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" Ue'n'l" Amusements at Johnson's Islands Tho " rebels" who dwell anions the c!a.ic icebur of Juhnson'0 Island, keep up a cheerful Kpirit and art; nut without amusement, as wjll he seen from the hllivii. progrnmnie, which hu Uir-rj furuusheJ us, un'l which we presei-t ur Tea. 'era, as a healthful evidence of a licilthy Southern tone in v try unhealthy at liiofj'here. IIKBEL THfriA ! Aci g M-itia.r, , Maj. Geo. McKniht. Tiiutcr, Lt. Col. J. C. llutnphcys. rn-nipter, Capt. J. K F-llows. Scenic Artisf, .Maj r Smith. The fiiaiia.'t-nitirit in the highest p'si h!e spirits, take great pleasure iri stating that, at a'i (.uu'nviiis eXpctiS'V :l of the very finest dramatic talent known iri the Obi and the New Worlds has been mxiu for the r-peeial delectation of in reinforcements ht ratchet ically .ent to Johnson's Island hy Uncle Jell. " Every effort will he made by uvi manayineiit to astonisli tho native iu a mint delihtr-il manner. Jt is with feelings of prid ) that we p int to the following BIIII.LIANT AKl'.AY OF TALENT ! Col. H10W11, if Georgia, JMaj -r MVKnk'ht, of Louisiana, Cpt. Cus"oni, of Alaba.n.'t, Capt. Fellow.-, of Ark.wi-ii, Capt. Washington, of N C, Capl. YangbIoorl, of Tunniioscf, Capt. McLochlan of Kentucky, Maj C ok, of Mi ssiiiippi, LiiiH. Houston, of Va", Lieut Petit r, of Fioi id;; Tog-.'ther wiwi, Mt.v-ca Brow$! Lamar ! Colli ii! Cant nil I ! aird Stewrt ! A.tl ssnLcrb v.'oi ps I)e Ballet 1! WEU.!DAV EVENING, (CToBEIl 7, 1863. Th ! Stand rd Conn dj' '. The T, od Ics ! fanner Afon, (i'.'o. Act rn, Timothy T o lbs, Farmer I'Vntou, (Jharl.;s ieuto:i, Lawyer Glib, 1st Farmer, 21 Farmer, .'I Farmer, Liu ; 1 rI, Mary Acorn, Tabu ha Toodles, . Cipt. J. Me Lochia;:. Lieut T. I). Houston, dpt. J. W. Y .unghiol. Maj. Cook. Maj. Bite. Lieut D.smukes. Capt. Washington. Lieut. Liuchliu. LL'tir. Lorjg. Taylor. Mis-. (Maj) Stewart. Miss. IJul.) Jack Brown. Capt. K. F. Lamar. To conclude with the Great Farce of Slasher and Crasher ! Slasher, Major Geo. McKnight. Crash' t, . dpt. J. lt. Fell ws. lilowhanl, Capt. J. V. YungWood. Capt. BroWu, Lieut. A. J. Peeler. Ii isa, MitS (laj.) Stewart. Dina'i BlowharJ, Lieut. l.)i.-mukes. jii)'" Iu consequence of the immense ex j) use attending the representation, thj free li.t is entirely us;;eudul. Ki7" An Orchestra expcssly provided at an hnineuso expense of Sutler's Checks, has arri ved from Eiropc a ml other seaboard tovtis, and will entertain the appreciative audience with selections from the tiuest music ever heard on this or any other planet. JfltSirThe sentinels 011 the outer walls have been specially engaged to prterv rder and decorum. E2Litt!! hoys will not he allowed to eat peanut! in the pit, n -r throw range peel from the gfilery during the lnore ailecting parts of the play- J" or''' to carry out this arrangement more efll-ctua 1 ly, a special order will be isi-ied forhhiding Joe Ji-wnohU iidlin" any of thge ariichs tt the little boys. TRICES OF ADMUMOy. Dress Circle. Twtn'y-five cents Parquettc ..Two Bits Vii Two Dimes irul a half (ialiery Two Shillings Private Boxes Quir er of a Dollar Uterved Seats, to be had only on Tuesday morning after ten o'clock Fifty cents. Frotr the 1'jris G ssip of the lloston Post. Dresses at a Masked Ball In Paris. The most striking of tlrw dresses worn by the latlies was that of the Duehos do Morny us an Knglish lady of the las; century, and the I'rineess Anna Alurat as a peacock, her train being of white tulle covered with " pea cocks' eyes,' her petticoat of yellow satin, pMCock' feathers m her breast, and in her iiair. Her ornaments were a baud of magoi li 'ent emeralds and diamonda, worn from one j-hiailder to the waste, as Qtucn Victoria wears her royal ribbon a necklace of the same, ami the aigrettra of ppacin'ks' plumes if) her b.ad confn.ed by an immense brooch. Toe Prin cess is saitl to bo frequpntly bedecked with ti e Empress' jewels; she is the only dy of the Court on terms rf alsolnte intimacy with htr Mnjefty, thom he always addrcses as ' my aunt." The Princess Troubekoi was dressed as a cat cat's hed tiptjn Vcr bosom and hleovcs and in her hair. Another lady as au aviary, with a lace dress covered with birds in reals' leathers her hcad-divrs rou Msting of a bird cage nearly six inches square, in gilded wicket a bird inside with another perched upon her head. The bosom ot her tlress was covereel with red berries; birds nestled upon her shoulders, another wicker cage hung from her side iu which were sev eral canaries. One lady represented photography small photograph cards formnig the trimming of her berthe; larger sized ones formed the basq, still lawyer the trimming of the skirt, which w;is of white Fatin. The necklace wa'cum posed of very.Mnail pictures set in gold, and the ear rings of likenesses of her hostess, tho J Duchess d Morny, also set in gold. I he head-dress comp'.eteel the eccentricity of this cofetumc. It consisted of a camera, the front of which was a mirror instead of an oidiuary glass. One of tho , most elegant dresses wa3 worn by ii very beautiful English woman, very tall and well formed. She called herself Koma ; her dress was of black velvet; upon 1 ha train was embnidered tlw wolf with It imulus and Kemtis; her hair fell in waves to her waist, and upon her head she wore a turret like a diadem of gold. A Telt was embroid ered in gold with the name she had chosen. Another extremely pretty costume was worn by Madame de Girardin as snow. The dress was formed of tulle covered with swan's down in flakes ; a mantTe, cUse around her throat trimmed in the same way fell to her feet. The hair was powdered and glistened with diamonds. Iniquitous We have it from a source en tirely reliable, that sometime during tho last week, in the bounty of Guilford, near Friend ship, two escaped Yankee prisoners, who had leaped from the cars at Greensboro' Station, a fe.v days before, came to the house of Mr. Har nett Idol, a good citizen of that county, and de manded something toeat. Mr. Idol ordcreel victuals st before them, and while they were helping the mselves, he sent for some of the 'neighbors?, whom he kn.nv to be ;ocd and true C 'iiftderate; nod by their aid and co operation succeeded in arresting them. On tho same night or th night following, the Qam of Mr. -Idol was burned, containing all his dry ftod, a valuable wagon, and other good property, worth teveral4thouand d"llars. Upon a ptist near by, the following adver tirrmeut was" vo.-.ted up: Notice. To all Secessionists that are try ing to hnvr. conscripts and deserters and also yankee prisoners '-a ken up. to show what you may expect. This is a beginning you may look f r the r ipe next. (Signed) O- This is a daring and vindictive act, perpe trated ro doubt by disloyal persons, either escaped fr m the army, or who live in the neighborhood of Mr. Idol, most probably the Utter. Such are the fruits of tho teaching that it is riijht to resist the Jaws of tho Gov ernment ; that it is r'mht to opposo the ep pr sio:i of forcing men. against their will, to tiht for th' ir e untry. The incendiaries' torch i lightnl, nnd no man's property' is safe. A step I'm t her, and civil strife begins, .neighbor, against neighbor, and rnadaess rules the hour The wis lorn of C ngre in ths suspension of the writ of hcbt'is corpus, may now begin to be a p pr ev i a 1 e l . We 1 a v e 1 i 1 1 1 e d o a b t , h ad n t that timely action ben tak-n and the growth of treason been ehc-cked, which was beginning to raise its head in our midst, that before now Mich occurences would have be-n frequent, if not scenes enacted far more desjerable. Win a ton Sentinel. Toadyism. It is arnu.-ing to so? certain disloyal characters in N rth Carolina play the sycophant around the Confederate officers who come into our midst n-oh r ord-.-rs. They arc the very first to h ril t hem, and ;.n their pres ence the very best friends they have. Thoy are for the war and for all war measure's, nor haw they a word of condemnation for the government or its laws. Tins is toidyism, hvp' Crisv. deception of the most biaz ?' kind. " WewJie; forcibly struck with this freak of policy in some of t tie peace men last summer, who were f r peace upon any icrrns. When (1C0. Ib'ke's Brigade travelled through some of our western counties, they were the first men to bail the returned s-ld:ers, the first to welcome him home, aid to have heard them talk, no one would have imagined that iu his absence they .vere conducing themselves in a maffner calculated to create a tire in his rear. Yet. these same hjlows' have only Leked the courage an. a leader to have prompted tlu tn to' lend aid to the enemy in a way far more boh.?, but scarcely less effectual than they have done. But this toadyism has not ouiy beer, exhibited in a private way upon a small scale, but w e have noticed it in the anti Confederate trgans in the State : for instance, in theliihitih Standard, now under suspeu- sii n, the Progress, ar d tlie Peop'e's Press. The Standard gave the cue to ibem all, and they are now holding out the idea that the editor of the Standard is the especial soldiers' friend, and that the soldiers all are going to vote for him. This kind ol deception and toadyism has bce.n practised heretofore with the greitest success, in the army; and we thus early call attention to it. It is the main, and only Ik pe of the Iloldenites for success in the ensuing Gubernatorial canvass. All sort of representations wll be mnde to our sol diers in the fi -Id and away from home in order to mislead them and secure their votes. WinH'jn Sen'ind I gave v.r a rose and gave her a rinij, tnd I sked her to marry then ; but '.she. sent them all back, tlio insensible tiung, nt.d sud she'd uo notion of men. I told tier I had oceans of money and goods, tried to frighten her with a growl; but she answered she was not brought up in the wrod to be scared at the screech of an owl. I called her a baggie and everything, I slighted her features and form ; till at length I succeeded in getting her mad, and she raged like tne sea in a storm. And then in a moment I turned and smiled, and called .her rny anjiel and all, the fell in my arms 'ike a wearisome child, and exclaim ed, "We will marry this fall!" The Mobile Tribune, of th 1G h, notices the rumor of a batt e in the Teche, in which General Dick Tavlor whipped the Yankees To the Soldiers and -Voters of the 7th Congressional DMiict. I take this method of announcing myself a .CANDIDATE to represent you in the next Congress of the Cou feJerato States. Several cnnditl ite, I understand, are already in the field. None ef them, howevr, have shared with Gs the hardships and privations of a soldier. At this particular time, more than at any other in our previous history, is the inter est of the soldier to be looked after. Having, as I trust, faithfully served my country ia the tente I field, for the past three yenr?, I flitter myself that I know something of the life tif a eo'dier, and that I feel for him an interest that no other maa can fee', who has not home with him "the heat and burden of the day." Ilia interest ia the interest of our common country. My views will' be fully set forth, in a future cir cular. .For the present, I will simply add, th,U I desire this position, not for the purpose of get t'ni; out of the army. Daring the recesa of Con gress rfury will then call me back to my gallant lit tle command, and I will go and share with it the fortunes of war. Respectfully, N. A. RAMSEY, Co. D, ClstN.O. T. Blackwater, Va., March 17, 1864. mh 2151 tf QUARTER MASTER'S OFFICE C. S. A. ) IUlkigh, S. C, March 23, 1664. f I Require twentj-five No. 1 negro men for employ in this Department. Par tied having good bands to hire will do well to acply immediately. mh 24-60-dt WPEIRCE, Cap't & A. Q. M. BANK OF NORTH CAROLINA TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE BANK of North Carolina : The Confederate TAX on the individual shares will be paid hy the Dank, mh 25 5leod-lm C. DEWEY, Ca.hier. Fayetterille Observer and Charlotte -Bulletin please copy. . W AMKU.--A Good JIUch Cow. Arply at THIS UOUUE. Treasury Beparlment, C. S. A., Kicn vioxo. Fen. 0, 1854. Treasury Xclice as to Funding Under Act of Fcbruarj 17, lSGi. "XyOTWCE in hereby given to all holders of J.1 Treasury Note?, n-.i bearing interest, that they mn.r exchange the same immediately, ai the Otiiceof tlirt Treasurer, Asdi-tant treasurer, or or any Depositary, for certificates which will entitle them to 4 per cent. Bonds; and that the said privilege will continue until the 1st. of April ensuing, after w hich all notes abore the denomina tion of live dollars can bi funded only at 6673 cents to tin? dollar, except one hundred" dollar notes, which, after that date, are no longer receivable for public dutii, and can only be. funded at an ad ditional reduction of ten per cent, per month. The certificates issued, together with the Bond for which thev may be exchanged, are receivable for taxes of the year 18G1 at the full amount cx preesed on the lace without interest, and are not t-ubject to the tax imposed for that year on other bonds and credits. The shnrt time allowed should admocieh all holders promptly to present the notfs, and not risk the chance of exclusion by the pressure which will oceur at theeud of the month of March. .'tned) c. G. MEJIMINGER, 20 tf Secretary of the Treasury N'o. lie. An Act to redace tho currency, and to authorize a new iue of Notes and Bonds. Spc 1. The Cut.gress of the Confederate States of America do enact. That the holders of all Trea sury notes above the denomination of Svo d-dlars, nor, bearing interest, shall 1j allowed unLil the fint Ly of April, 1881, eaat of tho Mississippi river, ami untit thg tirt day of July, lfcGi, west of tin. Mis?iiM;pi river, to fund the uamc, and Tin til the period.- and et tVia plneo? stated tlie IioMt-rg of such Treasury nu!s shall bo allowed to i'aj I rhe .'atrirt in regis'.ersd bondi, payable twen ty yers after their date, bearing interest at tho rate of .four per ct?nt. per annum, payable oa the firt d:iv of January and July cf each year. See. 2. Tho Secretary of tho Treasury is here by authorized o i?.-ue tho bonds required fur the finding provided for ia th preceding section; and until the bonds can l?c prepared he r.i.y isiue eer tiiieatcs to aTi.-wor t'e pur;o. e. iiwAi bondj ai.d certificates elicit b.; rc-cciva'.dc, without interest, . i'i p.'.vni"ut of .-ill Gov.rauient dues j ayabicinthe year 1861. exeept export and import dutis. Soe. X. Th;Vt all Treasury notes of the denomi nation of one hundred dollars, not bearing ir:Usr-t-st, which fehall not be presented fr fur ding un der the provi.-ions ot the first section of this act shall, from tin 1 after tho 1st "day of April, 1 S64, e:it of iho Mississippi river, and the jLt day of July, lf;i. west of the Mi?ssii?sippi, cense to l ree -ivnljio in p iyrnent of public dues; and said notes, if not presented at that time, shall, in ad dition to the tax of thirty three and one-third cents imposed in the 4t!i section of this act, be snVject to tax 4 f ten per cent, per month until st.) presented; whi.-h taxes shall attach to said not'-s wiier-Vcr circulated, ind shall be deducted fro 01 tho f.iee of s:iij notes whenever presented for payment or f r funding, nd sueli uott shall not be exerv!T'ga!!e for tho nwisaue of Treasury notes provid. u for in this act. Jcc. 4. That 011 sill said Trcnsurv note? nt fun ded ot used in payment i f taxes at the dates nnd places prescribed in the first section of this act, there shall be levied at said dates and places a rax ( f thirty-threo and one-third cents for every dol lar promised on the f-.ee Jf. said notes. Said tax t.h.'vil attach to said noted whenever circulate:!, ard shall be colic ted by deducting the same at the Trea urv. its dep..-fi'ari3s, and by the collectors, au 1 by ah Gov. nnnee.t otSccis receiving the same, wherever presented for payment or forfunding, or in payment of Gl jvernaent duos, or for postage, in . v diange for new notes as hereinafter provided. v.v. l said Treasury notes shall be fundable in bonds a.? provided ia th' f.rst section of this act. unil the 1st day of January, lS8 ,at the rata of sixty six cools nnd two-thirds on the dollar, and it shall bo the duty of the Sreeretary of the Treasury, at any time bciweeu liis 1st of April, east, and the 1st of July, 164. west of. the Mississippi river, and the 1st of January, IStTi, to substitute and exchange new Treasury noths for the same, at the rate of .ixty-fix and two-third cents on the dollar; Provided, that notes of the denomination of one hundred dollar shall not be ertbled to the privi lege of said exchange: Provided, further, that tt:e right to fund any of said Ticaury notes after the 1st day of January. 165, is hereby taken away; and provided farther, that upon all st;rh Trciisury Tit':3 which remain outstanding on the 1st day "of January, 1865, and which may not be exchanged for ne.v Treasury notes, as herein pro vided a tax of otc hundred per cent, is hereby imposed. Skc 5. That after the first day of April next ; all authority heretofore given to the Secretary of j the Treasury to issue Treasury notes shall be and 1 is hereby revoked, 'provided the Secretary of the Treasury may, after that time, issue new Treasury notes in such form as he may prescribe, payable two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace'wiih the United States, said new issae to be receivable in payment of all public dues except export and import duties, and to be issued in ex change for old notes, at the rate of two dolb.rs of the new for three dollars of the old issues, whether said old notes be surrendered for exchange by the holders thereof, or be received into the Treasury under tho provisions of thi3 act ; and the holders of the new notes, or of the old notes, exeept those of the denomination of one hundred dollar?, after they are reduced to sixty-six and two-third cents on the dollar, by the tax aforesaid, may convert iixto call certificates, bearing inter st at the rate of lour ner cent, per annum, and payable two vears after a ratification of a treaty of peace with the United States, unless sooner converted into new notes. Sec. G. That to pay the expenses of the Gov ernment, not otherwise provided for, the Secre t.'i : v of the Treasury is. hereby authorized to issue six per cent, bonds to an amount not Exceeding ri vo hundred millions of dollars, the principal and int3rcst whereof shall b- free from taxation ; and for the payment of the interest thereon, the entire net receipts of any export duty hereafter laid oa tho vatoe of all cotton, tobacco and naval stores, which shall be exported from the Confederate States, and the net proceeds of the import duties laid, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay annually the interest, are" hereby specially pledged : Provided, that the duties now laid upon imports, and hereby pledged, shall hereafter be paid in specie, or in sterliug exchange, or in eoupons of said bonds. Skc 7. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby author ized, from time to time, as thj wants of the Treasury m;y require it, to sell or hypothe cate for Treasury rotes said bonds or any part thereof upvn the best terms ho can so as to meet appropriations by Congress, and at the same time reduce and restrict the amount of circulation in Treasury notes within reasonable and safe limits. Sec 8. The bonds authorized by the 6th sec tion of this act may either be registered or coupon bonds as the parties taking them may elfct, and ther mav be exchanged fr each'otber under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; they shall be tor on hundred dollars, or some nultiple of one hundred dollars, and -elt II together with the coupons thereto at tached, be in such form and of su h authentication 1 as the Secretarv of the Treasurv may prescribe. 1 1 he interest snan oe payaoie nan yeariy, on ms first of -January and July in each year; the prin eipal hall be payable not less than thirty years from their date. Sec. 9. Ail certificates shall be fundable, and shall bo taxed in all respects as is provided for the Treasa y notes into which they are convertible, if not converted before tbe time fixed for taxing the Treasury notes. Such certificates shall from that time bear interest upon only eixtv-six and two-third cents for every dollar promised upon their face, and shall be redeemable only in new Treasury notes at that rate, but after the passage tf this act no call certificates shall be issued until after th first dav of Apnl 1864. Sec. 10. That if any bank of deposit shall give its depositors the bonds authorized by the lt sec tion of thU actia exchange for their deposiU, and specify tha sa.ee on the bonds by some diitincti7e iaifc or token to be agreed upon with the Secre tary of the Treasury, then the said depositors shall be entitled to receive the amount of said bonds in Treasury notes, bearing no.interest and outstand ing at the passage of this act ; Provided the said bonds are presented before the privilege of funding said notes at par shall cease as herein prescribed. Sec. 11. That all Treasurv notes heretofore is fued of the denomination of five dollars shall con tinue to be receivable in pavment of public dues an provided by law, and fundable at par under the provisions of this net until tbe 1st of Julv, 1SG4, east, and until the let of October, 164,' west of the Mississippi river; but after that time ther fhall be subject to a tax ofthii tv-three and a third cents on every dollar promised on the face thereof. Baiu 1,11 i auaca to said notes wherever circu lated, and said notes to be fundable and exchangea ble for new Treasury notes as herein provided, subject to the deduction of faid tax. Sec. 12. That any Stateholding Treasury cotes received before the times herein fixed for'taxing said notes shall be allowed until the lsf dav of January. 1865, to fund the saine in six per cent, bonds of the Confederate States, pavable twenty years after date, and the interest payable gPml annually. But all Treasury note- received by any State after the time fixed for taxing the same, as aforesaid, shall b held tu have been rcccivwa dimiHUJted Dy the amount of paid tar. The dis crimination between tbe said notes subject to tho tax and 4hose not so subject shall be j tit to tho good faith of each State, and the certificate of the Governor thereof shall in each case bj con clusive Sec. 13. That the Treasury notes heretofore itsued. bearing interest at the rat of sn-cn dollars and thirty cents on the bund; ed.dollars per annum, shall no longer be received in payment ofpublie dues, but shall be deemed and considered bond.i of the Confederate States, payable two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace with the United Stated, bear ing the rate" of iutercrt specified on their face, payable the 1st of January in each year. Skc. 14. That the Secretary of tbo Treasury be and be is hert-by author:zed in case tbe exigencies of the Government should require it, to pay the demand o! any public creditor whoje debt may be contracted att-r thepassag- of this act. willing to receive tbe same in a certificate of indebtedness to be issued by said Secrtt iry ia su-rh form r.s. b may deem proper, payablc'two years after a rati fication of a ti eatv of peace with the United States, bearing interest at the rate of six p:r cent, prr annum, payable semi-annually, aud transferable only by special endorsement under regulations to bo prescribed by tbo Secretary of tho Treasury, and said ccrtifica.es shall be exempt from taxation in principal and interest. .Sec. 15. Tho fjvert tary of tbe Treasury 13 authorized to increase tho number of d-positoiies so as to meet the requirements of this act, and with that view to employ such of the bank tf the several States m he may decm expedient. Scc. 16. The Secr etary of the Tr : atiury shal forthwith advertise thi act in tech newspapers published iu the several States, and by such other means as shall secure imrnedlato publicity ; aud the Secretary of War nnd the Secretary of the Navy shall each cnine it to be 'published iu 'general order for tho information of the army and navy. Sec. 17. Tbe 42d section of the act for the as sessment and collection of taxes approved May 1, 1863, is hereby repo-led. Sec. 13. The Secretary of the Treasury is here by authorized nd required, upen tho application of tho holdor-of any call certitieaU, which by tho first section of the act to provide for the funding and further issue of Treasury notes, approved March 23d. 1863, Mas required to bo hereafter decir.e'i to bo a bond, to issue to such bolder a bond therefor upon the tori.is provided by said act. Approved Feb. 17, 1&4. 35-t2dap. Or Fit' ft KALKIUil tfc GASTON" R. R. (0., RALEIGH, March, 1, 1S64. Notice is hereby given that the checks issued b r me on the Dank of North Carolina, and now out standing, as also the dividends declared .payable by this Company, ar:d not collected, are pay aide only in the present Confederate currency. W. W. VASS, March 1-lm. Treasurers Optice of i uk II.w.eii;ii fc Gaston R. R. Co. Ralkicd, Marh 10, 1SC4. rnhls Company Intending to Comply with A. the provision of the lata act of Congress in relation to funding of Confederate note.", will on and after the 2Sth instant receive the present is sues of that currency, above the denomination cf five dollar.-, only a' the rato of three dollars for two. Y. W. VASS. mh 11 39-(Itap1 Trca?crer. QUARTERLY h A Li;S. Notice is hcrepy given to a!l concerned, that the Assessors will at tend at my oflicc on Monday and Tuesday, tbe Fourth and Fifth davs of April, ensuing, to rc ceivs returns of QUARTERLY SALES, oa reg istered business. " I will receive the tax due thereon at the same time. The penalties of the law will be strictly enforced on all who refuse or neglect t; make return and pay their taxes. RUFUS 11. PAGE, ' Collector for Wake Count. Raleigh, March 12, 1861,-40-dtd Moskly Hall, March ltlth, 1364. IN obedience to an order of the Confederate States Court for the district of North Carolina, and the district of Pamlico, notice is hereby given to all persons residing in theconnties of Carteret, Cravwi. Jones and Onslow, who age indebted to ALIEN ENEMIES, and which indebtedness has been sequestrated to the use of the Confederate States' government, to appear at the following times and place for the purpose of paying: the interest due on their notes and accounts. As the public enemy has the capital towns of Carteret and Craven counties, refugees from said counties will appear a Goldstoro', on the 28th, 29th and 30th davs of March. Th se residins? in Jones and Oftslow will meet at Treutoa tlio 41 h of ! April, and Jacksonville the 6ih of April. If tha i defendants fail t; pay this interest at the aboyy j mentioned tiracs, the clerk will be ordered to issue ! execution immediately. C. S. WOOTEN, mh 23-4tf-Ct - Receiver. Office lt. & G. It. R. Co , ) March 18. 1S6J. f ON AND AFTER THE TWENTIETH INST., the Mail Train will leave Raleigh for Wel don at 7 o'clock, A. M. The Accommodation Train will leave Ita!eigh at 7 o'elock, P. M. " "Mail Train will arrive at Raleigh at 4 o'clock, A. M., and the Accommodation Train at 2.15, P. Y. P. A.DUNN, bup't. . mh 24 50-1 w .Sci'EEISTE.NDfNT's OfT'CE, ") Raleigh & G.uton It. It. Co., J. Ralergb. Hirch 24, 1S54. .j .. OLT ACCOMMODATION TRAIN IS Dis continued until further notiee. i-ih 21-50-lw P. A. DUNN, Sup'r. Lead Mine Interest for Sale. I AM DISPOSED TO SELL MY INTEREST in the WYTHE UNION .LEAD UINE COM PANY, notwithstanding the property i3 thought to pay a heavy per centum to the' stockholders. I invite gentlemen of capital to examine tbe prop erty. Mr. Win. Kohler, the agent, will give all the necestary information, or they can call and see me at Hickory Grove or. Poplar Camp, iri Wythe county, Va. - r . , mh 26-52-d U-w 4 1 A. N. CHAFF IN. X0TICE- TY FINE nORSE MEDLEY WILL STAND J.YI ' the ensuing season at Lexington, Linwobd an 1 Salisbury, lie ha now proved to be a snra foal getter. His rirh pedigree, his great beauty and stamina and gentleness in harness, (for be is driven altogether in a eulkey,) has commanded the interest of all who bave seen him. Good pasturage at Lexington and Linwood for Man sent from a distance, gratis. $30 the Season, $40 Insarance. . AV. P.. HOLT. Lexinson, Harch 24, 1SS1. d-M: Fajettevillc Arsenal and Armory, Xo , T,eQ-bcr 163. . $100 BOUNTY I Wanted, 100 Mounted Riflemen. Authority havinjr been granted by the War Department to raise a Com panv of Mounted Riflemen for service in this vi einity, notice is hereby glveo, that recruit to the number of 100 non-contcripti will be re ceived for this service. Ea?h recruit will be re quired to furnish a serviceable horse, for which he wiil be allowed 40 cents per diem, and his pay $12. per month. WritUn ptrmi$ion will be required from parents or guardians, where the applicant is under tbe conscript" age. Each recruit must bring with hlra a blanket or bed-fpread, and come prepared to remain. Apply to Maj. MATTHEW P. TAYLOlt, at the Arsenal. F. L. CHILDS, Lieut-CoK C. S. A., Commanding Fotd. dec lCdtf. Trs. H. w. Miller? AVI BOARD v tbe Month, Daily board Go , Transient, per day jan 16-dly Slid $ 12 Jl'ST AUUIVUIM.M i LA CIC CLOTH, ' ' At C. M. FARRISS'. OFFICERS CLOTH, and all kindsol Trimming, NECKTIES, H C- M' FAUUISS- FINE CASSIMERE3, FARRI8S-. GENTLEMEN'S HlLF HoiARUlSS' r.-rt . At C. M. FARRISfJ'. Udlcers or North Carolina Troops who may n t bave aH oppertunity to ca'l for their goodj lo person, can have their cloth drawn by C. M. rarnss, wbo will send an experienced hand to camp to tate measure j. If you want to get rit$. itnd your orders to C. M. Farrirs. WANTED. Five or six experienced Joarn?v itien Tailors. The very bst prices paid. March 5-341m. C. M. FARR1SS. PROVOST MARSHAL'S OFFICE, i nt-nc IUlriqh, March 14, 1SC4. . tiLUIas at homo on furlough, residing in Raleigh, who do not. immt-diatel y on arrival, register a duplicate of Mid furlongh 'at this nfheo. (stating date of commencement, and end of same, and by w hose order, V w ill be subject to arrest 1 V SAMUEL B. WATERS', ' mh lo-42 dl2t Capt. A Provost Marshal. office rXLTicIiXiuiTrcTNu'Crr March 15, 1831. f rTHIIS Company will not receive nnv moro JL private freight for Petersburg until after the 1st ol April P A DUVN. nih 16-43 dl5t . Sup't. Progress will copy until lrt April and forward account to this oitice. 3Motice. By the CoTcrncr cr .North Carolina. a proclamation: WHEREAS, a vacancy has ocuried in the R v presentation ol the hcate of North -Carolina in tha House of Representatives of the Conrrrefs of tha Confederate States, by the death of the Honorable Samcll S. Chris rt in. Rejutsentativ? elect to the second Cngres fVc.in ho seventh Omgreshional District ;-and writs of Election have been issued to the Sherifl of the several counties comj-osing suid Di.'ttiet, c-.uiiinaiidiiig thctn to cauce electij." to be held in their respective counties, at the place ertablis-hrd by law. on Ike THIRD TlK'RSDA Y IN APRIL, at which the qualified voteis of paid Congressional District may voti- for home cron to I. It tbe said vacancy. Now, therefore, in 'conformity to law in uch caes made and provided, I do fuMhis my Pro clamation, making known the exUttuco o such vacancy, and that an tbction will be held to till the jamo at the time a:oivs-aid, lo fli. "end that tie fjualitiv'd voters ia the fiiJ C.)i!gn-ssioal District mav attend at thesid tir.Taid at the plrt;-s et.,b!ished by law, ar.d cart th-ir volo ac cordingly. S.'ldiers fr 'rn th said -Cong rcjsional Difliict, w ho are qualified voter?, are le law cntitle.l to mst their voted in this election on the SECOND THURSDAY IN APRIL. In witness whereof, Z!'Rl.'UN B. SEAL VANCE, our Governor, Captain General and Commarider-in Chief, bath signed theye presents aid caused the great -eal to bij ati'ixed. Done at the'City of Palegh, tbe 17th dav of M.mcIi A. D. lv4, and in the vcar of Aiueii'Mii Iiidoendcaco the S;tb. riiguedj Z. P. VANCE. Bv the Govorno". R. H. Bat'le. Jr., Piivat Stcictary. AI arch 13, 18i. ' ' i:,.y t . Q. M. Department. Cnltlfhoro', SVC. I FEBRUARY 25th, I86i. X PRODUCERS in the county of John.-toti will deliver one-tenth of their corn, tax in kind, to Dr. John B. Beckwith, County Com initio ner, tor the use of the families of indigent soldier. J: H. BRYAN. . Cajt. and 1. Q. M ., 3rd Con,'. Di.-ttitt. N. C Farmers of Johnston will learn from the l i e 01 der that their tithe corn now belongs to th county. It bns been paid for, and they will be ex pected to deliver it only unon the o: der? from tbe eountv agents. JOHN B. BECKWITH, mh22-i8 d!2t County Commissioner. i 1 Wanted. j If OH th rmuing Ses-ion, to brgin in Julv, a 1 YOUNG LADY wrll qualified t. teach Mir, j French, Drawing and Painting i.utlu "'TALLY i HO FEMALE ACADEMY." To one wbo can j C'imo well recommendid, a liberal salary and pleasant home will be given. Apolv to J. D. BA1RD, Principal, I mh 23-lIMf. - - Tally Ho, N. C. BANK OF NORTH CAROLINA. Ralkki!), March 13, 18'J4. LL BANKS. CORPORATIONS OR PER sons holding CHECKS on this Bank, at o A hereby notified that thov must be presented on r before 28th March, or they will be paid only in the present issue at par, or in four per rent, bond a. n.hl3 4ldl5t C. DEWEY, Cash. GENERAL, ORDERS. E N COVHL A G E HOME MAN U FACTORY. Wanted -100.C00 FUR SKINS. 1 he under signed are Manufacturing HATS at Statesvill, N. C. , and wi?h V1 purchase tbe above amount of FURS, for which they wiil pay the highest prices, r exchange for Hats. ' - - WANTED also, lUCOlbs. of WOOL on the same terms. For particulars apply to us. WITTKOWSKY. A C. Stat33ville, March 14. 41 12t Not lec to Xon-Conscrlpts. I - noir have a Company of non-conscripts pema rentli sutioned at alisbury,N.C.,as Prhon Guards, and uili receive 25 or CO wore recruits, if an early application., is made to in. 7"Ai Cumpitny ctll uut he removed from thit ptac: , U. T. ALLEN, Capt. Co. B. 1'risoa Guard. Salisbury, X. C. March 5tb, 186i. 4'J-7t TO THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE WIL- 3IIXCT0X k WELD0X B. K..C0. W. 4k W. U. R. Co., Pacs'T Orricr, J March 15th, ltC4. rnnE tax due for the present rear to the Con L federate States on tbe shares of tho Capital , Stock of this Corporation, will be returned and paid by the Corporation, and under regulations to be issued by tbe Secretary of the Treasury; ' the respective shareholders will be exempt froia the retmn or payment of this particular tax. S. D. WALLACE, .. , tah 23-49-dlwtlsta President. BLANKS Executed with OFFICE. neatness andspatcb at Till AKuuaway taken np. A dark Mulatto boy about 2G years old. 6 feet C inches high, calling- biraiolf Cheft,' tayV he belongs to Blake Nickerson, living on or Dearths Raleigh A Gaston Railroad; had on when takeri a soldier coat, and a bite hat. For further in formation, address Wh. M. SMITn, 3-dtf . , ; , RaKlgfa, N. C. Once ( br.lham It. It. Co. llAttJOB, Uar4.ll 4, ISfit. ALL Checks and Reqssitions of this Company, now ouLsUndlbg, are payable only iu the prr?entcnrreney. W. W. VASS Tna. 3i3tawta, TREASURY DEP4UTM liNT, C. 8. A. Kl IICI'4KTMKT,C. S. A. 1 RtcnoM, March lllb, 1804. .'PHEfolIowlng Depoitafies ate eftabliiibeil for J- Jun1ijr Treasury notesia the Statcof NORTH Henry Sarssrc. Wilmington. Rakish. Charlotte. Fayetteville. Goldsboro'. Warrenton. TatlMHO. Roxboro'. Snlem. Yancrvvlllr. Wiikef'txiro'. Morgir.ton. Stateivillo. Ahevillv. Salisbury. Ne ton. Mncolnton. WadHboro'. Afbboio. Pittsboro'. (ireenboro'. Oxford. Halifax. Lexington. Uilbboto. C. B. Harrison. A. C. Williamson, John W.-SanJfoiJ, E. B. B .rden, J.B. BaUhelor, W. M. Pipinvn, " C. S. Winted, . Joha W. Hunter, Yancey Jouts, James Calloway, K. J. Frwin, ('. A. Carlton, W. W. McDowell, M. W. Jar .!., Samuel B. Lone, W. M. Reinhardt, . H. B. Hammond, John M. "Worth, J. H. Haughton, J. Ii. Lind?ay, Ruffil H. K'iugsbury, H. J. Harvey, Cicero F. Lowe, John M. Kirklaed. Bank of Cape Fear, Wiln;ington. In addition to the abore. the Chief Ouartcria a tf r f each Army Corps is authorized to rcctdte ami fund Netcs. Thev aro the following j . , . Maj." J. II. Harinau, O. M. Lt -(ln. B. S. EiU's 1'orps, Orange C. H-, Va. Maj. J.C. Field. 0. H.Lt Gd.. A. P. Hill's Corps, Orange C. II. Va. Maj. N. R. Fithugh, Q. M. Mnj Gen J. E. B. Stuart's Corps, Orange C. II. Vn. Maj-K. McMahon, Q. M. Maj Gen. J. C. Buck cntidgf's Division, Dublin Depot. Va. Maj. E. Tavlor, Q. X!. Lt Gcti. J. Longitrcct'a Corps, Morriftown, Trim. Mnj. E. II. Ewing, Q. M. Lt-Gm. J. B. Hood's Co ps. Dalton, Ga. Capt. Y. S. Paftoo, A. Q. M. Lt-Geu. Hardee's Corpf, Dallon, Ga. ilapt. S. E. Nrton, A. Q. M. Mnj.r Gtnfral heiler's Division, Dalton, Ga. Maj. J. Y. Yeuug, Q.. M. Lt-Gcn Polk's Corps, MAidiaii, Miss. 0. U. MEMMINGHR, ivh 5-42 dfftpll Sectetary of theTrfauiy. JX" Daily Wilmington Jeuraal and Afchcville Nt wscopy till Anril 1. "enrollI n G"bTri c uTC HiutVR, March 14th, 1S64. I II XI of'ieersof town companies of SHtb Rgl mcnt N. C. Militia will have complete Roll of all pmxh.. between tbe ngon of is and 45, ( w bother exMnpt, or having furnih-d ub.l it u !!, or detailed,) ready by the let (lay of April. lt":4. Enrollment of 3Sth Regimentou in, 2nd, 3rd, and -iili of April, at Raleieh !niii t-Houic. .SAMUEL B. WATERS, mli l.-42-dl2t. Capt. and KnioTmc Onicer. NOTICE. Altpereona hating rhTliYH agnhit ino'' ns Trustee for the county ol Wnkf, hrth r iu checks or orders, accounts o'r oiloi wif will pre ft tit thctn for parntriit befote the Dtof 'At. til, 1F64. lnI' J 5JL2i5r!l ' 1 1 1 lJ r(;1 - -v ( ; s Tollfe.--Ail persons oiv Mold 1 1:;: or 1 1 who may briafler Isold chefki! or draft ivcaint u. djtud prior to Apt il ISfJI, are notified t. present them for pavuunt beluto that date, or llo-v will bo paid in the old Cut j fiv. :i7 -1 H W. RR C l IABI S O V . Jt Co. Notice. HA ING pt oeni cd 8ouif genoirie vaccin virus, I will vaccinate, free of rharg, healthy while children of thin city and county, not prou' io-lv a ciliated, who present thcintlves at th li 11 1 rI Ho., pital, No. 8. between the hours of 1 (Valid 2. By order of Surgeon P. E. Hixti-, Medical Di rector General Hkpitals, N. C. K. B. HOLLAND, :;S-2tw1m A. Afj't. Snrg. C. S A. 1 Tlncrs U anted. A .Number of (.od it i Coppjr Miners wanted it .the Harwooi Cop per Mines ibr which tho highest wagea will lie giv.'n. Apply to the nndcrsignrd, Tienr Havwood, Chatliain count v. J. M. HECK A CO. March 18. 1861. J.VriHX. aTooltKiVliTi). ! wp AX AWAY FROM THE .SUBSCRIBER THE 11. E'tli February last, a Ufgro b.rf named AN THONY, about 19 years old, dark romplexica; nnd about MVet 11 incline high. I bought him in Richmond February Cth, and was told he came trom North Carolina. -"'' 21 -47-lw T. A. rfW EKES. Notice. WE are now prepared to Teceivo nr.l pny all ballances. Our 1 uftomers and check holders arc respectfully requested to gov rn them selves accordingly. 1 On tbe lit of April there will be a change in things. - We continue to carry on th Exchange business, as heretofore, in all iu v.trbn branches, at ur oidntand. JOHN G. WILLIAMS A CO. n.h 16 43 Lit CAFlF.VTKS FOB UUKsir ,,ro "uthorlzid to announce A. G. FOfl- . T V. TER, of Randolph, a candidate to represent ' the 7th Cougi crfional District of North Carolina in the Cor.gress of th Confederate Stiles, in tho place of Hon. S. II. Clit Utian, dicetied. mh 16 1 , tde W E ARE AUTHORIZED AND REQUESTED to announce W I LLM MP. TAYLOR, Ktn., of Ch atbani, as a Candidate for Congress In the 7th Congressional District, to supply the jdace of Hon. Samuel II. Christian, decease'. mh 16-43tdo HL ADD KltS ! DLADDKKS! Ibave a sullie-nt quantity or IMaddtrs for pres ent use, and have toped Luring tbem. R."B. SAUNDERS. March 17-47 d t Chapel Hill N. C. . STOCK FOR SALE. TF APPLICATION BE MADE IMMEDI X ately. I will sell 100 shares ia thf Cbathatu Railroad 1 ompany at par. $100 per share. - W. W. VASS, mh 19 4C-dtf . . Trea. .NOTICE. CONSCRIPT OFFICE, 1 RalcJh, N. C, March 23, 18C4. f IN order to transact properly the largely increas ing business devolving upoi tbe Cowuiaodant of Conscripts, notice U hereby glren that this e-Puce will be open to the public hervafter, from 10 o'clock A. M. to 2 P. M. The atu ntion of -ill persons baring business with the office is specialty . invited to Miis notice, and a compliance with its requirements reipcct fully requested. By order of Col. ! MALLETT, Comm'dt of Consctiits. Ii. J. Ilaeotx, Adjt. inh 24-5u-d3twlt 1 Cotton for Sale. ...- 200 BALES. MORE OK LESS. OF COTTON. In' eood order! Parties whdilntr to bur will address H. T. Wjtniar Louisbatg, N. C, stating the highest price they are wilting to pay. If preferred, the cottoar can remain sotrcd where it now i until the parties with to reoiovo it. mh 22-48-dl0t3taw JOB WORK Of all description neatly etecuted ttbU6Cict

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