North Carolina Newspapers

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Cfd;-'cil, In chief, t 6-... '.. J tcnanu 'tf .lios Sa Ce
pipiUr d--nrtmiils of x-nt-v fr.tnbuirU wi'.hatr-
' d t lLe'caw; of irty, theegb pure
v ' r .;: ' -i ! Kc!&nJ fuiKtanc of the l'ii
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, mJ the nun y cWir. of .ujW .. Iligtnrr.lL
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WIitQ csry tetick i Ui lx- driven over ruej
road , ui k! -rd rrefr -1- : . Good ' Nairc.
t.u u.r,.! ,tJf iwi-ar iKc i uhI ib-Jf0' J:ei erctjf Good N-turc,
tvci'ul Art. n tb ciurtve
fiartiucnU of foLve Literature, Mcrrtn
"'. 'J:V OUVCR OLDSCII00U trj. ; '"'
' - A lisa-d by k Qabfederurf of Ilea of Letter.
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t,firnJu,trr t o the unillitvrf L .J.I " I . v !1j U not. ye entie. nor drry V
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reruhv.y pmeretancc
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" It ki W rte. - the other prU, .nj look
" Pri not the ikiU of foreign realm kkme," t'
Nor thint it Tte to Ogmitisc )-ouf n t
" But lem witk bi to vour enantry art.
And rather wrony -our juugement, than ronr bctrU.
f Nor dra in oft. bprJunj tone the Mute -1
" Prom Kimlnew court wht CndOtr mijrtit rtuae j
" Xo from her aoul. thong h rii'uifc to her eya .
" What time remote, and realm around atippW, ' ';
" She hail, with boneat pride, he? Countrj'a claim,' '
And calla on Tarte 14 ratify bcr ttmtP -f,, '
H ths form of aA vlTcrtisemcnt of extensit
cirrulaiion, the Proprietor, Assistants, and Editor
ot . I he fort t olio, hare announced th&t vork a on
the point of publication, in a new dress, and upon as
, Mic-rriru On the whnl fial...- v um .. .- r .
.mo"? tumbUng nKnmaina of kr! and behold them I ll"prved flan. On the first Terwd tnonth, a Vba
v,. .8U.s iwn,wiBiwe accumulatrd Vhitrr of hnLh 1 f i'r.n r AmrL-- ' A..:i i. :.. i j.i -j
wie poi. we know Uiat trUilat tome f them. d-: .1 L'T V "' . . 4 " ' V1?
- . i, , .V . rroien rtc-c of Hudson's 1 uu on roio ns trom we asnes oi pre
1 . .mrpode WeaWi 'SSS S 5' ?f U(b om.IJenios,
. mta. . r-lkland island,- wWch aeemcd tod remoand lat ?ru,u- Jl-Wausuy, iltgtdly. excludinaf
,; romunllc an obieet far the graap of National r.bltion u I PIIllcs. & W intracUble topics of Tbeolo
, . .u i,gr: ana retting place in the ftron of their I the lientlemen. who are interested in the
-. - i vvm mil
After aa Irksome experimce t)f-miuTy years cf
wuuiuu w wv - wm; iluw vjf .ujg. auiuur
that no individual, however endowed ry xlm jgifts
of, Nature, or cf rortuiie, tught (reaumptnously
hope to xuxJuctj vithout ai!iunce, a work wbobc
essence consist m eixUcs -Tarietjr Sorrow- tnay
depress Sickness invade, f&Ii-JortUDe,ovcrrbe!in
any mn. In anjof iheFc itnuatioos, however en-tei-.'Bi&inirt
Uborious, and troiUnt, at ether tfmes, k
ret4mbles the Knicbt of ancient ChlTaly, underj
the tuvnin spell of the EncJunicri and s'ree
Ird to leare the adventure unfinished.. . Op the other
lutndi as it has been iustly obscrred, an. alliance of
-:c,anj t
p'iry. lhc v r i'. ' x . '
ortlifviox lih, i4 i:,:- . , , .
nr.g!ih, Scotch, and 1 1 .
Sectaries t r. 1 Cf.u
t.r the uj.b j-.dttjf p:. H ;
ofihe aristotraucal buskii;, i
party cl Ucnucmcn, studu-us
Cms laws of uiliiity.
aurh duteet and Ttan
- ThU therud aea fro eid ki , r
,.WljatcermaT be tlie wAUc receiiKn . : ii i . . " . "
vtu uiy, wuaiiTiauiure ana ..,..ri , ()
work is inscribed the Gentleman," th-. S.'fluia, . ' ,
Philosopher, the Merchant, tU MdiiuLciu, - '
the Mao of the World.- .... ," .v-- , v"' "
""It la proposed to oreserre' in Tie" Port I ,
SketcLU p! Originul Character, Narratires or I, .
morabie Eraots, and of every thing remarkable, c .
vunuijj ui iiiu viviadiiuiics oi tn cmes. . t o the
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X trtetuse. ,
--e cco:l.-
IttBT. ,
tnen of fJeniua, Industry, and Property, u perCoct erode materials our accomplished associates, ' ci. r
piedee (or the merit, the resources, the durability, daininr'the wulgar truck, can mt both a bodv ani
and Uir cnAracier ai a pwuuiuj puiucauoiK ojcn i a aout. i ory can aispuy not only tnourtry nd ac-
a union, nae, tor more man swrenty yearay ipain turn
ed, vuh tinabaung pirit,'.lhe Monthly Renev,
curacy, but geious and taste, - In a style of ele-tnce
they can show all the adroitness ofabridgemsctni
perfect akilj in th,e classing, jjronpmjj . and -tintin
of oifrtiH which Inferiour arosts nt'ghtdesp&ir evea
to sketch' ? t.i.t - -V ; X ,i
A departnkd of The Fort' Folid .wiO exhibit
Gc&ery rf UU -Purtraitt of Great Ale. Than r.
Uit iiicb aonioni artainptTiue upon The MopthlyJ phy.fcotjung ttitiDte iasdrudn tothinjr more Lrv
Marzineoifiuiupfl,ana a vincwtcunmi. wmr iwrucow) nquun umixa. perinea, with greater avii
If Kdward Carw had been thc.ioh Lditor ot his I dity, trthat excites a'atronte littered . ti, r.
Magazine, it nrrer would UaTeroaenca sta weuu I ot tjie Ulustr ; in pnr t n coilntry, and the mi-h.
number. , . 1 nu uievituwe coniyi'n-. u ha. 17 moss o
which now alines with auperiour lustre la the. Toe
iropolis of Drituin. - ,Sucb a UnV 1 givea all its is-
1 ... t. . . I irwi.f t . . ,
aom ana, an lti . wn w m wcti uiuou ourxiai in
Scotland. Such onion betran and cootiaoed The
Gentleman's Magazine. Such a onion, andiothing
line and strike the L Z . .IV" . Sf"'i that whether the exterior, Or the interior of The
. .. . " v.i vi Ainca. out en r t. -. ... . j 1 TCia. -:
iu-:.-?."Pars"e Pr"ts pme akg ..r L:"!?'. r " ,u.ur ".r letters in the metroDolis, Jmd tth both Universi
1 em what wwrei in-their fih. In" wua any 01 toe mroijn joormus. jt'imoso I ,j " , Jj if tticess, unrjaralleled
erur. AacumatexhatUBOtwitneaa totlrt Dhv and Poetrr. tl.e Inven'orand th-fVit. ik. heDC ""P11610
Classical .bcholar, and the volatile Lounger, within
the: Literary Circle : we have drawn, may pieet in
v;r. will, jh!wb
cape the sagacity of that pnidcitPiiiiter: f ITwugh nUh eacelknt ettUrtabuiuit tp the most fastidii
eonaclous of his Btrcnirth, be V a-Bscwoa'thjit it reader, v - , ,i ' v ;. s-, .
a iust balance he i . Chatatter: well nor4ravvLntT t,n . - .
weighed himself and he weired rJcra, and then attention ; and America, a well as Europe, cont ,Lu i a
wisely leaned on the aonvcoLOii ori.itxJA multitude of orrjinat, ' v - ' A v
f c. He was in confecy tiith all the men of . TPemmrkcble TriflU, Lfa MefiortV, and Pleadb zi
UZlZ Vi -I . r ,acrJr WEVMiaenterpriae,
il ef I?:'0' mf bardy Wurtrylo
tile extent to which it ha 'u- .
? . P0" ' Pepte who are ,tj. a. were.iut in th
" r STA rt0t ytJ"- W the bone of xnanhood
- "J on"nplate these tkinni heI kmrw that the
" i 1 .7, 1 ' . uv' no1 qwwsea into Uii happy, forro
ty Die constraint Of watchful and .S.,,,.. J.iX-.-T
- 'kUiaiUirw!riiawiaeandl.rtrr.M .l.j-'
Sir T. way con ;
l";ttect ,Pa these eJccta, whi I see how- profit!
tirtiK nnnT rC 1 amiri!.. DunntT the Aucustan
ago of French Genius, M a ilMbjtxi. undertook the
management of The Meratryja Miscellany which
I , 1 . ' - . .. i. .
uiai unarming concert wncre au tne instruments I . ? ; : r a "
;.. , . .'IsiunedthecouTiten
w . . 5 w .v5 ,.. fif t. T ttM' This
haps "the most accomplished
(. 1 i 1 ?
oiessea wn aii'tne gkoroi
qowed with that nappy tci
Asxhe obieets of this liberal undertakme are e
qtially numerous and valuable, so the beneficial re
suits wiH be mar.ilold v If ably conducted, The
Port Folio mat .' contribute to "the interest of tndin.
dads; to the power of FhiludelDhia, and the airffran-
di2ement of our empire' , The place of publication
is unquestionably auspicious to - all tlie nroiects of
rt.-'.' - . : . .....
uenius, oqence, ana At ;",.A magnuicent metro
polis, continually widening her sphere of splendor,
uisungmsaea oy tne possession ot tne best libraries
ut tne united ptatcs, memorable for the liberality
of her bstitutions, and the grandeur of her views,
must dc tlie gcuuiiM Alma M'i! the foster nurse
f-w- v vivcwufi uTci4iig,ana eloqui -
character.woald not only edify the .Ontlemcn of
the Bur, but may be selected j with to ,uuch t; -andiudgment
a to amuae &e mere misaellani-ja
reader,;; W
A The JBSo&ry,. Cerife; of iher, 0f Ut
terary enMnmenco may Jbna V tehr agreeable aruS"
rl4 . .. . r , i' v.- v . . ; .
TheDreata will, sometime i
Unct otir ftn:
Pupersen topics of Moral.and. lVsical Science
llanious Es-
y wrtto labour ia ariy toeation i therefore 'hp'
t -bo nothing. :,Buf the misfortune is. that thVr 1
We tliey luve been to.u,Iftelall theoriddof oowir-mlr
' It i. r? ?lmrtln W the wiadom of iminan cimtrivance.
':, " -way witmn pic. : Aty rigour reJentK
pardon ewneOunj to the sjiirit of liberty Z
' ' ' . W.T.Spectai.
"TLercishbtintiw worldamor bMesVUriof ri3in ihis of America,
wumal than he who iontenta hlmscli wi'b beincl ' rHetnd'5nUy ortha.tonslderatton, Pluladelphia
erely a gentleman. h He has an e-i s 'tWftStilV ensdeitute of the irotariea both of the
! . .. - . . . . . . a . - - . t A . a
iw wm not endeavoiir4rt n-rrf,i.. w,rm-i.t . w ir I Ke ,. jq ue. licnter ,use.. ' a vcrv larvc nam.
' wii! 1 Gentlemen of the Bar are embently dis
i ; rul tinguished' for tUeir literary power and their liberal
i u.u uwjg m nature as negative -virtue, and that ab I " u w av.cwinpuiieu a-yaicums, wnue
, WlUfe idleness is Impracticable. "I Jle,' whd does' hoi e?er? hwIlnBrt Aejr mitigate-corpbreal pain.
' ' f;' certainly do mischief j and the-mind, if - "niul6 rgeiy to uie stoclt ot mental plea
. w ii not stored with useful kriowh?df,: wlir rl SUIe. The 9.u"" I of many a dignUiof Clergy;
. . eeasarily.bekome'-ii' magazmeens.' ktuT tri- txcOrsively teyond the erge of his
-nes, ' Wherefore a gcMleman, tho he is not oblie.1 V-Jnarcn- -JiercnanK-,ana Blonutacturers, tlio
" ad to rise to onea hisr ahrL" ni.i' WArV -iii -wL l adventurous heroea pf i enterprise, are contiiiually
' ' ahbaM aivrays find sonie way of imprOvihir his time I p?iectinS 5mctliiftg, which may contribute, either
to advantage If he ihake no advances in wisdom Ev tfte nent ot inviduals, or the welfare .of flie
hewiU become more anymore a slave to folly land m-Wl,m;.i.0 cjjto!dgue;of taenUEc' ajbholar
- be that does nothing, because he has fiothmRtodo, P10U? ahosepudficandgendeVienf;:who
' it ill become yicious and abandoned, or at heat ridi! jBw' Philadelphia its ijiamei'and eonsdtute' so
vuious ana contemptlDie " w r.v; .
&Ao not know more melancholy object than
an of h honest heart and fine nataral abilities,
whoScgood qualities ''-lr''iaoroyd;.l)V: 'indo
fence. -Such a pcison is a constant plague to all his
ijcuu anu ag'piauitance,' wiui aii tne means in his
and the contii
gemous man, jper.
Editor 6f his time,
gifts of Genivis, en
ity of talent ao indis-
nensable to the character, poshed by a liberal in- i Rural Economv Useful Protects. A
...... rt . J J' J .1 I . . . .
tercourse witn tne court, e a-carneu, uju .tne i says, lvomanuc Aa ventures, lours
Fair, "kuided by a Tuind mostiowertul and Wise, end
. . ... r .. J:J.... .i -J.t.
mcmoraDio lor nis ununui wumut, atuwa, nuu
. t , . ... .. . J.'..' .11. i.1 4 .
nan, mat atone ne was
basis of our contem-
t and broadest which
r Was a periodical work
alt the frtakhess of "a Frenc
wholly incompetent to the
t-BeVondall controvert.
plated establishment is the
can be adopted. There ne
Travels, Fo-i
m and Poe
,urwiU vari
i power tf adding to their happiness and suffer? hijn
' Jclf -totake nink t;mongst ' the lowest! f characters,
' wlieii he might render himself conspicuous among
" V ' , the highest, obodyls
V imd more universullv avruHprt. thati a ;j r-i.
- leus. f ile is an humane manV' who never did be
aificfent faction ahd a maft'of jinshaketf btegrity,
tin whom it i& impossible to depend. .With the best
lieafl, ma the best oeart, 1) regulates his'conduct
vl an the most aDrlurtl matinerj and frequently injures
I If - hw Mendf for4Wh
- himsclfj must lnevittbJy wrens? those with whoni hk
I . V
. fc connected ' and it Li by ioo means a" We maxim.
nv uiai an aie man nuns noooay out tumsclL Vi . i
r" Virtue then is not to bo considered in tne light
l of mere mnoccnce, 'or abstaining from 'harm "; but
, J '..fs the exerdoaf of our fectiltiea iri doing good ' as
hy some'actTjf virtue, eriey out; I have lost a day.
; -If We regard our dme in tlua light; how , many days
' aliall we look k upon'oS irretrievably host? and
J to how narrow i compass would such a method ,f
, cumulation frequently reduce the' longest, life '.- If
- we were ro pumoerour days,' accwlmg as fit have
.' ,V applied, them' Ito yirtue it Would occasion strange
" Jcvolutioii in the- manner of reckoning the agea of
mcttv iWe ihould tee feme few arrived to' a good
old age in the prime Of their youth, and meet with
- ' ; cti era! Veung fellows of four aCore.H''i:K,:,w i ;
1 jt There is noi perhapa W allthe stores of ideal an
j . "guish,'a thought more' painful than the conscious-
1 V wss of having -propagated' corruption h vitiating
principles, of having not only drawn others from the
paths of yirtc, but blocked up the way by which they
f hoi Ti return ; of having blinded them to every beau
Or but the Taint of pleasnrer and deafened them to
. every call hut- the " alluring ioice oi the ayrena of
j The chiefs sectmty agams the; Irftless anguish
- of impadenco - must arise from -freqtieait reflectian
' on the wisdom and goodness of the God of nature,
- in whose hands are riches and poverty, honour and
' . 'disgrace,' pleasure and palnf and life and death v A
hetUcd totiviction Of tlie tendency of ever thing to
oiir good &od-jpf the' possibility of turning mimries
conducted to universal satiaction by a sinrle inind
Even In, England, ,where Jadcrs are ntirqeroua and
Curiosity Tteen, and at a f nod so auspicious to Ge
nius and Leainbg,' ar jjJyear 1751, The Rambler
itself, supported by the rength of Johwsow, Culec
to interest tbe public can iosiryi and to enhance the
bookseller's profits. . Nfeii complained, and not with
out reason, of the" unvaried glponi of Ids thoughu,
and the eduabilitv of hileJtpreion. - : ; 'LzlS;
But without authoritfes, and without arg-iment,
the Public will soon"Kfceive with the perspicacity
of tbe Royal Preachev that a Tflar.t-roLD coku is
not o.viCKLy BROKrs; mat iiewo-i ui -tne
aid of ad equal umiefetanduig, doubles his own, and
that He. who orofits of ft superidur understaiidinBr,
raises his powers tfi level whh tho height of tlie su
pcriour understanding he unites With. ; ' v, :.;
On Uiese prinefcics, an alliance: bf literary charac-,
ters nas oeen rctcuuy mnucu ui rnuaueipiiia.'
Gentlemen of ftnoiis talents, put all u be -directed
reign and Domestic Literature. Crii
try, Levity, Merriment, Wit and Ho:
egatc this journal. I v liAii'
To please the Ladies, We shall take
occasionally The Toilet of Fashion,':
.'""aa f ' W W . 9 "
n:f ivieteoroiogicai journal,: ana rriaturaj je;
pon, ana xouces ot marriages ana y fev onde
lh? NuDti I ObWtyittcndect"
"-.To fill this comprehensive outline, WanWnci$
are- .requisiteji and we have engaged- thVru'sts..
Their subjects are numerous and their col ar9 '
brilliant Gtenius, like that of Sir Joshua Rholds
is not a'atraneer to Our Literary Circle. If Ut. ..
coramanding Power, mdefadgable Indtistry btso,
litA V. B..LH.' til ii. r
ipo laoour; v e appeal to Amenca.
. To THEE remains to prove what radiant firei
uu uic wear neayen, where liberty inspires.
Fa show What spring of bounty from thy hrndv
; A gus?Jd the rock at Moses' high command- .v,
, O'er AllV imDOVeiillh'a nU'ina ifrvshino- fln '
' I in J,.. VJ.t.iiKlnlid and Ilifii1.' hava hirnAit ti-1 CXDreSSed. on ailrn-hAP' aaTactrara. Tataat-iatetM-St-a nl..rni .
' gether and pretfeed themselves to support the spirit, rece,ives .part of its yalue frtwn 'tjto manner in whici
. arid mcreasejwpowerof'riie Port Folio. An,t' oestowed.r The kindness of the Editor's friend! "
torrciv -w.mnnHotir will he' fnairtt jinert with Mn has included everrf cinwimstanra (K.i vnn .:r.l -
important Bi section' of ts population and interests,
arc prompt ro ia uie latxiurs ot tnose wno are set.
lous to IscazAsa the rowEa or csevol turoa
MATIOll'.J"'-'"l"''''' 't-"iii.'-i-i .''-''-"-.i"'1
As it was exemplified.' at the tomm,cniement.a
appear-uncouth to W inUUon, and irksomely tast" rZJST. 7
Iv Pvfih. Jti.... t.UZ. 'ir cherishes bo, visionary hope of assistance froma
f pruuure Bui
such a' miso
ana a patronage, liberal as Its plan, and wide as its J a papeft which under hi judicious direction, eombined
currency.! If such a work Cannot Instantly boast' of I witha oowcrful aid of a numerous tribe of wits, attained
the inspiration oTGeniu or the rewards of Munifi j d?e of celebrity, liuie hort ef thai of the Tattler w
tence, or the breath of Fame, still the triple force 1-. aoueea, K M penereo ma jncn. neer wa a
t.vs ';'nr.!j....--..,-.. . r-- " I Jnernal of auch vanetv of content, and iroon a dan an
mprcnensive, conuuccca wiui more auuress
The proprietor, wiiO was eaiuienuv enrtow
: tf.5ent requisite ftf -a work so arcluon. A
& ft.T frf? thg-h the arf, Urm .8 with wy 0f the fineat .cholar. of Frahee,
t Tae subsequent pnesaire from a.facinttni3 writer k !u to the tucceu tfilte ww. toot mover tiroken bti the niatiif-
not only eloquent but just-The poetry is an honest tribir nant machination of the tnviou or th prtiy pretent'ttit of the
,v And cheer the fainting tribe of Taste below."
r r rom au the impulses of Gratitude as well ii
me pnncipiesot Adnurattoh, the Editor hasinsisfl
wun emphasis, on the talents and liberality of his i
acetates m tms entemn. . ,At it W Kn
....... r T .-. r " " vvvii iivu
Dehcacy, or enforce .Obligation, They yoluntarilyl
...i,. M,?Ui a man, wno nasnetuier alliance,
iw,uiircai w no nas not merited them by services,
nor courted UicTnbyoffkfotisness t they have spare''
has a ttm. to declare tnat you oe oi tne nrst im i " uu auamcoi aoiKiuuon. and the
uroe tor itacii, it ne conauctor, of -.v ,f.-v-V., - Ipense. - J . , .' '
hr. ut Wth. obkm ld fikiv' JnhnnV "T - -r. ,1.1. v-rt:,-;-ti .: : . V,v PlSetI vruMuscruuny, tms is not
j m - - - w - "-r w a n w aiarjs nam Mmiara- f i . mi much nrr ar wmii n inie ns fiiiiiiaa rmnt nvxv. v -i :
I" tUFV svma-'-v". o W 1 aawkU ait OlIUnrllHIH R. - a I V 1 1 BT fUTnr1rifl
ut cjiicrpnsc. ahmuukt. nna rerseverance mav. nt i
! Theomttof life, :the flowers oVhftatotj
t so aeca; ineaoui ' a or a e-ioomv trrave be dwr ? i
to our hii7 ft iend.Theproiie, nay bo profitably
U 'OrareMBemldage! ' WharaoVmt'of nunAi.. '1 If
t.tolleetlve light of infsliect refined f ; , . -Ti
r, ttcarce once an age from Nature mjjfjard' ha'n .
.', Bestowed on man, yet audi the Muse4emai4 i :
v ;t: t Such, where'er found, let grateful atate holf lAr, V
Re? rd them, Wlsdpmi Wealthahd Bank,lcrere; J
t - Great talent, when directed to imnrnva anilulArn an.
cfety, can never be too highly eateemed, nor tacanapica
busly distingyisked.--. Men of tienius ae .sefcn nteree.
nary r aa mequauue wnicn ciiaracteme tlie, are above
all price, ao money alone, howcyer neceswy to their
want,ean never be considered the adeqtea rewanl of
their exertion.; .?4 ,jsv; tf t f.
V- T,iey qure and deserve a nobler nvu&ipense tbe
homage of Wisdom and Virtue "t the resect ot thei own
times, and the regard of posterity: , Kl '5. V
i : There b no other description of pernl from Which
State can derira so mi.h Mruitntinn r little rvnenan.
Thi y are tlie pillara.ofit present diin r, and the founda.
if:.. , 5.i -,r ,p... i - i-
the enterprise of mind, and C:sargen ha done more
to Iraramaliaehlmthan hi wm-d;n
LMea ef Cenius urc tuniiiwui poj.adn the" grfeatd'k tf 1
iwciety, which liine evenfterthut of power and pro,
perity has withdrawn U beam mj rescue" the nutioh
they adom from total darknes ia lonar eclipse of time.
i Commerce may make a pe t rich, -attd lorr may -j
renaer tnem torundabie , in f. one cae tney excite en
iry without adihiration i la tljf ifcsr without respect.
But exploit of intellect bnb. tun eeurethat grtlne e'
timation, that gi-atefuj. hnr of the? heart? wldch it is
tw'jv" Nothing tan bamOre ehairnrinthanhis dt-icript'on
bf the alacrity .with which men of CUmitia and Learning
embarked, in hi CUe, and notluttg more conclusive ran
be ofiercd with respect to the tffi-ctt produced bv sui-h
httrmomeut eoneert ;of the disciple tif Literature. It Wn
favourite opinion 'ef Pope, Swift,"and Arbuthrtot, that
such an alliance amonyafew me of acknowledged ablt.
ty, would be poteiit enough not only to furm the testfc, l ut
to chastise all'Uie knavery ttnd folly of wHatlon. We i.
lieve implicitly in the truth of thlsntiment, and, indeed,
It ha been .remarkably., -verified slHth Xnglantl and
France., 'The atynsts above .alined Wj ; together witb
Steele, Addison,, and others; repi-c'ird th dunces of tlie
ae, quelled the spirit of false caiticism,.Cirmed tlie tasti
f the town, excited ft 'general passion ioVelepaiit letter,
and effected a complete revolution in the national charac.
fer. A band of literary brothers of the finest" renin xnd
. . . pi. . i.i.. i .. . i . '
(tie ottnaesi principles, jciurioiisiy accomjjjwuet
Single niuiucuuiu (jciimtiii, iiu,jiui fiinii, nor
nor Annuoif. nor Chancellor Bacon- hlmseifi
, Thn Mmontel and his compeers iUfriwed elegant and
instructive literature among the remotest provinces of the
French monarchy, soothed trembling Merit with all the
blandishment ofcandid criticism, promoted the interests
both of the Fine and the Useful At u. assisted tha Miii.
of science; uccessful'y Conducted Thalia and Melpomene
to the tage, and above all, mouiaaajiB ioi'txaki t-
passage front one ef the wisest of mankinds The opinion
1.- 1. .. . ' - . . '. - . V - - ;
j i uot oppreasea uy jnorbid tetroar, he feels all
the temouons of adventurer's solicitude. By tlio
benignity of the public, be has often" been received
with a degree of favour, equal to his hopes, and
more than his merits. To that Public, in the last
resort, must tho apostrophe of an author be address-v
ed. - In the shape of a fawning publican, or a sob
blng mendicant, he docs not approach his Judges, '
but he comes forward, with a firm atep, in the Kuiso r
of Cavalier., and ' mati : f; Uum;. ..-;r.
please the Polite and the Learned, the Witty and tho 1
, . yAna ronfiUenttif praise, if praise be dire, ' -
: , ! r(f without fear, to Merit and to too, ;
m '"!prf,.0fTho Pon '.tnnugh. theenantlly.-
matter will be arirtimrhtn ap'.ll a... . - c
that we aludi not demand the anbacrint inn m.. ..k.:i
e intra t
h The
n vmlud iiI.a.. . o i. i . ..
f.'i p"c oausoury, inutcaUio imfne.
iut. curection ot tho lie. JOSF.PH ii
ingV t m ty Poller, a year." Boarding may be had in eon
teahouse. the ne,ghbn,trliool, and tolerably cl
rve me mo;
place for. id.:
oi Kittff iu.imon i bol oniy pemctiy jnst, bat his fortifi
atioi f U impreghableii Twtt; are better thambne,.
BBCAUS THEV AVB A 060 fttwtm
taBDtJKi rov a met tau,tne one will Uil im hia fin..a-.
butw to him, thai U ttt'ifurtU'lie ktfaUeth for he hath not '
ral Of young met, wUo may be sent to'uii olac. f J
u-ut ion ,t . f 1 February 2U,, 18J9.
.. v . t
i-'-V ' . Seine Fishrrv:
..vauc.w iHieet erry,i8eotlnndNeck fi.',lK!iwhe1illb-icPihdt fi.r 4,iwfSfJ;
ton. Flour. n Rrand aiTT1 r T0-" CoU
I ' Li: rife AW IVaaa. aa a.itta a a V a SS Apy sNiMArfiaat . a, I '-.a- .. l S7 .4iliana ai s--aal

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