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Tf e I'iw were a"creptel right and pr-pT by the people, ann with a unammiti nnpr- aUIf, tne wh' cmtitrv ralijfd tn th"ir up piit. But tbe Grjgref in aiditi n t 'hese Jaws, being really in earnest, enacted another law, siifpemling the tim h 'ired privileges of Itfbeas Ccrpii 8 that no man. by mnn of any iiuirk an 1 qu bMe- o the Uw tdionld escape the duty dennnded of him by hia ennntrv. No mnn has yetcorhe frth Ut df-ny thp C'n.stiutional powr oxerciwed by Cn gre in hnspendins; the privilege of the wrii nf Ilibeas Corpus. But there have been rer ti i'i men who assert that this law is tmconsM- tuti.mai in wjtr e t)f us teaturtf; the coiirta hav not so H judged, but a lew politic! ms. in utter disregard of the dangers that beset -national life, have endeavored to stir up the "people and induce them to bliHve that they are iu danger of losing their liberties, not by the public enemy, but bv their own chosen cfiii'ials. The name agitat rs bave another plank in their platform which it will be well to conVler along with this ii.dietment against the last Congress. That was tmuiently a fighting Gngrpss; they were determined that the country should not do Conquered it iegi iiUion could save it. Anxiou- for peace, it was terribly in earnest toi war ; willing to treat, but not disposed to supplicate To proud to beg, it was resolved that hard labor hho'itd work out the redemption of the coun try. Its earnestnes wasex-mplified in fil mg tip die army, in reducing the currency, in taxing the people, and finally in abutting up the Courts. As an army Heud back its sur plus baggage, th C ngr-'sa s. nt to the rar, for ninety dvs, the Co'orts and the Judg-s Intending to fJht. resolved to fight, r.i ly to Siihr, there appeared no use for the parapher !jh i.i of peacH. Fr this it is to he pqt on trinl before the pre'jnt Congress and prose cuted by the "negotiator " ......;r - , - J r '.tbe "negotiator" is to judge the fighter and this while thj enemy are'advancing on Rich trwn ir Vhfle battle built tins are flashinsr over the wires, to elate and rej ice the people with glad tidings of victory, or to depress and s.v.iden them with intelligenee of defeat, tbe trial will b in progress. Cannot the trial be postponed uiu il the people can attend to it ? We protest 'ngainftt distracting public atten tion from the 'ne great duty, the sole absorb ing thought, with any such miserable, insig-nifi-atit snject s the contest will involve. In the nan o and in behalf of the gallaut men who, in Northern Virginia and Northern ; oaiiie, iopioru uie ouress w pohipone the discussion of thi subj"Ct. It is a rnnck ery of the serious hour that is upon the na tion ; it is t'itltr.g with the awful events that most soon tr inspire, for the. Congress of the Coiifeiler tte States to b agitating the country with this mock-heroic contest over the loss of individual liberty, while national existence is imperiled. ; It victorious in the impending battles, we promise the agitating negxiiators that there will l am phi opportunity for th .discussion of the q'vsti n of n-s oring te privilege of h'be i corpus. :vs w-il as trvini the virtue of tiegotiatiou. Ii defeated in these bat den, we rli.-ill have lit tbe use - for habeas crpns, but shall ne'd every vestige of p wer t- protect unit d- fn d the country ' from the vict ri fus enemy. i e.se f this latter event, the .e i:tiarors will find their nejrotia ion at a dis c u. it, and twmsrves r(fardel as cowardlv supplian's, h ggini for life and a 'little pro pTtyt oid U'te-lr contemned atid despisei by tti-ir arrg mi ami superci'ous foes In auy and every aspect, the ili-usinion is pruinature and ur of pla.-e. . t A i'posife to this matter of rier ttatinn we ty ike tne following extract from a spec l d- liver-.! in the Yankee Congress, Mar. h 5, 18G4. by Mr. Voorhees, of Indiana. " At no distant dav. vnen the horrors of this war can no I nger bo borne. th earvms jjirnfMsitioiis which h ie been made and reject ed'ui bvhalfof enlightened negotiation and con tiiiutional restoration, will be gathered up and hurhd at thrte in power as an accusation more appalling, an indictment m -re damnit.g than was ever leveled against a murderer upon bis 'rial. Nor can they, in thit hour of their fer and calaruiy, at which the righteous world will laugh and mock. htd theii guilty heal under the assertion that the S uth would not treat for p-aee. Yes I peace which shall re store the Union, under the constitution, hs it wis written bv the fathers, aril as it has been interpreted by. the suprome judicial tribunals. Why came that wasted figure, thaCgUfed child of genius, the pure and elevated Ste phens, of Georgia, from Richmond on his wsy t ) the capital, in the midsummer f 1863 ? Wa- it a trilling cause that moved him ? Ail the W'-rld knows that hi judgment and is heart clung fondly and to the last to tbe old Government, in whose cou nidi ho had won so much honor. It ' is wellkn wn that, he has cever embraced th suicidal doctrine of State secesMou. The rig t if rev lution is, th ground iipon whicn be stands. , Tne malignant portion 'f the Southern press, too ;-uch mis chievous rid tlamaaing print as. the Ko. qtdrer," ai d the Kxuniner." .at Eichmond, ari(r the Rgister," at Mobile,- who continu ally cripple the interest and irieod nf hu manity in this baleful contest, assailed Mr. Stephens for his attempt at neg tiation, which they averred would lead to reunion; Yet, with theae things well knons, and, perhaps, Dmch more, which now slumbers in' the secret drawers of (he Executive, this great messen- Kr or peace, tnis tiwwr. acceptance meuiaior De tween an estranged and misted -people,, was denied a bearing, turned 4ack in siieup, and the festival of death Commanded to proceitt. The book cf time, iu all its arnple folds, con it'S no more inhuman or revolting spectacle Tin who leve war for the sake of war, when name objects can be attainefl by the gentle vi kc-'y i-ifinenctM of poo, are montgT Cf I . .11: A ll II I . OLD SERIES, VOL. V. such frightful depravity that the blackest of the mnrdermg ministers who, Mn their sight less substance, wait on nature's mi-chief," ap pear as angels of light and bcDevolence in tbe com pan -on. 4 Mr. Kjrhes may know all about the alleg ed necotiation. We know trnthins of it. D 1 b!lleTJ! " that ?yt"-"K of the ki d ev 'M- taking tbe p ftte aaeertioi ,ftnis me'u 1 C..Dn at i ever ertions i ts prop r , wrtti : we may ask, has tuert not been enough of neg.ti itton ? ef rate ' State Neoitmtiin. Hon. Wm. P. Jhilt.n. the able aud high mi tided R'prese t 'ie in the Confederate Congress of Ibe 6th Ditri-t of " AUb una. has puhlishe 1 a strong and rnanln address to his constitueuts, iu wnich .he wi llu stains the leiding meaures of the jate C ngresa. VV copy th co c u ion,, which depicts forcibly the error aud the danger of sepan'e State negotiations for terms with the Yankees : I fielieve that ere long, the Bow of Pf ace" wiil span our heavens. Neerthless, let us work and prepare as th ugti there w re no io dications of peae. 1c is 'he only nure way to obtain it. . Lv t us, teilow-cttizeas, pr ive our selves the grateful a- d Worthy recipients of it wnm-it si. all come. Disc untenauce at ooco. afii torever, tins id!a put forth by some that the States acting separately can adjust this ddH.Miltv. If attempted, it would result in our to al overthrow We set out t establish the independence of our Cmifederate G vern meat, each of our States were-already sove reign and independent. Ine power to declare war and make peace was vested by the .States in the Confdoracv. Nw tnat the common struggle waxes warm, does any Slate desire to take her dostiuy iu her own hands, that she may make terms ' with her oppressor, which her Confederates cannot make, and leave theni to prosecute ti.e struggle without her 7 A backing down at such a time would inflict a blot and stig ma upou such State as all the waters of the ocean could never efface I have no doubt our adroit enemy would gladly acknowledge the independence of anv rotate that wauhl thus withdraw from tbe contest . It would greatly assist him to ciush the remainder, while be would exult over the homtiity and disgrace he had inflicted upon it, and the-i turn upon and crust) it. I rej nee t beueve that such an (J tophi tn scneme for pea -e mak ing, finds but few advocates, if any, among you. Alabama has united her destiny with her sister St its, and she will sta'.d or tall with them.. The bond cemntd by the ilo l o -her nons I trust will bo perpetual. She will discu.-a the question ot reconstruction with the murderers of her sous when the waters C3a.so to flow and toe smi eoase to shine. W P. -Chilton. For the Journal. . The Iran-Clad Raleigh at Sea. Fort Fishes, N. C, May 7th 1864. The monotony of garrison life has b-w dis turbed by an act of gallantly on th part of 'our navy. Lust evening the iron-clad Rileiiih, Lieut. Pembroke J mes commanding, bearing the broad pennant of flig officer Lynch, steam ed out ot N w Inlet iii qu st of the enemv. Not long aTier leaving ' tne b-tr the Raleigh met. a blckadcr cruising about; and gave her a 7-iiicii slu t crashing through her sides; the Federal vessel being unused to such a en counter immediately left. making signals to ths fleet. . The iron clad continued her cruise u.til after midnight, when an ui.upecMig block ader taking her for a block de runner, fired n rhot and ran down to pick up a prize, but iu stead of receiving t!;e siuren ler of m unarmed Anglo-rc'oel, Jonathan was complimemed y a .bill that was more surprising thin agreinle. Thi'-king. in his wonder that he had i-en ficed on by o'.e of thu squad r o through mistake, the bl cka ler dts)layed th nsunl signal of a bright Id ue light, when the lialeigh lieing very near, sent a riH she'I wiiistJing through her bulwarks The Yoikee Moiiced his glim" wiih unexampled alaerity. Very soou th red and bbie signals of tlw? t-iiernv weros'en flixfi ing in different directions, giving the alarm to' each other N tMi ig in ire w.n j-e-o or hard during the ni-gat, and we who awaited the re sult on the Turnouts of F rt Fisher were re lieved w htm the dawn commeneed to roll the curtain of 'he scene T)yhght first disclosed ih.f s:nall steam -rs Y-dkio a id E iquator about t w mil s from shore awaiting the or ders of th Raleigh, which they accompa ded over the bar. So;i the. horiz n was clear and wo dic tverei the iron-Had wight mile to sea, in quiet psMessiorof the b' kading anchor age. S'Kin after the bhn-kaders that had run on to sea appeared in the horizon, and the little black dots developed themselves into gun boa' s. First, came two, well into view, and one I approaching within range of the Raleigh was greeted by a shot ; a long taw cngagem-nt now commenced, in which the second blockade-joined, but the enemy were soon suffi ciently amused and ran off. giving the Flag J Olncer a wide berth. Six sails now appear ed, bnt only one had the temerity to exchange shots with the iron clad, and she soon decamp ed beyond range. About 6 o'clock eight blocka lers came in sigtit, but notwithstanding the Raleigh steamed defiantly around their .anchorage, 8 mil psj from the guns of - lort Fisher, and she dared to take up the gauntlet. At 7 o'clock, the Ffag OftV-er wishing, to save the title on the bar. signalled for his steam ers, and turned the Raleigh's prow to shore. The little trio formed in line some five miles out and stenmd slowly in, the Confederate flag waving aaucily above t-eir decks. Jho i Fort greeted ihe Rileigh with a salute, as she j pargod in. : ' . What damage the iron clad did to he two;; vessels she struck, is not ktniWiU S le was ! not struck; The gallant ?ndu--t of the fii cern and inn on thox Rileigh .are wurthy of our youoir ivmnbiio ana give an .roet of what w.t m ly expect from or Navy, if the enemy shouldever attack our port. C. 8. A. , . Seek (jod in Health Philip Henry said to some of his neighbors wh o came to see him ' on hi death bed,. U get 5 ao interwL.iti Thrict whih vmi r in health. -If I had that ' - . . work io do now, what would become of met I b'e-8 God, I am satisfied. See tJ it, all of jvu, that jTjur wcrk b nt acdc7Do ferercr. . - ' - a tt n RAIMH, N. C. THURSDAY, MAY L2M864. " , From the Church InUlliyencer. Whether there is mach, or anv. truth in the common faying, that the darkest hoar of the night is al wart just before morning, and that tbe tenj peat is moat commonly then at its height, the rri ter will not pretend to taj. thagh he considers it to pretty jrood extent verified by bht own ob servation. "But whether it be to or not. it all events, a popular coneeit, and, as ucb, : o served aa the gmandwork fcr th following linei, which may paas with the public for what they are worth. - It is at least ruited to the timet. NightN Darkest Uur f T'vt wandered I nsr ; I've wandered far, , From youth t- hrt -age; In jy and griei in peace and war, I've trtxi life's t. oubled stage; " j And many a dark and weary hour t I've aeen along mr way,'. X Bat always fonnd the darkest hour I . Wan jit before the day. . s I'r stMd uoon th? raonntain'a peat, " ' I've ft nod within tbe vale, ' And van i k-d the to, ras above that break, Or trtWrt th- d.-th prevail ; . I Tve vrat'hi h- storms of deepest low' From eve till inoi ning gray. But ever foand the rmpet's power Was just before the day. . Sad soul! lok up thy night of care, P-rhaps, is almost past ; . The blow, thou now art called to b?ar To thee may be the I ast ; Behind the cloud th skies are bright, The cloud will pas away, Th' da kest hour of every night . Ia just before the day. . " M v country 1 Omv country I hear This voice from Heaven to thee, That comes, in tht oahk Hgc, tc chear And say thou'lt yet be rass ; : Press on brave hearts f nr cringe, nor cower, Nor fear th' unequal fray, The darkest hour, the tempest's power, Are just before the day. T. S. W. Mott. As a substantive somewhat obsolete, but-used by old writers in the sense of gloomintu ; violtnct, sullennest, etc. The Shreveport Southwestern of the 13th ult , cantains the following address of Gen Taylor to Lis troops : HFJADQUARTiratS, District Westerx Louisiana. Mansfield L, April 11, 1864 General Orders No j Soldiers of the Army of Western Louisiana. At last have your. patience and devotion been rewarded. Condemned for many days to re treat before an overwhelming force, ar soon as yotir reinforcements reached yoi, you turued upon the foe. No language but that of rrnple narrative should recount your deeds OntheJRrh of April you fiuht fhe battle of MaT.fft1d. Never in war was a more complete -victory wou. Attacking the enemy vdth the utmost alacrity when the order was given, the o!i it as not for a moment doubtful.' The enemy was driven from every position, hi, artillery captured, his men routed In vain were fresh troops brought up Your rnag nifioe'nt line, like a resistless wave, swept everything beore it. Night alone stopped your' advansa. Twenty-one pieces of artillery, twenty-five hundred prisoners, many stands of colors, tiro hundred and fifty wagons, attest y6ur success over the 13th and 19th army corps. Of the 9th iust. you took up the pur suit an i pressed it with vigor. For twelve miles, prisoners, scattered arms, burning wa gons, proved how well the previous day's work had been done by the soldiers of Texas and L ui li ma. v Tite gallant divisions from Missouri and Arkansas, . imfortunatfly absent on the Sth imst., marched fortv five miles in two da3rs, to sha? the glories of Pit asant .Hill. This was emphatically the srldie's victory. In spite of tl?e strensth f the enemy's psition, held by fregh troops of th lG?h corps, vour va'or and devToti'm triumphed over all. D irknesa closed one of the ho:tPst fights of tho war The morning of (he 10th instant dawned upon a living foe, with ouruvalry in pursuit, cap turino prisoners at every step . The-e clo.'i Tls vict-Ties were most dearly Avon. A list of the heroic dead would sad-. len he stev-fi.t hfart. A visit to the hos pitals would ni'.ve tb sympathy of ibe most unfeeling.. T e m-inory of our dead will live ;is l.jig as noble dels are cherished ou earth The coiisci-tisoessof duty well performed will nllevMtf the ff rings of the' wounded. S d lieri!l from a thotia d homes, thanks will nseend to the O d o' battles for y mr victo ries. Tender wives and fond motlwrs will repose ,'tn safety behind the breatworks of your vjdor.' Ko fer- will be entertaimd that the i.e l in? wilt ie;rate t:)mr hom s ny Ids prwtioe. This is vour reward, butmue.h remains be done. Stri l di'-ip ine .prompt beH-ie to orders crefrfu? ei durante of iri vations, tvill aloin- ensure our independence. R. TAYLOR. Ta Vr-Gtieraf Comma--ding. obTtuari. Died, on the 24th day of F' bruary, A. D. 1864, In camp Bar Orange C H.. Va.,of typhoid fev-r, Capt. Thomas T. Lawkos. of o mpany H, 13th reziment, N. C. T. . in the 24th vear of his aare. The subject of this br-ief notice, a native of Rarkirigham county, V. C, influenced bv patri otic it-al and love of country, quit college in 1861, anon at'tT the war broke out. and entered the ser vice of bin country as a private, although of feeble, and delicate constitution and contrary to the advice of his friends, who did not believe he could undergo the hardships of camp life. Upon the organization of his ccmpanr he was elected first lieutenant. Wbih- the regiment was &t York town he was takn sick and fell into tho hands of tbe enemv, and was kept a prisoner tor some time. Upon his release, his relations fearing for his health, advised him to resign avid employ a substitute, but nobi and patriotic young ui&a, hejdeclin'-d, saying his country needed his services, . and fithfallv and valiantly did he devote himself to her cause until silenced- by the enfd hand of 1 ' death. . sSucn was his gallantry ana nooie-Dearmff that on the Very first vacaney- be was promoted to captaincy, which position be filled when d-ath v.l imed him.' Ha was the admiration and pride of his company and commanded the highest re spect and confidence of bis superior officer. Such was bi. moral worth, his gentle and kind temper, ' amiable and affectionate disposition and courteons deportment, that h- was beloved by all who knew him. Hi lost is a Sr-rioui one tn the country as . well as to hi nu-tterou friends and relations. Some time -before he wa taken sick he pro fessed faith in Chriot. and. such was his chitUn walk and deportment as to .leave no one to doubt $t, the sincetity 'oOhis profession. In September, 1863, he married a young and lovely wife, who ia 1-ft to mourn her irn-parable loss, with hi two t sisters, tbe only stirvivi -g members of his farailr. i It ia a mysteriou PrVidence that one bo young I just en'e'ring upon a life Of oseliilness Rhould tbiu j be anatcbed away ; . but 4Ood'a ways are a a t our ways." - A short time , before he died he said . -to his young" wife, who was on a visit to him, that . ; he could not recover, that he desired to Uve.fe - har, but bad no tear or death. He also sent wova ttan ad uncle who had raised him, ssfarenU hwiog died when " he . whs quite-young, 'that . Ammh k.ilnn Un-n. f... kin. that whilaf h tlMll ucbi u m w Bwa a v s us in m muco to live for. if it was God's will he was re- I eonciled to dea th " Bereaved wife and friends weep nst. Blessed are those who die Lord. in the R. . ir'iiwiiiiilfiiw --New "Advertisements,; NOTICE. - WANTED TO , HIRE. FOUR MALE AD three Female Servants, to act as nnrsei and washers at General Hospital, No. 8,' Raleigh. N. C. Persons having alavs to hire will do well to make immediate application to the undersigned, as good prices will be paid. . J. fJ. CRAWFORD, m119l-dlir Steward. Auction Sales. " MOVDAY OF t'OUKT WEEK. 1TH 1NT., vVill be sold at Towles' Auction and Com m cm ion Store. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. -One HUr voun? NEGRO OIUL and CHILD. One likelV BO Y 14 vean. .ld One fine farge brnwn HORSE. 9 vears old. 1.000 lbs. prim- BKO WIT SCT iAR. in baft. One 48-lnch CIRCULAR SA W and Mandel, cowplte. ." A tew pi-res 4 4 SHEETIXOS, and Io of dry Virginia SALT, aud mnnv other goods. JAMES M. TOWLES, ma 12 914U . Auctioneer. SCOTCH SOLE LKATHKK AT AltTlON I ON M0XHAY.TME IfTII. WE WILL SELL a large lot of Scotch Sole Leather, in. lots to. suit buyers. Aloo an extra large VICE ill good Older $5 bills taken for their fac. CUEriCH 4 LITCHFORD, ma 12 91-4t " Auctioneers. ATTENTION, BLACKSMITHS AND FARMERS. Nail Rods at Auction. $5 BILLS TAKEN AT THEIR FACE. M0NDY NEXT. COURT WEEK, WE will 8'dl in lots to suit purchasers a few buuules extra Nail Rod Imp. (JRKECil & LITCHFORD, ma 12 9 1-4 1 AuQtineers. , OXFORD FEMALE COLLEGE. THE ANNUAL COMMENCESIENT OK 1S64, OCCURS OS THURSDAY, THE 2ND OF JCNE. I PUBLIC exercise commence" on Wednesday evening and close with a Concert on Thurs day eveniajr, - COL. D. K. SIcRAE'S ADDRESS before the Clio .Society, will be delivered, at 11 o'clock on Thursday. J. II. MLLS. . mal0-8'J-5t CAROLINA BKLbK, SCOTCH SNUFF.-I am 'now prtp-rel to hit all orders- for this celebrated brandL of Scotch Snuff. As I do not know to wha ext nt it-may be manufactured, ! advi the -patrons ot this brand to send in their orders early for what they may want. JOS. e: VEVABLLV . No. 3, Iron i ont, ma 10-89-dlm Peertbuiff, Va. TTUACXIYK SAMS AT AUCTION SIX PERCENT. (LONG DATE) NON-TAXABLE BONDS. On THURSDAY, lay26, at 1211, the Treas urer will sell at public auction in the city, of Rich mond, at the auction rooms of Kent, Paine & C'ov FIVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of six per cent. Bonds of the Contederatc States, issued ucder the act of February .17, 18C4. - These bonds offer the largest inducements to purchasers. They have THIRTY YEARS to run, bear an interest of six per cent. pr annum, payable half yearly, and are SECUKED by a pledjreof import. and future export duties. Both principal and interest are FUEEF .OM TAXA TION, and the COUPONS are made b.V the taw equal to COIN, tor the payment of duties on - im . ports, which are a'lowed to be paid only in coin, sterling exchange, o, the coupons of these bonds. CONDITIONS OF SALE. The ales will be made in lots to suit purchasers. Ten per cent, on tbe amount of pu. chas.. tnuit be deposited with the Treasurer on the dty of idle, to be forfeited it the terms arc not complied with, and tho b-iWnce be paid at the Treasury within ten days . Tbe payments must be mdu in the Treasury notes of the new issue, or of the old iiwues of trie denomiuxtioud below one huti ired doll try, rtod ac two-tatrds of the a. noun i promised ou tbe face. C O. MEMMINOER, Secretary ot the Treasury. Subjoined is a cor$ of tho soetiona of the act authorizing the new isoae ; Skc. r5. Tnat to pay the expanses of toe Govern miif not otn -rwise provided for, the Seeretiry of the Treasury in hereby authorised to isUd six per cent, bunds to an amount not exceeding live hun dred millions of dollars, the principal and: interest whereof shall be free from taxation ; and for the paym-nt of the interest thereon the entire net re ceipt of any export duty hereafter Liid on any cotton, tobacco and naval stores, which shtll be exported from the Confederate State. and tbe net prcee is of the imp rt .duties laid, or so much thereof ms may be necessary to pay annnally the interest, are hereby spocially pledged :. Vr .vided thut the 'lutiB now liidupon imports, and herehy pledged. tshri.II hereafter be pnid iu specie, or in dterling exehange or in coupons of said bonds. Sue 8. The b nd authorized by the 6th. rectioo of this act, uwy either be registered or coupon boo ts, as tha par ies taking them may cleet, and they my be exchanged for each other under such regulations as th Secretary of tho Treasury may prescribe; they shall be for one hundred dollars, cr some multiple of.no hundred dollar, and shall, ' tojrerh'r with the coupons thereto attached, be in i such form tnd of such authentication as the Secre tary of the Treasury ra iy prescribe ; tbe interest shall he'pnyablf half y-Hrly,on the Jirst of January and July in eah year; and the principal thall be payaMo not less than thirty yeara from their date, ap. 23-75-dta. - NOTICE M Y FINE HORSE MEDLEY WILL STAND the enuiue season at Lexington, .Liu wood ana Salisbury. .He bas now. proved to be a sure foal getter.' His ri h pedigree, bis great beauty and stamina and geutienecs in turcefo, (fvr he ii driven altogether in a eulkey,) has commanded the interest of all who hav4 seen him. Good pasturage at Lexington and Lin wood for Mares sent from a disUnee, gratis. 3i the Season, $40 Insurance. '. . - w. HOLT. Lexington; Mrch 24. 1861. d 60t .A. COAF0ERATR TAX NOTICE. - I T WILL attend, with the Assessors, at my office, 1 1 from this date until the 20th instant, to re f eeive the addith nl tax for 183, ims-sed by the fourth section of an act 'of the, Gmgress .of the ( Coniederate State,' entitled "an act to Uyad . ditiona naxes tor the common defence and support ot the Government-;" approved 17th February, 1864. . . . Persona desiring to pay thtr tax with the" four per cent bonds or certificates, will. befre offering them fa payment, make the following assignment before a magistrate or other prwper wthcer, viz ; I assign". tb- within to the Confederate Sutea, of America, this day of - - 1864. . . . . Executed before im ' - V. p " Let the assignment be made on the back and as near the top of. the-certificate as practicable.' I will also receive the taxes due onr qoarirlr sales, and all othr taxea du and unpaid., Thw is positively the Last call I will inak on those .iq. arrears: aid if nwt paid within the time, above. they may expect to receive the full benefit .of all p J - - ' ' RUFCS &W PAGE. I ' Collector 19th District N. C. If ay 5, IS64. ma. S. 85-dIOt. JOB WORK J f etly executed at THI3 OFFICE. lllAi 11 iiJo V0l.I-Ro.01. OFFICE OF BOARD ON SLAVE-CLAIMS, Richmond. Va., April 13,' 1884. J I PARTIES interetttd ate hereby .notitted, that . the Board of Officers appointed to examioe. into and report 00 thejustl a ani the atnouat of claims" for dons of slaves, which hare bees in fues-edby Confedcnte authorities, or under 9UU aws, for the use of the Confederate government.' and, while engaged in laboring on the pubde de- fences, have escaped to the enemy, or died, or , contracted diseases which have have, after their discharge resulted fatally," is organized at Rloh . mood, and has commenced its regular sesr-loa. Evidence of ownec $p, of the fact of ia pressm.-nt, of the sge, soundness and value of the slave at the tinfe of impressment ; and of the lo?s of tl dare, whether by escape or death, with tbe eircum.tancvs attending the same, must accom pany the claims. All the facts must be set forth in, aftd verified : by aflidavit of competent witnesses. Clainthu9 authenticated and avouched, may be addressed to Col. J. D. WADDFL, President Slav -CUims Board, Box 1,4 55. Richmond, Va. . The Board is in scsnion daily, (Sundays ' excepted,) on the fourth florol' Eaker's building, . on Main street, second door below Sth, on nnrta " side. an 26-77-dtaw4w : : - . : T?lfi-0r NORTH CAROLINA. TME ANNUAL MEETINO OF THE STOCK holders of tnis 'Bank will be held on the sec-ad Thursday' ia June next, (being the 9th) at their banking house in tbecitv f Italeigh. C. DEWEY, Cashier. Raleigh, May i-fl itawtd. AN AfPKIL TO f UK . PKOi'LK OF Til .5 CONFEDERATE STATES. The Direct of the Toting Mrna Christian Association of 'tichmond, respect fully, but eirnestly, submit to the beoeruleut and the patriotio throughout the Confederate States, an appeal in behalf of the Soldiers' ramiliei in this city. Since the comtnencem'ont of the war, Richmond has been a refuge tor tboss who have been driv.en from th.'ir homes by our ruthless vnemies. ThoUja'di of helploJs women. aud child. en, uot from tbe devastated couuties of V rginia alone, but from nearly every State of the Confederacy, bavu sought an asylu 1 in our midst. Our citizens have b.-ea app aled to in aumb-rlcss instances to relieve the sick Ani wounded soldiers, to furnish shoes and clothing for eoldiern in the held and hospital, and to afford food aud shelter for their su'CTering families, and nobly have th?y, in the great majority of in stances, responded to every appeal. The rupplit-s of provision iu this city at this tiu.e are so reduced, and the diiliwu'.lics of ob taining others hy ordinary m-ans so numerous and great, that tbe unds contributed for the re lief o the poor can accomplish but little in pur chasing the necessaries ot'life. In a written report from tb Clothlrg Bureau, it appears that, tbjere are more than three thou sand females in this city who are seeking employ ment from the Government in Vain, and that those who obtain work are not fuily employed. The wages received lor their woik will not enable these poor women to procure a puliiciency of the plainest food for theiusdves and children. Wilh out assistance, then, from the city and. couutry generally, many instances of actual starvation rnujt1j.ive occurred. Our City Council has made most liberal appropriations for the purchase of supplies, both tor gratuitous disti ibution and for E&L at cost; but the agents employed .or the pur pose have not been able to procure- tho quantity of provision requited. Lnder thes-j circuiustaoijc3, we fetl .ot it ii our duty to apeul t'or.r feJluw-citiz-ns through out tba Confederate States, to forward, without dtdayv contributions .f money and suppliei'tO' the army Committee of this association. Since the coi;?uiciceiRt of lha war this Committee has labored zealou&lv and faithfully tor the t-inoorwl and spirituil w -Jf ira of our sold iers and th 'ir tauii lies, and thi success of our lui-iui caue. LjI those soldiers not be discouraged now, upon the eve of our severest, and, as we ti tut. our last and -mosU g-loi-ions campaign, for Want of the gener ou1 syujpjitby and support of their frlands at home. .. .. Ship-nents mad? to linger Mai tin. Superintend ent, or Wat. P. Muntord, Chairmen of the At my Committee, will be prumptlv att nd ;d tt). And , in accordance with a special agreement mad with the Superintendent of the S mth 'rn Express Company, all ex;reas charged will be paid by them at Rich nond Contributions of money should alii be sent ti these g.-ntleuieH. WM. WILL!-?, Jxi., Tr widest. J. D K. LKiour, Secretary. . ' tn iy 6 ht d3t THli U0N0KS TO PHK S0LDUU6' (Hil'IIAN FUND ARE respectfully requ -stcd to moet in th- Insti tution for tbe" D-af and Dumb, in RaL-igh, N. C.. on Friday. 27th ot May, at 11 o'clock, A. M. Thosd who cannot be pVec-'nt should tend proxies A f u I attendance is di'sird, for impor tant business. 1 The committee of tbe Orand L dge of Masons for St. John's College are resp ctfullv inrited to beprrs-nt. CHAItLKS F. DEEMS, ' m3a-83 d2tw27m Fioancinl Secretary. -.. The Wilmington f carnal, (weekly,) Fayett-vi'.U Observe Pre6brterian..ilarbju.rr'. VVetern Deirr- ocrat and Charlotte (weeklv) Bulletin copy till date and send bills to John G. Williams, 'Esq . : Raleigh. .V At AuctioH. .. Sheet Iroa for Sorghum Pa us and Weeding Ho-s. . Will be sold in Warrenton, ' N. C, on TUES DA Msy 24th; 150 8het, S IR of n inch thick, 23 t' 30 inches wide, and seven to nine fe t long. All farmers wishing Pans, would do well to at tend the Auction. Sl positive, and without re serve. J. J. TURNIIUL'L. Auct. ma7-R7dl5t. Warrenton, N. C. PeU'rubursr Register and State Journal copy t:ll day of sale and send bill to this office. TITIIK TOBACCO. The Tit ho - Tobacco, unr-tcnth or the cr p raised ia 1S63, tauit be delivered as be- low : Por Orange County at UilUboro. to the un dersigned. For Wake at Raleigh, tojno! W' Cofby : all to be delivered not fumer than the lsf June, nor later than the IGth July, in good and safe kevping order; ach quatitv separate. ' JAMES Y. wIlfTrtJa. Agent for Oraoire and Wake ronntirs.- nillKfcbcor, y. C. May 4. 164. mar 6 S6 dl2t " ' CAMP 27111 N C. TROOPS..! - Cooke's Brigade, Aril 30 Ii 1864. J AT the Solicitation r Many Friends 1 ' hereby announce tavself a candidal'; for the Gce of Sheriff of WAYNE C.maty. If elected I will endeavor to discharge the duties of the oflicc with zeal and fidelity. " B. J. RHODES, , ma 10-69 5t Co. A, 27th N. C. Troops. ' , Auction Sale! MONDAY. MAY 16TH, (COURT WHJtK.)": we will sMI at Auctioa. z. BAT HARE. 10 , years old. good size, cow in foil by a celebrated Morgan stallion, an . txc-Hem brood' MarsV excel-" ' lent under th- saddle and pbm h well. Also a large SADDLE, adapted tt fl hy roan; an ex '.celltnt FAMILY CARRIAGE, and two setts DOUBLE HARX&SS-.w or two barrels- of i - BR U WN SUGAR, 2500 lh. BA R IRON, and a lar- lot of Killickiock SMOKIM TOBACCO, fEA TUER BEDS, 4 fcbls. No. 1 1 J,', together with many other articles , . , . , ma !0-89-d4t .-. ; - Auctioneers. TO THE CITIZENS; SOLDIERS 'AND Hf. ; " FUGEESm OF PASjQU OTA NK.C0UN.TT. ,v";, . VE'afe authorized to anoyance GDl TT. f - v v HINTON, a candidate to represent Pas- quotank county in the nest House of Commons. ma l(l-89-di w-Awte H)k AND JOB WORK Neatly tMeCatod at THIS OFFICE. DAILY CONFEDERATE. .ADVERTISING. ADVERTISEMENTS triP be iasrrtsd at m&re oottaas per square of ten Uses (or Jest) for each Insertion. Uarriagt notices &ad vblUtrtes will b charged as advertisemeats. , . JOBTTOttk of tvery dtscriptlca will be cr stated at this Ofioe With di-ptUb, and asaeatly t can be doctla the Bcathcrn CoaCsdcracy. MM. HTVT. Mlllfr. UOAED Bv tbe Mostb. . Daily board do Transient; per day ' jsn 16-dly ,tf 5 " : 22t fisa 9 1? READ'QRS EXAMINING BOARD,' aRD.I i?t' ; 7TKC09ffatSt09At IJISTUCT, LexlsgtoB, April 23. lftC4. nntf titdrrtfrnrd ore of tfcf Miirbrji X of the Lxaalaicff Board for the 7tb Cot frresional District, N. C., btrt-by arvtlots tbe It U owing times and placts, for the Examination cf Conscripts of the aUttlct : 65th N. C M., Daldxon coucty. Lexiogtca, Mar 1C. 17. 18 and 19 - C&th N. C. M. Davidson couaty, Lcxingtec, May 20. 21, 2S and 24. fr2rd N C M., Stanly county, A Ibrtoarle, May 26. 27, 2 and 30. - SOih N C. M., Acson county , Wadesboro', Jane I, 2. 3 and 4 61st N. C. M., 'Anson county, Wsdtiboro', Just 6, 7. 8 and 0. y 62nd N.C. M , Montgomery eovnity, Try, June II, 13, 14 and 16. . 6ltN. C. M., Moore County, Carthsrr, June 17. 1. 20ai.d XI. 49ih N. C. M.. Chatham coonty, PitUboto, Jnnf 23. 24. 25 and 27. 60tb N. C. M., Chxthan cettntr, PitUborc. June 28,'?, ao and Julv lt. 63rd N. C. M.,Rodolph county, A sbboiV, Julv 4. 6. 6 and 7. C4th N. C. M.. Rtodclph county, Aibboro' Julv 8,9. 11 and 12. A. fl. SCOTT. Sarg. P. A. C. S. CbsirmaoEx. Board "tlr-Cbng. District, Chhf Eorolllpg Office, 7th District, Lexington, N. C, April 23, 1664. OxStSRAL OsSKKS ) No. 4. -j I. In pursuance of General Ordrrs No. 15. Con script Office, County r trolling Ofiiccrs art btrvby ordered to have all white moles betwern tbe tpee of 17 and 40, at tbe tims and placet stwvenun tioned, fot Medical Kxamioation. II. County Enrolling Oncers will rupr rirtrr d the enrollment in their rt-rpoctive Couaties, aid all perrons Haih'irg cren f tion from sny cu.o other than disability, will present their daltns to the County Km oil in? tflciis. viitl.tut avsitiig the arrival of the Midirsl Bosid. 'KnirliUg Officers will Investigate such clslms iii afCi'tdarcc' with directions beietofore ikUfd,ktd loivtstd an carlv as potib!e. III. County Earollipg Off err? a ill enroll etd hare present at the appointed times nil trale Irtc negroes and other free perrons of color tx iiwrn the ages cf 18 snd GO. for Mt diral Exsu-lrath r, and anvof this clas; having clain a for t xt u p th i., their claiu. will be invtHigattd nln other rafii. IV. Tbe attention of County Knioilii g 2 cejs Is erpecisllv invitid to I be Vi ri tij ot liBliig all di-Uihd hands present at there ex'sndnattut i. V. Enrollit g OA c n, will roVr s lovi tb cl th Cmiacripts of a Milit'a tiffjiip nt t rrp rt cn rcci, of tbe appointed days, at.d the 'afternoon cf tl.o lart day appointed, for the rxamlnation cf a regimt nt will be devoted to the (ilu.ira'.u n :' the negroes. VI. All pei sens embraced in this Calibre hi Folutetr ricuited t be pr s-rt t tbs sttoliiii j times at.d placer, nnd any falling tfl apptar? vill be sent into regular uei vice,, tiiUis tutirskcu.'? be apprcvedbr cigacr authoi Itv.' . D. CI PI AKHON" op 28 73 dl2t " Capt. or.d 1". if, 7b Ii.-1 Z&T Fayotte '.lie Observer copy three tiw.o. Orricz Sovthehn Tktrssjira V. Ricwioxd, Kiich 241;. rf4... fphe SttuM oltltrH nf UTtsruiigwu 1 atd New Oilcai.., Ithbrrrrd, ( bit lottt iMlle and Stanton. LrcLLuig snd AVlrpr'on. t1 Istt Tvrinrste Tiigtshic C n pat.iir. ttr-Liiily notified that tin tire xr m t tax ItvUo 1.1 the law pa'.'od lth Fel'inaiy. lf(4.on tl vrlVe cf all shares held in tehgrsjh vr idbT ci at f 9til r. will be ps id by th vndifrr;id at llU fl , vtc tbey wiil therefore mit th itrrk In M iu srj cf tbeee corupanies, in ibeir lit.i to 'f.. K 'MtCAl.riTY, AtiCltor nib 20 54 tawlJ ; . S ttlir leltpisj h Co. SURCE0N0 FN EKALV OJFICE, lUtEian, April 27, UC4. t f PROPOSE 10 IbTABllill, IN 11K A Cltr of Rsleifih, a cnsrntst tet v lor '. A R T I Y 1 Q J A L , L m B The cbj ct of this cnterpr're is to 1 tpj !y .tl t useful at tides to all aoldiwrV from tbif StitV." v J.o have trt-n. or mSy be, so msiacd in th rei v ice to r quite tbtni. Privates atitf non-rov rrtadord t5cl will tc furnished gratuitously, rowmr.hinccl tifl.co . ill be chargi d the actual rrt. Dirabhd soldiers 01 e r ourtd to coi rojx to with the undersigned, giwi.g iuimc, r'guiitt rant, locality of an jutntion. utd tbe picciw rseuscrement of the renainiig uirn br r. I wih tonley a luultrtd tu)tiMtr cblnir fcr tbe above r annd j ei j r. A4) tvi. are lnvitsd to cummunleste tn miutatcly vitl. th it, . I 0; ' . EDWARD WARREN, Surgton Oeneial itb Carolii a. f?59 RO dim All paprs in tho State rrutstcd to copy fcr cue month. ' . - -. ' NOTICE. IT'OR HALE SEVERAL THOUSAND rorNl)ri 1 -of Plantation lion. We iri?ay th bigleit carb price for all kinds of old Files ard Hiss Iron. HECK, liRl DIE A CO. Jtnleigh. aprll 14.'C4 dtf ' UANTRD. ' ' " IO r0UfIS OFfDEETIBONIV J JyJ sheets or straps, i.m Icrr tlun Ji inr.hes by four. AboaPt nf lit op In n, Rivctr. rle f-cra I to 1J pounds. Pcrst.ro- Ui fie to buy tbe ; wod works of two or four Lorte v,toor, or tbt ' timbers and Lixe for tha rsmt, v.old do vtrll to I call on the subscriber.. O. A. LAC K. ap 12 6S.d24t QuAkTKhVASTCK'sOririCS. C..8. A., Raleigh N. C, April TtV. 1K64. J - wntiuj W00DI1 HOdDllI 1'Oftupply'the tlffspltsil at Ibis 1'ot.t with luel for the enruirg. Inter. 'I viU rnntrart for 4,00o ords good merchnntafrle word, .to be drlivetcd within convenkct diktat cc, ou the line of either Railroad. -. - - I prefer, bower er, to purchase standing, con venient. to this Prst or tbe tine vr either P.ali road, the Government to cat atd haul . ,AB1 W. E. PE1RCT, np 20-81 d!2t . . , Capt. and Pom Q M. ; '$75 KKTVAbD. r . RAN A WAY FROM IIDII PBOALS IC0K Works, negrs VMMON, JAKE Wlim. HI RST and BOB CLARKE, birt-d of Mcn-rs. Kennedy and Ellison of Lc.ufoit C. Each if tbt negroes .f dark complexion, of medium site, and appear to H from thirty to thirty. fiva yearr 1 Id. Twenty.ive dolfars will he paid for the arrfrt and evofinemeot 4 cither of them in jail so that we can get them. "'.. m. . . Addres-. ; nrnii biiolirok co. m;iv.3.82.d?gt T '" Iron P. O . N. C. E ARE AUTIIOHIZUD TO ANNOUNOL Dr.J. J. LAWRENCE, (of Wil..) as a candidate represent Elgeeambe and Wjlson eoantis.ira tU IL.ase of Commons, cf the nvit General A,atnK)y. ma? 2-82 dl6t - - - -..- . - - rtWfBeId KffroltfiArf Wantfci LL for Company -Di Ti-ntb North i.rli,,. -4 ' . taliOa ofHut ArttllM. f L'.. r-i . PersoMfeif the! h'ar Jilty oflered of enterjng tbe service, in ..tbeit own Stat', at a desirable point. v .The Q. If Department will furnish Iransporta tion upon proper applies ti ft. May 2nd. 1864. may 4-4-t. T LINER " 1 JL3 Executed wl OFFICE. ftatacM aadipato t;t TRIB

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