ' .
pelled by more direct motives, principles of reuUa
uon havo ; leen introduced, equally contrary tq uw v
versal "reason, and "acknowledged law A IloViontf , ; f
their arbitrary edicts will be continued, in spite of ( ,
the demrinstradons that not even a pretext for therit
has beeo given by the United States, and of the fatf.
and liberal attempt to induce a revocation of thcm v ; . , ,
cannot "be MjcipatI. Assunng myself that under; - ' -
every: v:visiiuuc, inc Qetermuiea,spuit. uiuivw , ,
councils, of , the nation Will be safe-guards to its ho , -A
nour and Ity fssendai interests, I repair to the post
i.tA;.- I assigned me, with ho other discouragement 1hat(
And bade hoapitniitv ever tbound. v. " " :J. i
Now with thamrocha, as myrtles, we garnish the bowl, Uc
Tho jovial and festive mseenunir excess,. ij-, "A
We have heart s sympathetic, of others distress kt
May our snamroch continue to flourish- and Drove -.
An emblem of Charity, Fnendahip. and Love.' AAA' ?
HuH whh ahamrocha, a myrtles, we pinush the Mwl, lie
bably Tmshed rapidly fpr for the purpose of
alarmmg the country mid:un often practised
by the I rench with success,! If such we re the rW.
Both Venus and Mart to ourlahd lav a claim." i .
Tbctf tiO- u own dand recorded by latpe j.,. . vv.,i 1 what; sorlnif ftOiit mv own'inademucT to its blirH - 1
deep conviction, it is because I find some support m
HiConsaousnd' of the pumosefcahd a coniidenco V
in . the principlea which I bring with me, totd this ; , ' '
arduous mcd.'W.n-- T ",."-; AAi-i''t 1
To cherish Deaca and fiiendlv intercourse with "
u uuuuj iiavuijj corresponacm cjsposiuona m 1
MK...hM- wuvuc ucuuiuicv ujwvrua ucmxo.m t n.r.. - 1 It T . 1 .It ... ..
uui9 j w jjticr,, ill , tut cases, JulUCttMic uisunawuia
and reasonable accommodation of diE'ei-cnfces, to a
decision of them bv ah atmeal to arms : to exclvkU
foreign intrigues and foreign partialities, so degfVdi '
"ti y touniries, ana so oanetui to 11 ce ones , u
foster a. spirit of independence, too. just to invade-;
the rlgb.ts-.of; others tod proud to surrender our ;
own 1 wo. uoorai to inciuiire unwortnr weiuuicea
ourselves, and too elevated not to wok down upon
. m. IV i seven i . a .. . .. v .,-.v '..c... -
. ' . . ; 7. ... j nn rAnuttltltlAn toki.L . .1. . . ... .l..nn 7
-afollwt'', f '-'i' ''fy .
si de Lourle, Edetitots cSrcuh--Judire Tayli
! .1.. f... II l- T. r.l!. . .
" ifA'
()n Sunday the 5th of March.'" in Tlatnio-h. th I
Mercury in Farenheit'p Thermometeiyistood atun I'
jcmec--ai uiree ociocx, r
s?Tdffe l,mkion m Wilramgtwv doiiidw.Haa iiv sutes'ahd to the people;, as flQUallV incorttoratedt .
W$n1ZZiZffiJ!ta& adge witb,-nd.essen I '
it.'In pbvM'tht &uc? systeratoavmd the slightest interference with Ui , "
Societies celebrated the natal day of WasSS fJSVf-ph 4
a PublicTlinner." f the News-PVtSuSa? Wlat mPdrromcivU iunsdicUon; toprescrvft J V
Generaj Benjamin Smitn,f NmSluWa FJf-
Brigaaier.GeneraJ, James WnkmsonrSarbn 21? PnS
as being amonjj; the. guestol'
Spahiads in a stronar post, defendedbv siirti(n nipri.
of cinnon. Here, however; as in tte tjtle bf Tu-,
r u. x tci,ii ucnveu .ereaii-aomntiiirn fmm
their cavalrv. A charo-a maHn bw th ni!i ' i:
. o J t uuui niriit
K. .1... - I .L.. - . . . , w -,
i.u'w ucviufcu uic uajj tuiu me P(
total defeat. Bonaparte, : on the
1st December, removed Ids headquarter L
""JM freedom of the
xiORBiD TO EEtATE. -On tri nitrTit rif haTwTfk I . ' . T . ' t w ; Moeravw me punuc, resourt:
u!f. the DwelUne Hou of Mr-Iil. ftrMoC'f V: ?" honorable .discharge of the -puUic debts t
remembeiingthatn anncd and traiiw
the firmest bill vv:irk kf -RpniihiirJir thnt
the flames, was so much burnt -hat h i tlAL Fnout standing armies their liberty can neve r to
will not recover, Mrs. Brides wwalsn vi, r"f.t ;.W.W promote
Stwhiara T W Endeavouring to fescue one of her sons who umriSCU JW impitnrements JOricAdlx to agn-
headquarter Vn ft, wew-sjpeping to m adio nine, house, at
tor, n
session of the heights wliich tommana iiaridd
the infantry were ejtpected to arrive on th A
Here the 1 3 th Bulletin ends : but . as we hLk .L
ready stated, the Moniteurs add that the town capj;
lulated, and was entered by the French on tli 4ih
... p.wwuiauuti wi mo ounremc junta, to
we have alluded, farther? stated, that the post$ 0f I.
i.Muarraina ana iscnriai,,. between Soroosieitaund
Madrid, wert strongly fortified, and would roak
formidable, resistance. ; As the I3dfc Bulletin, hoi.
ever, does not notice any action subsequent to th4
of Somosierra, 1t is probable-that'the French" did
not advance on that Ibie, but proceeded South East
in a circuitous route ty Butriciro. Of ih Sinwtf
forcq at Guudan-ama and Escurtal there is no notice,
ilnli civ. k : . .... '
... - v.i innan iu-uhcs once mcnuoneu ..
U. We have also extracted from thd MmuWm
krticle from Copenhagen, -which states' that ' Mr;
Adnii Viaa l-in I ! u-.r " ; .
r . - ".v4 ,m lui uutMuu .iv UIO a
Potto ' " f - x,
anuln,ti'jl kv.r.fc-'. i ' -r.' i' it. oi . ' -
&tAn f.k.i.1 I .-v.-j- w.Hcfvc ,. w 4V5Hir in uae manrar. taea
ir children,' without, the bower to rel
e learh with wUsfacaoiOhii ,the ,
tressed parentsi 'who. inthe 'evenin dsl: g ?,.r
Ji T v r I ot savaefe lite.' to a ' rartirin.'it!nn f ,k
ion wnom Tfkti.k K.-ZITi'i- 1
nouse. anni .-.ji..!.: - - . , i-itj. jr.-;-"- : y
AuRsdne and on the next to. St. MartiiL ..1' re' only roused in time to! view the sad late fm U dirtusloil pt mk
r..u- -r .. -i.jf .-i ' ""Tr'-uofthe rrr.iMrn:.K.,i,- .i-.ii-' 'Z-.- I muoi, ,mim pest aUutent tb true'hbfertvt taehrnr.
A 1 GLdBS Ori 'tc Two O'clock. , f
JVlr.bhaw arrived in - towrl i th!
France. Tins fovo Latlics. neices of 1
soiled froni Dover with- the foreign messengers,
t.v.fl 111 Polia 1t.f 'J. i:. l ' '.. V - .
... ..c w iFiuiautj jaai. wua.tnen known
in that cX that the French ; Army .wa. yat Madrid,-
- w"-ai u Dcuatuuuns, ocuig considered amatj
Jcr of coujrse. ',- ' . m , .,v 4.
t .ronaw reached Fan on Tuesday, and deljver-
KlT-r"0 Mr-hampagny, the French
Avuw?as.a iui iiixkTli ttllcUrH. Wtm tVrivri him it-rfV,
' . X ; - , aaa V till
great politeness, and gaveordcrs that every possit
be attcnuon slwaW be paid jto. hini. He was enter
tamed in the.'Minlster's house uintiT WedttCsduk
when he left ram with the answer to his dispatch.
' 'Bau oincer ernvf d this morning with dis
patche. from Mr. Frere, at Madrid, and iffi
I ho dispatclies from ntir A .1.. . , ?, 1 - . !
They were then in ;"TnS
heard of the arrival of tlie WnrW r f ?!
noi follotyed up the'v ktorv orriA v i
have, thus beeii deprived of their cluftircn
."r ByFPov) anu property
roents of hlch the human jhind and manners are
.uv.GJllUic in a ciymsea state Aa far as .aentimoto .
ana intentioriju iirK-n i-vic .: j . . ..,c, -
v1 1 of in? duty, Uiey will W i renn. rh,rh
!r?1nthe-?ithult.fl,e llouseof Repreto - 2
01 tne u. .iiad a session of thrtfPnhm,rr,J - kir. j ."? "l tiVa oriune.Tnor-riVM.tA hvihr. natV .
beihg the most of the time engaged on the Nonn' 1T -W. tread hted by .example ' '
tcreojirsa cuinumerous amendmcnu were offer Z Ji . ''essfully tendered in tho most '
ana reiectedwhen float the close ofthe day, V ,12 1""uuc' "5 those; who have marched be- "
; Mr. Bibb (ofGeorgia) moved toetrike out the Fourth u3r of. V immediate predecessor
, "V- V, T"".""1-""""" "w ou wr tne be. i -t K ii"rr;,"v " ' iio;; 4 may
ly nearly tuii. in vtneTicure a s
bededictioits of a beloved cown .
!J tor exalted fedents,'oalo03- ,A,
. tereat;MH happiness: , ;'
A the sotu-ce, to which I Jook for the aids which; '
Wone coil supply my deficiences, is the" well tried
xntelhgence and yirtue of my fellow' citizens, and in, -;
departments associated in thte feai of the', national 1
ZZ'i wese W Sfidence ;will under
Plevc'O at nighu. til : . ' l i
aJ''TI WP&ted one ynillfon of
dollars W Fortificadons, and to
This ,y,iai MreivWriii-fc: . i A Mtf c i V Arf ;-:
preSedSi1 "ow
ihl 3 . V "hout to blcdgo nlmlf, bv
would. SS'W
my gratitudi dcVoJ
an am'fL irfi ,f i,h ..,.' "? w5'. s nllfid TOk with
..... ,v "10K t,u.l)v,iH- ii v-n
, vw Hvtiinvut , ,
tufficultyfce bestDlacedi nt -,t.:u v.
A fui-r Bemg, whose power re-
Kjnates th destiny of n"tions,hose blesaings have
been so conspicuous dispensed to this xhiM 4Ie- s
r utudc?r the past, as weU ai out fervant J
wipbheauon. Bna bes bopeVfor tlle future,
tf.. ... .'--7 u"ii.-.ta-j.-.j. J - v ws assumed, runtittriihir;.!,
,'tV 4 . ny wcuniJa. one of wlich ia vcrv lewrel -.:, Un wmtof cavJhw.; -v AtTs" . T rca,Jy emiurv 10 1. vio4. .K". &S$, PJWiar .soi witl cotui&cnc
' ' - A-!T--- .'.--.;A A: "'iV'-AA'yj 3' i: -r .;-::A'A'.. :- A ' - A AAS:;it"A -A AtA , Ari-A!AA: ..-' Av'A.-A-'
" 11 -.' " I. ' i...i....Ht,
4.L. - fc. .
laouown rented t ad Keg WudA
- . . - , . A

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