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Cavalry OrdVly Sergt II W. ,!:hS vi c.iiil to the c'l.iir, arnj V. W. 11 lit ami CL K ALOoFcr weru request ed to act its VecreUriert. After I ho object of the iiirc'iti. was ex.p'njru.'d by tho chairman, tiit' following Committer were app iiifed to M ,r.Vl res .liiM.'-t.S cxprn vt; of our sentiments !;'.' Jrt S'-'tL political a'liHiU!! U lilt' OIHIH h-i ) condition, t-t' tie C'tii.tiy nr. large, viz: W. D. I ! -ri iugtoii, .1. T. ,J.ynrK, J T. Win Ii nM, T': ornis L ithur, W. II. l)niU'aul ii. A. Ti.on pMHi On r:i(,t:uti tlio cit.iirrnjii ,t : ! s- crt t iries were ;;! !o 1 to te committee. 'J f.ill'win preaaif'Iu nul resolutions were Mil ir.itttMl anrl ut.nijimously a li'j.tal. '.Vijebeas', "W-havcp?',n, with heartfelt regret, ;' .it ufeUs.i and humiliating clamor for peace, . in' forth a political agitation that threatens j , tarnbh th fair na rv- T our inoth:i" Statd red u.rnerco tr vjr.si lnivrrai. 1 L . ? in onj common rum: a.i'l as we bolive that the co'urae pursued by th-te agitators ia calculated to inpurethU caue in toy ('..ret.c of which "o inany of our brave couir-ilMj ,,ve fallen, and wo feel that every voici siiould t-!icarl and every man bust lined in ibis hour of f rial, therefore HckjU ' I, 'i'h t wo are opposed to ill r.egotia ti ni ii ti : the u'lj-ot oi' price, while those whom V.-!' I : ,.1C 'U 111 mmiuriir i.n unn urn can bf! i.-JtaiiK'd 0 u as-we have ono 0! "jrrounil for which to stiurIe for or until th ... cii'-mv shall ottir S'ime honoraDi'jeriim, uasi a ii;m;i t.t'.-i r.al eepefatiiiii 'and jouiplet'f independ. t.i'' H.n!Ql, Th.xt w. h ive the utmost confidence in l'r. -i'i lit -'Uavis, our htlovcd commanrfei-in-n.ul tiiat wo hold in utU-r conten.nt all who iv ,iiM wi.l 'iver to f mharrass his administra tion, or as traitoroiii an3' who w'uhl trijieavur to imvair the u 1 I i c confidence. k,.rlred. That although we have been de-ded the privilege of re-el"ction, arightwef.il tluu 111, v it w.j cheerfully tend r our aervic-M to our .ar'itrv so loi H th ww shall coatia.u, or utilil th-; U-t va id-l foe shall bo driven diicon. titt d Irom our tdi. K-,i',lr I, Tii it th untit in",' oncn-ey and patrio tism di.j. laved by (ioverh r Z. IJ. Vane?, during hi.-t administration, the fatherly care extended bv liim to the troops fro-n North Carolina, and hia faithful endeavors to pro. note th s true interest of tii '. State, eliciti the prau.' of b th thj army and tiie people at hoiae. llf voiced, Thnt he is our choic?, ahov? all other, for re-election, ar.d that we extend to him our cordial and undivided support. tux ol red. That copies of these resolutions be P-nttotht! Ilaleiprh (confederate and l'rorerfs, Vv'ilminsrton Journal, Fayetteville O'o.orver and l:ir ii:n.iid Kxaminer, with a request to publish, an 1 that aopy he ant to the co umander of this rt'St' II. W.JONES, Chairman. F. MT. IIl'NMCCT, Secretaries. C, h. AiCol'LLEIlS, J . - . (V. C, IGltTY-SKCOND UCG'T. N. G. T. CaMI' UCRCaVYN. NEAK VlLMK,u- ) T -N', N. C.; March 23, mi. J At a tneeMn of the olti .vrs and rner; oi Co (' , 121 U'o't. N. C. T.. hehl to-day, for the j u p s;of passing resolutions in rar.l to re-' m .!:!,ri;,, Capt. J. A. Howell was railed" to. the eh iir, and Ser't. 0. 0. Vil!loit request ed t 1 net as :re?i:iry. The o'ject ofttiu meeting v,Tas ex piained by tie- clnirrnan, hi a few brief and appropriate remarks, wheu the lol owin men were ap pointed a committee to draft resolutions ex-pru-eiive of thrt seni'uhetiU of the compmy: Li -ut. Ii- A. Carter, S.-r't John V. II im f V. Corp'l I'. Il'ayl'ck. and privates J. J. Kt'lird ami W.'II. "Mal'n'y, v. iio r tired, and nf t :r .1 i-hort recesss. reported tin? fhliosvin res olutions thnnmli tlinr chainnan, which vee tin mitfi' 'tuly adopted. lifiotr-.d. That we, the menibo.s of Co. C.f do unanimously, willingly "ami cheerfe.'ly re-enlist for I'm war,' be the time lor-icr or rliort. Kfiolrfd, '1 hat we entered the army for th' rurpoae ot securing our liberties and indepen dence, and that we do uot intend to lay down our urma until thi object is accomplished; that we int-iid to remain iu the service of our country un tii the enemy in entirely driven from'our soif. HeinU'td, "That we have the"utmo?t confidence in our President and his cabinet; and that we bare tip' fullest confidence in our Governor, Z. L. Vance, and feel, if possible, even a deeper interest in him fince hhs patriotic speech to the citizens of WiIki-3. Ve look on him as an officer in whose hand the fate and honor of the rStatc may be coa f'h ntly -onniitted. Hm0ltcd, That we hire the utmost confidence in -ur commanding oin;-r. who led us so gallantly- in the chage at Newport barracks, and that we are willing to trust uiMate with them on all 0 c:wions". ' Uaoh-ed, That we are fully ?atitieJ in regard to, tht justice of our cause, and that '"sink or ',vim. su; vive or p u ish," we will cling to it to the last, with strong hands and fervent Jie irts. lltxulvcd, That a copy of these resolution Jbe cent to Hi i'jr. (Jen. Martin, through Col. Uruvyn ; aU in the Wilmington Journal for publication, with the request tnat the Fay ttevi le Observer, Kaleigh Coufedoi ate and Charlotte Bulletin copy. J. A. HOW ULL, Chairman. Sergt. G. 0. WiLUoir, Secretary. For the Confederate. Messrs. Blildrs: O ir causes bUsstd. nr. fortunately, with a few malignant friends. peculiar to their class, who are true to their instincts, and who never fail to inflict "a stub under the fifth rib whenever they can crea'e an occasion in their moot ferlile and strangely distempered imagination. For insdanee, we have a candidate lor Governor who represents himself as "a conservative of the straitest Keet." vh", if actions and words (and p'intid weirds at tint) can be understx)d as rfp o-nt-inf a man's p- s'fion and purposes correctlv, is t.v arrant a destructive as ever cursed this or any otl.er e xmtry by th- ir presence and their vile machinations. A man who has proved unfaithful in all of his political associations, . can't induce me, with all his high sounding jnofessiot s, in tliis terrible crisis of our fate. io trust him 03 a fiend of' my countrij. W. " YV. Ilolden has mado it his daily butffneg, for too many long years, 4,to call evil sjood and good evil" patriotism treasotr- and rg'Jon patriotism, lor wdfish and "party purposes," to have my respect and confidence, whe. ho would, true to his vocation, still call conser valism treason and treason conservatism. Yes, sir, Holden's conservatism hag reference alone, ultimately, to a r. construction, and the con-KHevAti-m of the defunct Federal government. now and foccver, nothing more n r les han an unmitigated military despotism, and what will be care for cnsequenegs to. the liberties of the people, provided ho- may secure his own elevation. I am a conservative tnyself, "of the original pannel,"and my conservatism is now devoted at all times and under all circumstances to the support and preservation of the Confederate jrovernment, as that is our last and only hope for u liberty and independence." I am there fore bound by every consideration, as I con eeivtf, which can intfuene a patriot , to repu- dii'e W. V. II 'Men a a conservative candi i.!i. II- can't come hat stripe tip-.n the intelligent, loyal and conservative freemen of o r iTo d at d b'are u!d Stite. The trup and the loyal men of the whole country a!l understand our patriotic and ooMe young Governor. re.fpfcting the only true and I legitimate conc-rv itive pnrty in the State. fhty know that G vrnor Vance has alrendy done more for his country and its friends, than any other man ever dd do in the same portion, in th's or nny other State or country, and now W. W. JI dden woild havfi th people to brieve that his conservatism prompts -hvj to on effort to oust a public servant who hai no equal, and whoe brilliant success, has already disarmed bis former opponent1 to a-very grent extpnt, and. more than sati fied very large majority of his former supporter,"".'" I am gratified to spe that our Chief Justice, who for some- time has Veen running a mo-t un wise, un nTe-nry and reckle.si tilt nt the Itws and th" authority of our common Govern ment. " is probably completely checkmated by wiser heads and better hearts than he posease. lie too is duuMSwi orw cvf thr'fiiUir friends above referred to; In his extended efforts. to m;ntain the supremacy of 'he civil law over he militar, " he is evidently blind to the great act that the protection and safety of the civil hw depends now. exclusively, upon the success and complete triumph of the military, and .yet, notwithstanding this truth is patent to every frind to our uicces, stiH Judge P.. uot unlike the entire hot of our Yankee friends, would, with m-diceaforethoucht, asitpems, embarrass und defeat the military, and ir. that way ensure the fatal and peculiar stab, so far as he cou d do so, by misipplying and perverting the great writ (A 'habeas corpus. Th"n, again, we" have in nnr midst, at home among the honest jMpfe, a few friends of the kitc sort, i h say thev am tor tlie Sotih. I.nt Who a-e neverthfos continually. C'-ndemninsr anl misrppref.eoting everj'ihing which 1 1 to C m gross or our f ri'n ls I av dono or could, without on? word in 'condemnation of anybody else; aril, also. if. the people will ins pe-1 their conduct car-fully, will he found t belong almost invariably to that notorious ly inconstant nod unpatriotic -class of the fl th rib " faith-'' who have already greatly damaged fhemsdres, and who will lo rem'-m-bored in all timi-to Com?, by the faithful friends of the country. Country is only another name for " Iloruer, Sweet Home," and who does not experienee ererv day 1)0 live?:, that "there is no p'noe. like home," in ad the world liesides. Country is the significant, word wlvch embraces every home, however humble, within the confines of the Southern Confederacy, and the same j't hcrcnt love and affection which binds evcrv man (who is not JoM t .ill of the kindlier ferl iugn of nature.) to support, proiect and ile fend " his home, his wife, his children, and his friends." extends to and emhraees our whole country, under the more comprehensive term of paiiofism, and he who is not ready and " willing to' die if need be, in defence f the one or the other is Worse than an. infidel," and not fit to livefor he is already a traitor, and the very chief of the cl is who are pro- pnred t stand tamely by, and see 'he uplifted -j ai d gleaming knife applied "nndr trie fifth rib,' evr-n 10 those of their own household. In on clusi'.n, " I b'dieve my country is right,' but with "the immortal D 'Ctatur, " I am f r my country, mailt op. wron'g." A CONSKRVATIVE 01 STOKES. March 20, 1861. Plain Talk. President Lincoln has violated his faith, and Congress has violated its faith. B th have set t!ie 0 institution at defiance in the prosf cation of the war- Louisville Journal. T the S X Cons 1 the Soldiers and Voters of the 7 1 Ii srrcssionn! Disti let. I t.iKC this nijthod of announcing tnyselt a lAiNUlUAlfj to represent you in the nxt Congress of the Con federate Stites. Several candid ites,T understand, aro already in the fit-Id. Nne of them, hawevtr, have shared with us tho hardships anil privations of a soldier. At this parth u'nr time, more than at, any other in our previous history, is the inter est of the oldier to be looked sifter, llavinir, as I trusr, faithfully served my country in the rente I field, for th pust three years, I flatter myself that I know something of the life of a 30 dier, and thut I feel for him an ii;ter ft that no other man can fee?, who has not h. rne with hira "the heat and burden of the dav." IH3 interest i the interest of-"ur.comuion country. My views will bo fully set forth, in a future- cir cular. For thea present, I will simply add, that I desire Ibis position. nt. for the purpose of get t'ng out of tho army. Duri"g the recess of Con gress duty will then call me back to my giMant lit tle command, and I will go and share with it tha fortunes of wa. Hespectfullv. X. A. ltVMSET, Capt Co. I. ClstN.O. T. Blaekwater,Va., March 17, 864. . mh 2t 1 tf REWARD, TUEASCJRY DEPARTMENT, C. S., ) REQtsrtK,'s Bureau, March 23, 1?G4. ) V authoritv of the Secretary of the Treasury, will par a reward of Tl.N THOUSAND DOIXAUS to anv one who will furnish informa tion that shall lead to the detection of the party or patties who perpetrated the re;nt theft of COUPON RON"L- from this ollice, or the recovery of the Ronds. Anv information in regard to tha above Bond?, let t with A. JACKSON, at the Trea sury Building, on M iin street, will reach me. LIST OF BON DS STOLEN : No. 13,935 to 48.9S4. inclusive, for $1,000 each, eifht per cent., SM.OOO: . No. 33,834 to:i,830. inclusive, for $1,000 each, seven per cent., $17 000;' No. 34.ROI to 34.811, inclusive, for $1,000 each, seven P'-r cent , SI 1.000 ; No. 32,GS6 f 32.711. inclusive, for $500 each, seven per cent., $13,000 ; No. 3.507 to 3 510, inclusive, for $1,000 each, six per cent., $1,000; No. 914. for $100, six per cent., $100. Ttal, $75,100. Signal RO. TYLER, Register. mh 2H-S3-d3t. ItS?" Richmond Enquirer, Whig and Dispatch, Montgomerv Advertiser. avnnah Republican, Charleston Mercury and Wilmington Journal copy as above and send bill to. Ro. Tyler, Register of Treasury. .Notice TS FTFRFRV OI VEN. that application will be 1 made to the General Assembly of North Caro lina at tho ensuing adjourned session, for the pass age of an act incorporating a company in the county of Wake, to be styled " The Joint btock Confederate Publishing Company." jnch 23-53-dlm. Notice rnO THE PEOPLE OF NASH COUNTY. We I nnni thf niuia of our verv worthv frierid Ma A. HINTON, to represent us'in the House of Commons the next session. We know him to be a eood and worthv gentleman, and to those who have not made his'acquaintance, we will only say to know Mai is only f h him, (). M. 013k, (foldshnra', . C, 1 41AHCII Zati . 1804. I PRODUCERS failing to deliver their tnth. i. in jviiio, to tne aumonzeU Agents, will be charged rivE ni.NDaEL'PiiR csjft., iiistead of fifty, as heretofore. Producers must furnish transportation (12) twelvo miles, (instead of eight,) after" which the excels will b paid at Governuit-nt prices. The Bacon is required forth use of the Govern ment, and must be paid at once. All artich s of produc e 'fiuit be baid bv th1t 01 wm, or in ovt-r to tne collector, wno will caMurt hv rant with ihe penajty annexed. war Wh-nthe Ajsssors estimate shows that the pn ducer has delivered more than the teeth of any article. hj will b$ aliowed the excess in some other article, or be paid in money at Assessors valuation. Ag'-'nt3!.ru.t be chiigr-nt io their efibrtv to se curv and preserve all of evt-ry article of Taxable pioJuct, for the Use wf the Government. J. II. RRYAN, Cant. Ji P. Q. M.,3rd Cong. Dist., N. C.' mh 25-53 d7t. IT THE SECOND NUMBER OF THE AGE. It embraced a variety of articles selected front Kt Earou'-an Periodic! and a due proportion of Original A i tides. ' " 1 - Contents: Twin Bigotries; French Conquest of Mexico; All. in the wrong; or. the Tamer Tamed; A Savage Archipelago; fbot and Shell; The Great Bohemia; Gamsteis and Gambliug Honses; PanlHtinnm : Editors Table; Literary Mis ellany.' Making a volii i.e of 89 pages of reading matter. Pi iee Single number, $2; subscrintion for 3 month. ?4 ; for 6 months. $3. For sale bv BtiANa x fe Fahrak, Raleigh, N. C.' EARNEST LACAKDE CO., Proprietors. . Odioe 1Kb street, b. tween Franklin and Grace, Ov r tha Old Central News" Depot. rch 2S-53 dlt. " Richmond, Ya. gTATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, I W.Ml'lEX Cot'.VTY. f . C Q U'U T OF. EQUITY -T.din Harrison Hawkins, an infant under the age of twenty-one ears, by .lames A. Egerton, hia guardian and next I; ierid. Charles M. Qook and Jhn E. Miller, .jtecutors of the lat willand tes ta uitut of Winifred W. Hawkins, dnoeased, and. Jane B. Miller, ' A get in nt -Benjamin E. Cook; executor of John n. Hawkins, deceased, John H. b'leming, Jane Walker, (for 'loi ly Omeary, ) Benjamin E. Cook and Sally II Cook, his wife, John II. Kimball, of the Sf2te ojV Tenne.-see, Fanny II. Kimball, of the said State or Tennessee, and Nancy Power of the State of Mi3 li.ssi iji. It aip aring from the affidavit filed in the office of the said Court, th it John H. Kimball, Fanny H. Kimball and Nancy Power, three of the defendants ii: t lis cauje, reside beyond the limits of this S:ate, it i therefore ordered that punlication.be . rn ide in tticj Raleigh Confederate, for six weeks, not lying the S lid defendants of tht tiling of this bill, arid that unless th.-y appear at the next term of iaid Court, to be held at the Court "House in Warr-nfon, on the Thii d Monday after the Fourth Monday of Match next, and plead, answer or de mur to th; said bilf, tha s.iinu will be taken a. con fessed and heard exparte as to them. Witness-, Charles M. Cook,Cl i k and Master of sa-id Court, at o::'m.i in WarreuCon. ths Third Monday after the Fourth Monday of September, lfc'G3. Is-ir d Jst dav of February, Isfil. 1 wfit ' C- M. C)OK. C. M. K. FA Y i. T I'EVJ A US EN A T. ANi ABMOuY, March 19, 1SC4. lachs!uiihs Wanted. sternly employ- men, and good vages will be given. Apply to I Jit. Col. r . 1j. CHI LOS, mh 26-53 d!2t. Comd'g Officer. QUARTEi. MASTER'S OFFICE C. S. N lii.--.iaH, N. C , March 23,18G4 C. S. A. I f men I ilfciiilre iwerii.v nre Mi. i-iiero for employ in thii Department Parties having goot is to hire will do well toapplvimtnediati.lv. inb il5()-.0t W. E. PEIRCE, Can't & A. Q M. Not i ce t o Noa-CoiistTlp'ts-f-I now hiive a Company of non-conscripts perma nently sMtionad at'S 4!ishury.r.C.,as Pri- ot: (Guards, an t w til receive 25 or 3 ) more- r -eruits if an early npplieaiion is mud: tl).ul,. TUis Company will vf be removed from this pbice. P ' H P. ALLEN. Cr.pt. Co. B. Prison Guards.. Salisbury, N. C March 5th, 1S64. 49-7t Treasury Depar tment, C. S. A., ' ' Richmond. Feo. 'JO. 18 A. j Treasury Nsiicc as Io Funding Inder Act of February 17, 18G1. ""MfOTlCE is hen-by given to all holders of J Tflaury Notes, n-.-t bearing interest, that they mav exchange the same iminvdiately, at the OJhceof the Treasurer, Asais?ant ireasurer, or of any Depo.-itary, for certiticates which will entitle them ttf 4 per cent. Bonds; and that the said privilege will continue until the 1st of April ensuing, after which all nates above the denomina tion of ri ve dollars can be funded only at (6? cents to the dollar, except en; hundred dollar notes, which, after that date, A;e no longer receivable for public dues, and can only be funded at au ad ditional reduction of ten percent- per month. . Tha certificates issued, together with the Bond lor which thev may be exchanged, are receivable for taxe3 of the year 18G4 at tbe lull amount ex nrrssed un the face without interest, and are not subject to the tax imposed for that year on other bonds and credit. The short time allowed should admonish, all holders promptly to present the notes, and not risk the chance of exclusion bv the pressure Inch w ill occurtit the end of the month of Ma' ch .'Signed) C. G. MEMMINGER, 29-tf Secretary of the Treasury - rxo. 116.1 An Art t.i reduce the currency, and to authoriza a now isiue of Notes and Bonds. S'C. 1. TheC ngrt- s at the Confederate States of America do enact, That the holders ofallTrea- fury"notC8 above the denomination of five dollar., nt bearing interest, tnau o auowea uniii m first day of April, 1S64, east of the Mbsissippi rirnr. nn.-i until the first dav of July. lfcG. west tsf th Mi-isiini river, to fund the Fame, and -in til the periods and at the places stated th holders of allsjeh Treasury note shall be allowed to fund fhe same inreisered bonds, payable twen ty years after their .date, bearing interest at the rate of four per cent, per annum, payable on the first day of January and July of each year. Sec. 2 The Secretary of the Treasury is here by authorized to issue the bonds required for the fouding provided for in tin preceding section ; and until the bonds can be- prepared he may issue cer tificates to answer the purpose. Such 'bund and certificates shall be receivablej without- interest, in payment uf all Government dues payable ia the yewr S64. except export and import dutits. - Sec. 3. That all Treasury notes of the denomi nation of one hundred dollars, not bearing inter est, which shall, not be presented for funding un der the provisions of the first section of this net shall, from and after the 1st day of April, 1864, east of the Mississippi river, and the 1st day of j'ajv, 18-54, west of the Mi-ssissippi.. cease to b receivable in payment of pblic dues; and said nqtes, if not presented at that lime, shall, in ad dition to the tax of thirty-three and one-third eents imposed in the 4th section of this -act, be subject to a tax of ten per cent, per month until so presented; whieh taxes shall attach to said notes wherever circulated, and shall be deducted from rhe face of said notes whenever presented for payment or for funding, and such notes enau not be exchangeable for the new K-sue of Treasury notes provided for in (hia act. Sec. 4. That on ail aid Treaourv notes net fun ded oi used in payment of taxes at the dates and places prescribed " in the first section of this act, there shall be levied at said daUs and places a tax of thirty-three and one-third cents -for rery dol lar promised on the face of faid note. Said tax shall attach to said notes wherever circulated, and shill he collected by deducting the same at the Trea tsry, PV 4r oparis mi by the collector, and by all Government'otTiCers receivir"-tfce same, wherever presented far payment t-r fr funding, or in payment of Government dues, or f. r p sc, in exchange for new notes as hereinafter provided, wod said Treasury notes shall be fundable in bonds aA provided in rh first section of this act. tin'il the 1st day of January, ISO), at the rate of sixty six cents and two-thirds on the dollar." and it aasll be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury, at any time -between the 1st of April, cast, and the 1st of July, 1S61, west f-the 3!ijeirsirpi Hver, and the 1st of fannary, 1S55, to .-ubftirute and exchange uew Treasury notes for the same, at th Tate f f sixtvir and two-third ,.r. aii . - - - - - v. ...... .u mv uiKiili j Provided, tha notes of the denomination' of one hundred dollars l.all nofbe cntiud ii the privi lege of said ex-b.ir.ge: Provided, farther, that ' the right to fund nof said Tat-asury tides aftar j llif 1st day of January. D-C5, is hereby taken away; and provided further, that ap .n all sneh l ireasury notfB which remain outstanding on the 1st day of January, 18G5, nd which may cot be exchanged for new Treasury notes, as herein pro vided, a.tax tf ore hnrdred per cent. U herebv iuip'sc-d. . - ' Src 5. That after tye first day of April next all antho'ity heretofore given to the Secretary of the Treasury to issue Treasury notes shall be and ii hereby revoked, provided the Secretary of the Treatury may, after that time, issu new Treasury notes lit such formaxhe may prescribe, pavabla two years after the ratification of a treatv of .peace with the United States said new issue to be receivable in payment of all public duns except export and import duties, and te be issued In m- change for dd notes, at the rate of two dollars of 4 th n-'v or three dollars of the old iines, whether said old notes be surrendered for exchange by the homers thereof, or be received into the Treasury under-the provisions of this act: and thediolders of the new notes, or of the old notes, except those of the denomination of one hundred doll. ire, after thev are reduced to sixty-six and twn. third i-onii on the dollar, by the tax" aforesaid, may convert into call certificates, bearing inter' st at the rate of four er cent.' per annum, and parable-two year after a ratification of a treaty of peace with nit vuiit-u oia.v, uiiii'm eooucr ci'uvcneu lino new notes. Sec. G. That to nay the expanses of the Gov ernment, not otherwise provided for, the Secre tary ot the 1 rea.ury is hereby authorized to isaU i six per Cent, bonds to an amount not exceeding five hundred millions of dollars, the principal and interest whereof shall be free from taxation ; and for tRe payment of the interest thereon, the entire net receipts of any export duty hereafter laid on tv valn ot ail cotton, tobacco and naral ptores, which shall "be exported from tho Confederate States, and the net proceeds of the import duties laid, or so much thereof as may be "necessary to pay annually the interest, are hereby specially pleHrid : Provided, that the dut'm now laid upon imports, and hei-by pledged, shall hereafter be paid in specie, br in sterling exchange, or in coup us of said bond. Si:c. 7. That the Sec-etarv of tho Treasury is here! y authorized, from time to time, as the wants of the Treasury may require it, to sell or hypothe cate for Treasury cotes said bonds or. any part thereof upon the best terms he can so as to" meet appropriations by Congress, and at the same time I.. J . .1 .. . c iviiihu iuiu itmiii-i me ainouui ni circulation in Treasury notes within reasonable and safe limits. Sec fr. The bonds authorized by the 6th sec tion of this act may either be registered or coupon bonds as the parties taking them mav elect, and they may be exchanged for each other under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; they shall be for one hundred dollars, or some nultiplo of one hundred dollars, and si!U together with the coupons thereto at tached, be in such form andofsu h authentication as the Secretary oPthe Treasury may prescribe. The interest .shall ba payable half yearly, on tha first of -lanaary and July in each year; the prio cipal shall be payable not less than thirty years from their date. - Sec. 9. Ail certificates shall bj fundable, and shall be taxed in a!! renerN ns is provided for the" Tre.isu y notes into which they are convertible, if not converted before tho time fixed for taxing the Treasury notes. Such certificates shall from that time bear interest upon only sixtv-cix and two-third eent3 for every doilar promised upn their face, and shall be redeemable only in new Treasury notes at that rate, but after the passage f'this act no call certificates shall be issued until alter the first dav of AprM 1SG4. Sec. 10. That if any bank of deposit shall give its depositors ihe bonds authorized by the 1st sec tion of this act in exchange for their deposits, and syoTtfv the siimpon the bonds by fow di.-tinrti re mark or token to be agreed upon with the Secre tary of the Treasury, then the said depositors sba'l be entitled to receive the amount of snid bonds in Treasury notes, bearing no interest and outstand ing at the passage of thjs act ; Provided the said bonds are presented hefore the privilege of funding said notes at par shall cease as herein prescribed. Sec. 11. That all Treasury notes heretofore is sued of the denomination of five dwllats shall con tinue to be receivable in payment of public dues a provided by law, and fundable at par under the provisions of thisi act until the 1st of July, 1SC4, east, and until the let of October. 1864, west of the Mississippi river; but after that time they shall be subject to a tax of thirty-three and a thbd rents on every dollar promised "on the face thereof, said tax to nitich to said notes wherever circa bit-d,and said notes to be fundable and exchanged- I r-. ' 1 . 1 ' ble for new Treasury notes as herein provided, i subj-ctto the deduction of said tax. , Sec: 12. That any State holding 'lreasury notes received before the times herein fixed for taxing said notes shall be allowed ' until the 1st day of January. 16G5. to fund the same in six per cent. Bonds of the Confederate States, payable twenty years after date, and the interest payable semi annually. Rut all Treasury notes received by anv State after the time fixed for taxing the same, as aforesaid, shall bo held tu bve been received diminished oy the amount of said lax.. The dis crimination between the faid notes subject to the tax and those not so subject shall be bft to the good faith.of each State, and the certificate of the Governor thereof shall in each case be con clusive Sec. -13. That the Treasury notes heretofore issued, bearing interest at the rate of seven dollars and thirty cents on the hundred dollars per annum, shall no l'onser be received in payment of public dues, bat shall be deemed and considered bond of the Confederate States, payable two years after theratificatioinra treaty ot peace witn in uniivu States, bearing the rate of interest specified on their face, payable the 1st of January in each year. Sec 14. That the Secretary fthe Treasury be and be is hereby authorzed in case the exigencies rf thA rinvprmnent should reauire it, to pay tho demand o. any public creditor whose debt may be j contracted att-r thepassag of this act, willing to.; receive the same in a ceruncaje oi hwcuil-uuthiu -be issued bv said Secretary in such form as be mav deem proper, payable two years after a rati fication of a ti eatv of peace with fae United States, bearing interest at the rate of six p;r cent, per annum, payabte eemi-at-nually. and transferable only, by special endorsement under regulations to be prescribed bv the . Secretary ofMbe Treasury, and said certifica.es. shall be exempt from taxation in principal and interest. . - Skc T5. The Secretary of the i reasury is .nonriTl tn inrrpfl.e the number of depositories so as to meet the requirements of this act, and with that view to employ such of the banks cf the several States as h3 may'deem expedient. - Sec 16. The Secretary of the treasury saai f forthwith advertise this act in scch newspapers I published in the several States, and by such other means as shall secure.immediate publicity; and ; it ... o r War nd the Secretary of the Navy shall eich caue it to be published in general orders for the information of tb army and nary. Sec 17. The 42d section of the act for the as- L 1 1 c otbiriAi t " t f ....... seasment and collection of taxes approved May 1, 1863, is herebv repealed. - . Sec 18. The Secretary of the Treasury is here by authorized and required, upon foe application of the holdpr of any call certificate, which by rhe first section of the act to provide for the funding and further issue of Treasury notes, approved March 23d, 1863, was required to be hereafter deemed to be a bond,jto issue to such bolder a bond therefor upon the terms provided by said act. Apprort-dFeH. 17, 1M. 3Vt2dap. lajcttcvillc Arsenal and Armory, No- ,L oinb'r l. 163. $100 BOUNTY ! Wfcted, 100 Muunted Riflemen. Authoritv baying bee a granted by the War Department to raise a Com-P-nnr of Mounted Riflemsn for service in this ri vmity, noiice is hereby given, - that recruiu to the number of 100 non-cocript$ will be re ceived for thi service, Ea?h recruit will be re quired to furni.-h a serviceable horse, for which be will be allowed 40 cents per diem, and his par $15 nor month. - Written perminio will be required from parents or guardians, where the applicant is under the conscript age. Each recruit must bring with hiai a blanket er bd-f pread, and com prepared to remain. Applv to Maj. MATTUCW P. TAYLOK, at fbe Arsenal; F. L. CHILDS. " Leat-CoI. C. S. A., Commandinc: Po6t. dec lGdtf. . Mrs. II. y. Miller. BOARD By the Month, Dally bozrJ do Transient, per dav jn 16-dly . $220 Sl-0 $ 13 JPST AI'KIVKI)!!! LACK CLOTH, OFFICERS CLOTH. indSiKadlrtTrhnmii. NECCT1E8, It CM. FARRISS'. FINE CAS SI MERES, rARRISS'- GENTLEMEN'S HALFiIr:! FARRlaS'- At C. M. FAURISC. Owioers of North Carolina Troops vho may n"t have an opportunity fo call for their goods in person, can hire their cloth drawc by C. M. Farriss; who will send an experienced hand to caicptotae measures. If you waut to get fit. send your orders to C. M. Farris. v I Lu. Five or six exocrienced Joumr. uk n Tailor. The very be st prices paid. March 5-341 in. U. M. FARRISS. rWOVOST MARSHAL'S OFFICE, . ft.n,pns Raleigh, March 14, U64. ) OLDIERS at home on furlough, residing in ' Rtleigh, who do not, immediately on arrivsl, register a duplicate of said furlough at thii office, (stating date of commencement, and end or same, aud U. whose order,) will be subject to arrest. SAMUEL B. WATERS, mh 15-12 dl2t -' Capt. A rrovosl Marshal. office'iVaTewiiToTI Makch lo, ISO 1. ( Company will not receive any more X privata freight for Petersburg until after ike 1st of April. p. a. DUVN. rah 10 43 dlat Sup'U Progress will copy until 1st April and forward account to this office. 3STotice Bj the Governor or North Carolina. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS, a vacanej- baa ocuned in the Re- rrrsentation of the State of North Caroliua io tho loue'of Representatives of the Congress of the (Confederate States, by the death'of th Honorable Samcj.l S. CnuisTn.N, Rejai eseutatii o elect to the 'rcccr.d Congres frora the seventh Congroiioual District ; and writs of Election have been I. sued lo the Sheriff of the several counties composing said JJistriet, commandihg them to cause elections trt be held in their respective counties, at the place f.tblbh-d by law, on the THIRD TiIUKSDAY .1 V APRIL, at which the qualified voters of said Corgressional District may vote for tome person to till the said vacancy.. Now, therefore in conformity. t lihv in such cases made and provided, I do i"su? this my Pro clamation, inaking known the existence of su"h vicarPy, and that an election will br htdd to fill the same at the time a'oresaid, to tho end that the qualified voter's in the said C ongressional District mtv attend at th? said tii and at the places tabfiahed by law; and tait tUcb ro'cr ac cordingly. . Soldiers from the said Cor.gress'or.al DistrH, who art quslilied voters, are by la.r cntiiled to cast tlr-ir votes in this election "on the ftECOND TJ1URSJAY.IN APRIL. In witness whereof, KEBULON' R. SEAJ VANCK, our Governor, Captain Gtnei n aid Commander-in-Chief, hath signd these pi( sertd arfd caueed th grct ell to be affix, d. Done at the City of Ralegh, tho 17th day of March A. I). I'J1. and in the jear ".f Atueiicui Ji;dcpendvinre the 8S'.1. . " ISigued Z. P. YANCE. By tho Goveino-. R. H BTriE, Jr., Priiat Secretary. March 13. 18C4. 45-12 O: rice R. X G. H. R.Co , ) ' Mi'ch IS. ISC I. ON-AND AFTER THE TWENTIETH INST., the Mail Train will leave JUUdgh for Wei don at 7 o'clock, A. M. The- Accommodation Tran will leave Haitian at 7 oV!oek, P. M. , Mail Train will arrive at Raieih nt 4 o'clock, A. M , and the Acvetmuodmir.n Tinm at 2.16, P. M. P. A.Di rN, Pu,-''t. mh 24-50-1 w .Ilaleigh & Gustoo R, F. Co., Raleigh. Mich 24, ltU. j ACCOMMODATION TRAIN IS 1)1?. o UR continned until further notlee. i 24 50-lw P. A. DUNN, Sou''. A 01 it t. ,TY FINE HORSE -MEDLEY WILL STAND 1, the ensuing season at Lexington,- Linwood ana Salisbury. He has now proved to be a soro f.a.1 getter. His ri'h pedigree, his great beauty .and stauiina and gentleness in harness, (fur he is diiven altogether in a sulkcy,) has commanded tie interest of all who have seen him. " Good pasturage at Lexington and. Linwood for Mures sent frtrt a distance, gratis. $3J tho Season, 10 Insurance. W. R. HOLT. Lexington, March 24. 1SG I. d C'U Orptrt np tiiv UAf.r.rfiM A OastoS Ii. R. Co. I Kaleigit, Manh 10, 1864." mhls Company Intending to Comply with JL the provision of the lat art of Congress in relation to funding of Confederate notes, will on and after the 28th instant receive the present is sues of that currency, above the denomination tf fire dollars, only at tho rate of three dollars for two. W. V, YASS. inJi 11 29-dtapi Treasurer. UARTERLY SALES. Notice is herepy given to a'l concerned, that the As5sors will at tend at my office on Monday aod Tuesday, the Fourth and Fifth davs of April, ensuing, to r ceiv returns of QU"ARTERLY SALES, on reg istered business. I w ill receive the tax dua thereon at the rime time. The penalties cf the law w ill be strictly enforced on all who refass or neglect to mike return and pay their taxes. RUFUS H. PAGE, Collector for Wake County. Raleigh. March 12. 18g4.-4Q-dtd OFFlCli UALEIGIl A GA8T0X 15. K. CO., -RALEIGH, March. 1, 1664. Notice ia hereby given that the checks issued bf the Bank of North Carolina, and now out standing, as also the dividends declared payable J by this Company, and not collected, are payable only in the present Confederate currency. " VANS , March 1-lm. Treasurers BA3K 07 NORTH CAK0LIXA. -rilO THE STOCKHOLDERS OP THE BANK X' f North Carolina : The Confederate TAX on the individual shares will bo paid by the Bank. mh 25 5leod lm - C. DEWEY, Cashier. Fayetteville Observer and Charlotte Bulletin please copy. . -A Good Jlilch Cow. An ly at THIS OFFICE. I A- Jtunavray taken np. Aflark Mulatto boy about 26 year old, & feet 0 Inches high, calling himself Chef!, says he belongs to Blakw Nicketcon, living' on or near the Raleigh A Gastoa Railroad; had on when takon a soldier coat, aad a wLiUhat. Por further information, addreM W3a. M. SMITH, 30-dtf . Kalrigh, N. C. Office Chatham K. K. Co. Kamlioh, March 4, lf4. VLL CbcVks and Requsitieos of this Cuiupnny. no ouUtiudir.it. ara payable only in tha pre-nf enrrency. W. W. YASS Tua. M 3!awt. TR-.ASURY DEP4RTMI-NT. C. S. A. RtrvMoyo, March tlth, 1864. - f IHEfoRowinff Depositaries are establirbed fer fuodjngTrcurv notetio th State of NORl H CAROLINA : Henry Savare. Wilmington. Ralcizh. Charlotte. FHvettaviile. Go'ldiboro'. Warrenton. Tatloro'. Roxboro. Salem. Yance wille. Wilke'Woio. XI orgs i ton. StatrsrilU. Afheville. SIibury. Newton. I.iccolntoa. Wadoboro. Ahboro. Pittsboro. Gr enbir''. Oxford, lull's. Lexington, llilli bote. C. B. Ilarrnon. A. C. y ill ia Risen. Jhu V . SanJford, B. B. Borden, J. B. Batchelcr, W. M. Pipp, C. S. Wintead, John W. Hunter, Yancey J. we , James Ca!Ioay, K J. r.rwiu, C. A. Carlton, W. W. AJcDowi-il, M. W. JnrAis, Samuel B. liowe, W. M. Roinhaidt, 11. B. Hammond, John M. Worth, J. II. Haughton, J. H. Lindsay, Rus'il H. Klngsbur', 11. J. Bar ej , . Ccero F. Lowe, John M. KirkUnd, Bank of Cape Fear. Wiluirglon. In addition to the abete, the Ou-f Quartet ms ter r, each A nny Corps is authorized to lcteiit ati fund Notes. Ibev are the following r Maj." J. n. Hsriran, O. M. Lt (Un. B. S. Ewtll't Crp, Orange C. H., V. Maj. J.C. Fidd. O. M.Lt Gtti. A. P. llill'a Corps, Orange C. n. Ya. Maj. N. R. Fitxhugb, J. M. HajUtH J. K. It. Stuart's Corps, Orange V. Ii. Ya. Msj. U. MrMahon. Q. M. Moj (Jm. J. C. Brttk eiuhige'a Ditisinu, Dublin Depot. V. Mnj. E. Taj lor, y. M. I.t Gni. J. Longilrcet'a Corps, Mortiitown, Tern.' Maj. E II. Ewing, Q. M. Lt Om. J. B. Hood's t. .rps, iijiton. da. Capt. Y. S. Pattoo, A. Q. M. Lt-Uert. Hardee's Corpr, Dal ton, (la. Capt. S. E. Norton.' A. Q. M. Major-Gene ral helei's Division, Dalton, Ga. Mai J. Y. Yaung, M. Lt 0u. Tolk's Cots, Meridian, Miss. C. G. MEM MINGKR, mh 6-42-dtap1.l Secretary of the Treasury. Daily N i'uaiugtoa Journal and Akhcvilla Newacopy till April 1. NOTK.'E. All persons having cUltvs ngaint oia as Trustee for the county ol Vake, nhttber in cl.e ks or orders, accounts or otherwise, will pre ent them for pa vment before the 1st ot April, lt-C4. mh 15 4?-di..pl. K.IUrCHlNGS. M otlco. All persons Xow" Holding or who may heiafter hold cheeks or drafts Kg.iin5t u daleil prior to Aptil lf64, are notified. f preset t I htm for pavmcr.l befoie that .date, or t.-vwillbo piaid In tb old Corjenev. 7 tf. Y. R. RICH RDSOY. 1 Co. . NoticeT" " HAi ING procured some genuine vUetine virus, I will vaccinate, frra of charge, healthy w hits ehildren of this city and cunty, not previously accinated,. who present themselves at the Geri crM Hospital, No. 8, betwtcn tht hours oflOJ&r.d 2. Ry order of Surgeon P. E. Htsts, Medical Di rector General Hospitals, N. ('. E.R. HOLLAND. rSswlm A. Ass't. Sure. C. S A. Miners V:rnted. A X umber of God Copper Mi nets wanted at tho Haywood Cop per Mines for which the highest wage will be giv-n. Apply to the undersigned, near Haiwood, Chatham county. J. M. H1XK A"C(. . M arch -IK. Mi4. 45dl(.-' Notice. A'tTl nre now prepared to if'ive nnd pay V all bnliinccn. Oar fUftono-rs and check redder. are iTsp rtfully requi ytcd to g.vi rn Iheia- iv.s ncrordinply. On the 1st cf April there "o't be a charge in things. We continue to carry on the Fxrhai-o Uusinr?, heretofore, io all its various branches, at oor o:.Ufaid. JOHN G. WILLIAMS 1 CO. 'tnh 15 43 15t . ' I j CAMiIIIATF.S F0U COAGKLSS. TC nfc antherzed to inn'unte A. G. F03 V TER, of ilardolpb, a candidate to represent the 7th Congressional District of North Carolina j in the Cor gr'-m of the Confederate Stitcf, in th I place of Hon. S H. C'brittian, decn srd. . n.hK41fde Hon. Samuel II. Chrittiin, dccei tr.ll 16-lltde RUDDERS! UL4DDKKS! have a surticVnt quantity of Bladdrrs for pres ent use, Jtod have sloped buying thern. I ' Ii. B. SAUNDERS. ; Marcb 17-47-d t Chapel Uill N. C. 5 STOCK FOR SALK. j 1 F APPLICATION BE MADE IMMEDI ; J utely, I will sell 100 shares io ths Chathaui i iailradH cmpaDy at par. $100 per share. T W. W. YASS, I mh 19 ; dtf Treas. BALES, MORE OR LESS, OF COTTON, in 'mod order. Parties within ir t bur will address S. T. Wttora, Louisburg, N. C, stating the highest pr-ic they are willing to ray. If preferred, the' cotton can remain sotred wLefa it now is until the parties wish to remove it. mh 22-48-dl0t3t'aw TO THK M01KU0LDEKS OF THE UTL . MIXGTOS A-WELDOX R. R. CO. W. A W. If. R. Co., Pati'T Omca, ) March lith, 114. f rpHE tax due for the present year to fbe Con L federate States on the shares of the Capital Stock of this Corporation, w ill bo returned and pakl bv the Corporation, aod under regu lat i'.na t be issued by the Secretary of the lreasury, the respective shareholders v'ill be exempt froni tie return or payment of this particular tax. K. D. WALLACE, tnh 23-13-dawtlsU ' . . PrciiJeot. Wanted. ITOR the eocuing Seej'inn, to begin in July, a 1 .YOLViG LADY well qualifiid Us teach Music, French, Ira wing and I'ainting in the " TALLY HO FEMALE ACADEMY." To ons who can come well recommended, a liberal salary and pleasant home uill b given. Apply. to J. D. BAIRD, Principal, inh 23-49-tf. Tally Ho, N. C. I TM.K8 Executed with neatness andsratcb at TUI UFFICK. TOBWOKk 1 f J Of all d-seription Datlv executed at tMsoftVo SOBTWOKK. ' OF aH Vindw will be nestlr executed at tlila offiCf with chrapnri arid dVpateh. V Th A RE A UTIIOK IZED AND KKOJ' KST E D V to announca WILLIAM P. TA VbOR. Ken , ' f Chatham, -3S a Candidate 'or Congress in tee 7? h Congroricijal District, to supply the tdace of lac. id

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