r 1 .5 8 J -Y fS f, f ffr if 'f" : r- if A 4 jt Of r r 0. ,1 v.. t' - 3 "5 J J I!h: t i'f DxVlLY CONFEDERATE. A. M. udiaMAN ife CO. Prtprletorg )rI)AJbYC()rmmTE. .o J 1 ADVBnyjfJI.ZIlO.. ADTKCnaEUEKTi wtl be Isserted rse oi&am Mt mih of tia liaes lr less) for cack laser ttok. " t I " 3 eSurrfed m a4vcrtiMtBeots. ,. . j-Ti .? . II Tnri V EDITION f"f 6 months .-... Script ion. received, on any. other term, tbtte i&, nor for a long' r or hotter period. - fS. .i RMGHrN:lViDNESnArYVv-MAY.4:b 18641 i--''VTOS LeecdailIsOCSee witi dlipauX aa4 af ieaUy as rtc com la U Coouera Ceatidersey. The .kxpeauion to Kewbern. :. . returned on Sunday morn- I C I , ... - . - ., : - j : is our -IbtewK'n uivi,7 w .v-.- - -r - The main My of Qm Iikc8 troopa en-. ran;ptd the .north of 1 rent river on We fr edy il.t. Bflre goinf? into camp, however, a force ww sent to Dj. Gully fnm which three cmpinje3 of Yaukecs were qukk'y ejecrl. Oii; Thursday- miming, the -roopa crossed to the south side of the.rirer Ind earh i the aftcrnoourri7edoa the south s.!e f Newhern. "t ' " ' ; ' ' The main htdy was prccedea by our Cat a''V under cflmarAnH of Brig. 0e. Dearinj?. They cnaed IJrhVa Cretlt hi two bafiiee-. at-Evan-Mill Rod 'ftt point lifaher;'6p. plv nnw site Croat&n station.' At the foTrrjer vliice thy ncouiitered a 8'rnewhiit frinidi- J,U Mock :. bnse wttli neccssiiry ouiworKs, t irriat.wd hy fr.m fifty to. one hundred Yan Yr, who imme-iiately opened on oir cav alry with one piece artillery. They fired I?Mt two ht when one of oar batteries'' was put into pi'Mt'tion and vigorously repltoi!. One -nore hot frira the Yankeea apd they Hii t tjki'is; theijjK"jn whh them but4eain4 one of their numher piercod through the head by a .r.'i -k-;t bill irorn the cavtlry At - the latter criming the enemy's - picket were encount ered and f ur of the raptured The advance c:-'imn hrdy al'terwarda piasad over by. Evana Mill nmnterruptecl. : Oea. Dearingnaa made an attempt to cut sf the -train' goinj?, down frm N?wbern to Mrehend City, but in consequenoe of an un- xpect-d delay in cutting his vry thraagh a )vr imp, w4 Mo Ute H the:i turned hia at- y piiccom vrhieb dense ooiumns of smoke to) jtruly Httvuted. Iff next pushed forrnrd to K,"r:itAn where he round a consiaer-ioie rort.or ri..ck-hmte irrriioned hy pretty tieavy frce. hr,. r his work surrounded and thn made a Id'fiiu l for its uurreuder in terms more m- nhat.c than polite. They rwued. howeTr, anf n section or ar tTiry im.nediately appUei for 'to' Oen. r ," ttie j tile 1 hore, we prelum, not bug ti -i fit o rv t't n t storm" th works.' Be f r- th artillery arrive 1. h'Wevef;- tFIe Yin k.:i:s Hurre-rt.ire i t the hore tan. rny-nme ri .nri wr taken with their aron. accrjatre- Wiiiht this was e-dne on, the inain bndy. trH pu-JHed on toward- the riilroad aUng'th lei Iitij5 frmn Eain .Mill. ,'Tne . explpijs f Om Dariiii5 had by this trne atnNicte;! tlf'e . nemy'a attention an i thir railroad no'niHr w:i" srnt out to check ouradvance. Oen .ciAke'. how or lered forward a number oi piec4 r'f '.'' Artillery which were put into position hy h n of ttie f ailroau. lietween trie- gu-is nri hi? Yankee railroad monitor a spirited djuel . n-Miml, Uitinj? f.r ab-iut one hour. Afnan'st ' he artillerymen on our side no injury was done man, horae, gun or caisson. Ou the part of he t-netny we could not ascertain the damage.' Drinz the progress of the duel, a'.fn on he riVer sile, towa'dn tho m uth of Brice' ?r('fk threw a number of htayy sheila m.the iu-iion of the artillery, and the point at phich the ififantry was held in reserve iom th'shro we u!ifjruil to tno extent M nve 1 J I - A. 1 .1 !. lien ' Kinea una some iwrivu or uniat'en Iv.'Unded. Dartntf the progress of the firing. General fl-iko reconnoiterel ih works if.the enerny VimI pronounced thern "pretty Kironp;. Nxt monmiK a demand was fen, in y fin! of truce fur the surrender of tho town 'his request was politely d efined' alter a liy of three hotir, and. as -had " already Lrfij decided upon, our troops i hen began to iv vp. ort their prenenoe. in tha lanuae of lie ankee telecram a'moun inj the vncua . ion i uaMtinutoii, opunr r quirm eisewnere e reireat wa conducted without the sliht- Yi interruption, our men however, heing iich duappointc i in their desire to drive the a! x a' kee rroiu toe Mate. Th question. is n.uch tliscussed by out 1ts, whether we could have captured New- vrn, had tiire been MtTorded. We cannot pally iy. Tlie troopt know they could, but don't. The A'bemurU should have been p t assist thern on Thursday night or Fd- pav morning, but ho did not come. With if-r 've tl.it k the Yankees would have been dug out ; " without her the attempt was very br prly n t made, and there the matter to'is-t rtet so far as our opini n ia concerned. I'he cause of the non arrival .f iha iron-clad i bermarle briefly this. On the 6th she we, d down the Hoanoke and within nine bile of its mouth encountered nine Yankee eh n boats. An engagement ensued, lasting uriug the whole atteruon, in which she unk us g inboat. crippl-d throe and ran off the jia.oidr. not. however, before thev had cao- urtd her tender, the Bombshell, laden with o l, &i This compelled the Albemarle to kfturw t Plymouth lor another tender t in- nr lier uel, and this delay caused her non ppearance am igst the Yankeo cr iftat New- K rn. 1 ne isomoineu was a small Yankee an-port recently captured at Plymouth. The a ItrimirU was not hurt. We marched with our troops from Kinston Xwtxrn and back, and it gives us great fr-iMire to hear testimony to their spirit and i ciplme. Heavy marcnes of twenty-two 'id twenty-five miles were accomplished with u Hcaroe a murmur, over dry. dtisty roads, 1 supplied wih water. When it is remem- er d that most of these men had then K-u marching lor ovtr twenty davs, with re and llisird feet, the patience nf toe rive Ml ws may b fully appreciated. We a d lut ore murmur and it as vt-ry gheral i') ni men ami - incurs, at. a mat was that l a 1 to tn lure so much snflf-ring and fa ue without being permitted to finish the '! . ' V iih fuch troops, what may not be K'"-mihh-d. Where ' nothing was done" no praise can e ltjf. we suppose Ai d yet we-saw much 'priiM- in omct-rs and men. We will only " ''f ion that C-1. (iuion and his engineer and V I'f'Hin Curi a ilul much nA AtA ir nii.-Irlv "1 well, a id deserve more praise ihan we r l sj to give them. Qoldsboro' State Jour- io. . . . The U me (0.) Sentinel thraetens that if 1 Federal army c ma there, the rebel? will Me a utack of Yaukee heads That wul be J tebel bead quarters, we suppose. We (the Junior ,urneirnaliS i' ILUe Th- result is i,o5 genernlly kuoW.,, L in the few-remarks . .P.fe : " f Front the jfortb Carolioa Presbyterian. The WIlderncssTbeTTar. t Odd has kindly revealed to ns the, fact. . that He dues -not WAWhttW aQict the children - of rnen Wby:thea do eor national troubles con tinue, since Ge l is ap rfql as He is merci ful and cold stop them at any moment ? It la because (Tod is adjust as He is poweffsl d sin most be punished - 1 ' ' " flow what is the pecultar sin which so ex cites (be .wrath of the Most High? Secret thinrs b'longto 0dt but I think that Hha reveal ed enough concerning the rhl.dren of Israel to show as that our great sin is unbelt By a rnighty hand and an outstretched; arm God brought Iweal out of Egypt: and oar de liverance from the United fltate was scarcely less remarkable. ; He raised ap for them great and good Naders, and how wonderful has He blessed u In like manner. The ehildreti of Iffaet wwit oat of Egypt Witbnut n. jrapplyof clcrtKejf. yef Gl'n(pled their necessity by not suffering those that they had to wax old. .They were not .proi led with food, yet He . gave them manna from heaven. When this war began we were not so well prepared for it. as were the children -of Ierael for their journey through the wilderne-s. . V7e had no manufactories of our own. and before leaving our Northern neighbors we did n t take the precaution to borrow of them jewels of silver and jewels of gold." wherewith;, to buy oar necessaries from others. Notwithstanding this, God has mercifully provided us with foH, raiment, and the means of defending ourselves against His and our enemies. God's mercies to Israel were new every morn ing and fresh every evening, yet some of them erew weary and sighed for the fleshpots of Egypt with bondage.- Ala"! that this part of the story should find a parallel in our case. Instead of encouraging and helping Moses, some. of the peple spoke disrespectfnlly of him, complained against him and even strov with him. Have not sme of our ' rulers need of the meekness of.M ses to enable them to bear trials of a similar nature ? Id-flatry waa anothr sin which thi stiff necked people committed. '.Instead of serv ing Qod. who bad wrought, such a deli veraneo f r them, they made a golden calf and wor shiped it. And are there not thre amon ns who hav- been gath"ring oieihr gold to make a god for themselves? Notwithstand ing the man'." sins of the children of Israel, Ofd brought them safely to the borders of Canaan. There ar many who think that but for accidents which occurred at certain batt eg, we w u'd haver-inquired a p ace r)onths ago. Wha? prevented this consummation sodv-ut ly to be wished? We helieve th it the same cause that prventM Israel from entering Canaan h s prevtntel us thus far from attain ing rur independence. 5 That G'fl who had given His chosen people so many evidences of his mrcvand His p -wr. had a r'ght to test their faith .in Hi nself. Tnerefore the am spies that brought- in the clusters from Eshcd reported' thit the citir'H of that country were . wa!Ied And very high and thst the men were giants. C'"b and Joshua had not forgotten their dry passage ver the Rd Sea and the refreshing stream which flowed fr m the rock, therefore they advised hat they go up at once ami possess the laod : for said they, their defence is de parted from them, and the Lord is with us, fear them not. Tbe wieked Israelites refused to trust Gd, and for their unbelief He turned thenvback into the wilderness, there to wander and to die. v God has given to the. people of the Cnfed erate States of America rem irkable evidences rtf His love for them and of His power t take are of them. O, let Him not sav of us as He did of Israel: "How long will this P 'ople provoke m and ho.v long will it he ere th"V believe m?, for nil the signs which 1 Iwve showed among them ? Caleb and Joshua lelieVed God and they entered Canaan. O. let us do good, and trust iu G hI, and wo will yet see our beloved South a free and happy land. MaJ. Gen. Dick Taylor. A.corres p ndeut of a Texas paper as follows of the " Stonewall " of the writes Trans- Mississippi Department : Maj. Gen. Richard Taylor, cornmding tle army of L uiisiana, is to K'rby Sm'h as Stcnewall Jackson f his great pmtotvp' ) was to Gen. Lee, Aw rigid arm We believe Gen. Taylor .to combine more of th qualities a id abilities of Gen. Jackson thn auv other bring General. His determined resolution, his pru dence, his vigilance, sleepWs aud tireless, as so often exhibited, not only in his campaign with the great Jackson in Virginia, but his glorious achievements as a commander of an independent army in Louisianna are well known all. His retreat from Camp Bislaud in April, 1863. after holding at hay for three days the entire army of General Btnks, with less than one fourth of his numbers, his cut ting through Grover-who had attempted to take him in rear, his small force harrassed by double duty; here hia great ability was ex-' hibited more conspicuously as the dangers thickened and multiplied - around himJ Placing that gallant oMNey,of his army. Gen. Tom Green, in his rear, to bring it up, he continued for fourteen days his celebrated retreat as far as Natchitoches, pursued constantly by the overwhelmi: g iiumb-rsof Banks, he had only to rely upon his bold front, his masterly dispositions, and when all other resources tailed,' held hi9 ground and fought them with an obstinacy which even extorted the -admiration of his enemy. During this fourteen days of al most coi.tiui'ou fighting against such power ful odds, he came throagh -without the loss of a baggage wagon, a color of a gun. Watching wariiy bis confident antagonist, he only awaited 'or him to crss'the Misi ippi aud comm.i.ce tiie "ige "f P ort Hud son, ere he p ainred, with the Eagle, up n his immense dep ts at Br-ashear, overrun th Lafourche,' and only held up at the very gaieg ui the Crcat Cry Had Vi-kr-irr. hdd j one week longer, nothing under h'an cool i j have preveuted ids capruVe a:d i-c upatioo of ' that pla-e. Again, when Bnik .made his second grand attempt to peaietrate inr the iuteri.-V, the masterly dispositi n of Ta?l , carried tiut by tlie gallantvGreen. once mVe ,t drvf him back howling to his ilea Taylor ' is Heyoud doubt the quickest in cocepti n and the" m-mi rapid iu execution o' any Gen eral in the Confederate army since tbe loss of the glorious Jackson i - nca. B. W. 17. "' - A. tpecla! committee' has been appointed td: inquire intrtthtr-loyalty ftrria gentleiani s member 3of Congress from " Alabama, Frota' the following it would seem that there rfs but little ;need for the inquiry. He Si faa&ijtjfaa L-ftkee land : . : - .?. f.4 ,J wa captured in theViaitle on Uismonary Rtdge, . November 25,"1B33V was takSatnto Chattanooga on that night; and .1 reSaafned there until the 'SOtVf. On the 1st of ifi cum ber, si I was being- taken on a ateaCfr dwn the Tennsa to Bi id report. I aw St9 Hdn. , ? Rj VV. W. Cobb oolther same Kt,'ajaabinr t passenger, apparently unrestrained, d upon ' a gvd un'lers andinz with the Yankeea lie ." had been ' t,Chat;afioga. their the Wadquar- . tera of the Yankee array in THe88e1 and iTfi returuiftg Ji-TKeteahdrra Tfrf 'jaok ' son eonuty, Alabiroat iearOpdg6pvt.- The 'pass-ngera on tlte boat wereGtm. Slopumrof Jth Yanke army, Mr CobVani three nr-fonr e'civiliansr wh appeared t be parsons and.cor ..respondents of Yankee r papers ' Mr. 0bb mifiglfd with thm, and seemed as much at '"liberty and as much at home as any of them. There were m the boat about one bnndred and eighty Cbiifedeiate pri'ners, nearly all of vvhom were offices and ab.mt fifty of whom were Alabamians Several of these prisoners -4 were'pTsonady known to Mr. C bb, and some were his neighbors a-.d constituents. Though he was only-a few feet fromus," and had an opiortunity to converse with us, he never at tempted to do so; never approached us; never ut'ered a word, arid, indeed, studiously avoid Bd any communication with u. I had by sjpy side a soldier who was from his own county and had often voted ; for hira. but Mr - Cobb did not evfn deign a recognition of tiis neigh bor and friend. Such conduct trom a mem ber ot the Con federate Congress towards his own countrymen, who were captives, and on their way, to a Northern prison, was a bitter disapx)intment. The subject was treely dis cussed at the time among the prisoriens and the opinion among them Was Universal that Mr Cobb was false to bis positiou and to his Government. - 1 he question comes u , bow came he here, at Chattino oga, at th a? tiraw, just after a great disaster to our arms ? His presence there was, toall appear i nces, entirely vol uritary At all eve'itv he v d iotarily p'aced himself in t!"ir p w-jr, by renaii-nog .at h rae'vviien thev tfik p H-iessi uj of his o ity. and w aen he had "ample initio-) of th"ir coming. As a member of th Cmfe'lerare Spates C ogrss, h- knew that. o'ic t'i t!ieirp- vet, they would not Ut tiim lepart from teir possess'oa, if h-should remain true to his Government. Whv. then, did h- remain ? Tnre are maiy other circumstances which cast suspicion upon Mr. Chb's I y iby to our cans. He was Iv rn arid grew to manhood in Ni-w England. Though long representing a slave S'ate, he n-v-T ex dbitel any zal in q.n-stuins of S nith f u rights, and although ho maoai'ei to b- reo-a eJiy eiect-l ry tn1 sirt; ple-miuded mountmneers of his district, he neer wis trus ed even by his own pSrty In AUnama. While in the old Congress he tna-iaged to grow rich, but he. invested but littlo of his walth in S u!bern blaves or S lUthern lands. The 'bilk-of his capital was, and is. in the Northwest. It is believ ed that he is now in Washington city, and connected w'nh a movement n w develojdng itself in his Congressional district, to form a new and dis-oyai Sute in Nrth A'abuna. I refer to a recent convention at lluntsville. in whi :h Jere. Clemens and Mr. Humphries . were tne principal figures. --i Brioaiier General Weitzel The ques tion, vrno is this Brigadier General Weitzel, captured in Plymouth, and now tn theLinhy? has ben answrd by Mr. J. C Keer, throu4h the Charlotte' Bulletin, as folio -vs : I was at Xnxv Orleans when it fell into the hands of Beast Butler. Weitzel vas a lieu tenant in his army, ami soon proved himself worthy of his commander. In a few weeks after taking po-s-n of the city, Lieutenant Wei'z1 was appointed "Assistant Mi'd'aey C mmanda:it and Acting Major of New Or leans." Among other a.s, t heard ot one that 8hov the ciaraeter of the man. Puttit-g on citizens' dres, he weilt with a man. who ' pr v'd to be a traitor to us, and called as a visitor on one of our; Southern families, and was introd uced in such a manner, that they thought him a frien 1 of the S uth, and, of course, spoke very freely of their surround- 'iugs. Upon irdormation gsiued in that way he tried to arrest, as a spy, a son of that fam ily who hd "run the blockade" to visit his friends. Happily, he failed. He was a Lieirenant in the United States Engineer corps, and, I tniuk, was fo some time ttie enginer in charge when the new marme hospital was building m &ew Or leans. , . .. . -. As engineer ho had beeajengaged in sur veying lands on the Lafourche fwr the Gv eruinent. In that way he became acquainted with the topography of the country, and with many of the plan'ers in that section of the Stte. For that reason he was' made a briga dier general of volunteers, and placed in charg of th expedition fitted out for the de struction of that rich and beautiful section of Louisiana. It Was his soldier that laid waste that country, pillaged and destroy the pro perty of those who in days past had' treated him with th- hospitality and courtesy due a gentleman. It was hiss Alters that plundered and drtstroye l the plantations of Gen. Bragg and Gen. Taylor It was by his orders, (aroile organzifig' his brigade, neaf Greenville,) that Judge B irthe .and family were turned oat of Their beautiful residence, which was . immediately convertexi into ra hospital for Ya- ke thieve. . T-ies- aoi many ther acts of like chartc ter, htve the, people- of Nhw Orleans and L mi ana stufired it his nails, because they w ul l n t bow d wd and w.rship the Ap at Washington, aud tlie B-ust he hd 6et up in NewOrleJins. " " -'- CVICOLIW BRLhC, SCOTCH S.f 0PT -I am now .reji'ed to d!i all rdiM fo-this ceJebrated brand of Scotch Snuff AS I do not k'.ow t what ext nt it mav be .nana'actured. X a tvtsthe p lronoi thu b-and tn eod in their o.-dr esrlv for what th-r mav want. J0;J. K VEVABLU, No. 3. Iron Kront. ma 10-83 -dim Feuerebarf, Ya, TVlrtockT Ifoant.5 IT. " C. April "ltnd, 18U, i Farewell any loved, sue I xaos'tks may pats, v And years of sadness com f acKl got .', Dat time aao 'Taever qatnch toy grUf, . nor leu us Oeepntssor say woe. To giveCthee ap, ah t on may knew, H ow.mncn it oosu this h ear( or toioe For thoa bast left a void and none Can rtU taat place of thine. Caarct. Httt'N.'C. May .7th. 1864.! At a meetisg of the whole bodyof th tadea4s held in Girard Hall this .moraiag.' tb foUoWiag resolutions were nnanimoalv adoptea , r 3 ' - WHtacAs, It has pleaded. Almighty i3od. by. tbe ascratable workings of Bis divine providence, to remote from oar midst oar late fellow student John PrRogenra ynaojr msa of a lovely dUpoai tioo. of astadioas tam ot naiad ad of carree as- f fveiatJina fHw. U by bis.paAf4aHti4f of head and heart had woo the esteem and ruem'sbip of his assoelates i - - . ' ?o'eed.-That, while we sre 'bombly snbmis sive to the decree of that -All w ise Govetnor - who ralest and commandest all thixgs, we cannot re frain from' mourning over his untimely death. . Hetolvtd, Tht we tendei to the fm ilv of the deceased, in this their hoar of trial and tribulation, our heartfelt sympathy for th-flr irreparable loss, recommending them however to betake theia slvetto their Heavenly Father, who alone can afford anv coagulation. Retolved,-That -we" wear the. usual badge of roourniog for thirty davs ; and that copies of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased, to the "Confedtrait" and to the: ' Pregrf.' JMESC. GHJMKR i JOHN 3. II EN DEKfi ON V Committee, H. H. PERY. ' j New Advertisements. To the People of Wilkes County.--Tbrqughthe numerous solicitations of friends both io the Armv and at home, I announce myself a candidate for the o.'bceof SlIKRlFF. If. I am the choice of the people I hope they will so de clare by casting their votes, at the next August election, and if I am rej ected. I shall consider it just, for the neople are the judges. ma. 18 16-w3t. J. F. LLER. ATTK1CTIVK SALE AT AUCTION or . SIX PER CENT. I LONG DATE) NON-TAXABLE BONDS. . . On THURSDAY, May 26. at 12 M, the Treas arer will a ll at public auction in the city of Rich mond, at the auction rooms of Kent, Paine A Co., FIVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of six per cent. Bonds of the Confederate States, issued under the act ot February 17. 1864. These bonds offer tbe largest inducements to purchasers. They have THIRTY YEARS to run, bear an interest of six per cent, p-r annum, payable halt yearly, and are SECURED by a pledge of import and future export duties. Both principal and interest are FREE FKOM TAXA TION, and tlie COUPONS are made by the law equal to COIN, tor tbe payment of duties on im ports, which are a' lowed to be paid only in coin, sterling exchange, or the coupons of these bonds; CONDITIONS OF SALE. The sales wilt b made in lots to suit purchasers. Ten per cent, on tbe amount of purchase mixit be deposited with th Treasurer oe the day of sale, to be forfeited if the' terms are not compded with, aod-the bilrnce be paid at the Treasury within ten days The .payments inuet be mtde in the Treasury notes of the new U3uo, or of tbe old tetues of tne den'tfuiuttion-r b'eluw uue huieirt-d doll irs, rated at tvro-tkirds of the atnouut promised on tbe fftCe C. G. MEMMINGER, Secretary of the Treasury. Subjoined is a copy cf tae seoticas of the aet authorizing the new isrue; Sac. 6. That to pay the expenses of the Govern ment not otherwise provided fr, the Secretary of the Treasury is hsfrby authorized to Uue six per cent, bonds to an amount nt exceeding five hun dred millions of dollars, the principal and interest whereof Bhall be free from taxation ; and for the payment of the interest thereon the entire net re ceipt of any export duty hereafter laid on any cotton, tobacco and naval stores, which shall be exported from the Confederate States, and the net 1 proceeds of the import duties laid, or So much thereof as may be necessary to pay annually the int!rc8t,are Hereby specially pledged : Provided that tbe duties now btidupon imports, and herohy pledged, thall hereafter be p dd in specie, br itu sterling i x-hange. or in coupons ofsaidbohds; Sec. 8. The b ndi authorized by the 6th section o. this act, may either be registered or coupon bondii. as the paries taking them may eleet, and they ray be exchanged for each other under' such regulations as th Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; they shall bf for one hundred dollars, or some multiple of.n hundred dollar, and shall, together with the coupons thereto attached, be ia such form and of such authentication as the Secre tary of the Treasury may preseri be ; the interest shall bo payable half yearly on tb first of January and Julv in each year; and tho principal phall be p iyahle not les than tnirty years from their date, ap. 23-75-dts. DVIhYPlUYEU MEETING 1 The Cause and the Crista Demand It. APraier Meeter will bp held at the M-'thodist Church io this city. Daily, at 5 o'clock, p. m. All Chritia-s and toe public are respectfully invited. Come promptly. Don't wait for the hell no bell will be rung. Raleigh. N. C, May Sth. 185t. 6 o d tf .NOTICE MY FINE nORSE MEDLEY WILL 6T AND the enulug season at Lexington, Linwood ami Salisbury. He has now proved to be a. tare foal getter. His rah pedigree, his great beauty and stauiina and gentleness in harness, (for he is drives altogether in a sutkey,) has commanded the iateres&tef all who have seen him. Good pasturage at Lexington and Linwood for Mar-'-s sent from a distance, gratis. $30 the Season, $40 Insurance. ' - W. R. HOLT. Lexington, March 24. 1861. d-60t C0FEDKTK TAX NOTICE. XWILL attend, with the Assessors, at my office, from this date uotii tbe 20th insUnt. to re ceive the additional tax for 1863 imposed by the fourth sectiou of an act of the Congress of the Confederate States, entitled -4an act to day ad ditioaa. taxes for tbe couiaoq defence and support of tbe Government ;" approved 17th February, 1864. fersons desiring to pay th -ir tax with the four per cent, boa is or certiheats. will, before offeriuz them in paym-fnt,-iaak4 th ? following assignment l oeiore a magistrate $r other, proper etlfcer, -vix; I assign ih- within to the Confederate Sutes of America, this day of 1864. Executed b -fore me. . - ' J.1 P. " L-.-t th-f assignnaeot be made on the back, and as near thn top irf th certitiv-ate as practicable. 1 will also receive the taxes ; dau on' 0,rtrlr: exlfs, and all oth-r taxes du- and .unpaid.- . Thu is ositivi?lr th last call I will tnak 6a ' those ia arrears; and if not pail within the tint .above? thv may expect to receive th toil. benefit of, all penalties attached in such cases. ------ 'v- . .. , - rRUFUaW. PAGE. - ;May 5 1864:' ma. 6 85 -si lOt. TO TG2 ? CI TIZENS: SOLD A SD HP FUG EES OF PASQUOTANK COUSTT. E ar- author id t anouaoce GEu. W. V llIN70.t, a candidate to nfp recent Pas quotank c -oioty io the next Hon of Ooenaoas. xa lO-ea-diw&wfesj ra ' AtlTItrV titsAed h? aereb v aoiifiesk tbal r. JL iard eX.inriers applied Hd exaaaio into and. report pa the jasti aod, the jwdat oT 11 telaissr ' far TusaHf slaves, which have beam ia. a 4 a - - Sk a k . mt mm.k . . pi eased by J?mQ WaotaertUes, or ir OtaU laws,' for the ase f ib Cosfederate rorsmnt- and, while agajred ia laboriar oo the nbde ds I fences, avereagaped Xo ' the.- eoay Jof tied, or 1 rdfcttiiO rescued fatallv," la orgassira at Rah . mood, sad baa eosameaced ItajyamisW wsaleat. 1 "- Evt.snrw-'of owner ship., of th fact of laa-!. prpssflii at, latere, ouadoess' aaf value of tho slave at the time of. ioaprei eat i'faa Of tne loss of'U iurs, whether by' escape or death, with the circam teases attending the samo must fecota- panr theclaisaa. ... ? ?'- " - ' All the facts most be set forth in, and aerified I, b atSdavitxtf eufMetent witnesKee. Claiuas thus' authenticated and avouched mtr l" be addressed to Col. J. D. WADDRL. ' . , . Presideot 81sjvCUlsa Board, ' Box 1,445, JiisAtaoad, Va,! yTh Hofi. it in-wjsioa 4V I Hundavs L excepted,) on the fourth fl.Krof Eaker's blildiog. on Aiain street, secono Goor DeJow 9tn.oa aoftu side. fir ' ap 26-77-dtaw4w DAMKOF NORTH CAROLINA. TUB ANNUAL MEETING OF TUB STOCK holders of this Bnk will be held -on the second Thursday In June next, (being the tth) at their .banking house in thecitr of Kaleigh: : ' - ; ' C. DEWEY,. Cashier. . Raleigh, May J-8tawtd. - " - AN A?iKAL TO THK FKOi'LK OF ,TU"3 1 CO VFKOEKATE STATES. ,'; The Dlrectars " of the Taanr Men's Christian Association of iichioad, respect faily, bat etrastly, submit to the benevolent and ' the patriotic throughout the Confederate States, an appeal ittbebalt of the Soldiers Families. ia this cityt Since the 'commeacemeat of the war, Richmond has been a refuge tor' those w he have bea ? driven' from their homes by our ruthless . enemU$,;vThbusads of helplera women and -child. en, not from the devastated counties cf V rginia alone, but from nearly every State of the Confederacy, have sought aa asylum iarour midst.' Oar citiz-ns have ben app-aled to in uumberlcss instances to relieve the sick and wounded soldiers, to ' furnish shoes and clothing for soldiers in the held and hospital, and to afford food and shelter for their suffering families, and nobly have thsy, in the .great majority of , in stances, responded to every appeal.4 ' . The ruppliof of provUiona in this city at this t!u.e are -ao reduced, and the difficulties of ob taining others by ordinary m ans so ' numerous and great, that tbe uuds coatribated for the re lief o tbe poor can accomplish but liftlc in pur chasing tbe necessaries of life. la a written report from the Clotbirg Bureau ' it appears that -there ate more than three thou sand females in this city who are eel-king employ-' men t from the Government in vain, and tbattbncv nhoobtkiu woikare not fall v. employed. The v ages receiTtd for their work will not enable tht se pour women to procure a sufficiency of the plainest food for themselves and children. Wiih out as-istancv, then, . from the city and country generally, many instances of actual starrstioc n.Uit have occurred. Our City Council bai made most liberal appropriations for the purchase of supplies, both for gratuitous distribution and for sal at cost but tbr agents employed tor tho pur pose have cot been able to procure the quantity of provitient rt-qniied. Under these circumstances, we feel .hat it 0Ui- duty to appeal to onr fcllow-citiz-ns throagh out t'Je Ctwfederate States, to forward, v. it hout delay,. coatributt'i03 cf moo ay and ecppliep to the army Committee of this aociatioa. Si ace -the commsreemntof the war this Committee baa labored zeaiouslv and faithfully for tbe temporal and spiritual welfare of our doldiers and their fami lies, and tbe successor our glorious cause. Let those soldiers not be discouraged now, upon tbe eve of our severest,' and, as we trust, oar last aud most glorious campaign, for want of the gener ous eympatby and support of their friends at , home. .. Shipments made to Roger Martin, Sopcrintcnd cnt,"dr tfai. P. Munford, Chairman of tbe Armv Committee, will be-promptly attended to. . An& in accordance with a special agreement madrt ' with tbe Superintendent of the S ath rn Express Company, ail express charges will be paid by them at Richmond . ' 1 Contributions of moucy shoald alio bs seat to . these gentlemen. VYM. WILLli Jc, Prcsidect. J. D. K. Flxiout, St-cretarv. may 6 8&-d3t THE D0N0US TO THK SOLDIERS' ORPHAN trxo ARE resoectfully requested to meet in th Instf tution for the D-af and Dumb, in Raleigh, N. C. ou Friday. 27th of May, at 11 o'clock, A." 21. Those who cannot -.be present should send proxies. A fu I attendance is desired, for impor tant bnainea. The committee of the Grand Lodge of Masons" ' lor C. JODd a lOHeg are resn-ctlullv invited to bepres-nt. CilARLKS F. DEEMS," m3a-83-d2tw27m Financial Secretary. ' Th" Wilmirtgton lournal. (weekly,) Favettville' Observer, Presbyterian; Harbinger. Western Dfcm ' ocrat and Charlotte (weekly) Bulletin copy till date and send bills to John G. Williams, Esq.' KaMgh. - At Auction. Sheet Iron fur Sorgho a Pans and Weeding lloae. . Will be sold in .Wan enton, N. C, on TUES-" DA , May 24th, 150 Sheets, 3-16 of an inch thick. 8 t 4 incbes wide," and seten to nine feet long. . fend the Auction. .... " vii , All hrmtiri Kuhlnir P.ra kiaiiM Ia tl 4 ..A Sale positive, and without ra- eerve. ma 7-87-dlSt. P. J. TURN BULL. Acct. Warrenton. N. C Petersburg g Register and Stato Journal copy tie and send bill to this office. . I'll dav of sal i , TITnE. T0DACCO The Tithe Tobarro, fine-tenth of the cr p raised ia lfW.i, must be delivered a W low : For Orang county at Hillsboro to. the un dersigned. For Wake at Raleigh, to Jno. W Cofby : all to b delivered not sooner than the 1st June, nor. later than the 15th July, in good and safe keepioer ord-r. en qnalit w separate. -i JAMES Y. WHIT rEr. Agent for Orange and Wake counties. Ilillaboro', N. C. May 4. 1864. may 6 PS-dirt 3 CAMP 27. II G. 1 HOOPS. I -; Coki5's Bmouif, April 30 n, 1C4. - j AT the 8oncltniloTi of Many. Friends f hereby annoaace 01 fs-ilf a candidate for t& ' oihce of Sheriff of W AYNE County. If elected I will endearorto discharge "tbe duties of &e orhce with xal and fidelity. B. J. RflODES, , ma 10-89-5t " ' Co. A, 27th N. C. Troop. : 'Auction Sale! t TnvtiAV. iV ir.TiT ' 1 rttirttT wrrr XfX we will sell at Aactioa BAT' If A RE. I 'years old. good size, now ia foal. by a eelet-ritM . Mo-gan stallion, an xc Hem bro.d Mare, excel lent under th saddle and fbavb well. Also a large SADDLE, adapted ti a fi -shy man; an ex celknt FAMILY 'CARRIAGE, aod two sett DOUBLE . HA RSESS or twn barrels cf DUO IV A SUGAR. 2500 lbs. BA R IRON, and a lar- lot ot Kiiliekinck SMOKING TOBACCO. FEA TllER BEDS. A ebl. No. 1 LIJfEtugcthr with many other a ticljs . - J u li CREe.CfI A LITCHFORD ATTQNTION ! ATTENTION ! ILL BE OLD . PRIVATELY. iF APPLl. cation ia made sooa . FOUU DtiZCN BOrrLKs OF WHISKEY. Cdlatoaee. CREECH 4 LITCHFORD. RUeigh, Mar 10-8 9 -d it JOB Neatly tecuted at TUIdOFFIOE ru D. T. iJillf r. . . f; P.:. 0OARI nauy toar e . . 160 $ 13 tTaasr4ayrrf J ' '" UEAD'gRB EXAMINING B0AKD,) , - .7r CosaasrojAi.T)trT8TCT, . "" ' Lexinetoa. Aartm. lftai I nrbe tBtfmijtnrd t)rr ef the IIrrrbfir JL or tlie fcxamialM.; rreatonar District, N. C, Examiatov-lUeed-fe tb7tb Cor triet. S. C kr-b- antilhrv th int. hmias'tiaws and nlaces. ' tor the Examlnatksi of Conscripts of the district: w m- m., jiaieoa coaaiy. jrsiagtoa, Usy U,l?.ltaadl9. , itth J. C. -M.. Davidsen esmatv. Lesfflvton. Uay 3f,l,n'si.d24. . . t - Mrd !f . CL Ji:( 8tanly county, Albeaarle, May 26. 2T, 23 sad 30. ... , ... - -' fidtb 5. C O.. AbMncnanty.TTadesbotoVJees I, 1, laod4--.' i. slst N. C. M., Anso9 eoaaty, $Tsdrtboro't Juts , 7.8and9. ' ' fi2avdJi,Cv II Utroinery cociitj.Trcy, Job II, 13, 14 and IS. . , , t " : 61st N. C. V.r Moore coaoty, Carthage, Juce .17. 1. 20ar.d2K - - ' r 49th N. C. M.. Chatham county, Pituboro, Jane23. 24. 25 Sad 27. , COthN.' C. M., fhathsm county, PdttsbofV, June 28, 29, mi and July 1st. iSrdN. C. M.. Ks'ndoluh eoontv. AahbstrA I July 4, 6, 6 and 7. - . ' . 64tb N. C. M., Rasdoluh county, Asbboex' Jnlv8,, Hand 12. ' , . A. H. 8C0T7, Sarr. P. A. 0. 8. 4 - Chairman Ex. Board 7U Cong. Disttlct, Chief Enrollinfr 0ce, 7th District, L'-iiogloD, N. C, April 23, lS4v GsHkaiL'Oascki)- No. 4. I. In pursuance of General Orders Ko,ltVCa tcript Office, County t-nrolling Officers srrberby ordered to have all white males between' the rgre of 17 and 50, at the tlo-ssnd places abevetBa tloncd, for Medical Exsmlr.stlon. ' ' II. County Enrolling Cffict-rs will seperlntefcd tho enrollment in their mpective Counties, sttC all persons rlain ieg exen tion .from anv csote other than disability, will present their, claims to the County Enrolling ' C .fl ccts. . lihout ssititg the arrival of the Mediral Eos id. Fnrolllvjf Officers will invrctigateiuch claims iaatcerdssre with directions heretofore i;iued,asd leivtaid trs caxly as posstbl-.-., -'. ' , " " III. ' County i:nrollirg. Off errs vN 'enroll sntJ hare present at the appointed tlzuti all male tre e negroes and oiler free permns cf color tM-twrtr; tbe sgrs of 18 and 0. for Mdical Exsa iastir4 end anv of this class baring claim? for n ptiot., their claim will bf ioTeMigstrd ss i othrr csrs. ' IV. The atttniUmofCt m tr FnroJIiig ( fl eers is espertallv: invited to the VctMit oi lisvifg all detailrd hands present at time eatr inatiot . ' V. Enrollir g ft crs, will tdcr a louilb ot the Conscripts of a Militia rtgitra ct to ip rt rn ttcL, of the appoint d days, s.d tbestteinon uf tits. Isst day appointed, tor the exs.mirstion of a regiment will "be deToted to the xaxvisatkti cf, tbe negroes. . . ' Vl. All pesoos embraced in this. call are eb-, folntely rianiicd to be pr-s rt at the sr poictiC , times sr d places, and any fsiiirc to sppeur. uill be sent into regular' rer vice, unUrs Ibiir txcuss ' be approved by higher authorltv. D C n-ARFOW, -ap 28-79 dl2t Capt. at.d Y. V. 7ih bbt, XSST Fayetteville Observer co y thtte tinirf. OrHcx Poctukvn TkirosAhv Co., , ... Riumo?d, lli ch 2llh. led. ) rrhf SIMM chirrs of ti e ltbficn n j -l and Nt w Orb jnF, M!(hr. r d, ( hAikMt4Min ! aud Ptstori. h ticLbur f ami birgdont srd t st I Tet)jiiee T.h'gtsihic C'-i 1 aniis.. sre buh'' 'Untitled that the five per ctr tsx kbo ly tje law fufttd 17ih Fibmsry. lit i, h tletslue of all'sharrs f.cld in telrfrraih 01 etler ciu)suUr.v will be paid by the tindttsifrt id at this 1 tlie, srC they wid therefore r-tniuthe Hrck held in soy cf these cootpanies, in'tbefr lifts te s7fts. - " E M(C AMWY, Aodftrr tah2354 tawlJ H.rtIiP Tehptft) (0. . SURGEON GUIS ERALV OFFICE, Ratxjon, April 27. lt-l. f - f PKOP08E TO IhTABllcIl; IN THK L CitV nf UsU'gh, a marutactniv lr ARTIFICIAL L 1 M B H. ' The object of this enterprise is to swtyly tbrse useful articles to all soldiers from this State, woe have been, e-r may be, fo maimed in (he i?t vice as. to require them. - '- V Privates and ron-cou rrhn'nj ri fficcrs will be tarnished gratuitously. Com ui Undue d cflctts will be charged the actual cost. Disabli'd' soldiers ate ricuisted to corrrrpond with .the undersigned, giviig nure, iipaittt, rank., locality of amputation, and the precis measurement of the reotsinit g numler. I srish' t -rpploy. a tvn Vt r ol n u t rt tne rhsnics for tbe above namtd puip se. All rmh are invited to vommunieate iUiUueiatelj with this office. ' . EDWARD WARRFb', Surgeon General Noi lb Carolirs. sp 29-80 dim All papers in the 8tate requested to copy for one month. - , . NOTHrl ' "'. 70R HALE SEVERAL TII0U8AND POUNDP. I of Plantation Iron. We will pay iti big heat . cash price for all kinds of old FiUs scd fcisr Jron. ... ..... , HECK, BR Dlt A CO. , Raleigh, april U.'Citf. , t HALTED. 9 1 1 A nnn pounds of fitfet iron tk 1 J m JJ bats or sersps, pot lets tltn If ' inebes'hv four. Alroa lot of Hoowiron. Rivets, sin ; . .... . i-oui I l It rearxfa. I Fn.,ni ali'il fr. tnr O, l wood worV of. two or, four hrsai wafoas. or fee " I timbers' and b xs for the f see, oeld Jo e sTl to . J call on tbe subscriber. G. A. LAfC. ap 12 (5S-J24t . QasTEfcMASTXA'sOrrirs. C. H A.." Kaieigb N. C, April 23, 14. X WOOD I HOOD!! U00D Ml ... rj'o supply Ibe nopilals at tbl JL with fuel far the ensuing winter. a fast 1 i. coatract for 4,006 rotda grHd mercbsnt srle wood, ' 1 tA be delivered within coovtnitnt dwtsi.ee, a . the line either Ratlrbid. ' f 'prefer, however, to ' ttarcha ate!na. eeit' venlent t. ibu Ar the line f.r either Rail, road, tbe Goversraeat te cut and4isat - -' ' W. E. PEIRCE. - ap 30-81dl2t Cspt. and. Post Q.M.. RANAWAY FROM UItH 8H0ALS IRON Works. nej.st aMMON. JAKE WHITE HIRST and BOB CLARKE,. hired of Mersrs. Kennedy and Ellison of Bsaufoit L'v. Eaab cf ihe t i negroes of dark: complexion, Of m'edlara !:, and . appear to be frm thirtj to thirty. live years old: . I wenty.fi ve dollars will be paid for the arrest a d . I . XtftaemanW either of them io jail te that w can Ad ires. HIGH SII0AL5 IRON CO. mav 2.82 dXt ' . Iron p. P.. y. C. E ARE 'AUTHORIZED TOi ANNOUNCE . Dr.J. J. LAWRENCE, (of Wilt n.) as a eaaiidau . W repreeeat Etgeeoaibe' and Wllscn eountics. in the Huse of Commons, cf U-e as is General Afm4j." mav t-tt d!6t 1 j : ' V- cny Afeintld tUr rnlta Are TTanfed forCompauv D. Teatli NorVf Carolina Bat-' uH?"f!5Ty f rtlllery, sUtioned at Fort Cas- weiL 21. C. t- -'-' - : - " Pers&s of fhe-i?ar: hit nn Mmla. . f nity offered of entering the service ia their own ntaie, at a oeairaoie point. The Q. M. Department will famish transporta tion upon proper application. May 2nd. 1864. may 4-84-et. BLANHS : Eaeetttedwl 1 etstsees asdrpatch THI9 W O7FI0E.

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