DAILY" CONFEDERATE. 1. M. GORHAX 00., Proprietors. 3 -Tit 522 4 DAILY CONFEDERATE. AM ....$12 7 3 7 WEEKLY FJlITIO.V, for d mntha ...... k Nu subscriptions received on any other te;.n tban the above, nor for a hVr.gi r or shorter period. For The Confederate. M'sr. Editors : The present war will furni.di t ) its future historian two wlject upon -which he will dwell with pride au.i re-fiiM- with pride upon ihc glorious achieve ment of our arrnirv m th field with regret that our naw ha Uen able to but tVibly fcecond those noble elf .it?. Ti e heroic deeds of our Huchanau, Senuncs ami Maflit only illiisrrte what we rnibt accomplish, had we a good nvy. It is not f r ine to -ay where the rponsihility l es tljit this arm oi our d -fence i not mure efficient ; that, as i-efure ru marbed, will be the duty of the hittorian of the timet. My purpo.e is to advert to me (acts in connection with maritime history, and to thow therefrom the importance to the Co. -fedemcy of good marine. Mure than three tbuiiMtnd years af an eminent vviiter made us' of the following language : ' All mankind arm themselves against those who usurp the empire of the seas, as against ent'tttira of the human race." If at that early day the. marine ws con si !e red thu Important, how much more so now when nvd?rn 'imroveoienw have ron? dered it tenfold more formidable ? The Aiini'hty, in commanding Noah to build an Ait, "whereby he and Ins family were .saved while a world was bt-in destroyed, eceu s to h.ive iudicatd wherein lay the safety and .sircm'th ot a people. From the days of that patriarchdown to the present time, the marine has been the riht arm and the jl ry of natioi s. The Naval battle of Acauin delivered into, the hands of Augustus Cesar, the empiie of the world. The small States of Genoa and A en ice rose from poverty and insignificance to riches afd power through their marine. TUe fcruiidaole i-quad-rons of Spain in the 10th century enabled her to dominate in the New as well as in the Old World. The States of Holland, whose inhab itants, originally fleeing from religious perse-, cution, had settled down amid the marshes" that border the German Ocean, became power ful through their maritime ascendancy. Prior to i he reign of Klizabelh, England played but a secondary role in Kuropeau affairs. The fit ting out by Spain of the formidable armada, dtsiineti t"r her aubjjgitio-i.Tlrst pue i-npithe to the genius and ftiery of her "Virgin Q'leeu." Tln-n vvas laid The foundations of tiiatcolo.-s.il power upon the seas which, in its fall, woul . I shake the world and in defence of which Canning has said, Kng'aud, if necessary, "would unbar their caves and let loose the winds." It is instructive and at-ltio same time atnuiiig, to trace the rise and. progress of that itiirtiense Colossus. Nothing better illus trates the depth and strategy of Kngli?dj states manship. Allying her.-tlf to IlulUnd, her (irst etloits were directed in chasing from the seas the .Sjjani.ih Squadron. ' Having acciKiiplishtd that, she drops her ally and Uirnd. and by a coalition with her ancient rival and enemy, Frnec. compels the tleets of Holland, i;i their turn, to Mfk s.ttety wuhiu their port. Tiius living siuxes.ively dotrjedhe maratimc as cendancy of Spain ;.ud tl li ind, sheseve h her alliance with tYancf, and putti.i the French jstiips to flight, rides Mistress of the sas." Such has been the d- pth oJ her diplomacy and the siacity of her satca.n nship tiiat all attempt of a coahtijii ot the other maritime powers of Kit rope against her havetax'ii fruit- k'.-. . Thus in tin- course of halt a centurv, ' Kngland, by mean of her oarine, rove to ;Ivj tirst rank of the I'j iropean Siaies. Wji . would hive ht r late but for her mari time supremacy ? Tiwre can scarcely be n doubt itoit it would have been the same as that of Skiotlaud and Ireland tue loss of na tiitadty auvl of poli ical existence. Separa ted by a nno.v chain el from a brave and warlike: people, Ikt formidable squadrons alone have preserved her I'rotn ihefr cutches. Had it been possible for Louis the XlV, or Napoleon the I, to havu lauded their legions upon British s il, IJngland, instead of being to-day the controlling pow. r of the world, would hare been but a depeudancy of France. Having noticed the import tut part the ma rine' has pjayed in the fortunes and destinies of nations,, let Us turn for a momout to our selves. Suppose the same wisdom and energy had marked our efforts lor the creation of a navy as have characterised the conduct of the other arm M our delence how different to day would have been our condition ? Their supremacy upon the water has given our en emies the o.djr advantage which thoy have over us. Is it too lute now to awake from the lethargy which has paralyzed our efforts in rvgard to a navy? There is a trite but truth'Uil old maxim which says " it is never too late to do good." The Confederacy abounds in timber, ami iron aud coal indeed, in nil the materials; necessary for the construc tion of boats. It 'abounds also in num-e rotas streams, which though not ordinarily navigable for boats of much draught, yet during the Spring floods would enable them to descend from points of com st ruction unexposed to the rjneiny 8 raids For instance upou the Capo Fear let the (toverument bestow but a moiety of the energy iu the construction of boats there, that it bus in mdeavorim to cou vince European powers of the insufficiency of the enemy's blockade. In twelve months, or -degs time, wc m;ght have a fleet of boats which would not only make day -light through the blockade, but poss'.bly enable us to regain possession 'of the entire sea coast of this State, liu't if the Government canuot do this, is there n't a sufficient amount of individual enter prise and capital in the Confederacy to do' that which the Government fails to do? About the commencement of the last ceutury when France found herself battling against Europe combined against her, with Treasury exhausted, her ileeU destroyed and her pons blockaded, an expedition was tilted out by individual enterpiise and liberality, tie ob ject of which was the capture of Itio Janeiro. The expedition, eluding ihe blockade of the enemy, was entirely successful ; and such was the eclat it gave France, that several of the European powers broke looso from the coali tion against her, and became her a lies and friends. Men.of wealth of the Confederacy, mutates the example of the French patriots! In so doing, there will arisJo for you a pyramid of gratitude as lasting as those of Egypt. P. People should be very careful wh.t they write to their friends in the North, as it has been discovered that nearly all the corres pondence by the 'way of Nassau, ha9 been opened, and in this way, many of our friends in Lincolndom have been found out. Tho Spy system is in fine worknig order among the Yankees. Daily edition, for uMti.n n n it j i4 v 1 44 Tit!-WEKKl,Y, for 6 month OLD VOL. Y. i t LATEST FROM TUE XOETII. From the New York Herald, of the 9th. re make scrne f-xtracts : Gold on the 8th sold in New York at 1691 to 159. Exchange, H4. The Herald say : The stock gamblers' i xtra, which purported to have been issued from this office, containi s a dispatch from Gen. Daoks, announcing the taking of Mobile, had an jff-ct on the price of gold this morning to the extent of one per cent.; but the swindle soon became known, tand the opening rates were re-established. Surnner, Reverdy Johnson and others, says the New York Herald, arc now moving fr an amendment of the Constitution of the United StaVs, prohibiting slaverr everywhere. Burlingtox, Iowa, Feb. 8, 18G4. The Constitution. aud Union newspaper office in Fairfield, Iowa, edited by Dave iSheward, as visited by Company f, of the Second I oira Valuideers to-day, and the typo and pajer were thrown out of the window and the sub scription books were destroyed. The Steamer William Wall ace, with the 21st Missouri regiment on board, while, passinu Is land Ne. 71 .u the 2'8Hi ult., was fird upon by guerilla from the Mississippi shore. Near ly one hundred shots were tired during 'en minutes. Trio. Ryan, Ssrg't of Company I), was killed, and two privates wounded, who have sinc3 died, and fur others weie severely wunded. The st. rimer Arago. lym in Old rivor, was also fired into on the 27th ultimo. Three hundred shots utruek her ; but no one was hurt. The railroaddepdt at Chattanooga, contain ing quartermasters' st res, was burned on Sat urday. Lo.s one hundred thousand dollars. AFFAIRS ON THE RAPIDAN. The Herald contains an account of ileade's late movement on the Uipidan. It styles it, in its heading", " The Late ItsconnoNsanee,'' The Union Loss Havy," &c. Wc copy the following: The Army ofthk I(tomac, Feb. 7 ing. The army having returned to its old quarters, it is uot improper to say that it not only went out in light marching order, hut carried its three day h' rations in haversack. It was unencumbered with ether trains than ambulances and pontoons. The wounded of ihe Second corps have all been scut do'vn by railroad, and will arrive in Washington early in the in -ruing. Art my of the PoTomac, Feb- 8. William E. Ormsb, I he private of the Second Massa chusetts cavalry, who deserted on January 24, and was captured while lending a band of guerrillas, was shot yestei Jay noon at Fairfax, in accordance who. the seumco of a drum head court martial. 1 hiity-ninc prisoners, captured in the re cent movement across the liipidan, were sent to Washington to-day. The advance of the late cross;ng at Mor t -n's Ford was 'made by 100 men of the 12Kh New York volunteers, under Lt . Col. liaird, and the 29th New- Yolk (Garibaldi Guard). Gen. Hays, division con niai,d r, lorde. the river on foot, accompanied by Gen. Oa-i, brigade commander. The crossing was vf fjctt 5 by fording rtaist deep, uudr the cheer ing excitement of pickets firing from the ap proaching banks ; but abotiL25 of the rt bo.s, including i hree officers, flanked by our rapidly moving forces, surrendered '-and were sent across the river. Our skirmishers steadiiy advanced; md gallantly forced the rebel skir mish line back to the protection of their works. Oiir position, the hue cousHntiy wavering as it swayetl forward aud backward, delivering and receiving a heavy and galling ire, was maintained until daik. At that period twoTegunents came up to their support, shortly after which Col. Baird reported to Gen. Owen that the 5-5 r mods of ammunition had been exhausted by his command. He was then or iered to withdraw his skiimishers to the rsarof the line of battle. About 10 o'clock tiie entire command recrossed the Ilapidan. The loss of the 12dth was about 25 men. Washington, Feb. 8. Partiescoming from the front represent that we experienced con siderable loss on the return of our troops from the late demonstration. '' It is stated that some of our pontoon were lost at the liapidail, whereby the enemy was vnnbkd.to pick up some of our men who had not recrossed. Parties arriving from the front this forenoon state that when our tro ps pushed acrots at Germaua Ford,- they found the rebel rifio-pits iu that immediate vicinity occupied by but twenty-five pickets, whothew down, tueir arms atld surrendered, stariug that there was no rebel force within ten miles of their position. Immediately thereafter .our forces pushed ahead in the direction of Orange Court-house, , but had hardly proceeded two miles, before they were opened upou. Attacking tho rebel force working and sup portinglhe battery, we drove them from their position with considerable loss iu killed, wounded and prisoners ; our loss iu the affair being thirty-five. The mass of our infantry then recrossed the Rapidan. We find in the Herald a list of wounded in the camp hospitals. It comprises 115 names among whom are Col. Loekwood, 7th Va., two Lieut. Colonels and three Captain?. As many had been sent to Washington, the Fed eral loss was doubtless M heavy.'' Disco v try of an Alleged riot to Liberate ihs Prisoners and Assassinate the President Arrest of the Rinyleaders and Seizure of Documents. For several days past the Government has been in possession of facts that hinted, beyond a doubt, to the existence of a secret organization of dis loyal men, having for its object the forcible re lease of the Yankee prisoners held at the Libby and on Belle Isle, the assassination of the Presi dent and the destruction of the Government buildings and workshops located here. Captain Maccubbin, chief of the detective corps, was assigned the duty of penetrating the mysteries of the case, and threading the details through the labyrinths of rumor to 'their head and source. That official put the matter into the hands of tiro of his most experienced de tectives, Messrs. llecse and Mitchell, who im mediately set to work, and, on Saturday night, they arrested, at his house, on Sev;uteeuth Btreet, between Main and Franklin, a.Germau named A. W. Ileins, a baker, upon the charge of being a prominent member of the treasonable association. He was furthermore charged with RALfclGH, N. C, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 17. inciting JonfeSerate soldiers to mutiny and the assassination of the President. The detectivea 8-Mied alon with Ileim a great number of the most important papers, ioc'uding the roll of membership of tb orgamxation, and documents f such a character as to leave no doubt of hjs crim and the criminality of "others. The do cuments were taken possession of yesterday by General .Winder, who ordered Hein to be placed in secure quarters at Castle Thunder, nd to allow him no commutation whatever with any out-side parties, Heinz, thereputed ringleader, Las always been looked upvn a? a disloyal man, and 'his associates in treason are all pretty much of his own character and social standing. I-- is posihle that other arrests will follow, as the treason will be probed to its depth, no matter whom it' affects. IiichmoTu' Examiner. Miscellaneous. Soldiers' Furlough. f tdlcal Director's Offlce, General Hoa- pitals. N. C, Kaleigh, February 15, 1864 All Soldi-rs absent from their commands, are hereby Lf- rniei, that no p"actiiri Puy?ician or ingle Saree-5n or A$isUntaurgeon haf any author ity to give certificates of disability for Furlough or discharge, except in cases where the aoldier ie unable to travel. Their certificates are worthless, and will not protect the soldier against the consa quenoes of absence without leave. No one, ex cept regulars ppointed Medical Examining Boards, are wuthoritid to give certificates of disability fr furlough or discharge. 1 13. IIINES, Snrgoor, 1S-3 awlt Medical Director. O fllce Soul hern Express Company, Kal. eigh, N. C, February 13, 1864. Much Complaint being made of the delays by this Com pany in forwarding merchandise, I am iostructel to advertise that toe rules of the Company require that Government packages shall take preference over all others, and next in order ant packages forwarded by friends or associations, loom- en and soldiers in the field or h-!-pita!s. The observance of the ru!e, together with the limited faciliiies for transpo tation, necessarily causs delay in the for warding of packages for merchants and others. A. P. C. BRYAN, 13-lta Agttt. Office Southern Express Company, Au. gusta, Ga., February 10, 1854. Legal no tice is hereby given Wall concerned, that persons who ship packages continuing spirits, wtne or cordials, without informing ourA gent of the con tents, w ill not be entitled to nor will tbey rtsceire the benefit of valaation. Spirits, wines, or cordials will ot he forwarded by this Company except uud r special contract. J AS. SHU TEH, Superintend, and Acting Pridnt A. P. C. BKI'aN, Ag.t, Raleigh, i. C. 18 bu Lost certificate of Stock. The nudcr sincd has lost tlw lollowing Certificate: .No. 13u5 for 3100, dated July 28th, 1SC3, issued to J. McBoyle at llaleigh, N. C. livery person is forbidden to purchase the same as application will be made for its renewal. 3-wlin. . DAVID OUTLAW. rp. Farmers raisins Tobacco in Xorih Carolina. You are hereby notified that the Tithes due the Confederate States ar required to be delivered not sooner than the 2d of June or later than the 15th ot July, to the duly authorized County Agents, at the drpots they may establish, in good pi iziisg order, and each qualitvn separate parcels. The proper blanks will be sent to the Assessors in due time. W. N KJIL'LTON, General Agent for North Carolina. Yanceyville, N. C, Feb. IU. 18-lw. Printing, Binding, Paper, etc. Having consti ucted a large building iu Columbia, S. C, hnd removed our machinery from Charleston, we would inform Quartermasters, Bank and Rail road OriicciV and thti public, that we are as well prepared as beforethe war to execute all orders in our line. We b re been importing from Ruiope largely of articles used in our busmesf, aud now have on hand a stock consisting in p irt of the fol lowing articles : 200 REAMS ENGLISH DOUBLE CAP WRITING. A 200 REAMS ENGLISH ROYAL WHITE,. blue, and buff. .200 reams english bank note paper: 500 RSAttS WHITE AND BLUE FRENCH AND ENGLISH FOLIO POST. 500 REAMS WHITE AND BLUE ENGLISH CA P 1,000 REAMS WHITE AND BLUE ENG LISH AND FRENCH LETTER. 1,000 REAMS ENGLISH BATH (SMALL) L ETTE ! 2.000 REAMS WHITE AND BLUE NOTE. ALSO, .BLOTTING, COPY IN AND DO MESTIC PAPERS. 1,000,000 ASSORTED ENVELOPES. 7,000 Gross Gillott's and other makers' Steel Pens. Pen-holders, Pencils, Sealing Wax, Ink, and almost all articles of Stationery. ALSO, A SMALL STOCK uF Best ENGLISH BLANK BOOK PaPER (Super Royal and Imperial not yet arrived;, which we are prepared to manufacture . into any. kind of Blank Books. We are now opening the above valuable stock, and advise our old customers, and all otheri in want, to send in their orders atone, or the stock may be so much broken as to prevent us from till ing them properly. xew piblTcatioxs. NOW READY". " ANDREWS' MOUNTED AND FIELD ARTIL LERY DRILL, " ;y Lieui-Col. R- AsaEs, Army of Northern Virginia, illustrated with nearly 100 tine lithographed cuts, printed on tine white paper, and full bound cambric. This book is published under instructions of the Ordnance Department, C. S. A., and should be in the hands of every Artillery olhcer. Price $4, one third off to the trade. IN PRESS, AND SOON TO nC PUBLISHED: ' GENERAL ORDERS " from the Adjutant and Inspector-General's olfice, up to January 1, 16C4, with copious index and other, valuable matter. Edited by Gen. Thomas Jordan, Chief of Gen. Beauregard's Staff. Price $5, one third off to the trade. CHLSOLM'S SURGERY," being a third edition of this valuable work, revised aud enlarged by the author, J. J. Cuisolit, Surgeon C. S. A., superbly illustrated. J " M ARM ON T'S WORK ON MILITARY SCIENCE " translated from the French, by Coh Frank Shallkr, C. S. A with notes by the editor. Illustrated. "PHILIP." a new Novel, by Wm. H.Tha.ckf.rt (lately deceased), splendidly illustrated with portrait of the author and other engravings. "OLLENDORFF'S New Method of Learning French, " being a reprint of this valuable work, now entirely out of print, and much needed by the youth of our countrv. Also, 100,000 copies of the New Testament and Psalms for the ' Confederate States Bible Socie ty, "with seveial works for other Societies and Publisher r, Haring ar am pments for securing full supplies of all kinds of Pointing Papers, we are prepared to undertake fir printing aud publishing of any book of ralte to the country, and expect to con tinue the publication of Military. School, and other useful books. EVANS & COGSWELL. Miscellaneotis. Addresses on the War and State of the . en"-y, will be delivered bv rt I)n I I V1CT' u- D-' chaplain in the Confederate States Array, aj the Commons Hall on the evening of P.'? f Febr"r l8Gt 7 i-floek, At the close of each AddrA,,, a collection will ed soldiers id the Hospitals in the State of N..rth Carolina. 17v F0Mlflr?rAwn.e?r0 s,rl abou Hilars Idtorthe balance of the vear. Applr at lt 3l THIS OFFlCfi. IT'or Iliir Tor the Balance or the Tear..- L A Boy who is an excellent cok aad good houe servant would suit a hotel service. Apply at this office. lJT-dlw Trs. II. VT. Milier. IVX BOARD Bv the Month, Daily board d Transient, per day jan 16-dly $22f $10 S 12 Oxford Female CoTlesr.-.'-The twenty sixth swum bcirn on Monday the lth January 1864, and will contiaoe twentv weeks. Tuition in each school $60. Piano rent So extra charges. Board varies with prorisinns. - J. H. MILLS, 5-r- Oxford, C. Notlce.-On the First dar or everj taWj J shall send a special agent to the Army ht Northern Virginia. All packages, ie. sent to e luis place n ii! ue piouifji.i t ;o. nam ed free of charge. EDWARD WARREN. Dec. 22, 1833-d3m ' . Surg-Gn'l X. C. Hli& 5 Bt? 5 31 1-UT A 8 Y ACA nEM T. Ihe bixth Academic vearot this Instituiio will commence on Wednesday, Febru-rv 3rd 1864 For circulars and information apnly to. . , M". wm. m. Gounax, s Hillsboro, N. C, Nov. 23, ISea.-diRi'. North Can Una Volunteer Savy Com pany. At a meeting or the Stockholders of the above Company, held in lUleigh n the i4th instant, the C .mpanr reMganiied under its char- I ter, and proceeded tela. th toll, men as directors. Tis: C. 1 MKXDRMIALL, GreensWa J. M. BULLOCK, Granville cour,tv. J. L. JON'KS. Graivil! cocntv. O. G. PARSLEY, Jr., 1 A LKX'R OLIH1AM, I Wilm!n4tu W. D. SMITH, ( DUDLEY NICHOLS, ) ' , , J. R. GREEN, t Durham's WILLIAM LONG, Caswell county. The Directory then proceeded to elect their f. ficers, as, follows v C. P MEVDEXHALL, E.q , President. ;nt. . i. o.nun. i-sq., ireasuror. DUDLEY NICHOLS, Esq., Secretary. Pursuant to a resolution adopted hv the ntr L toi y, the subscribers are n questd to pay over to j Wm. D. Smith, Treasurer, or d-spoj.it in Bank t nis creun, me amount or their respective s jb.crip tions. and forward certificates of deposit to h s ad dress at Wilmington, X. C. by the 10th day of February next. Those wishing to subscribe are rr-qucsted to send in their subscriptions at or fore that time to the Treasurer, who m ill iue certificates of tock. L ... UUM'EY XICHOLS, S-c'r. Durham's, Jan'y 20th, 1864. 4-d2w R c ir a r d. Ranawav from the Subscriber at Graham. N. C . on the lit inn., my negro man LOUIS. He is black, thirtv fircy ars of age, about five feet right inches, high , has thick lips, is incli jed to be bald, has lost one of his front teeth and another leans outward. 4oubt he will endeavor to reach Newbein, whr'h- was raised. Th.j above reward of two hundred and firty dollars, will be paid for lui ap prehension am! confinement in any jail so that I can get hiui. CLARK, l-d6t Graha n, N. C. Gloves and Sock Wanted. -I des re to purchase for the soldier, 10.000 pairs of dovs and 10,0o0 pairs of Socks. Donation will be thankfully receiy;d. EDWARD WARREN, jan 12-lm Surgeon General, N. C. Bank of Washinston-at Greensboro', Feb. 10th, 1864. X meeting of the Stockhol ders in this Bank will be held at the town of Tar boro' on Wednesday, Mwch' 16th, proximo. ' A general aitenaance is earnestly requested, eiher in person or by proxy, as busiavss of importance will come before the- meeting. M. STEVENSON, Cashier. I 14-d3tawtd ! . ' . "lards; Cards. 450 Pair Whltmore,s I vy -No. 10 Cards at $75 in Confederate or $t in specie, per pair. Ihese Cards are of the best quality. Purcha sers can send the money by Express, aud I will send the cards by Exnres. tbey paying the ex pense. Address me at Forest vi lie, N. C. JAS. S. PUREFOY. Forrestvilie, N. C, Feb. 5, 1S64. 13-d6t 1 I7iar;a for Rent or .Sale Two hundred acres of land, lying twelve miles west of Ral eigh, and four iniles from Holly Springs, in the County of Wake ; 20 acres of fresh cleared land, the balance original growth. The 'cleared land well fenced. Apply to ' W. H. CUNXINGGIM. 9 d8t Exchange Hotel. i i NOTICE. -A limited number or recruits will be received in the Ist-N. C. Cavalry Reg iment. The recruit must bring with him a ser viceable horse. Arms and equipments will bo furnished. For further in'ormation as to- com panies, Ac, apply to Col Mallett. conjuiaaJaag Conscript Camp at Raleigh By oider Col. W. H. CHE iK Corad'g. Gso. S. Dbwet, Ad'jt. I-dlm WANTED 1000 IHS. OF SUGAR CANE SEE IK The highest cash prico will b paid per hundred, or bv the bushel. Apply to 9-dlw P. FERRALL, i -.- , ..... .. j Beautiful Llsht Rrowu Su?ar. Fami ; ilicscan ha suppled with an excellent article ; ot Light Brown Sugar in half barrels at the NEW MARKET STORE. In the building recently occupied by the State! Journal printing o.'tice, 16-dlt j j Small Pox Notice. As the Small Pox has again appeared in the City of Raleigh, i all persons calling at the office of the Surgeon ! General befween the hours of ten-and two will he ' vaccinated free of charge. i EDWARD WARREN, jan 12-lm Surgeon General, I 1 XPor Sale. --One negro boj about thlrtj f J vears of age in goxri health y an excellent teamster, carnage driver, a4 work band. Anrdr to J. M. LITTLE. feb. 3, 15C4-10 dtw-w4t. Lexington, N. C w anted to. DurchA&e.- At cod Piano. jn lOtt Apfly at thii Office. MB. 1864. VOL. l-io. 19. -' J-Jnimer-'f- f Military. , ENROLLING OITICK, T 4 VW.liKSMIOlVAl DlSIKtfT Jf. C, Oxroa, Jaauary 27, I " ""ruirnce lo ceneral Orders Ho. av vouiinanuBi ot Ji - - - - ..... mm ?ii iQtti msi7 iwmtign. wanosrv 1S84. Alllitia Aiwt i..i. v it- (. i IS i tlPl bctwwD the age. of 18 and 4S, within tbe limits rf their respective regimepts, tareaort at tha cmjntv aeaU U btit - - w " vii.i. kusrs and Waees for final enrollment and examination by the Medical ExamiaiDg- Board. Thb call embrace ail wkitr-taJ persona between tLo ages of 18 and whether previoovly rempted or not. All those residing wiihin the limits of the 40th Regiment N. a II.., iraaklin count v. will rerx.U at Louwburg on the 20th, 2Jd, 23d aqd 24th days of ebraay 3 AM those residing withia the limits' f the 35J Regtment, N. C. M., Nash county, will report at Nashville, on the 26la. 27th ami' 29th days of Fe bruary, and 1st day of March, 1S64. AU thoae residing witbin the limits of the X7tb iicu(, j. j. varrea ettantr. will rDort at VVarrentoa on . 4L. ftL lit mm . i "a... March. 184. a iue v.i, ia, m ana 8tn oays of AU thoae residing within the liioita of the 424 Regiment, N. C. M., Graaville countv, will report at Oxford on tha lltb, 12tb, 14th and 11th days f March, 1864. , Jm All those residing within the limits of th 43d Regiment N. C. M., Granville countv. will rpr at Oxford on the Uth, 17th, 18th and l&th days of March, 1864. - All those residing withia tho lisaiU f 46th RegirneiitkN. C. M., Oran coaatv, wUl report at Hillsboro, on the 22d, 23d, 24th and 25th days of March, 1864. ' All those reading within tha UmiU of the 4itk Regiment N. C. M., Orange county, wilf report at Hilsboro.oa the 2th,2Sth, 2JHb and Mth day a of March, 1864. J All thos? residing within the limits of the 38th Regiment, N. C. M., Wake cownty, will report at the Court House in Raleigh on the 1st, 2d, 4th and 5ttKdays of April, 1864. ' . All those residing within the limits of the 3fth Regt N. C M , Wake countv, will report at the Court House in Raleigh, oa the 6:h, 7th, 8ta and th dart of April, 18G4. All those residing within, the limits of the lift lb Regime- . (i. Xt., Wnke ciwotv. wTH reporl at th; Court Houze in Raleigh na "the lltlt, 12th, 13th and Uth dars of April, 1861. t oujiaanoiag wijieers or Militia Regiment will j so vranie it that one fourth oay uf tUccuaipaa c ofeach Regiment will be present each dav. TUOSs F.TIBBS, Assistant SurpecB nairuan hiamming Uoard. H. C. HERXDON, M. D. W. H. DAYIS M. D., A. LAX 0 IS, J a.. Enrolling Ofhcer 6-2w ath Congressional District N. C. CONSCRIPT OFFICE, RiLKien, Jan. 27th, 18( 4. rPhe followln? eircular rrom Bureau of L of Conscrip'ion i publi.hed for the infonaa. tion of all concerned. Wy order jCOL MALLETT, . - Comd'l Coas. for N. C. E. J.JIarbis, Adft. BUREAU OF CONSCRIPTION, RirrtMOMt, Jan. 25th, 18S4. Cl!CUI.AK No. 4. j Tt) Commandants of Conscripts. The na, tion of Command jnts. is cs;cially directed t General Orders No. 7, A. A 1. 0.' O. eurrcJ aeries, h-rin 8'. forth for tb?ir in formating ADJT. AND I.XSP. (iEN'IS OFFICE 1 Rictiuox), a., Jan. 25, 164 j T. Paragraph IV General Orders No. 1 twre-at seiis i. hereby revoked. II. Enrolling OfHcers will proe-ed a tfcpdiv a firacticabl in the enrolment of all pi-rsoni made iable to miiitarr service. Previous in mott u-ti. as eoiiscripts. all such persons will be allw-. J t ! volunteer, provided lat. The Company selected wa "im acttics o th 10th of April 1862. ' 2nd. The Company selected i at the Knva- ut volunteering, below the minimum prescribed 'ay fen u la tion. 3rd. No person made Ira Me to.sfrvJce under tais order will be permitted toyin-or will b a.-sigo ed to any romps nv which bas more tbsn nitty four privates on the roll, oirtil all tSe campabira ia ervioe from the State of whih the volunteer or conscifpt i a rridenj, rh Inre tUe- uicitiuai' numbiT precribd by rr-pala-tiori. 4th. Lpn the Company being selecttd. the volunteer will receive fmr the Enrolling Orficer a certificate to the effect that he has so vn).iateN ed ; and no volantccr will he received ia any com pany except on such certificate, HI.' Persons who fail to make selection, accord ing to the provisions of this order, and at the timo of enlistm-nt, will be assignrd according to eiht ing regulations. IV, All o.ttccrs in command of companies an thnrized undr this onh-r to receive enncripts or vdunteers will forthwith tond to the Commandant of Conscripts of the State, area rate certified rolls of their companies; and without 'uch roll, showing that they B not exceed sixty four prtvat. a, there will not be aligned any conscript or volunteer. B Command of the Secretarv of War. (Sioxaa) S. COOPER, Adjt. and Insp. Gen'l. Early and vigarous action will be enjoined t. tho Enrolling Olhcers, each one of wbotn saoii be furnished with a copr of tha order with.oa.t !. lay. To insure the publicity of the rder, there should bu several insertions ia the Koua&prs of general circulatioa. II. Persons presenting application Sw special exemption, with .y hotc :nrit- will aoi ba. golested uotil action is taken, by this Kureaa. Thvse cases will be invatigated in a-teoidaacc with Circular No. 3, Car;cm Scc witthe least delay practicable. By order of CttL, JNO. S. PREfiTv.V fSiGxaD) C. B. DUFFIKLD, 3 -Ira. A. A- C. FayctkevV Observer. Wilmingtfta Jour nal, Salisbury Watchman, Qharlotte Ballet in and Democrat, Iredell Express, Ashvitle News, Wades bor Argnay Greensboro' Patriot, Milton Chron icle, Christian Advocate. X. C. Pretbrtcrian, Mountain Eagle Tarboro' Soathcrner, oopy one t&outk Quartermaster Department, Ralelch Feb. 1564. This Department has oh hand a suiz.ll lot of Cotton Cards for distribution yion the families of soldiers. The r pcial courts nf each county are requested to appoint an oenl iaeach cwunty to receive and dhtribat tbems piiu will be live dollars, ($5,) and aecesitons wives aad mothers of soldiers will ka the pre erauc. MoTe are expected daily and Till be ient oat as. fast as received, II. A. DOWD, A. Q. M., N. CA. Feb: 8, IS6J.-14 i3t T" All tbe ps.pers of the State w ill copy three es, and far ward accounts a s above. TTajctleTllIe Arsenal and Armory, J? yerjber 12. lf53. $1.00 UJUNTT ! Wi antod. 103 Mounted Ri3emen. Authority having beea granted, by tbe War Deptrtinent 'to raise a Cony pany of Mounted Riflemen for service in this vi cinity, oclice ia. heeby givea,. that reerairv to the number t 100 non-cen$eriptt will, be rf ceived for this service. Earn recruit witt be re quired to furnish a serviceable horse,. Co which h will be allowed 40 cents per djf m, and his, pay $12 per month. HVtff.n prsiiOH wirt ba required from pareats or guard'tacj, whara the applicant ia under the conscript age. Each recruit must bring with him a blanket or bed-preada aad cojtne prepared to. remain. Applv to Maj MATTHEW P. TAT LOR. at tbe Arsenal. . V. L. CH1LDS, Lieut-O'l. C. 8 A., Coainuqdiag Poat. dec 16dtf. JOB WORK Of a'.l dorripticc aat!y execa'ad at this efSca AI1TKETI SIH6. ADTKKTlEMEXTff will be laserted at tw LLaaa per qaar mf tn IWf (or for eh ioMrtton. Harris re ao Hoes sad OtitMrWt will a caargrdai adrertUevients. JOB WOtX af sm; deM-ttptio wiU W -ecaUd at thin OEc wka dipatrhv and as aeally a caa W done ia tat iWWi CCelraey. Military, ronicript ODee. Baleieli, X. f., Fel. V 11, lff,4. The f-llowlag "Hotl" Vrm Bareaa of Caeriptira it pabliabad for the gal dsnee of aII.cnrernM. Comprisae 1th Its di re"ti'a win iav appHranta far amptiwn or !r tail mvrbvnaereaMry Uy m Vke ivftigstioa of tair claims. By order of t) faaimsadaa. K.J. UA&D15, Adgt ViiTtrp CONFEDrJKATE STATES OK AMERICA, IT . arv ' t ii itry iiraac or cosscatrrox, Pinrrirh I AfCi-.r.i UrH.r. v. a ia i.s and Inspector Geaeral's omee of 1F61, rqafrs that Mapp!ieatlomi for exeenrtioa caast U all eaf s W made to the EarolHrg Oflicar." If the local Enrolling Offleor has not rSe power to act, or is in doaot, be will afior iavrstlgation ander Circnlsr Vo. 3, Carrrat Series, refer arb applications, through the fropr official ehaaa to this Bureau. All saib irKnl ru addirmr4 to this Kareaa viill neomrarily and ftiTaiiablr ba rata ned for Ipcal iBvetigatiAa, aadtbe applir'aats wilt thus have uselessly lost time sad atwlocred aspense. Appeli fron ad tame daoisaioaa of ae lorat oQicers, and or the Contraaadaal of CVittrrtpt for the Statoa will b forwarded bv tbaai fay bear ing he aoy plaaa'iUa eraaad of aal Is act forth. m 2. Comajandantt of Oaaeripta wUl give tbla aotiet exteasive alrealalloa la the Ucal oms of their repoctiv Slata. By oider of COL. PRESTOS, Sapt rtignedl . B. Duritia. la-lm A. A. U. FayetteviTfo Observer. Wilminf t.n J. nalSalisbary Watehanan. Tbarluttee Balb tia ard Democrat, Iredell Express. Arliavilla 5w.Wade boro Arns, Greei.l.Mro' Tatnat. Milioa Cloroi le, Chrutaia Advocate, X. C Pnel jletisa Mountain Eagle, Tatbaio Sot thernrr, erpy rue month. poncrlpt race, ltnlelsh, JnDrj V U64. The anarxed order is rablisbed Urtla infortnatioa of all eoneeraid its rt-quiiSNiita wUl be timidly elatced ia yrerv particular. Kv uid.r Tau. MALLFTT. CnnDaadirg thmMt.yXi imt N. C. U. J. Habais, Adjutaat. ADJ'T AND IXFP. Gn.Vl.jj OFKiCK Run ,, Jan. t? Ua4. titMtret Ordr$, 1 Xo. a. ) I. The following AeU af fVoagssaait RijmI. Ucs are publihod fr iba iafoi 3.atin ot a'i . - sous voBCi-ihed tLvrra . AFTS. Ax Act to prevent kba Kblirlatat or Erol!mu of Substitutes irj the MiJary set irt ofibe (-f-derat Starct. 7A I'fTtgtHl mf iki f'0tftJt ftmtf Auir: fo mart, 1 bat bo p-rMa liable l a-ilitai v serviee shall hereafter be peisuitted r iI1i-m. t fortitik a aubstilnte for such seivii-e, aec vball n s'lbuitiite be received, ea it-d or eciulbd it the 4 Mii'jtatv ceMief Ibe Coafecajf ttat..M ip. proved 'December 18th, 13. Ah Act to pat an tad to lie F triittM fi.ia . MiJitiuy Service, ot. tlcse a b' bave h-rrlli f urni-bed Sub-lit at c s. "Vf actiis, in taw peereaa vii ''Mtttt f :La caaatt v. it rrrjutt tbr aia! of all b aie ai It I hcararno?: THt Cji-4 af .'fl l'f$Jr4 ,Slml4 a' AmTt't dtnmel, llial mm ttit'fc rbal' beaa f I ed fin in n ilitat y ci viee. ti imm-s A hi. b g famished a ru-Hitute ; Isal tr.ii ast sball t censtrard as to iflret perswas ytho, ilrat a-t Ivsble to rendir ii'ilitat y Mrvic. lave, eVM?be b's, ftj-ais)rd sosstftv'tvs. f Ar tiftr 4 -r t lib. iKU. II Ft-iiroDS rraJerrUaif km mflitsi r t v'mi by operation of the tteri"iitit acts, art- y fa 4 oa the aie footiaff with all '.be bitbei to b Id liiLV by w A"t ot Cou (ft ss. III. ) !! nereia rr, dered liable uUitsiy f-esfice are trairi-a to roit as vt-ltkireis or r't eriptt. wilhoot delay, to the J i r llitr f-trist sru an V4 no ueiay ovifia tn im ay oi ft araat v le64. wilt bv couiide'rtd haviag rtt.4in.red tb't ptuil"f of vflluDtceiiaj, ai.d ktld fot ai-tif t.m at af ridn-g Jo Tsw. ' IV. I trollirg officers ill rrfci t d, as laidU, a iartiesblevin thraieltp- r t rf rr.r hetria tnarie Itilfe to niititai ervl Pivu i iltct,ivt as et-rsnlpta", all. titb f-i'i i allowed to volenti -r in rompsaies in t ier the ItWh April If 62 : rrVf', the r)ur i-besta. dors bU at the tia-e of t-1li leer iij ra-b tha tuaiinvm a vn. bet alb wed ; aid apr n Vcc h f any being rrtd, the vilaatt-ti will tereiva lroii the enrolling officer a cvVafe to thettfee Ibat Mr has r iniiii.Urtti t nmd ao vofaati-t r virt be rtciirid into any eon paay except es mi b en tifl(sle. ! er oi.s a b t0.v' Vke ilii( U tiB, at the time of eurolltut at, will be areia d ec-t4. iag to ekitiag rigalatUto. V. Penofis rjo reijqil to tbe aniolliaf tfTt n ill be cnirtle an 4 nay be alU-at d a f m l af V of ten ds; rerWii Mpbi tibg to tbtrrati prf iastiao tin . All potscna, r hlir vofuctrns or era lt tirr iritis iidr, mil aas tkivgk tl wpwt lgHurlia .f tbe Stat to ohith thfy bfb-iig, and b fcroraidsd tbeaea to tbe coayaalra which are stkcttd, or to which they Mat be aa lincd. VII. Tbe Bateau of Conerlr tia im ebatged , with adc)tiag piepm tegnlatit us ft tVl eifoico. lyeul tj this order. YH.1. All extUiptionsbrtetofore gtanred are sab b4 to a rtiioo, under iaitravlioas f;m tk bureau of Conscription ; ad it foi d to be N.v prrr or unauthorized bylaw, witf be i-vnkt-d. By oider. S. C0UV1.K, Adjutant aad laepeatcr GenetaK 1 dir. MS. JfiO" Wilmagtop JaaraaL a'jabM Syai,. mm, Charlotte Deraoetat, IredrU f spurs and Afhrvilla News eopy until Febtaary ltb and send bill to Col. Mallettra D.ce. Confederate $ytatt or Awarrca. EnrN neer Def ertotrat, DulrUt Capa Fear VVT sibglan, X. Mweb. 15th, l.etJ. Notice l brby jjiven to all perrons having elaln $ against tbe Ergmeer vpatttaBf, fof sr vises oflavtaj enplowd as laborers ob tbe itfemt4 a ear. $'i I mi rife ton, N. C, that the aadersif nd is aatbar yd srd prepared to pay the same at bis cfhtr oa iron floor nf'tlie b'ailjina nc 1,a'4?e R4ea Drug Store, Market Sire. jfrir I'ersots executing powers of Attoraey wirt obrerve the following form ttteir siaatarer, ij all cases, to be witnessed by taa wirneyses and signed 1b dnpli;at, ar tbey scay be wilorfd bv fere a J attire cf Vbe Prace or C'yik af ay Cart, i ar rOwta or iTToany. 1, r- , wf t- K do lereby ippolat - f 1 bit tfua a.d Uwfnl Ag.al to siga re- aei'fts for, and receive payment of all D-oa.Ts dee to tna hv tb E3iiar Iprtaent of tLa i'omtf. trate States .f Aoierici, for tL servirea of ray mtm einploreJ a laborers a tLa land dearrs' st dating tLe oalb af ,116 . Witness, ny Laad-aa4 seal, at , this -s dav t-f , 16 . (Sigaed ia dej litata. t Witne.Hei t Tha signature of colored perron should be wit Bested by three witaorsca. . There must ba epara.t JapMcite Pwwtrs rj Attorney for each uonth. Btaai tvrmt caa ha baa apen application at UU office. W. II. JAMES, Jan. 20, mi l tf CspL A Cbl4 Fngine. For Sate or Rent. 0TKL FOR SAlE.-vl OfFKB IT Ml vata sale the large Bew Hotel la tho tawn of Louhburg,ad.locat-ijxit ?u:ci the Court-h6ai-july l.-tf. H. HAKait,

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