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In the I Ion v of Coinuions.' on the 23'd ultimo, Sir John ''Hay asked if, the attention of the GoYcrr.ment had been called to tho ac tion between th ,Kearsa2e"and 'Alabama." Ho al inquirrd whether, int Tie.w of tho ex perience sained by that action tke Government would continue building skips which neither fight or swing finrd C. Paj6t said the? attention f the Admirality had been drawn to the fight in question, but it had nothing to do with tb question of the ve&iola to which the inquiry referred. ' ' On' (he following Yrninsc Lord Paget, in reply to an inquiry, said that the Admiralty did not tljjik it necessary to snd an tfficer te Cherbourg to examine the nxnlo adopted to ftrengthen the Rides of the '4Kearsage,, in order to resist ahell, that information having been obtained when the vessel w in dock in England. " The officers and men taken from the ".Ala bama" bad'been paroled Chcbourg. Captain SemrncH remained in England. Admiral Ans-orr; It. N., headed a committee formed in IinJon to purchase a new sword for Capt. Serame.s by guinea subscriptions. Liverpool h,id subscribed a large sum for a similar pur pose. Tke following art some of the comments of the Abolition English press . (From the London Star, June 22.) The " Alabama " hits at list met her woll de served ftte. Her career of the lawless destruc tion has ended in a short fight and utter wreck. She has gone dwa under the guns of the first war ship ?he has ventured to encounter. After preying for nearly two years upon unarmed merchantmen, aad having performed, nothing more worthy f 'her boi8tel prowess than the destrucn of a junboaf lured by the display of colnr within range of her fire, the has faught Ler first and last battle. The utter destruction of the " Alabama," within an hour and a half after her meeting the Kcaraage," will by no means compcnate the ehipowncr-i f the North for th liMndreds of vesitls which .these Confederate pritatcer3 have pluulred and burnt. Neither would or mer chants find compensation in tho similar fate of a prifaterr that for a couple of years has preyed upon our commerce. If the oft threatented in terference of our fiet in the IXino-German struggles should really take place, how 'losig will it he before Austrian or Prussian Alaba mtis issue from French ports to capture and de Rtrstroy linjlish merebantsrnen ; and hew long before one of those privateers would be attack ed by the Warrior or the Clack Prince. A well armed gunboat may finish tho ca reer of a corsair wh-n th latter i.s overtaken and bruiiht to battle ; but, let it be well no ted, ono. swift going priraUer my elude for many months the best hij in tha British na vy. For which reason, if fer ho other, let us make sure that no second "Alabirna" sUals forth from our harbors, an example to our ewmies of our own as well as an outrjge on our friends and kindred. SuKViFU'fi. In the course of a long Edito rial on tl$ election for Governor, in tho last Standard, Mr. Ilolden says: "The issue is War or Peace, and Liberty against Despotism. Gov. Vance and his sup porters are riot only in favor of the war going 'on, and on and not only opposed to negotia tions (or peace unless they can bo brought about in their way, which is the way poihtod out by President Davis; but they are Darin men endorsers of his administration, an J irilh hi in in e very ts.-ieuliaj particular. To vote for Gov. Vance is to endorse President Davi;, aid at the same time to encourage the continuance of the wax with all its horrors, with no earnest or determined efforts to stop it by negotiation..'' Thin would be laughable if it were not false and base. "The issue is War or Peace." The war is upon us, and up n us by Mr. Hohtea's own vote. Ho can have no more power and no more desire to procure pacc than Gov. Vanco has ; and he knows it. Neither has he, or ran he have, any more power to preserve Liberty and aveit Despotism, than Gov. Vanco has ; and he knows that too. Mr. Holden knows also that the only way by which peace can be obtained is the way pointed out, not by President Davis, but by the Constitution of the Southern Confederacy, which Mr. Ilol den voted to adopt and has taken a sol emu oath to support, and which he publicly pro poses to violate, by a pretence of getting peace in a mode contrary to the Constitution. Mr. Holden knows that peace can onfy be obtained by a treaty conclude! by commissioners ap pointed by the two governments. He knows that President Davis has three times distinct ly mad4 overtures to the Lincoln governnient of his readiness to entur apon negotiation for such a treaty- He knows that Lincoln ut terly refuses to listen to any proposition to ap point 6wch commissioners. ' He knows that bcth President Davis and Gov.. Vance have ni:ide both earnest and determined efforts to topthwar by negotiations. Mr. Holden knows all this ; yet he is so bent upon getting iutoofficpJhat no hesitates at no amount of slander to efiVct his ambitious purposes. If Mr. Holdtju expects to make peace other wise than as the constitution provides, he must expect to do it by a base and , cowardly submission submission to Lincoln and hi abolition hordes submission to the loss of Liberty and of all the property of the people of the State, except possibly his own. That of his followers, as well as that of his oppo nents, would be needed to pay off the yaukee army and keep tftem from going back to raise riots in tha great cities of tho North. If the people of'North Carolina are not prepared for such results, as we know they are not, let them vote against W. W. HoMcn and for Z. 13. yance Fuydteville Observer. ' . m Characteristic We learn that among the letters picked up on one of our battlefields of this campaiga was a communication from a Yankee General intended for publication in a Northern paper, in which he gave a most magniloquent account of a tremendous beat ing they had just give the Cod federates, knv rnnnv miles. slaughtering them like sheep, and capturing L U - f m.I.t.. vl' n t. il lira n rmc Til t3 I any nuin'i ji j)iiwuuouu u . was intended for the paper. At the the bot tom of the letter was a private note to the editor tbue: "They whipped us like thunder." A fine specimen of Yankee military corres pondence. A collectien 6f the. private notes written by the worthies during the war would bo an cntertaiog volume. : AUCTION . SALES. , BY M. CROXLY, Auctioneer. AUCTION SALE i ... - " .OF IMPORTED aOODS, : . BY :: " CATALOGUE. '' N WEDNESDAY, JULY 20TH.T864, COM- W mencing at 10 o'clock, A. M., I will sell, at my sa'es. roorus No. 2, Granite Row, Wilmington, N. C., the entire cargoes of Steamships , . BADGER AND LUCY, - - . - . With large consignments ex Ships CHlCO?A, ALICE, FANNIE, CITY OF PETERSBURG and other vebsels, via : DRY GOODS 1 18 cases white ground Prints 17 cases black aad white printed Muslins 13 cases Huckaback Towels 11 cases Organdie Muslins 8 bales Army Cloths 7 cases super Hosiery 7 cases Coats' and TJark's Spool Cotton 6 cases finishing Linen Thread 6 bale3 fancy iShirts 4 cases solid, broken and mourning Ginghams 3 cases black Lustre 3 cases Confederate Tweeds 3 cases ready made Clothing 2 cases Check anrt Stripes, mourning 3 cases coat, vest and bone Bultona '2 bales Carcffe 2 cases black Satin l 2 4 2 1 1 eases super black Broadcloth cases, brown HolUnd cases Flannel Shirts bales mixed Meltons bale blue and grey Sergo bale fancy Flannels ' 1 case Black Alpacca 1 case Black Orleans 1 1 1 1 case Papr Cambric, assorted colours bale Mottled Alpaccas case Beauregard Tweeds case Southern Cloakinjr 1 case Black and White Prints 1 case Shirtinir case Fancy Shawls bale Linos, superior cast Mosquito Netting case Ties, Gloves, Jkc bale super Broad Cloth, assorted colours 1 case Irish Linen I case Pant Buttons 1 case Black and White Pjns SHOES, LEATHER, Ac. 28 trunks Ladies', Gent's and Children's Shoes 10 cases LadO;', Gent's and Children's French Bootees, extra 8 caes Army Shoes 7 cases Barton's Bleached and Brown Shoe . Thread 4 cases Fr Waxed Calf Skins cases Chamois Skins 4 2 cases Morocco Skins . COTTON" CAUDS, CLOTHING, &c 35 cases .Cotton Cards, No. 10s, part Whitte more's best 1 case Wool Cards . 2 cases (Cai d Clothing 32x4 2 cases 'Filleting STATIONARY. 1G cases Cap, Letter and Note Paper 2 cases (iuillott'fl Steel Pens 3 cases Pen Holders 1 cSsu Pencils and Pens 1 case assorted statiunarj BAGGING AND ROPE. 10 bales Gunny Ragging 149 coil Rale Rope GROCERIES. 238 ba3 Rio Coflee 60 barrels brown Suar . GO barrels crushed Sugar 182 kits No. 1 Mackerel . S casks Chicory 10 bo.ves Sperm Candles 10 bags black Pepper 10 caddies Younj Hyson Tea HARDWARE, &c . 8 tons Hoop Iron 10 kegs Nails, assorted sizes 4 cases Wire 4 cases Gun Caps 12 bags Shot 3 .cases Knives, Files and Razors LIQUORS, &c. 2 qqarter casks pure Cognac Brandy 1 half pioe pure Martel Brandy 1 quiterpipe pure riaet, Caarillon & Co"., Brandy 1 eight pipe pure Otard,Dupuy & Co,Brandy 10 casks Whiskey 32 casks old Rura. 100 cases Holland Gin 38 demijohns Holland Gin DRUGS. 30 cases Liquorice Pasto' J)4 eases Liquorice Sticks 13 casks Alcohol 14 casks Alum 8 casks Kpsom Salts, D casks Balsam Copavia 9 bbls Tanner's Oil 42 Kegs Bi. Carb. Soda 5 bbls Borax 3 cases Quinine 3 cases assorted Drugs 5 bbls Copperas 8 eases Potass Carb. 2 caaF Hlu-i Mass 1 case Powd. Ipecac 1 rase lodidu Potass and Iodine 2 ca-ks Soda Crystals 2 casks Bine Stone 1 case Phosphorus july 4-eod-t20. ' CONFEDERATE TICKET FOR GRANVILLE. fob the senate: C. II. K. TAYLOR. FOU THE COMMON'S : JOHN W. HARGROVE, E. G. CHEATHAM, DR. P. P. PEACE. july 20-dto NORTHAMPTON COUNTY. CANDIDATES FOR THE SENATE I DR. W. St COPLANfD. CANDIDATES FOR HUE COMMONS : CAPT. S. T. STAN CELL, LIEUT. W. J. ROGERS. Election in camp, Thursday, the 28th of July; at hoine,.Thnrsday, the 4th of August, july 20-dtwAwte SPLKXD1D BLOCKAK SHOES, A SMALL LOT OF FINE SHOES, LATEST style for Ladies and Gentlemen, at a slight advance on importer's prices, at N. C. BOOKSTORE. TO THE VOTERS OF CARTERET AND JONES. . TN eemnlianee with the wishes of many friends JL in and out of the army, I announce myself a candidate to represent your Senatorial District in the next General Assembly of North Carolina. If elected; I pledge my entire devotion to your public nd personal interest. july20 dte C-B. Ib L LK. "State Journal copy and send bill to the sub scriber at Kinston. HEADERS CAMP OF 'INSTRUCTION, 1 liALKiGU, N. C., July, 14, 1864. , ) In accordance with the provisions of Gsneral Orders No. 25. Adjutant and Insoector General's Office, lait series, thextwners of the following ne- proes win can . at tats camp ana Drove tneir claims, as required by act of Congress : List of slaves captured from the enemy in Vir gima, forwarded to this Camp bv Provost Mar shal at Weldon, N. C, July 3rd, 1864. . " Jack, slave propertv of Jno Dotson. Virginia. Ottoway, property of Jas. Dickman, Peters- . ourg, v a, . Collin, property of Dr. Campbell, Nottaway county, ,Va. , Godfrey, property of Jno. Lewis, Brunswick county, Va. Nicholg, property ef Thos. Hicks, ' Brunswick county, Va. Daniel, property of Lawyer Campbell, Notta way county, Va. Torn; property of T.R. Britchford, Nottaway county; Va. William, property of Wm. Beasley, Diawindie county, Va. Grief, property of Jno. B. Smith, Charlotte, county, Va. Lovelace, property of Dr. Saunder3, Lunen ( berg county, Va. Shadock, property of Dick Watkins, Prince Edward county, Va, t Lizzie, property ofWm. Blunt, Petersburg, Va, Eady, property of E. Scott, Lunenburg county, Va. Fanny', property of Adam Finch, Mecklcnbarg county, Va. Edwardj propertv of Jno. M. Crattock, Meck lenburg, county, Va. (Jam, property of James Gregory, Mecklenburg, county, Va. William, property of L. L. Irven, Prince Ed ward, Va. . Russell, propertv of James lfatchett, Prince Edward county, Va. William, property ef Ben. Boyse, Dinwidie, county Va. Charles, property f B. Longest, Dinwidie, county, Va. Elijah, property of R. W. Purdy, Charlotte county Va. Wyatt, property of Isaac Overby, Charlotte county, Va. Harrison, do Nelson, property ef M. A. Roberts, Charlotte county, Va. Granison, property ofH. Ogbern, Brunswick county, Va. John, property A. Can pbell, Nottaway J county, v a. Patrick, property of J. C. Carrington, Char- otte, county, va. Matt, property of T. F. Epps, Nottaway coanty, Va. Mike, property ofMrs. Susaa Hotcherson, Char lotte county, Va. Washington, propert5- of R. Beville, Nottaway county Va., John, property of II. C. Horthorn, Lunenburg county, Va. Henry, property of N. Tuipin, Mecklenburg county, Va. Orange, property of N. Turpin, Mecklenburg cour.'y, Va. - Banister, property of N. Turpin, Mecklenburg couRty, Va- Dick, property of N. Turpin, county, Va. Jim, property of Capt. Burton, county, Va. Billy, properly of J. E. Pollard, conaty, Va. Saiii, property of David Bugger, county, Va. Meckleaburg Mecklenburg King William Mecklcnbarg Frederick, property of Henry Tucker, Meck- lcr.hurg county, V a. William, property of Peyton R. Surrell, M ck lenburg, eouniy, Va. Davie, property of Win. Owen, Prince Edward county, Va. Edward, property of Dr. Georgs county, Va. James, proprrty of Abram Geo. Lewis, King Marshall, Lunen- burg county, V. By order". F. J. nAIIR Maj. Com'dg. C. Jl. Wiugiit, july 16-d6t Lieut, and Adjutarrt. At'raetive Gale at PER CENT., LONG ABLE BONDS. Auctlon Of Six DATE, NON-TAX- ON THURSDAY, JULY 2ST, at 12 M., the Treasurer will sell at public auction, in the city of Richmond, at the ollice of Lancaster & Co., Five Millions of dollars of six per ceat. bonds of the Confederate States, issued under tho ?t of February 17th, 18G4. These bonds oiler the largest inducement' to purchasers. They have thirty years to run, bear au interest of six per cent, per annum, payable half yearly, and are secured, by, a pledge of im port and future export duties. Both principal and interest are fi ee from taxation, and the cou pons are mixie by the law equal to coin for tha payment of faies on imports, which are allowed to be paid only in coin, sterling exchange, or the coupons of these bends. CONDITIONS OF SALE : The sale will bs made in lots to suit purchasers. Ten per cent, on the amount of purchase must be deposited with the Treasurer on the day of sale t be forfeited if the terms are not complied with, and the balance to b6 paid at the Treasury within ten days." The payments must be made in Treasury notes, of the. new issue, or of the old issues of the denomination below one hundred dollars rated at two-thirds of the amount prouii.tcd on the face. (Signed) C.G. MEMMINGER, july 18-tds .Secretary of Treasury. FLAG OF TRUCE LETTERS. CoNFEOKUATE STATES OF AlIERICi Cl,) Wak Depatment, Bpheac of ExchamgKj Richmond, Va., July 1st, 1S64. 1. All letters to go North by flag of truce must ba sent to this otliee. 2. Each . letter must be inclosed in a separate envelope and addressed to me, Bureau of Exchange, Richmond, Va. 3. No Utter must exceed in length one page of ordinary sized letter paper, and its contents be confined strictly to personal or family matters. No letter alluding to the movements or localiti- s of troops will be allowed to pass. 4. Ecb letter must , contain a United States postage stamp, or its equivalent - in silver or United States currency. These regulations will be rigidly enforced, end no letter transmitted in which they are net strictly ouserved. ROB'T. OULD, Agent of Exchange. rOfficial-l W. II. Hatch; Capt. and A. A. G. july 20-d6t SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY. I WILL, AS THE AGENT OF THE LATS Joseph Blocst, offr?r for sale, to the highest bidder, at the Court House in the town of Uills boro', on Tuesday, the 12th day of July next, that valuable farm, known as the David Hart-place, within two miles of Hillsboro', aud containing three hundred and sixtv-one acres more than one half of which is in woods. Said farm is in first rate condition, with fence3 thoroughly repaired. The house contains eight rooms in good repair, with all necessary out buildings in good condition with the exception of two barns. The farm has on it two excellent Orchards of selected fruit tiees, two good meadows, and is abundantly watered. Terms, twelve months credit, bondwith ap- S roved security, bearing interest from 1st day of anaary 1665 ; the title to be teserved until the purchase money is paid in. WILLIAM H. STAND1N, Agent, june 15-120-deodl5t BOOK AND JOB WORK Neatly executed at THIS OFFICE; OR WORK Neatly executed at. THIS OFFICE. Candidates' Cards. CRAVEN COUNTY. To ihz Soldiers and Citizen Voters of Craven T Tib. SOLICITATIONS OF MANY friends, I offtr myself a candidate for re-election to represent the coanty of Craven in tbu House of Commons, in the nut Legifmture of North Carolina.' If elected, I will serve vou to the best of my ability, a', all times guardir.g well your interests T. H. GASKINS. jane 12-118 dte 1st Lt. Co. B, 67th Rgt. NOT For the SheriZT-iity of Craven We are authorised to announce, that ALEXANDER V. IjA 111AM is a candidate for re-electwn to the oitice of Sheriff, in the county of Craven may 24-101-dtf. TOR-SHERIFF OF WILS03 WE ARE REQUESTED TO ANNOUNCE W. W. BATTS, as a candidate for Sheriff of Wilson county, at the ensuing election. uoyners Uepot, Jxxae 15. 121-tde. TO TUB V0TKRS ;0F CUAVEX COUNTT. "pELLOW CITIZENS AND SOLDIERS s I L announce myself a candidate for re-election to the Senate for the next Term of our Legisla ture. During the past Term, I have endeavore d to discharge my duties faithfully, and according to my ability. I thank you for tho honor vq have heretofore done me, and hope to merit your continued confidence and support. Yrour Obt Serv't. juue 14 121-dto NATHAN WHITFORD. . SHEIilFF OF CATAWBA C0UXTY. WE are authorized to announce that JONAS CLINE is a candidate for re-election-to the efficeof Sheriff of Catawba County in August next. iune 27." 1SG4. dte. , 0 .- , WE ARE AUTHORIZED TO ANNOUNCE Dr. JOHN F. FOARD a candidate tt rep- resenttho Conrfty of Rowan in the House of Com mons of the next General Assembly of the State. Grcciie 'County. To the SolJiers and Citizen Voter 3 of Greene Count i : AT the solicitation of many friends, I announce myself a candidate, to represent the county of Greene in the House of Commons cf the next Legis lature of North Carolina. If elected, I will serve you to tne oest ot my ability; guarding your mteresis wit. unswerving naeiuy. J. T. FREEMAN. Snow Hill, June 27, 1864. i:i3-dte. Wilmington Journal and Stato Journal copy. FOR THE LEGISLATURE VE are authorized to announce Col, M. K. Villi f A. W M Mi V to a seat in the House of Commons of the next General Assembly of North Carolina, from Wayne county. - I'll iJ-ot. To the Soldiers and Citizens (voters) cf Person County, N. C. At the solicitation of many friends, I have con sented to become a candidate ' for the oflk't' of Sheriff of Person county, State of North Carolina. Should you honor me with vour sullrages. and elect nie, I ran only promise to serve y.u with uueuty, me ui'st ui my iiouity uu a.u uuea. sious to be in niy place; besides, my opinions and tions in this war arc so well known to vou all, that I deem It entirely unnecessary to say inure, and leave it with the voters of this county to de cide. ' tui K-lm ALEX. M. LONG. Jolmstnn Coiifclyv Vir. arc authorized' apd requested to announce the following gen tlemen as the Conservative candidates to repre sent the county of Johnston in the next General Assembl v : For tb"j Senate THOS. D. SNEAD, Erq." For the Commons W. G. BANKS and W. A. SMITH. Ihis ticket was seieercd by the Ilcserv; s from Johnston, in camp at Goldsboro, and by a mass meeting of the citizens remaining at home, held at Smith Held on the 28 th of May. These gentle lien will be supported by all true Conservatives. Ther endorse the platform of Vice President Stephcrs, Gov. Ur.jwn and W. W. Holden, d if ebjfeted wi!l do Jill they can to procure an eaily and honorable peace June 3 110 lt. DAY 1 1JS0.N CUINTY. po the Soldiers in I Citizen Voters of I Davidson County: We are permitted to an nounce Col. C. W. Bradhaw, of the42d Reg't N. C. Troops, as a suitabh; candidate to represent tho people of Davidson County in the Houss of Com mons ot the General Assembly of North Carolina. Col. Bradshaw has been a faithful soldier in the field for three years in d 'fence of his country; and will as faithfully represent his country's inttrests in the Legislatur e, if the people call him to that position. MANY VOTERS. june 27, ISG1. d26t WAKE COUNTY. rnllE SHERIFFALTY. We are authorized and requested to announce W. II. HIGH, Esq., as a candidate for re-election to the oHice of Sheriff, at the election in August. ju 17-tde-d&w FOR SHERIFF. WE ARE AUTHORISED TO ANNOUNCE THOMAS J WHITAKER, a candidate for reelection to the ollice of Sheriff for the county of Jones. july G 23-wtf TO TI13 CITIZENS, SOLDIERS AND HF FUOEES OF PASQUOTANK COUNTr. W E ara authorized to announce GEO. W. IIINTON, a candidate to represeei Pas quotank county in the next House of Commons, ma y-83-dtwAwte T the Voters of Warren County, N. C l respactfully withdraw toy name as a can didate fcr the Legislature. If a merciful Provi dence shall see fit to restore me to health once more. I prefer to remain in the service until the last gun is fired in defence f Home and Indepen dence, and I desire no greater applause from pos terity than to be instrumental of that deed and thatdcliverance. PLUM M Eft W. GREEN, july 13 d2t Co. E, 1st. Reg't N. C. Cavalry. BERTIE COUNTY. E are authorised to announce non. DA ID OUTLAW, the present Senator from Ber tie, as a candidate for re-election, lie will vote for the re-election of Gov. Vance, and for sueh measures as in his judgment are calculated to pro cure a speedy, just and honorable peace, on the basis of Southern Independence. He is, and has 'been from the beginning, opposed to a Conven tion,' believing it to be a trick, by which North Carolina was to be withdrawn from the Confederacy- vVe are also authorised to announce Capt. V . M. SUTTON, as a candidate for the House of Commons. Capt. S. is in. favor of Gov. Yance's election, and is a true Southern man.. july 13 1864 dte. - IHsboro N. C. Military Academy. If Th Second Session (1S64) of this Institu ) of this Institu For Circulars and tion. will commence July 1st. information apply to Maj. Wm. M ma. 17 93-d3m GORDON, Alamance County. We are Autho rized to announce Gen. JOSEPH S. HOLT as a candidate for the House of Commons from Alamance County. Gen. Holt is a Conservative "after the straitest sect," and is in favor of a speedy and honorable peace. He also believes .in tberi"ht of the people to rale, and In the con stant predominance of the civil over the military power. jaly 16 dte. We are authorized to announce Lieut. E. H. RAY, of the47ih N. C. Regiment, foihe office of Sheriff of Wake County, at the ensuing election in August next, july 14 d6twtd. SEQUFSTRATED DEBTS. IHE undersigned will attend at the following g times and placis, to collect the interest on the Sequestrated Debts in his District, vir. : at Hillsboro; July 14th. 1C1. "Raleigh " 20 Jk 21. " . "Fayetteville . 27. 28 A 29. " G. II, WILDER, Reteiver. Fayettevilio Obaerstr copy till July 2'). . june 27 dtjy 20. . CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL. . Tally Ho, Granville Co. IT. C. Tho Fall Session or this School, under the care of T. J. HORN ER, assisted by J. H. ROWLAND, commence? t 3rd Monday in July. The price of board and tuition is $Gt O per ses sion. Application fr admission thould be made in advance. T. J. HORNER, june. 20-121 dl8t Mrs II. W.. Miller. BOARD By the Dav, " Week, " Month., Meals alone, june 16-dly $ 25 90 224 SHEET IRON FOR SORGHUM BOILERS V2 and feet long, 3-1G inches thick and 30 . inches wide, for sale by july 2 n5 dtf CliEECILA LITCIIFORD. NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. WIL AND R. S. TUCKER AND W. R. Andrews, have this day associated them selves together under tho name, and style of TUCKER, ANDREWS & Co., for the purpose of conducting a general Auction and Commission business. All business entrusted to them will meet with promptness and dispatch. TUCKER, ANDREWS 3; CO. june 23 127-dtf WOOL NOTICE. quartersmaster's'departme.nt, Raleiou, Jci.y 2, lRfiL T AM NOW PREPARED TO EXCHANGE Cotton Yara.f.r Wool, upon tho foiljning terms, viz , One bunch of Yarn for three pounds washed ' Wool, and one buncli for four pounds unwashed. Agents have been appointed to mako the ex change at the following places : Oxford, Tarboro', Kinston, Catherine Lake, Concord, Rockingham, Kendereonville, Statesville, Koxboro, Ash.-ville, Pitt.xboro. Louisburg, Fayetteville, Cob-rain, and at. this place. Persons shipping wol to this place will please rr.ark on the pack-iges who they are from, and the cotton yarn will be forwarded immediately. . 1 hopo the people w lljatrioticaily repund t? the above notice, as the Wool is for" cloth in" the N. C. Trcaps. II. A. DOWD, A. Q. M., N. C. A. julyS-110-tf fi AROLril C0HN, WHOLESALE TOBACCO HOUSE, AND Commission Merchant, ' GOLDSBORQ', N. C. LIBERAL advancemcntsanade on Produce con signed to me. july 14, 1&G4 d3m. Office Raleigh & Gaston R. R. Co'py, RALEIGH, July 7, 18C4. -"TilIE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THIS Jl. Company have declared a dividend of 15 per -ent. on the capital stock, payable on and alter j.fter 1st of August, 1SG4. in four per Cint certi ficates and bonds of the Confederiite Sfatest or in Confederate treasury notes of the old isue at face value, at tho option of tho Com nan v. W. Y. VASS, jul S dtf . Treasurer. Piit County. rpHE prople of Pitt county in Convention fls I scmblod, on the 4th -July, 1SG4, nominated the following named gentl .men as cunr'idates to tepresent tneni in the next General Assembly of North Carolina. -or the Si ii ite, Dr.. RroiiAHO Williams ; For the Commons, Hkmsy Siiutabp, Esq., and Dk. John Takt. This is a straight-cut. Southern lli'p'U ticket:' opposed to the wholesale and unless Temj?ion of men who ought to be in the army, and in favor of tustaining the Govern me n t in prosecuting the war to an honorable pfcace. upon the ba-is of our national independence. We rail upon, all men who lovJ freedom and cherish the honor of their country, to give it a hearty suppoi t at the en suing election. COMMITTEE, july 14 dte. 4 HEADQUARTERS 2d DISTRICT, i Department a. C, and .Southern a. GLDsrono', N. C, July 12, W1. rc:i;cuLAR.i CITIZENS are again notified that permission J to pass through our lines to Newbern, WILL NOT be granted un'Jer any presence whatever; and applications for that purpose cannot be enter tained bv the ( 1 Commanding. By order of Brig. Gen. L. S. Uakkb. R. T. FULGHUM, july 14.dGt, A. 1). C. C. S.. ARSENAL AND MEMORY ) FavutIev ii.le N. C. July Gth, 1JT1. . FOUNDRY-MAN WANTED. ONE experienced in the business can finJ ftoady employ mcnt oapi?lM-:iti'n t t'e july 0 df,t COMING OFF.CElf.. WOOD: WOOD! WE v.-i.-h to contract immediately for H t d u e n CORD -5 OF PINE AND OAK WOOD, delivered in Kaleigh or on thr Railroad. HECK, BRODIE A C., Bayr-net Fr.ctry. Raleigh, N. C. July 0, 1SC1. july V dlOt. TO THE VOTE US OF CHATHAM CDl'N ty. At the solicitation of many soldiers in fhe army, a wefi as of many friends" at home, I announce myself a candidate fVr the Houe of Commons fiom Chatham Coiotr. I have receiv ed no sidicitationa from the Rahabites, tho Ameri can Heroes, or the oligarchs, o." those whosta at home to make money out of the families of'thc Foldiers, and occupy their spsre time in abuirg better men" than tlwir.sel ves as disloyal. I t tacd fairly and squarely on the platf rm" rf Stephens and Brown, of Georgia, and V. W. Holden for Governor, against the world ; and I believe that without the election t such men to office we will never have a permanent peace. So far as the soldiers are concerned, I do not wi.h to appear to boast, bat I will say that I have done as innch for their families, or more, according tn my means, than any Vanceite in th County of Chatham. Fellow citizen and soldiers, go to the polls on the day of election, and vote for true-Conservatives, if you would have peace and b a free people. Do not be intimidated, but stand np for voor rights JOnN A. McDONALD. OakUnd, July 1C, lfcC4. ' dte. Piano Timing aud Repairing. DURING the cessation of his Music School in Petersburg, the subscriber will bepleasMi to receive orders for. Tuning, from the citizens vf Warrenton and the eurroending countrr. Orders sent through the Post Office, or to the Warrenton Female College, will be promptly executed.. C. L. PETICOLAS. Refers to Mr. Andrew White, Mr. Armistead riumuer, and Mr. E. E. Par ham. july 1C d3l. j FOR SALE. OA f FEET of Urge Chain (heavy xnadcf froa tUU 5-8 inch round iron.) rf On 4ovhors power Stationary Engine, with four Cvlimler Boilers, complete, with larpc lot of Pipe, Ac. One 12 horse Sttirtnary Ei'ffire. One largo new Oil Still or Tank, made cf new biler Platr, wide ?he.ts, nc vir ured. .' One largo Ditnpfel Kan, in cnmplc order. , Parties in want of these articles would do well to appl V at nnre. SHAY. WILLIAMSON' A: CO.. North St.ite Irrn and Brasn Wmk. Kalehrb, July 10. 1KC4. jul 10 f t Wi'ieii gtcr; Journal copy 2 weeks and sei'd bill to this ...rice. Ml SIC 'TEACHER. WANTED. A Lady, perfectly competent to teach Voeu Lnd IiictrumcnUl Music. and well reconum mle.l, can hear of h eood situation, bv opplvins n.inedi atelv to THE MIOSES NASH and ' ESS KOL LOCK, llilUboro' N. C. j .ly 1 dfit. IMPORTANT TO KYKKYDODY ! ! PHIL. THIEM A Co. have attached' to their Machineries at th. Saddle-tree Factory, A STEAM GRIST MILL. . ' For the arroinmndition of the public generally, nrd will grind at one eighth. Persons wishing ;ooo mkal, will fpnd thelp corn, and rely upon piomptness and dispatch, july 16 dCt. Johnston County. WE are authorized to imimiik C. R. SAND EES for the Senalv, and II.. II. FINCH and JESSE HINXONT for the Commons, to represent John-' fton county in tho nxt legislature. They ara in favor of the re-election of Governor Vance, ur.d ojpostd to Mr. llolden'a Convention pro ject, july 18 tdo ChUT En. OilJeo 1st Cong. Dlst. N. C.,1 y.URFREESBORO,' June 30, IbOl. J GeXKH AL OkUEU 1 No. II. ; ALL white mnlcs between tho agos cf 17 and 50 (whether heretofore- exempt from conscription ur r.ot) and all male free negroes between the ages of IS uu M.', will n;simbic at the following tim-s r.nd jdaets, viz : Those in Washington couutv, at Plymouth, en' lr.fh of July. Tl.c-e iu' Martin county, at Williamston, t-n 20th of July. Those in Bertie county, nt Windsor, on 23rd of Jttl; Tbose in Xoi thau-pton coenl v, at Jackson, on 2Sth of July. , Thos-e in 'Heitfoid county, nt Muilrcihboro', on ls-t of Auguf-'t. II. County Eniolling OHicers nnd (in their ab soroe the Conimrtixlirg Ollicets of the IJegimenta ot Militia, are charged with tho duty of di.etni nntir.g this 'order thi onglieur their tespect'vo counties, and they will be h Id to the strictest accountability lor the u.ant.r iu u hich their duty is executed. (Signed) HITCH L. COLE, . Capt and Chief E. O. Lt C. D. X. C. HEADQUARTERS MED. EX. BOARD, 1st Con ii. Dtsr. N. C, June 30, 1K.4. Tho undersigned, Chairman of the Medical Ex amining Board for the Tt-t Cong . District of N. C, gives untie" that be will be present at tlio times ttrdlae .j eeified in the above. frVr, for the purpose of examiii'iig inch petoiit liable to con.-cripiioa as may pre:ertt thrill, elves before his Board. (Signed) HENRY K. COf'llllAN, . jul Md Asst. Surg. P. A. C. S. & CVn Beard. Ooiisci vail ve co)V tsli u::y. QaraterniRstn's P.-parden;, C.S, A., DI.STI;P:T OF NORTH :.VR(J.INAi IUlkio:!, X. C. Jii.v I'i, Im:l, TTENT10X OF OFFICEBS AND SOL. ditrs retired ur.d r th" net f Cut grc.y tw provide 'in Inu'iid C-rpf, npprovid Febrmry 17ih, lfdl, is called to the fallow tiig pir.'nrjijlis, J.'t( tral Ordc, No. 31, Ailju'nut atiil Inp- !'-r t;.o cralV OO'ee. Richmond. Va., Mr.n ii lo-h. DC!. IX. Ofiietrs retired under tL o net of Cor-gtc-s ub'jvc reviled, jsie eMi'iled to commu'iti-n of quarters and fuel oril'whcn a signed to duty "aa provided i.i fe'ffiion l:h i f Mijd .() at a S' : a t i -n without tr" ps,v. hen j ut lie qu:iH fcarm t !m fur nished 'ji kind. Thr will receive pv liwm jiny P-j.-t Qu .irtinna.'ti r, upon t!iibiting idcr.-d of th'.dr rttiritneiit Iroiu ;ietive trvi-e, s:nd tL.e n r tilieato td" lfi.-t pvviii' Ot riqaircd by p.ir c;r.ipfi IV, . (L-iiuul Order N-. 2.c, and p ir.i-i.-j h I, ticntral Orders Ns.. ICo, I' ol. X. Soldiers reiircd from the ttrvirc ns htfin oti ided. will be furtii.-hcd with dc.-ei apt i v e 1 i I when In adiitoii l- the u.-u.il KL-try ive:i will exhibit the fact tl:..tthey h;ucbeen Lk d p the retired list, and desigftnto the p' ft at wiiii S t ', y will he entitled to receiv.? pay and uio a ;i ?irc. They will report to the Cumin iiej.mt f Mich l'.t, which will be nurtft their pl.no ef i t Jcacc, unl deliver to him this dt;eriptive lii-l. NT. Po!t Ci-iuiii:ri i :s rr;; reqeii t l to t il. c s-sef.-ioti t f dcser'piivc ii's r.f aE xd ii' r. trpi,rt ing to them, and frfaa tlie djtc tlivrciu gijen at the end of every two i.i'.r.tlu, to prepare mumer rolls u 'fU whi' h thee ro''li.: will receive ny from thod'it t2u ntcrma;tfr or AM-iftant. (turter maFtcr. Tliey will arirnd to etel it. J n ui-titi-ate tiuit it hs hcen nn.de ent in at-cor Jatifi with statements prtcrtcd ;n !e:r;ptivo Hklt of th eddiera on file in h'u ofJ:- XII. Of!"crs of the Jw;n tt ru.. iter's Depart mefit will i.'fue r.ec l-.ary rlotLing to retired r- , diet ? upin nqi-iti"is m .le by lie CoiiMiriiii'HtitJ of the pert t whi' b th. v ar t.iCon-d,' lakirig, their rec. ij.t i'p 'li'teei. ipt lines. Form No. M5, reulatioas, forth--' u term;ust;r'e Depurtnn i.t. X'll. ii li"-d c.'ldie: - ill Imic their rati on roinmat d at $1.2." P'ti dy, t be pwid by thu I (;iiiu:i:.'..ry at th po.lr. .-i,: rtale-i, under the or f dw-rof the C! n.ai.dn.g O.i.e.-r. '. W. PEIIICE, il-j and Chief (2. M., Dirt. N. C. jnly 3t 11KA1)QUARTKS:S. KISEUYE OF .V. l. XiLLuus, July I'i, lt0l. General Oi der N t k 3 i I ' THE COMMANDANT OF CONSCRIPTS L wiil use every o-.ible ex-t tion to expeuitn" the organization of the ltetrot X. C, holding hi suboniir.tea to the etiictt, account4biiity lor anv want of energy or activity. II. At th- erlief:t practicable d.ite, after tho Senior ReMrrve are oi xranied inn Companies, the District Enrolling O.iicera will utganize them into a li giuiciit, if there are ten couipanic; or int a Battalion, if b-m than t'-n Companies, by a-sentbiing the Company Oihccre, and holding an election for Colonel, .Lieut. Colonel, and Major, fur a Regiment ; a Li ut. Colenel and Major for a Battalion if ir r mor? O i:ianie; or a Msjor fcr a Battalion of l-ssthan fix Coiepaniof. III. Hort after, nil appiieAtiona for indulg--neea of every kind, will be madj through the proper chained to these Dead Qua;tvr; and pending Hith application, the applicant will be considered aui treated a though it had ni.t been mad-. IV. All futJougha. leave of ab-ience, details or temporary exemption!, heretofore granted to of ficers and men, belonging to th- Unserve of N. C, by ot'icera crnnectel with the Cmucifpt Bureau, are revoked. All men Hb.ciit, by virtuu of such papes, from Companiea la the fidd, will at once join their command. V. The Reserve, from bcin called iflto n. rieo only in cases of emergency, are not liable to bo detailed as Farmer, Alet haicf ti c. By command of Lt. Gen. Ib-r.MM. ' JNO. W. HINSDALE, july 10 d7t AVi. Adj't. Gcn'l Wilmington Journal, Fayetteville Observer, and Afhville News copy seven tinuv, and foinaI charges to Capt, J. W.'HiiwJat.', at Weldon.

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