DAILY CONFEDERATE. A. H. GORtfA!r"& CO., Proprietors. DAILY EDITION, for 5 months .....$ 12 44 J 7 1 44 3 TRI-WEKKLY, for 6 months 7 3 t WEEKLY EDITION, for 6 months..."!"."! 6 No subscriptions received on any other terms th in the above nor for a longer or shorter period. Fora the Richmond Examiner, of Mondaj. " TlE ENEMT CKOS THE UaIMD AlN UU vtARTUL Kkpulsk. We learn from an officer who rraiohetl hero yesterday im mediately from General Lee's lines, that on Saturday evening the enetnv, i" heavy force, crossed the Rapid Ann at throe fords : Morton's, Itaccoon Ford and Burnett's? the last about three miles from Oran-c Court House, and the others lower dowu tlie river. At two of the fords, Morton'a nnd Birnett', the enemy was rerwifced and driven across the'river. At last accounts the enemy was on the other side t the river, ex cept at BarncttX where firing yesterday morning denoted .me action. It i supposed that this movement f the enemy js merely intended to en sage Lee's attention, and to cover his movements on the Peninsula. Richmond Threatened. Some days ago a report' was obtained by the authorities here from a Yankee d(rter, that the enemy was contemplating raid, in considerable force, on Richmond. The report obtained consistency from a number of circumstances, and impress ed the authorities to-such a degree that a dis-. position of forcT-s was made to anticipate the supposed design9 of the enemy. At i ine o'clock Saturday night, a force of thr enmy, numbers not known, but consisting of cavalry with some- artillery, made'a de moiifclrat ion at Bottom's bridge and drove in our pickets. j.ThU news was not general- cornmunicnted. to the public until Sunday morning; the first signal of excitement being the tap of the alarm bell, which readily summoned the second class militia ai.d the local forces in Capitol Square, and at otjur places of rendezvous. A'rflispatch m as alt received early yesterday morning from' Gen. Wade Ilnmpton, at Ham ilton's Cros.-iiij, seating that the enemy w:a threatc; iog an itdvancc- A train was dispatch ed to hi-- re i -f. In the me.iftiroo, out of the excrement in Richmond h id oven suddenly produced the m.ibt wild and extravagant rumors, the enu meration of winch would bo idle and tedious. Ju the progress 'of the day these" reports as sumed a more definite form. It appeared that the enemy made another demonstration on "Colonel Shingler'n lines yesterday morning, and, in this instance,-were repulsed, some two or thre companies being engaged on our side. The fo.ice of jnemy was not uncovered but fnr as it coujd be perceived consisted of five regiments, mostly cavalry ; , it being doubtfnl, of course, whether they were an advance guard or tho.entiro force. It was nt thnU?h necessary yesterday to move the local forces beyond the city fortifi cations; and the 'Mspcsition. of other troops was made to hold th energy in check. Lieutenant General Hood was" assigned to the cjnmiar.d of all the defensive forces, and took the field at an early hour yesterday. EATER. Al'er their demonstration in the morning at Bottom's bri.tge, the enemy, or a consid erable detachment of his cavalry, crossed the lork Hi far railroaa near Dispatch station, and attempted to ford the Chickahominy at Grapsvine bridge, or what is more commonly, known as MoClellan's bridge ; evidently in tending to get in fir rear. They found it impossible to ford the Chickahominy here, on account of the large amount of felled timber iu the .-wamp. After an ineffectual attempt to get through the swamp they retired in the direction of TalleysvillcvvrMch is about eight miles from Bottom's bridge. At a late hoar yesterday afternoon informa tion was brougbf in by our. scouts that a large force of the enemy, which had been massed at Baihamsville in the morning, hail moved for ward to Tallystville, and was then advancing. The entire force of the enemy is distinctly gtat'Nl as f. dlows : Three brigades of infantry, four regiment of. cavalry and twelve pieces of artillery. This is reliable. It is probable the demonstration of the enemy yesterday?was merely intended as a re conno sauce, and is preliminary to an impor tant collision, to-day. Certainly the enemy has come in numbers which precludes the idea that he ouly meditate a raid. We have no re pott of any casualties in the fire at'Botiom'e Bridge. But it is supposed that we used o-ir artillery with" effect. . After the cuemy abandoned .his position, there wcpc found nine dea l horses,, six Yankee caps and a fresh grave. . . Two Cavalrymen Murdered by Negro Soldiers. Wo learn that on Friday last, two members of the Prince William cavalry, named Davis and Reynolds, succeeded in capturing four negroes in the" Yankee service, belonging to the "Home Guard "of Fairfax county. The cavalrymen' took the negroes to Dumfries, find, on Friday night placed them in an unoc cupied house. Having imprudently fallen to sleep, the cavalrymen were attacked and overpowered by the negroes, their skulls cleft by some sharp instrument, and their bodies mutilated in the most horrible manner. . They were found next morning weltering in their blood, and lived only long enough to relate the circumstances of the terrible tragedy which had befalleu them. The Xewberk Affair. A dispatch re ceived Saturday at the War Department front Maj r-General Whiting, estimates, by .the Admission of prisoners,' the enemy'a loss in the fight at Bachelor's creek at Jifleen hundred win. The enemy's papers make much lighter of the affair. StTPUES IN THE SOUTHWEST. It is Said that a large 'area of rich lands jo North Missis sippi v ill be cultivated this spring under the protection which General Forrest has assur ed the planters against Yankee raids. Jlere tofore the people of this part of the Confederacy have.been very muoh dispirited, and have been removing their- negroes and abandoning their plantations. " Orders have been issued for the repair of the bridge on the .Missouri and Tennessee railroad, over the Yallabusha, at Greuada. This accomplished, a new field from which to obtiin needed supplies will be once more accessible. SUt-TEXSION OF Till HABEAS CqrPUS. It i3 generally reported that, fyr some time past, the House of Representatives has been con sidering in secret session, a bill to suspend the habeas corpus : and it is believed by a portion of the public that the bill" has been passed iu this branch of Congress " with certain rcscrva-' tions." 3 A M OLD 8E32ES, 7 V0L. L.V., J. Woman's Hltind Fidelity. The following passage in the lifeof Gu. ', tavus Vana, when that distinguished monar: -. took refuge from the Dauish usurper in Dan: carlia, to mature his noble plan for the deli. verance of his country is. truly dramatic : On a little hill stood a Tery ancient habita tion, of so simple an architecture that yoi would have taken it for a hind's cottage, in stead of a palace that, in times of old, has beet the abode of nobility. It consisted of a lon' farm iike, coustructure, formed of fir, covered in a strange fashion with seals, and odd)rna-i mental twistings in the carved wood ; but thei spot was hallowed by the virtu of itJieroic mUtress, who saved by her presence of mind, the life of ihe future deliverer of her' country. Gustavus having by an evil accident b. en dis covered in the mines, beut his course towards this house, then inhabited by a gentleman of the name of Pearson, whom he had known in the armies of the late administrator. Here he hoped, from the obligatiot.s he had formerly laid on the officerthat he shtiufd at least find a safe retreat. Pearson received bim with every mark of friendship nay, treated him witn the reelect and submission which noble minds ato proud to pay to the truly great, Srhen rbed of their external honors. He exclaimed ith such vehemence against the Danes that, instead of awaiting a proposal to take up arms, he offered, unasked, to try the spirit of the mountaineers, and declared that himself and his vassals would be the first to set au example, and turn out under the com mand of his beloved General. Gustavus relied on his word, and, promising not to name him to any while he was abseLt, some days afterwards-saw Pearsou leave the house to put his, design in execution. It was, indeed, a design, and a black one. Under the specious cioak of a zealous affection for Gustavus, - the traitor was contriving his ruin. .The hope of making his court to the Danish tyrant, and the ex pectation ( a largo reward, induce hira to sacrifiee his honor to his ambition, and, for the sake of a few ducatft, violate the most sacred laws of hospitality by betraying his guest.'. In pursuance of thut base resolution, he proceed ed to one of Chriffaerii's officers commanding in the province, and informed him that Gua- ! tavus was his prisoner. f Having' committed this treachery, he had not the courage to face his- victim, but telling ? the Dane how to surprise" tCe prince, who, he said, believed himself under the protection of ' a friend, he proposed taktug a -wider -circuit hone, while they, apparently unknown to : him, rifled it of its treasure. "It will be au ; easy matter,'' said he, "for my wife knows that it is Gustavus." The officer at the head j of a party of well armed soldiers, marched directly to the lake. The men invested the house; while the leader abruptly entering, found Pearson's wife, according to the fash ion of those days, employed in culinary prep arations. At s Vne distance further sat a your.g man in a rustic, garb, topping off the knots from the broken btr.uch of a trne The officer told her he came in Jving Chris tian's name to demand the rebel Gustavus, who he .knew was . concealed under the roof. The dauntless woman never changed color; she immediately guessed t the man whom her husband had introduced as a miner's son to be tho Swedish herd". The door was blocked up by the sojdiers. Iu au instant she replied, without once glancing at Gustavus, who eat motionless with surprise, "If you mean the rnelancholy'gentlemau my husband has had here these two days, he ha3 just walkod out in tho wood, on the other sid of the hill.- Some of these soldiers may readily seize him as he has no arms with him." At this mo ment suddenly turning her eyes on Gustavus, she .flew up to hira, catchiug tffer stick out of his hand, exclaimed iu an tfngry voice, "Un majnerly wretch! What, sit before your better I Don't you see tho King's officers in the room ? Get out of my sight or some of them shall give you a drubbing." As she spoke she struck him a blow on the back with all her strength, and opening a side-door, "There, get into the scullery," cried she, "it is the fittest places for such company," and giving him another knock she flung the stick 'after him, and shut tire door. "Sure," added she, in a great heat, "never was woman plagued with such a lout of a slave." The officer begged she would not distuib 'hcrhelf on his account ; but she, affecting great rev erence for the King, and respect for his rep resentative; prayed him to enter her parlor, while she brought him some refreshments. The Dane civilly complied, perhaps glad enough to get from the side of a shrew ; aud sho immediately flow to Gustavus, whom she had bolted in. and, by means of a back passage, conducted him to the lake where the fishers' lay, and giving him directions to an honest curate across the lake, committed him to Providence. Raise Vegetables. We. commend the advice of the Columbus Georgia Times, to our own people. That paper says: We again urge our planting fiiends the policy and duty of preparing for a bountiful crop of vegetables for their negroes. There is not, by a large amount, meat enough in the Confederacy to. allow full rations to the army and people, nvgrees included. The army must be fed, we all know, and the smoke houses of planters must furnish the subsis tence. The meat rations of the negroes must be reduced to at least two pounds per week. 'With a plenty of vegetables this is svfEcieut or will do vfry well. Without that adition the negroes will suffer. Let every planter, then, put in at least a half acre in collards to every ten hands.- If he will 'manure the ground highly, that half acre will be worth to bim a thousand dollars or more. Now is is the time to pSiut tbem. Don't mind cold weather" It won't hurt them. In three months .from to-day we will receive the thanks of every man who adopts this advice. Integrity is the basis of all respectability personal 4r national. Let the Government maintain it integrity. Our armies may be beaten ; our coasS swept by hostile fleets ; our country overrun by the myrmidons of power but if the Government keeps its faith, it will rally its whole people to its support," and r soouer or later plant its victonons standard upon a redeemed and regenerated land.' The Government must not repudiate its currency The weather for the past week has been sur passingly fine for army operations. f TTh. A TTTT W . (N rtfi TATTliiTTS fnvTH m n 7mm V 111 Lf M I I A M ' m : Hi ft PL KAiXdVn, JN. Uy WEDNESDAY, EEBRTJAHY. 10. . A noI-k e r." Elegant Extb Acr'The last Releigh Standard says: The Observer says we have "confessed that wo used to abuse Gov- Graham, Mr. BtdgNrGov. Vance, Mr. Gilmer, and others, as unlrue 1 1 the South. ' This is not true." , This is not What the Observer said, and vjry shabby conduct Ls it in the Standard to profes to quote our statement, and begin at the very middle of our sentence, where toereis noc even a comma, and end bj omitting the material part of the sentence. Here is what the Obser ver said, referring to some mis-statemeui made by the Standard as to the private; bui ncss of the Editors of the Observer: " "Some of these days, for 'party purposes' the Standard may admit that it made them .only for V party purposeH," just as some time, ago we are informed that it confessed, that it used to abuse Gov. Gra'ham, Mr. Badger, Gov. an'ce, Mr. Gilmer and many others as untrue 'to the South,"not because they were so, but, for " party purposes." Now Itt us see whether our informant told truth; 'We make proof that he did. . From t be Raleigh Standard, April 23, 1862. " The Register and Gov. 7? raham The Ed itor of the Register is resorting to the files of the Staudatd in 1846, for the purpose of show ing what we then thought and said of Gover nor Graham. ".?' Now, we admit that we used every word which the Re gister has copied from the Standard against "Gov. Graham. We did so in the heats of par ty strife, and for party purposes.'"' We think that is enough. It is scarcely worth while to waste time looking over old issues of the S'andard for 'similar confessions as to the causes of its malignaut abuse of the ethers named. The point we made 'against the Standard is ful y established. And what a position has the Standard chosen for itselr'l Is the re another in all the bounds tf North Carolina that would confess to having abused a political opponent, not btcause that oppo nent Unserved abuse, but for ''rARTT. purpo ses ?" How corrupt to do this how shame less to confess it I The portion omitted, for which we have substituted these asterisks, is merely some, abuse of the Editor of the Register. A Spunky Little Town. Thfre is a spunky little town up in Alabama y the name of Guntersville. In July, 18G2, a large force of the enemy arrived before and demanded its sunendcr, but its citizens coolly refused. The ' enemy charged, took and burned half the town down. But it seems the place was not conquered-, for on the 22d of January another demand for its iirrender was made which was peremptorily refused, when the town was shelled from 9 o'clock in the morning, until 3 in the afternoon. The " garrison," consisting of ten old men and twenty-five women and children, was bravely "holding out" at last . accounts. - - Blockade Runking. A gentleman from Nassau -who is wsil informed in regard to blockade runniug there, says the N. Y. Times, states that seamen are paid bixty dollars a month, in gold ; that freight to Wilmington, where most of the vessels go, is one hundred and fifty dollars per ton, p tyable in gold, and in advance ; that those who successfully make one round trip, which occupies, on average, three weeks, can aSord to lose vessel an.i and cargo 'on the next, so immense is the profit. All the blockade running vessels are painted lead c'ur, and are piloted by Northern pilots, whose pay is enormous. Since the active and sucessful efforts to praveut thip ments from this port -have been taken; the plan has beea adapted aud is being carried ou tK to send good hence to eanadn per rail road. Large quantities have recently, it is stated been -forwarded to St. John's whence they are shipped to Nassou. Miscellaneous. For Hire for the Balance of theVear. A Boy who is ah excellent cook and good house servant would suit hotel service. Apply at thhj office. 13-dlw Cards, cards..450 Pair WtaUmore's No. 10 Cardaat$T5 in Confederate money, or $ I ia specie, per pair. - These Cards are of the best quality. Purcha sers can send the money by Express, and I will send frae cards hy Express, they paying the eic-" pense. Address ine at Poreatville, N. C. JAS. S. PUREFOY. .Forrestville, N. C, Feb. 5, 1861. ' 13-d6t I?arm for Kent or SaleTwo hnndreo : acres of land, lying twelve miles west of Ual eigh, and four 'miles from Holly Springs, in the County , of Wa ; 20 acres of fresh cleared land, tho balance original growth. Tho cleared land well fenced. Apply to . W? H. CtfNWIXGGIM. 9-d8t Exehanfce Hotel. NOTICE.-A limited number of recruits will be received in the lstN..C: Cavalry Reg iment. The recruit must bring with bim a ser viceable horse. Arms and equipments will be famished. For further information as to com panies, Ac, apply to Col Mallett. commanding Conscript Camp at Raleigh By order Col. W. H. CHEEK, Comd'g. Geo. S. Dbwbt, Ad'jt. 1-dlm v STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, Warren Cocntt, J , COURT OF EQUITY. Tohp Tlarrison Hawkins, an infant under the agt Q,f twenty-one years, by James A. Egerton, his 5uardian and next friend, Charles M. Cook and uhn E. Miller, executors of the lat will and tes tament of Winifred W. Hawkins, deeeased, and Jane B. lliirer, Agatnit Benjamin E. Cook, executor of John IT. Hawkins, deceased, John H, Fleming, Jane Walker, (for merly Otneary,) Benjamin E. Cook and Sally H Cook, his wite, John H. Kimball, of the State of Tennessee, Fannv II, Kimball, of the said State of Tennessee, and Jiancy Fower of- the State of Mis sissippi. It appearing from the affidavit filed in the office of the said Coart, that John II. Kimball, Fanny II. Kimball and Nancy Power, three of the defendants in this cause, reside beyond the limits of this State, it ii therefore ordered that publication be made in tha Raleigh Confederate, for six weeks, notifying -the said defendants of the filing of this bill, and that unless they appear at the next term of said Court, to be held at the Court House ia Warrenton, on th Third Monday after the Fourth . Monday of March next, and plead, answer or de mur to. the said bill , the same will be taken as con fessed and heard exparte as to them. Witness, Charles M. Cook, Cl-rk and Master of said Court, at office in Warrentorr. the Third Monday after the Fourih Mondv of September, 1663. " IkuxI 1st day of February,-18G4. . 2-w6t - C. M. OOOK, C. M. E. Miscellaneous. w anted to purchase.-A uood Piann Apply at this Office. jan I9tf 4 For Sale. One ncgrro boy about thirty years of age in good health; an excellent teaaster, carriage driver, and rwrk hand. Apply to J. M. LITTLE, , feb; 3, 18C4-KVdtw-w4t. Lexington, . C. MrSi.H. T. Miller, RQARD By the Month, $220 Daily board do . $150 Transient, per day. S 11 jan 16-dly . Oxford Female College. The twenty sixth session began on Mondy the 13th January 18G4, and will continue twenty weeks. Tuition in each school $60. Piano rent $15. No extra charges. ' Board varies vith provisions. - -J.. H. MILLS, 5-tf. . Oxford, N. C. ; WANTED ' 1000 LBS. OF SUGAR CASE SEED I The highest cash price will be paidper hundred or by the bushel. Apply to 9-dlw . P. PEURALL. Small Pox Notice. As the Small Pox has again appeared in the Citv oT Raleieh. all persrns calling ai-r (he oilier of tho Surgeon Gejieral between the hours of ten and' two. will ba vaccinated free of charge. - T EDWARD WARREN, jan 12-lm j Surgeon General. N otlce."0n the First day of every. month I shall send a special ao-pnt. to the armoi ortnern Virginia, au packages, c, ed free of charsre EDWARD WARRK, . Surg-Gn'l N. C. Dec. 22, 1853-d3m HIltSBORO' MILITA UY ACA tfEM Y. The Sixth Academicyearot this Institution will commence on Wednesday, February SrcTJ ISG4. For circulars and information apr?lv to Maj. WM. M. GORDON, Sup't. Hillsboro', N. C, Now 23, 18G3. d3m. i(Y KcwaTd.-Runaway from the VWU Machine Shops or the R.4G. R. R. Co., on the 28th or Jan., 1864, the buy IlORRACE. Said boy is about 5 fet 10 inches high, copper colored, long bushy hair and very badly clad when left. He is supposed to be lurking la 'or'near the city of Raleigh.' The above reward will be paid for his delivery to this company or his confine ment in jail. 10-6t. North Carolina. Volunteer Navy Com pany. At a meeting of the Stockholders of the above Company, held.in Raleigh on the 14th instant, the Company re-organized under its char-v ter, and proceeded to elect th-? following gntle men as directors, viz : ' C. P. MEND EX HALL, Greensboro.' J. M. BULLOCK, Granville county. O..-PARSLEY, Jr., ") A LEX'R OhDIlAM, V Wilmington. W. D. SMITH. . DFJDLEY NICHOLS, n , , J, R. GREEN, 'f Durham's WILLIAM LONG Caswell county. The Directory then proceeded to elect their of ficers, as, follows : C. P M E X I E N n A LL, E.n .Tresident. J. M. BULLOCK, Esq., Vice President. W. D. SMITH. Enq., Treasurer. DUDLEY NICHOLS, Esq., Secretary. Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Direc torythe subscribers are requested to pay over to Wm. D. Smith, Trensufer, or desposit in Bank to his credit, the amount of their respective sabscrip tirms, and forward certificates of deposit to his ad dress at Wilmington, N. C, by the 10th dir of February next. Those wishing to subscribe' are requested to send in .their subscription ' at or be fore that time to the Treasurer, who will issue certificates of stock. , DUDLEY NICHOLS, SecV. Durham's, Jan'j 20th, 1 864. 4-d2f-. TiiayetteYlf.fc January 13, 1804-Wantcd- X: A lady who is fullv competent to teach music an the Piano and the English Branches, to take charge of a small school in a family near Fayettc ville. Address, BOX 202, jan 19-w3t Fa etteville, N. C. Military. Head-quarters Examining Board, Seventh Congressional District, N. C, 'Lex ington, Jan. 26, 1864. The undersigned, one of the members of the Kxamining Board for the 7th Congressional District, N.. hereby appoint the fallowing times and places for tho examination of the conscripts of ths District: 63athRegt., N.fC. Militia, Davidson county, Lox ington, February 20, 22, 23, 24. . 66th Regt., N. C. M., Dvidson county, Lexington. Febrdan-y, 25, 26, 27, 29. 83rd, Refit., N. CM., Stanly county, Albenarle, March-2, 3, 4. 5. 80th Regt., N. C. M., Anson county, Wadesboro', March 7, , 9, 10. 81st Regt., N. C. M., Anson county, Wadesboro, March 11, 12 14, 15. 62d Regt., N. C. M., Montgomerr countv, Troy, March 17, 18, 19, 21. 51st Regt.. N. C. M., Moore county, Carthage, March 23,24, lb. 26, 28. ' . " 49th Regt., N. C. M Chatham country Pittsboro', 30, 31, April 1, 2. 50th Regt-, N. C. M., Chatham county, Pittsboro', April 4, 5, 6, 7. 63d Regt., N. C. M., Randolph county, Ashboro', April 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. 64th Regt., N. C. M., Randolph county, Ashboro', April 16, 18, 19, 20. P. G. SNOW D EX, Surgeon P. A. C. S., Chairman Examining Board, 7th Cong. District, N. C. CHIEF ENROLLING OFFICE, SEVH5TH CoNQRESSlONAt, DISTRICT, N. C., LsxioroH, Jan. 26tb, 1564. J Gknbral Order, No. 1. I. Countv Enrolling Officers will proceed at once to re-enxoll all persons in their counties between the aces of IS and 45, in accordance with General Order, No. 1, Conscript Othce, Raleigh, N. C ,and have them present at the above times and places for medical examination, revision of former ex emptions, Ac. II. This call embraces all pei sons between the conscript ages who have heretofore been exempted; detailed or discharged frrm any source, or for any cause whatever,, including- persons who have furnished substitutes, as well as those discharged from the army, and all male white persons who have arrived at the age of eighteen, and all other who have not heretofi re been enrolled. .: Ill Enrolling Officefs will only order a fourth OI lue conscripts oi a -umu nrgimvui, t rrpurv on each of the appointed days ad require each man to bring with him three day's rations. IV. All persons embraced in this call are abso lutely required to be present at the appointed times and places, and any failing to appear will b . . r i r : i - . mm : . : treated as deserters. : : ; V. The notice to conscripts is deemed sufficient ! to. allow them ample time for-arranging their 1 j ... ' tr.t - j l : : r. ; t to be allowed to remain' at home beyond the time appointed for their departure for camp, will be entertained. . - J. M. LITTLE, Capt. and Chif Enrolling Officdr 12-4t , 7th Congtessiocal 1 iet, N. j ' 1864.- VOL. I-5p. U. it Military. ADJ'C AND LVSPyi GEV'S OFFICB. )" imuaioBa, eo. 4, 1564. J Ocr?LjS?a? M-Jhe rollowl.s 1 r v. a v, lli.'lUO lOIlOW :i:rA 'Vuh9dfor th inf.Uoa of r m . . Richmond, February 1, 1664. EXCHANGE NOTICE NO. VIII. 1. All raisoxias heretofore hld br th fnti. 4 States-authoritie,, whether omAin ctvitUNs, received at City Point, asroaa thr V t or JA5CART, 1864, ar.herab; d."id ! 2. All orrtctta is'd mik or im .YiccfBCi camcki i. who reported for duty at EnterpriK;.. r, 1863, and whose nam f were forwarded to i, by Maj. Gen. John H. Foraey, xnt diclarid h,;- CHAMOKD. $. All officers and men or the VicksbVg ci. ture, belonging to the first Tennessee heavy a. tillery. who reported for duty at Marietta, Q.. and whose names were forwarded to me br C A: Jackson, ABD UXCLABED IXCHA!f(J80 RO:.OULD, Agent of ExchanrlO By order: TSigneJ S. Coopaa, AdJ't and Iii.'r General. - r Confederate newspapers pmbliah aix Ubm and send bills to the War Department. l0-6t. ENROLLING OFFICE, 5tH C050ESSIOAL DISTRICT N. C. V Oxford, January 5lr 1864. J In Obedience to General Orders No. , Commandant of Conscripts Raleiffh. Janaai r .20, 1864. Militia and county Enrolling officers wiU notify all white male persons between the ages . t 18 and 45, within the limits of their- respect! regiments, to report at the conntr seats of theit rcspccuTe counties, at tne loilowing timca at 1 laces for final enrollment and examination by tL h lexical Examining Board. This call embrao- 11 white male persons between the ages of 18 ai ji all 45, whether previeaslv exempted or not All those residing within the limits of the 4tU Regiment X. C. M., Franklin county, will repo. at Louisbur; on the 20tb, 22f, 23d and 24th dan of February 18&i. . All those residing within the limitl of the 32 1 Regiment, C. M., Nash countv, clll report i J Nashville, on the 26th. 27h and Mth Jir. of P. i bruary, and 1st day of March, I8"4. - All those residing witbin the limits of the 37r Regiment, N. C. M., Warren county, will repoi at Warrenton on the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th oays vl March. 1861. t J All those residing within the limit of the 4? Regiment, N. C. M., Grsnrille roantr, will repoi at Oxford on the lith, 12tb, 14th aud 15th day .' March, 1864. J All thosj residing within the limits of the 43 Regiment N. C. M., Granville county, will repnr' at Oxfofd on tlw 16th, 17i.h, 18th and 19th days : March,. 1864. All those residing , within the limits of 4Gth Regiment, N. C. M., Orangn countv, w ill ropor at 4Iillsboro, ou the 22d, 2ad, 24th and 25th dayi of March, 1S64. All those residing within the limits of the 4rth Regiment N. C. M. Oranga comity, will report a ' Hil.sboro.on the 2Gth, 28th, 23th aiid 30th davi o: March, lhG4. All thoa? residing within the limits of the 3Sth Regiment, N. C. M., V'ake couatv. wilt report c the Court House in Raleigh on tSv lt, 2d, 4th and 5th days of April, 1864. All those residing within the limits of tho 39th Regt N. O M , Wake countv, will repot t at th i Court Uou. ia Raleigh, on the 6fh, 7tb, 8th and 0th days of April, 1864. All those residing within the limits of thi! llftlh Reglmtnt N. C. M., Wake dunty, will report at the Codrt House in Riloigh on the 11th. I2ih. iom ana iq uays nr April, iMi. . N .. L'ommauding Ollicc; s of Militia Ueguuents will so arrange it that one f-ui thoiZy ofthccompan.es of each iiegiment will be present each dav. TilOS. F. TIKI'S, Assistant Surgeon Cbsiiiiian Exansiiiing Board. II. C IIERXDO.rM. D. W. IUDAVIS M.D., A. LANOIS, Jr.. Enrolling Orlicer C-2w .V.h Congressional District N. C. CONSCRIPT OFFICE, ) Kalkiuii, Jtn. 2Ttbr 18C4. f The following clrculaf.rrom Uurean of of Const rip' iou ii publUhed for thi inl'orma tion of all cucrned. By order ' COL. MA LLETT, Cornd't Cous. jor N. C. ' E. J. JXakbi.1, Attft.' BUREAU OF CONSCRIPTION, . Rickkosd, Jan. 23th, 1654. CiRerr.Aa ) No. 4. J . fTlO Commandants of Conscripts. The atten JL tion of Commandants, is especially directed to General Order No. 7, A. & I. G. 0. curreut series, hcruin sei. forth for their information. ADJT. AND rNSP. GEN'L'S OFFICE, Richmond, Va., Jan. 35, 1864. J I. Paragraph IV General OrderaNo. S'current rerics is hereby.revoked. II. Enrolling Orlicers will proceed as rapidly as firactitable in the . enrolment of all persons 'feiadc iable to military. service. Previous to euro mei.l as conscripts, all such persons will be allowed, to volunteer, provided . ' . . 1st.. The Company selected, was in service on the 16th of April 1H62. - ' 2nd. The Company selected' is at the time of volunteering, below tho minimum, prescribed by regulations.' ' .: 3rd.' No person made liable to service under this order will bo permitted to join, or will be assign ed to any company which has more thtn sitty four privates on tbe roll, until all tie companion in service from the State of.which the volunteer or conscript is a resident ohall have the minimum number prescribed by regulations. 41h. Upon the Company being selected, Ih rolunteer will receive' from the Enrolling .Odiccr a certificate to the effect that he has so volunteer . ed ; and no volunteer will bo received ia any Cbm panv except on such certificate, III. Persons who fail to make selection, accord ing to the provisions of this order, and at the time ofenlijtm nt, will be assigned according to exist ing regulations. , IV, AU otficeu in command of 'companies au thorized under this ordrr to receive Conscripis or volunteers will forthwith sond to the Commandant of Conscripts of the State, accurate certified rolls of their companies ; and without such roll, f howijig that thy d not exceed sixty four privates, there . will not be assigned any conscript or volunteer. By Command ef the Secretary of War. (Sioxed)- S, COOPER, . Adjt, and Icsp. Gen'l. Early and vigorousaetion will be enjoined on the Enrolling Officers, each one of whom should be fnrnibhed with, a eopv of the order without de lay. To insure the publicity of tbe order4 there should be several inseftions in the newspapers of general circulation. - II. Persons presenting applications for spcisl exemption, with any thotc of merit will not be golested until action is taken by this Bureau. Thtvse cases will be inveatigated'in accordance ' with Circular No. 3, Curroat Series with tbe least delay practicable. By order of COL. JNO. S. PRESTON, . . ' Strpt. fSiosBD) C. B. DUFFIELD, 3-lra. A. A. O. JfS Fayetteville Observer, Wilmington Jour nal, Salisbury Watchman, Charlotte Bulletin and 'Democrat, Iredell Express, Ashville News, Wades boro' Argus, Greensboro' Patriot, Milton Chron icle, Christian Advocate, N. C. Presbyterian, Mountain Eagle Tarboro Southerner, copy one month . Gloves and Socks Wanted..-1 desire to purchase for the soldpir, 1G000 pairs of Glovea .nnd 10,000 pairs of Socks. Donations will be thankfully receiyjd. . , . . EDWARD WARREN, Jan 12 Ira S-argeon Oenertl, C. i I -DAILY CONFEDERATE. 1 DTKRTISI !f Q. ADTKRTISEMENT8 wlP be fn.erted,at tw. r0" 'aS-?" of ! (r lets) for eack insertion. Marriage notices and Obktarles will W T charged as adTertiewiits. ' ' ' . JOB WORK uf every deactlpttoa will Le et cuted at tLIi Office wft dispatcb, and m aeatly as can be done In the Sonthern Confoderaey. . Military. Ci?iir,Vift O-iJf. Jmnanr w, V ThJ exeJ order is published for tbe Information or all concerned, iu teoutremeaU wiH be rigidly enforced in every Particular. By order Cou.MALLETT, n Commanding Conscript for N. C B. J. Uittnf, Adjaun. ADJ'T AND INSpTgE.VLS OFriCK, i ' , . Ricaaoji4Jan. t, 1864. 0mtral Or dirt. ' Ko. I. . I. Tbe followlag AeU ef CcBgreat a&4 Kfgola tions are publiihed for the information ef alfper. oat concerned therein . ' ' 1 " ' Ajr ACTwU,prT'Bl lht Enllitment cr Baroltmetnl of Subatitutes la the Military service of the Ooi- . federate States. ' " Tk Congrtt, pf tU Cfiirt See America do act, That bo person liable te military service ahall hereafter be Vrmitttd or allowed u furnish a subetitute for such service, aor shall any substitute be received, enlisted or enrolled In the military service of tbe Confederate States." f A. proved December 38tb. 1863.1 . Av Aox it put an . end U the Kiemptioa froaa ' Military Service, ct those who have heretofore furaiahed Subatitutes. . "WaaasAS, in the present circumstances of the -country, it requires the aid of all who are able U bear arms t - 'Tkt Congrtu Comftderatt Stmlt e Jtmtriem do tnaet, That no person shall be eierapt ed from military service, by reason of , his having furnished a substitute; but this act shall not be s construed as to affect persons who, though nel liable to render military service, have, neverthe less, furnished substitute-" Approved Janaarr 5th. 1864.) . ' r 7 II. Persona rendered liable to mllltarv service hy operation of the preceding acts, are placed oa the sane footing with all others hitherto bald liable by Acts of Congress. III. PcraoDS herela rendered liable to military serviio are required to report as volunteers or conscripts, without delay, to the eorollfar sincere; and all who delay bcyoo d tbe 1st day of February 1864, will be considered Ss having rtnnuaced tbe privilege of volunteering, and held for assignment according to law. , IV. Enrolling oftcffTS will proceed, at rapidly as practicable, in the enrollment of persons herein made liable to military service. Previous to ea rollmeut as ctnrcripts, all such persoas will be allowed to voluuteer iorompaniea ia service on the lfith April lbC2 provided, the company choice does noUst tbe lime tf volanteering -reach the maximum number allowed) and upon such com f any being selected, tho voleutecr-will receive aom the enrolling officer a certificate to tbetfleet that be has so volunteered ; and no volunteer will be recrirad into any company except u such cer tificate, i'rrnnns who fail to'tnake their selection, at the time of torolhnent, will be anigaid accord inc to cxinting regulations. V. Peretns why report to the enrolling oflfieers w ill be enrolled, and may be allowed a furlough of ten day before reporting to the can p tf irut ruc tion. VI. All pet sons, whether voluriteeis or cn sciipts under this order, will pass tbrvub the tarn pot iiiRtt uetion of the State to which they beliicg, and be for t aided tbenre to the companies which are aclcctcd, or to which they may he as signed. VII. The linieau of Conscriptioa is charged with adopting piopei regulatiBS for the enforce ment of this ol der, VIII. All exemptions heretofore granted are ntb jectto.a revision, ander iestru'-tJons fre'e the Bureau of Conrcription ; snu if found p b ii. proper or uusuthorixed Uy law, will be revoked. By order. S. COOPER, Adjutant and Inspector Geretal. 1 cltfeMS. jT" Wtln-ington Journal, alii-brry Watrh man, Charlotte Deinociat, lrcdt-ll Taj rrss and - Anheville News copv until February 15th acd act d bills to Col. Mallettrs office. Cl'onrcderatp States of Amerlra, Krntl J neer Department, Di-trict Cape Fear Wil mington, N. C, March 16th, 1FC.1. Notice is hereby given to all pernors having ciin agaibft the Engineer Department, for arvices ofrlaies emplMtd ei laborers' on the Imd tie Vre- near Wilini'ngton, N C, that the un!ai iDed im author ized anaprepartd to pay the fame nX hia ofliee, . the second Door ol the luitditi' col ntnvr Mearen' Drug Stre, Market ?tte't.' Persons executing Paw'crs of Attnicey will obeei ve the followijig foi in their rigodtaiVr, ia alienees, to be wiinested' by two witnesses ard signed in duplicate, or tbey'may be witnetred be fore a Justice of tbe Peace or C'leik f soy Cpurt. 'oru t,r rowan or ATtoasey. I, ' , ot , d hereby 'appoint , of , mv true aud lawful Agent t ign re ceipts for, and receive payment of all monya dee to me br the Engineer Department of the Con fed. erate Six tea of America, for the aervirea of tuy slarr? etr.ployed aa laborers on tbelai.d defences at fdui irg tle month tf , ft . Witni, my band and seal, at , I h ia dav of - , I rc (Signed ia duplicate.) Heal.: . Witnesses : - t Tbe signatures of colored persesi slt old be wit need by three witaeses. There must be separate duplicate Powtts of Attorney fur each month. Blank luims can be had upon application at this office. W. If. JAM EM, Jan. 20, 1864-1 tf Capt. A Chief Engineer. "iraietteTlfle ArsennI "and Armory, 5o- JL: vember 12. Ir63. 5100 BOUNTY J Wanted, 1V0 Mounted Riflemen. Authority having Teer granted by tbe War Department to raise a Com pany of .Mounted Riflemen for servics ia this vi cinity, notice is hereby given, that rerruiu to the aumber of 100 no'n-ennteript will be rw cei red Tor this service. Each, recruit will be re quired to turnub a serviceable horse, for which he will be allowed 40 cents per diem, and his pay $12 per month. TVrt'i'en ;crafisiot will be required from parents or guardians, where the applicsot is under the conecript age. Esch recruit mu?t bring wltn him a blanket or bed-rpread, and come prepared to remain. Apply to Mej. -MATTHEW P. TAYLOU, at the Arsenal. . F.L. CllILDS, Lieut-Col. C. S. A., Commanding Post. dec lGdtf. . Surgeon General's OQce, KalrlgL Jan., 16, 1864. A medical exaicinirg board, con sisting of Surgeon E. A. CULT) CP, AM't Surgeon n. II. If ARRI5S, will meet at Halifax, ic Halifax county, oa Men day, tha ,25th of Janaary. At Jackson, ia Nnrthamptoa county, na Wed nesday, tne 27th of January. . -. At "Murfrec.buro', in Hertford eoanty, oa Fii dsy, the 29th of Jsnuary. At Wilmington, ia New Htoovcr coanly, on Teeaday, Wednefday, Thursday, 2d, 3d and 4th ef February. . At Whitcsville, in Coluiotas euwoty, an Satur dav, February 6th. . At Elixabeth Towa, in Kladea county, on Tues day, 9:h of February, for tbe purpose of exaufra log all persons claimiig exemption from Home Guard duty on account or phyaicai disability. By order cd Oovernor Yaisct: 3 'KDWIN WARRFN, , N t aa a . .. ' 13 For Salo or Rent. HOTEL FOR SALK.l 0KFf.Il AT PK1. vate sale the large new Hotel in the town of Louisburg, and located just east ot the Court-house, julf 4,-tf. U. HARRIS. IS h5K8 Executed with aeatns andifsirb at THI FICE.

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