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But thw position dt n !s t- r its truti- uvnn soriiftthl.-j: el-c t rmri -.(.mere fi iV'l arithmetical calculation. Our p i'jcr L.djrd of number ia not at any v vi . amount, but is the prp rtion .which to s number bar to the armies that can be ! uiuht n.to the field apaftint UR, and the qual ify S frj- rn wf ich we ahall bv called upon : iiitit in oat!?. Weighing fhe que.ti'iri of in- ii iii i Ins p int of view, there is very little 1 rrak" ntr-asv, for not oaly b the pro- p ut'o iof our armies to those of the enemy 'i'fMi(-r now in acufi numbers ma u rifis vi-r been 1-e'oie, but this proportion is large ly iticionsfd in our favor by the ever length- oiri v lir.erf their interior communications, vv; i l, d c-ourM largely diminishes the cum h r i h they can .actually lead into battle. X 4 r " 1 j invaded Am'ria aad ought tha I r i- of Austerlitz with eighty thousacd i-'-r but he did not venture to move upon R i.-i, although the laurels of a hundred vii-.frrien wreathed h iff brow and made him al (i.' st invinHMe, with less thn dx hunlred t'.t .risand men, nrt heoriueof ttie .conpara tiv trenth of the two empires, but because of thfi respective distances of the fields of opTM"in; Arid so wiih our enemies.- Aa 1 v :dv:in; into onr interim-, a- many troops m-'" hri. I it?lv required to keep up lines of eorri'v.unHMtioi.to guard bridges and depots, o 'irrisitu important positions, that their ar i'iis niifht inore-ie and ours dirninifh iri ac iu,l nu.nrs' arid yet the proportion bernain t ,i: 1, hifh has hitherto enabled us to re j,,: 'h'o. or at least. lold ihfrn in check. i'.ir our d fi'ency in men is not such a8 has i i r. snti,.o ed We nr urnfully count those r. in ivc f dlcn in battle and by disease, but it- :n h wf f) are attaining matutrity i'ir ughout the h )nrd of tha . Confederacy.. ! ; iin'iUle, for lack of any correct -statia-ti(M. t i!)!.'s. to ro lu-.;e this matter to actual 1 c it iinty, hot if we take a. single city, our own (of example, I will venture to assert tiiift more .youths have come pi military a;e dtoi' die three years of tins war, than cau t. i'm; 1 of citizens wlio have berri killed or oi.-aVM iii the KtrusL'Ie. Anil vrkile wh"t i tr .e of ti-, my not he strictly trno of all oihfr pliHfe!, if may le collider-d as a Koioe. approximate calculation, aad may hindvr u ' r. in :'ippo.-.in thut wo irerlecrfcaiiilg from t he i-hani-e.s of war, without asy corrt-spond-hojf 'ici.ese fro'o nituril causes. i),,n of the great mistake which Mir eno n ii rt'iive madw thiciU;h(.'Ut this war, ha 1,,t;i in supp-sing ttiat mere r.uiniers and ro-or rul power vr to de.od'Mbis conflict t ri;vr rird. was ti ting thatinoial power was i i m i -1 : ; that th defwos'? of a great trust "ws ti i that the maintaicantc of a mighty p: r-y'.f. wis tioffaing. How grindlv Carlvle .' d o n tUi" witeh?d rnaria'is'Q when h- tv- 'O r tnanth'it liasa higher wi?d-jn, v i i'hvno u t'-n wr sjtiriti.nl troth in him, is f.: r -rr. not tha-.i t'ti Dili that have ir. not. .i ter. t! ouaiif but than all mfi that ;ave it .iV.;;n.'d Mud arw-m t.h.rn wifh'a ijuiie o :lif :ia' .t?!,r!j nowet, as with . a sword out of lii.-.-t vr-n'a rwn armory, ky empered, i '( tM Vmh! and no tower A'f brass will h il'v nif h-t iijd." And wo with a cu u- c-i hs to if" all the inspiration f a great lo o-ti i nidi, ft succes -jean n-vi'fcbi, measurt d Mil no ie niuuherg who dc lend it. It basin "! h spirit weti;h ran never be crumbed i:'e!, like Au'.arn, rc.fi r- i,fwifAf every tin, is' it" r sir n k to the earth wro'ch rises ai.v- i 1 1 huniao calcul-iti"inc, and feud.cs p .-rgr irm Urven ' eth renl angu'.ic p'iw ci'' t ! h '-onn-i gigantic in its cfTorU. . ii .i .piiit aa ibis ho jiut ll inid oot lro:n t! e e of our armias, him! has darte! hk An -ii'.-lfc soHtk, from nn'i t- mm, U'Uil vito hai Tiouy ra'nd in it self-devot io . f-iii-l u,r in its implicit?. t'y have bound t!,i M.-flv-s t the horoii of tio altar, a a.icri !i - t tli-ir c-n ti f v and tlu-ir (j !. Suo to" .i b -e-'in-' irresistabl, mt Ua:is5 of thtr ii 1 1 ; :t e rw, liif 'r 'in the holin.s of toeir '-huso a A ih'i entron: i" o of t'h ir tamper. Tiieir r-'! a re l;ke KInaldo's "d ir.! d ilh- t!i n bl.r.r. h ; duals, yet ranmaatly. lis ''o. hion s-niites!; and as the anjrry toiaki! S-!: in it Mingle tongue to vibrate three '.Villi -neli a fearful s'vi'tnos-- doe it shake, : i in dismay th'se eharg'd barburiaii? take ' li" i n :lc .-sword, w hich furiously the knight Wit r I inind, tor three." Tasso. Iku. DkL. "loi'iii r in ar-r.in, ' says Ijord Kacon. ";!;! :iiM'i n.it ni'.idi, wi ee .tl. pe -p'eare of v :'. ' 'ii rage, f r a Virgil jaith, "It nver i nbl. iue' wlf how nn"V th sSeep be'' I r oy i OM quotation would I depre -iat-' tha c ui' of our adeisari-.'8, couUi I be'ieve t' ,41 tiieir four- were mad up of the uative lo.,.id of the North and of the- WvU. or if th'V weir tiiitiog in h lik-i royd cansj. ttio ir.r5 of" their haehd i: mitutioti-, their hco.v s and their fbesidm Th battle fields o! f.e rovoiufiou Wtu!d diiprvj s r-U.a ;h'st ij:i. Uak-r Hill, and Sara , and p iMC'f.,.1 wotild rise to every ma t's metnoiy aiid vinli'-afe th? ar'cient fame of the Repub it . Hit the iru. blood mf the -North and ot ri; UV.-f has be n gradually withdrawing lVeif lionutl e conflict, and th Government is , . earn tun on tie war vry much bytner (enarie a 4 tivTOvs. "As for mercenary lot'--slys the s-me great thinker, fr m v. i n I 1'iVtoow q iotM, ,4ail examples ahovy tr. ii iviut!oiver estate or pinc dotn ifit .!.' them, he any .spread his feat.hers foi a ti i.o. bul he will mew them soon after." No mai will q.iail.I trust, bd'oie any n amber of j 4 . --is, Toevm y b, mastered in to s-.r!l the ijoudxr ( our vlvcrfary, anJ to make fiSf hiiprsiq-H abroad, but thcycan never be ih periled upn, nd like th eleplnnts of the - K.'-rn wars, will be is apt to trample down ttir I rends a their rncaihs. They are to b; p?ri-d, n"i fcarl, and I trust that whercrer merer can bo ahown thc with justice to o.:rel vcs it will.be extended to them. Their ?i': is, in most ras-. one of delusion,, and t,f..-e'w ho seduee-d the if? awd now lead them, ;.r- ih- pmpr-r ohy&n of v nuance, and not their iirnornt a-.d mIIv yijtima. In Edition to ll rs reasons for a rencweti lj-.pe aiel cheTtuI fuMire, God appear to hato o:on r.re lifted u.y he llgiit o( niS .u-nc- lH.V ei!i'ii: I U'.k occasi. n, in August l.itt iu preaening to youupnu that tn glootn-je-t'of V, our d ys of humiliation, -ro speak o" utiaccrxju'ablo depression which was v.Mod,-. d-wo tha atwrit of all. the people ai d of our poacrlcssneiS to lift it thoncc 'Jt mnst be Jil ted Trorn our bearti," was my language upon that occasion, "where it rests like a wcilit of. lead, by the hand of tke Lord, wKieh pHced it there." We feel this d yt that it ban been lifted from ua, and, a I blieve, by the hnd of the Lord. He hag roused u$, by hi- own spirit, from. ur mipine nes and faithn ssnes. II k-as rrkiudled the ardor of the p ist. 0 or battle flag has been advanced in full faith of His g-wxl will, a tin" it moves forward in the vau of our armies, flashing in the eves of our enemies, onr sacred motto "Dzo Vindice." Instead of opening this most critical campaign depressed, dis heartened, embarrosed. we march. d to its encounter with th preitige of rictories, not so brilliant a Rome which .hare preceded them, but most important, becacs o( the ef fect which they have produced upen onr ar mies, and the lone which they hav imparted to the country. Mtv thesa victoriea ttvm swell into triumphs' which snail farce back upon their own soil the forces of ur adver- saries, ana .convvtTce tnem tnat negoiiauon is safer than war, and a manly confessi n of wro-i; mre honorable thaa a persistence in cruelty and oppresi.o. to be continued J AUCTION SALES. BT M. CKOXLY, Auctioneer. " .AUCTION SALF. of IMPORTED GOODS, BY CATALOGUE. OX WKDNESDAY, JULY 20TH, 1864, COM-tn-nciiir -at 19 o'clock. A. M.. I will- lell. at aay it s ria Zio. 3, liraoite now, w naiiagioa, N. C, the entire cargoes of Steamakipa BADGE R AND LUCY, With larra consiramewti ex ships CfllCO?A, AL1CK, FAN Nit;, 01TT OF fjETERSURa aad other vcsaela,viz: . DRY GOODS. . 18 cases white ground Frint3 17 c:ies black and'rhite printed Muslina 13 casiea Huckaback Towels H cases Orgundie Muslins 8 bales Army Cloths 7 casts super Hosiery 7 CAseu Coats' and ' larfc'a Spool Cdtton 6 cajes linishi-ng Lineu Thread 6 bales fancy Shirts 4 cases sal id, broken and mourning Giaghims 3 cases black Lustre 3 case Confederate Tweeds 3 cast's readv made Clothing 1 cases Check a?i Stripes, uiourniaj 3 ca.es coat, vest aad bne Button 'L biles Harge 2 east's black Satin i eases super black' Broadcldth , "i eases brown HolUud . f 4 esses Flanael shirts ' 2 bak-a mixed Mcltoas 1 bale h ue ud grey Serga 1 bale fancy Finag a 1 cast Black Alpacca 1 caso D.'ac k Ui lens 1 cs; P. per Cambric, assorted cnUara 1 hU Xloitltd Ah-accas 'i'cafrt K'-aa; egard Twwda 1 case S iutheru 'i'loaking 1 ca.-i HUck'a-d Vfhit friata. 1 cj.-o. S! irtirg 1 rjsi Fsney SUwls 1 bals Lino?, euperior 1 cjs Mosquito eitinf I cas-4 TifH, (;ivea, Ac 1 La'e aaper ilroaa CUth, assarted loara 1 ca" Irish Linea . 1 casj l'At Cuttoas 1 css Wlack and Whits IMbs 511UUS, LKATIlEit, Ac. 2 trankn L4iej', (ieai's acd Ckildrea's Shuas IS cases Ladies', (kat'a aaJ CUiidrra'a Frah rtoyces. extra 8 ca es Irrny rthtui 7 caas Krtoa'i Jileached aad Xrswa Skaa Thread 4 cases Fr Wx-d Calf Skiaa 4 c?9 Chamois kins 2 cases Woroco Skins - m COTTON CARDS, CLOTHINO, At S3 cases Cotton Cards, Xo. 10s, part Tf bitte- more's btvt , 1 cas rVl Cards 2 cases Csvd Clothing 32x4 2 cases Fillet STATIONARY. 13 cjs;s Cap. Lftter aad NoU Papar 2 cases (Juillolt's Stcl Pua 3 eases Pen Holders' 1 caaa Pencil an-J Peaa 1 case asowrted stutionary 10 bales Guunv Zt'laS 149 cod Dalit R-ps GMOCERIES. 238 bajs Rio-Coffee ad bairls brown Sarar 60 barrels erosion! Sagar 11 kits So. 1 Hackerel ca.iks Chicory 10 boxes Sperm Caadlea . 10 bays black Pepper - 10 caddies Yoanjr Hyson Tea HARDWARE, ate- tB8 Hoop Iroa 10 kef-N-tiU, asrted aia-a 4 cases Wire 4 cass (Jun Caps 9 12 tags Shot 3 cases Inives. Files aad Raiora LIQUORS, Ac. - 2 qn irter casks pure Cognac Brandy 1 half pi e pure Mattel D andy 1 quarter pipe pure Piaet, Cas'illon k Co., Brandv , 1 eiht r ipe pure Otard, Dupuy Co, Brandy 10 casks Whiskey 32 casks old Uuui. 100 cases Holland Gin 33 demijohns Holland Gia DRUGS. 30 cases Liquorice Paste 94 cas-s Liqrice Sticks 13 cssks Alcohol 14 casks Alum 8 casks Kpsous Salts, 9 casks Balsam Copavia 9 bbls Tanner's Oil 42 Kegs. Bi. Carb. Sods & bbls Borax 3 cases Quinine 3 cases assorted Drugs 5 bbls Copperas 8 cases Potass Carb. 2 cas-s Blue -Mass 1 case Powd. Ipecac. 1 case Iodido Potass and Iodine 2 casks Soda Ccyatala 2 casks Blue Stone I case Paosphorus julj 4-cod-t20.' . For Sale. ON'E FINE CAVALRY HORSE, jn god order. He can be si.-en aud p ticulars lered by applvi.grome at Raleigh, .N. C Tr.rT jol 5 dtf C. J. IREDELL. WILSDS AND KDOECOMBErAJUNTIEH WE a'-e suthoiizrd to annoimee Capt. F. G. PITT of the Cont'eder te Army, a? a candi date f'r a seat in the House . vf riumonn to rep ?? ent he poor le of AVHlso. and Edgecombeua-ts-a our ncit Legislature. Jul W AUUENT0X FE ALE COLLEGE. rpHF. Fall Session of this School will begin-on I Wednesday, the 20th of July, aad continue twenty weeks. ' . Parents, who wish to aecure rooms for tbtiT dughtern. will please ifnrm us imrae-Hat'dy. ae wa cannot provide for a very large number of boar ders. . Pupils are requested to bring books, sUte?, mns ie,Ae., and to be prenent at the opening of tire Session. For ttimg Ac., address E. E. PARHAM, " july 4 ddt Warrenton N. C FOR THE-LEGISLATURK. TTTE ai-A aiithnrirfa to a noance Co'. M. K. CRAWFORD as a candidat- for he-election to a seat in the Mou.u f ComtiftM of the next j General Assembly of North Carolina, from Wavnef SEQUFSTHATED DEUTS. THE underMgntd will attend at the followincj times and places, to collect the interest on the Sequestrated Debts in his District, viz: at Hillsboro: July' 14th. 1884. "Raleiifh 20 A 21. ".; 'Faretteville " 7.28 4 29. " G. n. WILDER, Receiver. Favettcville Ohnerver copy till Julv 29. 3 . . . June 27 dtjy 29. CLASSICAL AND i ATHEMATICAL SCHOOL Tally-Ho, Gi anville Co. N.C mho Fall Session f ths Si'feool. umUr L th- cre f T J. HORN ER assisted by J.. H. ROWLAND, ctonmoucest J 3rd Monday in Jnty. The pi icr of noard and tuition is $"00 per ses sion. Application for admi3sb n should be made in advanc. T. J. HORNER. june 2Q-124.dl8t ' 11 Tr. H. VV. SfiHrr. 1V1 ttOARD By the Diir4' Writ,. Montft, Meals alne, jnne l-dl v i 25 90 20 224 SHEET- IRON FOR SORGHUM BOILERS. i)4 und R fet hcijr, 3 ltf inchea thick and 30 inches wid: for sale bv julv 2 I 5 dtf CREECn A LITCHFORD. I5IP0RTANT SALE OF , SHEET IRON At Auction ! GV Thursday, Jtilj lolli. In front of our Sales bom'. w- v.ir.ell 200 or iroresbeets of imported Sheet I-on. 24 and 30 inches wide and 6 feet lonsr, weijrhinjr from 12 to 20 lbs. per sheet. This all' rds farmers and others a rare opportunity to supply tbo.msrlvis with an a-most indispensable article tor boilin; sorirhuyi svrup. CREECH - LITCHFORD. jul 5 td Auctioneers. OXFORD FEMALE SEMINARY. - PRINCIPALS: Rkv. T.N. Kaccettb, ASSISTANTS: Mrss Annie P. Smith, Mus M. 1 . Faucet ra. Miss Lilmk P. Liti.ejoh. MISS Mollie E. Waldo, a graduate t M ic Vile Sei!niry. has charjre of th Music De partment. With such a corps of thoroughly qualified Southern Teachers, we contiisntly ex pect a liberal pairoiMe " The fall Session will commence on thellth of July, an-1 cootinue twen ty weeks For particul trs address J Iter. T. M. FAUCKTT. july 2-135-dGt Oxford N. C. CONFEDERATE TAX NOTICE. V OT 1 C E 1 S 1 1 E R E l Y G I V N, T II AT I WILL i attend with the Ass-s-.rs at my oifice trom the 5th, to the 12th of -July, to recaivo the tax-s on quitrt mIv sal due the 1st July 1SI34. Au niiit .-eqiil to one h th or,.hv tx on siles will be added, to be paid in (MofT-derate notes of th nswissee. UUFUS H. PAGE. juu 23 127-tjy 12 Collector 19th District. NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. Wtl. AMI R. S. TK KKU AMI W. K. Andrews, have this da' dissociated ihtm slves toetliei und-r thj name and etvlrf of TUCKEi, A V DREWS & Co., for the purpose of conducting a fenii-al A Action and (Jo'nmission busimss. All busings entrusted to them will meet with promptness and dispat.-h. TLT;KEIl, ANDREWS A CO. j nne23 127-dtf ' HjUs!'ro N. (;. MilUary Acadriay. The Second Session (18G4) of this Insiito tion, will coijimence July. 1st. For CJuciilars and information "apply to" W . . Maj. Wu. M. GORDON, ma. 17 95-d3m ' T(1TIIK PK0PL!5 OF WAKK C0UXTY. fpiIE CANDIDATES FOR THE LEGISLA I tuieandior fih nlf will usett and address their low-citizius at Busbee'a Thursday Banks' Friday Franklins . Satorrfay Spikes , Monday Durinsville Tuesday Forest ville We ii- day iLolesville Thursday Wakelifdd- Friday Hood's Saturday Barnev J ores' Moa tiy - LashleVs X R'.ads Tuesday Green L.'Vtd Wednesday Morrisville Thursday Haves' Frid.s- Oak Grove . Saturday Laws Monday Thompson's Tuesday Wilev Lvnn's Wednesday July 14 15 " IC " )8 " 13 " 20 n 2t H 22 " 23 25 ' 26 a 27 " 2 t' :9 30 A't 1st 2 a 3 The Tax l olbetors will also attend and all will have an opportunity of paving their Staff and CountrTux-a W. U. HIGH, Sheriff. june 27 Ml 1314ltf Tfarrrnton Fpiale (ollejrlate InMI- tute Th-47ib, Session f the Iastitute wdi tu'wiien'-e July i4tb. Towels. 'sheets, pillow cases. nd lijrkts ivu.t befurui'.hed. For particu lars ,p.J,y to JULIUS WILCOX, july H2:. Princip il. HORSES HORSZS. AGOOD pair of FamilT r0U-'E for sale with WAGON and HARNESS if desired--L-o said I .t of old WHI-KY f r M ical l-ur-pr..e. Address . W. BL 0KN Khh. JUiVTCUl ivitirroa ry r v. lioniiburg Fe"na3 Coll e. Laui.Di lie, n. c. pflK Fall Session t thia Institution will com- do tee on Monday the lth of July, IK4. Exitss ( per sf-s.-'ioii r) twenty wrks: Tui tion 160. S50, $40 si.d tZG, accordirj: to be class. Music on Pith or Guitar $50. VoaI music $50. Drawinsr or PaintiLp 530. Latin, Gre.k and Frt-nch each $20. Use of instrument $5. Wash ing extra. . . . . Board $10 per month of 4 weeks in provmona at prices bef-re the war- No nnny ran be re ceived tor board, as it is hnptasible at this s-aion to obtain supplb-s in the sur'oandir coantrv. Each voung lady must turrhh 1 jair ofh-et8, 1 pair of LUi.kets, 1 pltte. ki ife aad folk at d a CobUt or tun-bler. Payirent i advase Aal droM. JAMES t(JUTIlGAl E- july r-df.t P--ident. to"tiik vTr:::3 r nuiTiv couuf. I AM ueaudi-ottf o r pr.-n- you i ic ofi'ouinioa- of ,xr t.'et'fai " . r eia'.U. These are.'Ithil. r t-n.e to ei .er ia k or vrre bout poiitics. IwnLio order to b- r.s br t! s . pMhlp. M;nplv h i Y ui I -noii esedttHnyIh-:.5 ahortofiino .s..oer:;'' -J froaa U- -;'5' G v err.oer.t, m th .tlf .'-vcu-. n-.rfcfa.j- a all be !. "t und aa i- to t to uiake 7 -'0;"'- re; r.'-t.nr;-r. AKN'ER S WILLIAMS, j,dy 7 dCt ' Co. E, 17th N. C. IUg't. Caadiflates' Cards. TRIYFY rftl'VTY- To Iht Sor'?!'r and rifizr(t V"rs of Crar'n TTH SOLI CITATIONS OF MANY ..'V friends, I nfifer tnvs.-if a caudidt for re-election to represent tiifeomtT of Craven in the House of Ctmmons, in the next Lejrijlatnre of North Carolina. If elected. I will terve vnu to the best of my ability, a all times guarding w.-II your interests. T. U. tiASKINS, juae 12-118 dte 1st Lt. o. B. K7th R,jt. N C T For the &hf rurally -ir Craveir We r anthorirei to au.moiucef that ALEXANDER C. LATHAM is a canJidue for re-electioato the office of Sheriff", in tlie4unty of Craveu. may 24-I0l-dt.f. FUU SilKKIFF OF WILSOX. EARE R:.QUE.STf.D TO ANNOUNCE ) v W. V. BAITS, as a candiaate tor SheriB of Wilson county, at the er.ruiug election. Joyner'a Depot, June 15. . 121-tde. . Granville County. are authorized to announce Dr. W. P. YOUNG, of the armv of Northern Vir ginia, as a candidate for a neat in the House f Commons to represe nt the people of Granville in our iwxt LejjisiAture. He will .upport Grerner Yance &r reelectioa aa Governor for the. neat Urm. ju 10-116-tr TO TILE VOTE US OF CUAYKX CO US IT. IELLOW CITIZENS AND SOLDIERS? I 1 announce tu'SK.-lt a candidate for re-electiou to the Senate for th n-?xt Tein of oar L-rila-ture. Dariufj the past Ter-M. I hire endeavored t di.-chare my !ati4 fiiithl'ally, ami accordinjf t my Huilkv. "I think you for thv honur you have heretotor done inc. and hope to merit your continued confidence atid . p i t. Your Obt Sert't. june I4 m-dta NATHAN WHITfcORD. 1am Authorised to Announce "5. A. Foe,, of Cald.vel) Cou itv. a a candidate to repre sent the Senatoi iul liftrict. compot-d of the Counties of Caldwell. Bu.ke and McDowell, in the next (Jen'-ral Assemolv of North Ca olina. juue 18 123-d4w. S Ii E R IFF (IF CmWBA CttVNTT. WE are authorizfjo" to announce that JONAS CidN;0 is a candidate for re-c-lection to the 'office of Sheriff of Catawba County in Angust next. - juae 27," 1864. dte. LKN01U 0 UNTY. WE are ruth.iriz-d to announce W. W. DUNN V a a Candida t for ths House of Commons from L'-noir county ai tli? ensuing election, jul l-134-'dot ' 7E AR 'AUTHORIZED TO -ANNOUNCE VV Dr. JOTIV F. FvAiSi a ear.nilite t rep resent the County oi Bo ran in the II ueof Com mons of the n!Xt Genera. Asvnbly of th Sfate. Greene Ciuaty. To 1h". S'Was and CiUz-r Voters of Qrvnt . T h? olieitati.-n of mnny friends. I announce mvself a candidate, to n'-pr-nt the county of Gie-.-ii- in theTlo-ise f C-'m-n-ms f the next. L i. Intn'ro r.f V.n tb (?A-idi?ia. Ifeleted. I' will serve vou to the best of bit abiioy; fjuardinp: your. interests wittr unswerving uuh.it. J. T. FREEMAN. Snow Hill, June 27. 1SU. Li-i-dte. Wilmington Journal and State Journal copy. A "fAMliTlATK fOK THE LEfilSLATl'RE... ILU ! 31 E ll W. " " EN, To. E, 1 s t X . I Cavalry, rofpectlnlly olf.-rs hi.- go-vices. to represent the peool-- of Warren count v in -the House of Com nons of ti next Legiabiture. tlectionfrst I hursd.ty in August, inav 11-15-wl le TO T:'E YOTfiUS OF PUT ClilTY. GENTLEMEN: In rep'n?e to the M!iciation of uuirerous friends, I hertby announce uiy-elf a c-iiitiid-ire trte ota -e of Sheriff of Pitt e-urit'y. If elet te-1. 1 sh dt n iwavor to di h-re the duties jf the office faithfully. JAMES II. FORBES, july 4, 186. OM. J..hiiso!i Count lb" irv ixuih irrad and l equt-ited to announce th. I'.Jiovvmg' gen tlemen as tli-i Coiis-rv.tu.v CA.viiJates to r?jre-. sent the county ol Johnston in the next Geueral Asseiublv: F.rr th'r Sn.it-TIIiS. D. SVED Ivq. for the iU mmons-W. G. ii A N ivS n.J W. A. SMITH. This ticket was s i-c -jd y th; Resems from Johnston, in camp t Gld.b-ro, and "Wy a inaes meeting of the citizens reini'ibi ut h'ono, held at Scdthadd on the 2lh May. Tliese ciitlc nen will '- hupjo:ti-d by ad t p - Coiro vat ires. Th-v t-ii l rs? tn platform of .Vies PItident Sle)heii, Gov iJrowu and W. vV. Zl Kie, and if rl-eted will d. all they Car. to procir an -aily and honorable peace .Inn' 3 1 i0 dfe. DAVIUSO Cril .M Y. no t!t Sa'illers n- C trZ 'ti Yotcrs c;f 1 Davidson C- untv : We are permittee t - an nounce Col.C. W. B ad-shaiv, of the42d ftrg't X. C. Tioops. a suitabl : can- idati-to rtpiesent the people of DaV-dson Couoty in th- H us- of C;a mons of th Givral Ags? nblv of North Carrdina. Col. Brads'haw has b-en a taithtul soldier in the ti 'ld for thi---e ream in drfrJ'o.-e tf hi? i-ouatrr; and will a? f'aith'nl'ly r pi rsei.t his country's iut. tests iu thi L-jfislat'i e. if Uie peoole cu! bi'n to that it:on. M NY VOTERS. po june 27. 18U. ri2fif To the Soldiers and Voters of Martin i ouuty. HAT"ING'b.-en repear.-d s;dic 'rd by many friends in and out of t!f army. I h ire con sented to announce ms. ifa a candidate t i repre arnt the county of Martin in th- Hon; of ('j1 woos of the next (Jnerl Ass-mtdv ol North Caro lina. As t th- policy the -u!ry. I will dimp ly ftate. that I believe th- surest way to obtain a permanent and early p ace. is for th people at home to Mipport the Administration f tl.e Presi dent, and to all in th-ir4ower to aoi ho. ate the Condition wf the a d liria' iamili-s. lUvinif, I trust, faithfully served my cjuntry in ih tit-ll tor the last tlm'e rears. I Catter nivs-lf th it I know some thing ot a aoMier'n ii e, snd tfcat I t.-cl for him an intei rjt that no one el e can f.l nb b-t Aotboibe wih him b s t ils and prira .ion. His interest i. the interest of oar co:uma cuMry. 1 am a Va? c? maw and am ' tooth ar.d toe nail" opposed to Holdfn. 1 will si uply add. that iielected to the p?iti n. it is int m- intecititm to leave the aruiv, a;id duririg the tim not spent in th Leg islative Halls, I wiil b.; -ouiid, as in duty bound, with my gallant K-giuiet. haripg with them the t'urfunea of ar. it i-l-i-t-d. the interest of both citizen" stud soldiers shill ie served to the best of nr ability.. If not, I che-rfuily abide their decis ion. Very K't-o-ctfullv, CHAS. W. K5WHT, Lieat. Col. 31st T C.'T. June 9, 18G4. ' U9-d26t F0K SJILIilFF. TTTE ARE AUTHORISED TO ANNOUNCE Y THOMAS J WlUTAlvt-'U. a candidate for I re leCtloU IO lUr uice "i r-uriu i" lur t-i'JuiT . . i . . ... . : r.. mm toe couci juh- 6 23-wtf j or Jom b. i TO THE Ti.ZS W' i I tlKS AS ft Ht'-.l ' F(-r:: oy t vv'ti r.i .va :oi sty. ; I r" .i-Jtoo. ii -i t" ado mnce GEO. WM, V I'lVI'llV' It n.li.tll.. ... .. rt' Saj. ' quotas': v -amy io th.? n--xt IL ust of Commons. " - uia tOSMi'-nJcwte fou . i is;:: iff I X"E are aath .tized t anoanc- WM. J. POPE 'or bhcnif oi Lvuoir vuuaiv, at th- li ction ia j AutisU " jul i-134-dtit J Uvdlng the FJrctlon for Governor, etc To rime", !acii. an the nairto-r id nhU ing the election tor llovru r, Men.VxTs of the Get.rral Assembly, eu, my le HiM'ertaiefi by the following Onlioauce of ! Coovei ti- n atitl A t of the Genera! Afttiib:y, wh'ch.wo publish for the IeneSt of all oiicnf. AX OUDINAM K TO AL 04V KRTA IN PKIOOXSTO YOIE FOK GOYE!:XOK IN ANY 0l II KK THAN ITIK COUN TIES IN WHICH THEY RESIDE Section I. it ordnincd by the Dceati ( the people of North Carolina, in C netition aselnblrHt and it is herpHv otl:flity the authority of ! anne. That aov cit rh ( thi State who tdiall l eutithd to voti or (i .v. ernorin tre cunty h-1 i at he i lorf,ii-i exl. chull U- eputicl t.t vote f r G ivrrtor iu ai county in this Suv - Seo. 2. Ik it foitl er i hiit'cl. Ti ar it ha'l r loay t e lawiul for the .Sh ritf of the C mm. lies in this Siate in the r'?efd. n f, or oii der if-e coitroi of th" em-tov, to coniMra the polls ol toeir re-ijeo-ive conniiea or Gover nor irH Menb i id the Lcjii.-lattire at ai:y place in thi Ma ri ey any tniok pr pr-r. btc 3 Be it furito r orlHitoo'. Tii.il i his orriira ct xt-ull be nrul rontito-e oi fon e for and during the present w ir, and n l:irer. iioh-ss Mioi er rej ealo'! or ni- i-Hel l; the General Asseaibiy. Unified to- '2 b day of May, 1802 AX Airr TO EX E 1) TME TIVE rou 10 i p itTMi niH io:,h rc ii u:u ti corxriEs AND foil OClEIt purpose;. .- Scitioii 1. it eractrd Ly tV.e i-tieial As.senii.1y of the S ;io 1. 1' X:th i arnlir. r and it!io-rtby enacel.by tip aiih rrv t tlio K-nie. Tli.ii it .-ball be uwf .1 l r !h. Si erdTn of the C'Oltitie j.. this St,.t' in I ? ''.osHvi u of r unt'er tlottr.d I tto- r-t -co. v. 'o (.vui pare the j.ol'w of t-ejr ri.-p r jv i-oot.ut-s for Govir.iii-, Mim -'i o! 0m L.'f. riutic rnd Cbrkf of the Co t .t j Sn:. ii.r f1 -urtv, -t any phic1 in ihe'S'arc t v 'i-iok p r, at-ii they hl ail io lodo in ti.fi.- retui-! t'.c v,.tc ot otlicf-rs hi tl ?. -Iiberf it Tc-. ivo.i wh in twenty dav af'er ih -v ii" :..- . .wul ad otlier voteait' re- iv.l wi;hio tii r -ten di aftoi th-y are c&s', and liicv "u;i I oc iiik up thei rs tiiros nnd rteel ir. il, Tiiut ' lie eicvoiorisMtniil the cxpirtl-Mi iffhet'ie !! in .-too tie 1 ; and t!ie t'i-iks ty th (i u'iir O'urts of aii counties may r-ce!r- ilicietor a of the election f-r Sto-rlj at; t c tef.i e tie SiiiTir- in like fat.ner. St-c: 2 lb it further ena--.l T. ! if at any tinio it b!i:i:l b ipjK ii 'h.i' fi-c S'.erit'f --r 0 sr.o er of .-;:o4 c ni'dy cap.; i-, ; in el .o-ti.uo- nv ri.viH f his-lirt:nr; wnbi:t . lints, tiie i-lcrt 6;i- m iy b '.y sn.n.- le- po al'e tree h '!.-r i..,i ut n- .y .4 y ihr r .Ius;(vs of the Pa-e of thecotuiiy. ,.l u"a free holder hhall in !ik: c.-ise cvinjvn' in-? polls in the toanr r prccrii rd n liie pit-, ceeoimj: section, and t-ball have likr p '-c. b-- under the .im. directions and rxHiic'ttiOi and sol'j-ct to Hie pena't'o a.- ro -o-' len-.-d or inij-osed ujmii Sner ll ; mo 1 in ! lault : s.ucli npp b tni'-nt t".e ri ;-.rn nnij be in-oie to the S';.:retaiy of Statr. who sh:iM co'itpaie I'm t ime aiul dei.hu e ti e i'dL tl the election. S-c 3 Beit ftTMier ejinrrcd, 'I hit if the coutdy Courts fir .Viepfl.s of tin c inoi- - nico tioiioil in tiie Hist eciioo of this A"t .-hall m ha o appninte 1 in?p ct r H -co. riiii to t e txi.-tir g Uvv. i:. fihab I e lawful f.r m.j .L. ticc id the l;t e t) make su-;n apj o .nuit-ot' on thedayof the clci t;jw Sec. 4. Lie it iurther ooach-rj,. T'-at who it u'.'l)i itnpr i -tic ib!e for tii- S .f-ritf. -,r Cerks olertl I r so.-'i co'Udi si I '4.v- i.--r l aiol qoniily triiv riiaoi.vf im jns r t -! "y la , it sood be!iliri .! f i" in ('iv r ! U-'Ill 'jw'uU.tlid torpil'i'v .It ti. 't'o .t , J ll rt oftiiee' l"ot v wtiH.eiM t' oi rt.-' a1"'-- M-id i'-.nc.-l to ti. or ri-sj i li. iium'.: m. ' S;- 5. It" il fiirM ' .i!T;o I. Th t t'; not di:i ! Ii- i'i I 'I'lv fr in its ra'-li a;ir :. ' R a 1 tin-1- tiiio- .t i 1 radii'. ! io Men"',, A'Otbly tms tie- h ! V m .M v , A. i , R S iiONNr.! S !l (V GILES MEBaNK, . 'J'he f .'1-cA i ii! o"-:s- i -.-err r '0 to- 'J re at-itnaoidT in wiji-,-ii o'j h s ;i ,d d -r- -., .tod how rct!U"i ar ? o u vd- : AX 0R1L.X( E TO SW:L-RE To GSR TALN OFF m'ERS aXDSOLUIEIH IME RKtlir 10 Vo; E Sei ti-oi 1. Br it nrd:li.n 1 by t Lit iJ V :i ti'in and.it s hereby od ii .e.'l 1v -nili.'i ity i the sAtnp, Thai all fli-v is and 8 rid if.- n the service o' -tl.eSatn. rr d tio- Con oJ .-!. Scales, who areol tin- i jr.i . I twenty-' -oh y.t3 a?sd who ut" cjtzna of ihj. Sta e ; orv- h , if vriti.in the Stale, wt.nli be absetit trow tbeir respective u ite at e!ecti"Ms hcrealter'tM ie heid, ir the -x-uoie f t.ie tio ai-il p;r m t, shnil be hritied t vote o- S ifa tleik' ifth-- U'tir.ty .md S'ir.'i' Cu r . i mend" Ts of t! e G-r.cral A r nMy fo- th ir rehjio. :ie in ti' -; m! :t1H! l. -oii -Iei to v.-t" fr (f..vrii r. Etr-o'i i"r l'rei-rlr-i.t 1 Vec' P.t'.d'ho.t id tt.e C - !-i4te S'a'te. at.d f r it end . .ot ti.i C 'ei rite C iir to th or rjo i-'.ie di-'ri . S . 2. B- V fu H tn !. T t tlnco fr c- hie:!-! t.o'fl- t:v mp- -.11 r th" d.r'i -'. t the c n irM r.i u .-. i- -tlie r -o-.tn-'ot tr wbi u u? I Uj p. i'.- ii Tttt v y t -! t- 'lo dav ai..-.ii e 1 for h hiiu eje.ru. in sti ir-ie vt;t. a - f-- e:cMr. s U o.-!utt.-.i !n -1 rrt f. -tn a;or:y g tr t i i - I i this S t three fnV-h' lii-!-, ;.! -iai. ji.'j;r; a fair i i oi the t.,-e.-, ,', !. ..i.d - ... l t.w.--nvit t'i.e ii.il! e with ll.- i l ..:t: to ft.'- St eiilJ- otali i r t-y- live c in ;ie-; " nh-ie ofticets atid hI ieia in th. Kinie co njK ni s shad vote in elifb-iebt courtita r diHr-i'Tit Ooovresvh.nal di.-iric. the aid Irt-c-h -idera shall s. ecify accordingly, and make return to the So-rifl"i ol the different counii-- ainve ref'.rre! to. - Sec 3. Be it farther enrctcd. T' it tlse She i iff- of tre rrp-i, t'iv. tv:n i-- id t ; t s e shail oti'it t e v or.- the . oo r d tittoiicif. if f veivH t v;:hr. .-cu ' -r ot. r tLe e rii 'ti ; rl.-td i .. . i. . ;r riaii't f th- ' fi .itl t alov. njent''';.' i a. d; :.i'tX;i . S--C 4. R it 'ii'i'oj e t.Ui.r-d'p-a;a:e ph--d M i i o i a ; r o day o i?s riiilhai.!-: I'.i.v,-; ; .h -d D-iC !IjhII iv- i f ri u"4 v ii . i xi .' of th-e pr-riit .v2.r. ri:u tii- U.ji o i .S: -- ".;-d Do hd gcr. ' Ratified the 25th day of Jute, lt?tii. AX ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN OR DINANCE EXTHJ.EI) -AX OI'IH-. XANTE TO'SECURE 10 CERTAIN OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS- THE U!iHT TO VOTE " 1 IfcirortlMinecl l y tl e Delegate of ltr lojiVof Ji. rth Cirollna. in (hnr. nth.n at in blrd, at. J it i herd y nn'aireil rhtr nnl ority of Hna rim. That tie prop r rc- umit -2 of fvr- ciitintT in thin State lihair, it-c'nd in their retmna the vote- ftiflicis 'k'-d mJobra give or in ai y elrctlon io r hich thfv ar entitled nwte by law, if ercr-irtd' v-ithin twenty days tTer they are cast, and the r-aid renirtonff ofliTr flail n-tnake ti tl.ir retiirra and declare the muh of Paid elections until the expiraiifjr wl t a ny daya a a'tofiid. 2. Re it further ordained Tint the rrr,!r rtttirii riitricer of every couty. thl' wo dght day after the period fined fAfco'.j it'nx the return. tnrniit to the "ent of jrvri ri no nt " und llirrr t the proper oflicr n MVrnont of T'-t,! g'ten in bin county fr Or'Vfri:.r.,vjicl:' ftmcno Mt ehnll be mne in the iato tr1 ninl ! form nrw required by inn 3. R'it orddi ed.Tlat tfce Geveno r t e .K--tjcfed to mnto ki orn, by i r-eintipitioo. tl pr'.ri,i..r .f the ( rditi' t.;e h cunnz tof!icl' ai d ol.-ier?r tje light t vid". Ratified i rob eWy of My, IPfil. The forefinsr rdi Minceii cot t.-iir h i"w w' icH re(-iilila the t:nie nt wl. h t tT,r-r and Mi'di f re tr vote, the mm. nor of nppr.i;.th g 'n e. r-, and also when and to whom the c py 1 ,f r,t-. polled and the lift of vrrefs hnll he tr.nmit'ed 1 Ti e officers nrd oldicn cf thin Stute, vfhij bv !w re entitled to vote, if nhfce rt rioe their r-pee iv e.-om'ie on the day ctlcttrt nnv f .t on the Thoreday before the day nppin1'd f.r l:iddinr e;. ciioi in th" State, which this yer otcuts on the 4th day nf Aopu?t. - Throfrr e hJders of each cowr-nny. urdr r the direct'mi if the coin n... 11111 otrieeft J O e r-y'tnrufy to w'-irh rhfy bil-irjr. t ''' . t ' 11- .! d eosdnct the election in all ri -4 fl;c .r.'i- g to the law of the Sn te. 3 Th frre.rtlder f.oc-id ! U pi r r fi Ct y t f th- Vwlen j oMed ntd b" . r t v.tvr.'Mid trnnrH.it th - Me a the Sh- -!'- .f tKe r K ctivf C'Utities in w!;.-h lie Vi '.is r'f:d. wiihin twenty di nffer ll"- v?r nre c-ft, nr. I ihe rt-tiindrp . flier of il r'd ll tVnt 0inni.'- t-h.dl iif.t nmkr op thu'r urrv m.cl deebire the rer,tf f 'cctioi:., uMil t! -?c. ti-atinn of tventy dy- a, nf. trsHol. h?ri rceot. thi ye;.r on the' 17t!i day t .ncu"t. 4 la the C'VfriKit't. lrtbu "he rr tornir-jr, -frierr of vki y ouiitv sliiU within iphi hn 8 aftr r the pri. 1 fi ned for ivoopririi1'; the rem . n. that ic to mv. en of i f'.- the H t It .' cf Uiftir. tt!W;-:til to the rit 1 f ; -v 1 ciaet nod tfi'livr tf. iU j r o cr ofie-r. 11 . m ly 1 1 rr"-"' -f Si-e. the votes giren r hi entity f r 0 vertKir, wldeh tntemrvt sh-ll be i nuur-nrT-X' -l f" ni mn' r.-qo'tf rl Chttl K.i ui'in- I : ;i.'. I,.. S.( 1 9 mi i:e:..-.i;-i;oi:j hm. im 1. OCX ERA?. OkJ.R Nn, I. r l LIi wld 1 ! 1,1'Hr.cn t. ,; J C js attri 43 t h-tli.T l. t i. fou- x- - j. t p . 1- otoci ipt t- n or 1 t i nr Mile r-n.- Im IV. t.h I hi Jf4 S '. M ltd . O ; . I. I'i.- T.t tl .- 'i.lioHin" t"r - r,.' lac - ' ; . Thi'ee im V.'ad.lijTKt. toi.tli, 1.1 1 i 1. . ! : h , It jTith ol Ju't . Ti.or. io M ail in f cu.-u , .1! V. li'i .ui., on '-(it h of Julv. O Th e in fl- ttie conr.iv, T Vii !., m i'.'!,d of Jtd.. iJ.os.-in N'ortha wpton e.o.rty, nt .f.uk.oi,, on ;h.of Julv. Tiio.- it- Ik rtfoid touat, at Jiufi' .l.c,'', on lt ot up us t. il. fount. Ei to'dirc tll'.iir r 0 it d l in tlV.r nt ft c ) the Oii'ifji .i r t': c ' f .,1 do- Ur j. ir - 1 td o: Militi i. Hte 'hiMp-' o i'h the 't.ty oi rii M-;i.i-jotinp this Ur thioul.t ut llir tt'e (ouii1.. c,' anil tlo v til I r Id to tv " rli 1 1 -t aec .tn.tHbiilty l-o the n..il.it in l.i. h ihrir!uty li Xr-CUt.-'W (Sipird, IICOII L. (Md;, Capt and Chief K. O. Jrt C. O. N. I'.. 'HB'QRS CillEF MED. EX. bVKI) , ' hiCiMi !)if. .V :.. Jum-SO. 1M.4. f 'Ih u:. ipu- t. t'l,i("ii!ira ol th M'rlieaiEt j;.iduit f IJ- d tor tlo- Ut ('otiiT . Jl;.:iiist ol S. (' , cir' t.otief thnt ii uill be prri nl kt t'tf t i ro e f Mi. 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Ur.NKi- AL 0.:lk.na No. Ti. j T Tnh .-i.i'r.-ie Court having de id d jti tn ase of Walton, that the princiil o su' -fii.m-n ore liable by law to militny .u y il auco p."prio h hi u b utid hy any Ju p-t . i...io-th- l.ti-ioi. ir V a! tot eae( ate iju r.! tn -rri);i in 110 f'intely to the linroilu a Our.. f ll ir r sp. i It v.- t- iiiitirs. or thy v. ill t it ,r bo us tii I art ttit ar.d j.tit to ovi. . iiip'.l.t l.ii'obi..p Oil eel will h'.I.J tht-i I fJil Oiiie-t r.-p-.i.sibie for a a t let txcru' ;or. ot t , orilvr. II.- c ru.-r of the Ctntiail it.t. E. J. II A R I IN. ju! 5 1 mt A u 'xut. oneM vatite an-J Ftyoli.rdltf Oticu viT copy one week. FO ' SU!. " ' a RESIDENCE NEAR r.US!iUO,' X. C, t Th- hou- ia e.ew, and one of the beft in the crrunty, cot.taininp ight, larje ro ink. ar.d, bit firce sry ont hou'i. The lard, 21' nf, and producei-firly. Tf.01 e Mre "It 0' Oiiei'nie- v fri.lt tre Oil i. i lcf-i J fr.'tfl te l, ... k .i.rv. 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