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As the fvlhcrcnt-j-flf-the Standir-1 n re try- 1ni5. fir effect, to .ku.i the prcnt Ji ie Southern lirty wttii the original constiMiHDri;il ece4-.ioiiU, niul alao aeSert ibe coim rse, viz: th it tit? SUn'Unrs I cmp. 1 of those wh iliiic the constitution; ryAof scces-Jion ; and to thi.-i thej d-n yourchirgo that the Si-wlu'.I ercr a lvocit'l .and t&aght the doctrine of secession, I ropiest tli.-itjou publish ssu.Ji cxtMCH from y uiVfilcs of that paper ft prove its ndvotMcy of that doctrine r,ot to s.tisfy ip, or any intelligent reader f the Htandird, but to aiU-nce unscrupulous dema goguea, Hii l cnl-ghttn tlie creduioustgnoraht.1' It is probable tUat these Frank !iu county followers of the Stmi icrd have been misled tj tUntpapr of the 8th u!t., in wLich it in snid 'Nor is it truethm we educated the people in the doctrine of ferceion, " and tl.fn voted tliem. into the pre-eut war."- We .never m-vio-tained the doctiiue of secession as practict-d by the cott-iu Stites, and woreshtcd pccri?ioii up to the la.it m ni nf.M In reply t thif n contpir.porAry very ycr tinci.tJy a.-1..-. " if tl.e Htand.'.td did t;ct inaio t.iin tl d-i-trur? as jitcti:-il hy te cott-.ri Stas' wl:a:"s.rt f di lriri-of H'cessun tiut .Vt'did maid'aiu ? Tu tl.i.s f cmrfe tl.c .Stirdar.l !ia- not v-i)tunid t rrply. fr it ri..t etsy to c"!ceivt? of. more tli-.n two knAX' of k 'curr, viz : p,'.v:5lile scrertsiH, and -s.-o-KsIo:i with War as a const-qiifnce. Th cottoh States, asf is well known, al-vavK y.u tended fr-r tl,! ii.4't ,r" pcxccaMe st-ccSsio i ; fti.d wo tliink the Stan .anl wiH .hanlly prc tet.d thai il Wfiit for the uthcr rt of scccs riot). Ii;:t weiri'.-nd to comply, will our' corrcs pond'i'.t's reoo'.'.t, ry jIowhi tlutt'the Stan dard ili'i m.u'.t-in tlnf rltt of n'ceS!orf" witlnif.t w'iv 'in itic.iti:i abont the co ton Stalfs r mivhi'v,' A-l 1'i.t i.s very r TM.ir k ii'li w ii::!totuiti'd 'bis l'i:t r:!io-' I -r , viz; :ro:n lSoO to ISOl h ..r r th.-.n l.w5'0 we r.rc r.t t at "pn pent f!(,'Vi"j yar;- ..7 liii:c!i cm j it prepared to 5 iy It i uo: i o xhn.s t s!:r-j to aisV tiling- "Si'ir, t 1 1 th.is docfrino'of ..c:e.-sio!i app-aiK t h iv !'cn an ex;tf,!'."2 orrfl:. t'O in Imim fi i"i fli'tUli. a. v-e .1, to "educate thes j.'op'f ir it. In ti;ySr.-m urd of D.'cmb. r 4 h, 18o0, is a . h-i! i.dii- li. i atk on the 'Vpj oir.tM.ei.t of a j ..ch t c .oi:i.ii:t-'o;i rVdrr.i! I.-lari.ns hj' ' t t- L :vi.ktiii' -. () r rtu!fi wi'.I retnunber tUe rc At rlrt -:X- 4 t1 :it. yraV in rei.ttioo b) the iwhui.--s':oii.wi' ('.tr.l' ctii . the impeffcft execution of, the trhive .s!svve law, mid the tbn-ats of its npeal: .Th s we e th- unttf r? rttVrred to th.it j int. -;'Mon;ittt r, "ll th -in the- Stau jbrd' irv' at .lenu'li." h is wti I that tb pev p'.o s'. .a'.d as.- rt and tisar.taiii" their ri.uhf, ;unl fit.tl th'ir il?jr."esentativ slioiiH " nrcutj e vi.i those rujhln nre.v 'Awd the Standard proive fed Jo deehwe th to for. that body. The l''il.vi!ij i the close ..mi nnK r.;d p:wl of it-. Ion:: : r tii ii1 : " Ve l ave- hi-ani the ilea i ccenily express? d that a Ht.tte l..s 'no iii'ht to j 'ce-Ja tr fn tl.e 1Iti.i: that th re is no ',;! p l'ioi, ojpres.-sio:i fjce)f h rrrvbili ! ; in otli-r" niMb, I h.it the JS;al ou i ri-'ituif a and uVpe-.di.i id li e 1'Vderal liovt". rnnent, and f cojive- .st-j-jct to i t- plijkiv-nl oK'ni.vi. .So -it, :i i a.-iumntion, vi; hiff:,hiy !d.liii'. it i. lin.-MppiTtrd hy any t'-tin ony deii'.;i V' ju ihc. C.'i'sfitMti.i'u ii!.e!r", fir fr,i-m ariy :iift; rhctne-taia-c ll-ndi;i iin I". rii::i!h n i i a 'pii. ti It moreover, ai var with ito 'In i'( i - tYar ideas of free repab'.iran .... i i i . i " i jjoevrnin.-.i d 'uee of ii. a-uj o; TOtr.iiiJoTiute i mo p-lift Matt s.f;i that . ilid.-p'teho his b.-cr: rat I it ai! v !! t d in lii: ii M-wer-di; orir uii ;!i o os .-i ,ee 177, We hold that a no Siate c iv.ld origin ill y' Saw bnen f ced iaio th" Uu:oo, ro!ii To Ik: ioiced to remain in, or rat' cr he prevei,te-! .mmu oiii o:.t Ilea veirto: bid that such an extreme fesirt rh old he presented to us a$ the only alt-rnv tiw.agahit ag,t;rt ssioo upon .ur rights I , We trnt it n ay n.-f, but the t'are'posihi'dLj' of the cu.itin ncy .h'oit'd nerve our puhlic men to. look tl.e (larger.' o'dly in the face. It them f.eclarf- that w.i!o we acquiesce in the late ac- "tiotiji.f l'o"ig!S'on th? slavery tptestion. we are the same lime detcrrnjood thai agltaiio i shall at ceyspytid that ilui fugitive livciaw ah .11 bo ruti-ncd in it. letter and rpuit, a.d tlatifthe lite Stan ilo in t yh Id In this, our reasona ble and i'oustituti reiju.-i-t, ve will leave them, and leave them f.-revr. - jrentlemeu do trot like the word secede, and if " Tiiis is no tiiue to.lisputc about tcrnv. If ujj c.u.uot ciMitcnt Ki.) use the word re' n.'iUiQii, Irt ii.si!v'ivn bo the r-uhstitufe f.-r ei'l cr or both. T'iie people uirlerst ind th.'ji, they wilh demand it if the fugitive si avj law-be rep -atd. or if these wicked as-.aul's upon the rights of the hlVe States be c.totinued i:i ihc halls of, the c 'liKnor, Congress." Now if this bv) not in u'ntainhig the right of sou s ion of sects.". ion as coi.iradistirigiiiahed ' "from revolution . peiceabie secession, and. Ait bout ijualit'ication, we would like to know what wouhfbt; ? . L j t heai 'the Standard again," nearly a year after the above: ' w ? I'roiii the Standard of iSept. 3d, ISot. , a 44 We I.old, as" we ha vetinjforiidy li.dd, th.it no State can s ecede without jt;sl ante ; that. . m tdher words, t!e .Cnnsiuutr4i must he pal pably -vl rated raid the ninpact iroketi, bek'je tiy Mare can he reh rTj-ed. - Wevhold, as, ve hav mdf- rmly hfthl, that if tins compact thotild he broken, the act will be an act of revolution on the part of the sectional majority, wiikh perpetrates-ir, for the simple- reason tint it wilj work a radical change in, the' Con stitution of --ovci nuient ; that this ectioual la-ijority will nevertheless, as a matter of courc, hold n to the government and;rocIairn the Union still in Inrng; thnt the only alttr j.fidve left ta the minority cf ike States icill be to xciihdmxo or secede from such a government, asd provide new gftards for their future se curity ; and that, in so doing, gi.ey will go forward tinder the authority" of .sovereign . States, thus released frfl&i their obligations to the compact by' the. act or the majority," The same number of the Standard quoted the following language of Mr. Jtiflerson. 4 as containing the true doctrine on the subject," so It saidj . , " ' Are wcrthnf to ftauj to our arms ? No. Thai must l the Ut resource, not tj bo thought of ujitil much longcV and renter euf feriugs. We uuis( 1 ave'ujtitnr e ai d lohrcr euauranca wua our ijr&iirea vuxus nudViie lusion jive tLDjtini9 f.r re3at;ou .atf-l-s-J OLD f-BIIS, VOLV. J pcrienceof cnq ience" keep rurs ji hituati n to. prt tit by jbe chapter of ac dei4s; and separate lrom iiir cnnpami v (not icvnlc frtra air rnli-r.") onfy when tz Ue iiiUm'tlioes I'.fl ure the dissolution of o Union irith ihm or a mbmi anion to ajrter mart uei'iout limitation pJCTa!' In tlif? ub 'Ve, the Standard itself plain pH-H'-died the doctrine of becessi-n, and it titKhiced Mr. Jefferaon a- its uth-.rij ''.. the dU'tncfi n betweon Kece-ion a.nl revo -lion. rivo!ntion"t:obo'd denl.'s th-3 riglit t when evils beciHiie rdolraljle. Mr. Jetfei: anl the Stand ro wen? rartfn! to bv it dersittiod that it wa not revoUttion .( 'n 't Yttlt f'ro:n our- rulrrs") Uat ifiey meant-' was Miyicthing elod Yht else? -Mr. J . fersn calls it "separation from our Conip j ions." lie liveuiit a peri, d when the petf ; h al not ho n ."cdiic ited" rn the doctine -i-ecesiton, "and therefore a -pr inched it a lions y, gingerly. Tify years aiierwit the Standard ca.Ha it the rnjbt to "wttlidr. -' or secede." . Y:J, this , was in 1851. Ten yearb !a? in tuber 1861, (m e 5?tandrd, Oct. -thu JStindard says th t North CaVol ; t. hCvrt'ded in May" not revolted, but sreejt . The Ivlitur f tlicStatdard was a member " the Convei.tlou width thu ' Receded," -and voted T- the Ordinance of fejes.i on. I 5 r e not ttlievein theriht of aet,i nir did .. not "maintain" that rijjht, a hu hesy von ' Ir.we liny be';iee th- Sr.ndad. of the & . uif., he did not. 13 ut the-act and big pre- ons ileidaiatlnns , niUe il petfci'tiy plan t! ' .he did. . ' - 13 ti t this fs not all. In ihe sains afnclc the s..me ynptr (October ZOtb 18.GI.) t ; Standard slid : C . '. A soi n as Lincoln called for troops -make war on the tt"Ufh, v.'e denounced him " a usurper, .and turned our Hack on the . Union without wt! We, dul this, too, w -.he roost entire unM.iency.'itr ws iiai j ' WATS HKM) THAT TUF. StaTV.s HAD A !:IC. , TO .-FO'f;j) J-'O i'4'CA IT-K. - 44 A rihrto ee,rd f.r was t'r id V tica' ilirrtriu- ? ht iy th. U tt)u State politicians.. And it was that, very 44 riht secede for cans;' wh:ch the Goiloo Stat -a t en ised in l$iii. ':'u f'e;i is. " tvhieh ti asfir''d ('i; i''iiti icnt o:u; icj thought . destn-yji! in;: Onioh.) was tho e!c tion oj !! 1; U.uh! ca.t, sijeti- rial th ket to the ch f ' oihcv.jd' the Union.' It was tlie identical cum repeated ly. as.-.ine i hy t, S:and rd as s ficieut t. justify N upkc nrcetry: 4h -seise rt' t he " ti'ht "of ecesion." We not t'dnk jhe Standard will have 'tli liar ho il to deny thi.-. 15 it if H lr denied, w wo hav bffnr -4iof her si'areh thro'igh ' file in whei Fro.nont ail I ivton wt ; C.iJ.dhhlt( s. . " We h 've madr th' se extra s from l -Standat-il's more cautious K-ading 'artic 't't- Wiov. were-writ Jen "'li n s-rc-sMinsts and -I, cession Were'son)yvliat und-'r-a c'o'tdM"i;s s. Vi)Cau..s navr.i pccu been haccd v t!;e Toenk anuie'e " IK W w as t oti.l l-HVUi;"-i;it 'day and uwd by ie S'.iu-d vrd itself abo la v Compromb-e nX.sur s: of FSuO. '. Inc ndt tHtteu a .sf.iie ex '-i'act .'com tne m violent, and unguarded tlcvhir.iti;. ns of t Stan lard in tho hot polificd cathi-.a'-iiH twee: 18 1J and HuO, m which it was t iiio' sint ot t! v- je!' Ssioa p-.iity 'o' X): C'noliu,, jtid deuotiie 1 as u:;s-r:nd or If.' tor .us everv'distigt:i-hed man of th,oI'd v.'i and a:ii-secosio!:"part)'. e think we h z' ven tif i d'op-a it! n dired bv 'air corrr jioiah ni ai d.e-t ib'.i tliv d our yn -;initi ti thoS;aidard had etiucited the people in lio'drine'of seces-aiiii." Il.it ifanv o.ie t'.ol. prciend that the above is n f MiTioiut c dtiio'e, thiols plenty more to he liad.- Y'Ai'iIuc Lies of tlic iS'ddtl. The. Nniitrn jjap-rs are hlUi vnth .t , ao.t i ihun us li-s ot lii- S-suth-r all hv; ; the'ame diilt : ih.-vt 4- the bd kl me ' f X :che, i:ou is iv ken, aud tne d iys of i he Sou era Coufeder,.cy are nurtiL'-red No dot. : ttiis i a vt.ry pleasing deitlio. to the Yanke U'e give, as a sample, a jcic oj .their stoi i W3 fn. d in ti eirjate papers; omitting t' surplusage of ianguago in which they a dressed up: ":cad "riots ""-occur alirvttt daily iu t; South." . 4,Gehtral Ueatiegard ia cxprscd th3opf ioii that ho ca..iioi hjld fjnarlestua ruui lonpf.'' , . ; ; . . 4 Out Snub CypilitM regiment, doing du , at.CTiarh n j, had iuttided to desert, but w preveided liy on of ih -m giving into m-:io Twenty .f the ringleaders were sh t, -and t: rest were divided up among thy other leg merit." '... t4Mi'tb y is rife in tho rebel army, i"; Thirteenth Virgiiiia regiment was ordered f Alabatra i-ut relusetl tt oo, and were disbam dahtlusedin fdlii g'np o'her regiments : - he only plan- to -avoid mutiny." "General Ihrl;, 's enpedidon. was a iniser ' bit fai 'tire. More than a thousand o uis ve trans ruturned --with their Lands .ane ft-i "fioaeu." - 4,Yice afEcl licentjo'ttsnoss hold liigh earn' , val at t c-capital of King JelT , thowgh. Jefl hiniseif atteuda St. raiil s churcn c'verv hu y- Iiichmotal, one; the pietik city in the Union, is iuf tlaa shadow of wl; it was onco, and is foi"evan:nt'd. Pickpocl c'a-aud garjoters carry oa their game u.. ua'lested ; bt wdy lior.ses r.re,l"yoririll Sr. tedent, ari l the w.oI citv swarms witif di s lute characters,- Jctf l)vis -Very unpopnlar, and Urdon m'.a are vei i numerous in tbc rebel capital?' 'Lincoln amnesty proclamation had but ? ' very meagre circulation lut few of the pat . j pie of the 5?oiUa ever heard of it, the .e . being that they wujnhl reastily ;cerpt it. ".i is htitevcv! that a large maj .rity of the pe i pl, if left to theuiselvis, v.publ lay dow i' their Tlrms and accept the terms proposed." 'The Union seutimeof is growing rer.1 strong in Nrth Caroliua. The people of U. eigh lieqTwn.tly refuse to lot Confederate so dicrs p;iss through their city, on their way ' . Virginia." "All the worst that bas-ever been predict- ; t( the rebellion is no-.v taking place- iri ii. unfortunate ectioa of cotirrtry subjected to i control." f ' uch is the miserable stuff with, which tl Yank es fira tho energies an4 iufl.tmo tha p i; sions of their h teiiug soMiry. Ex J . ' Lt. Perkiha, of the ,31stN. C Kesimet.' v5 killed m the recent, fightSt SmftI (iei Va His remains hav-f been brought Lor., for lifter iiieiit.JJ ' . . " . ' IIALK1GU. N. Cv MONDAY, FEBRUAllY 8 186J, ' XtoRThe conredertu. . i February ISO. -j' ' - jic-j.v j. x'-fftoa . ii mo p.c?uro iouay If l.' T.i . I U- 1 .1 " J I o?seii:: tliefi.ct iniinOvr o? yoiu t)ailj Cti rat. Alio.v tne e iotX press tt you uiy'deiiht- o'clock" Tutday tnornio T,' H iitiavecc' to akesu b'd a staral in defenceti wards Nowb -rn. His b-Jv ai rived at Vef- nfSvtiifg yuu tat; of our much beloved tliouU persecuted Cu--j fedvrey ' l'crsfeCii.ed.U'it by ihisj whom it vfjuid tiC.a nave -"Tiome rmson to ctui- phiior i.o t-y the ohiitr vvh.o JiaVi? met, re-. .pul'.d atiii i.uted on more th ui. twenty Held the grandsrst ai my the 7.orl i ever s iw'uot ty thost; who li-vi wuiiiioiMl th tuils'aud pnva-. tioas ut cajnp tor almost three years ; not vigilant sentit.cl who walks hU.'post toroiiM sii'Av antt io'; not thvj. Weary aud iiuurv .-oldicr who rolls himsdf in his blank. t and lies do"wnupm the cold' grutmd . or Mimv for sleep ; not the. good Confederate Soliiithe knows th-wocmof Ldxiriy aijJ ij wiiin-; to make ibe sacrifice j bwt be who-. Ins do ,e- noii.n rut live i ta e during ur Wfcole strtiiie, vo"i:e hi neip;.;i r ia rj a wa.l oWtire iu defjooa oi his projrerty all tbis tiaie; tbi pior croaker wno lias reiaaia ei at huine too iiiulJi oi a coward to ib feiuj his u -mo .iii.d property, but perhaps hldi' a civi. t ill e and is jnerefoie exempt trotn - uiilnu'V du; y ; l tuay bit a J P. or a Mililia Lieutenant with a wroad s iip- oir hipanta. ; k n I have met some f ttits'eia-is wno stfciii to . think tn it U cause'they can wiite J.'l yr Lt, after i-i'sr u imw,. that it s tljeir 5petir busi . iuns t sic iu jfdi'iuat o.i tiio aLl'iirs of the Government and i x oilii-fs, b th civil aud mi itry, tx find fault f the A iuiini.tjratiou and ail lii'oae wno w.uld prosecute the war! They preach treason, and .ft possible. w.uid ti.eiib dicoura.ge aua tisrace the army. T:iia disloyal j taultrfi.nhn,r Hi cc-S'tkiiig faction jh N nil Uaioiiaa, h.ivu laborcil lonjj to dtsalfect the Aiioy' iaTl have z led most finaiiy. " 'Lite soldier turns l their wiiipc-.s-ci tr as n ii irif tar, 8..d cotnuuinds tticiit "tncny '-Oe jOKs" w;tu your crjrikin ; we h .ve no coutideace in the cward's teachings ; we will be.lree,or lid a sohlfl-r's h-ino:eil d.ar, as many at god';is wo iia.e -ircudj cuut. lt is iwcct tj rlie iu dcf'.nc'c of our ilo ci. . - , L t all thos3 who fet loie spark of patriot-, ksm Louie to our as istance. N-vv u.c accent- d tin e. The von. g rn: n who rclu. to civile, itio'Ujiii he may 'beau cxt-mpi. ilescrvcs u t th na.no oi a frcenrln. ait.y Ucsis are Wing a-s: raided Lr our subj.igati-)n :'.cUS-.-iiiCr well yur condition :ku:1 shry succeed. 'Lyt us present a Uidted front atuj put i" nil ooj tu ri cdort, and w-S are a free peep le. It iiKit i; jt be a pariial e.tfori not oiiiy of tlx 9 ii4iny, hat t f "the wh.le pa 'pie. Ti.crj is work ior a.l to uo. .L':t" tli-foo who .an .o bear a 'musket go to their wj. k-h"prf"or f.u i;i-y ef. t ie tyldlers !: fed us w 11 n po.i T?l, ; lei him know t'nat ue :s cared -tor ; that hi; wii'c 2 liitlvj o.nes aic not i"-gicc.ei by tiiiMvoiihiV urotiyd u.cin; let the iove id' gaio vease ; h-'t td !eti rmiiie tu do tuvir ditty, :-d ihcit is no t'i.o;.i doub: ao out cut irctvlom tlun t'lar. ihu tun st. iocs. Oi e the army t-so prp r cnc-uiiagt. uunt from i.o la'.aud it is invmciuu -r-lhe co.ahio d uiv 8 f nil yanke doin van nut move lt. I ti.tvt: been a cIo.-e ohse. ver of "the army cf v rioto u lrg nia, autt say to-day t tnat U ss in be U-r CvMiClii-eii, n.o:e do eria;:;ed tiiau ll has ever. been h-ali-!. . " We woual s.iy f. ihc iawTiut.dug trita.ur gel tl-ec Wi.io i tu" v. vrl not hje t thy teein.iTs, l aL yield lieeiiid -n(diM.Ce to ttio.-c ta auta-oi.tv over i K,lol'ipi in, in we aic proud ol, ar-o. s cspitiady i-iir yresld.-ut JvifjrcMn iavis, and jove-rnor Vfi-.iq. v e ctii.upmi tiie loyal P" 'ie f tne o.d X ordi tate io ii-dd iu cli ck the uin! ya! ohai -.a nd s n a liaruiKied tli bi'ihu s'. page of J.er llUt"Uy. ' - ' . ' vASOLDlElt. Aiiollir of Crast Cutlers Orders.. - f e lire iade-i d t a fii"d for 'aeopy tlie ; O.d Domiaioa,'' a lai ke-paper punli -ed in Noii-ti.-;. ii it v-- li id th: hiriwiug orJei oi Cm si Uutter, winch may pr ve in er tvt'.ng l ,-Ci-s'ns.ievt:-iog t " g-.-t Uj rough our hue.- on t iror - -.y io Y an do a ; ' 1 1 E A IaUA ;'i Kits ldTH A iMV' .r.FS, . l1 rr a ut hi t. n t e r V a . . a : i N . C, , F. it M .iir., V.i.. Jan. '11, U6l. J Gene dd Orders No. 12 Inasmuch as t Us reb'? uf tar Coafeder e S"a'es aie stilling their w i-'nca aul cniidren throngh the hie sof this Dt:;yartm'jn, and re- taiuing.by law, all able- odied male person's, J it is ordered ; " . - I. 1 hat no white women or children win be permitted io come through tje luios with out a piss lrom these h'Mdipa arU-rs, or the he od'iuarter- ot the Army of N a th Cared i 'a. II. Ad aob'-hod-ied men will Oe lvcijvtd, tjCKii:ed until reported to hese Head iu irtcrs. r the. headquarters of the Fiistiict aiij.! Anny of N'tTih Carolina; and orders are. givu cou- CtM.iKig iTiem. . - - - 111. Notoing in this order .shall b con jstr'ued ir. coidl.ct with General Odor, No. 4'S, rel iling to colored pe rsons. 15y command o'f Maj r Genaral Bu'lcr. ' ... I A Davis, Majorand Assistant Adjutaut . Geueral. In celinection with the ''above JiOSpitzb7c grceii 'ig from the "Cease," to tho5wh ilesir'e to shiik duty and realize i'l-gotteu gains, we O commend the following, Wiie;h we extract ... . - from an article in tne !uehmoud Li'iquir.er, ol ye.tcrday, ou the subject of ' Yankee Prison Life": . . . " , . If;re are three specimens frm Petersbnrg, arrived nt ForrJNor'oik two brothers, Divis', and a f llo.w named Myers. On ariivin at" Norfolk they deposited in the Express 'ofii-e, f.;r lragsmi'ssioido New YToi k, uOrne-tca t ous and dollars ttfJnpenbackjS six or seven thoiis mil m g rid, and the same amounttu dhiKVinds. !... i V' -. ."-. i , i a a. BtiJrs,'s nose ts 't b keen to misi suclra fish j . t'ratlf The ' ransfer fniiu the Express oSice to j his coffers was effectetkwith the facility a. long ! practice filsrcs. Tucy may paco.lhoir W- i meut, tii rust tticir long noses tnrottn tue oar?. and with their fi-hy eyes' gaze longingly in th Iirtcti n of Old Fuint-, where Cutler is clink ing their cotuaul a -.ladling .(he brilliancy of th'ur diamonds. They -detigncd going U New York most probably . fnr tho pur-p-.ise tf shipping Yankee notions to the S uth. "They are likely to reraiin in prison I until' Butter has scut their plunder. ;rThe ) raert'dime they may speua lameuting iraair j hard, fate and wishing th-mst'lves safely b.ek ' Ja Dixi. Miserable deili", Hct iihui fry in t titi-r cwq grra?o. Death .of Coi: Shaw; of th-8tU S. C. ! 1 iV;n m " . . : "i "eep regret W3 h-arn -the d.-rvth ..f4! tra gaiiaai . otinyr. "Ile.waa h.-t thr-iuch .; ..!!... .7 " . it . . ' uibiIiph i iiy ma cnem.'1 tneni't t tm i . i i - ..- . - jd n on yci'er ijy ntorttinj. O-lonel . Siiiw w i.s a pro:nine;it tain in A rt.i Urn'iiia. wai a. N'itheriib-iri man, but in e..vly life k ahd in-ti.e Cu-jwan ,v"."'."1 10a aiioinc.i otan-v Alter h TVlixg n'peatediy in th Lr-is'.ature, die as elected bithe oia Uiit -n Csirts4, iu which ho served one or more ttrm3." Ilo wasa-i oM Democrat, and many a track have wo hd athiin'eru! tno timeeanfe, when t!d i,sus ah.,uM be , ourteil uaoer the riiinK of tht old ana "rotten 1 1 Ait vernmen:, under wh.i h tjiey an se ond lived, and ali irue li e Union by a unaniuious vt ii, he never. ui.er iu,nn,4 nis rnml to the ni. ub. o.Afil I Urck.. ': tominand.at' fi anoke LsLOd when iw iftd," l.u vvaj iak'i jui.-re!, rxrsil when cx pnanKeil, iinineIiarriy ri?-e"L?cij jIi service. ins ctcvo.T.Uito whieJi he ha K-.led with hrs U fai . ; klHl.-Ji.terb urg ll-yis'tr soeiiaiioous-- it- Wanted .t,i riurfliase.-.A Coed' Piano Apply at ihU Oilice. j iu latf !. IP'ar Sale Onclii jrra .bov.nbout'KlrtT . years ot a-rj in good h-jsith ; an excellent -arn4er, cirf ige'dr:ver, and work hand. Aiviy to . j. m: I.MTLE. feb. 3; 1854-10-dtiv.w4!. Lexington, X. C. i Mrs. II. r. Miller. HOI livihe Month. if $ 13. j ! ;''. - ! Oily biard du Traaiieitt, par dar. jia!6dly- i'uano reJf $ia. . -aura caar " 3. . . . . ... loard van s viin provistonS. J. H. Mi U.S. 5-tf. - Uiford, N. C. W.1VTKD " i ooo l ds. o y uo a : ca .ve feed. The. highest cash :ri.' will b; paid ;ei hundred, or" bv the bnhel. "Anoly to y -diw , p. FKi;ri4bL.' VTOTICE.-.A limitefi rtn:iber of rer rults ! JL.1 will be received in. the 1st .V. C. Cavalry llcg- ! irnent. The recruit. nrist bi inj with I.iiM 'a s.;r- j viceable hor... Arras xnd eipjpKiients vwll lij i furnished. For lui t.iiT. in'oOnatiou as to V:"i- j paYiies.'Ae., arpply t C1 5la.ll el fe. coiarr-andiag j Cnnscrint Cauip at U abogh - . j liyordor . Col. Wa II. CHE K; Co'nd'ir" Ueo. S. Dbwet, Ad'jt. ' 1-dl'riL j I7"arm far Kent- or Sa?t -Ttvo Jinndred ars of If.nd. lying twelve i.i!s w.-st of ital eigh. a:.d four milei f. jai II lly Sprinjfs, in tb" CiTunty of Wak ; 2) a'M ea of fresh cleared Innd, th laiane original ro.Ttb. The chared IWd weii uc-'d. Apply-to. . . -" - Y II. CU.VNI.VOOIM. 0 dSt Exclrlhe Hotel. - s i V - perr:iial .Ppp ai aaee. ai;d of no'l f-.in.i'v, . tie.-ires to eti'Tto toid with pom? ir'o-iJ lo-kinfr vbung i n--i v oa t'' -s'ai'i 'et of iiintr i 'iionv. M'.abh no Qvii.tioo. an ri.-as n i u i cimutii nr u'ua. .vnv l.dv wbdiin to pvji sevi Cj; resptif.der; HI di-frs ("ith pa'atage rtamp eneloSid. tatiT'g h'-r i perdoiislp,c,;,.4.,aii An .) Il' X 415, Cl'.apcl Hid. i X. C.U,'al r.a &c. gi.-en on application. 8-2: j. Onnfl Pox X t let1. A i he Small Ton ; has ngain appeared hi thy City ur" ii-dcij-h, ! 'all pei s ns cal iug at -tlu o'.tic- of -th ; Surgeon j Gene-ra! b. t'vun the hu.s of ten ajd tA o'will be I vacciaatei free pf charge. i EDWARD TVAIiHEX, jaal'i-l: . Surgeon iitfuere.l. TtJotlcc.-i7.i tli.? First tiff of crery Xl inon h I tharl sen a special ajjciit i hi- , Ai ni-.of Northj-n Virbiii. - All uackages, A-s ient tO m nK I ins pH-tf A mi .rt; jii ouirTit y uittii:U- I ed free t,.-"ch4r. .. 'iiilWAUD VVAftlii, ! S nr. --.'J. ..iM V V H ILLS BOKO XILITIY ACUIKMY. , The Sixth Academic year ut this Irn-tituiion wid co;ii!u nee on Wed.'fday. Febru TVN-?rd, 1G4. For circulura andinforiuation apIv to MA4. WM "Jki: GDUDOX, Sup'U Ilillsboro', X. C, Sou2i, 18C3. d3m. . m - - - Or;n ItcVar'd.-Rnnaira)" from tho VVU .Machine Shops of tlr? it. A G. K, lt. Co , on theiSth of Jan., 1804. tha b'y HtlitllACK. Said boy isMbout 5 fe-t li) inched lugh, copper colored, long bu,-hy h ti anil vcry ba?Uy clari n hjn loft. He ia fjpposd r bi lurking m or nar the city of Hak-ij;h." .The above rewaid will'W paid for his delivery to fchid,coai"pany or,' his confin uicrtt in jail. 10 6t. ' C. P. M::il).EX.,IALL,.Gem7boro., J. M. MULLOCK, tlranvitb-county. O. G. PA It S LEY. Jr., ) ALEX'ii 0bl)IlAM,i . Wilaiington. W. I). SMITH, . s J. Ii. OilEENV. jl'U.nata a WILLIAM L'JXG, Caswell county W. 1). SMlflL a-. Treasurer. . DUDLEY MCIIOLS, sq., Seeretary. Parsoant to a resolution adopted by ttK-Direc ; I try, the su3iKrib4ra,are ecuested-to par -over to ! Viu. D. S.nith, Treasurer, or despsit in IJank to ; w,n' D. S his credit, tions, and the amount oftheir respetftive arbsqaip forward certificates of deposit to h:s ad ffr the lOtb day ot are rpau.'d tu snd in-their iubcriDtiona ofc or be fore th.it time to the Troaurer,, who will issuo; certiSeatcs of ftock. - - - . UUDLSY MCI10LS. S-c'y. . Durham's, Jau'y2Uth, I SOI.- 4-d2w. - .-. : r r TtTPtfpvillf- Tannirr 13. 1SG1 WaillCd- I lAdlT vha'u?u ten?h music r.-. linn an.l I'nHiih K'anch. . to take eharo of a small school ia a family near Fayette- i .vi be? Address, - box '2u2, J jan lS-w3t - Fa ctteville. X. C. j . ' ' . ' 1 . . - . v Iil .il. IJIiK P J- Of all d?icription neatlv executed it: cGc i ;mi"i s!t iii.il of r5. ! h I. f..r tl i r , r i , unery, wuo repart-M lor uutr. at M.uietU, ; . k,r. "dncei. tur lirc-idw, lives ndflbn4i wer.forwai J,d tr ,ac bv Cl. an-t Jioertit'T. O.uonot Sin w p"vVfI hini-elf, - A. Jackson, ai d dsclaeuo cictja.-cep. tobia lru.raaiV,jJA member- nt Wi O.n- HO. OUj, Ar.-nt of Ijxcliange. veJ:v;.uci;ch ii'k X,H"iii C-ir lm tint of Byord-.r: fSignel S, Coa, A.f and Insp'r OTfej-d Fejjir.Jo CoUegf.TIte tTCittr sixt!) s.'-ion begn-i on Monday "the Kh ,'-r January lt-Ci. and will eonting; twenty wct-kj. -T-ii-tion iv eacliiichoul f'?!J. N. . y in. i'cr?fnj waa tan io ID io acireiion, eM u-j orth Carolina yyianfeer ;trr t.oni- . thi irov;,ili;i, 0f this order, ndt thetiitVo pany -At a mectinot the stockholders of - ofol:,tKJ1 ut w ill be aligned accudir.g to eabt the above Company, l-d in ttaletgh m th . 4l.i jrr ..c?u,.atW:n?. instant, the C .wpaar re-orgaauod um.-.-r its char- IV, Ad odicera in command of contpmiea au ter, anaprooe:?d,H to elect th.J fdl-jtviaff genUe- . .r ol rz..j und r or.l-r to r-eeire cun.-ci ipta . ! ... . . .. Yol.mLt'cr will lorire.Ti! a iiu.i.i ot mo .v'.Mii.i.juuv ine uirvct--r.y inon proc-eaju so eiicr- taeir 9i- j uu ();Rccrs. caCh.one Tf whom should ficena, f;J" ; . . . . , . ' 'be famished with a copy cf the order without dt V.iVtw f Ir To iaurc the publicity of tl.e o,der, there j I f l!l I.I (I, !v I'.j. . inn lf.itau..nr --I - - ... . ' i . 1 ... i m i . . . i . i . . . r r i J OL, I-A'o. 12. - '" AbJ' 4 Military. " I r t : T AND lXSP'K GKV'S OFFICE. " r! Uichaand. Feb. i. 18C4. . ' f f I Cnemi Orders o. lj..TT:P Tollonln ? "nii-riipaoiiiDea ior lae. inrjrmatioa of a.: concerned: . i C. S. AvRRirii War DrrAtTv:f. 1 "I Krehtnond, Ftbrturv I, Wi. . KXCllANCrKNOJlCK.NO. VIII. 1. Ali. phwoners herctofotc held b- th L'nited States authorities whether .fficer, fut uittt or civilians, received at ti!r Point, K?oaR thk lie or Jascakt, If 64, are hereby 'DECLiRtD it rHiNdrn.1 - !I ' 2. All erriCKRs as atx of jus Yicrimi na CAPTCijE, who repotted for duty at Enterprise, ilisc, at any time pajoa ro tub 14th or Novem ber. lMji, and whose fiatars were forwarded to nr by M.j. tien. John II. Forn.vV au clvhm: ciiasocd. ... 3. All olievrg ftr.d men of tlw VicL.burir ran. t I" ture, bi'lor.gi.i r to tb. fir.it Tennessee heavr ar. 0n-ral. jKT Confederate nwpptrs pst)'i?b tix tinjca and send bill to tfce War Department. . 0-6t. . ' ..ENROLING (IFl'FCE,) 5th CoxaajfojiAt. Disratcr X. 0. V . C-toao, January 27fUQlt) .. Tn 0!)cd!cnoc io General Orders Xo. I, Coaimandat ol Coaycripts Italeigb, Jauuai T 20, LsSl. iiilitia and county Enrolling officera wii. rsdify ad white ihale pera ."as brtwci n the nges of 18 and 45, within the limit of their .reSpecti re rrgink'iila. to report at the countr seat u th.Ji respi - ctir eoantifs.' at th 'ollowtnf time rl Ucei f.riinal enrollment and examination by the Medical Examining Hoard. Thig call era hi-a era j ail white male pVsoas b twe?n the ajrea f IH rl 4i, w uether praviou.iy 'zeiupted or-tiot. All these residing within thii limit. o.p th; 4'Jl!j Kegi'nent X. C. M , 1 -rtelHn our.tv, h ill rr; .ut .at.LouiebuTjroq the 20th, 11, 23d a'al Uth dava ! of February lft"4. . ; .'All those rcsidiaj; within th liaut of lb 324 Iegi:ii?nt, S . (J. M., h coeat v, -vv-S 1 1 rey.-1 at Nashville, on the. 2G:h. L'Ttl a;.Y 2Jlt davfc'ufi-V. bruary. apd 1st day or Malvh, ISiJl. AH 'thhs residing .vitrdfi th j liw.its of th 57th H'imentJ Warivn cour.tyi will. ieprt at Wirrcntouoa tha i'.h, r.ib, Ith au i 4"tb a irs ot March; ISO I. Ail thiij? iv-v-ibi TTithin th.. li'witi of th'j'lJj Kgiinent, X. C. M?, Granville .oui.tr, will report at vx'.td n the lltii, I'Jth, 14th aiu! 15th diys t March. 1SG4. . ' Ail th.s vrv-idir.g wbhi.i tho Maiiti thsVc.:-! Kt-uncat X. 0. M. Grnti.l.' ct.hiiv. will re fort at Uzibrd ori tho IClh, 17lt, iS:a and lUlh dava of i ilarch, IH. . . . . ! All. tho?" r-siJincr whhla thi HniU of 4Cth" Jioci:u.nt, . (J. M.t t)rar.J coantv, jtill reii t at UilWbora, on thl- 23J, TSi, Uxlx ua i 25tl. day's- ef Marcli,-Ibdi. " . . ' Ail th"se resi'lin within th? li-r-;s of th.- 45th neiiiieiH X. 0.M., )r;in -:j C-tU!iiyv:d l-ypnit nt I ill si)!.o,on the 25lh,3otU, 2r.U and 3ath dva ot March, Js-H. . - . - AU U:3 riidin itl.iu ih'e ll'.mtJ o th 33lu laVgbneiit.'V. C. .)., Wsika ecuat v." v. iil Vepori at the Coutt House. in itaUdgh on tLr lt, tih-aad 5 ill ;.!.;..; ot Apul, fcv'.J. All those resrhiig wuhi.i th? lomf.s of the 33:h R -t N. C'M , Va5:e c u:d--. irii! ' roport at th Court'ilm'n.-.ia lialeih, ... the G h, 7to, 5.L a:.d 9rii da y of A prd, i btj-4 AII those r.srdlv.g within th Kenla if ih-s tlih R.-g'oa nt X. C. M., V':: cma. v-. will r -port at the Curt Ho.- in Uibih . -i "th llth, Pith, 12th aud 14th dayjofApid. lay'.t.' Comrranding Olilcer' Mliit'a II?riii-i:t wii .fO arrange it that one fourth ow'y : th -eompui l a of each l'."iihncnt will b present iic! iU. illOS. F. TIUIIS, Ai;Hfant Sa-'geoo Chairman Kxa-rdi.irg lijnl. II. C li ;it-)O.N, i. f . ;f 1I.T)AVIS M. 1) , A.'LAX'MS, Jh.. li).iioiUi.g Oiiic-.'r -.C-2V ... otji Congreioi.ul Iinicl-X. C. C'ONMflilPT (rFFKIK. ir,'.rai;iioi :n. rdi, H;t. JL of Cr(! a l,-' i .n i pb.i v'o' l foi ' ho ii 'Orri-t tion of ait e-nc. ru -.l. ' - !' o.drr '(.. M A I.I.ETT, C .ad I Coui. ior X. C. E. J. HUP!!Cy .1 ' . blrj-:ai: of cgxscisiptiov, Up.iiMo.vu, Jau. 'lolTi, ld64. j" Cincrr..a) Xo. 4. J ' rTlo) Commandant) o" C;thipts. The af?n. . X tion of Commandants, ia vspoehily direer"! to General Ord.ersi Xo. .7, A. A I. G." . run ti.t series, hproin as. fori'i torTlioir infirin-ti't!i. A D J T. A X Q I X S P. O GX' LS OFF1C r , Kte'!M0."i. Ya., Ja'i." ', lsii4. T. Paragi ajV IY General Orders Xo. 3 current t.e' iV 's heri by revked. 1(. Enrolling O.licei a will proceed nt rabidly a practicable in tlu enrohuent of all per.-ous niade IS ati!. ti '.nilitarv service. Previous 'to mni o meut I i ' 'as conscripts, all such peijfis will be ailonid to ' vobintr, provided j l-t. Tne C'liupiny i;lectet was in f-crvica oi ' th IClh d" April isti'i. 2nd. The Co'irpany elected ia at the time of volunteering, below tlei minimum prescribed by regniationa. 3rd.. Xo person made liablu to s.rvice under thia order will be permitted to y.iu, or will be ataign ed to 5ny contpnv which h'a3 more than rity four privates ou the roll, until all tV t;aipanij in service froai the Statw of which the volunteer or consctiptis a rpsiden, rhaii have the iniiiiuium mimber prescribed iy regulations, 4th. Vimn the Companr -t-uinx slcctd fl. j - volante.-r will receive I'nun Ihe Etiroliing O.l.ccr , a r..rtitic.itc to thi eff-.-ct that he h is so volunteer- I e!; and no voluator will hi received iu any cota f uanv evcept on ancb certificate, III. I cr?fn? ivflj iso io m ie' aci-eiion, xei u j of Conscrtptsof th-3 StAJe. accurate, certified roll j L of their companie-" . an.l without imch roll, khowinfi tuat taiV ao nnixceei mxiy iuar m mi., ihvis will not be aligned any conscript or volunteer. Ily Command of tho Searc-tarv cl WaT. v . AdjUmnd Io.-p. Gen'l. . Earlv and rigorous action wia be crjoinod on mru1 rirr-.ila t ion. cremptioa, with any nkotc f merit will not be II. 1 ersona prbeiUD pput .in ior ipttii c ideated nutil action ia taten by this Hareaa. ThS' easea will b- intit?d ia accoidance ', t f: !.. f t . s . t H.. l .... r dclav practicable. - order of COL. J.VU. S. IMtESTOX, ' Sf.pt. '(Siasso) ' C. H. DUFFIKLD, . 3 1m. A. A. G. . HT Fayetterille-Obscrtc. Yibninstnn Jour raj, S dishnry V.'atehman, Charlotte JJotletln and l)0.TJocat, Irvdcll l.xpr-.i. Abvlile Vews, Wades- boro Arjrue, Grerniboro Patriot, alutorl Cbron Icle," Christian Advocate, X. C. I reinterian, Mountain Eagle Tarboro Sootberncr, copy one niontif - . . - M. ...'. . love and Soiks W -intel...I dci rr to Jf purchase for the s ildi-r, ltf.OOO pairs o: 'Jloves "and lU.OuO pairs of Sotka. Donations will be thankfully receir.d. EDWAliD WARItKX, . Sursjrcn Oeasr tl, H, C. raB 12-lra i 3 . . , v , - m - . .... " . .... - . . . JOB WOKK r every description will b e. ccute4 t tbit U.1ie with diepatch, tbd $ nrMly at can ba dau iu the Southern Couf.deracy. Military.. . v. t w".:C:7:Z Vi'SV ' S-V "Ac"! ? "n?9 ?? intorrcation of ll co'nei-int-d. ,lti rtfiwirrnicnta niil beiix'idlv ocforcctl in every. particular. . Dr order rot. MALLKTT. Comman lii jr Coorrlpts fr Xj,', I'. J. IIakmn, Adjutarit. AUJ'TA-M I.NP. OEX'ES UFUCE. Kuhmo.nb, Jan. y, Cl. t No. 3. - f I. The follow inj: Acts of CopjfnMand Hr-ula. t.o: are rnbliicd for ihc ibfci mativb u( al I cr- . in concerned t her tin . . '. . - ACTS. Ax Act to prevent the F.rdbtim-tit or Frr' UmrU of Substitutes in the MiliiarT eervlrc uftl Cou- federate States. 44 Tht Covgrt tht 'Cufttrclt Stottt . .Rtertcatat'o tnarl, Th.t ih pi-rjoii liable tu udlitat y erTice foju nrreaft-r bt poi mitted or alh,wsi to fuTDigh a substitute for f uch i vice. ra.r hkli otr aubtitute b? received, en bu d or -nr..lbd in the luihtarv crvire ofjhe CotilnkratcStatii." 1 Ap. proTed Doetmbvr 2sth, 1S(.S.J AV,Cr tornt n inJ io the frietnftio!Tfro!ii Military Service, t tho8 h La hare In-utofore Inrnij'bcd Subrtituttir. "VMEnrt, in the prearrKitcumnfaurat e'r tbi country., It i-equirea the aid t.( all abo are r.ble tc bear arina : 44 Tht! Cortjre of .the -Cnnfediratt Slntt rf .America do eet, That no pel foil pliaJl be c xctart ed fiorn military fervice. bv leanon f hi havit.g -turrnhcd auhstitute; bui thia act flull not be eonati n-.-d a ta nir.-ct persons vho, though ra.t PaMe t i i fndr military a-rvicto have, n vcrthc lcf, furni.-lied aubftitutea." lApprovtd Janumv 5th. ifU. ll. JVrfors rendered liable to militkrv f.'rvire h.r ' pprratiun m the rj ceding acta, are r faced on the eaise f.iJnjr v ith alt other hitherto held liable bv Act of i m'u fi. II I. J'er.-or j iK'-etn. rt ndero l liable t. ii-i'.ila'i y ti-ricc aiy i quirt it to r poi t a volcnttt; i'r eomrij ts,"nit!iut delay, to the rtitiulirar l;c'rr; and nil wba dtlay beytmd the tt tl.iy id Ft hruary "In: I. will t" cof.idircd aj haiim ft i.opi.eed tle " pririb-g,. of tebo.tctiKiij,-, and hJd for an? rgriuu-i.t . ACOiirifiii tu I it. IV. lau)l!ing ulf.cer V ill H.cied, an rapiJ! r pra( ie.ible, in th e enroll no nt ,.f pt.t bit-iu . u-.adv fi-! !! to military aery ice. I're i. u to n. loomed fjf c. scripts, ulTmeh iern i. i'J It,. iilo.d to v.!u::tr in cmpar.ica iii mirieeep th. If.lh 'Ap:-J 1S"J : f.rvvi'Uti, the -erps ny l.'n i!j -s ii'ulai tb- tin.e of r.ilui tPert: j- rol. .the uixifnur-.i ntn-.dier ih;r.td ; and ep.:i u h i i.. Vany beiifg dectd, the ViTuMir ril rw i v frotn thu riau!di. oltic-.-r a cei tiiic at? to th il t that h has to v.ier'- tod ; ind re lu? ti-cr will lie rcceivt-u mto c naanv eicei-t on nidi n. tific.tc. pi- iius w ho f..il to milir their !. etiofl. r.i tie.' time f et.rwlbiifM, will be aaiii d ccoid a: toxi-tirar ri-i-ulntioup. V". Pers its lit. j port to the eMM.llittg otr.eis v"ill li -nrl!ed. t.t eor be allow rd n Jn.'.-. ih ef tn Cay. b.d'ri : r .it ting to the c.:o p d' ii Mic tion. ' m YI, AH p rs r, vh-thVr Volni.t. r:- i.i cv f'.iitl,l unr;. r ttdi oiiicr, will j-asa tL.'!i th. ' ta.apof in-iiaeiion of tlje Staie to Al.'.th lb y Hrl n.g. tttid b. t r m d -'l tlo neo t t!;- e aid a Tvldcit re tclotted, tv iu.ubieh titeji may he . - (ii'i'l. t VI L Thp lbtit-nu of ' Co' rrfj ti'tn U thiog.r with a-lopiing jh up-, i irgulrir.it fv.r the fKurtt ' r;t of V. ir' d .r. . ' VIII. All :r.ptions.heret'''oi'gi r.tr 1 ii" tub-j-'Ct to a rM itloii, nieh-r histr" t;..:; front t JJuicao of Conr-cr i, ti n an' ir u..J in b -ti.. pruper or Uuautbouaid bv Ian , iH be revoked, ily oi'.dt;r. . -S. Coifri.it, Adjutant a:d 'esio ctot f. i,.;ah l .br.blS. . . Xti" Vd:rirto' Jo'itt.ft .a1i.!..ir Vatrh man, Chailwlto lt trcceit. I'rMt i jt t.f. .i.l A-lifviHe Xewscopv ui.til Fb;var. bit'' mai a. ltd h.b- t . C-.I. M-vlV.u' o;l;c. 1 v.' ' ' j t.:,r.nal' Male?. t;f Aitirrirn. FnsJ- I Kj nfr hepartm-nt, Pi.tirVt t.'upe P ar- V.'ll- ; mb-gSi". X. ('., Jlnich litih, iM 1 .S li t ii ?i"i--uy ;iven to nt I peraotiM biu;g ;ir.,n rouM the li:iit!e r I pti tio nt, for sftr'ir.'.t m !! ' 'iii'doy.J n lahoitrs u?i tlo ht.il ttrit.c f. ' T ituari-toii; X. C, that lln t ;tt Jr- i-. n l;i ijl. J :.! 4 ri 'to pity the aainf at .'is ' fn th r: rn'o' tb.er.ot the Uuildii n t ,d.. t M. atf' i iX Stv, , Maiket Site t, I tst i ei- ulii -r i't t ii. of i l 'o firy n ill ohfertt the rill i ing loi iii- thrii f)t,.iini"i r, u a,1 e.i-iif, t be e. iist-d by two tt lm rfii tu.d fici.j1 ii. duplicate, or tbiv ti:cy be . tin. fi" .-tl i e- m .for.e Justice of the Peace or. to- it' of iiy ftaut. . imkx o Cliff!; or a t lOK J( i f nj , do b'r by up,. o'u.t , a A - 4mii aria.4ttatlitt 1 nm r In .!cn i "V f I'll aica ii wi aBijf ' 0 t " w cii;i Tor, anl tvrivc J .J wkuI vfit f.k Mil In- tti.s V'n'riiflr f lt9 it mol I t I lu I itli'oil fi-:it Vut of.Viiiarira, for tho i"!'iti. of iay shit e. cit.pl;o id us labours tai the 11 0 deti -i.cta t , !ni if g tl r nn.ijth ol Jm . g Witaesa, n 1.4 nd muf seal, t , this dav of " ', ISO- ... (Sfs:i.td hi dnpiiaAte. -a a i Witiieff. : The 'igieitrin'S1 of i u':-r:"i j-erior h uhl be oit TlfntfA b three v. it fie nr. There " inu.t be Brpntata thiplkat I'utvra of Atttirtiey f ir Vath ti.ot.lli. Illntik fi'i a can be had upon ur r lien Wiai at thiirNifllee. 4 w: u. jami s. Jan. 201S64 f Capt. A Chi-,! 1 -ita-i-r. I7jt-ttcvllle Arslnal ard .l:!!ory, Vr ? vemb-r U. J?t;j. tflOU IIt)L'.M"i' 1 d.tcd( IO" M. Hinted lldcOtnM. Aulhoiity h.ivii.g Le u ffiajitt-dbt the War Depai tiuerit to nii: n taiPi- paur of M Hii:tel ti3 -'fta for a-.rfice ia thi cu.ity, it.ticc Is hereby K'T,-'n.' thai lenuits, to the aumb -r ol 10'J .jOH-eoM.erir i.l be re- J tv M I ir ' 1. Cttiveo ior tnia -rviee. r.aTu. ri vi".i win ue rc (piirtd to 1'uriiu.h aacrviceahle hor, for which he nill bs allowed 40 crafa per dif-niinl bin pay $12 periiionth. UVi.'ea f'trtniition will V't rt pi ired froro parent or (uar.IUnf, whure the applicant ia under the cantci ipt aje. Each rtrcruit icut brir.g with bun a blanket or bed-p'rr-i, and come prepared to ifirnir. Apply to Slaj MATTHEW P. TA V LoU, at the Ar.eial. F. L. t HI !.!. . . Li-ut Cel. C. S. A., Commauding i'c.t. d;C InJtf. . ' Qurjrrnn tiewji-V OtTlro, K?.l zu Jan., O.I. lot. A. ttvdical eaaaiiuir.g boatH.', tow s is ti eg of h'u-reon E. A. ritlTDEP, AM't-iurgoo II. Il. lIAKRIS-t, will n-.fft At Hahtax, ir Ilnli.ax toubtr, n Mon day, the 2ith 6fJ tuuafT. At 'Jack n, i a Xoituampton cour.ty, on U ed-u-sdav. tlie ith of January. . ' At'Murfreeaboeo', in Ucrtfcrd ciaaty. i;S lii. dav, tin- "iitb ot January.". At Wiltnii.fc-tnu. in Xrw Haoovtr ro.irlr, on Tu-da, Wfducadar, 1 Urda; , Zd, 3 J at.d 4th of Ft.biuai'5. At Vf.it-fiile. io Colu'itua tictjnty, tu iatur dav, February C'h. At Hizalath Town, ia PlaJ-it eouplA, oa Tiy day, Sith of F-brurv, f.r lL purport of txauTuv ing all persons cUfuduz eifirptioa fi out llina) Gord dalym 9V'.uot.i physical iib'.l tr. Hy crder gf GwVc:nor VaiiCk: O LUWIX ARUFX, jm 20 2v surge:i. J.enera"" For Salo or Rent. HOTF.L FOlt S.1LK..-1 0FFKU AT I'lII.. vate sale the large ne Hotel in the town of Li-riihurg, tttid located last eaitol the Court houae, julv4,-t-f. II. II A KRIS. TLi'KS JLJ En Kxctited with n tat acts itdspatrh at Till OFKICT. ' will ba r id an neatlyi ier Key, ' mar) 23, bed lor the iulrerucnt ul r. . LETT, for N. C. 'ICE, id Rfgtila Tf all per- Cnrnllmrt f the Cn- Statt a rultitfty alhiwed to shall KPT tied in the A p- tion fi t jj lvrtofora caa of tka ire able t iaf o f xerript his havirjj I not be o tough net nevvtthe I January aervlc by red en tht i liable by 0 miliiary intcers or nr tttefrs; Ftbtuarv tu.ccd tf'e fbjiiicioit a tapiJIy tia boiriu . u to cu ll will lni ice on 1 1,( ly ehorrn fach tin uih rom- 1 tieivr the lie t .terr will uch.n-r-udec'tii n, d accoi u- ,X o(Jieei a I hoiph of iimlt ur- . or con-. iue.li the ich th'-y .nmpsnira ay bu us- chat f A enforce t ai e r uh- 'rpui tm o be i Vdvtd. 'bit, ;r.f i 1. , Wntf It 1 ro d ami sr'.it liru'U ar folic ia I H"!tillt iiilsn a . ft ii.-i r l vol or itiiee, on Mi ai en' ney will lai'i r, In fur and eed he. y Coutt. t , cin r-- tit liij't ( iolifr-tl of my IflO. lit thia S'ral.J I be wit jwtra of tun ba i LS, iio rr. . I - - '.. o- fit ii tl t -l, lj I. i i n i a CnfJL thia T- ' ti ruits II la- r I ! r- bic li I " pi j i i a 1(U il ol' liiant ia inktt or t. at thn 'i'eat. Jan., "d, t'tu- I, m Wen- a We!. ot Fi 1- xitr, en d Kb ! i Slui - n Ti9 IV in. Tit I ihune v. jera', n.i. nvn d vtioeae. iu.s. I Till

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