J i " y.- f .V r v l"tHJP. L IK. tt. n.wvtiwMB.nwi,iuii u mi jmnn w iji. 'i jnn i.amwn Y CONFEDERATE. DAILY CONFEDERATE. ADYEUTISI5 0. " ADVERTISEMENTS wll bt InAert-d at bOLLAks per cquare of ten lines (orje?) for each insertion. Marriage notice and Obitnanci will fc cuarged as adrertisep-tcnU. JOB WORK of evt-ry deteription irfU b et ecu'tod at this OlTlc with dispatch, and' a aeatlj it can b duaa ia the Southern Confederacy. (s0HAN A: 0., Proprietors. 1! IT l UN, for u ifivirit.is SI a 9 ;KLY,Tor i month 1 " 3 41 .. 5 EDITION', forG months & (criptions received pa any other terms bov'e, nor for a Ionj r or shorter period. OLD KP.K3, VOL. V. RALEIGH, N. C, MONDAY, JULY 4. 1864. VOL. I-.Vo. t38. m a mm m 1$ ' ' Si miM. k Jyo J. M J- till I- Mili )vr "Advertisements. CTION SALES. IT 11. IXflNLY, Auctioneer. AUCTION SALIC or OSTED GOODS, BY CATALOGUE. "EONr'SO AY, JULY 20TH, 1SG4, COM .rimr at If) o'clock. A. M.. I will tell, it rjiimi No. 2, Graite lion, Wilmiagtoa, lae entire carrots oi fM-aiusnip BADGER AND LUCY, MB- (iri cn-irnment ex ahip GllCOItA, f'ANNlh. CITY 0 .'ETEItSUUKO r 7t3 la, viz : DF; Y GOODS. hm win to noura I 1 1 ii i s I'I'i.k and white printed Muslins ; llUCliaoaCiv I oreU Orirand'o Mudins . A : in y Clot hs t .'-uyM-r Hosier - Coats' ni r it's Si'ool Cotton . -i liniddng Linen Thread ! -; fancy Shirts ' x . olii. broken ami mourning Ginghams : S black IU.- tl".? . (o Confeth.rale Tweeds .-.V ready made Clothim; Check any Stripes, iiummbj - coat, v-st ami b;me Button ; r'i Bare:-,- .. m black Sain .: ;eiocr- black Broadcloth ; .! M bvoWii il. Ilnd i ; . I'lai,.' 1 ts .' . mi ted MHtot-9 ( i !. u uf i.d g i y Serge L , , . -i n (. r rlini',4 i , . I . s liiacis A lf:cc . ( ,:i Black Oi !'; m I , . -e I'.ip.T Cambric, assorted celours l M ottl " i Alr-aces, r-M' B tt i rgani Tv. rrds c. ? S nili'.'nj ioakinff Li.ick d Whito i'lints . 4 Sliii t.i ;i Z rar:-;.' Shwl I: Lino-,. lt!'.'i')r I! . 'v M..iu'iU .'Sciting i, , x- jki.r r.tci'l CUtb, tisi ted clori I h uh li;n-a i ..a,,a Vlsi i. -rut White Pins ilOKS, LKATilKR, Ac. h LuTi'm'. OrtBt and Ck'.U r'i Shoes Biv.rff. fxtr is c t A rm r .SL--" V i- U i; 'Li' lilrached aid Srow Shot Tk"-:.d i ca-'-s I'.- Vrxd-(i1f Sitias I c i (!hafu rkin 'i : . Moj'ocu.) Skins i;;)ll'(!.V CAilDS, CLOTIIIXQ, A 's. C- ttr.o Cardf, o. 10.?, part Tfbitta- I u - : Fiiirtii.'' STaTIOXAUY. IS (..(-'. -i fp. Lct?r aud N'oio Paper m I 4 . . ( Willi. t t'. Sti,r.l X CUJ . T, c.i-. . lioidsr i . .... Pcucii P.'f.S i i 1 a..-i ted .-tatii-n rj UA;(JINa AND ROPE. it) t,!-; tiniu.v "-Ii'S I ! T ci.. I L.its flap r;aocKi:iLS. r.;. Lv.fl'-e i bi'iivvn Su jar :') !.i ci ;ih'-J S.i-.-ir i . kit 1 ilaekreL - -k Oi.', )t l-'1 !;. . Sn-nu t'jr.dles !.; ; lp.,.'r '" i .. -X-.i.' Yr.Ht' Hyson Tf a Ii .KD YV AKK, Xo- ;..; !I.) Iroa k- N4'l, a-..-o: tod eiz-s : - iV i -'( a a 0 t j i i Si't ;; ,v: s K.iirc?, Til'1 and Razom i.ui;o:;s, c. '.'c.i k.; i'i;v Co 'nab I'randy : J' . c I'uf.' Miutcl iJ.-andv 1 :f-r j-ipo 'Uf? Piy.L-t, Cd'illon A. Co., .nd.- ! i i' i HJ-f Ot:itl, Uupuy i Co, Brandy ', .'i . . . '.'i' h i -i; y :. 1 : -! i : in iii 1 . : H ij-li i (J'ltl : '.l.'.-1 H n-i (r in , ' DUIHJS, rfrc. T ' i j ! -iiuo: ) Paste :. i c . - tI:' ! Clicks : A i "' I . Aii'.'n .; . .; s, ' i-' n S i'.U, : r- . - li vi .'! i';ivia u r Oil -t'i :I 'Ii. '.ii"0. S d.i . f. i j -. s l -JK ;; ; !il!ino S Pot. '.' ('ail). 1 c.i- - V,n - Ma ; f i)vd. ijicic 1 l..-nl- P.-it;i--. and Iodine J C.J k.i So'Ia t'l Vt.l'.d J i-k- HI. iv S:-r.i 1 C i" P I '.-olio 'BJ 'jti'ji !-ro I-fJO. fo sal::! ,-, v. ; : i:.ci; . kak c,ui;i:nsdoiio,' nt. c. Ix 11 -I: i;eu-, Ri:d one of the best in the Ct :.j.t;-. c ::tn;r.ir' i b t , lar;e rooms, and all i ''.' ? ry .iif-hctif??. The land, 22tf acre, and j . .'.M.T.- ti.iciy. T:.ei c ;ire li'Ot of the clioic-f.-t In:: tr--:.- en i', -"eitctrd from the Westbrook i.ui . .'. i.ii '1 I i ii'.niry i. i.ow oCerel to er eijD v. :?:'. '. .i Uii.c .i in v tptuient. A a ; - J. If. jt:U I . I Jt KittrtU's Depot N. C. -.a :;:; fmuaie college:. rpi! T, F'.iM Sfbsion of this School will begin on .1 V din .-;.' , tii..1 -C ill of July, and contiuue twenty vvefke. r.ut.. a, who v.-i,h to fcecure rooui!f for their daLVrii!' Tf, vili I'Icaye it f..-rm us iiuinediaU-ly, ' as v.e ('u uut i) to vide fravcry 'arge number of boarder.-. 'Pupils j-re-rf iue.-tc.l to luin books, s'atos, mus ic, ui.il to lv i.r.t:.t it t the opening of tho !Se?c: i . 1'or tciurn Ac, address . E. E.PAIUIAM, ju!y 1 Waneuton N. C. IIEADQUAKTEUS,! " KiNs-roN, July 1st, 1864. J CIlliJlLAil. Ti !'!t !A 5 TKli, all rrittpn coiiiinunications te t. ! -i u... ii iit below t!ie Conideratf lines, will te i'.,':w -iit d, uHtea'ul, to the care of the Provost ildil,:il, ivi-ritoii, I"'' '.v4:nifition. PyJJ- J r of COL. J. X. WIIITFOItJ). ja'iy 4-utjt J. G. StiiESCK, Adjt. New Advetrtisements- & TO TllL Y6TEUS OF PUT CUl.NTf. QHXTLEMKX; In reponse to the jsuticitations of nainerous friend, I hereby announce niystlf a candidate for the ofnee ol Sheriu ot Pitt county. If elected, 1 fhall endeavor to dieeharge the duties f the oCice faithfully. JAMES XI. F0I1BES.' july 4? 1864. ; d6t. I?EW BOOKS JUST PUBLISHED EVANS 8l COGSWELL, COLUMBIA, S. C; .i ..... . 4 i. . THE SPIIUT OF 3I1LITAUY INSTITUTIONS. liy Marsha -Makmont. Transiated from tLelatetit Prid edition by Fkank bciiALLa, Colonel I2J Regiiiicnc Mi.-ii.-fairjd Infantry. Xeatly bound. Pic j Ooe-th'ui oa to tne trade.. IXFAXTKY TACTICS. For Irigad..' Li vision, and Army Corps, by Gen. Lahev, L. ft. Army. Pronounced tae best work ol the kind in the language. Iilustrutel rrith 29 LUhogrdphed Plates, and well bound. Price $5, Une-tnud on to the trade. chisolm's srustiiY, I5ein a tt.ird edition .f this vuiu iMc work. fc'pieudidly illustrated, and finely bound. Price $ id. One-tiiird oil to t'M.- trade. Tho editions ofull of thcfco valuable works are unir 2,1)00 e'.Lv, and thooO in want will do well to htmd in their rders at once. ALSO, GEXEIIAL OKDEU.S, A. & I. G.'s Office, up te st Ar iil, Izij I. Price $5.. Oe-third otT to the tiacle. ANDREW'S LIGUT ARTILLERY DRILL. i'pl.-.ididly il!u.-tratid. Prio $L One-third off to me trad'. Any ofthcte looks tviil be ircnt free of pOctao en receipt uf the price, in nc'iV issue, or the old ut the dueoiint. EVA ITS Sc COGSWELIi, july 4 d.'U Publishers. Liist of-Letters t jji'i at.M.iu uuiaiiiu, iwi iu int. i t'Sb viiitv . b v Kalei-'h, . C, July the 2d 1SS4. The poafc. age on advertise d letters is two Cents each. Ca for advertised letters and ivc date of list. Awtry I) 11, Durton A J, .Crowning Humphry, IL-azil G W, Chaves Capt t T, Chrich It L, Ciif- ton Miss N A, Dickon J L, Flyinell Rich, GcvynJ 1 11, uariliier Alrs 1 J, Harris .Irs UMarety. Horrid Surg A, IL-dges L W, Johu.on M;si Cordelia, Justice llov David, Kfarns Stinson, Kent Mi.s L .tne, Layton (eo L Little Mis Mollio A 2, Mears Lieut J A, Payler J D, Pettard O W, Pear.-oa Mrs il V C. riiiiuli .Mrs Julius, b'harpo XV F, t-'he.tnn Win . Smith Mis.s Jennie 0, Smith Miss M, Til linghast W N, NVillianij-on -Tus, Vril imson It H, GEO. JST. COOKE, P. M. CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL. Tally-IIo, GranvillfCo. K. C. rphr F;;I1 Sfsslnn r.I tJifs School, niulrr L the care of T..J. flOii.N Eii, agisted by J. if. It OWL A XI), commences tu- L:rct Monday in July. The price of board and tuition is $o()6 per ses sion. Application fo.' admia-u n should be made1 in advance. T. J. 11 6 it XEU. june 2't-12t dlft Wanted, a Situatio as a Teach. J WIST l to obtain a sdtuation a Teacher, eith . tr of a public or private school. I am a fradu atf of the University of Xorth Carolina, and hare had some experience in teaching. Ueferences The Paeultv of the University; Hoc,. W. ii. Mattle, Chapel Hill; J. Luxton Wil liams. Waireuton. Addr.j,s EDWARD IlINES. ' june 1D 3taw2ir: Raleigh, N. C KKCEIVES SALE OF L.) Ullii: THE CONFEDSBATE STATES, vs. Propo-ii of .5. F. Slnchlm, Xcqxesfertd. PURSUANT to an order r.mU hy ths jCur.fcde rat Cour t for Co; District of South Carolina, I n il! sell and dispos of at public auction, on the tilth day of July next, at 1 1 o'clock a. in., before tin Market Hou.-e, in the town of Cheiaw, S. C, all the riiiht, title a .id interest of Robert K. Stock ton ia that very valuable property known a tes "DREW Ell GOLD MINL" with the cni.ies and mac'hinpry attached, and. ab ut th ( iiundrcd and tvve.ity-eight acros'wf .n on.v.hich aid mine is situated. This valua ble proworty in Chtcrfi':ld DisMict, abwot forty mi It's .from (Jurraw, the head of tie Cheraw and Darlington Railroad. Term3 of sale Cash.. -L J. TOW.VSEXD. Receiver. Receiver Office lieunettsville, S. C, Mar 2'Jth, lHQi. jaT-I08-dlw HEAIVQ1LS3D MILITARY DISTRICT. DISTRICT,") ds,i..va., y U, 1SG4. J 1) l.y.K Til KXIL X. CaKOMMA AN Si ilminTiOv, X. C, June Circular. r CITIZENS ARK HESEIiY NOTIFIED. THAT v.- in future no M.rinit will h'i granted to Tk-it the Forts at the mouth ot tho Cape Fear Rir r. Tlnne de.dring f-j send provisions or clothing to s Jdi'TS i this c.imiaar.d. can hare them forward ed with despatch by sending them to the cue of C?'t. J. 13; Granger, A. Q. M., at thi.? place. By coiuQiandof Maj. G.-a. WHITl N'C, JXO. S. FAIRLY, ' jnnr 21-125 -d6 Lt. and A. I). C. Conscript Office, I RALEIrtU, X. C. JuTue 7th, 1364. 5 " (Extract) Spkciai. OaKiij Xo. 1.17. 7f CAI':.' II! Oil L. C0LK is ljprcby JJ. JL asiigced to duty as Enrolling Officer for the First Congrr s.-ional District, and will be ebeyed and respected accord rgly. Dr order of the Conurardant, (Signed) E. J. HARDIN, Adjutant,, Chief Enrolling Oiiice loi Cong. Dist. llnrfreesboro', X..C , Jane 15th, 18C4. (Jeneral Orpeus, X'o. 1. ' I. In obedience with Special Orders, current series. Xo. 137. paragraph VII, thi undersigned takes command of the Enrollaient in this District. II. At the direction of Lt. Gen. T. II. Holmes, Cit.ir.anflirg Reserves in Xoi th Carolina, it is ordered that the Reserves of both classes i. e. all white males between 17 and Is yeas of are, and ail between 45 and 50, assemble at the coanty seats of the counties in which they reside, on Sat urday, th 25th ir.stant, and proceed to organize thems'dvis into corupauies of at Iea? sixtv-four enlisted nsen, elect their officers and forward their wuster rolls and certificates of election of orticera to these Headquarters, without delay. Tho two elapses nauit be organijed .separately, aud the ollicers 'chosen from the class t which the nen Lelong. III. The Commanding Cfficer of the "Homo Gu ud" in each county is charged (in the absence of CoGBtrEnridling Officers) with the execution of paragraph II of this order. (Signed) HUGH L. COLE. Capt. atkd En. 02iccr 1st Cong. Dist. ju 21-u5t. Xorth Carolina. SKQI'FSTKATHI) DEBTS. ' nnilE undersigned will attend at the following JL times and places, to collect the interest oa the Sen u'-stra fed Debts in his District, viz : t llilltboro: Jnlj 14th, 1364. "RMeigh " 20A2f. l.V,v..tt!-vill " ' 27. 2SA23. n J O. H, WILDER, Receiver. Fayetterille Observer copy till July 20. . . " juue 27 dtjy 20. 50T1CK. T?i(ftt SiLESEVEKAI, THOUSAND POUNDS i. o.FiantatUo Iron. We wilt pay tn.hig'aet casV.'price fer all kinds &f old Fil nd .Scrap lion. . HECK, BKODIK 4 CO. Raleijli, .pril l.'Si-Jcf. . "I III- ii 1 1 ' TF are nutliorizcil t nnnnunrc V'tn. VV S. HARRIS, as a candidate for the H.fu? of Commons in the next Li-jrislature, from Cabarrus county. He is a Vanc man 133-u2t A'.f rs. H. VV. anlcr. iJLi BOARD By the Dav, " WeeV, " Month, Meals alone, jane 16-dly i 25 224 YOU SHERIFF. rE are authorized tannounce W?J. J. POPE tor bherin of Lenoir county, at the election in Augus . jul 1-134-dtJt LfiLNOIIl COUNTY. "l'rE are ruthorized to announce W. W. DUXX ' a- a candidate for this Housi of Coiarnons from Lenoir county at tha ensuing election. jul l-EU-dGt Damp 2ad K. C. Infantry,-. June 27tu, lb64. rilo thf. Citizens of Wayne Colntt, X. C. : Uy JL rrqurst 1 announce myself a candidate, to re present you in the Senate of your nxt General Assembly. Tf elected I shxll endeavor t s rve Tour interest, ii not elected I shall cheerfully abide' your decision. I am vour ob't servant, Ac. ' 133-dGt "Wr. T. FAIRCLOTII. $2000 X. C. BAKK. NOTES ' WASTE ! "E are comnn.-siotu d to purchase the above f am iint of Xot.-s on Xorth Carolina Uanki. Persons wishing to sell will please (jail on us. .We vilf pay the highest market price, either in gold r new currency. CR; ECU A LITCIIFORD, ' Commission Merchants. . jane 30-1 33-2ttas. Q1IEET IROX FOR S'lRO-UJM BOILERS O ilj and feet Innp, 3-lt; inciies thick and 33 inches ride, for sale bv july 2 i:5 dtf CREECH &. L1TCHFORD. m 11 . 11 - -.I - -1 1 H AIL-. AUTHORIZED TO ANXOUXCE Dr. JOHX F. FOAUl) a candidate te n-p- !Si?nt the County of Rowan in th? House of Com :ons of the next General Assembly f the State. roit the; legiglatuhe. WE ar Aut!iflZi to Announce Co!. il.K. CRAWFORD, as a candidate Ur e-clcctioti to a seat in the House of Commons of ic next Geueral Assembly of Xorth Carolina, 'om Wayne county, julj 2-i35-dte t OXFORD FEMALE SEMAaY. PRINCIPALS: f.v. T. X. Faucettr, 1km M. A.Falci-ttk ASSISTANTS-. Miss Annie P. Smith, Miss Lillik P. Lin e.ioit .TIS .Mollie E. Yvraldo, a jrradua'e of Mu ic ,?1 Vile Semi eminary, has clrirfie of the idusic I)e- artiiicnt. ith such a cor-s of to oninculy " ualid- 'l Southei n .Teachers. wj cnii!id.ntly e,x ect a libera! patronage. The fall Session will immence on th'ellth of July, an ? continue tw.n- f weeks. For pai tieulii s address Rev. T. M. FaUCETT, july 2-i::3-d6t Oxford X. C. . r Greeuy Count: To F VHcrs and Citizen Voters of Gr-ene County: A T the solicitation of msnv friends, I announce. myself a candidate, to ivprescnt the county of rt eenvi in the House of Commons i.f the next L'is- iture of North Carolina, f elected, I wiil serve ; ou ti th-; best of mv ability; guarding your iterests with unswerving lid lit v. . J. T. F RE EM AX. Snow I fill, June 27. 18(14. 133-die. Wilmington Journal and State Journal copy. MY v. ffi; 3?:i'py Ann i!. 1!, :iu'i rty . dat'hter Mary Jane Mitchell, (free women, f color) b'ft my house in Halifax county, N. C, vithour cause or vroTocation. I tii rei'ore fore ai n all persons from h:irbn ir g,. conce;'iir.g or rediting them, as I will pn r.o iebt contracted y thm. W I ELI A M MITCHELL. Hililax, June 27, l.P.4. 133-J2t A CAXJMDATE FOU TtlK LEG I SL AIT UK. OT-i'lEU W. tifl-iKV, Cj5. E. lst . C. Ml Cavalry, re.-'pecttully oilers, his s:-rvie.--s to epr -sent the people of "Warren jom,ti in the ' ' Lu.;e of Commons of tfle n-xl' Leisl iture. Election fi st Tharsd.iy in August. may Il-15-wtde Tax TSTotioo. WILL attend rny ot!ice, ;ir i':e Court, H.nii in tho ritr'ot R slei rh on til- 1st dav of .j ELY I i.evi r.o- th( n!i.-:.s of nolteetinrr Tax 's du-. froui .'.lerchants for the year ending 1st, Julv, 18t4 ju25-l2'J-u5t W. H. HIGH, Sheriff. L . Ofi-'ICs XoKfii Carolina Railroad (.(. 1 Va n f k, '22. 18H4. f rpJIE FlFl'EEN'TII ANNUAL MEETING OF J the Sto-k'soh'cj of the North Carolina Rail ' oad Companv v ill be held iu the city f Raleigh, ,n Thin-Mi ay July lith, 18J4. Stockl'.'dd- rs who cannot attend in r-evson will please send their proxies. P. A. STAGG. iune 2irl2-!-oaw5t . Secretai v. TO TJI-I2 PEOlMi" OF WAKE CUL'A'TY. rpiIE CANDIDATES FOR THE LEG IS LA -A tare and lor SliMiff will meet and' addite? their fellow-citizens at lusbee's Thursday July 14 danks' Friday ' 15 Franklins' Saturday " 16 Srik s Monday" " IS Dunns virla Tuesday 4 " 19 Forestrdlo Vv'eicsdar " " 20 ttolfsville Thursday"' ' 21 Wak'-fold Friday " " 22 Hood's Saturday " 23 Bat nev Jones' Monday 44 25 Lashle'v'v X Roads ' Tn.-ida " 2 Green L -vel 'Wudu esday " m 27 Morrisviile Thursav " 28 Hare.-' F.ilav ' 4 10 O-ak Grove" Saf.r'Ay 44 30 Laws' Monday Aug't 1st Thompson's T.'i 2 Wiley Lvnn's -Vvr diu sday 44 - 3 Tho Tax Collectors will also attend and all wiii bare an opportunity of pvii g thir State and Countr Taxes. W.H. HIGH, bheriff.- juae 27th lt;4 dtf . 7 antlsorzrd r.ml nqaestf.I io V v announce B. F. MORTON, as a caudidatw for the House of Couuaons, i'roia Alamance coan ty, in h- next Legislature. jan 7-I13-dCtAw4t BA10X F0K SOLDI EUV FAMILIES. STATE OF NOKI II CAROLINA, JSuc-I'TENce Department, lltteigh, Jwe 27, 1864. To'Coanty Coumiiss'oners : I am prepared to sell, at cost, to any of the ; counties of this State, lor tne us- 01 inuigeni latni lies of Soldiers a portion ot the Bacon accarault ted for th t purpose. County Commis'soi.e , w ho are in nd of Bacon w ill -communicate with me. l:,2-d4t THOS. J. HOGG, M j. &. C. S. 'par AH papers iri the S-ate will copy four times and send bills to me, with copy ol paper con taming the advertisement. CONFEDERATE TAX NOTICE. VTICE IS 1 1 E Ii E B Y G I VEX, TH AT I WILL i attend rith the Ass.-?ors at my o-fico t;oin the 5th, to the 12th of .Julr, t revive the taxea on tju trterly sals, due the 1st Julv 104. An a:n;uut eq jl to ie fi zi o"ih tix on e lies will be added, to be paid in :..-if.d-rte note3 of thnsw:i-e. UUFUS H. PAGE, jun? 23 127-tjrl2 Collector l&th Pis t r i c t. NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION OKE.. II. AXU K. S. TlCKKSi AND W. v V Andrews, have this day associated tliKui sdres toarethet under, the' name and etvl of TUCK Eli, AN DREWS & Co., for the purpose of conducting a j?--n?rAl Auction and Commission buiincss. . All business entrusted to them will meet with promptn.'f and dispatch. TUCK Eii, AXDirEWS & CO. june 23 127-dtf Milishavo X. (. Military Af:ulmy. The Second Session H3t4 ) of tlria Institu tion, will cooiTneoce July 1st. For Circulars and information apnlv to" Maj. W11. M. GORDOX, ma. 17 95-d3ra tiead:;iirters 2nsi District, DEPART ME ST X. C. A X D Si). VA., Goi.bi3jso'y N. C, Jane 21, 1S64. ICIilCULAH fM?lZ::X A 'IS X.71FIKD Til AT fiK.n.E- after per rui sir.:i WILL N OT be granted to pass through ou iin.-s to Xerbrn or Vashinr ton under any circ ritances whatever. By order of Bri,-. Gen, Bakkh :" it. T. FULGI1UM, 24-12S-(5t 1st Lieut. A. D C. A A. A. A. G J IXTKD. A Good (opyiiis Clerli. . I Apply to, Capt J. W. HINSDALE. A. A. G. iid.oQri. liese;v.-, X. C, une25dlt. Rakih, N.C., SALE 017 VAI.APIE TUOPLJiTY.. I WILL, A IHEAtiEXT OF THE LAT2 J s;:fn BijOfNT, otf-jr lor sal-, t t'i'e highest bidder, aUhe Coui t Hons- in thn town of Hihs boro'on Tiiel iy, tge 1 .th day ot July n-xt. that Viil-na'd e fa. :r , know n as the David Har. pluce, within two uiHt- f Hidsbor-o', and containi.i thi-'-e hundred 4:nd sixt -one acres more than one half of which' i in woods. Said farm is in Jirst ratf con lition, v. itii !.'ices thoro-ighly repaared Th" hous! coi.tains eiht Looms in good repair, with all nc."ss ry out buddings in jf'iod condit on ' with the exception of two bnis The tana ha3 on it two exceiL'Uf. Orchards of selected fiuit trees, two ruod n.'U(t.)v,-s. and is abundantly watered. - Terms, twvlw mo-iths credit, h.-n l with ao piovcd senn it , brarinsf inti-Test fiom lstdayi.f Jnnu.ii-y ISO ; the tirl-j to be reserved until the purchase iuonv is aiil in. Vv ILLIAM II. STAND1X, A-Oit. june 15-120-ceodl5t $200 hew aud: j TiiAYED ;r was stolen, from the nub'-criber, kj on the night cf. the 25th f Ju:ie, near tho Wak and Jo.hoston count line, on the I'avctte vtUKand IJaieih road, Two Large ia w bii-j. Dl.ick HOtiSES both show ing ryent marks of the l;ar in.ss. Gnu very black, 'with t'a!J m m h in.jin-r on bth sides of his neck, and tail vlry .it'll ' ar,d 1 oig, with a square fiat lui.p. i' j other h:is verj little m ;t 1 !i or tail, has a sharp 111:00, and is ei a light; r t!-r, both recently sfiod. 1 will irive tiu above ivward, ' and pas ail ex pons .-, lor th' i apo?-. her.iou so that 1 c.i:. get t.hf!fi, or f ! their fU'.iverv to 111 e at W-irreTif.jn, n. c. " o. .i. Mrrn. June 27, lSl-lCO ddl' ..l,; il i, 1 V.ii I WILL PAY th- above re-.rrd of throi hun dred dollars for the apprehension or confine . inert in Jail eith r Xortl. Carolina or Vii vinia, ley r.f-g'-o boy HENliY. so that I can get hii.i. Said boy is '2i cars oM, was i-iiisvd in Oi aoo county Virginia,, and Lis, luen in Richmond for the lust four years with Mr. Davis; he is 5 feet or 10 inch bih. dark mulatto,- complains of rhcuo'Htiivi io tjoth legs tod arm-, spare is' ;e. Sail b'y left mv pliot.-ttion in D ivi coiinty, Xorth Carolina. 0.1 pj;h in.st , ;id nmy be trving to 104k" hio way bark Jo V'ir-'ioia. ju.se 27, 1M?4 fltir.. T. X. COPPER. T 5' l V !'Vr " Qirnop:sA.'':i'.'s nml VUv, -v .jrs.- O Proposai A--.U !e r ceiv. .! hy the iceJe--.-';. ned un:il th ; tii:-t ii:: of S' prv-j'b : next, for contracts for uiAkhi-v verb iti;u rt ')'. ts of the p-oc.-,- dins .and debates of the fi:-tints of the ConLileraTe Stat.-s. The contractor wili be ! -qiir-d to firri:h hi.? own a .-i.-tant.-. The ?e.- i-os of th Senate v." 11, it is estimated, average about Ax tjo.nths per an iiui.'i, it ud ai'o.-t tliice 'uin.s per dav. St it'onary v id 5e furid-lni at t!i.? expose ef the Seftate, a:- ai.-oji rep.-o t- 1' roouj for wi i' it.' out notes, fog. t her i:t; lifhH ;: ; 'nel. " Th-. contract wi!! be ;i "id-; for o;e ve-c frou the fcrst Mor.day of v. . b o- n- ?, a. f t o: o r.-.la c:up..?n.-atIon paid lit-- o;tr.ii.-ii 'to :. ; lii c . 't he r'.-poi ts oni.-f y.h. ac- a vo-. baf.i.o report of all motion'. ie!uii. :,-,. re.n.i ks, fpe-.i-h -s, and such rtinoi-uments ofiVrcd as i:i y be i.eeessirv to txol iir: the debates. T: a,- 'Honmiiff-eeslirnar.e that tin piinci'al 10- porter a o niree ts-i-.-ta.-.Ts cm a pe tlo Work I h- cht.-l i-.-pottcr an f his s-i.-ti-.t-i wiil . (riifcrs of tho S'UHt , .' entitled to Vi - pt i i:c. s and ifiii a:i::iti"S incid-iit..! tb.i Ho, .aid removal by "-he Sfiotte f r any want of capa iry or lid.-l:tv. A ';'.:: - v-i-j.y of th' ! iiy repoil? mre! b wfitten c i.ij-i in tirt.o. far tii ; n-.xt daily Uiomiiig a. o .!-.-. . , t Pr'ipo.-.iis will b-- ;;.!!. -jed to Jvi;:.- L. 0;-.a; Anfters;)!!, iiouth Can -ii.-. 1 JA.MES L- O'iii. Chairman, :i. W. J HS;X, A. (. B:tV N. Richmond. June 1 1 th. LsiM. I21--t:iwl5t. New Aiiosioii and ConiiiLs sioii Hons 3. . On Sat'ir-uv, July 2:itl iwil. Ym front of our Sal s R-om, v. e will sdl. at 1 1 o'clock, 100 English Calfskins. 500( ibs Rags. Cot.ton &, Wool 300 Slioe Knive- 100 Butcher Knins 1 Xev. Ft at her Red 1 Lot oi' B -d ti;ts Lot oi'jai .re Tin Cases ' 1 S t Suile ILiine-is 1 Siiper ior Eicht-da v Clock 1 Fu;-- Parlor C ooko Store & pi q 1 .Fine Tu'-i5iij:gy ii poi- 1 Lot of 1 i; .m Rice and 'fob.ic o I Lot M.n's.S.'iofs iad Cavalry Bout . Ho-'ks and Eyes Watches 1000 I Tory Blick Lot of Sj.ua Co-ton Blackb.-rry Wine, ia bottle nrjl by the Gallon, a superior article lor Mdical purpose A lot 0 Com Wliisue-., Apple Brandy and many other articles r-ot en au' rat -d. TUCKER, ANDREWS & Co. Juic 2Sth 18G4 ti. Auctioneers. Kl'XAWAT. SLAVE. A a r. N up and committed to Lite u of Guu- ford county, some time back, as a runaway slave, and who calls him? If JOH V, and sirs he belongs to Mr. John D finer, in Tarboro', Edge comb countv, S. C. II- is black couirdct-'d. bv? feet eight inchts his.h, l''ks to b; about 22 years old; will weigh al. ut 145 lbs. He. tayshe.wi3 hired out in The wts? ru part of X. C.. wh n he It I ' a . ! ranavtay. ue :y t- iow.ks r.o faraway last Au gust. His cltthts wr.Ti.ut r-.nd -ii- nerlT naked. The ow ner of id bo i r.q stt d tti c-itu. for ward, prove prop-rty, pi. chare,.?, &p.d take him awuy, or ht ni'd be dealt with as tin taw ci ncts. " C. A. BOON', Sheriff of Guillord county. Candidates'. C.irds. IV! P J " ttlzrtis and KoTdicrs will rolP litor rnpt JOilX F.OAXCY. as a most uita- w-i A"" ,l'e llB,"i' trt r,,,,s rt t"rci.ir.bean.l yiU,u Counties ia the House of Commons, of to. n ex F General Assembly. Without M thritv ot CaPt. Dancy. jons 21-125-dte ' ' CRAVEX C'Jl'XTY. Te tht So!dirrx a:I n;;zn V.tem ef Cmn-n A TTII aOLlCIIATIOXS OFMAXT friends, I oiL r myself a candidate fur re-election to rep;tsnt the cunt of G, arm in tL llouse t Wniru-s. in the j.xt Ltgi.itui, of .Noitk Carolina. -"If e!oct'd,'I serve wa to the tct ! my ability, a ail times jru-mlins well rear interest?. T GASSIV jg"tf'l"-118dtf In Lt. Co. B. 7tL Ujrt. Vd T r iLc Sfct i iSaiiy of Cravrspc are ' . i cndiaili for re-Hcctiun It. thi ort.ee o Sen ,a ths cunty of Craven. " mar 24-lut-dtf. - FUJI SUKBIFF OK WIUOA. WEvAll l?X,p,l.ESTt,, Tu Ax-rxc r vv Ai i.-, r caadidatt: t-r tehriff ol U i.,, coua y) mi the ec.uiug .lectin. Jyncr ' Depot, June 15. 12 1-M. Granvitlo Couniy. r WE r- a-ih. rii I to ann..ir,c. Dr Vf I OJ.G, of the aruiv of Northern Vir pinu, as a can.uate for a teat n the liusff f Coaargoiis to represrut the pe.iole of GiCritle is our n-xt LegL.ature. lie will support Governor aiiuce tor re-eiectiuu as Ge.verfcor fwr the r,xt tg,u- . ju IC-HC-tf FOR THE HOUSE OF COMMON s! To the Solder 7iJ Ci'iztn, (voter.) of KiU.n mtid Kd'jcconibe Count ie : HAVi ,(i BEEX .SiiioXGLY SOLICITED by awa-iy of the l-s,iD- citieat r,t Wil and L.-gecuHi'oe, I fa'-,- th.s method to . Bounce my-eli as a caadHate to rrp,,vft y. i toe liou.se o. Commons of the itrxi Lctfi-'alare I was oorr. and vais-.I amor- vou, knd UUr Ur s '.l that mv pa-t Rt.d jn-. sent cur- if Ii:V aul puu.ics.nin:e:ifd aie ,...,'uh:it know,, to vtM . a-td snouidyn onor me with tour CMnridc! by e.t-ctiyjr wa on of your- rrpVf eniatir mv iBiiu-e c .odact .-hall le ift accordance with mv past. j.roU sM. ns and action. I f(. a,.rft int..re in our MirTld ,r indvpemicnee, and lirartilv endorse th measures ttat Lave been adopfeu ft its !icoo:aidi?.i,!jicait. Btdievin tint oar ruler ai actuated by pure aa2 pat: i .lis -iiotiveB, I .Rj, lavor o constantlr ujanit. stin? o thm ouri?ieli apprtciaMon of th-ir labors, tA cheering aud laslamir.g them when -bad nu-u bbusv uroi r:!iifT them, and g-ek to Hnd-rmine oar coulifpPe j, tkeii; lHtegnty and patriorism. la:a in tavor r MAft.ing aiapie pioviaioiu lor tHw soldier, ,,.4 auadier a (amdief, bel;viflg.it a .hi-J, pui!j, Hu,v to provide by suit'o!i le-i'sltiw-j ijr e ery a'-c-ji. t-ary want, so as to relivvo the irais f 0"i:r Ijrjvj .eteiuur frv.m aU care a-,d aiiet oa account of tF.-ir apport and comfort. v , LA::ny d. tw.uk;, m ltson, N . J un; 3, lSf;4. j:i jjrf o.;; to tus cirunxs. soisiHKitx a:u :-. riJGKES Of frA .V V t'O TA A AT COUSTT. X , E ar-; vatrioi i: d nanouuce GEO. V. v iilX i'OX, a ciiviifMte t reprsn: Pas .rjaticanSc county in n.w rfoci.e of Cvacr.. lEELSW ( !'! l:-:r, tv., s.;LI;jj.;. ;. , 1 ;;::.'.;.!. 'C v -I" a Cv'- d'!-t? f... f. -e.-e.i.M t- me fo re u 'jfer E--i- 1 ' ' '' g Cie .j si i'e, ,.. 1 iia.e r-:i'f J l M.-"C:".rg; 1 sy f,::;i;- I'-it iiifii, r. ;ir.d a .,,: .i it g to M3 b:;ity. I th.u.k t-.a th- h ,hv:- vcu h. .f 1: 1-r t of- r j i - e. . J tope to uirit your Ct.ntinueU co ii"e iit.tt : ,;-t. Y'l-j- Obt ;-f rv 'r'. jan 14 121 dta NAf.iAN WHITS 0.1D. wmz c; ri'tHE SilERli t Aif V.- m eat :; .''Mtoo iz-a J r (;-3e.'t?; to ntipoure W. H. HU, 21. Kn . ... a c;u.aoiue f :- ?'-i t the od.ee o? Sh oiff, at tho ch ctioa iti Audits;. ju !7-tde-dAw T4? tho Scldioia and Voters of jM;i tia j A V I ( J b.-tn t-pt;;'. :.- s .'i tc. 1;r r.a..V f'--t.ds iu .i.d u . of t a'-. st;, 1 gTt c-J-srTit.o to .-i r. noK iii in v v f r. .; --.it:di'jf to r. "re sent tlieot::.ty ot Marti in ill.- I!:;.-- ,,. ( 01,1 r.iss t.l Ejv; n iC (ii ii. 1 -.i A.-.-, n.bi v ot .Xo; l h.Ca. o It;;a. As t tii policy oi tliu (.ur.:iy. I vt id Iy s'at". tLt I bcli v !he fu::l way in uii, a pern.aneot and ea:!y jii.r.cc, is for th- pronlt- at hojvP to Mo.port the A tL'ni 1 isti 1 ion t i the I n?. drm: ,:d i. '. all in t h-ii -p.".. ta to a m . 1 101 a i she -o.-c.it :s U the "i.!i. i-c' la i.iii. s. Ii.vi"g, tt c. t, iit'uiiivoiy sereo ny c not. v the ro 1 n :t. three Vt ats. I llatu'r ' II l.h-U I k:.. r. .-.,m-- . "tho g ' l a s d.;iei"'. li r. .u.i iKat 1 ! ' i :' I.tua ?ii inf. r.-t that no . re I e car. N,- wh, not bcine wi.Ii lorn !: s t i! and priva i lii;5 ir.t'. e.t if Hie intf.ie.-t of our coin:. u countr-. . 1 ai. Va: ei man .and 21a to,,tti - v. ! to - nai!-' oppo.ed to iio! i;--.. 1 wili simply j.,'.!. that if t leva -A to the po.-itit r. it iy r.;t m; irtrodi' n to bav'the anev, and Guiing th tio.:-;.ot sp -id inn - . g. i!ative lf.":'lj(, i wi"! I;. f..u.-..!. . ir. l::y h. i.-.c, with my g-;rfi.t jiir:. .-bai ir-v; tvi:.'i ih'm !l 1. r'iiii 1. of ioi i .r:td. thrt ii i.-n .-t o; fi di fit. z 11- ; i.d t" 'diei s .!inii l..f ti (I to tl.eU si of t:", v itfiaity. -- i. not. I Che. riu.iy aMCw- tr -:r aj(cs Ye! V Krv... - tfud i . ril .-. W. K N IE M'f. Lo.ut Col 3!.. 1 N. C. "t. J .i r. I. I U'-dLO. T.iin(ii ' ?t!bi V' ;m auii t v:.; tjf . tin 1 quest . d f o a : 1 n o i; : a . 1 h r t.-l'-.-.v ,1 g gn- : a- 'o'i tv ti ; r; .ida'.-s t-. . t-nl tin' county o! Johiasion i.', t!ie u.'jat (i a. villi As-".. Liitd : m For th- S-r af..- TIMS. ! J. SNE.t il. Kr the Cc minor: - Y. G. BAN E.-. &i! V. A . . I'l TI. 'ihii t'ek'twas s-iec '.dby tb.- li-s-iv. s Jrfui JfiliiU'trn. in eft ::: t (ioldsb.; ... .i',d bv a mas nr -tiny o il e clti.ens reiiiiir.nr a h'oce, held at Smithtield on the 2th of May. . Thef gar. tie -ncn will be supported by all ti'u. Cor,- rvatir-.. They endorse tne platton.i ot Vic- Pit.idnt Stephens, (ior. Bn.wn and W. W. JLd ien, -rd if u- ef.. d will do all they cas to pr cu'e ar. railr and hot.orabp? peace ' J-t:-.; 1 . ItJ ute. " Jai.JtAi.M:fri.t? to An.pu.j'o . . t Caianr I Cou-ity. a ano::; -. r . to jP,r I";t the h.rafoiial r."-t,t .?;.,. d c! tie t'ounti o! I'.i ov!l. l:.i., . -iu x.tr,. in th.' ';mt if,.,. , ! A" .!;.. .- 1 : .".,, ".- v'.lt.u. ju'ic lc I .-.! 1 w , i.:.:ili- i r CAT Vi ii . t.l'h r T ' f.i:tiioi I .. . ..i--. ih t JON AS I 'LI i E is a iio .do ;-. ( t , t . f i.r. tu t crt'u e of SLeiid' of Cattcb. ou': j A -1 text. j a;.e il. 1S 4 dte. Pi't C-Ovta ty. rJ"E are requested ty icauy- ciri'z- r.t to ar V noacce the old Ticket forre eiw ti .n to tie Ltgldalure. .Senate Dr. E. J. EL CO XT. House of Commons O. PERKINS. jane 23-dCt. and lflG. A LBRIT I'OX. DAVIOSO.N Col.NTV. Po t!f Soldiers p . Citizen Vt rr, cr 1 Davidcon Countv: We are j?.t:i ittti t a:, nounce Col.C. W. Bi ad?h :w. t-e 421 p. g't C. Troops, as a fuitahle can- i.lat-to vj-r rt fha people of Daw b!on C-unty : I1- u- of twor. f the G'-o-i al Asrrbli C '.'.ot. '. i'. Col. Brad-haw hs-s - a . , . ;; ueid for thr-'e s in .0 - - . c , . wil! a : itbr:,iTv r .-r-f ' , . . . in t:i Lr-ri-la": e, if c . v - ' . . ., ... po-ition. juD27, 15C4. d2Ct li N i V j 'il.A.y. Mr. noldfn'K Opinion of Men. . KALEIDESCOPIC VIEW.S. IiEXLY ( LAY. . c(K't:a. 4If Retry Cluy it eb-cted-"We hhail have a divhyne-t ntn. "We hall hare a man who doci cot respect th truth. 4We ha1l live a man of LaJ'pajidons- aad ra-" venireful terrTtr, 44 We rLall have a man charged with ibe murder of Cilley, 44We shll have a man charged wita tw rrj ries. W e ihall have a iwearer and a patchier. Xaltijh Stalord, October 20, 1R44. , rto. lie was ajnf.jt ciMt- andirr; orator, cbivalrca and mtnla in Lis benvine, drvctrd alike to Jii country and his fiiends. and patiiotie, aswebe iive, in bispurposeii Knd motives aa a public man. If he ei re"!, we believe ne erred hoifftly. 4Xo wnnii'g of llie; nt. paling of ray. Bat 1 isit.g, stiii tit-r.r, pasyirg nw ay ; Fam'd glUt;t Esgl , tho'it t-micd it. 1 pht. God tpied thee to htavrn, lout star of fir niijh!.' Jeit-iyt .Saiidct) tt, JttUj 3d and tk, V.li. (iH.fllAM. cox. " dare Gov. Giaham to irrrt Mr. Sr.rpr.rd before the people of E. Wot &Uthd.irl', Jiy 27tA,J8:C. 'The truth is, Gov. Gt aham' principles and conduct cannot be Faccvsifully defended. "Win. A. G rail-am seea tht current runting against him, and he is alai mcd v aud he i deter CJintd in his Oespcration to jlay tke l. instojue for a a.rtli, thut he may be Governor for two years longer.' 8tanunrU, My 27'A, 15-G4. . 4,Mauy whigsaie di?gurt?d with the ti ntiuct of Goveijnor Graham and his little and Ion attacks on Mr. Sh-phmd, aad his cowardly feats of melt ing him bei'tii f tlu people. Standard, June 24.7., Mil. Ai d is this irnleed Win. A. Giahaiu? If Gov. G:thm dcs not know this plain fact, lie is toi ignorant to La ,G( vernur. frtintinrtl, Ju!y'tt, 184(J. i:.Hfeiw. r.ADor.ii ANisTKrniiNs.- cox. Thi.: 5s th l.pv.fju of A. H. Stephsns, Well known as a whi-; carepion in the South ; and w have no hesitation Lt spying, that it fs -trongr a-;aibst t'aveiy in the abstract, than any thing ever uttcrid l y Lwis (J:ts. The truth i$, Gov. Ca-s is Fiiunir this day upon the qut-stitin of slavery, L a n n ny aSi.utLern X'.'hig--; and wa vfouh! trt;it hi in on this fiihict loiig belore wa would .Mr. S. raior Ir;alger r the How. A. IL Stepbti s. islrnl'trd, October iti, lf;4S. MIL EOYUF.N. I' HO. The s'o'rr ky tre CJe('t uU at Mr. louden, on recount )' h? -"ktivity, is at catri.iptibl- it ia uialicii'ii?. Mr. Bx!e)i h. bf. n tor frt years a citl-em of this S-.t.e. A 11 1.; x npail.ies. 11 f.'a u L. ctit i.s. a'd bit. iii!ei : -!s are with the Sicte of his - te pli.-n jii.u he is. as tin r to NtJrtl. Caioiii.a as :ti. native hoi 11 son h-j 1 i.ti.uanl, llov. 16G4. . . COX. " Xatjianiel io td-i. Ins ti.tsr. f-c't? with the ptddic tnemy, ai d his o!.- a irn i ituiat!f as far as tuch net tan th; it, 10 disgrace Ni.ith Carolina in tin etc of the wotld" Yoo, isiiaking to the IiK-''h tiju-'r ) Life the I1t.1t'. ho d to' whiter. -.: h NaUiani.! B yd tt, by en pil ing him with psitriots. N iiruTt f I I'o-.o.n, a1io vctcs in Chi: giew.;- i!h ab. lii ioid. t ;.t toiics 1 -the ILic-Lctt ttai.i." l.ut.i.jh .S'.u.ao Jnu'y lli.'A, li. 44 And ft ill ii: .f!; Ibf a- of Erpo . -et tj.t i vm, tuch met; cs L t ut i. ai.d iic't.it ce, 1-u kii.s, and Tut k, ire I: iCii-g av y ptioi: t-n-o vith their tillv ai tl tu rti-i-.il. 1.. ' 1 c ; t '-j: t.ti.t lttHurd, VZ'y '.if, 1H,-. Mi:. I-:, r, i;i:.m 1: 4 The lal ored .itlark d the (,nj'th ., v rr Mr. Senator ! -adc will g r ce ir.m 'u:-t;! fien the curtly mail, d n-i'ttat '.on of th.'i' g: nl man. Mr. Read. ha! p- kn fio hii State n uv.'f i j" o 1 in she S n:it', as no 't!; i n t-itb-i from .nth Cuto l:;ia has "j.oken sii c -the -.m i-rtiuitrnt ttai ii.nfift ei. Sl'tn(lrl, Joy4l?o'. ((!.. McflAK. my. 1 h- Coleti-I b -.' tit it: f,ur. of hi rrr,,t ise,-; f C.a! be J.pj t-et ;i ia t' e i-r-r.t btl f to" r. at . tnd that h- h.iviit 1 ke a v. iy .:.. :i wli,!' hi Wy fi-htirtr. W- -tii;.:-. ir n c if.t'zt't v.v vt in !e t f .iu'; nt :;i a very ?'. it tine, .ind tliiti.h he nw J x.bt . rq : itcti h; : ." Y, wc'l fviotritllv lattlt vet it i sii.-rlui- tht I.- n re; j - ii ed a ' av ttoi:,i 1.- .'f V i'j h ;i tr- 1 fi. . ;. 1 1 ' h , 1 1 C t . I'LO. ' Kr.tex .r. ,n cr C 1. D. K. McK . 'I h b-L lav. is? i ttcr .f re.'ni(i.n ti en l!cii.- l C'.-v. Vai;c-( wi!! turpi i?e iany. Tfce 1 ea'oi. ha gi vi s for ibe ru arc sueh ar t tifv Lis fi 1 r fit atd the put lie. Ifdevt.tio to tl e cauj, irCir.ch ir g com age, Laid crviee ard Laid fiahtinj- enti ti? man to pi emotion. .utly Col W.:K- kaa iiieiited it. liit'i'j Sfndard, Xov. 2Cth, klO, ED IIO US A SWEEP. Th Editors in this State who are not rlitn or u igainit the Xa'hriilt Ct evention, at 1 who er thtir rtadiets to fit bruit to any and all aggi 1 .i'B rathr thanu;fo're the ('riot., mr all tv.ii'y " Itcl'izh Stmitdnrd, Jfarch 27. A, Kf 'b 'Labiteau, tditor rf the limet, cwr.f i oi!aei 1..'. ver o:d wn any, acd nev?r expet ti-Jo n ry, wt far a wt kuoir. Ho can tkir'o r jo a .H..i.'ion vith perffrt safety, as he ha rothir ttl J .!-, .4,Ditr,wek, tke Xrtk ,V-f IfAt, tfiaulv'a or) a tat ire of Connect.-. tHditto as RL.' otta. 4'Hiifcirr-Ili!.lo!o' Eeeorder a!..o a native of Cocacticut ditla also as Raboteati. 44.Swaiin A ?her wood (', reftij-boi o' 'afr.Vyf these jcatltaaen ptint "ainly for the Qkers." llulei'jh Standard, Jm'ylQ-h, P-SO. 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