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Co.titut.oti s,c J : , attainder, ex post -iCiO law, or law deny tug ' or. impairing the ii ht of t r.o.aty in no-i i i iv.. llf 1 u l- '! 1 Principals " an f others will say, that it would have been but justice fi Congress to re store the amount, or some portion, which was paid to Fubslitutes under tho act wiiiah gave thuia uutLorit-y to ecioloy thcui or to utakj ! ', ;.i Cr-.J.r M -re (',.';. - j . " . .. lli'il in ir.i'i'- ' j v . 1 1 e case.;, .!' t h' ? en ii ; v i ' i n i , vv.- ti'iit (. hariesto vvn tii IbisrIn J.. . I .1 T r I t ...... 1 .1 . . . p r . . I . - . ' t . . "3 l '!- uwr lyotr, nl ik-. i ue ,ut,M tue ...a,- ; ;l r , v y.:.; u, u .uriKCtive j to .hoU the FerrrHy it's i-cea S ' L " " W U't prohihit the States from im.s- ' IV'f la'n ''! I lti !!" "V t!i'"' U U!x U V" uatil U8 when the LgU- ' s5,8 retr. sp.-eti ve -lAws. finally ; l-nt.onlv j T I" P ! ur.1 I4;;! , rV;.; 7,; V,:.; 1 nt,irU,er,;s, ...In,! J,ture iacorp-untl a compuay fo buil.J a bridge lt -fitclo hues." The c,lt a-.l e.,i ui f ' -f " i ';,''v,-r -m;.!-. r.x,,!, h,v w:)r, ",v s,,:,-..,,.,. t.v i:, vtl .,v,r ;I:trJe Uiver where t'.e Ferry btou.I. "raM- a11 verninont .is to proiWo the happi, , h ,1 11 M ex,J,; l tr.... 'l - IJO.'hu!;. ( ,,ile two humln-a poJs a year during the cM!,Lcl ? it cm, u r 1 a-s-u,,-, I r Bill IK OLD EIFS, VuL. V.' j sotae corone-atlon-for what is' lost to them by the :ict in i.iic-ititni ; butt'di vie v, . though per--An t uui' a' !; o.$-, cannot have :i c otroiib; inrluenoe. In the U. -i. vs. S '.'iv)!kir Pegjy, 1 t'l i i-:j bb ,bir.-b.-lh i'. J., "''It H tliie " !'U "TiU'l ? j ! 1 tiO' il l'. ii.i : j it ? i.it it 1 i , ; I ' f.t.in. rst, to V :rt-i. r;.fhts of ! ij....i t, b-.t, I'.-r ti, - ! i" .'!o4tio'i- ir bo ii eue ' I fr ri-r I "-. nil -ri-Kioii, ': -u i a 1 the ! I, 1 m ; n.ii .-l t. ci-b v;or.l::;-r U r. !-,i 1. 1 ).v.? ; 1 ' 1 no ) it. it .'e--ary to -ct ;i -A n. j i b;:,H-'ir, j,. ! r.i'n'fiil i; ',!,'-, , but v:jTiM C-'Ji'ii.t - b? i i :uiii"iH'-'i i wt in vjo'-itiotl of l.WV. tiir? bi ) i":n ! 7. f 1 I v ' 't .l-i'br."' - i " "i'i ii ;i . - b;i11 have p;ir?pr to r.':i-;c ' . . I - ' . '.' ' r .. 1 . i ! . . 1 . . . ! 1 I ' 1 v ' i I . ; j 1 'iii if, a l";,ih.i:i:ii (i I:i" 1 t!l l U 1 l. i V 1! t JVC .II laws wl 11 1 1 .' i ! ? )J l 1 'i (.- i 1 'in:.'. ).., -. ;'s . iii I Hi : I , . .ii ! 11' ! 0 !:.; - . ; 1 : ii 1 . V j ?. I'-', j ' " VliC.j. t n'"?it r. j i;s ii-,',v(i i ; 1 w is Vr.-t.-.l y ; . 1 - .. . .o. o.-i-l , o ; 1 rri-i..;? b!' :!;' 'prtrtri-r-ar '-r 1 t . 1 'j. ( "o: .V(-noo'':t of lb- :-..!. ii r Lr-i i-:. ' i ii C-'iii'i-t. Toi'n is a i f.'iuf f-. jV- i':H t m; .'!:!. f V 1 1.' i I -v "'K.';C'soi T 'or t.b--ir' . d ! I- l' '.J 'l.oi',!:l : 1 1 M 1 - '. !-4 ; 'i ";.:. jjO'-ioo U S. i . I " : .1 , o ! . 1 i j 1 - I i 1 1- ''..' S . 1 1 j ( life ; . ; i i ' W! JO 1 1 ij.iv.; p. 'r r - to 1 . i ' ; i . ?;s ' i , I 1 "'J.iie I -, 1 . . I'll. 1 ! t : v ;i!,. ; 1 1 1 1 i I . ' 'CCUl i d p- .' -i o 1: V ( I f! a oil "! I. :io!i . 1! ii .- ; . 1 m 1 ; ' '. 1 . t . I i.-. - a i !" ( ". ; 1 v I ( 0.1 I -i.' nt? mi- .j-'.-.f i i ' O I . 4- ':' i ! iii. I l O ; i I' i.-.i 1. A'.-' i . p 1, . . 1 I 1 i t i.t i- ?.'!- ' , .i i otter. f i.-,T-:a- ;:;tiij. -r : ; . i : 't'i i. ! '. . a i. i A.io . p.-.l.T . 1. i'.-.-i- S- .V'l H-. ' 1 if .i! '; I-'- 'I : -, ! ' l - .1 t - ! W Si! i O If 1 a i '.' ; f ..r .0 r,i!o too 1 1 i.ol .f, o;-i in .(rntir the j ) '. -i'. i i a i itc if 1: ir by of cip:ol, rsuvav ; :-) l io...:i a I 1 , prior i.gi.- 1 Air i- o.:t o h i v 1 . . . 1 i a a b-. -i 1 , I; -.:-. If or o . ; li o.i .e,-, ii e.'ild I C.MMO Tj; ( 1 M ! ' V i V. i r. ;: vs lea ib"eh;e i- .-Toe S' l r!. 1 1 l' -tei-.i -!. , h '-. ii o fA ei-. ! bix ition -r .Old 01 or iti litoer-.v a'.v 10 , to ..'!: i ' i' e-.' 1 ; u: d '. ' I . ! I I . O ol to i'V ' I 1:1 be. '.rcocral : )-, ( i'-f ,V-ii! . J iVu ra b f6 Sun ji- t 1 .1 M o.V . ' " 1 ' .. '-. . i ' . . ' I ' 0 i ! I 1 .'.: - V . a -'0 ,m' S ITS i j'.Ol'liitE, tlie C aoois. so !' Ii' ..' 1 T. . . : ; I i I I ": 0.: ( he Vs'J'O of ifib; ir as it . 1 , ' a'ut ': i: J ;lvr 1 O .fie a , 1 1 : . 1 i i'.iri.v i . .- -4 i .('; ' -'j- tl 1 ! ! yN- , ' f-hoiiei Co: . 00 s 1 r ; 1 i ;.i the o.-ii. a; t ! vin it 1.4' 1 Hot 1 : :' 1 1 i 10?, a i-ue 1! 1 ion l 1 i Old ;-.d w- to' . 'S' v'.i- tr'.s ii.fl ii VO? f-o ;.:- ! "t" ! a .1 t i' t 1 e C I 'li, liii on 1 1 . i I . '' I 1 1 ; 1 ! iii'; o-a !' . .1 P'il t- Ho; : i . 1 0 1 r. i ! the a Ttv-1 -a! ri 1 in 1 1 1 1 . 1 0 i.m' e.o i'l .1.!, li .-V I'. oi ri' :. ;.-' 1 : . 1 .1 ''A' of till; ill'! 1 i'Oiiit'K 0 - ( .0.5 .ii O.-'b i:,. pro-, r ') a -ebi.b !'o I'ii.'i- oi : L i" . : 0 . e '. I . 'lo. :n ii ,iod (in: proper p-i';- -5 p i r : t:i Oiiit i ) to v. and o. t .s.!v tii' , - V o! il (IV 0' "', 1 01 O',. ii."o ei - e. Too I'l -.'!.; (1 !ti:o i t- if. 1 1 ' . lb. lo too o v not joote oop' t 'a .. -ooeo ol. g-.Vt l'::.!' . .' I i ei " id itS poW.-l'S, tii'li . :--. ii.f t . tno .0 ' t ;oo, ;- -t i Jjt f o r:i'.-i.-b o all Livv-. : 'p . a' tor ea I -iii t tii-., e of i' I 0 0 g' i-i'li- v hi'-os.- are v.-s. :: 0 ' i d 'Ofjiort .It 1. Vi - ;Ua 1 , lli bo :,"...e l h-.g I.iO v.'.i:', wb-'U - eutl-oi too wy t i 1 li O'O'i V ! 1 I' llv-f- 1 ;i'-. ,:i l;r S: i!" v- ii 0 I I tbo P...U f I'a vet tovil'C a- .1 ' i t Mi .l'i. i.s o'narter. T'tS. b- i--.i- ,. d 1! a r no -u --1 1 it t .oil- f ; i't L L-ol, i ot of : :o;iii p.f.-i oi" i.iie-i- lo.ii'a- v bo:- - .. Y 'the pn ;oo. CH'Cl.i.O ion ni 1 1 1 . lad. ; v e r : 1 1 ' C . s i - : lb: !' I . atl'i.O'i. V to O.itO: i b'e . ti a, ti o 1 : V lae ea ai .01'. ;e 1 1 i II V oati.UA. v.;n t 1 I o if . tiie 1 -I ! e sli if o! to -UCil jo" 00L r.T ai a. to.'lA- .iter. a .a . 1 aiabt t- !',; ike i p'H'p 'oo oi loo.'.ai ia i Ii;:; ; Stoic V 'i'j.is is a n.etv ; ti m, iii d p.'asii i-iate.io'i.i i d .Mp.-.-O oi it I' i. CO'S tj,, e oey ot c i . 1 .- e.b! U!;r.:t o.-n tlb 1 A-ovttdny. a bob 1 r. 1 Mtto-i -i;o i!-, a t,.e to ft s tbt : t bat it lias too poWi-r, Woo.a n I sari-endor and 1:1. the mi' j t my iudiVit'u.i i i or corp. ,': it ei, a I'- tto.i t us . 'vereig:.tv ;ini I loe'.eliy difqa i.if.y 1'ite.i tium no... tha' I lof.wtilcb tn.oe i'iliple J '.e.'.CiS iuc coiiSerretl 1 ou it.' It J'Vitows tr.ot to - e-t ib.nj-h ;i contrict i i n f'.'' .nt of fbe L-gio'. 1 i n:e to rtiibqu;sb ; as iy Hits p wers, pi on ai o ;..ve jeuvc cat words , b pi i lo i- most. i- ; .. i.L .1- i .g e.-v.r. the. statute,'; i'V-wi;i.'i t::o Ibi.k i ii .o'p- rato i, we find j authority to i.--iH ifoibos ; ieu- iu gero r-i tio-tns ; arid atthougii U n y iv biff rr.;.l titat i it wa- tie'ft the p bey, or a-at:..' r toot trie: e wa no mrposi.Mi'wt to allow th3 .is.-.ti:ag of ' si il. iii iKit- s ;it ti:at um.' Vet liieiC is Lo-'tnlUir t ,:,,,, ,, :l ; IK'J un tiie pari of the S a La nor to cha-o the! u!1-uu . . r, ...iv . . ,i.o-; -i .r .,,1 VV a, . pioh.o.t tnetr i,v e , and circdatioii. Puere is no pledge to t.v.s i .ciiVct. There are no. wads ol co .tract used, and in fact'm Words, winch, by tlie-'uttnobt ingenuity aud straiiiiug, can be i n,aie,to im ply a contract ot the part of the Legislature, thct it will rift at au-y time re-nlaU? the cur- It'ffi 111 "' RALEIGH, -N. C, TIlUliSDAY. FEBRUARY d, roney, so as "to prohibit the issuing aad drcti 1 oiounf small" notes." la l.ioij the Legislature of Massachusetts enamen io liar vitrei College the 'liberty and p.rver'' to dispose ufa ff'.ry h X9e or other- ext.-nie l to seventy years. The bridge waa b-ii-t ita.ler this "charter and the -corporation leivivedthe tjbs, Hiw;.v:i-kcfTin lue biidie if?"! . . .... i,v..,H? 11,1 ui. was eujo.nea on (hero to do. Li the Ledslature iacorpor- j .............. uauai uuuxtnniurri lri;.te. the V, arrrn frtd're. ovtr t hnr b -f! It-pr 1 roami arcing near where! the I'harles Rive r . " ' l.. . " bi-i-!r- eoi. oao.no . d and tertiiinatiti .in Ii ston ab .at vS )0- ivt-t frnn tlie termination of the Cit'iriits iii vr bt bl,-e. They were authorized to b-!;e t iii.j f, r a fey years -and it is now beebir.e fre. Travelers who formerly passed over the !h ales I'ver Pride u v,v piss over the V ;rr.-n brid-iP, nd tints tlu? ('hirles River bridge Co. are Uepriv.i of ua tidU they woabl othevwiye have V'Vfived. The value of the franchise p.ra:itcd Jy ihe act of 1786 is now entirely Ue s! roi !. ' . . . 'i'Loi o -se, The diaries River Rii lie vsrl the V-"arte.u ibade. i-J Peters d'JO. ?as ar-fin-d be I i'-oe the yitj reio'e Court of-th LT. S. by tuohe . jpe it K-ul loeot. . -tries, , Mr. Webcter for the "i't'i., :.od Mr. Ci-r.- iiieaf for (ie Dfis. JMr. Vv.eb.stor iu ;istt:d npou two points': lat Tioif. y tho grant of 1000 IJaiv-rd Clhe wis t-niitkd in perpetuitv to tiiciihl to keep ' o-tet .y .0. tv.oo Ci aiicstown and lioston ; that J-' li-,bt was exfhi.Mve, aal the Legislature T. ; 1 v- f'i-:it t-o es?a!)!ish aiic-ther ..Kerrv.on the .;;!. e li:i!. oftrav-.d. b-c m-v ir. would i a fringe li:" 1 i-i'its oil-he College unij-rh-.l.e of the Pjaio tiiih ti.-.tier th'o Charter , IVs.j. lAt Tjat the t;oo eoo;;: e: lull of t tie octroi' toe Looislallite of M mi hit-etts grantiag the privilege to build a h.i & necesifirily implied, ti'ttt tho I . -gL-laUiro. would it; t stu'li M-ize unother briJVe, :;.' .;pei:ial!y a five one, Ir; the snio . of the Cinrb .s Rivu"' hriilge, so" 'that the fraiichise wiii n'i tiiej buhl would bo of no valu.; ; and that, this urant of the liauehi.-o of the Ferry to the CePege,, aial ll.ie grant of the right of j-' t age to ' the proprietors, of the Charh-s lliwr bridge, is-a 'contract which is inipiireil i'V tt;o law aiithon.:i:ig the erecuoti of the.j . .inert bi id o.e. J ti the c-MirsUiof hiiT arjftl luei.t Mf.W. hi.l'-i- says. '"Ties .counst-1 for tin !,fe.':d:iots ha.e s;ud that the Pia-isi'tilia h i'e snstaiio-d no loss hui. that of their golden pro: --peers. They lmvo lost all their propetty; ;.' i-ii -rty vorih three huniltod thousand ilol 1 .is beboe the new bridge vt.s buiit, and now j. t. wio'h thirty doih'rs. -Tiie tight of the V lOtiiV- a-e 110 monoou' v. They are the en jiye.ietM .1 the jo'iprty for whi h they had p-::id. in ad.tiie; .iitd whfc! by ii Cutl'r.'n t, ui:.de by li;e l tv. they Were eotitle.j to eiij y bo t.niv vlars vet. to come. They claim t ooid " hat t hey l ave purchased. Those who have nsiaihl l this f roper ty have taken it i'rooi theni, hav takeo all Ironj 'them without eoMipon.-atiori. TiiTs pr. .seais the.. 'pu'Hion tv.o tiier tiie Coiijituti n of the United St des h:..s been violated V Th: re is .no other issue made on this teeoiil.' ''lite Ih.iiutiffs do not Keeu to interrupt In.? progress ol improvements, but they-a.-dv to ttiiy revolution, a revolution a oooor.t tbt! t eiudat ions oif which properly ti-.-Ls; a revolution which is abe opted 011 tiie iiibgaiioii of monopoly; we i';ist tlio clamor u. gainst legishitivo acts which hive vested i .hbs in iijdiviihtals on principles of eipnl i-i.-.'. ieo to. tho Scale :iud to those, wdio hold tlioc-o right under the provUi-M'rs ot tho law, i ii.: utetii'-n if the bridge wois an utoiertaking 0! ofi-at h:i, ird, and thti result 'of thy eil'ort to r.i:is:,i.l it Was eo'iisldeiA.'d ,xeee.,.ing!y il u.bt ful. it cannot; tLerefore, he uppased tint .ii" fraucht -o was to be. ditnin, s'nod, au-l its t-vj'. v Head iti hv iiiiiited. . Nothing uf tiiis is ex le-sed, auM Uu'thiug su unre.io Oiable can in: iiopl -.d.'' . t Mr. C.-d. Tiiney, in d-.divering the opinion 'id' the C an t sayr: ' Ldiis act of iucorpoiation is in the uual form ami the privileged- such are eoniiiiuo'y oiveo to corporation?) of that Uiiol. la Cotilciets on thorn the ordinarv. t.:-utt!es id a coi p cation, lor the pr.rpo.se oi States, bfotivtht iu question, am nut m vim i boiklii tbtf bridge, and e.staMisJv.:s certain i tio'i of that clause of the Xati uml Constituiion tnt-.-soi tol, which the Cmnpany aif; autiar- wh'n-h i.ctjres.sly p roi i bits ihe St-itcs Jr -rn u d to take." Tins is the whole gravt. There " passing 'hs impairing the obiigad -n of e n i; no .c.iciitxice jo ieilye giYrw to them op?i the j tracts, atal as the G-stitutvo;i of the C .;ii-le-t'.-o'.erj tf (V,fiies lliccr, a'i,ee or behuc the j rate States not ex fir e.ssig r Vnibit C.:J 00. X?i tight to erect another brbtye ...s from passing olv such law. so I con . . ... . . - ..ii .. .ins; U"is, -nor to 11 recent other p?r sons front a u'ii one. Jw- engage itt.'U Jiom the Slate that da-i!t?.r shall not he erected and-no undct tfi'.ing; a to s iacfioa competition, nor to matte i,,tpi o,v,o Unit may dr 'lli'il ish the amount of' Licit' H'-o.r.. t)n nil the.ie sabjects the (Jii.:i t..r is sHinf. While the rights of private piop'-rty iiie sacredly gu.rJed, we must not JoX.-.ci. tiiac the community also tiav5 rights, and thvt tiif h ippiuess and well being of every eiti::',! (bTp --ids on their faith fill preservation. It ie very ajh-ar.'thot in the f iii in which t'iis c i a- c. s ! -cfoiv u -:. 1m ,og ;t writ of error to a State Court, the p'.a int'ifis in claiming under eiinu- o. toeso nums Ltue t ..mi ma e ny mt ; Ni roster, 1 rn'os.- place tinuoselves oil thegiound j of i ontra . t, a d 'oa.iuot support themselves j .upon th" principle that the law divi-st .v.'&ed i tui.t. L "s wed soitkd bv the decisions cf j . ti.is C t, th it a'State law may be retrospect ive in its ciiarui-ter and may i.ivest vete-l rights, find yet pot violate the 'constitution of the L nit eT Stages, unless it also impairs the obligt-iioii of a contract. '2 Petors, 414, SaUrie vs. MatUew:- m. tlii C'eirt, in speak-' in.; of the State aw then before the.n and in- teipri ting "the article in the constitution of; tiie lo.lit, Sta W tic-l iorhUls the fttlte to p.vss laws ioipaii iiig the cb'ig-itioncf c attracts uses th:; followvin 4 langu2e : " It (the Slate law) is fuiti to U' retn sptn ti've; be. it so. li t v.-er.i i.no'iv.i Vtif-I il.-v o . .f Juriiiir tl,o ! LIU'- ri-tll.. 1 J invil ... .uv.1 ,.l,;is ui,i. ,.f 7..c;. -r nrukeof lli.vcln.r- ; 1 ii iuVk u .icterod po.tfjti'-co laws, are not condemned j li;3 cre'itf the amount of th-ir re-"("Ctive uabsciip r foi'bidden iv any part of that instrument," j tiona, and forward certificate of d-p.Ht to hi ad CiiC o--n.-!itu ion of the IT. S ) and in another I dies at Wilmington,-N. C, by the loth day ot ....oii t... rl.orf 8iv, ' tKn : l"-sa:;e ill iT:e suno ni.n- iiie v'iui stiv-, iiie li- t . i : ' (.1 o ctii i:. however, most nrosscd upon the C ut t, was th-U the effect of this act W ls t i ; 'divest ri 'hts which were vested bv law In Sat- 1 ' - i trri.a - There is e-i tain! v no nart of the eon- s! U.t - n of the. C. S which appeal- to a State ilu. n .i:,,!, ',,.;',. n. r luv of thh, ufscrip,i on . n,r ary we aware .ot any decision ed this or ,.f any Circuit Court, wn.cn nas coniierivieu suca a law upon i nis 11 1 .1 t All ground, p raided its eiiect ii nt to lmpur tie obligailcHj id a contract. The same princip les were re-aftirmed iu this court io the late case of Watson ys Mercer, decided in lS3t, 8 P et 110. As to the first pnint, (say the Court,) '! it is clear that this CyUrt has uo right t pn- j notmee an act of the Srate LegisjatnTe -void, ' us contrary to the. Unastuutioii of the U.S.. irmii Hie mere I art tlvit it divests a vVt r of aecuni rlishinf t!.c" i-ud f.r wfo-Tir was crrated. ' A St;it- ..u-bt lUrr .,bi,.f... Minwl l. m ith.b-r t,U i..,-.i:r I "i,!-" ! the taxing pwer, the whofe an interest in prvservir,. it oottumtuiiV have T i; it imdimitiish.'d. t he cuatinued exis't nea of .1 "ovemmei t ' " .111 . . ... ' . "wuiu ue oj no iri -vai!i, .11 t.v imioi.-oionv and picsu'nptioiiSj it was jli inoet of too i pou-evi necessary to accom t,ih tl t-u is of its-;' creation ; and ttie futj tioos it wa-. d .-inei'i lo j tperforra,' transferred to the lia.iJi of pn k ib-i Cot pofali.nts." j Hai-e is a much' stronger cr-se from our own! Supreme Ourt:'-l 11. M,iL to v. WiiurnUn and 1 Raleigh R-Pk. C.. "J.oues 10, 11 idvr shi ael , of Assembly in 177, Herroti, t'nd. rvh ou tiio. r plaintitf regnlarly claimed, was nufiioried to ! erect and keep up a t ll bridge ovr the No tb j East r.raindi of the Cape Keir, and it w is vt- J pressly provided -in the ''ii?trter thai " iC!utll ! not be lav f'il for ant p, rs nr ir'at74 'er to k.,j a t' ' J't'Cff. ba '-ld any brinje, or tsl an person or j-cmorts,. 1 eurriw or carriTtjc, entile, luiysor xkfA-p over tut ! a inL riih r.or fi-f or reward, tr if ft in su wile of tht' sJirie. vnJcr.n pen.il; if t f tu cutt .shtHinj.i jr tort iitJ evtrtf ojT, The bridge w.v ereeteil with in the time preeiibe 1 and kept up a toll brid-i Here is an e-..dnve priviloe z;iven t thi.in over the w.ters of " tiie" North East ilinicij uf the Chpe Fvr, witbbi vjs mib-s above an 1 below UfS toidg"." IreiP is t!o :.(h'. to erect a bridge, rtiil ' to prevent other persons from ereniug oMe," w'tthpi the limit. JIo. is "an fMig-iftymont frotii the State tint another -ihYl "not be erect A ud herein ";i:i un-sei -ta!tiM net tosanetiou eot?ipt tition." nor an v tbior ej-ii- that may dimmish the amount of ih:ir i!s- come.'' ' On ail these subjects the e'a.rur i express. The. Railroad Cmnpaoy, by vtrtue'of its charter, grunted indS'-b!, eivcted i bridge; jis '. part of the Railroad, over the North K.4t P. ranch of the Cape Fear, within six miles of thhridge j fsite of the Pl nutiif Judge Pearson, delivering , the opinion of the Court says, fae fir..t rptiv-'! tiou is, rt$ the meant rig of the parties, ! iiud, of coui', the Sv-ope and operation of the contract, confined to tin; ferric?, bri Iges and other modes of setting persaus and property over the river at that time known and in use! (V Voas it the meaning of the p-rrtie, and was it in jhfir contempla tion, to t-:ifer upoo ll-aron, his Loirs and as signs, a pjiotual in.tnepoly of setting tr.-oes and property over the river, by' mean.) of his bridge, S3 tlftit it should never thereafter be in the power of the Governor, Ooune.il and Assembly, no inWter'irhal Might be' the chatty? in the condition of things, either iu reference to the increased necessity for transports across the river, or the inproved modes of transpor tation, to authorize any other mode of crossing therivr? We shoithl he'itat long before bringing our minds to the coivlusion that lliQj latter Ls the tru construction of the contract : because it was unreasonable upon th'.vp;trt'of llerrn, in cui leratioii.of the services thit lie was to perform, to exact aay surdi stipul a tion, and lmoause it wa? r.re.isiinab!e" thai the (fovernor. Council and Assembly, in conside ration of bnihfiug a bridge,-to confer a j..-r-netual moitoply ami take frofnJ hem selves and their successors,. !( ti'mcto com?, the power i L of -'doing thit for wdiich :tll Governments are j organized promoting tlie gcoeral well are by adc;Jitig such measures us a oc condition of things mi g ma-;?, necessity, r.nd faking ad- I vantage, of suell iii)provemeiit.j and inventions . as after agj's might originate, for tho bero-fi: of the pu'tMiu i in ofher wads, if. is niii'-ui it,n able to suppose that th?g i nt'a i"d lo sun .',tdcr 1 the Hi.'itns, by which theg tn I l.'i. r .-v.-wo'.v j might t'i?iitf'ier l? :thlzd lo cd'.c'th': 2"'r pre for ic'JcU fheif tpera created and f.r,nl into n g n'ernifi ' tit." . 1 reg-jril tness- cases as" the exponents d the 1 prif.ciple i ivolfjd in h question n r.v pre sented, and as bv t.hem it is d- ciiHl that iha lesoe.-tive nets of the I o'ri-.l 1 tit res of . th" 1 - . - - clude. H fortiori, from the principles evolved. ! that the Act of-Congress iu 'question ii not ' ! in violation of that instrument. .Upon c.oosidotaUou it s ordered and J" judged, that the I'ttiitionor, Ah ymder - Wil liirns, be remolded to the cus, dy oj Cipbda X. Carrie and that the ' IVVitiouer py the ' osts of this procee ling, to . hi taxed by the Clerk f the Supreme C ).irt ni .il -re Coo ity. ' . R S. JTiKN'tU, Jji Ue S.J. L'. A: Hq. Lumbertou, Ja'n'y lS';i. MiscSllaneoas; or:h C:ir( li.ia Vnllliffecr Xavy Com-... JJj ,,Anv. At a meeting ot tii ; S' o.-klohb-i of ! the abovtuJouipdny, held in Il.tb i jtu tie 1 tth instaat, tC unpany re-or.tni.ed umler its char- i tert and proceeded t ele thj following gi-utb,- tusn as iUiv.ctnrs. iif: C. P. MKXDEXIIALL. O'Aeniba, J. M 1U7LL0CK. (Jranrille cuuaty. O. (i. I'AUSLKY, Jr., ) ALKX'll OLDHAM, V Wilmington. . W. D. SMITH, . DUDLEY NICHOLS,) v , ' J. !i. GISKKX, f DJia.o . WILLIAM LOXG, Ct v.-ll coui.ty. The Directory then proceeded to elect tLeir of- ncers, as, i h - ; C. P MKT)KX"IIALL, E-n , President. - J. M. BULLOCK, Fq., ice President. W. D. SMITH, Kjin.. Vr.irer. DUDLEY XIC1IOLS. ru.r Sretarj. . Puriuitit to a rerKrlation ado,ted by the'Dirce -., February next. 1 Lose wislnn-f n u.iicrnH- are , . . . reouested to send tu tb-nr subscription at or be- , "iu A- ....... t..,,.,, : W,, um i -,. Titra Trial II If L L IC al t i - - ' mmn " - Certitica;e ..Cfitock. . -- DUDLEY X1CH0LS, S-cV Durham's; Jan'y 20th, IsCAt 4-d2w. , - , tf - . Aaa,ra t - C loves and Socks Uantcd. I deSTC t I ha5e for t5ie 8o!d,,r, ij,.5 pairs of Mov J fciouO raira-of Sotks. Donation will 1 to oves be I ... a . ; thankfullf received. EDWARD WAUUEX, . .f Surgeon General. X. C. jan 12-lra TnRU'()P.K 0 Of all description neatly executed at this offic I I 1SGL VOL. I-.o. I). Miscollancoris. Mrs. II. U. Milhr. iiOARD liv ihe M Milh, H.iily board ii.i j in 1C .11 v tun t Oxfoh! Frmnle Co1lr-r...-Tlio twenty; ?isth ii..u ir ,,, M.m.Uv t!if 1-th Jrtnu-,rv an,! wifl continue trutv Htvk. I mtion in e'c!i .k hool i;o. JMano r--fit $!.. No eiti h: jr-. UjaiU v.nb viih piobi,,us. J. H. Ml M.S. ' . Uv!..rb .. c. W aiilt tl l n:in-1::-,;v.A t,ool Piann. A 1 , . .! V . t 1 . : in-. . . .11 'J "l "o- vi.o-v-. j.ju mu Military. . . F.NROI.UX,; (H iPK,) oi'u Casa!iik:s.ii. t;. Iliriti.-x . -Omaij.h, ,J.i:iut v JJ, 131,1.0) In DhrditMta c ( ;yjj.-r:il Orders .. I, j ' '"u"r ,,; ''on- ; if.ts Ualeigi,, Jai.ua. ' l-'b olibtia .iii.l e.uiit v Knroltit, ,.,ti,-,.. n..iiiy nil v.m:.. ui,- p..,. ,:i.4 lt. .. wf 1h ai.d 4 j. uiltiiu lh" limit ,0' i!,,.ie ..?.; ,iv.irin.-i.t.', to ivioi t" at the eo.n.l-, m-ac of tlieir Tesp.-etive eoaniu, at tin- ..',!. ovine-, ti,,,,... Atn nUeesi tor liaat nrnlb.ueu.t ici. .vainifiaiini, h the Me1iie.1l itidiiifi'- Jbiiit d. . "'I it i s call eed.'iiie. ad ivhi'f i,;.il - perdue. b.OM-n th ae-.'.i j' lj .:i:J i) wil.'th.'i' b "Viou-ily e, (ti;,tv', of not. Ait Mi. i-.' r'.-idiii.r within the bmife o, the PUh Itegime'it. . C. M , i cm :iT; Ihi e uiiiv, ,,.j,.t. at bo.iirba, - ,, Ii- lieth, -J'J.I, -J.td und -Jiih .14', d of-K.-bi'.iry Isiit. "Ail "those rcsi'brvr w itlibi the limits of fie- J.M Rei'ji.aii. . C. M., X'h i-oioit f, will r.-j.oi t at Na-hviiie. cm tin- -i-iih, 'J7th ;oi f 1, i a ,,j lc. b. aa:y. s.f.1 I -t .lay ,,! M,,i ..!i. . A'J t.,,. v.".i.t:;: ? . i'Oi.i th lb:ots'of the ?.7th lb iiii.-ur. N. C M., W.n r. n ctintv, iicl i t-o ji t nt. Vv .oaa-i't -4 0:1 the 4ih, l'..; Ttij u.;u Mij.u.i ci ibneh jMit. All tii. is,. Vtiioing within tic1 lindu ol tl IJl IbM-daiviit, .V. C. M ,4b ,i,i v iib ..mil v. iiii tep.ut at Oxford oil th, Llth, 1J;,, U:J, a-id loij. u . .a .f ibiri-li, l;-it. Aii th.-isa l e-bliii.r v. !ii:i thj limits of t li , 4ibl Keffiai.-nt X. ('. M., (b invid eouiitv. will report nl Oxford on the ltbh, I7;h, m..J pji-, day of Aliireii. lsC4'. All i!io-,if r?Aiding within th limit of 4Cth Ib-i.ueut, X. C M., 4)i-iiti, countv, will rreoi t n iiniauo.-o, oil lllj t. -a, -.il, auu iJttl 0.1 ys I M l. 1 .l J A Ul .III I'll, 1 ol, i . Ail t!io.v re.-i linn within th? li.nitt of the -lath Uejrinn-iil N. i M.;4rane cnunl v , will ivjnrt at lldli.ro,oa th? -ilh, tlnth, 2 Ui aud J'Jth J.ivs of . Maneh, Ltit. All tho.-i.. resi lin; within th- limit?! cif the atli It-jgime X. t'. M., Wak .aiitv. iviil report nt ihe Court Mou-e in Ibdeiij) 011 the 1st, -d, -1th and 5lh cl.iv.- of April, Isfil. All thas ,. residing within tlie liaiiU of the bth Hegt X. tb M . Wake countv, wHl reiot t at tie Chun t II u-e in lAleih, on the tiih, 7lh, Mb and j:h days ol April, Isct. AU those lesiiling uhiu the limits of the lKth Reginr-nt X. C. M., Wake c. unify, will j-c-pirt nt the Court II u.e in Ibikili on 'the lltli, 12th, ltJtli and 11th d ivs of Aiital. lst;i. TllibS. F. TlliliS, A-st.i!.t Snifr n C'aaii nun I'xaiiiinin If nrd. II. C. UKUNOO.V. M. 1. W. 11. JAVIS M. 1)., A. L.V!)IS, Jit.. Liin.lling Olhccr C-'-bv ' otU Congressional District X. C. coxstutyr okfick, K vLKion, J.111. 27lh, ISJJ. rIito rullonln-; c'!rnil'i' frani Kitreau of fi. of Con .wa ip' ion is publi.lo'd for tb j inforiua tion of all e-tovrueil. . by or.ler (bl? . MALL GIT, ('a.iid'i Lou:. ivr X. C lb .J. II XKJMV, A Jj't. - RlTMbM oK CON'Stb'IIJ'TlOX, ' li lei! yo.M', .I.H1. 2 ";h, 1 i'il. ) Cm err. Sn. 1. ; - rPO Coi..mind.n.ts of C.iMei-h't-'.--T!ie atten IL tion of 4?o.n!iiiUMlants. isp--o.jj ill y directed lo (fener.il Orders Xo. 7, A A f. b" O. curitut s .t it .s hernia -"'- forth for ih.-ir iutoruiatioti. A O.fT. AXI) IXSlb (iiiV'lS OFI'Hbh ) lii..'.i:snfi, Va., Jan. '', letil. J 1. f e"r i II. l'artraph IV b n ;ral Ordeis Xo. J current It li .nr. vi I . Ku-Mlffi-r llifci will prof?iil a? rapidljr ai - t 1 .1 . .f... ... . . f' 1 ...... I.I.O.. piaetii-abh: in tie i-ai)I: 111 lll'l I'lll I'lili. Ill Wl .III ('in .iiin hi. 5 ililMiv w..ii-.. I'l'.' VI. MIS to f'll 0;iiJt-Ilt, l i;i Ob as cooHcriots. all buvh oersonji l.bo alio a -.-J to vobint.'"! , pt o jded . l,t. . .1 he (eintjiiiny .sejeeteu w.ie- in ietucu on iot. ,.f .il i tl 1 't'l... r,. ..t.-i, 1 1 el,ettil i.s at tie time of obtiite.-i bi'T, bebf.v the iioiiiiituai picket ibd by r. ulal 'oiH. ttl'd. Xo pet-i.h tilil'le lia'J liVBOVie illid-i this outer will 'be permit t.-i io 'yiux of w iii .be a -in-ed to anv c-o'iipjnv whiiii h is mute th iu Hty Ibur jn Ivatcs on t he rut r. unt.l .i'l I'd roaij.a.n- it, S'O vice fi.ea thr State of which the volunteer or con-iciipt is a resident, sii.c'd h ave the inhiiibu.u .. ... if....-i!,l liv 'r, Mibit ions. " ' . I ' - - - , . . . . , . I .1 4t1i I -Mm the 4;oiiii..iii v ij"inz vo-ru'.j, iu ' . . . '. . t ....l....l..t iv ill rcr.-il-.. ti'lil.i the l.tltooin' O.Ilt! I IUIUUI' I" " ; a eet tiiieate to" lb" ellb-t that he li e o vol mt.-ei- o.l nh.l 1.0 volunteer nill be readied in anv com pany except on n h c-'i tin. ate, HI. l'i;ron.s who fairto ina- select inn. aei.o.d- j ' in to the provisions of this .;i ilef, iuel at the ritnT- ofeiditHi--Tit, will be :is.-i;ned accord itg to cxift- j ilnr regubitions. ! IV", All o.liceM in eo'tiTM.i ,1 of c'eiipaid '. au- ' thoi u -d 11 ad r this otd-r to receive- cm-et ipts or j volunteers ill forthwith ? vi.l t tiie CioTonatidaiit of Con.-ni -ipta of the State, a-ein at- c-i tili-d i.l . of their C'lnpatiier? ; aad s iilmiU vJ-Ji roil. Lovv tug. that th.-v do not t 1 -ity f-m: ..arai ', i..-ie - will not b" asi2e?l any cot, e-: nr or voiet, t-;-a '. , lie Coiiiiiiand i.f lie- ;s. ce . U' v -'I '.tf . j " tSiavi.!)) S. COOflbi, . . j Ajt. ami In.-; 'i'.''. ! .n.ulvas.d vigorous netiou will b" m j-.i...d mJ the Knroliing Oiiiecr?. : t .ote of whom should j be furnished with . c' l tie; order fithout de- lav. To injure tii - pitKii'.itv ot toe order, tle te j houl'l be fvet'd in."-; tinii." in the no i-papei . .f ' neral circuiaiioii. II. I'. rs.. i.s . recent in cr api.b . "iH'.. for rjiHl i:eiuptt n. with any io" rsf torO will m-t b- . otcatcd u:td Action is tab-n ly lib RuArfjt. j T n ae e.i-"-J td -be-inv.--tio.ir, d i-. a-a-or d.ime j riih 'Circular No. ti,4 ui 1 -.alt .e.-te W1O1 tK'ii- ast . delai pi act if a! de col. jxo. s. pui.svox, ; .S.yO. I C. li. Db'r Fir.LD, ' A A. 4b liv order 01 ( Ski sr.v) 3 hn. j hi . i t L'.. ..lori'la tlhuMi.r Wi no n t i.ti Jeilf- 1 ....... ...v. -..-.. ............. T.al, S.diiburv'WaUbMaii, ChAtb-tt" liioh tin i.d j Democrat, In-d.-ll fCxiuos. A-hviil 'e Wad en- . boro Arcus. 4: et-nsooro raittm, Jiinnn ciimu Atptu, iiiei-ni)iir l aiieo, .'iui"ii i. i- j Cbriitito 'Advocate, X. C. Prei-by t.ian, itain Eagle Tarbyro' Sonthei ner, .coy -om . lele. Mountain INOIlth OTH'K.-l limited Mumhcr 4.r rrcriilt will be received in the 1st X. C Civalry lb imeut. The recruit inut brinj wjth.biia r' vree.ibie hoiiy.. Aria and . ijiiipnieMj Mill be furoiehed. For further in onnatiou a to coui piide. Ac, apply to Col MalktU coma-auding Consciiit Caniu at Ualeigh Bv older Cau W. il. CHE K, Comdy. Cto. S. Dewet, Ad'jt. i",,lW- et t c villi', J a n ua ry 13, 1 s! - Wa irt rd - X -A adv who is I'ullv coeifietent to teach inuic on the Piano and the ;nefb-h Ipanilni. to take cbarcre of a uia!l school ia a family near Fayette- i ...H 1 1 ii i i Title. Audreys, . n".v -v, jan 18-w3t Favettcville, X. C. t 9 DAILY CONFEDERATE i A 1) VKKTISI NO. A D V BUT IS KM KN TS w tl b insfrtod at twi dollars pt-r juiue of t u linen (or Icm) for 'ac k inserlion. Mrirrine ii3ticatid Obituartci will la th4re,til Ai a.ivti ti-tUiCrftd. JOU WOUK rv.-tf bncriptfa w!JI to ei cutcd at this Oiee ..ih dbpatcb. and a 10 atly c'ft " tli iu the Southern Cotio-d. fi.cy. Military. iniiMTlpt uRIrc, rUih, Janu.117 13, J l-.4. Iht i ii- iM order 1 t nl -ViAivC Lo te ifiloruMttwii of ail concerLdU 1 1 j vet.;a"i.tr vttl will L rt 'iJIv cufjrceJ Sa ea i p ooo u'.h. i:.v. oiJcr CgL ilALLLTT. . Cown-anding' Ceuvii;.t- ftr X. 0. L. J. U inr s, Aiutaat. ADJ'T AND. INSP. GLX'I.S 01 FIT.Ib 1 KuakO.'n, Jan. 4, 1?CA. I Central lr,ir, ' Xo. X I 1. 1tj toll awii.e; Acrof Cnrtrrc ir d II '.4. tiwLs aie p'.ohln.-d t..r tlu ii.a.ra.t.i. a. vi a 1 r.u ju cotiffi lad tLe: tin . ACTS. As A r to prcTt-iit the lb,titir"it or F-o, ilui'a oi SubVuti i iu tU XljiiUry ptv;cj w.'tl. t. -t' dio ate State. , . " Tht t'otvjtf, f ,ht Cofttrt 0 .Vc. 9f aiMr.c Jo .nu -f, That to perieu 1. ., v-i. i.r. r '! ice khail h-rrnlter h t ; n: it o .0 turiiish a 'ul tituw !or'u!h n --rti-Ji , u. r 1 ibi a . ?ub,titute . ivu-i :, ru il U - t ;:,,!(,. iu L' .iHtI fr)i,'c ,,1't'u- t'lil'ai.-uuLidi.i." lAo to.d Dt-eviubrr 2olh, lsCi.J An An to put an ttiJ to .tha riTotl MiIimiv S.-rv-f. t iWnL.uT'.' turiu-Led Suboi'e. k tg'.o,- "U o uMi, iii the ! -M ei: cu.u? tan"? of the coimtty. it te.jui, v4.lhe id of ail sLj arc aoi . , bear nfii... ; ' l'nyrH ,t. tk f'.-i -l.o.a du ...jc, It. a. Ue pu:V 11 '.idb 1 HiuiT ed fima iiiiiitai y.MN-Tici-, bv itfc.M ii J" ie ,af ; . furni-ht j a .ut tit ut" ; buftl.i.i a t .hn'J 1.. i l. J. toiett Ued .IS to utl tt pwti.ic atiOU.'h 1 mi liable to ir.oVr ti.iLitar.v rrvin. ,kfe, 10 .iah-le.-s, lurtdshed .uhiiitutva." Appruvcii iiuair Sth. 1ni;4.J . ' II. JVi.on ri iidercu '.table to u.iiitary t r'.c br operation ot tin: pr.-c iiiine in t. hi t Uiil 011 th sitiHe footing with aii oihvt hithei tj L-'d liable by Acts of 4aot-i (..-j. III. Pet vii hetcin ia-i: v.r I litt'c totiH..T ser ic ate inpiitiit to npott n ib;t,i-i or. cotincripts, without uVJhv, to i'ny fi,r. liin - ifta-err, anil all who dflay tiryo ' O thr 1st ua .t FcbtiTlrr IMbS, will be C-..eiivr.d as hav.t ; rneL"Vi tl pt i ilet;e of viiliitilevi itig, aud held ibr a.dt..l.rt a ceo 1 duo to 1 nv. IV. Ktidl!il.o' o'hlV ts Will ptec'Ml, Jl if n pt actieaide, in Ihe ent oilna i.l o! -t .va ,a ljiiulo liable to iiiilitaiy 'iMf.'. 1'; . i t . rt -rollinciit a? eonsci ipt, all tj-l i t ib-e. "t.i It allowed to volunteer in coinpann-i ii s v i . . : ,! D'.th April !Si2 ; ptfci-ird, ih- c..ilif 4: c; un uoe tut at tin? tinte of voiutt' i.o r. o 1 ,!, inaxiL-iiiui 11 umbel id lowed ; . '...T u, e t.,a, i.i. patiybiiny nrhctvU, the Vi.lui.nit v.o,i s...'iv iiotu tLa ei. 1 oiling oii,eer a i iti 40.it- t l,, 'Sfl that li has mi voiiuUi'i tad ; t- nbna i : wtii be received into any i-oi:p.in . n t h c-r-titicale. Fcr-ens who fil to i,oik-t!.-. s- ' . t n u , at ihe time of enioitm. i.t, w bi t - 1, 1 -.. .void ing to fiistiii f enlatiiii... V. lVrt'otm who rcjeirt to the tou.'.u. o.!": will be ciiroJhd. and may be phoned n l- nf ), of too day bcfoi e tVfioi ting to ihe lan.pof it i. no tion. VI. All oeianir, wl.'lbcr volui.t- p v oa. scripts niid r this order, n.ll j y., tl; u. tl. camp of iti-ttci tinn of the Mi, e to wi.bt. ll? belong, atol h. lt ViO d 'd tl.ene? to iii? d! i uil which are nelectvd, or to whu-le ta- -urn b t nigned. VII. Th Uuienu" of C'lomcru ti'iU is t haii d with adoplipir proper rejulativij f. r the e nl'ui , Uient ot I his oislcr. VIII. AU exempt iotis lu.-rtolovc gi wntid ti h. ject to a revision, under il.ttian tiui,i- ti iui ll,a ilureauof Couociiptiwii ; fino it loumi ik. t im proper or uuautliui itcd iij law, d! be 1. v .eii. JJy order. b.OCi'LK. ' , Adjutant and IiiK-ct-.r tb ia 1 cel. l-dtfcbl5. . . i Wilmington Journal, S.dibury Watidi matr, CJixthOLe Democrat, Irt-ob I iVr 101I .4lnoille X"en- copy until Pibruaiy liU' 100J iei.d bill to "Col. MalkUl'a oilier. ( nnrt dciatc States (if AcirrSr , KnS J net Depai tiijfiit. Dii-lt it l Cave i'cisr V il- inibetwn, X. Mat ch lot It, lMi. Xotie i. heiiJiy gifeli to m'l prruT.S ha hi 1'iiti 'niii- the Kngineir Dejiai t mru . , for so,rviwi fi!l ruiploi el as ial'nr eti tlie land dti'itf in ' Wilmiiigtafi, X. (.'..thai iht underfilled ii.;fio - i.ed atid ptrpatrd to pay the i-ano at his 010 c ;n the second floor o! the Wuil 'iu'f te.zt uh"c al Drug More, Maiket Sir t,' J-jCT" 1 Vi on necuti:) Pc.wct. of Alloil.- v i ' t observe the (nllowing hiui tie ir c it' n i t b 1 . s, i a alt C.IHCH, to be t,iiL.e1ed by' two Vii rt.rr iti.d sillied in duplicate, or tin ii'itt be vvio.ff'i i fole a J u.- li( e ol thr l'eace ur Cf iL of nu buUil toviio i'owjt.; or anoik.vi-T. f f lt( . f ( , jt,rr,y apf.'.itit , of , my ttu! and lavlul Aytit loiti is eripti for, and receive payment -f uh i.ca.n ou to me bv th" 1'aiiticcr Difartincut oi" tie- I old o eratu States of A ui.'i ie.i, tor the ervit w. w.f l a Vei 1-in ployed a - bihoj et on lb c it. t J m. viaa I ' . .liii ii..y t In- 11.....: lri.f --.. . Wiliiv, my Iihi.u hi, seal, al day of - , 1' . ySv;tii:d iu duplicate. ) WitneM' : ...... - - thia :s&i.: 1 he ic,.tt .ir'' of e.A'ted perior. ii..-, niw la-sai-d Iht i-e v, i!io-ji'ii. There lint.t be pa. ate tbij li oit Portia r, Attorney l -r irih neeoli. lib: k lv.i Ct.u b had U" u apj.i,l lioU it Uil ol! io. w. rb ja;:k-, Jan. 2t. Im;1 1 tf Capt k (.f.. J uwe o.i.-r. l.avt Ih vlP.c ArMMijI aod :ir t r, No- V vfn.b.-r 12. i,V f.tlCa ii V . c.-lVo!, M"Ui.'w ivO.l- :i.ai. Authority hviio ..U "taufed l'i" lie Wii Depai tit'i-iit to !-. a (,".a f .ti of 'J ei it -1 !LiJ..-:;.-u Ibr n-fu '-i iult.ii ei cintt t li-doe i le r by if.-ti, t.',t r-ri.ika to the nuuiiy i- -iif l"U 1,0 a-uio v i'Ai w id I - r -i-.-iicf -Or ii. ' -i Fa -li 1 1 oi .it u;h bm r-,' cpd:-. d to lut e. s -. ic.a': ho.'- , fbr f " .iii .fT,.. i 4o e -t.'4 p-t di tn, lb j ay X 4 i p. 1 a..M.!h. Writ' f j,. r, -tin. on .i b ' .' 1 rpi i'.J iii.m ;i.i'iitr "i K u;" oai. , i.wi Hit; a, p.ivant ii u.t .'1 r t io: c H..1C1 i,.t a To. L.i'hi. ait i..i t b.'iii -'.th him h!?.ak'tor b. o ,-.i i-'a.i. u '.id ( et.ie ro j : .J to ivem!,. At riv i Mnj .MAlTHr-W i TAYboU. nt lfe A.JnuI. F. L. 4 llUdiS, Liut-Ce'l. C. H- A., Cuiuaiaii L... IVfl. ehc'DtJif. Sui2vn Griii-r.itS Ollif i', Kald;:. Jan., JH. Js(1. A a.. dual ei.4.i.iiiii burd, wuii- olilii! ol Siolot. ii. A. ritCDCP, A'l Soge.,n lb lb II A iililS will mt at llaiifax, it. lUidai com.ty,i tfuu- day, the 5th of J itota-y. ' At Ja.-kson, in Xoi tham ptou cwuiity, uu We J inrrday. tne I'TtU of Jaimat . C At Sf nrtf fceboio', in 11 a tf.td county. uu,Fii dav, th-; 'Jtl. ! Jaiiuary. At Wibeitict..n. in '.NVw IIriover ceiiitr.ua Tue,Jy, We-iln Jay, TLiitaJ, 2d. 2J ft: d 4lh f F.biuarv. At WhiUi'vilh. iu Columbus c-uuty, ol, Satur dav, F. brUary 6'h. At Klizh th Town, in Blud-H t vaaty, on Tn day, tth of Febiuarr, foi the purpo. ot jan.ia inr all peii 'iM vlnHiiti iif ii.; tiuti it om liuat Guard duty oil ccait ot physical 'nald.iy. By oi Jcr uf Ooffruj'r 4'ami : 4.DW1X viur.5, ,jin202w ?ur"OLj-'JHittaai For Salo or Rent. HoTKL ro;: suE.i offki: at pui vale fai the lr te w Hotel iu tl.e town oT LouUbur.andlocatea ja.teiut ot the Coart k.anv julr .-tf. ILHAK'ala. JVlaxks . 4 J Etacuted wlta ntoetf and tcb at Till UFflCib ,1 p..

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