n a t r . v r!nri?i?nKDATP. - J. II. GOIIMAN & CO., Proprietors. DAILY EDITION, for G mont'js .... tt it $12 7 3 7 4 & ti n a i u Tttl-WEEKIA", for 5 months .3 a WEEKLY EDITION'; for C months No subscriptions received on any other tcrmi than th above, nor for a longer or shorter period. TELEGRAPHIC. HEPOKT3 OF TUEVbESS ASSOCTIOX: Entered according to act of Congress in the year . 1M3, by J. S. THRAsnEn, in the CHrk oce ,.r ft at r t r.r,urt nf t.hs i ;oniea-raie owi" for the Northern District of Georgia. Heavy Firing- at Charleston. ' . CKAP.LKST05, Jab. 30. The bombardment of Sumter ceased at darlc lat niht-one hundred and fifty-six shells in all haviTbcen thrown, of which ono hundred and twenty-nine struck. It was renewed in the morn fper with athirty, a one hundred and a two hun. lr"d pounder parrot, and a ten inch Columbiad The flig staff was shot dowayesterday, but was re placed by tbreo of the garrison under a rapid and accurate fire, the men repeatecMy waving the flag in the face of the enemy, and waving their hats in triumph after planting the flag. The bom bardment has continued steady all day, the fire being mostly directed on the western wall. The following are the. only casualties since re opening the tire : Lt. J. C. Logan, head slightly. Private J. II. Heffrey, 23d Ga., in the back slighf jy ; Private Hansford, Cth Ga., Tractured.arai, ae-. voiely. , Vlctory'in Tennessee. Mokri3TOwn, Jan. 30. Gen. Martin attacked the enemy on the 28th, and after a stubborn fight drova them from the field, they retiring in the direction of Scvierville. The enemy's Cavalry have undoubtedly been reinforc ed. Persons from Knoxville represent .the small pox as raging there. . Confederate Congress. RtcniioND, Jan. 30. The Home to-day passed a bill that the act to put an end to bub-titution shall not apply to any armors or pUntenj engaged on the fifth instant in ftho production of grain, provisions or family sup plies. The principal provision of the bill hereto" fore reported, by 44 yeas to 31 nay?; alo passed thebillthat all.ottieers, soldiers and seamen per -nanently dibbled for line duty shall be . retired but rank, pay and emoluments shall continue till tij end of the war, or as long as it. continue' re. tirw.' . Th retary of War may as-iign them to such du ty a3tht;y are able to perform, and all vacancies caused by retired olliccM shall be tilled in the same w av u.s cases by death or resignation. The House held open ivssion all day, from which supposed it has taken action on th. important matter of secret session. In the. Senate a bill v&a introduced to place la service- all male free Hirers between 18 and 50 as laborers, teamsters, etc -Referred to Military Committee. A raemo- i il from Dr. Gibbs, President of the Press As sociation, in J.eh ilfof the Press of the Confedelte States, praying Congress to pass no act to curtail the eflieiency of the Press, was presented by the Prcei-'ent of the Senate referred to the Military Committee. The Senate passed a resolution of thanks to the North" Carolina soldiers who had ro-voluE leered for the war. From Mobile Mobile, Jan. 30. Th'o Evening News ha a special dispatch from Como, With Northern and Washington' papers to the 21th. They say that Longstreet has been reinfoiced. nnd with 20, 000 men, is moving on Knoxvillo. . Heavy skirmishing hjs began. Grange retrea ted, and Morgan, with 5,U0J cavalry, designs an invasion into Kentucky, with a view to dnw tho Federal troops into ivist Tennefseo. All the 1 troops at Lexington iire ordered to tho front. The Legislature ef Kentucky has bad several unsuccessful ballots for Senator Guthrie ahead. Johnston" army is positivtlykimwn not to. ex ceed 30,009, and extremely deficient in rations. Tho .rebels are concentrating near Port Hudson and Raton Rouge. The pickets are close to our lines. . The tlett is titting out at New Orleans, con joctured to be a combined military and naval ad vance up Red river. Rumors of the evacuation of Richmond are gaining credit. Memphis Bulletin of the 27 th says there Is a movement on foot that creates more consternation at Richmond than any thing during the w ar. Gou. IUckUnd is in command at Memphis. Ne groes are doingdck! duty. A large number of troops aro going South des. tiiiiiflon .taitl tn be Mnbilp. Setffield i to assnme the" command in East Ten- nesee o Rosencraus arnij'. New York papers contain a letter from Maxi luillian to Almottc in hith.he accepts the tli roue.. The cars on the CharUston Road wore fired on Monday n?ar Pocahontas, thj euginee: wa killed. Rear in mind this is Yankee news. Ed. t Kst.COJt8 DIST-VrCU. f Mobile, Jan. 30. , A fpecial dispatch has been received by the, R"gitir and Advertiser Iatcd. Corinth, Jaauary 2Tlh says the 12th Mssissippi regiment, Col. Wm M. J udge, entered Corinth at sunrise this morn" ing, ui.d captured a quantity of wine, and the Yankees left as they entered. thihd EISI'ATCn Mobile, Jan. 3'). The Court House was burned this forenoon. The fire was kindled in the attic. The county reeordi we-e saved, being in the . lower story which was flro proof. The Library, Ac., in the second story, wero also saved. later from Charleston, 4. . Charles ion, Jan. 31. The enemy keeps up the bombardment of Sum ter by day, but ceases at dark; one hundred and titty-nine shots were iired on Saturday, of which one hundred and thirty-ight struck. No damage of consequence done to the fort. The enemy renewed his" tire upon the city at 9 o'clock Saturday night shots averaging eTerj ten minutes, and still going on. One hundred and one shfcllg tWed at the eity up to 5 o'clock thi Evening. Firing ou Sumter to-day averages ne in every five minutes, directed mostly at the Wesf angle oftheFort. No change in tho position o th tlest. -TTK I ill OLD SEBIES, vol. v j The Kalcigh. Standard. The Raleigh Standard asserts that the object of the proposed Convention is not to scce le, but to protect the rights of te State against the common government, and to aid that government iu obtaining an honorable peace."" Who can believe this, in the face of the -Standard's own emphatic declaration (which it has been very cautious of late cot to repeat) that the object was to enable North Carolina to take" her orn affairs into her own hands, and that if she should do so. the key-stone of the arch would be removed and the whole Confederacy woulCajfckf ' Who, we demand, "after such de claration, can believe that there is any other purpos than again to put In practice the Standard's old doctrine of secession? But suppose the purposes to be wht the Standard now avows, what are they? To pro tect. the rights of the State against the yankee government? No ; but against the Confederate government! To aid the Coufedorate govern ment in carrying on the war into which the Editor of the Standard voted us, and to which he pledged " the last dollar and the last man" ? No, again ; not to help carry on that war, while it actually exists; but to aid iu obtaining what it calls an honorable peace, but which there is too much reason to believe means a dishonor able and ruinous peace a peace at the price of ubjugation, honor, property and life! AnJ yet the Standard his the effrontery to assert that it li.-m nnt nco.nlftcl t li Hon FpiiKriite irovern-M merit, and has hot favcred, in Uhe remotest sense, ' the despotic government of Lincoln ! That despotic government is under obligations to the Standard for many favors. . , Its Editorials and oommuniqatious have been caught up and printed by millions at the North, where they have encouraged the yankees as much or more than they have discouraged true men at home. The Siandard falsely pretends that we do not represent it correctly. We have from time to time given.our readers its own words, (general ly copying its articles in full) which is more than it doe.-? for us in return. A case in point occurs in the article on whioh we are corunient ing: We eaid, in substance, some weeks go, that if the Standard's party .could do so dis honorable and suicidal an act as to make a separate peace with Lincoln, North Carolina would become a great battle field, and if the yankees should, as they undoubtedly would, at tempt to assail the Confederacy through North Carolina, the Confederacy would, as a matter of self defence, be obliged to keep, them off by taking armed possession of the Stata. Who doubts that? or who could complain of.it? It would be a necessity, brought on by the treason of the Standard aud its coadjutors. -But the Standard misrepresents us by gi viug a part only of what we said.- Fayelteville Observer. Interesting. If.True. The Mobile Register says :. We ; learri from a gentleman who ai rived from lite border of the Mississippi, an J for wliose yetacUy-we can vouch, that a serious insarreclicu, occurred sometime lust week among a portion-of the ne gro troops near Vicksbuig ? ' Our informant says that a Colonel of an Af rican Regiment, while drilling it, found one of the men obstinate, and, taking his n.u.skt from him, used some hnrfh language.' The negro replied insolently, ind the commander killed him. This' excited .the anger of the rct-t of the rrgimeirt. and thpy rushed on the w lutes and slaught rid several of them. They also charged i battery,, took possession -of it, and torn d it on" the whites. Voourier Ws imme diately djsp.itched to Vickshurg for reinforce ments. Two brigades. were seiit, on a double quick, to the scene of action. .They charged and re-took the battery from the negroes, and turning the guns on them, managed, by grape and canister, tikiil and wound Ixnween four and live hundred. We also learn that nearly all of the negro 5oldiers have been pent up the Mississippi, to what point our 'informant did not know. Thre of them, belonging to the brother-in-law of our informant, caue back to their owner's plantation after this nffair, beg ging to be pardoned aud promising-to be faith ful. They had escaped from the massacre. Our -Informant heard the reports of the guns and the screams of .the massacred negroes. We have so much doubt of rumors from the direction of the Mississippi that wo aro slow to believe anything from that quarter that is not entirely credible. This statement seems to us to have that quality, and accordingly we. give it to our readers. We believe that it is substantially true. We also learn from the same 'genitaman that there was an important - rumor when he left, which was supposed to be unqestionable. That istha! Col" Ike Ilarrisou hid captured some twelve or fourteen Yankee transports at Milliken's Bend, and destroyed them, after tak ing out such stores as he could conveniently catry with him. The report, we may "say, was admitted to be true by Yankee soldiers, near" whom our informant resides. The con sequence of the loss of the tra sports was that the price gf fiotir withiri two days roso iu Vicks burg from $10 to $16 a barrel. ' IItmnsin Battle. At the famous battle of Leutheen, one of Herman't hymn's was rais ed by a regimtnt before g-Mng into the fight, anjl one after another look it up, until all the columns were singing it as they advanced. -"Slullj I silenc them ?'' the General asked, as lfe rode up to the steru heroic King Fritz. "No, with ?uch soldiers God Avill give me the victory," and leaping down amonj; the ranks and crying, "Now, children, in God's name," he led tr.em into battle. When the battle was won, the firld was strewn with dead and wounded. It was night, and the soldiers were weary. Then one began to ping a hymn of thanksgiving, tho bands joined in, and present ly it rose from the army in a full and mighty chorus that reached .and greatly moved the King, who turned round, exclaiming : "What a power there is in eliion 1" It was at the great batttle of L-ipzig tnat Gustavus Adol-' phus sung, with his army, Luther's Carmen Heroicum.and after that, kneeling on the field, he thanked God. for the victory in a" sUnzi of the same hymn. The Te Deum won the fight at Leignitz ; it was a "poor sinner's long' of Luther's that the peasant raised before the bat tlo of Frankenhausen, and brave Earl Olden burg trinmphod at Drakenburg by the song of Simeon. Charleston is to be occupied by the Yankee in sixty days from December 30th, " if even's things work, according to the plan laid out." So says tjue co-respondent of the Boston Herald. IJII RALEIGH, N. C, MONDAY, .FEBRUARY -J From the Columbia South Carolinhtu. " ' The Old North State. Tew States in our young Confederacy have leeu accredited less, noue maHgued more, luring this struggle, thaii the neighbor across tur Northern border. On every great battle lield her fctory has been written in the bloody loot-prints of her soldiers ; in every great i.mergency that his tighteued the sinews of the country, she has s.ood shoulder to shoulder with her sisters ; in ail the vicissitudes of the Wf,.her patriutism has been weighed in the Udance" and not found wanting; while from ike beginning, her noble veterans fh the field, bhd her initlligent population at home, have ever been among the frrat and foremost to frnamtaiu unsullied tile common flag of the Jjatiou. tier industry has supplied to the Confederacy no inconsiderable proportion of the materials of war, aud her enterprise in fcnpplying from foreign depots the necessities )( tier troops, has rendered her measurably in dependent of. evea the. general Government. Old and young nre enlisted heart and boul in the cause for which all are contending ; and lhe national love which we stil find manifest ed among the laboring classes, planters and professional men, be they set home or in the jafmy, is, we believe, as true, linn, pure and reliable as that which dignifies the people of any State in the Confederacy. Wo ?peak of the masses. . . ' - - It is an unquestionable, a mournful fact, tlrat there exisis iu North Carolina auother class of individuals and another. sentiment which God forbid We should ijrriore as dis tinct from that above deseii bed as night is from day". We say sentiment it is rather a delu sion a eh sat that has been forced up n the ductile minds of an innocent, unsuspeciing.sus ceptible yet ignorant people, until permeating whole communities" in :. the backwoods of the State, and corrupting individuals in her cities, lhe plabtle material now takes any shape that the cuming will of the demagogue may sug gest. Let alone, thid class would have provm as any other tn flieirViherdfcee to the doctrints of I Ire nation; but influenced) as they haVe. been, by appeals to passion, pride nnd preju dice; artfully interwoven. with a pretended ad herence to the cardinal principles of the bouih, they havebecom3 the meanest aily that ever debased an epoch. It is the leaders, however, more than the followers the bell-wethers of this-flock Whom we would hold responsible, and point out to the scorn of the world. The man or men wfco, iu a crirds Tik'e the p;esent, when the. nation is writhing for existence, palsies lhe public; heart by undermining the patriotism of the'people, allures by .proniises'thnt are made to the ear .but broken to the hope, talks of reconciliation that will never come, hints mysteriously of subjugation, diminishes confidence in our re sources, and, in a word, foments dissatisfaction, which only awaits au opportune moment to break out in undisguised hostility such a man, no matter fiw cloaked his d. signs, how con cealed his subterfuges, is a arch renegade, whose reward will never be complete until he dangles from thij gallows or rota in a cell. Remember him, the villain, righteous IIevenl In thy great any of Vengeance hlast the traitor, And his pernicious COMel, who, for wealth, For power, the prido of greatness or revenge, Would plunge his'native laud iu civil war." Could onr language be heird in every h;ry let of the State, we would tell these misguided people of North Carolina tha. their hopes of . re-conslrurfion -are baseless as a dream : that the imlignation of the country js aroused against these Esaus, who would sell their birth-right for a mess of pottaga ; that tlnir heroes in thu field already discard them as .serpents in our Eden land ; that they aro dis gracing the patriots at home, and making th- bright name of their ancient mother "a bye word aud reproach" throughout the world. We would then counsel them to follow the voice of reason ; to break loose from the foul influences that havj coiled around'their heart ; to tear dovvn from their high places the m.n who are damning arid bedeviling their vital interests, and to listen to the sare counsels of the leaf-lcadeis of the people and patriots of the hind who are living iu their midst. In conclusion, w 3 would remark to our own public that, while discussing the. unhappy condition of affars in North Carolina, they should always draw abroad line of distinc tion between the "good aud the bad, the true and fie false ; ever rcmemeriug that the great majority of Southern hearts - which beat in the old North State areas firm in their de votion to the Confederacy now as they have bceu throughout her glorious past. Invasion of North Georgia and Western North Carolina-Barbarity of the in vaders. . A correspondent of the Atlanta Register! writing from Walhalla, S. Cx, January 2Rh says: This point is the terminus of the Columbia and Anderson Railroad, nd verges upon the confines of North Georgia- and West North Carolina. ' I presume you have heard of t';C recent in vasion of Western North Carolina and amall portym of, Towns county, Ga., by a column of Yankee cavalry 1500 iu number. They came fiom East TeHiiessee and eLteEd North Caro lina through the county of CTieerokee. They were stoppedTjy the want of subsistpce for .themselves and horses, and the frequent as sault upon them in their forages by the Caro lina Home Guards and a portion of the Iudian forces of J nomas I.egiou, then scouring the mountains in quest of- busLwhackers. In their invasion and retreat, as usual they pillaged indiscriminately and carried off with them many negroes, horsey 'cattle food and clothing. But the climax uf their atrocities was the capture oJftwo Confederate soldiers at home upon.furloughs, whom they delivered over to the merciless bushwhackers ef West North Carolina and East Tennessee, who im-" mediately shot them. The names of these two soldiers were young Colbert and Davids. . Our government ought 'to retaliate at once by having shotthree Yankee prisoners. These men wero estimable citizens and valiant sol diers. I know them 'veil. Since then the bush whackers of this county, of Cherokee and Union, Ga., have murdered in the presence of his family, Lieut. Colonel W C. Walker, of Thomas' Legion, while on a visit to see the same. His son an ofiicer in the same Legion, Mr. Young, on Valley river, Col. Davida in's son, and several others whose names I have forgotten. Ti.e fact i, such is the wantof or ganized discipline, concert of action, arms and ammunition in mauy instances and ignorance of raiUtnry warfare, that the Homa G .tarda in TTvTVT TH1 TTX1 TTK TTM .'TTN h' f7irm-r-rri " I N n f v.m urn m the Northern tier of count iea in nrn;i ni those of West North Carolina are inc.unpc- r mr,t n T.I I r . . i it a re.opeciame lorcn ot lanKee mva ders or to puree the countrv nf ln;ihniK.ir. ndro?mg marauder?. Dr. Young.of Blairsvil.'o who commanded 4he militia of Union countv, and was a most gallant and efficient officer, 1 anuinformed, from the inadequacy of his A rcep, ha resigned his position and gore to Richmond to'infoim the government of the rnclqnch'tly condition of this portion of Georgia and 'N. Carolina aud its probable invaaion and sub-, iugation by Yankee .raiders, or permanently by an army force this s,ring. Thoo counties afford the easiest and 6eeditst access to North Georgia, West North C arolina and North-west South Carolina, and its gateways should be defended against the enemy, as itvould readi ly b done by stationing a small but efficient force in the defi'es of the mountains. Miscellaneous. .90 !KcrnJts Wanted. The urider&ign. WV ed has been authorized tq receire Twenty Keernitft for Captain Uallo way's company. This Company is organized under a aotc'ial order from the Secretary of War, for local dufyjit Salis bury, N. C, during the war. - Persons who are non-conscript!-, fining this Company, are not lia ble to b,e taken out after the'y become lujtbU to field service. Recruits under eighteen years of age are not liable to be taken oat after thv be come eighteen. For further information, adrtrej a me atSmithfjeld, X . C. " Application must be made in?inediatdr. ' W. K. SN'fiAD, O"1 - . RecMifting Otficier. Oxford Female College.The Jwcntr sixth session began on Monday the lth January 1864; and will continue twenty weekg. Tuition in each school $60. Piano rent $15. No extra charges. . ' Board varies with provisions. - J. H. MILLS, 5-tf. Oxford, . C North Can.lina Volunteer Nary Com pany. At a meeting ot th-Stockholdeii of the above Company, held in Ualeigh on the Uth instant, the Company re-oranized under its char ter, and pyiceeUed to elect the following gentle men as directors, viz : if . C. P. II END EX HALL. Greensboro.' J. M. UULLOUK, Granville county. O. G. PARSLEY, Jr., ") A LEX' It OLDIfAM, Uvilmin2ton. W. ). SMITH, "C DUDLEY NICHOLS,) n . , J. R. GREEN, f Durham's WILLIAM LONG, Caswell county. The Directory then proceeded to elect their of ficers, as, follow? C. P MEN DEN HALL, E.q , President. J. M. BULLOCK, Ewj , Vice President. W. D. SMITH, Esq., Treasurer. DUDLEY NICHOLS, E.-q., Secretary. Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Direc tury, the subscribers Bre requested to pav over to Wm. D. Smith, Trensurcr, or.desposit in Bank lo hi? credit, the aaiuint of their respeetive subscrip tions, and forward certificates of deposit to his ad dress at Wilmington, X. C, by the lOtUday of February next, 'tyose wishing t subscribe are requested to send in their subscriptions at or be fore that time to the Treasurer, who will" issue certificates oftock. DUDLEY NICHOLS, Sec'y. Durham's, Jan'y 20th, 1864. 4-d2w. Small Pox tfotice.As the Small- Pox has again appeared in the City of Raleigh, allperscns calling at the oflice of the Surgeon General between the hours of ten and two will be vaccinated free of charge. ' EDWARD 'WARREN", jan 12-lm - Surgeon General. TAKEX UP AND COMMITTED TO TIIK JL Jail of Lenoir countr. on'the 19th of Julr. last, a negro boy aged about 11 or 12 years, who says his name is Calvin, and that be belongs to Samuel Woodley, of Wilmingtosj S. C, whofor merly resided in Washington Co., C.- Said boy is very black and quick spoken, -and says he for merly belonged to Samuel Spruill, of Washington county. Iha owner ia requestcdjti) come forward, prove property, pay chart's and tak ; him away, or.he.wili be de.ilt with as the law directs. WM. FIELDS. Sh'ff Lenoir Co. Kinstoh, N. C, Xov. 2G, LS63.-wtf HI Ti L S S 0 K 0' MILITA KY ACA DEMT. The Sixth Academic vc-ar of this Institution wifl commence on Wednesday, FebruQry 3rd, 1664. For circulars and information apolv to , Maj. W5f. M. GORDON, Sup't. Hillsboro', N. C, N'ov. 23, 1863. d3m. w anted to nurchasc.-A t,ood Piano. Apply at this OHice. jan lDtf Piano Tor Sale. I have Tor sale at Rock Mount,- N. C, an excellent Rosewood Piano, of Bo3weU's manufacture. T. l. GRIFFIN.'Agt. jan 20,dl2t Cocky Mount, S. C- Gloves and Socks Warited.--I desire to purchase for the soldier, 10,000 pairs of ' loves and 10,000 pairs of Socks. Donations will be thankfully received. ' T Itr 1 T T"fc n TT 1 w- 1-1 XT jan 12-lm Surgeon General, S. C. Notlce.-On the First day of every month I si. all send a special agent to the Army of Northern Virginia. All package, Ac, sent to me at tuis piave ws piuuj)tiy fcrn ni u- ed free of charge EUWARD WARREN, . Surg-Gen'l N. C. Dec 22, lS33-tl3m "VJ0TICK.--A limited irumber of recruits JL will be received in the IstX. C. Cavalry Reg iment. The recruit must bring with him a serviceable-, horse. Arms, and equipments will be furnished. For further information as to com panies, Ac., apply to Col Mallett. commanding Conscript Camp at Raleigh By order Col. W. H. CHEEK, Comd'g. Geo. S. Dewet, Ad'jt. 1-dlin U VV k R II -.1 hiifn that rlv. a WW MLS VI A Sfc SI V M. V. -vsy v netrro woman belonging to the estate of Gen. Branch, is runaway. Sbeisa small mulatto woman, about 27 years old. She has large eyes, and most of her front ifceth are-decayed ; buihy hair. I will giv $25 for her delivery to me, and $25 for proof to convict the person who harbors her. She is about Raleigh, where sUe has a large number of relations and friends. l-dlw W. A. BLOUNT, J. Admintra'r. XTOUTH CAROLIXA, X ' WlKC COCNTT. ) f EQUITY. In thecase of "Mrs. Jane Boylan, Jobn II. Bovlan, and nthers, against Georgtf W. Mordecai, Ex'ecutorof William Boylen, Weldon E. Boylan, Sarah Bovlan, and others," filed to Spring Term, A. D., 164, of the Court of Equity tor the county of Wake, and State of Xorth CaiWni, for the purpose of taking an account. fyjng. off legacies, &c. Xotice is bereby'given to Weldon E. Boylan, Sarah Parker, Kat. Weldon Bojlan, Hannah Boylan and Elira Webster, to come for ward at the next Term of this Court and plead, answer or demur to said Bill, or it will be taken pro eoiteMOj'anjd beard ex part as to them. Done at office, in the City of Raleigh, this th 9th day of January, A. D., 1864.' " ' . ' . B. G. LEWIS, C. U. E. - janlS-de't - Executed with neatnw dipateh at this OFFICE. ML ..' - Y0L. I-.o.0. .For Sale or Rent. H'OTCT FOR SALE.I OFFEK AT PJI. vata sale the Tt new Hotel in the town of f .oujsburg, and located just east ol the Court-house. July 4.tf. n. UARU1S, FOR .SAIE. Valuable Ueal Estate In I.areiih anO the vicinity.-Tbe le John Kane, : native of Ireland, and formerly a resident of this i ity, having died intestate, leaving no wife nor heritable blood surviving him, the real estate .hereof he died seized and foweuetl, hai become n escheat, and by operation of law vetted in the LniTTsitr of this State. Wherefore notice is herebr given to all whom r may concern, that in pursuance of the Acts of he General Assembly in such caae, and bv virtue f the power and authority couferred upon roe by in Ordinance of the Bard of Trustees of the University of Xorth Carolina, I shall proceed to jrrak- sale of said property for the benefit of said Institution. . The property consists of 4 tenaments, belnjr parts of lots No. 112, 114, I28,all adjacent to each other, at thejuncUon of Blount and Martin streets in this city. The buildings are all new and 2 of ths dwellings are handsome two-story houses Abo a tract of land situate about 4 miles south west of Raleigh, adjoining the lands of Laurens Hinton, E,sq., and others, containing it is said, 300 acres, pretty well unproved, and abounding in rxcell'nt timber, fire-word, Ac, Tho sale will be by public auction on Wednes day, the 10th day of February oxt. un tho prem ises in tha city, at which place, also, the plantation will be sold.. Terms liberal. . The tenants are notified that the rents from the death of the deceased must be paid to the under signed, as agent aforesaid..- CJIAS. MANLY. . Kaleijfh. Jan. 18, 1864-eoatd Miscellaneous. N otice. Is hereby siren that on Sat- nrdar. the 30th inst . 1 ohall ffonrl at h Court House te distribute the bags placed in my hands for the purchase of the Rock salt. All who have bags there will please attend. THOS. G. WHITAKER. 2-t - .Salt Comm isioner for Wake Co. A Grand Dall will rome off at the Collins' House, Kfttrell's Depot, on the night of Thursday the" 4th of February next, the pro. ceds of which will be donated to the Hospital Fund ot this State. Terms of admission $'20 per head. . 1). McD. LINDSAY, 2-lw . Proprietor. j : The Sale of the Real Kstatc of the late John Kane, advertised to be made onh 10th day of February aext, is postponed until fur ther notice. Persons desiring to rent the premi ses in town and country for tne current year, can make application to the undersigned without de lay. CHAS. MANLY, For the University Raleigh, Jan. 2.r, 1864. 2-2t A . Female Seminary at. Wake Forest XJL W ill be opened-on lhursoay, 4th, February nextj under the control "of Professors Ilayali anil Simmons. Instruction will be riven iu all. branches nsually taught in Female ClUgrs. Tuition per Ssion of 20 weeks, $75; Music, $00; ue of Piano, $10. Board and washing $500 per Suf-sion, each student furnishing lijht, tutttU, 1 pair tkttt and two pillow can. Board at $10 per isontlt, paid in provisions at old price (corn $1 perbuhel, wheat Sl,25, bacon, lard aiidbitt-r each 25cts per pound,) greatly preferred. Paymen for Board and Tuition" in advance. - No '.unreasonable .de ductious. Students will biiii? any text-books ia their p ossession. jan 18-eodlr. Tayettcvlllc, January 13, 1884:-Wanted- X? A lady who is fully competent to teach music on the Piano and the Knlih Branches, to take charge of a small school iu a family near Favette ville. Address. BOX 20J, jan 18-w3t Yn ettcville, X. C. Mrs. H. W. 31iller. . BOARD Bv the Mouth, Daily board do Transient, per day, jan 16 d:f $140 $120 $ 10 Military. CONSCRIPT-OFFICE, ) Ualkmw, Jn. 27ih, ll64. The fo!!oTln? circular from llnreau of of Conscrip'ion is publihcd 16r the informa tion of all onesrneJ. By order COL. MALLETT, Comd't Cons, tor X, C. E. J. IUkdi.v, JksJft. BUKEAU OF CONSCRIPTION', IIic'hmond, Jan. 2oth, 48C4. ) CiKcbtAa) , Xo.4.J. . . TO 'Commandants of Conscripts. The atten tion of Commandants, is especially directed to General Orders Xo. 7, A. A I. G. 0. current scries, htrin se iortn lor ineir inirmnuon. . ADJT. AXD IXSI'. GEN'C'S O.FF1CE, KiciiMOND, V a., Jan. 1j, lbC4. I. Paragraph IV General 0rders Xo. Z current scries is hcrtby revoked. II. 'Enrolling OfliceVs will proceed as rapidly as practicable in the enrolment of all persons made liable to militarv ser,vice. Previous to. enrolment as conscripts, alt such 'persons wilfcbs allowed to volunteer, provided . , i, Tho HamnanT selected was Tn service on' UK v f J i . i t..u r -;i at 2nd. The Company selected is at the time of volunteering, below" the minimum prescribed by regulations. . 3rd. Xo person made liable to service under this order will be permitted to join, or will be asign ed to any company which has moro than sisty four privates on the roll, until all the companies in service from the Statc.of which the volunteer or cowciipt is a resident, shall have the minimum number prescribed by regulations. ' 4th. Upon the Company bein selected, the volunteer will receive from the Enrolling Ollicer a certificate to the effect that he has so volunteer ed ; and no volunteer will be received in any. com pan v except on such certificate,. Itl. Persons who faU to make selection, accord ing to th provisions of this order, and at the time ofenliitmnt, will be assigned according to exist in $r regulations. . . IV All oMicers in command of companies au thorized under this ord'-r to rVceive con-crlpts or volunteers will forthwith snd to the Commandant of Conscripts of the State, accurate certified rolls of their companies ; and without euch roll, thowing that thev do not exceed sixty four pi ivajas, there will not be aligned anv conscript or volunteer. By Command of the Secretary of War. (Sigsed) . B. COOPER, Adjt. and Insp. Gf n'l. Early nd vigorous action will be enj'dned on the Enrolling OMicers, each one of whom should be furniahad with a copv of the order without de lay. To insure the publicity of the ordfr, there should be everal insertions in the newspapers of . general circulation. ... , . , II. Persons presenting applications for epecul exemption, with a.y how of merit will not be colested until action is taken by this Bureau. These cases will be investigated In t accordance with Circular No. S, Current Series with the least delay practicable. By order of COL. JXO. S. PRESTON, Supt. - (Sitsztf) C. B. DUFFIELD, S:lm. A. A. G. " jFayttevilIe Obserrer, Wilmington Joar nalTSalisbary WaUhtnan, Charlotte Bulletin and Democrat, Iredell Express, Aihville News, Wades boro Argus Greensboro' Patriot, tfllton Cbroa ' icle, Christian Advocate. X. C. Presbyterian, Mountain Eagl, Tarboro Southerner, eopy one mnth. DAILY CONFEDERATE. 7- ADVERTISING. " ' ADVERTISEMENTS will. bt inserted at two oollaus per nqaare of ten lines (or lot) for eaeh insertion. Marriaso notices and Obituaries will b charged as advertisements. JO.B WORK nt every dwcrlptlon will bt efw footed at thu Ortice with dispateh, and as neatly fscanbt don in the Southern Confedsrse v. .Military. 'ni?Jfr,tt, ,,mfr' RaIp,-n Jnuarj 2.1, lb64; Tb nnexed order is publinhcd t'ir the i; formation of all concerned. Its requirements Will be rigidly enforced in ever? particular. Byrder Cou MALLETT, . .Commanding ConcripU for X. C. L. 3. IIakdix, Aojutant. ADJ'T AND INSP. GEN'LS OFFICE, ,, , . KicHaoafa, Jan. 9,lbfl4. Uenerat Order, . o. 3. I. The following Acts of Congress and Urga'a ti ns are publmhrd for the information ot all in r. sous concerned thereby . . A('TS. A?ACTit? rr.CTr.ntthe Etiito-nent of Enrollmsnt j. Subaitutcs in the Military scrvioe of tha Con-f-derate States. The Congre,, of the Confederate $tatee of J rca do eunct, That no potion liable t. military sei vice shall hereafter b permitrol or allowed to f u mah a substitute for 0ch service, nor thai! any su';titute be received, enlisted or mmMed in the m-itary sitvicc of the Confidorat-States." fAn prjved December 28th, 1&C3. A:i" t0.Pul n to the Kxtinptloa from Military Service, ot those wh.t iiave heretofore ilurmsbed Substitutes. Wheea.s, in the present circauMancas of the country, it requires tho aid of all wLo are able ts. ber arms : . . The Conjreee f the Cone lerati Stat, A,rrtca do enact, That no person thill be exempt ed irom military service, by reason of his having fu. nished a.subetitute; but this act eL.ll not be h cti strued as to a flVct . persons who, though not Iif i'le to render military service, have, nevurthe hi, furnished substitutes." Approved January otth 1SC4.J . I I. Persons rendered liable to milltarv ti-rvfce ht ojt ration of the preceding acts, arc placed mi the B:ie fcoting with all others hitherto held liable by A -ts of Congress. " . . III. Persons herein rendered liable to military si r vice are requirtd to nport as volunteers or cof scripts, without delay, to the enrolling sfliccrs; anil all who delay beyon d the 1st dy of February D j 4 will be connidered as bavin? unoui.ccd the prjvfl.ge of volunteering, and held for assignment according to Iw. V. Enrolling officers will proceed,' as rapidly as practicable, in the enrollment vi pmnns herein' n Jde liable to military service. Pierious to en-ri'.lmt-ttt as c;icripts, all uch pi:i)ns tv ill be a' wed to volontrcr in cutiienies in st-rviceon the li.h April ; piutlctt, the o.mpnr chosen ji i a not at-thn tiu(e of volunteering reach rh li litiium number allowed ; kd upon 'such com pfiybiing srlected. tho volunteer will re.ccito fu m tho t-nrolling ollicer a certificate to. the r free t tluit he has so volunteered ; and no volunteer will I- f recrived into any company except on such cv r U cattf.- i'or.'ons who fail to make their selection, a'i the time of enrollment, will be aligned accord iiijr to rxifting regulatiotif. V. Persons who report to the enrolling officers I be enrolled,. and may be allowed a furlough of t dav.btbre reporting to the caap of histruc tin. VI. AH perfott), whether, volunteers or oon s.'Mpts under this order, will pass through the tin p of Instruction of the State to which they t''.'nig, and Im forwarded thence to the companies v .ich at e selected, or lo whirh they may be as r; tied. VIl. TW Buiau of Corifcription Is chargtd v.h adopting proper rcgulaticns for'the enforce t: nt of ibis wi der. : VI 1 1. .All exemptions heretofore granted are sub j 4t to a revision, under inrtrucfiou from the j 4t to a rtviMon, under inttrucfiom J vrtau of Conscription ; and if found per or. unauthorized by law, will be Bv order. S; CO found t he iu. revoked. COt PER. Adiutjut and Imiectoi' Gcnfisl. I.dtfcbl5. p&m Wilmington Journal Salisbury Watch iri n, Charlotte Dcmocrflt, Iredell F.xpr ss and A'hcville News copy until February loth and send I Ills to Col. Malleljf ollice. "lonfcdeiaie Statcn'of America End. y wMt Department, Distiict Cape Far Wtl- i ligton, . C, March Kih, IMI.I. Notice is h'.eby given to all persons having claims agint tii? Engineer Department,. fr strvicrs of rlaves employed as laborers on the land dcftnrritu'AV t llmin'gton, N. C, tha! the undertigaed is aulhoi i d aiid prepared to pay the same at his ofTice, un t t second floor of the building; next aboe Mcarcs I lug Store, Mat kct Street, fa-h" Persons cx-cuting Powers rfAltoi uey will t crve the follwijig lenn their signatHter, in r. j "Cs, to be wiiiietsed by two witnesses and r j ncd in dujlicnte, r they may be witnessed be- e a Justice of the Peace or ('let k of any Court. rotTM OK I'UWKIt Of ATTOKKeT. . , of , do hereby appoint - , " , my true and lawful Agent to sign te-- c-ts for, ant receive payment of all monry due t me by tho Engineer Department of the ('nfed e.-ute States of America, for the services of my e'tves cmplnyed as laborers on the land defences at - , durii'g the month of -, 16 . Witness, my hand and seal, at , this dfiv of , IfcG . (Signed in duplicate.) e Cf.J.j The signatures of colored persons ih.uld be wit n : ?cd by three witnesses. s Vhcre muwt be separate dulicate Powers of Hornet for each month. Blank forms can be h 1 upon application at thuoflice. . W. II. JAMES, Jan. 20, 1864-1 tf Capt. A CLkf Engineer. - Orflrr-Varth C arolina Kallroad Compa ny, Vance, January 1, lfii Dividend No. 6 -The Board of Directors of this Company have d rlared a Dividend of six per cent. n the.ir cap iil stock, payable in Confederate Cur-oncy, 1 1 i after the 'first clay of Fcbru.ry next, ai this o ce. 'ihe Transfer Books will be closeu fro this d Ce until the day of payment. JOHN II. BUT AN. J., Secretary. in4-3tawtd IajcltcvIUe Arsenal and Anuffrr, ' vtaber 12. IPGS. $10 BOUNT V I U aoted, Ki Mounted Kifl-men. Authority having been granted by the War Department to raise a Cora paiy vd" Mounted Uifl-mea for service ia this vl ci ity, notice is hereby given, that recruits t the number of 100 non-roHtvripf will be re c. ;.eI for this sTticc. Each recruit will be re-q- 'red to furnish a serviceable horse, for which he M be allowed 40 cents per diem, and his pay $12 p, month. Written permietio w ill be required fi cm parent? or guardians, where the applicant is u lerthe conscript age. ach recruit must bring with .him a banket or b.d-fprcad, and come prtpared to rewtain. Apply to Maj. MATTHEW P. TA Y LOU, at the Anal. F. L. CHILDS, Lieut-Col. C. S. A., Commanding Post. . dec lCdtf. I 'II - , , I .IB.-. ' I 1 (Tiureeon Geiieral'a OHcc, Kaltlgh Jan., I) Id, lbC4. A medical exaitinipg board, con s . ling of Surgeon E. A. CUUDUP, Ass't Surgeon 11. H.1IAKUISS, i'A meet at Halifax, ic Halifax county, on Mn Ov, the 25th of January. At Jackson, in Northampton county, on Wed n'&dav, the 27th" of January. At "Murfreesbro', ia Hertford eomnty, on Fri- 1 iv, the 23th of January. At Wilmington, in Xew naaover eountt, on j uesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 2d, 3d and 4th of februarr. 1 I At Whiterville, ia Columbus county, on 8iur Aat, February 6th. (T At Elizabeth Town, in Bladea county, on Tues ay, ftth of February, for the purpose cf eaatnin ng alh persons claiuiiog exemption from Home iuard duty on acaunt of pbytieal disability. B order of Oorernor Vain s F.DWIX jan 20- 5nrern Oeiteia

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