MOT -I i J ! f j r ? i jD.K. XCHAH, A. 1!. (iOILlO, :r.itoR'i. All filters on business of 'for. OJ'ick, to La directed o'A. M. .b'AK A d. SiTl SDAY, .?! I.Y 2, LCL Whila Petersburg nd Ktohmor.d ire baii 'terrd, and our worn but un lauutad so filers sWnming tfceruih t'r.t i and br.dUn i th '?at of to j li , an t u g in tkt ! ad .: the tii'ut, in c-.t-.n amid tu-3 thro-o n.' whicU a i.:ii ago:iiM 1 :.tru-g'es far !:. 3, another o.risrjpdg., u-k, a hoo irivJ rniloa a ray Ii'tr.i taw f 1 a .'Oo i pis.-ULg,- uich is to de.-riva vjhsthir. in c ocmU'-ca with t:i aim i: u.,i vf vu'i .i 7!l .di.i- "''! perto.iH, t:.- j)- -!.?; -r ;.i;i:'i.s!r-if. .j ' ! North Cir'!i"ia. -ih-v.i tit I on': dvnhrr fnri, j ' r wl-ether h ah iS'-i'ivs vay t. ti',- .-ilf-put-p';:tenii....; of Mr. 111 icn. And : it ia ' - afM'rj';!i'i, idso. it-? iiif? ;' t ."'.. i not h.'i'i it!u!j3, b-Jt ov.jr lhj ii-: o, a . fhf Y'iOik-.,; c-;u'f.i':m. 'v.ijov Y'.r'c Tr .') ! n; t r'i-t 7r't of ' iV, is t;o- i-j v:4r Ic id th'i .h-f. if (.irtCi.V, -it v.-!9:ri !ot? '.Xi .-KM re fnli;s;l ;t yuii Mo .nriu. if iiioi-s Is viiiiuh ri; f.r Ii -1 1 iu all tl.n rirfijt lbr,tts Urte.'y Ti.ii ll d'-o (ii-r-Iy a Jt"'v.',c-) ;!: c!e.';:i.iu of lu ll- I Ho'dirt i n--...l:inrid'. Dnr-Jt, ;w.d t u.iiliar with thft c :-iu:i c'-'piiicy fro.o to tr. lb i Tr, -h;:y i- r-. .t-Tl, un le.u t-. r-?v:; oft r jv .-. wt hvio ba f . : f . ! '. r . I- i" I . ' . . I I . ll.. .1 ar.n.f AVIS tli'.t .'. ,U 1 11 ui .j':.'::, of ;f u 'i k;i iucc.-, A-t :n-i3 io t.c!1! fair ii'.ntij cm- fji.ii ; ' f r l i i . . ' . it by f,Mt .1 y i. no -( y A? . b-i a !::. : n f ; ':' .h:rU an i Ih-ir i.LT..." St:0 fork T, i (a Jim. 1t.h, 16' A. t-. II ddsa h- now ,3i'hi- j:ri.A ;it to -. htre among (iur p5p", b-.u t 'ad am.oti our fu-itiivs Llr it-io th . 1 ' 't i t ; i is ;iL' ;u f' ba !:: ! ia North (iro-, li.ii'who wili b tu-ir frreivl ; uu Isr wno.? a fiags'iailiiy oaca wore or-r iSroua wiios arcjy, in rth t'aro!ia:i, liaguiga -A Mr. dam-i ;l Keriit." a " wiil r -ni wnan, ir!.aa- of l?4i- I tv. '-in ui-o- slwli ti ii his pU, 0 h pt.i:o of Pr"idut-, f us ail :' '"b ar t'i h wai :h I'm n ,-(h is rla- 1 T.:. t.h:.u;o't id i-ac- Gr-iy, fro o this i '.) rtfii ,f SU. ll .!d-a. Tifi- iiopea .oilltiasd thr-jtih t'n aiay of G.-ant, and (h-;:r i.-r.-!jt:-nt efforts, to oAulur- iho i '.d of t'.". 'i'ids is Vioc the firs; o: -i n jo ', b irn. 'ir--;- hj.-, availed ' ncr'lf ,J Mr. fl'-!d;:'.i on u ; or, , wilh fijmiliiiiiy sfy lii.n, -if-ddi; V "'..o.. :;.-t to :;o:ve i h; caus of .'.ab-J-'-'C-iwii. Am(1 C'hrs l;-'id: vn yinUj& ' oi"w.-, tu..'nconr.4-on t'nwir f; n-'x. ..f s!au-;h-i c aud dstruetioa, imk.3 avail of Ur. II i ! v 1- I ward i'lvhrilt, th-s r,iiln orato.1, 'r Jiir-inj; ovjr tno :-c a-o-i-.uri a I martyra on ,:dy Cbttyj.bhr, iuiiitl this ally, whom ho y!rd tlie'-Indpcndn t pi ess," t-.s .uai;niber r g its .r:i!l-ry." Tna Wsfciiinyton mixed m;e 'ii1;, of vviiita k'-ikces arid nigjrr conttaoanda, ftyh) hina Yi'tid," and uk for 1 ai:norc:!iOti, tat they 1 .ay c..):nc aad s:;jkn Inn js wilh him. Joy, .e yaok.-e, tasstle a moo ; tha othur .thisr in ?.)iatc-i Nnvbrn, c-poats hi ow" as tha ' ' ri'isnd 01 ,th.e -.;. .h" .bn Baxter, tha I'Upil of I'ro.vidow nnd di.-; in tr?asn of .. Vi;dy dohostou, HMiadts to him yankee ;ewpapei.s, with his, Baxter, rejnrds. Ys. a ier prbor.tfra ja.-ing tliroah tha str-"?"! of orr iov. cs, auda- ioulr fh.?sr iiim, iu token of th'. ir Mippyrt and liiiitioi ; aod a "paroled piisouer." an l.ofanaale a?:d hiji,h-t"neil sou of North C irshtia, c .ming i a,'k fora tli-j t st-lu!-e of yat.kee cajtiviiy, bears testimony M:" o'en a'k Hm';f his iiilors vas, "Hut .llo'dea wa to briu tha State back inio the Union, and bo mirart CJovor.? :.r ; and. that tiio glorious sfrs f u lipes yrtra f o- :i t i vr 4V oror ?iio off ivc.i of., rehila -and trai'ors ;" vvl the ";ied ,!',..!. er" apoeils that this i trua. to thra ban i and ;i;'t - of hi fellow prio'a!-.", tof the tn'h .. w.iaL ..j says, and thoy marm it. Aod no'-v Horace Oreeiy, fe'uoiug tnis ;:i.!a1 s-ntirne:!': of uar foes,- eoUphs tile fauvlidacy ot Mr. ilolden with the "flying of th old oaj on -co mora over North Carolina," and by the sido theraof he lavs this threat aiusi t h.s? v ho mSy oppose their choi-'e ";!u re will be a reckon inj Jo'r ihexe dariLt a.'i-l ii'ir '-." In th v;ry iaom.nt rlici Jbraes Uroaly ia leveling this threat againat our pab aa Mr. Ilolla' accduut, ha, tUa latter, ii leTiin ireat s.ini4t oir Gavaraui-n;, vnd id advising tha people to risa'uo and rfiat it authority aud ta take its function jr.t their owa haads. Iu all hii career i.f a-;tatia aad fliy, ha haa uttered aatbiug mora ingurrectisaary than in His last isua, when he iys " tka peeyle aj tba two sectioas mutt riai up and caiciand the per' -." How ocs ho vrtptsa the ptajla should i'rixe up"? IVt co?)c;ire Itis idsa, bat T.hy doas ha not taaka it mr.ra plain? If it wera airrled out, t'atn, ss Iltiac Gre-ly eaya, t'ae aid Hag would fly onaa care over North Caroliuia, " acd for Lr ssldiera and layal men "there wouid ba a rackaoiug fr tkesa deeds, aci tbair daars." We are requited to state that the R-r. Dr. Deems will preach in tlie Methodist Church in this city, on tviaorrow (Sunday) morning and at r.ight. SccRtTAitk Mem.mintgkr's SuccEsfr. The S. C. (hiard'uu says: It isaid-that Mr. Furman, President of ono of the Charb-tn Banks, has been appointed Secretary of Treasury, rice Mr, Memminger tesi jncd. ! StalSfcdtrntes, We have often wondered whaj thi3 term , means Like raacy other, of Mr. Ilo'dsu' cant paraes it pui,i'ed us. Bat we l-ara that it applies to such officers of the Goveru j titcnt as ara entiilad to draw or buy rations from the 'Commissary' departm-ut. . These, j o"kers Ur. Holde compares to beasts, that .;r fattened by b'.ing stall-fed. We pre- fume Mr. IJolden u.-es molasi-os about his 'i p:irtiQj cftb?. We would like to make three i en'jniiies : j 1st, II jw much Kiohissea ha has purchased i from tkpCosamLsary, and at what price? j 2nd, Iliis 'a a right to parch aso rjo!aJ3S ! rations for hi printing machine, by virti'.a of j b-iug State i'riator ? I 3iJ, If to, is faa a ? A thsia are day wheu gentleman's house j Hi ay ba anterei by tho Souta fraut, " and tcrir kltcliti3 inspected, and what tuey eat aud drink published, we hpe ur questioaa are not iwptrtiaeat. AaHWrii espettcd. i Medical Kecicc. Mix ne t-spooBfuIl of molasses frem the Carsmirftry L?pnrtHient, with ten globule f virgin turpt-jtint, and one-tenth of a draohra (ui dram) of brandy and rcll icto a pill ta ba ttic5a w'joU. Tli medicine has threa quali ties: It a "ii'ifedarate, " ha3 tae 44 taste of tk bbekaif, " ami is admirably perfumed -with the "dor of Natal Stores." It vrill cure aria a dying " conserTatiTe of th etraiteit sect." It will nt restore life ssiJ tkerofora ia at adantod for Mr. IfblJen's cas'i. .- A CoEiplmienf. .7 ar-i gl;;l to ba able to pablih one act j it i)oliiif:;au, tuougli the motive which I !romptd is less so. We mean his i j bf-axiu; up th3 Conssryative party. This ill-timrd ar.d procriptiv organization had f.'. lned itself on oar people, and had becomo jakc jriovou to be borne. Air. lloldsu's i-rsonat aspirations came in ia very good timo to brf.ak the back of the mousler. If hs ban acco;nplished nothing els, he has un- I qu'.'.-tioa-ibly destroyed this Conservative par ty, li-f tre hrt b-carne a can li ate, it was tinted. and co;"ap-iftt. II aiding a Urj-j ma jority, it dispauaed ad the p ntr;- and patron -and it found in Gov. Vance a faithful j repre-jantatiTe. Tortunatwly, h vraver, Mr. Il.ilh.'o" put up," ad now have tha sat j isfaciion to s;e this party and di I vif'od, and thraatened with dio'utioa., IIow 1 avex' th; election t-rminnfus, Mr. Holden has done t;iu work ol slauginer for tha " Conser vatives." " i Now is t he tiniA for true Con federate to j u.:iU-, in all couuiikaa wher-j ll iiuea's split 'aaoios i ncm to run cauoiuates with suees. Wo only wU!i w had such a chta'ee in Wal:. B,t hrc cur pe pb.nuist do as- thoy think b?-.t. Query. ! Mt.'sas. Editors : It is reported, aud gen ; a raliy l)?iiv(l, in the "dark corner" ci this ! C'j':iii.y, that Mr. Ilolden has a larijt building j ia propfe-., for tha benefit of the Idiers' ! wires and children. Now, Messrs. Editors, ! rio you not n'?5e inform me, and your larga i RtnWr of readers, islhis correct 1 And if j so, rr hat part of Hnlcifch is the said "Urge buildinV' situated ? I understand thit some I of the woman are getting ansh-tu to be moved j lb ar.d 4c!arc that "llr. Ilold'u is the best , man in lue itiru,. Picas:: calijjhten ua ou tha cubjoct. Now Trc hare all our life-tima beard of '.O'r.. 1. .11.. T..l. 1..L1. f !.... 1 imfb uuni, out we nave never teen it yet. Nor will we ever ate the house that "Mr. Hold'n" Iras built, or will erer build for raddles s' wives, or Invalid sol- j diers, rither. The impc-sition that Ilolden and ' iVicr.ds have pracli.-ed upoi the pubric, 1 h t'oucj u-:--posid long enough, about "his ; cbariti-.-, b-rievolence and liberality to this chss; T!:rfv is nt a shadotv of foundation : tor it. We vture the assertion, that accord j it. 2 to his mc-iHs, he has dona less to relieve j the wants of the poor, than iey rnan in the j State. And as he is bolstering biruas'f up by ; tktese fraudul-nt pretensions, we take this cc j ('s on to expo-- the deception before the ! paople. ; MOitGA'i IvKSTCCST OAMp A I(f 1. Wo havo j bs-u permitt-sd to copy the folloivins ofticial j de-patch which was firward-d ti Richmond, j and copied thereby thcgntltnain who arrived in t til city yesterday : Cvstiiiaxa, Ky., Juno 10, via Abingdojt, June 20. J . Ent-red Kentucky through Pound Gap. Me: the enemy 1 "JUO strorjrrcro?ed and f.trrnd j hira to burn his .-tores and supp'U; moved to j Mt. Sterling, surprised and captured garrUon ! of 400 men, all their supplie., Moved J nt uioraini to Laxington, attacked and cap , tured tha city, taking pri-ners. stores, aud j 1500 hor?a.' Bart Gjrernmtnt depot, &c. MoVf.i at 1 1 o'clock by GeortTetowu to Crn- U:ina; euemy un le- Col. Barry. Was forced to burn a largo portion of tha town. Col. B. was killad; tha town surrendered with 490 prisoners. Gan.. Hobson mached up at 2 o'clock from Cincinnati: captured him, staff, and 2000 yrionara, three trains lad-u with store-, &C. Maj. Cheneworth destroyed tha railroad between Lexington and Boyd's statiou. Cpt. Jenkins destroyed tha railroad between Frankfort aad Laxingtoa. Capfr. Cooper took fortification and Frankfort Capt. Everette touk Mayaville. Paople ready and anxious U strike for the South. (SigacJ) II. L. Staktox, A. A. Gen. - Gea. Pettus, who was reported to have Urn killed the other day, in front ofMarietia, we are gratified to be able to stata was noi even woondrxl, and is in" the enjoyment of life,, health and buoyant spirits. SnCRMAM Rear. The Iacon Telegraph says a lettT has been received from Bartow county, dated 20th, which ssys Wheeler,with two divisions, is in Sherman'e rear tearing up the railroad. Impatience, j The tedious length of the cumpcigu iu Vir- gitda, has caused a restless impatience with i soUi9 persons. Tuey had expected to rzc Grant wound up a mouth ago, after the 'Ur rific battles of the Wilderness, Spotsjlrania C II., G-ld Harbor, &c,; and, they are impa tient at the Ion protracted struggle. But if they will calmly reflect upon the actual re- suits of the campaign, they will Scorer th,-y .... , 1 Isave been immer,. With less than twe-ity tfiuusartd. casualties of all kinds, as a cotm porary remarks, .Gen. Lee has actually put hors a z combat a number of the enemy larger than i. 1.-1 1 in. n r i . . .i i-is wnoitj army, i ns vonieoeraie sirergin oi , Virginia i i.ot materially less.'ned, whilo j with all hii rftinrcements'Grant'a army is vir tually nunc d. 1 ne proportion of losses from ail causes has doub'less been in the ratio of five or more to our ona, and the mural eiT:ct of t'ne fihting'upon the enemy thus far has besn (!,ntnn ,i,iofof - ,:,t,i k,,... iiJQ in any ..ingle open fi3ld light. The result of J ....... . tie campaign in Virginia surpasses, in our i judgement, -ail reasonable ' anticipation?, arui and should bo matter of 'thankfulness- icstcud of imr.atienco or complaint. We have never , , c x. i ' i , i.xk- d for anything else than a protneted j struggle, ad in the course of tltal, we certainly never hoped to ico such stupendous losses in flicted upon the enemy with so little expendi ture of biool upon our .If now, we attempt to prognosticate the future, we should say that it is prefigured by the past. Why should Gen. Lee be impa tient ? f lic don'ftla operation of tn. tide-water -.... .... . nvci in vn,- ux,ys, .mu ; dat.;riniog Ciiu federals lines, wiil depicto at Ut hs ex pons than would attend more ao- tive xv.irf-.rc. By and by, when matters ripn . J T J' L ! to tuat point, Oc:s. L?e may assume the ag-j rtssive and finish up the - work j but at. pres- i rut it appears to us to be oin-2 on well i fret fulness over the campaign in Virginia nor in Georgia cither. Both will work out satis factorily. We have not yet seen audi .results i?i Gt-orgia, but we bediove, whau .fijey come, they wi 1 come More- suddenly , and with equal completeness. aloranton Haiders. A dispatch from Salisbury, jus: received, states that Kirk's band of robbers had been pursued beyond Piedmont Springs, wirh little loss on our bide. Kirk has had his arm broken (pity, it had not been h:snect.) Tha dl. patch doe not say v.hat further loss the ban ditti sustained, or whether any were captured. We regret to leitrn that W. W. Avery,' C-ii., who was or.c of tie pursuing party, has .been Gainfully wounded. t. .... s.Ot'Tli'i tilH I.''i1 t-.l tl captured at Lamp ance, after ftealiu? all tiieir money. Whatever the b ys may have had, was prob'ablv of "old issu-," aad Kir1-- wiii Cud it innl pus.ev,::, u; iu .!,.. ' I f !,o 1-, .. ! r V . V II 1 11 cjjw uiu wjs no yiyuio nave foc . f :, ii,,,..,. e .1 1. . . ' . , tne "dct issue ie," .f ti;e best stamp. He them when they may command I m;iy yet meet j a premium. A publishing association for the P. E. Church kaa (.-.tablished .a printing omce and commenced work in Charlotte, N. C. ' B'V. Gcnrge. M. Ierliart is hook .-and frait editor, to whom order or remittances should be addrexjj-fd, ht Charlotte. Nctcs from the Xor!!i. A correspendat wdth tha army in Snuth-w-stern Virginia gathers the following irans of news from some late Western papers that char.cel to fail under his eyn. Tlia Westar-5 papers, remote froai ins dc-apotism at Wash ingtonf venture now and th u to give a glimps-j of the truth : Vc had tl,-; pleasure of looking orr tha Cincinnati G izitl$, an i E-iqili-er. Thy .for mer says that Grant has oV.sirovf-d r.rar'v ail 1 orG'-n. Lee's army, ana admit that their Geo-' ! cr d has lost i.eavily iu m-n.'but with a raui iiourUh r tys that the Cn hav- lot ! double as mrny. lr. aonouncs the arrest of ! Frnan !o Wc od, of N. Y., Vixu hc-es, of In ! diana, and a large number c-f othr leading j opposition men of the North. I t says that ii.e con .,r - tour liundr-tl thousand trop3 more by Lincoln was a bogus proclamation ; that he is not in nel of the rufm. The JJit quirer says Grant commmieed fi-'hrhi.? Let with an r.rmv'of one bundled andri.rlitv" j five thousand men, but that lie only has" one" j hundred thousand now, that he has been whip- ped in every e.-.gvgement with L3e,an it will , soon be ctc-?sary to send McCicilau or some other Geneial to iare-the reran jnt cf his armr 1: says that Lincoln's proclamati.jti wai noi bous, but was put out in good faith, but the tyrant found that tha people would not stand the draft, and imraediar-ly the Ah dition journal raise-1 the hue and cry that the pro clamatton was bogus. In fact, the Enquirer presents the most doleful appearance of affairs in tha yankee army that we hava yet seen. Railroad Dihectoks. At & mafin f tka Bo nd ftsteiaal IiHprovenienta held on Sat- urday the 25th init., tha fallowing aproiat- raents were mad : Direaura iu the Atlantic and N. C. Railroad Cotnpauv Lewis C. Desmond, C. R. Thurats, A. T. Jerkins, M. F.Ar-nJall, Council Wooten', James M. P.trrott, J. H. T-eblts and Council Bst. William II Oliver, State Proxy. John Everitt, John D Fianner, R. S. Tucker, C. W. D. Ilutchins, Jehn Barry, C. P. Mendea hall, D. A. Davis, and ffm. C. Means, Dircct-rs in the North Carolina Railr.d Company. Ralph Oavrall, Stata Proxy. R. W. L3iter. J. B. Littlcjoan and Gearg; Littla. Directors ia the Raleigh aad Gatoa Railroad Company. Dr. E. S. Cradup, State Proxy. Gea. VT. Swepatn, W. W. Avery, .A. M. Powell, Wm. Marphy, N. W. " VfoodSn, F. E. Skobar, Gt. F. Davidaon and S. B. Erwin, State Directors in the Westarn North Carolina Railroad Camp-any.. Andcrsaa Mitckell, Stato Prxy, &ad Jas. II. Wilson, Alternate. Josepk II. Caan9n, Charlts Wod aad John II. - Lcary, . Directors in the Albcaiarla and Cbesape&lie Canal Company. John N. Mc Dawell Stsxte Vvzj.Ralcijh, Conservative. . ,. Funeral of Gen. Polk. The funeral of Geo. Polk will.not tak pUca in Augusta, as bcretofoie announce.!, but in Raleigh, the fami ly having telegraphed for his remains to be forwarded to ths latter city.Sjo . Repub biicraian's-Rald to Marietta. The following extracts from the Georgia pot'dcnee.of the X. V Tribune, are -of j 9 con c ir.tertbt, if it is a yankee Recount : RESACA. Tr.i? plate has been stn-rly fortified, ar.d had itbpeu defended, vv-uld h ive ben next to iiui)'j.ible to take. Au ariiv c uld have bet a vtrd in any dim t assault by enfilading batteries an i rill j its placed on tne hills, and Fuuui io?S frL'- , II rouIJl.l)0t b'17 been h nked. It would, howevrr, hjrirc prov- j ed,a trap jo"vn?cnihey could have been st.ut I up, and compiled to nurretidfr t"y siee. So ti.e whole ve:ir s laoor was tost, and n l oeti a zu; vfs tired from behind the elaborate ore;st works. The place is a picture of deso lation. Ii was haver, even in paceful times, aii inviting situation for persons fund of shade, and averse to dust. Ti:e trwps were here divided, one column taking the left, crossing a ford, and marching via 2ewton, auotut-r and the heaviest,-taking j center, a straight rod to Calhoun, while ia third column, McPh-rson's, pursued the left. Tlie wair"n trius knt on movinr lo-l? the night ; in fact, there was apparently uo ccsiation oi the travel.- l'.oMK. . Gen Jeff. C. Davis' Division surprised and capurt:d 11 one vrith all tha machine t-h ps, labratorie, aiYenal arid rebel man factories 01 au aim iuKm;u m war inii;:. au et- fort was mA(tf cy tha rebe!s to destroy the ot arrna and lUjtrn.U t war mtaet. Au ef- macums shops, but the Usign was fru.-tratd Tnis is the heaviest biow the Confederacy has yet received. . Kingston-, Ga., May 21 , Our infantry advauee entered t'.iis d.'seftd and sorrowful looking town yesterday morn ing, after indulging in a series of heavy skinu isls extending a distance of fivf milss north of Kingston. Ga Sherman's rapid progress f ll ll ,11 1 i .1 tri.'.Hrl.!ll.!li SI t. P. f ... . I - . ... n . 1 I io acuniiuuea inoc ,i rorniioauie natural Ijr- tificarions trom Cuattr.n wg.ito Atlanta is most urpriinft. By his niastf-rly stratfgy he has Tu'' """X to",evacU1 P'iV naturally impr.-nable, whrre military skill had lont its aid to : tiengtii'n the snug retreats of tin f e. S;a o of these rebel positions have l,ten uUen b a;ill!t. whilf others Could not , n-ii:n.c:i, nu iu MT ll U10.J WOU1U naVO coat us a terrible K.crihcv. PCRlb OF GKKS. Sif KRSIAK AND THjMAS. Kiht mil3 i'loui Caiho.iu, tha rear W rebid co'umn was brought 10 bay, at a plaoe callfrd"Oak Grove." Finding us pressing his rear inconveniently n.?ar, tire roads getting narre.yer, and with t luughs of mud aero streacss which nee led bridging dl requiring more time than they were likely tJgain they fiund ic necessary to make a taad about aa iiovir tefor? sunset. ''Oak Grove,' Gordon county, was forrar?rly ovrned by Mr. ll. C. S ixton, who built he.-o ii larg" octagon house up uv Fuwlai's plan, tho material iK-iug a ceinc-nt of gravel and lime. Tie situation was a favorable one for a fight, house furnishia;r a sxfe'fort for iho rebel sharpshooters and;er3. Ilr-re the nireati.-v rebel column made a desperate Kt".nd, u our advance sir i':i?hers, an)d o di in us to brin up our two i.attt-riesto co-opr.ratr. The fiht lasted until 1 ... . . .. A. ;. , , . i i i').ti nri ui in.. ').iiT..-r ns i;..rn si.'.o. tio- . iu;r br -ugiit into active p'ay. We 1 t few : men killed and wuuudsd, and I regret to ny j r - d' tii-svmri: Us.-r.-s w snared was from ; t:,; lH','ni" bursting of a ed fnvd by the 2' 'idl.kil?' . . . .. . . J bfjioji-red to Vod s ri.;;or. iJei Newti.-a : 1. 1 . .. .1 . .. had tiie advance, aod Pati.,ry M, 1st hatou I" Wils J"il1 t!i0 heavy business, asitevl hy -a 1- i'v;i- t-.M'oj uu i ne j'iz.u, Tjie:j uiw oepo r ab g accident occurred Col. Slirnnan's bii? io waschif Hy engagetl dnrifij ths sharply co: resUd fight. Si glial Oilier, Ll. F. Cole wai bounded in-iiuf h-g hy a ssbcll. Tne frugoi vit broke tlio shoulder strap fr nn die sh'.uider of dpt.dn B iss of General Newton's 3Uff, a fid broke the leg of C d. M g.m's hor-3 Gehs. 8'ncrtnua, Thomas, Newton and IIow ard, with ttieir sraifs, were standing together whcri tld-4 shdl e'en! ).l -d nor them. Wednesday. ?diy 18. The firing last even tug won. ui up hy a euiifiarjraiiou of the in bonss and barnoo the Sixton place, W.dch iit up the Inaven W-th a lurid light. Visiting the scene of engaen.ent thi morning, 1 find a. crowd of pohii rs r:isae!ing the Gray-l House." as il is eaSh-d here, nmnn icting among old trunks, and through pyramids of torn clothin and papers for valuables. The honsa a imirably served the purp sv-s of a fort, which may hereafter b ; cntrnTatad among the a l vantages .f Fowltr's Octagons. It had b-n peppeied by ;ra and cannist r at short noge which meraly caused idsntitatious of nu inch or two. the marc-rials crumbling out. Two Pam.i t- shells were the onlv pr.-ja'til-'s which psrf.rats.J the walls. Tne s lii. rs piled the bedding and old fru ;ks toilh-r in two of the room--, and ypolymg the match, the hand some and commodt us e lifici wis soon a pyre of fivries. AH the ont-buildins snared . the S;U1?, (lt! -no rov"3 o voun- otks, widcii h.vl doubtless d a grateful sado in the heat of sum:nr to the owners or occu pants cf thi aristocratic residence had, with Jew exceptions, all been more or iess's'iattered by the Vhowc-r of mit,iiei, large and small, which for the space of two-hours or in.,rj rained on the p'ace. Thus passed away iu the mid-t ol the wilderness of war, one of tha finest csntt-s I have yet met wiih in Georgia. Tte letters (bund upon the premises plainly indie ite l trie rohel cn:iracter of tlm occupant-, and the pUce h.d beau the hea Iiiuirters of the rebel General, so I was told. adairsvills snors. The array par-ued its maroii from t:ia plac?, Gen. Howard, with the dtti Corps, tak'uij the lead. T to and a naif inil-a further on ea catne to another deserted village, waera tha rebels had established hospitals for tha treat ment of thir wouri4d. Only three or four families remained in this place. AdairiTilla ia a towa of about GOO inhabit mta during tiroes of peace. JTnere is a railroad depot, a Baptiit church, a hotel and h large foundry and machine 6hop. or manufactory of arrns a ahort EBtild, er Mississippi rifle, which sha-ta UOO'yardj. The machiiifry was all removea1 to Diwaon at thn tirae of the battle of Mision Ridga. About 200 men were trnployad in the establishments of which a lnrre number iter Northern i chaoic. Oae of the et workmen was a P.n. nectieut unu named Thaiaas WrigUt. Tne Hotel wasjeeptbf Mr. Birney. It was vacated about three mouths since. Thtve wera aome dozen storas in the place. Tha placa was found totally iibmdaned and all the goods raraoved. During tka fight between this plac and the "Srarel IIu., " tha wounded, about 100, wera brought here and dressad. A leg, am putate! above the kaee, which must hnra be longed to tall man, another amputated tela the knee, & man's toe, and othar relics of the hospital, lay scattered abjut tha grauud. . One dead mau, kille J 1 at evtning, lay in oae of tha desertad buildiugv Only three or f .jut families reinsia ia the place. A rebal surgeon, to quiet appreheniou, sant a written caes ig back that persona wh remained at home wyuld not ba disturbed, but mast of the inhabitaata lx-ft,' taking everything away by railroad. Why Gon. Johnston dncs not Fi?ht. T have notioed amongst thn various corres pondents of the press, a considerable amvunt of pendexity in accounting for the failure of . - . . "i . .-i . r Gen. Johnston to giv! Dattie at o.auon after his faaicu3 bate of the 13th of M y. I have seen amongst other accoimts, that of the army correspondent of the Auguta Constitu tionalist, positively asserting that General Join stoti had 'received ordera from the Wnr Departmental Richmond," forbidding him to risk any general engagement vtil reihh rce roents might b spot to him from the a my of Virginia. The explanation is incorrect. The true reason for the retreat of tbft army from Cass Station afier Johnston's battle ord-r had ben rcjtd to the triKips, was a fdlare upon tha part of Ids corps C"mmsndtr3 to comply wi b Johnston's plan uf batile. Gen. John ston Laving determined upon hi line of bat tle, notified his troops that he was uow ready and about to bad -them to victory. Rvery heart pulsated with p miotic ferver in rospons to the call of the tried and trusted chieftain. Jjp Johnston hal deliberately chosen bis time and his position the word had been given and the deed mil -t b: done. Accordingly Gen. Johnston rd red his corps ctnmnib L-rs to advance their ct.mmands and occupy xertain c.csignatMi positions. All was progresung adpiirabiy for tha happy coRSummatioa of this splendid conception when st-ff oflb-er, charging up to one of Johnston's dt.-tinstii.-di d Lieuteuout-GeneralK made the atartlbuj an nonncemrnl lint the enemy, were on his tlai.U in large and tLrcit' ning numbers. Piaci-',; implicit c iniidenc v in tiie -nnouuoenjeat of a staff officer, the Lieutenant General, fearing to move, failed t comply w'ith liie orders f his commanding Geber.d. In the manwhih?, the advancinjj colm.i of tha tiemy gaintl ths 'position arl Johnston's plan was frus trated. Thre wns no alternative now left hiinbut to fight tl.o nnemy at a disadvantage, or to to a safe position. To have rushed madly inter the former, Gen. Johnstoa is a man of too much deliberation and evm tempered wi.h m to have feared to .do the latter, all the anthemas o an ignorant pub lic could not prevail. C-or. Sic. lifpublicun. ,,- A Couipllmt nt to Ancroti'H Trsop-. Clay's I, June 17th, 1803. Lieutenant-Gensr d 11. H Audtrsou, Com manding Longst rent's Corps: Genkral: I take great phusure. in pre senting to you my congratuiatioas upon the conduct of the ni:Mi of y.'tir corps. 1 belhwe that tliey will cany nythi"g they are put against. We trid very hard to stop Pick-it's men from capturing the breastworks of the enemy, but could not l.j it. I hope his Iors Las been small. I am, with great respect, Your obedient servant, (Sign ad) it L LKK G-neral. The nb vc complimentary di-pat ii frotn Gen. R. K. Le, to Liou't.-Geueral, R. M. Ander .on, comm indi g First Corps, is the hih?st c iuiplimiit ever paid to gallantry. Tha lines from winch Gn. BtMuregaic' witiiirew, when it became ti2ccsary for him to d .'feud Peters burg, tell into tha enemy's hinds before the iirmy td Gm. Lea arrue.!. I; the a became ii"Cffs-j.ivy to ilisiodgrt thm. Tho ground, however, was .unknown, and uroat caution Wa s iiftc:s;-ary. Osiers bad been rent to the division commanders n)t to more until or-d-rd, and to caution th- tm-n not to bj mis 1ft I "by the tire, The order had not brn Cfmmonicatfd to th rngim-juts of P.ckftl's division; when th.n firing bogati, instantly the men of this division .began t mor- to the front, fir I individuals, tiicn sruads, tiicu com panies, uutil tho. w!m!c division ii id sttrajjl"A into raitle and captured the works oV the enemy. This we uu.ler-itaad to by theXjda nation of the exprus-sioti of (ien. L ein't'i-di.-patch to Gen. Anderson, that "we tried very hard to stop Pickett'; men cap'.ur ing the breastworks uf the tuemy, but co'.d 1 not do it:" From the UolJst) oro' .State Journal. The Siaviry Question in Hie Yankee The Yankee Congres has rejectod the bill authorizing an arnroidmerit to the C Ki.-titutuva for the total abolition of slavery ii.'tlio United States. The vote was uinctv.f.ur yeas to sixty-five nays. Tho vote . i,cccssary whs 100 two-thirds of the whole vote casti which wa 109. Tlu Baltimore America sayjPof this result, "those of the Maryland delegation nreut stand right on the mcoH," and it adds, a:jd wa regard it as p. most significant, fat, that of tho whole number of members voting to rob the Southern pe.iple of the property guar antied to ih-m by th- CoMstttmion, "fo'ir "Democrats were found brave enough to take ' the re-p )tisil)ility of voting mi the side of "justice and human freedom. Ou'y fourl L't "their mimes lp qmbalmel in t e graului "memories of tr.o nation. But tho avowed "opponents of the bill .wk-re the I) mneratic "members of the Jbiue. Bj it known, there "fore, that tho Democratic party, if such a "thing of shreds and patches as the dehrin of "th-i Democracy can be called a party, 1ms "taken issoe iip,-n this quc&tiou, and thrown 'down the gauntlet of defiance." We de.siro to cail t-necial attention to the uiu uic i.-iiiocrais in iongres, wiih four exceptions only. Voted against t U infa mous lAeasure of robbery and atmliation sixty-one men are to b fouud in the North .em Congrcsa bound together by a semld ti.ce of honesty. Wo desire this Jo b-) marked in these days of rampant C on.-ervatisu), as much to bhofv that principles liv.ii with a spirit of immortality, aw that '.he falso cry of "The Union" has at length been openly abandoned by the iomi ant party at the North. The t tailors amongst us who whisper and breathe "Reconstruction," rnuj-t row stare realities in the face. Let all such at once ktaiw lhat there is no nire re'eoastruod n tor thm with out the total and umbuditional abolition of slavery iu wiiich they wc i hire no, ..n wtiich ihey are not eyea to consulted. The American, as organ of the Liru'olh.AJmiuMra- tion, is unmistakable i,n ibis p. .int. It closs au eoironai on the subjtckwnh this emphatic langUrtc : "Although the future fate of tins bill is not ainatter ot uncertainty, rejection at thia tune is to be regretted, beoau it i.n;- a ncL-dh-sd-Iay upnn ti.o grat question .f re construction. Slavery must be abolished be fore any efforts at rtc instruction an be fffrc iual. The loyal people of the United States will accept no reunion into the b uis. of which Slavery titters as a component, p n t. The dau forsuct I'o'ly ii put an I gone They will be content xctlh nothing short of if, extinguish ment. Ihey haya paid tho pries ami they have aright t demand an equivalent for their investment. Gen. Longstrett- arrive! at Columbia on Si.nday, en route for Augusta, Ga., where his family is resi ling, r was when he Was wotin ded. O.i Monday he was visaed by uumh-is of citizens, vrh o wished to pay their respects and wish him God speed. 1 11. U Jii Or H f r 11 I VJ . l:r():iTSF TIIE PIifS ASSOCIATION. Entered according to act of Congress IrTthTypr? bv J. S. Tha.her. in the Clerk'- hr..e of the District Oonrt f tha ConMrate Stgti for the Northern District of Georgia. We have been permitted t-v n?a the (c)U despatch, which is auth-cti. wrg UKLLFIRLD, Jt NE CO. We nerd no rf.lar..rc. mentf. Aj far is irj can letrn, th enemy lnv been routed with cop?idrh!a loss, aad nrarlr, if not all their artillery, and all their waeni and air.balaDCi. A portion of thnj-crosod the Kail, road at Jarratt's thi morainj. S.jiiacls of ut't. ners areb'M-? broajht ia. We haye pon; 30 white and about as many ngro priioarrs here. Special Dispatch to the Confederate. WELDO.V, July 1, liCi One hundred he I fifty yankre pi isoners, (raider-) arrived here nt noon to-day, taken yesterday. The news from below is good. f Ons hundred and twentr-jix ptif-ners frai trs.capturned n-ar Stnny Crek by Kitz Lee's force?) p-s.fli through this city yfiterd'y, en route for .the (ivorgia pi ion. Kd. Conkfdb; uate. . report wns prevalent liere ye?terdav, tht 20a Raiders had been captured at Del field, or thereabouts. rromnrji. J!jitii' Army. .MARICTTA, June 3n. The heavy firing this morning wa provok-d by an attmnt of ths on. my to estahlUh a fortilipd linaof pickrtson South et Fair Ridffe, occupied by a part of OernMil Cheath im's command. On moving out they en. countered our videttes, who fell back and reported .the enemy advancing. Our batteries opened uu them; the artill-ry loing vxcelleat shooting; every shell exploding apparently In tho right place. The enemv arc rjortiny to rvere coneeirable do vie in dayligat to prevent our mm from sleeninz. All quiet to-dty. Oceiiional -hrlliag by onr batteriis ou Kenesaw mountain. ortht4r:i A.TL 1XTA, J rn..-Th Appl has ror-five.l . the Clisttnoor 'S'Xfttf, o,f th- 2Sth. conftining w York and Washiagton - datas to th 27th. Th potp .onement of the Chirac Conventi n th- 20th Aujfrwt., U utated to lis a triumph for ValUti'ligham. Th- Wool an! Price fartion's object bing to await the i?ua the present cam-" paifn nf nraat au4 Sherman, meets with decided sneers. Th-i Coaveation nsv proaijl-;$te a plarforra pledging tho party to a universal trff ty to the rebels and to noia ioat-a mho Identified " with the war. If Grant if not siicj-s'ul, it mv adopt a st-sight-oat peac r-ibitioni' niHko fight on eaoJi wko oppo..l th war, who. firt act of ainraitratioa shall b.v a pron.isiti.m for artuitttce with avi-w ti a final ceparHtion. i WASlIfN'GTO:'?, .T.xnj2t. Stf-mtor I) arN ?ivo notice that he should intr;-Ia?a a bill to etahHxH ptaeo among the iai)jlo under iu government. VfA!iivTiv. Jun 27. It is ip,'.--l t!i .pi-s-tivn rsppctSnx three hindrfil doMirs es-mpti'm cliur. in which thVII non e tncnrreJ, will ho settled by a co,unilf,e if eonfer-ne. An nrmy erti-Tef poiid.nt, on the 2-'th, elim ihnt . Grant prn inently h'd Is tho lV-rbnrg nn I Wel don !t:jl-r"d .-outh of lot.qburg. Tlie Tri bune ppcisl corrogpondent of the 2.rth, fays Ilampt'm's f?, C. troops m ido twi tt'ick on Dal-' dy .''niitli'j lin nd wer- r-nabad. orio hundred and isisty prionera. Xrw Y.oik, Junei 27. -OoM 240. Hend-rs.., the p-ri)l!.hr of the Uccnhi- f'-. tt, I Xnvy Agent, at New Yoi';. ha been arrested on warrant btoicd oa applieatiuj f -pobil cmris.d of tho Ntivy lo partmeut, and admitted t bail in ona hurnlnd thousand dollars. Ciucvao, .Tuns 22nd. Valhndigham imtill at homo at Dayton, Ohio. II was r.eJri'd with shout of we! com i by th D-an-jrat'c Cnvntl.a at i;5i)rinrrfiela'. Illinois. Andy J (hnsin'rt ip. ch in .Va!iri:ie on h nomination for Vice IVe.-oaVn t, rav ulavery if dead. Ths Stat wuH litre out tht dislnrbiae element at oulr mrtv ' niipMncrv wto. l. nKoii'il more ir harvuony. lie wants to ree emigratits pouring in fro ji all parti, no that Jat Toini n"i may rank .rith New iingliid. In thi convent i-u to restore th Sttt, traitors ahoal 1 take beck seats. If there b but ii ve loyal tnn tlor , they should control tii wot k of reorganization. TriitAs taut bo pnni"!i?d thus, l'lutitati-ins I.. l i fi if... r . i iuu-i o; rtii.-j uivhi'j'iw'iii rmtii i.iriu iinu eoll to hone?t men. Tin dy f.r the protection ' of the lauds and negr e of th e authors of the K-bvl. lion i past. Ho moana to nt.iud by th-j fjovern. merit and the union t'.Il tho nig waves over evtry town and ; then he will attend to M-xi-ati affairs, aad say t M-m. N ipolocn, you can f-ct up no monarchy on this continent. His jvich is rcmifkibb; bsr its omiiin o' -uy claim to rec-jnt victurirs : tha onlv rif,?rr nr. ia the tubirct bsing, that claim, that should aa un- equil nambsr hi kilb..l in avry battla, that if plain that th result must b uttr itertnination ofrebflf. lis concluiss by saying that though mon-y bj -xpnld, thyu-h farms and citifi b-t dastroyed, let tho war lor the Union go a, and the stars and ttripei ba bathed ia the natioa'f blned, till law be restored yaid freedom fully established. Gov. Vance's Appointments. High kVmt, Wtdr.CMiay,, Oh. Sale.n, I burwJay , 1'rid iy, S tturd-y, Monday , Tuesdar, 7th. 8th. . 0th. , 11 1 Is. I'Jth. .' H'n. Y.oikir.vill?, Trao Hill, I) tbsou, I) tulitiry, Wfiitworth, n Thuradav, Friends will p'easa provide from place to place. Western paper please copy. a conveyance W laaru from ut)quts ni abl aut'uoritY; that Michel Tilghman, who was arrotci by Gen. llokeand placed in jail at ivKstou. u i a charge of didoyalty, and ab mt wViw-h .tho Proyrenn rah-ad suoh a howl, and who o-cd from confinement, wa tha pit t of tlia Y'au kces iu their iejnt raid uoar Kiiyttou. The Soldiers' Iieltcr Society, Dain now organized, all contributions to th aamewiU be tfianktully received. Donations of provisions or stores may be aent to the Pi esideut, Mrs. S. H. Koqeus ; donations in money, to tho Treasurer, Mrs. J. W. Kllis. Cooked provision?, vegetabhs or fruits may be ent to Cmion's Hotel between the hours of tn and half ynt elevm o'clock, when managers will be present to receive thcui and att?ndto their proper distribution.

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