DAILY CONFEDERATE. A. i. GOmiAX is CO., proprietors. DAILY EDITION, for months .... $12 n a "3 41 " 1 " TRI-WEKKLY, for 5 months 7 3 7 4 5 tt 5 a WEEKLY EDITION, for 6 month's No subscriptions received on any other terras than the above, norfor a longrr orsnorter period. From the Greensboro' Patriot. Mr.Emtor: A notice published In your last, paper over the signature of" Many Citi zens," has attracted miK-h attention and exceed a great ileal of-inqtiiry. What is the object of the meeting? Who's at the head of it ? is in- everybody's mouth b',th from twn and country, and noWy as yet has been found who can answer theno enquiries or give any satisfaction to the inquiring public? The n itic- appears t be a foundling, the paternity ' maternity of which imb-wly . ia willing to aekuowleci-re. It requests all the citizms cf Guilford who believthat th people have a light to assemble 'together to co.isult for-their OMiimon co"Kl,. to instruct their representa tives, arid to apply to the Legislature for re-dr-s of grievances," to rti"et in the court house on Saturday. nex. " VTarj us imp txant qustionsare to becoiri-i h r d." What are the important . quhti r? no intimation what- ver U given. Tiie people, are to Ijq, g"t together are to be penned, before they are allowed to know for what pnrpo) they have been filled together. Fraud ami deceit always burrow in the dirk, aad dis. loe their "secret workings by "piece meal. The people must be got into tho court hou.se then the leaders who have been consuhirjg and -concocting measures in secret, briu forth, on- proposi tion, and then another and auother; till alljthe " important qn-stious " are considered. It is to be hoped that rfo tna.n who i-tiitH- his own p.;ace and the peace of- his Staie, will be caught in any bUch a trap. Vhatriecessity is there now for-consultation for the common g'xd in re than there was a month or three months, or fix months ago? The Legislature has adjourned within a,,tno:ith ; what jriev an'xs arc there now to red;v.ss that did not exist when it was in session ? It will meet again in May, why not wait till the tiezt scs hiun ? What special grievances can there be that requires a call of the Legislature between iJ.-eernbiT and May ? These are only pretexts, and although dressed in fina clothes, cannot conceal the ugly and dirty carcass they are in!fhk'd to hide. It'ia w.Il knowifthat there is a plan on foot, which originated in Kdeigh to call a C -n-vention, and carry the State of North Caroli na flut of th'-i Confederacy, and it h very much to le feared that the meet ug on rf.itur "Hay s called to further that design. Surry am I that Guilford soil B selected for the fur therance of 'any such design. North Caroli na, by a solemn act of the Convention of her "people, has for weal or for oe cawt in her lot with the people of the Southern Confederacy, ami has solemnly pledged, her faith to "live or die, sink or swim, survive or perish" with them,' and she Can take no step. backward without bringing sham-; upon her children and disgrace upon her name. Her escutch eon has always been bHght, and her name unsullied up t the present hour. It is to be hoped no citi.m of Guilford will lend his nanv, his influence or his presence to put a blot on "her untarnished fame.' Hut Mippo.se the Convention called, and we withdraw Irom the Confederacy, what then? "l'ake our own afl'airs into our own hands," is the language of the disturLcf of the repose of North Carolina. Well, . then, you have got back your own affairs into your own hands, what then ? Recall our troops, I sup pose, woula bo the next step. Hut won hi they come vvhen yyu ca11 them ? is the ques tion. Suppose they would not desert those glorious leaders, under whom they have so often conquered and abandon that sacred cause which has been consecrated- by the blood of so many heroes and martyrs, fond we all know they woui 1 noi,) wh;t would Ve then do with our owu affair in our own hands? Wr would then stand exposed to the scorn and derision of all the world. Suppose they come, what then? Why you made North Carolina the battle Held of the war, and you will see, "wide over hor fields a waste of ruins laid," Ask those of your fellow-citizens who have beea to Northern and Eastern Virginia, to de . scribe its present condition, ruin and waste and desolation, and pause before you take the first step toward inflicting a similar ruin upon your beloved State and happy homes. But yo are told ihis is ap.ace mcasure--it is all for peace and to stop the war. Be not deceived. It is a measure to aggravate, intensify and magnify the war and .bring it to your doors and hearth stones. Does any man iu his reason believe that if North Carolina seceded from the Con federacy she could remain neutral ? Not for a day she would be occupied immediately a3 a matter of necessity, as tf self-protection by Confederate troops, and these troops would then be hostile troops and would burn with re sentment against us for our perfidy. But why talk about neutrality and its oo - soquenccs ? Nonsense. The object is to carry the State back into the old Union from which we aeevded in 18G1. What would be the conse quences of that move, if it could succeed? War to the knife, and the" knife to the hiit, hero among us 1 Father against son, brother . against brother, neighbor against neighbor, burning houses, violated women, robbery and plunder. A J onfodcrate army and a Federal army, both on our soil, both devouring aud destroying until they would not leave a rail or a blade of grass in the land. Our people di vided, part on one side and part on the other, engaged in the general business of cutting the throats of each other ! Be not deceived. I know. you want peace, so do I, so does every. bxly. But we must seek peace in a constitu tional and legal way we have an organized government, and w must speak for peace through the organ of the government Some of the very men who are now heading this movement were secessionists and brought ou the present bloody war. They told you sec3s sion was a peaceful remedy. They told what was not true, and when they tell you, you 'can have peace by calling a Convention, they tell you what is not true -again. If you were about to tak a journey upon a railroad train, and were informed that the , locnraotive was out of order some of the axels wrenched, some of the. wheels cracked Uiat the engineer was crazy and the conductor drunk, would you go? Not sr step. Well If you go into the meeting on Saturday, be certain that the train upon which you then embark is sound and in good condition and under the control of " sober and competent officers, lest a collision or running off the track, or a break down, may end in broken bones and mangled limb and loss of life to many who thought they were only on a pleasure trip.. Be certain you do not 44 jump out of the fry ing pan into the fire." Lincoln says we have no Confederate Government, no Nationality but that we are a State. Now by holding O Con- 3 A OLD SEE ITS, VOL.V J vention to treat with Lincoln as a State, do you not ignore the existence of our Confederate Government and play directly into his hand and aid him in his great :plan of our subjuga tion ? A TRCB -TRIEND OF N0BTH CAROLINA,. From the Fayetteville Carolinian. Where does Xorth Carolina Stand ? ' Thus far the position of North Carolina has been such, as to be appreciated very improp erly, by those citizens of our country who are unacquainted with the poiiiics and nartie as theye.isted in this Sta'te before tho com mencement of Mr. Lincoln's adrmuibtration as Bresdent of the United States. Grave charges have been preferred against many of her people, charges of disloyalty, charges against her noblest s ms,)j her truest patriots, and cen Gov. "Vance has not escaped their malice, and the slanderous reports of envious and wicked men. But while this feeling has been unj:i.stfiab!e to a very grrafer extent, and while th-s sins of a few mn'shou!d 'not condemn to infamy, a whole people.can we deny that there has been seemingly, good reason to believe that a num ber of our citizens were eitbiir very ignorant,", aud unskilled in the lesaotrje political wis dom, or that they, hafotieen governed, by very impure notions, and are in the highest degree traitorous, and untrue. Then to prevent misapprehension in the fu ture, to do justice to Nort h Carolina as a State and people, while we seek not to defend th se who have sought to pull down the noble edi fice which has been .'erected on the firm and ancient f oundacioris of a proper feeling o patriotism, and a deeply implantcd'senliment of resistance to every form of tyranny . and despotism, let us endeavor to show to the country and to ths world, that our' record may bo unspotted when the history of this righteous war is written, where North Caro lina 3'.ands, and deSne the difference between an irrlepndeut support of a constitutional Government, and a blind and unreasoning ad ra'ion of au administration, however pure arid patriotic wo may esteem it; point out the distinction betvp.-n an impartial criticism of th- measures of a government which is dis posed to rely too much on its own strength in defiance of popular sentiment, and a desite to subvert the fourdations of that government, and a wish to destroy its powers. To be'icve that the people ol this Stats are willing to sacrifice honor and all those noble am! n tim-d feelings, which true arid cultivated nvn pos sess, for a weak, unstable, uncertain Peace, and that, too, coupled with a doubt as to'it permanency, to think that the blood of such men a Petigrew, Pender, and Branch, cries aloud in vain f r vengeance, and that this people aro wi'ling to strike hands with the focman who has invaded ami insulted th.n. is to do great injustice to North :Carodna. j But to hide the fact that-in the midst of the State there are demagogues -and unscrupulous j men, who are expanding all theic energies and exhausting all their means to break down the credit of the government and impede the advaucc of our people along the road 'to honor and renown to deny thai there are I men in our State who have allowrd prejudice and passions, party feelings and -by -gone personalities to lead them on to a direct a id open issue with tb,e authorities ; t i disguiso the belief of the existence of a small party of such men, would be to impose cn the intelli gence of the people, and to treat the subject very uafaiily; and, for the sake of State pride, "aicrirjce that pure, gem of truth and honesty, which we trust, in our"discunion of this question, we will keep always in view. All intelligent men mns4 know that any settlement of our difficulties on any other basis than that of a complete separate nationality, will be sadly disastrous its effect. All well read people know that 'hose men iu North. Carolina who call for a Convention of the people, and who advocate the policy of our " taking our affairs in our own hand, while they claim that they wish only for an " hon orable peace," the details of which settlement they are unwilling to proclaim to the people, would accept any terms certaiply uch terms as no honorable community would be .'villLg to submit to, or entertain for a moment. Every one knows full well that any re-construction by tho State of North Carolina, if such a thing, were ever so possible, would only tend to prolong the war, and transler the troops from the Confederate a-my, to that of the United States, and bring tho miseries and ' horrors of war nearer our own doors. Then J can any sane mau believe that a majority of ) the people of this State will support any measuKi. which will tend to induce .this state of affairs? Certainly no intelligent and up- lijjllb hi on , iiu wiiivu v' viivu niiu 10 out lost to erery emotion of honor, and every feelingf integrity, can wish for this action, which must brin with it an nvprwlifilmimr . - - o cnaos in our auairs. Only thoe men who were disappointed in obtaining office or power under the Confede. rate" government, or those whose treason his carried them so fur that if we should succeed (a9 we will certainly do,t in establishing our independence, they would bo buried in infamy forever, are in the ranks of that very small minority. . Such leaders and such followers only, are willing that the past shall go for nothing ; and those who magnify this evil do as much to destroy confidence and cripple the efforts of the government as the rneia they in common with all good people condemn. At another time we will advance a few considerations in support of the position we have taken here, and endeavor to prove that all the empty croaking about North Carolina's unsoundness, is a slander on our people, ahd has no foundation in truth. That we have bad, treacherous men in our midst, we do not' doubt, but surely a large majority of our peo ple are not lost to honor and pride. A SON OF CAROLINA. Escaped erom Fort McHenry. ActiDg Master Jt W. Hebb, of the Confederate Stat Navy, recently effected' his escape from Fort McHenry, and, after hatr-breadth escapes, by flood and field, reached this city on yesterday. He brings some interesting intelligence relativt to the extensive desertions from Meade's army, evidence of which he met in abundance on his journey.- It was currently reported arid gene rally believed in Baltimore and the section c Maryland through which he traveled, that ib greater portion of Meade's army was in an . about Washington city. Richmond Enquiry. RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 11, . From the Richmond Enquirer. The Last Raid ' ' The Yankees who disturbed ihe serenity of last Sabbath seem to have retired as suddenly as they came. 'Suudiy rumors as 4 to their whereabouts and intention, ititetl the sur face of Richmond society yesterday, but they were not traceable to any reliable foundation. O e Lad it that the enemy had succeeded ia capturing a company bcliQgiug to the Hol combe Legion. Gex. Lee's Army. A letter before us, from an officer in the army of Northern Virginia, dated the 3d iost., gives the gratifying intelli gence that a large majority of the best troops of that army are voluntarily re-enlistlng for the war. The writer says that nine-tenths of the men expect and are willing to stay-in service and fight to the last, but a great many desire to change companies and regimentsind the Branch of the'service in. which they are now serving. This the writer hopes that Congress will have te wisdom not to let them do, because it wp;dd tend'to disorganize he army. A large number of the men are in ueed of overcoats, blankets aud shoes ; but the latter want is being obviated by heavy details of shoemakers from the ranks, who have been engaged for some time past in supplying the need of their brethren-Ua arms. General Stuart, commanding the old Stonewall' Brigade,' was the first to commence by this means to supply his men with the need -d articles, haviug detailed thirty shoemakers for that purpose These warrior sons of St. Crispin are now making their comrades rejoice at the prospect of a protection to their pedal extremis ties, which have been long exposed to the bitter cold of winter. 2y Letthrs by. Flag of Truce Upon in quiry at the proper ffice, we have received the following information which wo publish for the henefit of all interested: Letters to iro North, or any where -outsiJe of the Confederate line-, must not be of greater length; than one page of ordinary biz-'d latter paper. The contents must b"? strictly confined to private or family matters. Enclose the letter in an envelope addressed to the porson for whom it is intended, putting oil the en velope a United States p stago stamp, or, if that iannot be obtafued, five cents in spr-cie inside. (Confederate .money will not !o.) Leave the letter unsealed and cnch.se it iu another seded envelope, addrcsse ; t Capt. Wm. II. Hatch, Assistant Agent of Exf.haxjje, W;w Department, -Richmond, Va., who will give it the proper destination. The annual meeting of the Stovkh. Idjrs of the Charlotte Sc S. C, Railroad, was held in Columbia on Wednesday Jast. The Treasu rer's report shows that tfio receipts of the R ad fr m all sources iurin thc yejr, amount to $1,008,709 IS, expenditure 71 0-.58S 18. 4 What is the difference between a good .sol dier and a fashion-able lady ? "One faces the powder ami. the other powder the face." Miscellaneous Ior Hire for the Bainncc of the Yea?. A iioj who is an excellent couk aud good hone servant would suit a hotel eervice. Apply at this oCtfip. i3 dlr ANTED1 1 . 1000 LBS. OF SUa All CANE SEED. Tho highest cash pric will bs paid per hundred, or by (we bushel. Apply to 3-dlw p. FERffALL. Bank of Washington-at Grcen.boro Feb. 10th, 18G4. A meetih? at' the St )ckh)l-dei-s in this Hank will be held at the town of Tar boro' on Wednesday, Mirth 16th, proximo. A general attendance is earnestly requested, either in person or by proxy, as business of importance will come befcre the meelinc M. STEVSNSeN, Cashier. H-d3tawtd Cards, Cards.450 Pair WhItmore,s J No. JO Cards at $75 in Confederate monCy, or $1 in specie, per p j,ir. ' Xhese Cards are of the best quality.- Purcha sers can send the money by Express, and I will send the cards by Express, tbey paying' the ex pense. Address me at Fvres-tviile, N. C. J AS. S. PUREFOY. Forrestvillo, N. C, Feb. 5, 186 i. 13-dfii Kar (I.R una w a y from the VVJ Machine Shops of the K. & G. R. R. Co., on the 28th of Jan., 1864, the boy 1IORRACE. Said boy is about 5 feet 10i inches high, copper Colored. long bushy hair and very badly clad when left. He is supposed to be larking in or near the city of Kaleijjh. The above. reward will be paid for his delivery to this company or his confine ment in jail. 10-6t. TJiarm for Rent or Sale Two hundred JJ acres of land, ly eigh, and four miles Countv of Wake; 20 ing twelve n.iles west of Kal- from. Holly Springs, in the acres of fresh cleared land, growth. The clvared land the balance original well fenced. Appy 9-d8t to - W. II. CUNNINGGIM. Exchange Hotel. NOTICE.-A limited number or recruits will be received in the IstN". C. Cavalry Reg iment. The recruit must bring with him a ser viceable horse. Arms and equipments will be furnished. For further information ai to com panies, Ac, apply to Col Mallett. commanding Conecriit Camp at Raleigh - By order Col: W. H. CnEK, Corad'g... Gbo. S. Dbwet, Ad'jt. 1-dlm STATE OF XOKtlf CAROLINA, Wabkx.v County, J COURT OF EQUITY. Tohn riarrison Hawkins, an infant ander the aga of twenty-one years, by James A. Egerton bis fuarctian and next friend, Charles M Cook and ahn E. Miller, xecutorsof the last will and tes tament of.inifred W. Hawkins, deceased, and Jane B. Miller, Against Benjamin E. Cook, executor of John ' H. Hawkins, deceased, John H. Vleming, Jane Walker, for merly Oroeary,) Benjamin E. Coot -and Sally II Cook, his wife, John H. Kimball, of the State of Tennessee, Fanny H. Kimball, of the said State of Tennessee, and Nancy Power of the State of Mis sissippi. : " It appearing from the affidavit filed in the office of the said Court, that John H. Kimball, Fanny H. . Kimball and Nancy Power, three of the defendants in this cause, .reside beyond the limits of this State, it is therefore ordered that publication be made in the Raleigh Confederate, for six weeks, notifying the said defendants of the filing of this bill, and that unless thry appear at the next term of said Court, to be held at the Court House in Warrenton, on the Third Monday after the Fourth ilonday of March next, and plead, answer or de-- ; mar to the said bill , the same will be taken as con fessed and heard exparte as to , them. Witness, Charles M. Cook, Cl rk and Master of atd Coort, at otfice in Warrenton. the Third Monday after the Fourth Mondar f September, 186?. Issued 1st day of Febfuarv, -1R$J 2-w6t C. M. COOK, O. H. B. Uwr liuiil: vll IMrvl - V- MiscellaneoTis. ntcd to porchase.-A vood Piann. Apply at this Office. jaa ltf or Sale.--One nejrro boy about thirty JL years of ae in good health ; an excellent teamster, carriage dTiter, asi work hand. ! Apply ro J. M. LITTLE, fob. 3, lSCl-10-dtw-w4t. Lexington, N. C. Mrs. H. W. Miller. BOARD Bv the Month, Daily board do Transient, per day, jsn 16-dly $220 $150 $ 12 Oxford Female Collese.-Thc twenty sixth seion begn on Monday the lth . January IS64. and will continue twenty weeks.' Tuition in each' school 160. . Piano rent $15. No extra charges. Board varies iritb provisions. J. H. MILLS, 5-tf. Oxford, N. C. Small Pox otlce. As. the Small Pox has again appeared in the City of Raleigh, all persons calling at the office of the So r?eon General between the hours of ten and two will be vaccinate J fare of charge. : EDWARD WARREN, jan 12-lm , - ' Surgeon General. Notice. -On the First day of every month I shall send a special agent to the Army of Northern Virginia All packages, Ac, sent to mr mi, uii-i ju.tce nn! e pi onifiLiy -Aa m i i ed free of charge. " EDWARD WARRKN, Doc. 22, lS53-d3m Surg-Gen'l N. C. HILLS B0 H0f MILITARY ACADE3IT... The"Sixth Acadc aic year ol this Institution will commence on Wednesday, February 3rd, 1864. xor circulars anu inrormation apolv to Maj. XU. Mt GORDON, Sup't. Hillsboro', N. C, Nov. 23, 1863. d3m. North Can Una' Yoluntcer Xary Com pany. At a meeting ot thfc Stockholtlers of the above Company, held in Rajeigh on the i 4th instant, the C mpanv re-orgnnized under its char ter, and pr.iceeded.to elec: ths following gentle men as director, viz : C. P. M KNDKTHALL, G reen sboro. ' J. M. BULLOCK. Granville county. O. G. PARSLEY, Jr., ") A LKX'R OLDHAM, ) Wilmington. " W. D. .-MITil, . DUDLEY NICHOLS, ) fl , J. R. GRKKN. Durham's WILLIAM LONG, Caswell county. Thj Directory then proceeded to elect their of. ficers. as, f(llows : C. P MKNDENHALL. Ei , President. . J- M. BULLOCK, K.sq., Vice Presid.-nt. " W. D. SMITH. Ksq., Treasurer. DULLl-;Y NICHOLS, Esq., Seeretary. Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Direo torv, the subscribers are requested to pav over to Wm. D. Smith, Treasurer, or desposit in Bank to his crt'dit, the amount of their repective s-ihscrip tions,' and orwa.rd cei tiGcates"nf deposit t his ad dress at Wilmington, N. C, by the 10th day of February next. Those wishing to tuhseribe are requested to send in tbfir subscription!? at or be fore that time to the Treasurer, whu will issue certificates of stock. DUDLEY NICHOLS, S-c'r. Durham's, Jan'y 20th, 1864. 4-d2v IajetteTllIe, January 13, lSGi-Wanted-? A Lady who is. fully competent to teach music on the Piano and th t English Branches, to take charge of a small school in a family near Fayette ville. Address. BOX 202, jan 18-w3t .Fa etteville, N. C. .' Military. Quartermaster's Department, Halelgh, Feb. 6, 164. Tbu D -partmcnt Ins on hand a small nt of 'otlnn Card for distributi in among the f..3ii!ies of s!difrs. The sp' Cial courts of ear!, csunty are requested t. appoint an agent in each county to receive and distribute the-n. The p ice will be fiv dollars, ($5) and necessitous wives and mothers of soldiers will have the pre ereocc Mere 4re expected daily and will be sent out as fast as received, - II. A. DO WD, A. Q. M., X. C. A. Feb. 8, lS61.-14-d3t 5 All the papers of the State will oopy-lhree es, ard for waid accounts as above. Head-Qua rters Examining Board, Seventh Congressional District, N. C., Lex ingtou, Jan. 26. 1664. The undersigned, one of the members of the Fxamining Board for the 7th Congressional Di?trict,N C, hereby app.dat the following times and places" far the examination of the conscripts of the Districts eGthRegt., N.JC. Militia, Davidson county, Lex ington, February: 20, 22, 23, 24. C6th Rcgt., N. C. M., Davidson count v, Lexington. February, 25, 2C. 27, 29. 83rdR-gt., N. C. M., Stanly countr, Albcaiarle. March 2, 3. 4, 5. . 80th Regt., N. C M., Anson eountv, Wadesboro, March 7, 8, 9, 10. 8lst Hegt., N. C. M., Anson county, Wadesboro, March 11, 12 14, 15. ; C2d Regt., N. C M.. Montgomery county, Trov, March 17, 18, 19, 21. 51st Regt.. N. C. M., Moore county, Carthage, March 23, 24. 55, 26. 28. 49th Regt., N. C. M Chatham county, Pittsboro', 30, 31. April 1, 2. 50th Regt., N. C. M., Chatham county, Pittsboro', April 4,, 5, 6, 7: 63d Regt.. N.C. M., Randflph countr, Ashboro', April U, 12, 13, 14, 15 64th Rejrt., N. C. M., Randolph county, Ashboro', April 16, 18, 19, 20. P. G. S NO WD EN, Surgeon P. A. C. S., Chairman Examiningjoard. 7tb Cong. District, N. C. CniEF ENROLLING OFFICE, SeVEKTH CONORESSIOSAI. DlSTHTCT. N. C, ) LaxiMQTON, Jan. 26th, 1864. Gbnbral Obdeb, V " No. 1. Y. County Enrolling Officers will proceed at one to re-enroll all persons in their counties betweeu the a?s of IS and 45, in accordance with General Order, No'. 1, Conscript OUice, Raleigh, X. C , tm(: have them present at the above times andplac;-. for medical examination, revision of former ex : emptions, Ac. II. This call embraces all pet tons between th I conscript ages who have heretofore been exempted, detailed or discharged frrm any source, or for any cause whatever; including 'persons who have fdrnished substitute", as welt as those discharge from the army, and all male white persons wh i have arrived at the age of eighteen, and all othei; who have not heretofore been enrolled. III. Enrolting Officers will only ordr a fourth of the conscripts of a Militia Regiment to report o ) each of the appointed day sad require each ma -' to bring with him three day'a rations. IV. All persons embraced in this call are bso lutely required to be present atthe appoint! times and places, and any failing to appear will bj treated as deserters. ; V. The notice to conscripts is deemed suflicier ! to allew them ample time for arranging iheii domestic afiTairs, and no application from parti -to be allowed to remain at borne beyond tbeXhu.. " appointed for their departure for camp, will entertained. t " , . J. M. LITTLE, Capt. and Cbivf Enrolling Officer " 14t 7h Congressional Uirfct, ". 1864. - VOL. I.o. 15. Military. ADJ'T AND IXSP'R GEN'S OFFICB, fc Richmond, Feb. 4, 1864 J " General Orders o. 14-.The rollowln order is published for the information of a I Concerned t . ' C. S. AiisaicA, Was Depastmixt, ) Richmond February I, 1864. J ' LXCHAVncvnTrnvvA mA . . . ,.uu . V7. HI. j , 1. All rmoxnj heretofere held by the Unlu Statr inthnriti.. - " nI" . ... , ":'cr orriciR, Mimsiaul aviLUxs, receirud at City Point, afroas tas Uf I' " " ucrroy DBCLAKKS Sm Clf 4SQEO. ' 2. All orricsas asd MBS or thb VicitBCt-i CArrcBB, who reported for dutv at EnterprUei Jliss., at snv tires prior rr tbb iirnv.. v-L..! ice ' , . - " bbr. 1863, and whose natn-s were forwarded to la by Mj. Gen. John H. Fornev, abb usctitBD bx 3 All officers and neu of the Yickaburg cat tore, belonging to tb -first Tennessee heavy at and whose names were forwarded to nmbv'ColJ i. a r0-tt010,Ll At or Exchange. ' By order r.ISigaei S. Xo-rsB, Adj't sod IsV tTen'ral. , - ffe?eT'tn,rBPPr Pbllsb six timw and aend bills to thstsWar Department. l0-6t. ENROLLING OFFICE, OFFICE,") icr X. C. V . win vo.-o session 4 l utsraicr OxrOun, Januarv In Obedience to General Orders Xo. U Commandant ol Con?prirt n3I..Jr,V. . i. 1 20, 1861. Militia and county Enrolling officers ni'.t notify a'l white male persons betwetn the agg A 18 and 45, within th limits of their respectiv regiments, to report at the countv seats .f their Respective counties, at the following times aV places for final enrollmenf and examination by th Medical Examining Board. This call cmbracf all white male persons between the ages of 13 an 45. whether previously exempted or not. ' All those residing within the limits the 4 Ot lsj Regiment N. C. M., Fraoklrn cuntv, will leimrJ at Louiiburg on the 20th, i'2d, 23d aud 24ch davi riMfw tdf!J ' All those reaUiag within the liiiiiu if th i 32.1 Regiment, N. C. M., Nash couutv, will reio: n Nashville, on the 2Ctk, 27th and 29th davs or t brusry, and 1st day of March, 1864. All those rosiJiaL' within t!i j limit ,' fK,. Regiment, N. C. M., Warren countv, will repnr at Warrenton on the 4th; 5th, 7th and t!i usvs'o March. 1864. All those residing within th 1 i:.iit .f it. j ia ----.. -1 i mo w VA Ikoglmcnt, N. C. M , Granville coHntv, will report at Oxford on the lUh, 12th, Hth aud luilidays ' March, If 64. ' All those residing withiithe limits or ths 43d Regiment N. C. M , Granville countv. will rapon, at Oxford on the" 16th, 171h,- 13th and 19th davs o.' March, 1S64. All thosu residing wiiuin the limits of 46th , Regiment, X. C. M., Orange couutv, wilt rvportt at Hillsboro, on tUa 221, 23 1, 21th and 2i;h dav r March, lhC4. - Ail thor-e resi ling within the limits of thf 45'a, Regiment N. C. M., Orange county, nill report a HiljiWn.on the 26th, 2sth, 23th and 3'Jth Jars o j March, 1.S64. All thos residing within tbe limits of ihe 3StU Regiment, X. C. M., Wake cnuatv. will report a4 the Court House in Raleigh on the lt, 21, 4th an Sthdavsof Amiili. . All Uiose residing within the limits of lh 3!)ti' gt N. C M , Wake couctT, will report at tho Cowrt.Hoiuy in Ualeich. o:r the 6;h 7ih. Kth n4 9lh days of April, U-C4. All those residing within tho limits of th- Uth Regim-nt N. C. M., Wake c"unty, will report ai . the Curt House ia Raleigh on 'th .11th, 12th, 13th and 14th days of April, 154. .Couiuiandiii&t'lficets-or Militia Regiment will so airang? it t!.t m; fourth only of the compnn.e ofsach Regiment w ill b prc.teiit ach dar. THUS. F. TI1JIJS, Assistant Sur'trecn Chairman Exao inirgBoaid. II. C. HERXDON, M. D. , W. H. DAVIS M. D., A." LAN')IS, Jr., Enrolling O.'hcer 6-2vv ' 5:h Congressional D:ft ict COXSCRIPT...OFFICK, Rilkioh, J.in. 27th, lt:4. . 'TJir f'Hwinj; circa! irrarn !l:;rtau o.'1 JL. of Cns rip' inn i puhiii-hed foi th- inrut Laa tion of ail e-ug. rii?d. By o;d jr. , COL. MALLETT, Comd't Cout. tor X. C. - E. J. Ha kbit, A'fff. BUREAU OF CONSCRIPTION, Kii:;iMo5D, Jan. 25th, ls4. CiRcrLAn No. 4. J ' " rTlt) Commandatits of Conerlpts. Th attea JL tion of Commandants, is especially directed to Geueral" Orderx No. 7, A. A 1. (.' O. c urrent series, herjin se. forth for their information. ADJT. AND INSP. OEN'L'S OFFICE, ) Uichmosd, Va., Jan. 25, 18C4. ) ' I. Paragraph IV General Orders No. 3 current scries is "hereby revoked. II. Enrolling Officers will proceed as rapidly as rn-acticable in the enrolment of all persons trade iable to military service.' Previous to emr me; t as conscripts, all such persons will be aliovrvd to volunteer, provided lsft The Company selected was in service on the 16th of April 1862. 2nd. The Company selected is nt the time ot Volunteering, below the minimum prescribed by regulations. ..,' 3rd. 'No person made liable to service under, this order will he-permitted to join, or will be assign ed to any companv which has more thsn sixty four privates on the roll, until all the companies in service from the State of which the volunteer or consciipt is a resident, shall have the minimum number prescribed by regulations. 4th. Upon the Company bing .selected, the volunteer will receive frnin the Enroling Officer a certificate to Ihe effect that he has so volunteer ed; and no volanteer will be received iu any com pany except on such certificate, ' II I. "Persons' who fail to make selection, 'accord ing to th provisions of this order, and at tlyjtime ofenli-stm' nt, will be assigned according to exist ing regulations. i- IV. All officers in command of companies so tboriied tinder this order to receive conscripts or volunteers will forthwith sond to the Commandant of Conscripts of the Stated accurate certified rolls -jf their companies ; -and without such roll, showing That, they d not exceed sixty four privates, tBere will not be assigned iny conscript or volunteer. By Command of the Secretarv of War. (Siokbp) S. COOPER, Adjt. and Insp. Gen'l. Early and vigorous action will be enjoined cn the Enrolling Officers, each one of whom should be furnished with a CODV of the order without dp- lay. To insure the publicity of tb order, there I should be several insertions in the newspapers or4 2 geiH;rl circulation. II. Persons presenting applications for rpecial xemption, with any kow nf mm it will not b Eolested until aotion is taken by this Bureaa. These cases will be investigated in accordance with Circular Xo. 3, Current Series with the least delay practicable. By order of COL. JXO. S. PRESTOX, rStaxsD) C. U. DUTFIELD, S-lra. . A. A. G. . XSy Fayetteville Observer, Wilmington Jourj nal, Salisbury WaUhman, Charlotte Bulletin so l " Democrat, Iredell Express, AhviIIe News, Wad-sl boro' Argus, Greensboro' Patriot, Milton Cbronj icle,.Chriti4a Advocate. X. C. Preaby Uriao, Mountain Eagle Tarboro' Southerner, c'tpj on month i i i i .. . j .i ,i Gloves and Socks Wanted.-! desire to purchase for the soldier, 10,000 pirsoHSlovel and 10,000 pairs of Sockt. Donaii.'nt will l thankfully reCciy.d. . EDWARD WARREN, Jan 12-In Surgeon Genet!, X. C. DAILY CONFEDERAT ' ADTCRTIBIITQ. - ADYERTISEMKX7H will-b-T lasrrt-d at sollAbs per sqasrt of tea llaes (ar less) for insertion. Jlarriags aoticesand QbitusrUs charged as advrrtiitments. JOB WORK of e vary desrr.ptioa will b. ecuWd st this Offie whb dispatch, and as p. ss cas U dose la ths Snttra Cofederaey ; ; JtU r ... .Military., . Conscript iOrtl? Itilelb, JaBoirj ltC4. Ths snacxrd order is published n Information of all rBcerBd. its rtnirr' will rrigWly tnforeed ia every particular. B.Oorder Col. MALLET! - . Comrrasiisg Coascripts for 5, E. J. If s a bin, Adjstant. ADJT AND INSP. G'E.VLS OFFICE Rirns, Jan. 9, 1864. Gimerat OrJtrt, . xo.j. ; I.'Tbe following Aeta sf Cosgress ansl R. tines set pnblishft for Ut iamrmstisa ( a'l sons concerasd therein ACTf. As Act U prevent ths Rolistment r EnroJV of Substitotea l tk military sovire of the f-derats States. TAs Vmnfm$ lU C(Url, Smtt Amri do oc, That Bo person liable tn rait, servirv shall hrrsfter be permitud r allon furnish a sabs trtnts for sch service, nor shall substitute be received, en isted or anrollO U Military service f 0 Canrederatatattt." proved December 2Mb, 1SC3. j Ax Act to put an nd to ths Exemption Military Service vt ihmm w bo hare Lervti Hirbibd Sabntitates. " W ii st r as, in the prrsent cirmmslancas cosntry, it requires ths aid of all who are besr arms : 44 7A Cojrett f (Mt Cftltratt S(jt America do timet, That no person shall be. A fiom military service, fcv reason of Lis bs ' furnished a saUtitute; i thia art shall not Construed as to affect persona who, tbnnri liable to render military service, have, nevt lem, furnif bed substitotea." Approved Js 5th. 164. 1 II. 1 Visors rendered liablejn militarr ser' operation of the preceding arts, are r faced saiae Tooting with all othets tiitber to held I a . ' Acta or Congress. III. Persons betein renderel liable ti r service art rrquired to rpoit volant- conscripts, withont delay, t th eumllinr and all who Jelay be vu d (Le Lt dat of Fel 164. will ba considered as Itaving rmoubt privilege of volunteering, at.d held for aei according to lw. IV. Enrolling oiltcefs v. ill proceed, as .. ss (i scticable, iu tho ebi wtlmet u pet sons ' made Hi Lie to luilitstf service. 1'tevious Voliuivnt as consci iptu', oil mt h persms allowed to volnuteer in companies in net viet iCth Aprd IS62 : prucitled, th o.npanv does ttot st the' tiir.w ol volantret trg r maximum nun bt allowed ; ard r;fm sucl pany being s'lt-d, th vilatiieir will n from tb i in Haling nfiicer a cettihente to th that Le h . volunt led ; and no vrlcnte-V- received into an company except on u. titicate. ( Versona who fail to make their sl. at the time of entollnv nt, nill bcMHined i. in e to en-ting regulatietis. V. Pem:n nby t-poit to tie em oiling 1 will be emi'lled. and luav be allowed a filth ' ten days before repotting To tlia cuo p .f U i tion. VI. All persons, v h' tl.cr vo)untf-:s or set il ls under t Lin order, a ill pak tl.ionpl siap of instruction ol the State to whh h beloiig, and be fratded tliri.ee to tin toini which are selected, ut to wbirh they u,nt signed. " -t VII. The Rmeau of Corikctlrtion in d . with adopting propel rrg tdatieli fr the ei ' men! of this uid-i. VIII. All ex ii.'tion liif tofoie pt anted ar ject to a levifiun, tr.lrr InMrurtiors fiwi Bureau of CnsciipttMi ; ana if tnund to I proper or S)tiBnthoii;.ei l v taw , nil! be revol By older. . S. L'CMII'Kl Adjutant and Inspector drat 1 dtfef.tr.. .' jf i" ' Wiftuingtjfn Joui-dmI. alhbHty V. man, Cha.lotte Dtiioeiat, lre'U 1 s'pren, Ahevillc News copv ui.lil Fhtuary 15th an bill to Col. Malh-t t'a oltit-e. Ct nft cTrratc Stale of Acirrlfi,f . nee.r Department, Diti irt Cape Pest nnngton, N. C, Mai eh Ifcih, lst3. Xo : hereby ;iven to all petsr.s Laving claiois a , the Er.gineer D pai idim', fr sivices ot J t-mploTrd ss labours on Ihe tumd dteutt T'Mu.ingtop, N. I., t k a - the uodrt-ijtx d if a Ised at.d prepared to psv tl-r same at Lif .ll , the a.-eoitd flior n ire Uuiidir next mLi v hi Ding Stre, Maikel Mr-.'t. Jfid' i'ersoua A' e-utine Powers f Attorh' ' observe the lollowiug luitu tl.iir sinatt. all C"--, t(. be wiiieifd by two witnenf signrd in duplieste,. or l hey 'may he witne-s fote a Jurtiee of the) Pear or ClVtk of any rokM U row K Cr Al'IOkieV. I, , of - , do 'bet eby spfdnt -of --, mv troe and law Tul" Agent to s: etipta for, atid receive patir.ent of all rron. t me by the Engineer Departineut of the ( erate itstes of America, lr the set vices slsves eicplpyed as laborers on theUnd dfe t - , duiirg the u cr.lL id 8fi . Witness, my hand and seal, si , th day of , Hfl . (Signed ia doplii at.) Witness : . The signatures of colored petsats h uld ' nessed by three v itnerees. , There inust Ire sepaiate Wuplirale Pov Attorney for eaeb ibonth. Blank fomn Lad upu ai'plicaUavnat thisofl.ie. W. II. JAM1 Jan. 20, 1864-1 tf Cpt. A Chief L'ngii 1?ayetteTllle 'Arr.rnal and Atmory veu.Ler 12. lf3. fl0 BOUNTY 1 "VU 1C0 Mounted Riflemen. Authoiity having grantel by the War Depatttornt to raise s pany of Mounted Rltlemen for service in t. . cinity, nTtice is Lere-by given, tLat r to the auUibcr of 100 tmn-rontrripti will . eei red for this service. Earb recruit will quired to furnish a serviceable horse, for wl will bn allowed 40 cents per dirm, and his p per month. Wrilttn prmiion will be re., ,prom parents or guardians, wLers the applh, under the conscript sje. Esch recruit roust bring with' him a btanl bfd-fprcd. and come prepared to tenmin. Apply to Maj MATTHEW P. TAYLOR, . Arsenal. . F. 1 CHILDS, Lieut-Col. C. S. A., Ccnjruanditjg Post, dec iCdtf. Sarceon General' (idee, Kalrlgi. , 16, 1864. A medical exauiinibg board, siating of ' . Surgeon K. A. CRUDLT, A ft l Surgeon II. II. HARRIS, will meet at nstifax, ic Halifax county, n day, the 25th of Jaaaary. At Jackaon, in Northampton coanty, on nesday, the 27tL of January. At Murfrcesburo', in Hertford sonnly, on day, tbe 29i2 of January. At Wilmington, in "New Hsnover count Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 2d, 3d ahd 4 February. At Wbitesvill, iu Columbus coanty, on St day, February Cih. At Elizabeth 'f own, in Bladen county, on 1 day, 9th of February, for tbe purpo of exs. ing all persons claiming excitj4ioQ from J Oqard duty on ace.unt ot phyrical disability. Bv order of vifareruor VaVj EDWIN WARRFX, j4ti 20 2w Surgeon Gcnn For Sale or Rent. H0TRL FOR SALK.1 OPI'KU AT T vate sale tbe lBrg new Hotel in the towi Louiiburg, and located justeaatot the Court-ho julf 4.tf.. H. HARR1I LAXK8 Executed with neatness sdJ $ patth At TI OFFICE.

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