.... -. .-..' THE CONF KDEMTE; ' . I). K. 3JrRE, - VVdlto. A. 51. GOXHVX, ;1-s Jj Zcrs or business of the Office, to be directed to: A. IX. Gop.max efc Co. ' '- " HttXBAY February 13, tSCi. 35 Office o? Thk Confederate, , on t'Vrettcville street, second- door So" t h of P.omeroy's Bookstorc' The Habeas Corpus--ConcIadcd. , Yefhave fhii-iLed oar compil!ion frcra Eng-. lish History, of the circumstances ur.iler which the ILibtax Corjus act .was temporarily suspend- eel by the Parliament In 1 79 JU . We have re '. ferrcd to L'ste-ry also for the" accuracy cf cur statement, Jht it had previously un Tcrgore 'like su.'rensicn add so itha.ssir.ee. " From the . tone of the delate ot the period referred to, it is readily perceived how s'treng was thje dis inclination 1o disturb the act.'and bow high the. . reverence towards this V'rit cf Liberty." Hut by a large majority of the tblestnnd purest wen ef England, ien above the sordid motives, nf fear and-favor, such men as .William Pitt, Edmund Eurico j.n'd LcVd Thoilcw the guaY . diani cf Constitutional law i as thought that tV; c'rcumrtat'ces vve have detailed, whe:c nds gto 11 men, aiming at injurious purpose, wcro , formirg themselves iuto .Convwticn, to take Government into their own' fand, wcro a fcuflieient oceision to interpo.-c a suspension of the IIuLfaa-C.ri!, Ur tho public sad ty.. 'Ve, Hie pjio of America, formerly the . people of the I'nited States, ' and before- that,. .Colonists -,! Gie-ir liritaif, ladjmbibed the H "!'' s of our fat!.rij upon -theirs gtimihlc virtue e,i" this Kj.cred writ of riLt. Yet v.hen we enroc to contend with the mot hi r" country for ir. d?. tuder.ee, r.r.d war sucefeeded, . we, the old Federal Congress, nbai dciif d all chi'ja in behalf .of the 'citizen to General Washington's uueen tiolledpcwcr rtlyir.g' upon -the '.discretion of thii great CoLnmnr.der-imChief to guard in-. ' ulvidu-uf freedom, when not incompatible with the public safety.- The resolutions rf the Con tinental Congress of lcetaber : 7t ,' 177, "constituted ban in all lespe e t.,.a ovjlatur ac cording to the Reman f into ' of thai tcna.'.' The vested him w'ith the p-v.er'to create an iiTH.y, o r.pfcitt its eihccis, ' to tale wherever "ho n ay be whatever lie may vM.t, for the- uso " e-f the army, if the ii.hal ita? .ts v ill not tell it; llowing a reafconall pritc A.v.tlc nmv-'-to. " nrresrar.d cotjCne pciou.s wl o jtfu.?e to fi.c tho 'iithuntal Cuner.cy, or aie ofherwitu " uiaCVttod to the Anjericaii'r.ui.'-e, ai.'d to re-' turn to tho Stat e f whjch . they are citizens,. tlM-ir natne.s nud the i.'ature ef their cfieneo, tegether with the witnesses to prove them." Kobt. Moiii.-, Clyiner and Walto.u, the Com i.iittrc who transmitted the rrecccdings eon gratirtftttd the ccuptry'thathe mot-t unlimited power was thus safely eutinstceL. Suppose now that in those djija r.e w'vpapi r'editors, politicians' and people had ect to work to abuse the Govern? mcnt to publisR it as a des-p-ot and tjrant to be resisted by negotiations with the enemy, ' irtespeotive of it suppose they. had he'd meet ings, and stimulated agitation denouncixg the' war, and rendering the soldier d'sconteited and unhappy-r-hoppone here in ftortb. Carolina thry had dono'thetio thing?, what would. Gen. Wash ington have done ? They did do things like 1 thtsfl here in North Carolina and in that day men ditnlTccfcd towards the Government were called Tories, aiidMilitanr law-dcalt with them whenever it was strong enough to scire them. Goil forbid that history should tc obliged to rc-cna:t thi fcene in our slrvgnJe. -. When ti c Ui;!cu wr.s totmcil and the Ori-f-'Itution i f the United 'Slates ras adoj ted, .all rlio utlocltnent of eitr" riople to the peep: 'al.cunt writ of ''habeas, corjux" recurred audita m spensiin w;as stritontly restrictpr1,' 't unit ss. when in (tsrs t f inv! t'u n crnldl the p.llic safety tn.iy r't quire it." Wo aic m-t aw:. re- tl at ar y case of its. sus cn sion occurred after the adoption of the Con stitute n. The two insuifeclions' which prc f'ded llurr's -conspiracy were tasUy ccritroll- i::d the tus'i esiou was not 'necessary. 4 On the encason of the consp iiacy it Aaron 1'tnr, alt In .ugh Mr. Jefferson did not r: in-' mtnl it, n bill to i i tjr.d l.e labcifs corpus passed, the fcVrate, I nt wcs.' rejected 'in the 11 use, 4i the grcunel that the kadinjj; co.u.- i : A raiors had been atreslcd, find thry were U v in m n.l'cr, rmd i.eccsiity did r.otrtqniru it. '1 he csc; e efAaren Ilurr, who was n; -elct.Ltfdly p,t.ilty, undc illegal tcehmcaliti. s, was tj.e i cs lilt of the actien of the House !' J pi.ceLfrtiiTcs. Tl.4n there was peace, and the j'ower if the naiion'was unemployed'. Ye h.ave ti rs given a historical sninmatV e tie action in Krgiai.d and tie Unite-d States i:pe ii this y.'iit e f habeas corjytm, Ju. this cerr.try, lu . coi-Vliiii n of things under I he eld Government ever occurred like tht?c wlitli new exit. - Vic claim to hold Ui as dc p veneration th;s privilege cf the writ of habeas ccrpiisvs man can held a great prcro rativeof the tcvercign, for the benefit e f the citizen cr.d a sacred right of j.he. individual for the good cf the community. It ought not to le SrUtpcudel for a mcnient 'except as the Conititutixn aUowst :. " when tjicrc is inva- fciou r ivleliion and the public safety r;iy require U.V . , 'vj On one point the provision of the Gonstiti;- tion' is ccitaiLly mot. Our country is m.t . merely invaccd, Vut invaded with the fill purpose to ugju'g'te Hi-d destroy a purp- .-e rut irdo cxecuticn by the rnoft .barb.trcais in- humaniticE our cwji blavcijyiiivrrig been armed as in-ftrumcntr . for ourv:uliJjetiou. This invasion is "f tpported by a-oreign.na- tion of twenty "odd-ruilHcn of inhabitant?, 9 ' whp tccuj" a tC'.ritory of vast , repurercs whose naval force blockades pur portffar.d be- sieges oiir towns, while its armies delorato our frontier and drive our oplo unarmed,-. , and J ovVtrksP, exiles from their htmcs. the simple qti csli on thenI'd ' thiii v.uled does the pblip'afty requrrc.tbe: stri penMon of tie .privilege of ih hatha s corpus V On t'iis point, are inclined .te". defer our opinon U) that of th6 Government. "We? can not por sib ly know ho v 'urgent the tjecees.iry may be in 'some-places for the u?pension of' thi3 pvivilfg of which the President and " Qjngjess may be infciir.cd. - Ve -have &en . that Gen. Mnprr.(U-r. lias been obligVd -4o ar- rest prrsvuii of fals 'wri mtiu and- send r them out c-rtlio country; and thf proof f their .t.eaviab! pr.rllce jus'iScdhis action; but alefcs ardcift and-bi-Id e flicer would not have assumed the responsibility, and" the pub lic safety might have hech greatly imperilled. . It may ie necessary that this writ should be suspended iu ihe TransjMTs-isdppi Dsj.art ment, or on the frontier of M''shis:dppi State, or in Florida, ur iu'Korth Alabama in all which it is well known iho eniisrcries of Lin cola ara endeavoring, under the one-trvth feutnrc -of Lis late pn-.chifoution, . to secure States in' the Union to get their electoral- -votes fur his own re-election. The. Pre3 dent cannot ccmm'nnicate liis information to the public, and the bcstand wisest ..course is to trust the discretion of our ru!ers. - It isa drunken or crazy crewthat would disable ti.t? hehsmnn fn tlio height of the storm. We' shall' not. instruct the Congress and Governiriet.t.d utshJl acquiesce in what they, 4d -). Front what .we lave heard, we presume a general suspension of the .writ i.vnot inteiid cj but only to aufhorine the President Ui'&fr--pond n in certain localilhs. for a stated tiuie. One thir.g'wc see very' ph-i:dy, if k is suspend- t eel, the respeinsit-ility e.f it can heclcarly fixed. Itis-know.i 'that JVmcipals of Substitutes - m iiu-nd to ce-ntet the constitijfiality f the law by vhoh they are required to do'milita'y service. It is further known that tho aiiny must be fille-d up. Now if any Judge or Judge havtj. insj-irt.el a "public dbtrii ithy striking "iicks-at. the Government," and helping tho escape of men wha ate HaSc;' by summoning -oKccrs. froru their, duties to remote points, wiicn ether Judge's were nearer; by attaching others for contempt, vjier. plainly no contempt was interelerd then thst Jr.de ir.duee-fi the suspension of the habeas corpus ia that State, -and responsible to the people f.r.the inconvenience. If any Legislature refuses to allow the Governe r to call a couitsons tr got its etecihlon of A'cxed questions, s-o as to settle ti t law and bitld indivielual Judges, it -leaves these questions ope-n to convicting en'niions and tliorehy necessitates the' suspension vi' the habeas corpus, and it is responhle. -. If any. LJ iitor stigmatizes- tlie' Government rs a h s pot'rn, and invites the-peop'o to stigmatize it in pTibiic meetings, and they dor; , and threat en separate State action by neg;.thving v. ith tlje enemv, or other unlawful act1 if these meetings dnejuncc tlTe war as unholy, linjus tiuable, disapproved of Gol and any Editor publishes these proco-idimis wnd adls thereto the threat that his State will "take herafriirs into her own hands will a -;sert w.r sovereign ty Will tundjle down the. arch" will n.ot sub mit to' this. huv e.f Congress f.rr thata -d .T'.imuhitcs a call f:jr a dm vent ion, to carry tlicso threats into execution and -sends a. this ineeneliary matter to the' arm;. that pa per elif-epiit-ts the publicijnnd of our Uiaders-" of the Government of (ur folio ;v-tii.ens in other States of tlSoyal in puwwii St,i te ' and if the habeas corpus be supe:idod, tlntt Editor and those w'ho-figure in sudi meetings; may be sure they v-iil be regarded as res po.tr si'Ule Wo; have done with the -tpiestion. What ever Congress may. do, we hops and believe h will eloo.i full investigation. Wo have nom-i-lcvolvr.ee to a huma: being. Except ouo man, there i.. no citizen of 'X.-rth eJarolina.we would tutt rat'ner benefit than injure. If we a add. bo instrumental in bringing toone'mind otir dis tracted and dividol.lellow-citizons. and induces all tu-rmve em ia.tho only pith to safety, w should have fulfilled the valuci of cur poor life and should be content. - . Our-friend, Il .v T. H. Pritchard, has been dite rtahzing in the Biblical 'Recorder, as locui it mis, frthe past week. Ho shows himsel. a- efficient with the quill as he-is well. known to le in the pulpit. lie is" a martyr te th : Lincoln . elespotism, having been banisheei from Baltimore because he was true to th , South, his native home and the land of hi fathers. . We would thank the dynasty fo e-xnatriating "a few uicre of the same sort It .will he seen by the Telegraphic news, that the Yankees" -are about ' making another de i monstntiou upon Richmond. x -We tinders tani.1 Ihe'ie is a report in tHs city, that id vices hav been received that a large numbi.'r of trans ports hat! maele. their appearance in Jame-. river. We havcuo such advices, as we? should doubtless .have, if there was any truth in it The report, we presume, originated iu th statement found in our telegram, that a larg? number of transports were fn Yoik river.: There is a rr.morn the city, that the en ; my has been heavily icinforced at Washing -te n and Mcwberu ;' but it is. not credited. , 'is reported .that a courier from Butler ha? been intercepted withi de spatcs to the Yap, kee commander-in that department, that ho Xould only send e ne regiment in'rt sponse to hi.-; application for reinforcements. Shot dy Deserter.'. We learn by a com munication from "M..L. Simpson, Aeljutaut in charge atW.owIer's Gap, ' Union G., N. C." that on the night ef the Oth inst., Capt. .M. : Secrest.cf Co. F, 82d Bagt: N. G Mi!itia,-who had.been with his company forsometime hunt ing' deserters, was attacked at his home, to "w hich he had just returned, by three elesertei V win") fired live rounds at him, the Lsl cf which penetrated theTDk of his head, and he Tel i mortally wouoded. . Our correspondent gives .110 futthcr particulais. Cliar. Ikilltiin. , TJtc thJilltara 3Icct!n?c. , We'arw Si-rrytu be nb'.igul triain.oMeo,-lhnt' tiiwe'dangerous'acfl agitating meeting con tiuue. .There is relief scmetimes how ever, urin the mid.-t of the miscliief,-thc ridiculous h so extensively Ccveltiprd as to-afford f er mirth, rather tLa'n for wfalb. The abore i:i;ftino- is one of this number. AVe fee that Lfr. TbnaaJbLoDScxpIained its object, and (.-. ,ii,.-.,1 IZr. .ToT.n H ILitiihton. "who MMIOIlUt vu - - - - ; . , .. . . i.t. 1 ;' ... "..1 r 1 a.i.!re.-3cl ine-metung vnui i-isusuai ioit;erna. -ahil ty' for "an half hour or pore." . Ti wc 'pit5gcur te'rritcry, pluuelfring, pldagmgray aro ne;t udstiken, we reco.kct to have. seen phing afiel nAirdcring e ur mn and' women. ; this Mr: Long at Pitisboro' Tn ISIS, on an oc cakll.vh'eu tee atld'-essed the people of that cnunty. " Y e think he replied, ai d we n joined' We are.glad to sec that he isyet alive, though srry to see that he tt ill lives to so little pur jm s. A- v. e tem ml er, he was a stout, active, tail yr :t g mil! just such an ene s A-c.uld f v. t'l tUttd to .be now in the 'field, and ad-. MiirabiN adapted to carry the flag. We lu-pe lun the "llr. John II. Ilaughten" is nof our lr.t;;'er llai'ghton cfihe bar. V.Vhope so; h.r,a short time since we mot rur brtrther IL ughton, and ho w'as a Ctm denouncer of these agitations, cmcurreth with uatfitinly in Pcntiuitiit, only, that ho was lather fiercer upon thew7tii cf thte movements than we eared to be. 'Ytt we ftr this isle. Tie nah.e-a.Hiniiatei, and thl'tetch " tciik las usual force and abili'y." . We veiy much fear, and ct, we haVo anotEtr ray ef hope; thi Mr. IJaughton spt-ke f t. only "a half hour or- " . Vv't: i ever kntw eur brother lvgh- more. ton to Uave any d.ubt e n this sr.cie. liut tjd in an inconstant wuild. . Thef yvung'er Murius pr..c!aiu ed 1 iniseif at one lime, the sju ol .Mars ; at autther the son of Venus; and Pop,; Uonitace is said to l ave "entered iq-oa the pjj.aey.likc af o-xto have behaved in it iik a lion, anel;U have did in it like a dcg." Ts.e more vo scrutiiiize human action, the n.)re we become-convinced of these strange in.onsistan titti that n rke uku to unlike themselves, that to-me-n'ow they arc scucoly iecoJuized for what they are to-day. jkit the ir,ccbdintjs of this, inecliiig. re w orth attention. Ame ng others is this resolu tion : "That it'is th; least of o-.ir intention to give aid and e:-. mfort to ilio enemy, nd we Wta.ld here urge; Upun e ur soldiers tho d'lty hoy have 5; worn to pel form. Stand nv.YOLa C. L: RS, WIIII.K Ye CR FUIKNL'S AT lit 11 U TllS IH 1 UK uLlVi; BRANCH eF I'KACK. - " Iv-w. Iv-i g is a tall m m, a:;d strong oneitifih'to hod up an ldtnary s'.zcd olivy tkel, -nd mikt u. ke hiimelf sec a frcm an ordinary petition. lieit eur hi other Ilaughton is nil long of rTATUK:. au'd it wotdd -bo n oe.- sary to put him upon sn.e tmia.-i.ee, liko tt:e .iiikoiy 'Mountain. Tnr.s, then, v.c. have it our sok'iier, itmindeei ol their duty,' 'sU;:d i: g by .'he co!e!s,"'ch;r!ii g amid- the ' rattle of musketry and the roaj e'd' artillery upon the b'aye.iifctf e.f -the f e', while Mr. Long, in s-me quiet valle' of the county ol Cln-.tham. -:-d fiir 'brother laughton .011 the top of ILckr.ry Jlountain, aie holdii g e ut, the- one an olive tree (for he is strong cue.rgh to carry that and a mu.-kit toe) and the other an olive branch, . both w av-irg their jreicrs .iiiigni- to enuo supplied e.live holeh-rs e;f 'the eneoiy. eepmliy (iisLWit in their re ar : 'and thus eur -soh.iers on their side, atni Idr. Long and r .: r b.:o:hjr Llaughtou on thel'-s. aro servibg ti o country,. Oa.i'U e r rench &av. 'Cii::cii:i a son ;oui " o. to his taste. Thiss- the purof.e of the par ties as set foith in tho resolution woid painted, but not colored. Ve commktl th? picfure te the Chatham soldibrs for.lht ir'e.-peeial study and contemplation. '- . We add to our list ot "'Convent i-:-n Agita' tors" Ed. Patrick ; Memu r ' Lgis!ulUi'e from Gioeno John 11. Ihmgbtoh, Pitt-sboru'; Them, s B. Long. Chatham. Pjcki) the Selnliats. We have sec 1 no le coiamcudationfeayS tlie Fayctteviile Observer, ia regard to the existing scarcity of food injke arn:y, that etritiC.3 Us lr.cre favorably. than 'the following. Yet it is susceptible of one.addi tioul rtccmmtiidaticn, viz : that thqe whocan atfurd to send moTe tli th eir own sons may need, should . put in the eame box something Xhat these sous may givc.to'scJdiers who have no parents to care for thera, or whose parents inriy s unable to spare them anything. Think of tht grateful feelings that may be thus inspir ed among the noble defenders of our country ! .- ry an" advertisement of Dr. Warren, Surgeon Gtnnral of the State, it will bo seen that all boxes delivered to him at llrdcigh, before the forwarded to the army frc of charge. Let us hope that so many will adopt the annexed sug gestion of the "Soldier" as to require Dr. Waireato dispaOh hi3 messenger every week instead of every noffth, as rw'eloubt.he would rtjoicttodo Camp Near Okaxge C. U Jab. 31. TSrtL To tlje Edited of tho Examiner: . Believing you to be a friend to thsoldier, I trut you will insert the following good suggestion in your valuable paper, viz: that every family senel to their son, husband or father, as the cise may be, a box of provisions. The rations in the army are short, and witheut aid from some? quarter, the consequences are a want of food. Allow rne ta suggesr, alo, what is proper to send : that is, what a solelier mostly needs. A box should contain bacon, (hara or side.) peas, butter, dried fruvt and syrup in quantities to suit the conveni ence of the shipper. Many ejther luxuries', under 'which the borne tables geoan, might be packed in, but the articles enumerated will be most u-?1-ful 4o the hungry soldier. Surely every faualy can do this. Such tokens of love and affection teml to encourage and satisfy the "brave s ddicr boy," and lure him 44 ou io deeds of noble dar ing." Let all consider this suggestion and act ns their consciences may dictate. Every paper iu the South wiU'pIeafe 'Copy and confer a favor on every ' Soldier. iMronTAKT Akiiival. We h.ave the prati fvinii intelligence of the arrival, at a South ern port, within the last day or two, of an ex tremely valuable and muclfheedol cargo on Government account. A few more such car gee vould place the country on a. differ ent footing from that which it now occupies, and. relieve the anxious fears now entertained by niaay. 7?icA. En. t . . For The CmTcderate. The pronation to call a State Convention, 1m full id evil and evil cnly, to the people id this Siatc. If it iintend only as a po.itt- ; cal kick to fji.b.irr&a Oox Vnco and to ax-., ray t portion ofthn party wiiich. placed t.im in power against him, aid tfjus till the GulKjrna tor'ul cliatrwith. n radx peace -laftn" ,t the -next elccthn, tho. cud .cannot justify the means. A J arty triumph achieved through the'bitteT-strife which -.the-agitation of this efuestipn rnut engender, n i ioav i,,.,. - 1 nit l btft i mchllK lieiv on-iirLi i'i" ' . h 1 r ' . .... . - , ii;iril.ir.,us if,rc j.-cocctt when all sheuld be united ; wheti every. ice and evprv arm shoU'U . spea ana .-oi geroii uiee'r.tiiti - r That Uie clamor for a Convention originates wUh a-ewdiscontewtet! pr'.ffsl.ilplt:ca! a itaf rs,is beyond dispine; 1hat it is designed ou ly as a party maj eeuvre, wo may intei f,T'ii -the fact thatthor-e.whei bga'u it must know i'nat ittalies a two-thirds" v.te f the L'-idature to. caU aCeMiventi u, and thry must know tu;thr that noth'n g Lke-thiit vote can beobta:n-el vr a-v'sun pr.pi'?i?iiii fr. m the nri-sienx Ligis hitur?. B itil'ti.ev protest aga'h.st this im-pu'piic-n and e-'ce-'are that thty hemestly desire to call a C-uveutitm s- that North Caroiiaa mv take the managenient of her mvn atirs. it. to her owi'haueJs 'bey simpW jmbliIi t the wot Id their elcierminntio'i tojio.'d an iUegal acid treasonable correspondent y.d nejgonation with th.e enemy ; or to' pceelj n-m the C:i-u-e!c-racy, set up l'orJtioniselv-s, if v'ait the pro--rp of events! arT at the'fnuertun. m no nt I 1. : 1. .1 . . ( ..,1' .!......u i..v t. 'ilt sneuii oa--K iijiu aie oviiinAi.!.; w ..v j. e:VCi to 'Lincoln. - - Uotil :hr S'ato di s .lvcshcr po'itical eou liccJLi'ou with the CV ntulerate G 1 .'..riiUient and re-umeo her.:oveieignjy by. the action, of ;i e ouventioii of thi people, r.li her" e'ii'2 .n? hiounel'by, and ail her Lr-gisLnors are. ux to o .serve' t helC ;ns' itu t h n r.d laws 1 f th Coo-fcth-rae"S:iXtes. That C a.s'huih ti de. Luxs in pla n terms, that im State shaU enter into a iv trea'v. ahianeo 'r oinfe-el.erarin" that 'no State- shall, witlut the consented C n "re?", enter into any agreement or conipac with. another btaie cr wttn a loivigy power With'thi'.so j'.laia, provisions T tho (J -nstitu-tiori staring them in lhe lace, ln.w can th tew desperate ircti wh.o have got ii tl'-da ai.it. .tioa have thf .t i'lVoutery .to d nt ttiat !. ve-iy first si:-; tliojr Co-nenti.-n must tak' ili lo1 to cot h.ose tvtm the Conle deral Siatss I I -is ti'-t to bo Mipp':seel lhat the y want to . ail a C.u-ye-hlio.i tor any .Irivulous ur iisaiiiioieni-c ius -. Tiicy n.it l;"sui p-.'s-'l tohmo.v that Couveu ti. nsOf lh- people haw'bccti rarely. e.dleel in this State, and the n only upo-i ccasi.ns of g;.. at cmertiene'y that ue rii'-e-iy 1 -four Gov eiument does n- t c niMni late th ; cinbiiug e f filth a i eiv t'Xevpt upr-u the e ahnaod hberate eh tenuif alio 1 eif tho p :pie, at:d -of a wry iar.-e majority t ti e, p- 'ph. exprr.-s-d ti.ro-igh t oir repre-c::t :tiv s, t - a!:er 'oi -"an:-, n l thei-.or.--t?:l!j hlW, OP t'.r chiUI-t! (T e'ii-.lv their ith t: ! s iiih tiiti other States. S-.me-th.ug stin..i.s, th rc.h re, ii.u.4 'do c otcmpia:od 1 v- the I'.H'vels in this wiattof. Their allegation is. ih.-t tho Cr.fe-deMato 'G;Veinn':M;t h.-s made h eliVil to nojoti .! a peace, and J bJ North Carolina, tired ot t-iTs 'bintii'v war,'wi 1 cui1 :i lo...vo!'i.n aifd n. -.ho pCite en her"e'W-u account. This is what. we must underst.ui 1 trotn tho oft-repe ate;d deeli r aiious.i't' tho r )4.a-s and prosse d' th:- peace p.trty,-tiiat X-n'u Carolina met-t- take'ihj management of h- rown aihtirs into he: ewn haneis. Now, wo :mvo already s!i '.v:i 1 1 it so h-ng astho State lcmaius a member- of-the C life eh racy, sho rat. not mako ie-ej her own cc( cut she cannot eve:j m il:o p.ny, gTe-ment 'about it, either with the authori; ics at Wahing't'e ti r witlany Nm ihefo Si;:trt, or t-vj:i wi h aiiy Southern S ate. . Yue -j u olusien, th. role re, is irresistible, th it it tiio prope;sed Ct.nventum shouhl i.isemhle f. the; . purposes declarc-el by its - advocates, at prev ent, preliminary to all other action, an e. di nance of secession ti"m tl c Cenft df rar- States must be p:sed. North Carolina -.vou!. li-pu bo a fieo. inel-n-e;.b-!it. Sovereign SoiU-, ua-e-strahi'd 1-y any. pvohibitit -us in tho Giiiodo rao Ceititntii 1; f-i m n -ahiiig , peoe e vta L n "oln ur'.tit any teth'S, ai:el as soon s he.r CenveutK.n saw proper to do so." ' B .t !(-c vvit L) "Linooln would ho war '.ih the Le ni't ehvrr.te Soites ; so that t'.i-j Coo v.:ntion w u'd ' uly b" getting out f rh frying pan into' tlu fire. It wai!ef o.dy e x chang" a st4to ef war with our natural ' e:ne-mievf'-r h'ievalv strife with our evvii breth- reu ami chi dren. North Caredina wit li seventy Ilcgiments all her fighting men in ti e armies, ot the- Confederate' Str.trs, after having eleebired her if dcpenelrnce and her ability to manage" her aiTairsin her own way, and as aKimple of her manaeui'vit having made peace with Lincoln, we-uM, in our judgmc-'nt, occupy a very fcolish r.tid pitiable -s'o eia. Without tro p, wi:b ut revotne, si e weuild have to depend upon her new I ! 3 Lincoln, for support Hr.el protection. (ouc!f it;g at the feet. of this grows, vut'garand heart less despot, she would have to beg tho crumbs .from his . table; to sustain -life, lhe very thought ofsueh"a thing is cuough to sicken aie. Yet the-c rrsn ts h gically. fTdloW the prop.eitio:i made to call a Convention for tho ' I purpose et entering into negotiations tor peace. Such ncgotiations'canot leg v!iy be . entertained until tho Convention ha'l first have passeel ni oTthnauco ef s.x-e-ssi ,n and. ll en if" they are entered upon, and Nejrdi Car-- j l:Ta makes peace on her- eiwn ec ujui with Lino !n. war between her and. th j Om fede rate S'ates is-for the latter nec.siry and in- 1 evitable. ' . Frord cur Kinsion Correspondent. " Kinston Feb."l3, ISA. Editors Confederate: J. S. Stanly, Lew is Bryan, Mifchell Du.sick, WFliam -Irwln and Ainejg Amyett of Nt-therctitt Bettali jn who" had deserteei theircolors and go:ic fb the Yankees atewlein anJl taken up arms against their land and kinelred, were hanged in this place on yvstej lay. The prioiic-is Wr-re accompmied ti -tlu;, gallows by Hoke's anel HartowV Ift-igadeii Xiiey aceneled the -f caff.. hi with a firm and" elastic step, ami seemed to bea up under thtir trials -with inuc'a fortitude. ' TJiey bad . but Jitte to t;.y, uxtept Dusick, wtu, I Je'arn, tntreateel his, old comrades in arms to- stand I by their flag and - never desert it under auy . circumstances whatever, lest theyshouM come to the igneianiuious end of those who we're then about to die the felon's death and . till the felon's grave. "Oh that I had nev'er beca , born," xne of the prisoners was heard to ex claim in his acgui&iia moment b fore the trapTell. - News from the lines last night represen as quiet. aether, w!4at ft spiitaclo will North Car-'1 ma nresent if thH pcfcttieut issue should thrust, into the next' ran v;'s.;. Discord?, divisions intentions, tf-uds, nay even bloodshed rny follow iu the train of this unadvised ar.u dau- T E L K G lj A I1 HIC "unrouTS of tiik 1iiessocltion "EBJrt ac7ordiBgtaact oTroness io th vj;--1SG3, br J. S. TnuAHrKK,'n , the Cb-iks oibc. ur trie iistri'i. oui y-.. ..v..--r fe.r the Northern District of Georgia. 1 ' " ' " ' m Confcileratp States Congress. ' - Uici.'VOND. Feb. 13. ' The House committee arputcd near the fw-bt of the BCion, to iimstigate tn;i furi.n-'u an Jue ' supply of. fe.od' to Y-nkeo prisoner, iade a ropos t ibis morning,'-that they have examined a hpgu cumber, of witness and accuuiuiattd a 1r.ass.0f tliinony shonn that though a consitteiable pertiou of the pii:Ouerg 'baveaot received full avd regular allowanvu ot meat, and gonia days ii-evivxd sane, jot cn U such occufiens bread and. vegetable rations were . . i . ... . .4 th.. jlinr-.f i lli:it I.riSOtl- I iucreaseu or ucuuit-u, a.w - I ttrs were' starved or sirred for'lod,. is utteriy untrue, audit fully appeal s.that t!,c.v b"Tc al W fared as well an I somUuns oeiier innn uu. M.idiers in the ticlJ ; and for whatever failure there wav Lave baen to i'urhiih full allowauce of ratatto prisoners, the Yankee army, by whedalo r,;'i.r;. nnd deitruction of proiTerty of Southern pewi'le, vei more respemcibiw than any neJ.ct on thepait yf auy oiu? ebar-d i h keediig and subiatin"jr prisonei a. ' ' It in uiidt?ieod th it there is t.msid -rable e!Mi cultr iir seljuaiuiir the diHl-i ence between thj Senate and House ou ths Mil.tary bill the dix- ! agreement ' beiiig m exemption. D'dh House i have been iu ttcict e-ssiou n.est of the Jay aud i butli wci.t to-ui-jht. -' 1 I " liicimpx::, I'tb. 14. I Senato btst n'ght passeel" a bill "U iue t jbaeeo ratiems to soluiers. .51retd to. Tho Ibaiss bill to adow onice! to purehe i ration and cfuthi tig frciu lhe G(vciuuiviti jeeicd. liill t crtate the olliee ot ensign iu ! the army, postptuied ir.deiniiteiy. Uill to ubutuh ! the oHicJui third Lieutchapt. liill to Hunt the I term of Caliuct oiiiceib to two years, iiillr Vm!cx "i clare alien e-iuinies uud eonh?cate the propetty of I 'pereons whei sftkc'r avoid service by gedng b'e opd r'juikdiclion ot the StattF, was made the -special I older of tv-moirow. Th" Iloilse last niht ' passed a bill to estahiis'a farth Auditor's oiliec 10 ' facilitata the e't;i.'ent of deereaseel soldit-ra claims. 1 . I rrcni Gen. Let's Ariy. Ou am UK C. II., Feb, 1. All piict in th? fr-mt. Tlo.ro aro rum ir of iho cneuy evacuatiog Cuiptper 0 II., tut ih1 yet 1 eoiiiii m ca warmea. .- 'Un.i lntitTs yzKUvz Tofcncro ! r. N n ij Tio .ps -re stdl re-eiiliMiug f r the u.. -ax, toi. Cm -iiliiir.-You are lu-ieby iieetilied th.-t t.',, f-' ?'s due the t'e-utedi-ratt StKteS 1 lpib'. (1 'ia ' t'.i.. i.r'lfon " "Ti." eifiivered not toe.oe-r than the Id ed Jam- r IrclU tharlCtlOll. . Vj.t.r (hiU, 15th U July, to the duly auih-fll-.d CjiARLflsie'X. Feb. 13. Toe Unemy have witlnlrawn their forces from -John's Iihuid, anl a.e reported jjoin olfia their unWats. Thi Yankees oa Munis Island' wete emj'g s to-day repairing injuries to battel ies caused bv our ehtdii g. ."e fui iher sh.ilin. j . Trtsti r.icutr.r.d. - , ItieUMOM), Feb. 13. ' It was rcpoi ted last r.ight that thz Yankee? were ; again coii.ing up the' IVnmsula ; said to be au ai' j vanee.troop .of Cavalry inJicat-d ih- the direction j of Ihuhamvilk'. Vri.,us lepjut recrived to tho ' ctToct-thft a large force of the one. uy were ii-Jctn-' blin near Yoiktnwn. Om a.yount ays (illy odd ! transport's with troops'a: rived in York Kivet thi9 week. Kiimor ha.e been .current lscre l.r X w o era.T hat Gold' had larfedy advanc d in New Veak; It is errditeul from tnc niual source? of reliable in formation. . rroai Ci'.ttrlestoi!. Cii.var kston," Feb. 12. Oarb:eri opemd all aremnd on M trris Is 1 land f..r ab ut t vo h-iurs t'ui ununing. Thopre qj tiee was rlr-ndid. The cai.ueinuding shetyk- ti.e hou-tfs in the eity, iHid thj n ishtng of fjans 11. u ininnted tho whed 'haibor. The Yankee Iijg stuff on V.'agner was cut o'o.vn, Oaly four she-la. have bef-n f.red since on tho cby. Details have not yet Tarheel us from Johns Idin.l. It' is 'generally reported that we have drjv-.n the enemy off. the Island, and that everv thing is workhur well. The t c.un.uti-srrt ! repOSreai very s man. Tl;c latest information" fr.m- Florida contuiU35 to l e ;f an encouraging charae ttr. " rroni Uicliiaoiid ar.tl lhe Xor'th. Richmond, Feb 14. ". F01 ty-three o' tho ercaped edlicers haye been returned to Libby prison Col. Stroight not ru cap tured. .v . " Ualtimore papers of the 6th say Colts istol facteiry at Hartforel Cojin., w as destroyed by tire oa the 5th. Loss immtnae. A joint resolu tion rtl ii iye in. confiscation act has passed the Yankee House of 'Representatives ty eight mj ority. . - .Rumors are rife of a change in the 'command in the army of the Potomac Hunter anel Thorns beth named as teueceser.to Mead. Tiie JudgAd.nira!ty court at Halifax liss de cided to restore the C hetaptako and cargo to owners. The Arabia has arrived at. Halifax with' European' advices to the 24th. No special change in thea-pect elf th'Sclilesiag lbdstJa quptio.i.--ilaxiioilUn will vLit Pan's und quality us Empe ror of ilexico. The T-ja'ufdi (ioterncient will a'p point "y.Minittcr to Mexico as ten as it recoie'e-s otlicial coTifirioatlda ot the crowning of Maxtnal- . Gold in New Yorku tl)eafterc(lon of the Gth lte. ... . - Nothing further fieom the Teuinsuta to-dav. - CiiEiiuiNG Signs -il'lioiuhu 11 advance of the" CotiiedeJItit loan iu E .L'i.in'el Irt 111 h.nv tn iiny ccuis, iiieie.usm 10 rant a ue AV I r..e I in r.et -i. . ... . . . n " j the case of the Aies.mdia, the resignation d Senator Hyard,a f D'-laware, rati.vr than take the new Oith required by the Yan.ktfo Senate, the rau.-oeiing out ed' service ed Pin- 0th Ft ticrl army corps, the witheiraw.d of J ..hnsou's h o lion for tt.e expulsion ed Ganet Davis, of K-, tuckVi ami tluj neral ' ineJi3j-Vition'e.f tin. Yank-e soldi rs to ' rc eijat, arc ail nti,t cu-J cour.igi.ng signs, and go to -show Uiat the lowers ot Ti t-oliidon are sadly il not. hopt le: sly en ihexwane. ' - Th piiucipie involved in the caso ef the Alexandra, if we mistake not, also applies to and would dotenuintj the feto i' the Coufedrr a'3 rains, upon foyi time, i-go by 'the Hriti&h"(JueTnmcLlt, nnd heft, to await the dc-l-isiou of the Couit.- As the Alexamlra has been rtleaseel under ibis da isio-, we httvts a right tei .Zptct that tho rams will also be at once Iiueratcdr Ills this fact, in altMirobuiiil- 1 i'y, (fays the Atlanta Appeal; thatjia cause.l the sueidcu juu.i iu'thc Cunffdcrate UVa, i . " . . . T " j ?r3; a J .ul tMUIriiMT. tinue the foILlicatidu iT Jli?itary. StlatU, .11- I .m-jeJbfronr ports, whereby cotton.maV-Ur . ' cthcr-.uf book. ' - rgi'tcd:farVty, wlitrewith"to tmct IrfiStX ' " ' - '-VAN L COGSWULL.; ' ; -. . - i ... ; DIED, In thit city on the -vcn.n of the ,..th at. II. L. i:vA!, lorman; vex. J-art a highly fnertalle and influential metehant f thnt it t. d eait. will not e.rdy !;-pi ire th, nmu . ty . f . n, of it! tae.sr eti .ll.' nun-bcts, but th.- M. I... Phurc-li. of.whith he h b:g ee-u i Cousi-ten t m.mbor', one of it" brightest ..i nauuidi. . rAYEViEViLLliMA?nSi'. .... Fclrruiry 11, l.t. 1).... ar .............. llr i I". jp't-SWHX..'. life I .-.a.r.u :...". )r Lou 1 sr f. . 1 - w l;utie V.'. ,.r".. T 1 i..ii.,n :irri 2M.( :,:, 0 . 1 j i'...,:. I mi li iiihI rtauii'H (.("'i.i i r fifipf 1.0L' woo j...... ...I Sel-rl.?.-, '.... in:, ; (J (10 i'i "." .-i 1 Klsixxee'd .. r iiiiii . ............ , !' ' 1 VW Kod.br v liar.... 10.1 M rWi l'..ra . . J ,';J Wheat..... - llv 1 . no 1 . 1 j ". !,(!!) J, , . .... I " Ljtftd,9--l! recti , 7- 1. 1 Dry.... - t ironswed.s ;;t.';'-'' ; Leatlor-Upper ; ; L 'i r ejo r nSv h i . k ey 0 f. 0 0 1 Apple .111.1 1'iaeh Urancy fiJ.0- Moh-i-sea V. '.1 -n l hum :! ." (1 ' 1 -. (.0 Oiii.M Pot at "-s I.ri'h Sweets .t?..it no -'i.no ,.V2 a 1 Kiev 1 4 " Sap ir Si.-ap Faultily liar.-...". ... OO '( . VO m I 00 T.ihif 2.0a - Pave tteviil 4-4Sloctinti3 price to the . S-ite' I. ' tail to . tio;r... ? 1 Lb' ' (lnti ! is' !! if.'S " e Salt." -....jo.no ro Tallow. Vim I... .C.l'O TCew, ' Advertisonienta Lest iVrtlficnlP f Slcrk. Tbf tittdfr-si-n-d hi lost th' 1Jhwinj C t'tiin-to-: n 5 tor $3H:0, ihited July '1HU, Wl. i.fu.-.l to J. Me TotTle: t llfdeiffh, X. 0. Kte-rv peiseln is loibieid;ii to purehft.-o ta; i.!,; as anid'icalion will beliwede l'r its ivnonl. S-wliiu t Yll b 1LAV. (iutjoity A?- nt, at the eh pot lhey loay e t ;')! idi, in i.'nd jo iiing eirejer, ami each quality 1 ; n t- Th,. v rin.rr bbioks w ill b sent to th a., A- in elite ? ... time. 11 1.1 "... General Af-nt for Norih . i::.,t. ii Yance-ytilk, C, Feb. 10. . j ls. .Y avf'n port Y- niaW. Cclltw' : :: .!-, XJ Caldwell County, V. C- Tiie Spri.-g nni will e'-'iemence Mterctl 3rd,-terd .eiid .bo.' !. Ctinrges peres.-ion, pay bL' .'trictlW it) ad a;.- : itonret, inelndinjc vouhn an fuel Tuition, le-jMiher course, M j,oie anel use o' I'iano, f rive pelt, ete-, catra. Wathirg. cvtrn. I'up.i will fun i-h tbcetj4. pillow-cue :toel hov; !.-. 01 extra e-h.i:;-e will le made, 'ihey will lurni.Mi lights in ali ca. s. .'o pi.ii h nur exnciip lave b.-en fp.ir.-d in t!i e riinlo.vnient ed' ii.tx uctoi . The elct'-i irin it in '. tn maintain n Fvinate Clh pe e.f the ,; .v"r. The I'resideiit will, 1). V., le'tiv- Ch.-tHole an I S ili.-d.utv; y,m eh l.-t, in lhe icondiifi, und aill taki! t haiuc oJ'.oioi- I n!i ?. K.ir urther Inroriioitioa apj'y to 3-nr.vlt A. G. STACY, . rSHnl'pg, Hi mil n?, roptr, Hc-.-Hnvitt:; 5 footi lO.U d a large .btii elin in C'luhbia,. . hnd i-e'iijived e.ur niachiacry from Chai'e-.ton, w- would inibrai iJuArtertoU-rs, iatik and H.iil- l reaid Cdic'i f and the public, tlTit w are i w il I ne-'.'i:ir'. d as" bi-!oe the? war to exre-ute all e: d. if ia tour line. We have bce-.ii iuiftoi -ling from l-t:r.'0 argely ed' at tied? s use tl in emr buain.es?, h-i d now huvif in bnd 11 dock collitillg In p U t el the m1 lo . iroj a. t ides :. " 2V0.U HA M S I'XULL-TI Dt'EEhE' C'Ai' W KITING. ' 200 RbAMtl ENtJLlSH R() YAL V.' JI1TK, bLUE, A N 1) 15 U FF. , 200 K I. A 1 S E N Q L i S II RANK .N 0TI2 . . L' Al'Ff-T. : 500 REAMS WHTTF. ANI UI.HK FRE.WH AND llNlIJdSli FtlUOVOST. .WJ SEAMS WHITE AND IiieiFj; ENGLISH C V I'. ' 1,000 lik.VMS WHITE AND Hld'E ENO- . LISH AN I) FUl-rNt. H LETTER. 1,000 'REAMS ENGLISH" RATH (SMALL) LETT II . . 2.000 REAMS NV HIT F AND RLE 11 NOTK. ALSO, RLOTTLNG, CUl'YlNa, AND DO MESTIC FA I 11 ItS. " ' 1,0'jo.ooo ASSDRTFD ENVFLOFES. 7.000 (iie.- Gillott's and otlur ni.ik-r-' .St J Pens." FCn-holder?,' Fencil, Sealing Win, li h and almost ull ar tick's et Slatiouu'. '. ALSO, A SMAI.LTOCK e V Keft ENGLISH IiLAXK LOGIC Fa I'll,':. ( 'Su r Royal and Iu p-. rial .not ye t arrived), y. hidiveo at e V1 e-pai el to uianu.'aetui c into nuv l.ii l f 'Elank iiooks. W'e- in c now rpcidng thenbive abml.! .-t 'rk, and odvi?e our eitel tu-toimrs, anel all IniIi i in want, to scud in their orders at one-e, or I D c .- t k . may be so much lrek, n as te prevent us t Vi in nil--ing theui properly. ' ;i:v, riinTiATHLVs. . .'sov"HF;.mv "ANDREWS' MOUNTED AND FlFLD ARTIL LERY DKlLL." by Lieut.-Ud. R. S. A M'-o. ' Army of Northern". .Virginia,' iliuttMi widi .nt-ai ly 100 lino lithog-aj beele ut", pi int. d ru hi"? w hit-p'ip.-r, and lull bhui.el can.hiic. 1 Eo. k in pnbiilKd TnJcr io.ti uetio'n? of th i i!i :o Dtpaitn.ei.t, A., ntid th..i.I'l be In th-' Lar:er. f-f evvpy Aitillcry oli'le r. I'lhe ?-l. thiid e lV lo.lhe ti nie. in riiF.ss, am soon to nc rt lii.if nun: "Gi;Ei;L ORDERS" fre-ni the Adjut... :,rd . . ..i- 1 1 lr.si f tor-(;eiii-rrs oilier, up te Jannai v 1, '''' i wiiii mi ious index and other vtiho.l.!.' n ' Edited by ' n. TuoiiA? J e!; nlX, C'hu i I Reaun gard's t u 11". Price !?3, one third ti to the traue. m " CII IS OEM'S SURGERY, '.'being a thirl !i:i''-1 of this valuable woi k, revised and e-n!a!g d !' .the auilior, Jh J. Cliiseu.u, Saigeon C. O'e'iblv fllu?f rated. M A R M (I.N T'S W 0 R K O N M I LI T A ! V s-i'IENCE. ' -ti annate el iiom the Fr.u'h, 'Y Col. I ha.nk SiiALi.ce, C S. A., with i- t the editor. Jslusti at diteir. I!lii!tratrt. dl" a new N.cl, by Vm. II. Ta.'. .'' ; )' ly deceased), spJendfebv. illu h-d wit.i 44I'HIL (lately portrait of the nuthor and -either er grav ii ; "-OLLENDORFF'S New Method e,f L.toiurJ Frenth," bcin a reprint tl this valuable . now enttf elt c ut eif jjint, anel mueli iii'-e.hd iue youuioi our ceiutitr v, . 1 iso, iuo.eeju eot'lis C;r llitT AeW 1 0"l.im "m i, I'palms for the 44 CenrcdJate Sfmte? Rible S c.e tr, " with several worka fiir odiex Societies a l'u!ililu.p ... . I Uavln2 arrarirements Ter rccunr.i: full soj '"'? .of U kludi of Fiintiur 'jepejs, wv are pup .'"J undertake prdutiug Au puhli.d.ing. ' . throwin- her inn nth- of darknevi o-r lb -um.im,!. ng cuotry, his sj.i.it left JhU, oajthly ten t;i,:.t e trv ihe ifllitic ot anMh.-r "" h- -tf -a Li cth uato frie nd, R kind und indooM hoi, r 1 V.....n.r tru.hnr.d. Ids fad'h-n d unXO, f. d 1 i.'inik. cjl v njn 'tin i n rr, nr. n-t iiiiii fTtt.L

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