DAILY CONFEDERATE. A. V. ti3ir.i X it CO., Proprietors. DAILY EIUTION, for-.'! m-".' is .' " " .3 . u i TllI-NVRKKLY, for .no-nl 12 7 3 7 WEEKLY KDITiOX.inr ' xnths 5 Xo sub.-"! iptb-n received on Tiny other, terms lhan the aoove, nor for a hii.g r Or tdtorter period. Fron the Wilmington Journal. .Cam 3a X C,( War) Troor.s Siew vm Ei.ioaos, "' J.Kijij.ts'it Dtvj.-sos Ewu.t.'s C-hts., A. X. V , X? ar 'Orange C. lt.,'V.; Feb. 4, 1SC4. . J At a ri?-ct.!u bet 1 b the ni"int,-r d Com pany A" Tceie ! it y B 11 s, 3d N. C, Troops, on moti.i., 1-t lcut. Jus. )arhn w;-s-c.ill i l-o ' Cirdr. f"' 3-jepor.il Chin .M -ote ajj; i i cm i S -erctirry. Th- obj-c's' tip.4 trct-tii g- wee fully e. pU.s.ed by the Chairman, when, ' motion, ttic C.:. vn'in'i was empowered to ;ipp"int a Cmiii.ii v. " n.-i.-iiog of 2.1 L-.C. U L-'i, .Sergeant M. F. i.mdojpii. nnd MuMClIU Jon. . 'i'llt-i . '! t uT-lti ! !-"rU' 0. - Vt.ii.jMi.lt".' M:!r;.itMl the following j,,,,)ir,!. nid resolutions, which wi-ru adopted i-. - .uiuimoutdy : -Puia-mi'M. : As u phoM r--f ,ur . ronr.tr) .. i.-. ., ..!- :. vorhio in i.ur le'el'Ie CtmeitV ti- ,.,) test 1 1 : : rf ie-ly stitigje Wni:e 1 oW..;U(e fv:s us iio- ;i:vl'c-ur,ii"'us hearts we- led it ..d-bl v,h' oil wo (AV'f our g'.nd old county to ... f.-v , i4- . - - : . ;;t.r oU--iM.tivtali';ws z;;i:st .1 m.-eiing hchl i,i i t .t:iiu county, l ' C,ou the 2 l.-U .January, ay 2 b'.". I , Tiiiit wo flva .tiiorougTily cjnvir.ctvl Jiuit t!it; w.-ai hat' not bitted Ihhj vnowjli, :i li.iVw- n t rr t'iz ; 1 it .-uh.taiiti:jl i'rft of per-. . limtit'yf. h morab 'e peuon. 'Wears t'.rc-i of iis c rii;i:' ;.oiir ironvt.s nrc freipuuii y l.orc l by its M'tvro l"r aviaes ; vn-'ari. r pcatflly .caiip i 4, ti t cir.lutc its -privations; but w nro not v.i-; i t, r'his 'oat? vijfii'ou j efFhrt uporr-tlie fi I I, n i-.in.,;; t.i 1 o we ivonlii reuiize tin: bivvit -' i if nc, by bejininjr strivca to . 4ur b it' t i'j'.'. .V--. '. TiiC Mjinirvnly'"n':U puniing ass-r ti ki, tii.' No rili., tja.i ..io i i.a 1 .o ha.l in ' )i..t:-.::ti.c tii.-v;ir, " is a 'IUgrfiec to the tneinory . ol' u;tr bf.'oio -iy ' 1. We loiiy that the s-in of ihe '..i Nortb St ite" i';itit'c lh is bloody m r if' ! t ii' any smc'.i fMKv ':J rw !,s tho yt.'aiu '' i;i sit of loi')', but becuu.so they. aY Hint the liO-t:lc !jt of tii.) .North towarila i me tut H l ' rj .(.!.! ' ii't Hi'l V'. I ) li::s'.- I "i'.i -vt we !r: rti! i-1 1 ! v co.icur win., the tlitr.i r.v.i,i:i ., iT .-ifisi ;tii-f rui', " lift', tun pou f ..:! I -t''ri r;, ' :! and -:rnhilnrs xhyul'l if. cn ,vri 'id i?i lit ; rmij ; 'i l-'.vul.l aiil .1 t, x:t - .... . . . . i . . .. .. t . t:,,. .;ile h bn'i b'-Ii'm 1 -id", olme-.s. Tiievj M'j i'i) " -1 y )u:i,'5 jii r. who are- sh ei.-V t : i "i o'. el Willi is lare or;n,(h WlUCa !ll.irui lil..- )KK r- tv, i, ' . y cLt:tirini i'.-r ; e oja. I 1 1 - .1 -.1 i M X 1' K C ri- M-i: K T t N ( W I .- . ' t-i-'y v -mi I i'.i.;ers -d r.a.r I) if. tb'li -l i, i -t.f i'ii! (.f.i in in' 'o ci 1 ev , u tf.i inir liquor if' ld '; unsullied. J'.v ''.' , i" ..it eve.y .ji'iMi d .-ho-iM-;-a.'..-ii d with :ihV !.;.' d-ii.:res. "cceyxary t our '!!' d a '..lio r-'-eal of tre ".S'lb- rit i:e i...a ' i'.rit.i.o goo 1 .d'eos wid i: .-, uitry i'i ur. tniital protecir,,-b-- mis.- it ij-ii'i-ns Lo nt-tke I'lhit (lo hi duty, v; i'm tit ..frvlee s'eaibj i'te Vwiutrtary. I, Tu ft we aie ii-e " th it thi .'pir.t.- o. .-it'h tiien as- ( iasp'nj. .S'.it'dy m.il Mr, L . l i i Lo inv.'l;. d. by I i:e ll 1 1 1 1 ! s-t a ye---ii.-'. 'lo-, jAeit- t !.'.' VH ' f Ml t ja; . ( to! , 't-.w.ir : "ui - t .at n..-, tiu.: wuhl .-o eertami.y i-:i 1 it, ' 'Ve.w-'u'i t v.'n.i; 1 : !:.-.-) "Ji'i-iKi'n t ; . i lull i . i ' . . . . - - . . , a-, i ttint we wili defcu 1 I v;i: i. oar -. .1 . . ..i . 1 1 w i'i ,1. . 7s : i .' :.! fi- " : ( . . : r k-'t-ri: li a i-1 d air.sl the -enemy ui oii f t n Ml i r l n - ur i'--r. .'V -ilij:d, T..-.tt f i.e course of t'ji ;vv Vanci haa i.fe-.i e.ni ert!y o.n! t:i.ll e-iiimiffti.s its'if t- il.e apjonv.il - f -ery pfi iof., 4nl liiat we d-m j' t,o I c oiir duty " ;;r.d mu u-imii ee ry .1 n tin d the " ( ) d y ' rotate ai i in 1 h- ii n. v,V,- t'-r lo -,i en !f r- ad ee deKtiTirtl ii i't. la. i : h i. m w:' !na ..Li r b r i- i s, and w i j i r.i.tt s: a hi Id be livkeu b -li ve t L i toe. ar ! rue. in t st 'd - air. .o. Vo-f .sheet to of i V.-0'.;.-- is to su.-pri the. roil- lieted' bV W. V. li ldei.,.. J'a'io.i' (J' li cavn in'l'ir:h Caro- il'. o'r,", T'li-at fmi.S'j.tc oeciiple.s a posidon aniong ia v ;d'" r S iites, oi w.hicn we m weil . be' pi-otfti , a:, i teat ohlii-iM in the Ife.-d- and patriot ui' h )!.' are ealieii upojj to ta: ti,o: e t.'ia.'i Wiitciilil ft .jei' dv.o-nei ate 'so.is -it t ; i s tflo eleventh iiour shoo! wrench ti'ac good . name from brr, tot' w i i . fr iev have so i rg tti led. and . wfiieli th- y .-.oi ieh'y d'-ser've, nj.d that wv remind t lem th it "L'krnsl Vnjitancc is lite irirr of' Jjihii'ly.-' ( ,11'fiJcal, Tii it be who counsels resistance ''to the laws 4f-tn land i. hiniseif gu ity of frea su, and tii.it We Would r-inind r itie uiacoitiy Jb .i esei.t iti ve of ( J rceie o amty , of the m ile.i.u ."ath that ho has taken fr the uxaintcuance of the joven. no id of S'oitu Carolina, and Jtiat t ! -.' blood ot- tii oj i thi c nip.my, with 'v. horti he ci?' tu; as one of their loader's) siai-u in b l tie, will cry out for vengeance, and f t.at the Ji' ing wili ever jeviavd hiui as one win forsoui; tin. tra m'thi.s, their country's or st' tu if. . ... J!,xo'vftl, 'That a copy of" th. .s-e rsr-lutions lie sent trhf W i I mil gt..u dour. id for public v tioii,, r. iu.the reipiot -tnat the Faytttcvilk- tje. isi r v r . (.Viarlot te Jhilietin (jreenshoru i'atrii'.t in'al Confederate gt'e them insertion. , t);i motion tla.- u:eetiog adiot.rtn.ttf ". 0 1st Lieut, do.d. )itl)iS; Chain. ' o.'Ciry. Ot.bts Mo-jut. .Sc'i. Tt t.s u?.derfio d fi;"at the two rioujis of C -ngiess, . hftex ' c-nuidoriug bv n-spoctive. propoitioi s ol'i'jed, tetiehing the - tjurrency iitut the military 1-iiis, j: - voted ti ann-ie each to its tnvn -v.'iu-tne ; n 1 l hut, committee-? of eoiifeveiu e 1 been mutiTuly apmintcil ineaeti t'rffC to lei-oiu iie tin ir vaugus -views. d'hc Sviiliiivsl Mippo-es thf re Ciin b' no giat 'dit'hcnjty in reaching cun.uiotf ground. IS far a- tbe t iihiic have ivt'oietl intor.'nation f 'toe two tui ici.ev b.'ds, fhe ibll'.ience stciiis to b.: la the t.ame aiut ititn, rattier ttvin jh pvm ci, .ie or s-ubstasu e. -The- i sse.ito o! bofti is cempiilsi ry iimding. AU.rhsc is but dt-tail, iu j -i t .i Jii" it io 'ti tie, wi.h lea-ience to s-ecur-iu npuahty. We think ti: her bill i.s va?t,!y btt'ei tbiin neither. Tlc pi ints oT disagreement on the military bill . widic slid more easy of adjustment Taken ;is a v'vi.ole, the fr nnfe bid lsthe moie stringent. . ' The primdp-al 1 Ions amcml metd s 'to the . -Senate's uiihuu'y bill, atlas follows: Cohscribe ail bet ween t-tghjtet-n and Jtr(j fice ears, ii tead of eighteen ivjijiyjice.- liXeui t all St.ite tdlietr?, ul t-veiy grade, (leapt such as are decbued by law liable to ()te editor exempted to a newspaper,- if-he bc r adiail.pinlcr:v J).tisfs not io be yxempted. l;Xouipt one" wh'ite man, theheayVof a fam ily of ight or'murl1, t"h peiulenr oj, bislaUir. ivr Mi'pport. . , . ' " f . E.e h pt. f uiph'7r ji tf ratlrtiada.. engaged, in nilitary tia s.poitati'Hi, . The SecTrtary of :x 13 ut)rtz?'.r t(.JjC tail pi.th ei-sons. as y,ilfLii nv. ro valua'bic ouU j of tbe army Hi in "in it, - I r V OLD SERIES, 7 VOL. V. j . Illglily Eiiccarc.lng. The foilovviu hopeful atul - e.ucourayrg ar: tides arc from ti e Iliohir.oti'VSfhtint-l of Tuff d ty, ai I tie V.'fiifT uf 'I'burday ar,l we wiiahl coinnjei.'l "thvir ticrusal t those de- p -inli'i oiie'si.wiid' S"C sa lioa in the way J ev,?ry tint'; thy think 'of Yankee superioiity of ntui.heis ovfr jm. 'Ch fads .stated in he i irticl are stubborn ihins. and show that if. we riiaiutatn with tirns our determiuation t rcsL-,1 the in v x-lers with an inveteracy that kuuws iHj'yifl'lin, we can. and n1Ut n; piish thejiiden'judtnce of the Confederacy : llKCRUITlNG TUB Y-ANKRF. AliMY. O-'ir last. news frofn tb Ur.itod ftrm.es indicates tift r.r b ib'e aetbrfi of th Wa'sb-igton Cigrcji V''o tiio t-nrolifuf nt i:ill. Up.-n tha provi.M'U. ol- the euto.hncn? act will depend tlie success ot Mr. JJucoln'h I'iiafc As u.c law at.proent s.ai-ds, any pers-ui wi o" -tnay be drafted baa the privib g-; of. ptircbashi an ' xempti-.n fn.ru service liy' ) i) io,'i tbr hnu.ired dollar.-- into t.'if jitiblio trei."i.ry. O.'' t'..J rxfent tj v.hijh ttii-. privib-g.iwvufi rxereised, ir.i.ler the tittift oi 1 1. s'linmer, ti:c ti'urei whicii we ptib'ists e 1 y--ferd-y alTuda s' r: ki n iihistratioii. h'even- tii' u.uud' drafttd men serve!, and b y one tliotHatid p-iid the. eociiuiutatior:. the bitter, v.mnber Ve'hail n.t ) rnueb am:;s to at'd the this ty-b ur thoeand who put in substitutes ;' f"f this .was .ie ati'.tiirr foNn o''i-..nmudaM-'n, which the emn ira iy? ci p':p:.!-s i.f snii-tiiait' , at thafr time, ir.a-j:, in many ca.-.-s, the, ino.a' ej ni mical mode of puiehrs n ail exempt li. To pnrvt nt the l,i.il troiii all escnpiug. aft r the iis-t is thruwc, A'hu'mi,-traa"n mem ber lately tnot-d. in the IIoi.se of Iipresen tti ive?5, '.or a'fcpe-tl"oi so much of. t.he o!i net as auth iriz-s x .'mption from military is--j-vice on pavm-i t ' t tiiree hurlr--d ib!iar." Tii v''.h was taken , an-1 rultrd yeas iiav 7; I X.t w;.rv.this ;ill. We fjtrute fr initio.-proeeedo.g.-t o! February lid : A to ther. ajv.iid.'ij'Jul. was agreed to- lot-'. ,!;:rrr out ti:?i four hi;: id red d laf.s joU in J- ba'ioti, and tb.na ieavin it at thrf-e hund.od r' aui. ifVf.ix ( .l:n. .1.1. in 've.d o ,.i"A-.:i'i th-5' t s:it-it, ot Mdit wv A:: urs Con.tnitrrWor t' c b'ffl the bibovving : "'A d if any.jlraite -d. rnanf hall 'pay r1i':iey for ir.a proctraJioi? of a :4tb.titutc, wch payment .-hall Vpei ate idy to relieve mic! person from the dva.t ill iilltii rii it i ax, -iad liisjnaij.e siiali be Vvtain'.d th the rod in tiling jutt.re on itas." Mr. bi-field (Adm.'O ) briedy showl the . . . ' impoasmt.ty o ' prvmrm '.. tf.O - nece-s-ary !!iiiii.-..i-ri.;t iii" out. Ir SI f i v-. : i n 1i IT, l.s hi stricken J. nr.: his amend. 4.44. ... me:d. a man navim: c in n u la'.io y w v.i i ti? i'e!c $ -d f r tiiree i;,uv, v.'id'e, neco:-d y th'? above p:ois,C!i, he wn'od be liable to draft the next da-, w'.r'eh wer.M V u j-ist. 'i he eoeiiielU'e, i y a Vel.. of ,7'J to -I'J stru 'k (?ijt fh-j laute. - Mr. Line bs Uou-e f li."ere-euta i .vs, therefore re I' iedT b. near! tnree ti ot:e, to s'rik'Mut the eo;um'.ta!kMt feature;, refu.-.-.i to increase the rammutu'io o -from .t:-!00 to ,S 10'.); d and- bv a !arg;. n aj.ri'.y d ; tared :nat wtien a-ii-ft-d m.in bad once i -ought bus way out, he .deed 1 be exempt t r ti.ree years. Tnesi.. v.. us, in opp- sit ion . to the w.slu s ot tbe Adrninstration, i-.y a House . visible to It,' must lir4ve been xt it'-d tiy a knnyvh-dgu ot.4be leedng i.al temp r of ti e people. V - thitik it may be well assuifie I th-ii ;of hose who n.ay : e dr;. t';ed. a mtleli larvei p' t.pa ;; u will buy out under fie: coming ti.uo u'-ahv -the late draft. Omiing jeabstitule.-, j'i;r-v fifths pun h -i.s- d t r.c n j. .tionn Under the dvalt 'last ye;ir j jr ioidnding sn ...) if.utotis, seae'n ei.ghtl'.s tscj id b')p.:yi:(g i!r it m iit-y. Toe new leatu'e tiitro.bice ! oa iir, Sa-veti's mo ti.ei, wdl.hiake e ersipie?"'1;ueb ino.e y.doabie tb.Mi before. W j may." tlu re I' a e, well l'jy,. . that the draft ol five blindred iboiaod, wdl yieti.ltH-X many tens of tlio.t.vind.s. Thii dnift is to be credited by all that haae been, or may be, obtained as volunteers under the two recent Ciills for three hundred thousand e,ach, wtich drafts are merged into the one for h ilf a million. The number so obtained as .volunteers thus far tbey claim at a hundred thousand. This includes nd that have re:eu tisted in the army under the temptation of an enormous bounty and a loug furlough provid ing the means .aui the., opportunity if goin 5 ' tev hum " and to Canada. It inelu les, abr, all v.iio have been brought up in the shamhlci of the great cities. .Yet, it is many times less than the mmibcr'whoae" terms of service will expii'e next summer. , ' i Lincoln, obtain his nre led .-cruita, it would seem 'tiVat they onu-t be procured by purchase? rattier than by draft. The diligent eiinrts with which voluuttry recruiting iuas been prosecuted- wouid in ticate that its re soiirves are exh-;usted ; and JitsceLx's new dratXis the eonfession. " Upiru liie" whole, it is nrn;fet that tin? war has told mo-it p. .wert'uUy uc Lincoln's nV lilahle 1 esouic.s of tu n. .Tin? giant staggei s ! iNow is the time for us to rush to arms, with renew ed energy and enthuia-m; and; by the "blcssiug of Goo, we sh disown win the day ! . Vi'e Arc Uolttg'to'AYhip TLem." T'n s expression is often. heard now-a-l iys. It has come fr:n the army, winrro it utigi.ua ted, and has been ad ioir! by the peopW-, who repeat it trotn day txlay with m re emphasis. "It is beginning to be generally beTieved. by. the unthinking rner-e'v, vvho catch up any by word and utter it again at random, bat by rellecting ui'ni, wbolmve calculated the etraneis with aool head and a trannuil heart: There? arc good reasoris fer b;.'iie ing that we j arc going to whip them this Spring and Sum mer such r-s the justice fthj( cause, tl!e j desperaf'mn t)l',tlve gffme, ti.e regular turn in j the tale, the improved condition ol our armies, j and the, greater-proportion of vet Wins. A! I this ii very well. W hail the changed ioae 'f the public with, great pleasure. It morks the reaction from the -lata depression, j which lasted aUo jether Hcr long f.r-the com- j fort of the lQver.oohis country anddts causi-. ; The elation wi!l;m all probability, lr in pro- ! portion to tbe despotub ncy. fn the aim mac of popular emotion, we may now b ok confi . (h ntly t-r the cirsuim-jry c$l'hiyh tides :'" a geoil calculator mFght even lix the day to which iiie phrase may be annexed. "And just, here is our tbingvr. . v - ' . ; Saestnen, Oenet al?, the pre?, the soldiers Nindi the peopk? must like guard sTgatnst'.thts I - tbmir. We have a right to be ccniident, bntij aCt4vtr cjnfiJeut. Ltt-us looll batik a-bt tie. tM i! I i fe - - i j n fe fi V I 'i n J. i Jrfi m wi. wp- RALKJGH. K C: 3I0NDAY; FfiBUUAllY J5, At t'ie bf ginnirg of ths wnr, everybody said 'We are gi ing to whip them, "'and not a rnnn, - omii o v.h id in thteConftderacy doubted it. li it we did n t vbi tbem as easily as ne f t ci - '.: f r he e we a e r4ear the fourth year oi the war, Vfitn a good .deal of territory ore.r- Ter - rni wnen L,?e entered Mai nil. When L?e entered rarvbuid. in lSf.L .ev(Tyb vjyjid " We are going to whip them. . - t ' - - and ha i. tne b t of reasons for eo sayiuc. But .rpsOvii g was not a profitable day for us, and . vn' iiau to q-ait M:ii-)i:md sooner than we in tended. So, figain. v.hm Jje. entered reT.nyl vania', everybody .said 44 Wc are guif.g to whip them, ;' and had, if possible, better reasons A r 'saving so th-in iVy Und before.- Hut f be third day nt ttetrysbnrg was, a bi'ter pill to u?, und we came.back borne sadly shorn of our fctrengtb. -Wc cite the.'s inrtanees not to renew depreis- slon, but to temper undu! rlation and abate ovtr-cntj ience . Nf xt to. do wnbcartediif ss, tbe ;riate.st danger i'.s rashness. If we should- win gree.t victone.s m tbe coming camjuun, vVe slv ii'd avoid temejity rt t less tiian ttiiWdi ty. Ex per er.ee has prove 1 that 7e may troT our pbitk. but r of. too far. -0 ir .soldi -r Avdi do aU that n.en can. well do, but, as Lee con fe.sedr at Xia' tvsburg, tbey are sorneiine.s call-ed-up h to do tiie impossible. Their t; ength must not be waited in thy next Hiit. Xever i-mdt'i rate your enemy Ms a goj.l motto. The Yank-cs wdl sure to gtv " us. the besc light tir.U is in them, in jdre' ensuing cirnn;;t'in tor ti:c:r c ise is as .lies, .;U . as our.Kvn--?i,d f.r tnat bght uo l.ui,t make-,.. ready.- e tnu? give tt.i rn as good as they stftid, andbNtr ; and t this en-1. prepar.".t.bi.i a-"d orud-nee aro ail we need. A e w-ubl not - say .hgl-t 'can s';y,d lur tiiat i$ a poor sort ot figuring': biu fight them p: U'teut ly and t- the be.-t advantage, w.'s ing no livrrf in r...di charge (t.tvr the fashion of the Xar,o, i ' i ,i e " i- l ..; b'on, wiio caved uothmg 1 r lib1. Land conuti g n thiegon the coWiirJtce or weaknes of the enemy. - . ' . ,- Preparati.a and - pru lenee will xiwke vc "victory ai -.sure as anything human can be. Husband the strength we have; repose- cu-frb-ntly upo.a tl e tried valour of tbe Southern s )hli.-r, but usa it alu ays to the"bf-t aJv-int-ig,' and iIk! issue is n t d.tubtfub' We shad thea witip th'-m this year "to a d-au w )ral. certa-m-ty. Ancuiujiiu 1uij. The IVe-cut ilour. Tii';.-) is. a gi.. ofis hour. The v ii?e of il:e croaker is drowned in tf.c pafri n ; ui.iuior oj tnousands. The seillt Vv'ide'n aCCuated fin- I ,e;p!e o: ti.e S mt to rt;-!i t ) arms in 18.) 1 .ii;rs o:a;.i i e v i e. i i :..i ii .i i)i cas'y. and i m one e glad e-tid ot ti.e v o.'ii- o ibee.n' We ia V inii -oils "I rn.s.iev v':i!. c ,-om U.e i oto-ua -0 to .-ii-c Kio Mi .U'le c- in- s a sound o'" .1- ti -tnt 0, and ...s ir i.-r vv ; u-1 a ug :by bree. of pa tr.or.s.n, a.thiii! inns tiiro-.tgh e.',ry .))' d i.t; il't'aiai 1 adi In s 1 " 1 s.veiis W.lib. . n ti : o:.ice tnore. It is a ulo; ioo.s re-.ivid of t!ie past. Tin) anx'. ms br .r end c.x ;er imjuroy ".Had doii!'s of iioa 1 nee- IV. Uo aing. r we c i;.(p..er pi'-pareti. -be.i.ri. Tin? lilt ii is gone f'irt ti d.t-! "'" a:.5 toe who e S o.!i i We have s i-id. th,.t atirt fr.a.ii ev c y sio.- t'j'tiio asM.'4'tn.-n. 1 : 1 1 1 1 s is a ia U in s a Vv. 1 me i'cs( i'.m; gh r) it -tne present hour ein.-i.st.s no: in ti.e enlnus!.i.-iu of the pe.ipJn ta tiie cause oi th'- Coun: r ;tbat siioo.d tie c-n.-i'U red.n.o4!f at. if 'is he i.oiir in -.vhieh tbi.-i s j . . ri t is renewed.' .h suiishine lurttl tiV'-ui blaafc ; fio r-.-cent victories till t.'u-ir l a ;ll ii ie i-eoi ieet'e n ; r.o hop .e.s.raiiCe ;. d Ail was duk be; nt- T hCii as an lnuaCerneiit- I-. Oi "' jV sn "2- . ie wi.s :CU p.e- qi uii: 111 ioni. , iv 1 1 i.'.i- ti ui 1 leK.ji , .... c : i.l. r ... peiin- st if tln.ir ini.i-is, wmie Tlo-r-: v.s 1. the iigbc.-st bi'pi.'oi ;.s-i.-tanec other tnaU- io the s'l'-.g- ii o! h ir . v." . iiius a:; 1 ther d- - t-r-KI!: a' 10:1 to in' fiei . TU- p'OSp C W.lH ti t er.c-o'.;' "aging, and yet we ji.vl tnciir in t iit.- tiaiK i.o.jr, ll.-c? no, il-si-el a l ;iooiia.al 0:1 ve i 1 to t;a wof tio.ir e u iti'V a. on.hi a. d , Tu r'n us tetuie li m V .1 be said that an h-o.it- like r,ne.-,r a.'al m glibions ia 1 ne -i e-.-r 1 fa tie-? nis'i.rv nt a IK pa . I, n 't.-onies toe pi:.if ul rt.'ci.-io.r w in l.ier' in-t'-ii 'o i -nee r su jug t- i - tioii sh ot ix- tin irTite, -an-1 i: gi vi s 1 iie. clieer ing Mssuriinc that the battle sh :H be iotig a- d de peratc on th.eir pait. Ku.nb. ia m.-.y defea?, . bfit nrv...r frLibjugatf, ad tie; ieb-.aie 1 can soon recover and once mure c.-ni-ront the io. There is an. hour when the spirit of a pe pit rises above ail dangers. It i&vheu they liave keen l-iid before them the . peri ion.-, condition of Lie. or country ; the, ris.-ds a.iee .-be r f :ir s from h'-r sons, and tiie comlu?t they sfiodiii evince-in. the b-ur of tri iL. At tiiat moieu't ail cbc forgotten : freedom is tue cry,, anil its tritimph is assured. ' - 'jVie pre.-eht hour is one th it. shoii'd strike desp ir in the heart of the "prth. TiTe-e-euUstmetit of tiie'army wvnhl - atone be s'dli cient cause. F-yuii tVe-ry p o;-.ion of-the Con di deracy comes -he news-of our gallant .soMiers rc-cnli.,ti g for the wh'-le war.. he it. one or twenty years. Xu i-ribes are efforod io. them to do so no bt g- b...untiee to .tempt- them Tlio South has none .of these. If her sn..s cannot tight the battles of independence tin--imbru-ced b-y money, tbey are unwortliy .of the litvtom la wideli th.ey cohiMid. N r is. tbe spirit of the ciiueti lo.-s- than that of the tsoldier ; the tau e ilerterminutioa is exhibited aunv'ig tiittm, while thiir cievnii u and enthu- s'usm nua-s any to-rioil of this war! I he present hour is glortoUsV . lne Suitn. Vltit nlui iVCCiiriJ ticiios lliC liuwer ot me i.-'r ll, : th nlui accord tied os the imwer t the ivr:li, I great as .-he knic s li.atdu b-. Th. sum: ot j J8G1 is again aroiked in .he people, and every "beTi t is brightened at th prospect. I.-t this spirit continue to aniTiiat?' all, ad we wi I Jaugb to sc tu any futtner sA iiit of the enemy to Subjugate lis. ; ' r i, ' r, n The hi jhost rash prio wiij hi p-aid per hundred, r4HK IVXRINO CnoTnntiS AND oUU CaU.-E. I or.uv tbe bushel. Applvto " The Yashiiigton lornspondtHt 0; the Cin.-in- 'j-dlw " P. FEU MALL. nati Pi. quiier s ys: V A statement has been j : ' pi jnted tnis week" in the I,e,d - n rom-sp,:)- recauttful Idlt DroWfl Saar.Fitrji dence of oue of iur leading J eirnals.,ibat A'- j yy jiiesi Caa ye SUpph-d with an excellent article exrmdcr Baring, of the firm of .ariiiir, Bros. & i otLight Hromi Sugar in half barrel at tlu Co , anil a member of ti.e British lVrii.imnt, ! . . ' .EW MARKET STOIIE. is in cIosp cornmunion with the leading spirits j n ttje building recently occupied by the State of British Southern rccojnisers and also that Journal ptiating otlice. lfJ-dlt he. is an active membereW .a ceirimittoe 'formed . : : ; with the expres- oi j-ct of obtaining ai ofdicial j recnvifcion.td the S -inherit Confederacy by " rarlur.nent. Tins is c msi lered bVre. among -I financial circbsasa most remarkable strte- ... .11 - ' ., ineut it frue. and has given use to niuca , demmeht.iu intlucntial circles.' - ;A woman Truing tV sign a deed, the judge i- i, , , - f i i i i .! ' it I jis"ked he, wlieth-T her husband had c, impel h,1 liet sign it. - " He-combe! me!" iiid the bdy, " no 'not twent y Lke him I" . - -' - ' . n : : 1 Miscellaneous; A d.dresscs on the War nd Stale of the XL conniry, will be tkli vert-d bv itk,-. Isei;v iact, I), u., cnai Un in tb. Confori-at Sut .B l Aririy, ai tbe Comm"ns"Ka!l on thi rvnmr nt the 15tb and IGth of Ftbmarv T MMrtf i ,...' - " ' At the close of each Addrr?., a craltthm will be uakpn up for tb benefit of tbf sick and ywour.d ed to!duis intlie Hwspitali in the "State of .rt!i Caiolina. - - . 17-2 "Cor nirr--A nogco girl about ilyrars J2 old lor th? balance of thff .vear. A"i W at 17-3U m : THIS OKFlCfi. Wanted to-nurrhttsc.-'l'Loott rinn. Apply at this Oilice. Jan l;tf- Tor Hire for ib.o Ralsncc of the Y-; sr.- w uo i.i nn excri!"ni co ;K una irooil j Uoa. ervjft wiiuUl suit i boa! i-trv'ice. .Apply m tli:.-i ofli--. . .idlw ATrs. H.'W. filler. ,1V1 JtOAIU) - Uy the Mnn.h, ')il.y boar-1 fjo Tr;nsi"nt. per d.iy, jau IG-dlr ." . $220 SloO S 12 Oxford remain roIlesc.Thv t;reut) Mxtb 5.-.-.-'io:i br-irin on Mumiaf- tin' lth Tuition in ch se!o,o! 1 J;i-ano r.-nt 1.." Xo .-xtr- t-nar-s.' : b.iai d varies vith -rm h-ion". J. H. MIIJ.S, Oxford. X; C. -tf. fAJ t!f. "Om the First jjhy -nf every f n,;R'h I,'aJ! send a rpecbtUagent to t'r ; Ann,- at .Ncrtneru ir?mii. f.!l ua- kar.-s. i c . 4 .rit ... . , , .. j e l fi e :' c-Inr r?. l"A)Y Ml'.) W'wilii'.X . Die. Ti, ltodSm-' ' Snrg-Oer.'J X. C. r . : ; ' '-"' jl Li ..th Aeib::nic vea:-o. this 1 n -f itutioT wi.l eoaim ucfn Wednesday. F;:hr -rv ?i d, lfciji. For circulars mid hn'oruiatib;-. apidv' ta ,.Mj. Wit. M. C);il).), S-j.i't. Hilhbori)', -. Xov. 2.J, 63. dSai. ' 'Mr?h (;tr- liutt Y-disr.teei: Xnyy JL nany. A t a mectifjr o the Stoekbo-der.s e.f the above Co'epany; f.e'd i-i ih i, fn ti,.- Un in -fn?it.the C inn inv r.--o :.-! I n -.'-,' it 1 char t M-, and oi-.-i-e -d -d to ..-b?c, tbr f.)H v. -;;.r .T.tle ni -a as .li'-ecto: ?. v?7. : ('". t. MKVDKN'HALL. (Jr: J. M. lUILL'li'h'. (Jranvilb '(-..snero. Ciiifit V. O. V, 1'AItSLKY. dr., -) ' A LF.A' it OLIUlA.'f, I Wibnih-ti n. V. i. -MIT11.' ' C i:it:li:y xiciiols,! , ' .' , J. H. (ill V.KS. i if dJamhs WTlddAM LOXG, Casna-11 e.'iuntv. -'Li DhvetorvTh-n or to !.'.,. !,..;,. uf- iieers. as. todows : C. I ;.!Jl:ttHAy,. j,, . 1;.nr. -I. M. bC.M.OCiv. Kso-.TVice I'u-id-it W. i). SMfni, Vieasarcr. " " " DCidiKY .K?:i,S, t- e:M t J'u-si? osf. to. a re.-..l.ii.i..o :i to; .-d-hv i! Direo ver to t'e-v.!!? a .'(?; a?i W:o. -I). S pith. T; O'-d to I V .-a .t.- or t -soo.-a ' i m K tj .1?- erea. to ; vr ;ant oftli i.- resnet iee y isr io ti r. :roo lor-vva-d c titi::ites (' Lposit ti bf Ar. drfs? ;'it. Wihii.gf-,:,,.. (;.,4V- the lofhdav.n Keb.-uary n.?xt. Tbo-e idling to FuLficribc :re I-' (ja-sfed to fj-n 1 ia t!i - suhie.-iptia-ij ;!t or be fori? thit ti-ne t 1 th? T.vavj rer, who wi!l .?.'.u ; cerlih.'Mte? ff t-t ek. bcriL!-: v xicaobs. s-e'-. Darhnm'?, Jaa'y :')ih, :8ul. 4-d2iv. V f) ': (i T,y a l- '1 I?-iii.v;iv fron, y w JXJ .Subicribvr at (;--ah:im.X. C . ..n tii t L t io-t., iny ii,'-rro man Lt)lTIS. lb- b!io-:i-.thirri five y ars of-.ire, ;lb-.nt ii v.- tl-et ei-iht- inches, high, ha thick lip.i. in j 1( J tv , , .,',, V; or. -iff-:.; f,-ont t-..th a.-,vl an'.th. r 'eaiw taL.v.ml' .No iv';i li,- ui!l end -avor f 1 r.-aeh N- vhere. wh-re h . . !. . .j!, ,r j-euatd .-ffwi. l.ui'dred a -id. J! t d. diva s, wi-i be paid fV.r ? i- -ni-eiu-n.-dau ua-f eoxiii.uuuent'jri -iviiilso 'lint I cm g't hl-T. v.. w. VL:dK. l''i-'bJt . J,ah-i n, X" i (iuwvs n:u Sofas' Watsted. -I (J?s it Li V,-T purelwis -fr t!ie s hh.,'r, l').UO' pair? ol' . ov-p and 1 K(hi') pairs o- SoA-s. Ilonation will be tlnuikfu.ly rec.iv d. . !:;)Wa;ii w.::hi:x. jinVj-I;,!- Hargeon (ioneri!, X. C. ... J'UA or lV;!:!ngL)n---7t (;rr.ts!;nru' A3 F. b. Uh ISit. A m:; tiiijr o.' it!-St ckho! d i s in thi. think will-he held at th t 'ra of Tar-Jj-u-o' on We 1 1 .a l iv. ;.J reh itt'h, pi. vi no. A g' fr-ial atteuihineo is t-arnes'lv reijitefted. either 411 perion or by pt-nxy, as businesi of iaipor'tafice will couic bef re the ;'neediirr. M. STLVilXSOX, Cadii .lt-d:i:awtd ' p inls, r.;s rIs.M ) F ill Whilnopt'.s V Xo. 10 Cai-d.s at 57-i i;i C m fodor.it monvy, or $ ( iti peie, Hcr d:'. 'Tlies Cards ir- of tho be-ft rft.il ity. Pj.-h.r-?ers can send the money by Cxi-r-.'.?, and I rer.d rise eards by tl eirej , they paying jio ex panse. Address in at Frostvide, X. C . ' JAS. S. FUREFOY. Forrestvih?, N. C, Feb. j, I SC 1. 1.5-at?' 'ITiarsi fur Krtit or Salt Two Iimrircr. ! J? a;::-es of land, lyinj twelve tt.iles west if ii.il- eigh ''Jit toar 11111 s rr-n II a! S'ring, in the Countv of Wake : 2. acres of ft- .di elean-l land. the balan? o. itrinal giv.vth. Ta.r cleared land j well .fenced. App'vto Y. tl. CCf XIXtHJIM. 9-dSt " " Exchange Hotel. TVTOTirK.--.V limited ntutiVcr or ncruils 'XI wili K . . . i 4rr.l in ft. 4. laf V T C-ir llrv- i?.ir 1 i:n,,nt The recruit must brin- with hiav a ser- ric-able horse. Arms and eutii-juiexta will ric-able Iiojse. Arms sa-i euaiaiiiejits will i i finnish-d. dor further in ormation as to cum- ' panies, Ac., apply to; Col alul.ett. ciuiuianiling Conscript Camp at Ualoigt IJv oidor Col. W . U. CUE " K, ComdV.- C'eo. S- Inwr,Y,.Ad'jt. " lsllui W4VXTKD -!OuO LPS. OF SUGAR CASH SEED. Otnall F(X Xol!fjP.-vAs tltC Small I'OX ' O has asain appeared m the City ot Ualeigh, ad pr. clling at the other of the Surgeon ; -Ueneral between the lmur of ten and two will be ; Taccinato J free, of t-aarg''. - - . . . - ?DYARD W AltliEX, ; jau 12-lm j Sar-eon General. j "por S.tle,-0nc HPgro . Dor ?00Ut II. rry I vcars of aje in good health; an excell.-nt carriage drir.r, and work hand,- . Ar,,fv t'0 ":.. J. 21. LITTLE. i fb.-S, iS'54-10-itT--A4t. Lexicgt-.n. X. C , h I8G4. VOL. IAo; la. r Military. - 5tb C.)Xoars.-iMxA(. Iterator N. C. , f In i Obedrciicc Co General OMers Xo. l, ! r, Vc ",n5."f,.'nt ol n-erij ts Raleigh.' January t ' A?',;l '""a anu coflnty Kntollin otricem h i.l riotity a t .wbitc male prs .fi3. b -twe. n the a-'es ot li and 4., uiOiin the limit of their rtru-ectivt-, .rcglmru, to report tbo coui.tv fot. r ibeii repective counties at Jhj loIJowu, t'lmv P;ar ; r bnal cnrodmentuind -lamination bv lb. . Medica! Kan.iDi5g Uoarct. This cT iU!,Va. mi M ime maie persons U'tvv?en tlis ;;es.'ls xl n ..finer previously ix. mj.tcU or et; Airthojio! roidiig witbA the Inuitt-of the lfth . Uesiment X. C.'M., hrar.ihn countv, wili rM.rt at Louis-burs on th.- 2ith. T2A. 1'A an.l ;u. p- of Fctiruarj . . thus rfMitin? witbin the limits of. ib 32d K'imnt, N. CM., N'asb 'couut v. will re-mt nt Nadiville. oa tbe -J'Jlk, 27th and' '.'Otb div i ..f Fc- uruiry, anu 1st Uav ot :iureb. ImJ.. ttl ; . . All tho-i reiidingvinin tb - li:i;;ts"r the .17th hegimeut. X. C. M.. Ytrc roiintv, will i-l-.,it at W arrentrin on the 4:h, 5th, 7th a'.id bth oaya of Ail tlio j.vietidhig within th H-idts of the 42 J n.'ginii-nt, X. C. il., .irar.viho ou-it-, will reort at Oxford on the Uth. 12;n, litn and ltbiav ot llarth, Ij9tf4. . All those residing wttliia the bnuta of th iZA ne.'i:nci:t X. C lb. (jr:invide c ui.f v, will report at Oxford oa-tbe IGth, 17th? and Uth davsof .March, IsCt. v . , - T, Al1 l,!S rsiding within the limits of 4i;th . Il.iac.t, X. i M . ; Oiiire.- countv, will report at Hillsho:-o,.nn the 211, 2.1, I4th and 25th iv vi ..'iai 111, 1 t . Ai! tlv.s-. re.sidinrj within the limits r tin- 'cb H- 'on-nt X. C. M . Orart;- fount v, wili rvn ll Hil.sl.-oio.on the 2'Jth, 2sib, 2'Jth and-JJth Lv ot ?M.?..l.d . 11 til I.I'J. " All thos refijlyug win.in th lh-t.i of th,' 3ith ti-pi inert. X. C. M , Vhik county, wid repoi t at ha C oo t House in Kaleigh on tin- let, 2d, 4th and (ih day? of April, 1SC4. t .11 those H-siding within th'jJimi's f the 3tlth b-gt X. C I , Wake countv. will refw.i r .t lh Jourt House in KaleijL, n the i !i 7.h, .'..h and I Uth dav f April, iSJ4. AH those residing rifhin the lihiit- of th . I i in Uegioi tit X. C. il , c.Hi nv. wid i. j oit at tlit-O'iut t lluu.se in . K det-rh on 'ili; ll';l. ll'ih l-thioid Hfh day!" of April. ls( i. Couim-uuHng O.'hceif- of .'.JitiiT. Ho Tin. i t- -aih s arrange it t!i .t cm fourili of tit e;. ofeaoh !'esi'!:eat will b? present eueli dav. T1J0S. K. TI It iJ.v A:ant.ijit Su-'i i-n " Cioiiriii in !-.v:tit iaii Ha i:'d. 11. Ci llKliViMi.N'. M. I). ' t W. II. DAYL-s !. i.. A. LAX'MS, .In., .'hiioiliifi- () :'h-i-X-2-.v oih . Congre .-sioii-?! I i..t ii t V. C. COXSCKII'T Ol-lVT, ) IlAf.moii. Jan. 27lh, l-atl. ( rY'c T)ihyu !iv:i!;r fiv.i Uuicni: tc. iL of Canscrip'ion i pab!ihod for the int o-in tim f a!-i e-nc.rned. - l!.v o: d -r COL. l ALLKTT. - ('ornd't Coi.d. or . C. I'.. .1. Haklix, Adft. . HCrtKU: OF COXSCIl'TfflX. ill KMe.Mi, Ju. 2"th, lis j Cnciiaii) - Xo. 4. r": Cononandantf o C-m.-e? i;.--'. Th r. t fi. ti ?n ot (! :ft:n uchoits. id e e'. ! 1 v t i r -eo-' 1 (i Tn a d. Orders Nr.. 7, A. ; I. If.' O. curie, e- -ri s. hei t-oi -. to !l: t r th -ir inloratui 01. A')-if. a,.).ixsf.'::-:x'L',s uf-fk? -.. cM). Ya , .bin. ''.", ImII. L I'.i v-ae.S IV O -tn-ril Ordcrt Xo. 3 currj;u se i is h- 1 rby l e' oked. II. ibe-s.lihi-r Odieei's will proceed as rapidly ai practicable in the -cnrolimait of all persons 111 4 d Hab'o to reilit i: v' s iv-ee. l'revi.i-i.s to.eni o ni.- ii as e-s tt'eiipis. :i:l m:.-':i p.-rsumr will be jilUox- .l ;. voiio.teer. jij-ov ie.ed . l: t. TtTy Con. p ir. r j-.-ted vva.s in .ei viee o th Cth of April iMtg.' "Jnd. Tb" tiijpaiiy s-'letOed i- ;-t the- tin-e o' Voltii.t'ring, b.-biiv the uoiiiiu u p: -esi ihod b 'Te:uhitons. tid. Xo pef S'oi m i le 1 bible to t-er rice un-Lo thii onler te p- iif fed t T j f"yf vvill be a fi.ui el tii ii'iv' cwpmi . luh amnrr t'lnn fie" 4'our u-O'afis on fbe rod," ue'.il ;'U t'ie t-nlii) an . if? j -i vie.'-' ftoin th - Sia'.e e.f vv ! ; i 1 1 the v.. tit j 9 or c oiei i;.f i-nn-idier ie; ie-.. .-h 1.1 in! ve t'-e iai?:'-i u is reehili .. -. C. !-., ii-i if fi h-Ot d. th- i 1 .n. e.-i ?!, i vohiipt ;-v.-r nil r iv.- Iio-i. the !aii a!iii ' tfi a ceri.icit-- '"' 4' " e! ed : and ii.i'v.iIiiim 1 .'r ; i. h -.li i fit vol r t- . am h. lee ived in ui-y eo 1 i.-apv exe n: on sneo cei ii;entr, 111. lVi-...i:j who fid! i o irake srdecti irt.io.f it in'g to th prov'i-ious of this oriier, and at tb ; thee ote'idi-tiii r.t, will be a.-sign' d accordii-g to -xi invr regubitioi.fi. . . I V, Allodiceif ia c nnaund f-cotnpn!i'1i 01 t'mii.ed end r ihi.s ord-r to receive cnr.cnplf o volnnteer? will ! tlovitb ji.m.l to the. Coinm ?.d o. ot Cms:?, ipts of th State, accurate certified r.V. of their comprtnie.' : and without nucb roll, al.o.vii g , that th;v di not exceed sixty four priratas. th.-n .v ill not b - sissiiu-d any conseri j't jpr voluntco. IJ v Command of the Secretary of Wnr. ' (S.asV.n) ' S. C.OOrMif, .A'UC ,1c ln-P- C-n'l. K.lrlvand vhroroun action wid beci!jined on the i-2m oiiin Ol'icers, ach one of whoui fdiouUi bu fur-. iflu d with a copy of (tmrder witli'oit b lay. To. insure the pubiitny d the order, lb re fhould be several insei lioiisin ttic newspapers of general circulation. '. II. Persons prefK-ntinir appliff-ttions foj fp.-cinl exemption, with hotc f wrrit wid ie-t b. Eolested util action is fa'-:r-. by this Ion ( no. Thto-e ca-vs will be investigated in accoi dance it it li Circular Xo. Current San ies with the lejst del'T - pi aeticTbh. $ i'y order of . COL. JXO. S. PllKSTOX, " S'ljit. (.Sni n-it r ) C Ih DC FF1 1-. L I , P I in. A, A. G. - Fayett-vilt-- Ob-crvcr.'Wnmiri'.'ti.ii Jour- nat, Salishi v Wat' hi-ian, (aiarlMte liiilktiu nrnJ Deaioc'-at, Iredell lxpresfv A.-h ville Vew.. Wa-e-r-biro afiT'i' Cr.-eeu 'boro' Patiiot, Mil hot Utirour iele, -Chli.'i in Advocate, Pre''terian, Mo'intitiij li.tgb? Tarboro' Soutlierner, n.py mie month . . Ounrtcrr::t,'tt,rN Ufprrlnif nt. Kalclch. Feb. . l-(t4, I) -partaient has on hand n s ihII bt of CotOai C'jrdsfor d.fn ibuti ia aritonz. the f iii'i'iesnf soldiers. Tlrvp' cial courts of each cnynty are Kcjaest d t aj-p'dnt an apt in each county to receir-- and distribute tbem. The pt ice will bo live dollars. ( $3.) ami .iiece.sitons wive and nKithen? of 5ohiiet. will lia:' the pre eienco. More are exjiect;d daily and will b t-ent out a.s fast a rcce:ved, -. II. A. 1)0 WD, A. Ql M.t X..C.A. "Feb. S, Istit.-l I dl!t . - , ' j j All tbe paper. of the Slate will copy, three es, aru U r w at u accounts .i aivo. 9 . IT'njt'ltcvIHe Arsenal arid Arnjory, Xo ? vember VI. ISGU. S Uh JJOCXT Y Wanted, 10'f Mounted Filf--mc,n. Antboiifv having bct-ti granted by the War Dcpartuieiit t raie-a Com pany of Mount. -4 !LilI.-;i..-n for .i vL- in. this vi cinity, notice, is hereby given, that rrruit to. the number of 100 n.iii-oiii-fn';,! will be re ceived for thii ?trv ice. Ea'h recruit will t-c re quired to .fur,ddi a eerviceable horv-. for vrhiclr. J.e will b? allowed 40 cent.s ppr diem, and his pay SI 2 per month.' IFn'f'-. ptrmj-tioii w ii I b rupiifed frptn parent4? or'gnardians, where the aplitaut ii unrier the conscript age. "EacWeeruit must bring with Lim a blanket or bvd-fpread, and come prepared to i-r-nmto. Applr to Mai MATTHEW P. T. VLOll, at the ArstiiS'l. F. L. CI1ILUS, ' hiet;t-Cd. C." S. Al, Commanding Pott, dec Ifidtf. i Uf b i rf.eriptLon natfy .'.Tfcut- ! at tbictBia CONFEDERATE; ADVEUTISIXG. AnVEKlI.SEMfcXT.S will h. InsrV,J t two ppllam per ftfinaro of tc (ordtw) for each ' m.-crti..!,. .Mrrigc notk-ef ttiii t)bituarirt w ill b ibniuJ a? adfi fifftntnts. . . ; JOAVUl;K of'evtry dvff rljtlop . rill be ex. Vruted at tii 02icj tvith dipfcb, ntvi n neatly can ut none in thc.houtiiurn C)Df'lcny. Military. .f'onncripi. Oflcr, Kalergb, Jch. J 11, 1m .- Tbe lollouin- f.tlc " lr m .liurcna or f-fti-ttrpth a in pubib'd for the gtri difrfvTtiW cviirt-ififd. Coir j linnce . itb itn di rcthw iil ave r vlimnt ffir tnptin or de tail tei hunritc!ary ''thy !n the invtrt'eatiun if tl.eii claim?. . . - l!y wuVr of the CVciiTmiir'm t. K J. JlAl.l'l N, Ai!g't NtfTJCi:. CO.V v 1 : 1 n; at l : s r a t r s F .ui 1 : i : 1 ( : a , ) Wa Dfi-'T I!i A.ic or f'oritrto.v, KirnHonVA.. Jan. Ill, lJ-f'4. j. 1 a:agtcpl.Xf (ni eial Oitb-m Xo t-2. Adjutant and Inspi-ctor (IpiK-mr; nfllee .f l-c2. repdr-a thnt 4iapp!Iration!i for xpniptioiiMnutt U all cr be made- to t.e Kniolltojr Otlict-r." If thi-Hoeal lhii otlinp Otlieer fe tHt the j?ow r to art, rr is in df.utit. be M jL v ution ur.de i Circular Xo. .1. aui tit Sarin-, ti'bi. nub applieiitior.s, thn ili th,- proper otlhia! rl rr.tt.?a to thi bureau. AU rvrh' licat t u addi..d to ibis llui-uu will nrefaiily at.d invnrit.l!v tctu red for I ihI invetaijriito n. ai.dlhe n iJiraulu will thus ban- usdesde lo?t time ai.d pi Horded , upense. Appeals fio-T' adr. rue-dctiioTin of the b rl . otlireru, and of the (Vm-rrarjnrt of C.-ntniptu , r tlie5tHte! will b-j f .i warih-d by tlotr. fr btar i' gwhen aiy pl.ui bio gu ui.d of ajpial i.. 4 1 forth. 2. Co.ninianUant? of ' C'orerip.t. will'-ire this ' notice cxter.Hvc wna-Uiiou in tbe b-rul"pu.-i of their le-jH-ctire State. I5v 01 ib r f ( OL. STX. .s.,, t .si-i t-l v. b. Di n mi-, ltt-liu A. . tt, rr.CrFayt-tU !!b:. O'o.-. 1 Wi'ii.bViu'n" J.'ii b rial Sa'idurv W.-t.bn un. t'liidi-it-r Itulb iih ai d Deino-at, r A -II I'xf r, . i.- wrAVjbs, born pu.. Ij 1 -fensbortr 1'altiot. Milti 1, ( hi. ui cle. Clibfain AdTnmti. V .' ' !' ..!,..; Mout.tain ilrtgjf, Tuiboio' tin nt li. he tlo-ri er, n py im- -I'liMripi t fticr, n;;Irlt:!i, Jai.t:srj.!i:i, . lU. Tbe. aenexeU 01 1, 1 in .iib!id,eh lo tl v iii-oi'ttiJthm of ao:in.d ll 1 rjui: ent 1 t)i itl be liiilly entoi c-d in ev t jhohoo. oi,Wr f.V.'MAl.l.b'n'. 'oim nndirg CiUL-Tt iptf fur X (. K. J. ll.fi.;, Ai'jetniii. AD.I T IX.rP. .-;VI V.n v..vni. ,J mi. s (d Ficr. 1'. JHll. h int i tii (ir 1. . Thv- tuii'w ii g A'd cl" C.o.jrrci. and lt-;id.i-tioii. iite j ulli.-b, tl ( r ti e inli ! 1: ntiet, 1 -j 1 1. ol cot .vi I TiCil then it) . AfT:. An Ar to ot-i-v nt tl r Ki ii. Inn nt or Fr.' Ur.: trf ol .-i-.'o.-titiiti in the Mi lit . ty aet ive ol the l.n t -h-i ;ite States. . . 77. r ' '01, ;i .y'-lf Ciin'(iiiW. ,ltti ,j A turrit t do rt.fi-t, 'I hut i:o per. on li.blv lo nniiti'i v Sl fvjee hli.l: b -liiu'tl '- be pi llldttid l l' l'.kWci, to futnisb a" ubtitute !'-r Mirb Vei i e. ;.i t ;1 itll :n v M.bta.it ! leeeiveit, ti i-t d or I 1 r U. ii, the n. i :.!.: i v t- ie.- ol t b (Vn'i iti i u.e Sou. f ." A p- loved lni..e. b'i ;'sii , ls.3. ( An Ai i to t i t :sn i I'd to the F.. it-) th.n I'm tu i. id ill I el ice. t ll.l.M- ? l.O i.il b, t I leii le lu. tiifh. e "-ii.t ttiitiUsi. 4, I. ii ; , io llo- j-ti n I t if n,f tu -,P 4,r ci . uii it . it 1 1 ii s ilp aid t all w Lo ni e i.btt u boiir a. n.h : "t'U: fVi'Am iP tltf Ctiifiii, i t,tf fi.-V f A lif? fit 0 ttidlt, i l,..f l,n '-i m It t 1 1 be v , li i t . t-d fi out it iiit.uy h'l H , i..'... if b. hiivii g flilldidicd il M.li; l-t;,ti-: I l.f Ih.-.nt rb.l-1 i . I b ,-o vnt stfueil to i " : ;eo.i v. ho, tl ojli -.ot I b!e to i emu i e. nil ui v si i ii I-, 4..i ve, i'i i t il' bf, fiotittbcd tulttitui.ftd' I A ) I v il .Jm.i , iv ioh. ise-t. i . '- II I fi I Ol s 1 I tldi l'-d , I id le 1 1. 1 1 i . I M . Mtv!i4-bv Oj t ,i I em '.'o" - bv j ; i . hi i j ; ,!p. i. I i!,' i . il in t be J' oi ilf.' with al! ' In I b ill-' 1 .'. jo hi hid le b V Art ol Cnl' l tft. lib Frl Mit'S 1:. tr'fi ft lub t c-l J:;' ! Io ir i ii I it i y t-eiviee n tjtiirn to njfo-t a n.ltii.ti i o'r Ci i-f.t-i ipt a. vv iljjeut ih , to tt.e nm ,lu j r'hri u t iii ii ah w b"o dt Uy bt v ol. I the h ! ( I i.i; i v 14 . .witi I e vioi.-idt n 1 rs bu ii ' 1 1 in u oen it io a il Ue ol v oltM.ttt I i'n; , iii.it . Ui u.t .... ;.i.:i..t ace-1 Meg t- I . v. . " Y. I. -.ii ollitig ollicet - v. ill piovi'itt. io-' i H I.Ty i'j t :n i ie;it le, in I li e r.fi lit i i ! ' p. rn.i.r 1,( i t'n 1. i..i !j i bie to ll.iolxl rilV.I. fit I'll I.,. Iim i I I I I.i I I itf r- i.t v. i t. it : :. p t fio .t- i! I, hIUom'i! t vol tint t ei ii t oii.pai u c it. . , it on t la Hal. j iii I Mil; : yfo.ti, lb - eii'piHA iImmii l!o( .- toil Ht tlo '.,!. i O. V) !i. l t ' . i i g ' I i ; i !. I be li ilM.l t.tll t.Un bef ill h V e(! ; ld Mp. I tl.i I.i O le I ma t'.'ig d-tt', the ' iuitiii will uoitc, Isoi.t' l!,e i mi. liii g i.giri I .1 i e tif.i i t -m lhetb.lt that he lo s rt Voun te i d : met iiilui.tei i v ill bi 1 1. i.id ii.to ui? t' - ii iiiv riri j t in tuib r r- lif.l.ltr. L t f t.f W I o i i i 1 1, in.' ki ll i ij hiieitiol,, 1. 1-1 be t it.te ul cii 1 1 it iiii i.t, vi ;ll In n-1 taj. i! n i omJ. ii i.t-. . xi. tii'g r gulaf- t.s.. . , A'. 1'uiti r. ?h- io u.t to I hi i ni o!!b g !! i i . ' t ill I ctitoliid. ai.d fiiv hi uih w id n tu. ! x l, t J . ti t. da u Ivtwi is-; t tii'g; to ll.e tin. Jt f ii.riiut tion r V.I. All persm-K, vloil.cr vein t4 im or cm Miipts ui.dei tl is .i i nil , will - an tin. eb the tr.n-o tn.-li ui lii n ot tbe Male In whiib ibev bvloLj;T iiud tie li i n hi ded tl.ii.n to tl:t- en m u'th n W bo b nt eeb iti tl. ol to W lah lin y It hv .1 e .ia- tiila-d. VI!. The Fuieru id' Cot.f ei ij tii.n tlongnl with oh j ii g nroj i.i n guLtn-iis fn thet-i.nnc-ini'lJl lii oi ii.-r. YS 1 1 . AM exemption- bti t tofoir j.t to ti d i,e ndj-ji-ct to a rt-vi.-ion, Uialei in.-t ne I :oi firm ibe lhiteiiit ol CoRi-ct iptn-i. ; mm il ?! utal to beii..-. jaoj e: ot t'iii.iiitLo. i.i d In law, vv.il! be u-vokviL -llyo.U. i. " S CCOl KU, Adjatai.l ami 1 r.-:.. ( t..r Ciiund. - 1 dtlVLW. ... j.d' i!n it ; Ion .lotoi.al, ,-;iiirbury Waf!l Ijomi, (.'bailotle llfiinii nt. haeijl 1Iimi iud A.'hi-viile .N-Wf eopv iia;i Fibiunri' lath iii! m i.d bill.- t Col. MalLtl'f oil.ee. V . . CUr.fnN'ialr Mates 'f Anirrfci. i.t-vi l pm tie.e i.t, I isi t ict i'n- K r ' Wkt mil gton, X. V... Almch Hub, JH?.. lice is I:H by given t bll j- iim a hnvit -j rliu t agaijot the' Jh fiiiier Deji.ii tii:tni, lor tfi t ijci-f tftuv iirpJod as lubdiMB .,n tl,..- (""J iffi nmr , Willi' li c.toMsX. ( -.. I ha I ui.U i pigm u if -.uiber-ized at d ptepmad to ay th- mm...- i hii. .o'bie, fi the iee(.id fjm.r id I be bniidii to X t . b V C Mi Hl-' lltuir Stote, Mm bet Stn-t, jf?- P i roiex i uli'.g Powr-i p t.f Attotray will iibiit'rve lli- following Joi i tie h' rii.tut ,t. In all f' b. . w it 1.1 i-.-ed h two Viiii.vCric nu ' pigi.fd .tn !iidicate, tr lloy ii.ay l e v iln-st 1 hi -fore a jitftiee ofthc Pi ace oi Clrfcf any Cioiit. lo!. -a i'i- 1-ev. Kt. r Airoi:'x V. lt Z f o , do bet ifv tq p'.it t , " of , my tlue rmI lawful Apt i t lo itign it- t-tipt hr, it:d net ive pav inert of all fi to-vudue to in e b i he Er.ineer I)'-mi tua-nt id iheCrnfMl. erate "atates of A met it-a, lor th4 nct viim of u:y ; f lavt jt i-ii.-l. id i. labof'M f on the bu d d. Ivuta at : , iim ir tbe li.ri.fb of , Im . Witn:", uy handtaiid j- hi, it t - - - , il.i !v.-f lC . (Sigfccd in tin j licate. ) itti('f : jS.al The igl.Htltrj S of .,'... peJ -4,1 b ubl be w it et-d b.i Jim ri v ilo-.-t f it. Then ".must Im? pa" ate durlicAte PowuarT Attorney fur atL trorth. Itbi.k futtu cau b-j I ad upsiu application ;iL tl'u (diwe. W. II. JAMES, ' Jan. 10, MH-Ftf Capt, A CLirf LiiReei'. For Sale or Hcnt. . HOTKL FOP. SW.T.':-l.orFKU AT Fill rate rat th large ce-. Jftl in tbe town of nuLsVjf g,audlotatedj'ite44t of fdte C uit-h-ure. . julr 4. tl- . il. HAKIUS. t J ll Pirn 4 ft dr ' 4j 4- ,

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