1 ". DAILY CONFEDERATE. ADVERTISING. ADVERTISEMENTS wi! b Irsrrted at thf dollars per square of ten lines (or less) for each Insertion. Marriaire nntio. mm t iKirt. m ill h DAILY CONFEDERATE. : ' ; ii A. u. UOKMAX b CO., Proprietors. DAILY EDITION, for Q manias $15 a a a 3 9 tl HI H 3 It Charged as advertiftments. T EI-WEEKLY for 6months it 1 ti f. JOB WORK of every description will be ex ecuted at this Office with di?patch,'and a." neatly ( i can b done in the Southern Confederacy. WEEKLY EDITION, for 6 month'.'.'.'. 5 No subscriptions received on any other terms than the above, norfor a longe r or shorter period. OLD SEHIES, 1 VOL. V. J RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, JTJLY 21, 1864. .VOL. I-.o. 151. J Tj jT J ff1 rm a FFiiTra IK " mwM mm ji m 0 M 1, 1ST OF CASUALTIES Ii t!if 24li Regiment N. C. Troops on the ltth, I7li ami ISth of Juue, 18G4.: Field ai,t staff Sie. j , A Wounded, tcrgt Jl P Swraney in r.rrn. privates Cilfcb C Wright severe in -hip, V t.iiara Moure pevere in thigh. 'IK Ilum-jMjre.-'s severe in hand, John Wi iu in side. Mining, sergt Richard T Ilara.-e, private liariift t Read, (wounded) Ueoig's W Davis, (v.,, ended) Thomas II tigging, Ancil Freeman, J iJiilc'uij, Alexander Beasley, llariou Day, Jiatiett Bowles, Green 0sb, (woucded.) C R Wounded, private Duncan Parker severs? its tdde. 'James N Canaday severe in wrist, Jas M l'earce severe in hand. Misdng, f-ergt Lewis Pet t a way, private Calvin Al Al phn, John Canaday, John Eukiukg, Durant Foster, Yulcau Frazill, Martin V Humphrey, Jobn P Jones, Keddiu Kellum, Gaston Mor ton, Win II Morton, Berry Parker, Oliver 'E Pitrtnan. " CoC Killed, private Ituih'u Liiley.' Woun privates John II Durham in head, John Ctnul severe in head, Jas K Farrell severe in nun, Wesley Farref f-vrie in flnolder, Hufui D Wall in ami, I-nud Walter Severn in hand:- Missing, lieut llama Larpi sergt Forney G Yf ling, sergt Win R Jo msun, carpi Jccob T Adams, privates James T Cur.dl, James T Urdiin Caaweil Iiocut, George W Hinton, Ma achi Iliuton, Joseph L Johnson, John 11 Wall. - Co D Killed, privates A Mrkhara. Woun ded, Jiut Nathaniel 11 Wright severe In ueck, orpl Geo S Motley sevtre in neck, private Wi ley Rich in breast. Missing, sergt Thos J Hiii-.ill, .sergt rthur Alston, privates Oid oion Alstau, John Lucai, Joel Lucas, W D Lovc, John L.Lowe, Crawford Futreil; BuVx ley Walker, Wesley Savage, Gcjige E lis, Wm 11 Suitt, Thos Gautuey. Co E Weucilad, privates Wm B Britt severo iu face and shoulder, Ishnm Taylor in head. Mi.s?io-, fert old U Hood, Riley D.ivis, Calvin Edwards, John H Lee, Jfiiaes M Shirley, lien. Grant. C ) F rKdlt-d, private Charles W Gainess. Wounded. privates David J Godwin severe in rii-t. Mission', sergt Miles C Autrey, 6egt 1) miel 1 Bam, corpl Stephen II Johnson, private: Wriley D Ave-ritt, John Averitt, Jon athan 11 Averitt, An. us Bain, Green II Bau-r.-rn, Isaac O Beard, Jonathan M Britt, Noah Casiiwell, George A Downing, Marcel H hre, S r d. rs Casbwt'il, John II Port, John A W ILill, ITirdy Jones, Harris Joues, Lawrence M Ward, Aaron W Ward. Co G Wounded, sergt Patrick D Brown severe iu leg, sergt Jas W Began in hard, private Hubert G McNair in side. Missing, privates Ncill A Campbell, IIctor Biggs Z"rob.ibd Wilson. Co II Wounded, lieut George W Rogers in i;i.ouldt..r, private Bartlett Y Jon. revere in hand, Thomas B Llargid in hand, Johnson Noii is in sddo. John M Thaxton in arm. M'V.sjng, sergt Reuben Long, (wounded) corpl K iiben J VVoody, Joe A Lunsfanl, privates Th n.s W Wilburn, Frarcis M Wood v, Joseph P W..od, Edward J Tuck, John T Ford, Geo U Cinjidler, Win M Neighbors. (;,, 1 Vv'oimded corpl Bnrrell W Hodges in bnuld-r, privates Sir W Stewart mortal, nnce (licil, D.ivis L Flowers fwv-in hrid and tbib, Lovett Ecnis severe in head, Jt epbua Joliiison severe in nrck, Jackson Iiatbf.r "vera in hand, James II Norn's, sen., in hand, Jas Si wait severe in b-nd, Henry Lee severe in hand, Afj?us Stancill severn i". head, Micah B Burner severe iu hand. Co K Killed, private Troy relish. V.Vjn dfJ. cant .Janadius II Baker in neck, corpl G-ai-.s rhV' iu shonlder, privates William W'..f-drurT .severe in bend, Paul Pearcein hand, Augustus P Yung severe in lace, Richard M ' llcy in knew, John Parks in thigh, Bryant l i'-nan in leg. Missing privates Henry Ilar.is, Joseph Move, Lorenzo L Dameron, !Pr:ui V Boid, Ti.os V Bcdilinj-field. IiMi'ai itulation. Killed 4, wonr.l"d 49, misMi," d.L O. 1). COOKE, Ad'jt 21th Iteg't N. C. T. L;t ef cPUfllties in 55th N. C. T., Lt. Col. (i. (I Luke c utj'.naudiHg, from thlTth to l'Jth of".' a 1 e, 180:?. f t-1 i tid Staff, killed cone, wounded Major Juti.i Vv' Graham aria. C. A, Lt T P S ivells commd'g-"Killed, Sam Mercer. Wounded, Lt Tbos P Sfivells arm, Si'rgt L Berry tigk evere. M Forbes side Petr M.)or bips mortally, D Baker abdfrmtn in! tally, J C Ilughes shoulder, Q YT Kugkes d ill band, Win Gailap haud, C G Sawyer fore- Te. B, Cnpt F N Roberts cbramd'g Killed, C:i).t F N Uuberts. Weunoled, eergt L Burst tlr.gli, corpl Homes haad, J V. Hudson wund e.t -iud naissing, E T Gardner wiiwulder, B C J M.iiunlhip pevre,B F KeuJrick nose,H Ossery ur.u painiujly, C Culbreth haud, O Jackson arm sv,mv, II Godwia brdy, Joel Barefwot bdy, 1) Viiun neck. Mi.sing, W L Brwn, lYin BoTfden. F Wood. J b lilizzard, LS Tart. Co. C, Lt S F McMeely ) K c.Mnmd'g K :Ib-M.lf Henry Hants and W E Mark bam. V uudt d, J M Brothers brents m or tally, W R 'r wn arm, G Bwers finger, N B Jones leg, B F M-D.iniel head, W M Tciaple haud, sergt lYr3? bywel, J Vf Burnett head, L AButnar i:erarui. Co. B, Capt R D Grabara comrad'g Killed, none. Wounded, Lt J B Coggins ar and side severe, WT Gillis cheek, J B McKe writ, Bi-.itik Roberts kad paiafully, Wm Cole tkigh. Mii;iuf, James Berry. Co. E, Lt K J Rhodes cemmd'g Killed none. Wounded, -4 Lt AlcDougald hip sever, W. L Markiiam hand, J J Wrrick fce, W Gtraer ueck. Missing, J W Lavruce I L Fatreil. Co. F, 2i Lt A R Grigg cowiad'g Killed, J V Crowder and N Phillips. Wounded, sergt A J London hand, L II Eskndge eboulier Vetera, J.vs Betlford f-id b-vere, R T Pryor bead, W J Carter leg, S A Crowder leg, Cok Crowder bid i?, J B Suttle hand. Missing, J W Lindsey, S K Moore. A G Motrc, J W Revtl, E G New ton . . C. G, Capt OP Mills comraiFg-Killed, none. Wcunded, icrgt A Tuber meutb i evert, W A Connelly shoulder, L A McNeill leg, W L Os borne shoulder, Pace leg. Co. B. Capt W O Graves commd Killed, nnno; Wounied, Tames Bunavant ebouWer, Abraham Woods thigh, sergt F Montague side mortally. Missing, Silas Siaitb. Qad S Bogon hart. Co. I, Capt L narrill cowmd'g, Killed-none. Wounded, corpl G W Biggerstaff chest severe, J A Bolton shoulder, stvert, J B Harrtll shoulder severe, J M M Trice bip, G W Trice foot, J 15 Bobbins arm flesb weuad. Co. K, Capt F R Alexar.der commd'g-Killed, none. Wounded, ca; t F R Alexander etomacb mortally, (siace dead,) B D Brown kead, J M Brown taad, F Cashion band W Cashion kand, M Cornelius leg, W B Odborne head. Recapitulation OIBcera killed 1, wound ed 5, men killed 5. woundsd 64, missing 15. Total 90. C. M.PAYNE. Lt. Co. K., Acting Adjutant. Escape of Major Gex. Franklin. W. regret to hear of the escape of Major Gen eral Franklin,-as his capture would have e abled our Government to exchange him for 8' me one of our Generals now in ti e bands of the enemy. We understand he was placed in charge of an officer and two men. who laid down and slept while Franklin deliber ately walked off. Too much whiskey was probably the cause of tins negligence. Brigadier General Tyler and staff escaped to Baltimore. COlTUAIilES. Killed instantly, i one of the lute battles in Virginia, John. II. LoNOj a member of ths 32nd Regiment, N. C. T. He participated iu several of the hard feugkt battloa in Virginia and elsewh-re, and tiid his duty nobly. No braver -heart bas ceased its lify'a puliation ; no purer spirit has fled from earth to heaven ; no greater acri5ce baa been made upon the altar of our country. Yet it ia a sweet thought, a blessed consolation to the bereft, to have the a.-urance that bo hn gone to that celestial mansion where sorrow ia never known. His body was laid in the cold earth where h won his laurels ani where he so nobly gave'up bis tile in defence of bi3 country. No tombstone marks hia p'aco of rest ; no ilowera gently bloom around hia grave; no loved one is there to eing a sad low requiem over lfis reposing form : yet the gentle breezes wafts a heaving sigh to thp grave of that loved one, and whimpers "thou art not for gotten." Weojj not dear friends, for whon life is over a sweet reunion and the joys of everlasting friendship shall bless us in heaven. A Laby Friend. Killed instantly, in one of tht late battles in Virginia, John L. Johnsox, son of Mrs. Martha Johnson,' of Chatham county N. C. He w.".s a Member f the Baptist Church, and belonged to the J3th Regiment, N. C. T. O, cruel death, thou bast robbed a happy honla of an'idolized son and brother. But love "h as no ties that death cannot sever. O, vhat a change ther must have been when thy gentle spirit was taken from the field of strife, aiid wafted home to glory where bright angels welcomed you in. Dearest friend, how we miss you. JJy heart t'arobs with deep emotion to think thy face no more I'll see, tor the tomb now holds the priceless treasure, and there Green trtes shall wave above thee, That dread no wintry snow ; Meek fiower3 that Icaraed to love thee, Around thy grave bill blow. And faithful hearts and tender Full oft shall linger nigh, Their tribute tcFv to render, And learn of thret die. L. New Advertisements. PERSON COUNTY. WE ara authorized and requested to announce " A. R. FOUSHUE as a candidate for the office' of Sheriff of Person county, N. C, in August next. july 2l-d4t Stolen. FROM THE EXCHANGE HOTEL, Raleigh, on the 22nd of June last, on; Gold Thimble, marked A. L., also a pair of Pearl and J tt Ka rino?. with hair encased. Anv information left at THIS OFFICE, leading to the recovery of said articles, will be liberally rewarded. ' july 2l-d2(Jt tr.ivfn County. WE are authorized to announce WM. W.'FIFE a candidate to represent Craven Connty in the next lie-use r.f Common?. He is opposed to the seee.-flftn of Nortb Carolina frosn the Confed eracy, and in favor of the re-clcction of Governor Vance, and an early pe.ice on honorable terms. july 21-lt " PITT COUNTY, FOR THE SENATE : DR. R. E. BL'OUNT. FoR the commons : C. PERKINS. B. G. ALBKITTON. The above ticket will be voted for by BY SOLDIE11S AND CITIZENS. jnly 21-tdA Bank of IMorth Carolina. A DIVIDEND OF SIX DOLLARS AND ninety cents oa each share of stock in this Bank, has been declared this day, payable to, the stockholders (less the tax of ninety cents to the State on each individual share) in four ptr cent. certificates or bonds of the Caafedecate States, or one-third lei in Confederate States treasury notes of the new itnue j payable at- the Principal Bank and Branches on th 15th.day of August next. The dividends of the Newbern and Windsor Branches and the Goldsboro' Agency, will be paid at the Principal Bank, and of the Went worth Asency at Milton. C. DEWEY, Casb'r. Raleigh July 21st, 1S64. tawtd THE SAPONA CANE MILL IS THE MO AT PERFECT MACHINE FOR GKINDITTG- SORC-EUM, YET OFFERED TO 1 HE PUBLIC. CAREFULLY constructed under the immediate supervision of a gentleman resident tor several years n a sugar plantation, it combines the re sults of his practical experience with best mate rial and good workmanship. It requires very littlewood w ork in setting lip, and combines, in an eminent decree, eneonomy and durability. Other Mills of 1 and 3 rollers, horizontal and vrtical, and Syrup Boilers from 20 gallons to 120 gallons, for sale. Addrtfs ' SAPONA IRON CO., Faretteville, N. C. N. B. Mills and boilers delivered at Egypt on Western Railrond, or at Raleigh, r Morrisville on N. C Railroad.' july 21 ' ' 2m Udq'rs 2Sth N. C. Titoors, July 4, 1864. s A CARD. To the Voters of the counties of Yadkin, Siirry, Alleghany, Ashe and Watmtyx, X. C, : AS MY NAME IS BEING RUN AT HOME and in the army a a CANDIDATE, at the election in August next, to . represent-our Senato rial District in tha Senate in the next Legislature of North Carolina, it m3y be proper forme to state my position upon th great questions of war and peace : I am as strong a peace man as any in tho Co federacyupon the principles of independence of the Confederal States from Yankee rule, their recognition and nationality. As a private citi sen, or your representative, I will not vote for any man who I think is not sound on the above ques tions. If elected, I shall do all in my power, through the legal channols, to procure us an hon orable peace. I Lave been in the army over thrc years ; seeu as much hard service as any man; never absent from my post of duty on account of w ound or sickness, and know well what the soldier bat to endure. I know well how we all want peace; and if we will only stand to our-posts a i;M lnncer. and do our dutv. we will soon eniov ftVr O f T m k that great blessing: God will preserve the just and detenu the ngat. - I am, recn'y. your obd't servt, W. U. A. SPEER, LieaU Colonel. julyll-lt GEN. DANIEL G. POWLE will address the citizens of FaleigH in front of the Court Bouse, on Saturday evening next at 8 o'clock. One or more of bis opponents is expected to re- Hv. july 20-d4t - ' TO THE VOTERS OF CARTEttET AND JONES. IN compliance with tiie wisiies ff many friends in and out of tho army, I announce myself a car.didateto reprt-sentT youf Senatorial District in the text General Assemblv f North Carolina. If elected, I pledge my entire devotion to your public and personal interest', july 20-dte C B. ISLER. State Journal copy and; send bill to the sub scriber at Kins ton. $100 BXRABD. . . 1TY SERVANT JOE has runaway. He left jL Saturdty morning last. I will give the above reward for hia apprelieiisien. Joe is about 40 years old, a mulatto, his hair is brown, straight, but disposed to carl has a slight, scar back of his left iheek bne, spaks in a low tona and seldom, slim built, vary erect in bis carriage, bad on when be left a solditr's gray cap, striped homespun shirt, jacket antf trwsers. I think he will aim to go to Newbern. ' WM. A. BLOUNT, july 20-dl2t SCYTHE BLADES-' . rpRERE HAS BEEN KJiCXIGED; AT WIL mingtona lot of pome ' four thousand Scythe Bkdes, both-grain and grass hiades. They will at orce br brought to this place for distribution. Tij--- tOnrts of the soveral countic-3 are requested to appoint Commissioners to receive the qudta for v their respective counties. As the present crops of grain and grass in the 'Western counties has not yet be.en harvested, a preference will be given to these counties in the distribution. J, DEVEREUX, A. M. july 20-d4t HEADERS CAMP OF INSTRUCTION, 1 Raleigh, N. C, July 14, 18S4. In accordance with the provisions of Gentral Orders No. 25, Adjutant and Inspector General's Otice, las series, the owners of the following ne groes will call at this camp and prove their claims, as required by act of Congress : Lisi, if slaves captured from the enemy- in Vir ginia, forwarded to this Camp by Provast Mar shal it Weldon, N. C, July 3rd, 1864. j Jack, slave property of Jno Dotson, Virginia. Ottoway, property of Jas. Dickmam, Peters burg, Va. Collin, property of Dr. Campbell, Nottaway county, Va. Godfrey, property of Jno. Lewis, Brunswick conntv, Va. Nichols, property of Thos. Hicks, Brttaswick' county, Va. Daniel, property of Lawyer Campbell, Notta wav county, Va. Tom, property of T. RBritcbford, Nottaway county, Va. William, property of Wm. Beasley, Dinvrindie county, Va. Grief, property of Jno. B. Smith, Charlotte, cour.ty, Va. Lovelace, property of Dr. Saunders, Lunen berg county, Va. . Sbadock, property of Dick Watkins, Prince Edward county, Va. , Lizzie, property of Wm. Blf.nt, Petersburg. Va. Eady, property of U. Scott, fiunenburg count3, Va. Fanny, property ef Adam Finch, Mecklenburg counts, Va. . Edward, propertv of Jno. M. Crattock, 5Ieck lenburg,. county, Va. - Sam, property of James Gregory, Mecklenburg, .county, Va William, property ovij. L. Irvea, Prince Ed ward, Va. Kus?ell, propcrtv of James Hatchctt, Prince Edward county, Va. William, property of Ben. Boyse, Dinwidie, county Va. Charles, property of B. Longest, Dinwidie, countr, Va. Elijah, property of R. W. Purdy, Charlotte countr Va. Wyatt. property of Isaac Overby, Charlotte county, Va. Harrison, co Nelson, property f M. A. Roberts, Charlotte, county, Va. Gramson, property of H. Ogbern, Brunswick county,- Va. John, property of A. Campbell, Nottaway county. Va. Patrick, property of J. C. Carrington, Char ott, county, Va. Matt, property of T. F. Epp3. Nottaway county, Va. Mike, property of Mrs. Susan Hutcberson, Char lotte county, Va. Wadjington, property efR. Beville, Nottaway county Va., ' John, property of H. C. Hortborn, Lunecburg county, Va. Henry, property of N. Turpin, Mecklenburg county, Va. Orange, property of N. Turpin, Mecklenburg county, Va. Banister, property ef N. Turpin, Mecklenburg county, Va. Dick, property of N. Turpin, -Mecklenburg county, Va. Jim, property of Capt. Burton, Mecklenburg county, Va. Billy, property of J. E. Pollard, King "William county, Va. Sam, property of David Dugger, Mecklenbaug county, Va. Frederick, property of Henry Tucker, Meck lenburg county, Va. William, property of Peyton R. Burrell, Mck lenburg, county, Va. Davie, property ,of Wm. Owen, Prince Edward county, Va. Edward, property of Dr. Geo. Lewis, King Goorge county, Va, James, property of Abraiu Marshall, Lunen burg county, Va. By order. F. J. HAHR Maj. Com'dg. C. 3.. Wright, jaiy 16-d6tT Lieut, and Adjutant. DKY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, Bjr S. A. Harris, Auct'r, Cbarlotte, X. C. aHE SALE OF MESSK8. ELIAS & COHEN, heretofore advertised, is postponed until Wednesday, the 3d of August, when 1 will sell, positively, to the highest bidder, a valuable stock of Dry Goofls, Hardware and Groceries. The sale will continue from day to day until the entire stock is disposed of. To Government Agents, Merchants and Far mers, a rare opportunity is here offered, as many artjelea will be found amongst the stock wtrthy the attention of buyers, july 15-oaw-3w. Change of Business. DESIRING to open a new assortment of DR Y GOODS and GROCERIES, which we in tend to exhibit for sale by the first of September, and will sell either at wholesale or retail, we now otfer at private sale our entire stock of Dry Goods, a general assortment of Hardware, Cutlery. Car riage Trimmings, Hoop Iron, Nails, Water Back ets and Tanner's Oil. also cn P!o f!nfi Su?rar. Pemer. Gincer and Spices, of every description, with other articles too numerous to.mention. The above goods we will sell at private sale, to suit purchasers, until the 1st August, when the balance of the stock will positively be sold at .b. Auction, as .dr-ttad Charlotte, July 2o-oawtd OB WORK Neatly executed at THIS OFFICE. Candidates' Cards. CK1VEX COUXTT. ' To ihz Soldiers and Citizen Voters of Crarcn A T THK SOLICITATIONS jOF MANY l. friends, I offer myself a candidate for re-election to represent the county of Graven in the House of Commons, in the next Legislature of North Carolina. If elected, I will secye vu to the best of my ability, &. all times guarding well your interests. f. H. GASKINS, juae 12-118 dte 1st Lt. Co. 13, 7th Rgt. N C T Ior the Sheriffalty or Craven We are anthori7.ed to announce, that ALEXANDER C. LATHAM is a candidate for re-election to the c!Bee of Sheriff, in the county of Craven, may 24-IOl-dtf. FOR SIIKBIFF OF WILSON. W E ARE REQUESTED TO ANNOUNCE W. W. BATTS, as a candidate for Sheriff of Wilson county, at the ensuing election. Joyner's Depot, June 15. 121-tde. TO THE VOTERS OF CIsAYEX COUNTY. TELLOW CITIZENS AND SOLDIERS: I -L announce myself a candidate for re-election to the Senate for the next Term of .our Legisla ture. During the past Ternf.I have endeavored to discharge my duties faithfully, and according to my ability. I thank you for tha honor you have heretofore done me, and hope to merit your continued confidence and support. Tour Ubt Serv'l.. june 14 121-dta NATHAN WUITFORD. SIIKUIFF OF CATAWBA COtNTT, WE are authorized to announce that JONAS CLINE is a candidate for re-election to the efface of Sheriff of Catawba County in August net- , - june 27,18C4. dte. WE ARK AUTHORIZED TO ANNOUNCE Dr. JOHN F. FOARD a candidate te rep resent the Conntv of Rowan in the Houi of fVm. mens of the next General Assembly of the State. Greene County. To ihe Ohl Jiers and Citizen Voters of Greene Count : AT the solicitation of many friend, I announce myself a candidate, to represent the county of Greene in the House of Commons cf the next Legis lature of North Carolina. If elected, I will serve you to the best of my ability; guarding your interests with unswerving fidelitv. J. t-.JFREEMAX. Snow Hill, June 27, 1864. 133-dte. Wilmington Journal and State Journal copy. F01J THE LEGISLATURE . "tyE are authorized to announce Col. M. K. ,T CRAWFOitl) as a candidate for re-election to a seat in the House of Commons of the next General Assembly of North Carolina, from Wayne cranty. " jul 2-dt. Tq tlis Soldiers aud Citizens (voters) of Person County, N. C. At the solicitation of maiy frionds, I have con sented to bi'Cotue a candidate for the olhce of Sheriff of Pei son county, State of North Carolina. Should you honor me with your suffrag-s nnd elect me, I c.in only promise to serve you with fidelity, to the best of my ability; on all occa sions to be in my place; besides, my opinions and actions in this war are so well known to you all, that I deem it entirely unnecessary to say more, i;d Luvo it with the voters of this county to de cide. tul 8-1 in ALEX. M. LONG. Jolinstoa (o.'tr.tr Wc arc autfiorizrd and requested to announce tile following gen tlemen as the Conservative candidates to repre sent the cmnty of Johnston in the next General Aisembl v : For ths Senate-THOS. D. SNEAD, Esq. For the C mmons W. G. BANKS and W. A. SMIUI. 'Ibis ticket was selected by the Reserves from Johnston, in camp at Goldsboro, and by a mass meeting of the citizens remaining at home, held at Smilhtield on the 28th of May. These gfiiitle nea will be supported by all true Conservatives. They endorse the platform of Vice President Stephens, Gov. Brown and W. W. Holden, and if eleeted will do all they can to procure an eaily ,tnd honorable peace Juae 3 J 10 dte. DAYIL'SOJ COUNTY. ro the Soldiers nnl-Citizen Ynters or Davidson County: We are permitted t an nounce Col. C. VV. Bradshaw, of the42d lleg't N. C. Troops, as a suitable candidate to represent the people of Davidson County ia the Housd of Com. mous fcf the General Assembly of North Carolina. Col. Bradshaw has been a faithful soldier in th field for three years in defence of his country; and will as faithfully represent his country's interests in the Legislature, if the people call him to that position. MANY VOTERS, june 27, 1G64. d26t WAKE COUNTY. THE SHERIFFALTY. Wreare authorized and' requested to announce W. II. HIGH, Esq., as a candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff, at the election in August. ju 17-tde-dAw FOR SHERIFF. WE ARE AUTHORISED. TO ANNOUNC2 THOMAS J Wlirf AKEIt, a candidate for reelection to the office of Sheriff for. the county of Jones. july G 23-wtf TO THE CITIZENS, SOLDIERS A XD RF FUGEES OF PASQUOTANK COUNTY. TE,are authorized to aanounce GEO. W. YY HINTON, a candidate to represent Pas quotank county in the next House of Commons, ma 0-8y-dtw&wte To tlic Yoters oT Warren County, Y. c I respectfully withdraw my name as a can didate fcr the Legislature. If a merciful Provi dence sbrtll see fit to restore me Jto health occe more, I prefer to remain in the service until the last gun is fired in defence f Home and Indepen dence, and I desire nr greater applause from pos terity tban to be instrumental of that ded and that deliverance. PLUMMEIl W. GUEEN, july 13 d2t Co. E, 1st. Iitg't N. C. Cavalry. BERTIE COUNTY. "TTTE ar authorised to announce Hon. DAVID 'Y OUTLAW, the present Senator from Ber tie, as a candidate for re-election. Ho will vote for the re-el action of Gov.' Vance, and for such measures as in his judgment are calculated to pro cure a speedy, just and honorable peace, on the basis of Southern Independence. He is, and bas been from the beginning, opposed, to a Conven. tion, believing it to be a trick, by which North Carolina was to be withdrawn from the Confeder acy. We are aUo authorised to announce Capt. W. M.SUTTON, as a candidate for the Hu.e of Commons. Capt. S. is in favor of Gov. Vauce's election, and ie a true Southern man. julv 13 ISCi dte. Rill short) X. C. Military Acadcmj. rr-1 . . i ricf i - r l. : l . : . i jL J! loeoecouu oecsmu icvi j ui 11113 lusiuu tiou, will commence July 1st. For Circulars and information apply to 21j. Wm. M. GORDON, ma. 17 95-d3n Alamance Connty. We are Autho rized to announce Gem. JOSEPH S. HOLT as a candidate for the House of Commons from Alamance County. Gen. Holt ia a Conservative "after tb? straitst sect," and is in favor of a speedy an J honorable peace. He also b?lieves in tbe rigbt of the people to rule, and in' the con stant predominaLcj of.the civil over the military power. " july 16 dte. We are authorized to announce Ident. E. H. RAY, of the47tb N. C. Rcgiaient, for ihe oSce of Sheri3 of Wake County, at the ensuiiig election in August next, july 14 dCtwtd. J CONFEDERATE TICKET FOR GRANVILLE. FOR THE SENATE: C. n. K. TAYLOR. FtR the commons : JOHN W. HARGROVE. E. ii. CHEATHAM, 1)11. P. p. PEACE, july HO-dte NORTHAMPTON COUNTY. CANDIDATES FOB THE SENATE: DR. W. S. COPELANI). CANDIDATES FOR THE COMMONS: CAPT. S. T. STANCELL, LIEUT. W. J. ROGERS. Election in camp, Thursdav, the 2Sth of July: at home, Thursday, the 4th of August, july 20-dtwAwte SPLENDID BLOCKAE SUOKS. A M,AJ'L VJ. 0F FIXK SHO'-S, LATEST style for Ladies and Gentlemen, at a eliifht ad ance on importer's prices, at ' y. C. BOOKSTORE. CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL. Tally-Ho, Granville Co. N. C. The, Fall Session of this School, wider ..Te cJ?Ve ot T' J HOIIXKR, assisted by J. H. LAN D, commences t 3ru Monday in July. The rice of board and tuition is $50iJ per ses sion. Application for admission should bf made in advance. T. J. HOUNElt. june 20-124-dl8t rs. II. W. filler. HOARD By the Day, $ 25 " Week, ao " Month, 2hq Meals alone, 224 june 16-dly . SHEET IRON FOR SORGHUM BOILERS V2 and VA feet long, 3-1G inches thick and 30 inches wide, for sale bv july 2 125-dtf CREECH & LITCHFORD. NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. WH. AND K. S. Tl f KKK AM) W. K. Andrews, have this day associated them selves together under the name and stvle of TUCKER, ANDREWS A Co., for the purpose of conducting a general Auction and Commission business. All business entrusted to them will meet with promptness and dispatch. TUCKER, ANDREWS & CO. juoe 23 127-dtf WOOL NOTJCE. QUARTERSM ASTER'S DEPARTMENT, I.. Raleich, Jci.t 2, 18(14. AM NOW PREPARED TO EXCHANGE Cotton Yarn fr Wool, upon the following terms, viz , One bunch of Yarn for three pounds washed Wool, and onebonch for four pounds unwashed. Agent? have been appointed to mak? tho ex change at the following places : Oxford, Tarboro', Rinston, Catherine Lake, Concord, Rockingham, Hendersonville, Statesville, Roxboro', Asheville, llttsboro'. Louisburg, Fayetteville, Colerain, and at this place. Persons shipping wool to this plajfe will please mark o n the packages who they are from, and the cotton yarn will be forwarded immediate! v. I hflpe the people w II patriotically respond to the above notice, as the Wool is for clothinir the N. C. Troops. II. A. DOWD, A. Q. M., N. C. A. JnVr 8-140-tf AHOLFH COISX, WHOLESALE TORACUO HOUSE, AND Commission Merchant, GOLDSBOilO', N. C. IIBERaL advancements made on Produco con--i sipned to me. july 14, lfciU d3ra. Office Raleigh k Castor. R. R. Co'py, RALEIGH, July 7, 1&C4. ryiHE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THIS JL Company hive declared a dividend of 15 per cent, on the capital Ktock, payable on and alter after 1st of August, 18C4, in four per cent certi ficates and bonds of the Confederate States, or in Confederate treasury notes of the old issue at lace value, at the opWm of the uompanv. W. W. VASS, jul8dtf Treasurer. Pilt County. rTMIE people of Pitt county in Convention as L semb'.ed, on the 4tb July, lbC4, nominated tb followicg named gentlmen as candidates to represent them in the next General Assembly of North Carolina: Vor the Sen te, Dr. Richard Williams ; For the Commons, Henry Sakpfabd, EfQ., and Dk. Jon.' Tatt. This is a straight-cut Southern Rights ticket: opposed to the wholesale and uselct-s exemption of men who ouglrt to be in Iba army, and in lavor of sustaining the Governnieat in proeCllting the war to an honorable peace. -upon the bans of our national independence. We call upon all men who love freedom and cherish the honor of tlieir countrv, to give it a hearty mppoi t at the en suing election. COMMITTEE. july 14 dte. "flag of truce letters. Confederate State? of Ajirmci, ICi, ) ': V AR IJEPATME.NT, BCKKAC OF LxCfliff'ilt lticlimnd, a., Julv 1st, 164 1. All letters to o North by flag of truce must bt sent to lbi oflice. 2. Each letter iiiu.'t be inclosed in a separate envelope and addretscd to n.c, Bureau of Ezcbauge, Richmond, Va. 3. No Utter must exceed in length one page of ordinary sized letter paper, and it3 content bo ronf.ned strictly to pert-oral or family inatteta. No letter alluding to the movements or localiti s of troop will be allowed to pass. A Vaili Ir.ftor miKt PAntlin a Tnit4 Slats. Yataera ilimn. nr it rnniriili-nt in cllrcr nr f United States currency. Thee regulations will be rigidly enforced, and no letter transmitted in which they are ntt ttiictly ou rved. ROB'T. OULD, Ajctnt of Exchange. rOtHcial-1 . W. II . Hatch, Capt. aod A. A. G. july 20 r!6t ryOTTiE VOTERS OF CIIATIIAM COt'.Y- 1 ty. At the solicitation of mny soldiers in the array, as well a of many friends at home, I ahnounce mjself a candidate for the Houstt of Commons from Chatham County, I Lave receiv ed no solicitations from the Rahabites, the Ameri can Heroes, or (he oligarchs, or tboe who cta at home to make money out of the families of the soldiers, and occupy their spare time in abusing better men than thvicselves as dbloyaJ. I stacd fairlv and squarely on the platfria of Stephens and Brown, of Georgia, and W, W. Holdeu for Governor, against the world ; and I believe that without the election of such men to oflice we will never have a permanent peace. So far as the soldiers are concerned, I do not with to appear to boast, but I will say that I have done as much for their families, or more, according to my means, than a-jy Vanceitein th County of Chatham. . F. How citizens and soldiers, go .to the. polls oa the Jav of election, and vote for true-C'jn"erva- tives, "if vou would have peace and be a free j people, ho not be intimidated, but sUnd up for I jour right. JOHN A. McDONALD. 1 Oakland, July 16, 1664. dte. FOR SALE. QOO FCl:Tof ,'KCmin (heavy maieffrtm v v mm ruur.n iron. ) On 40 horse power Stationary Engine. w ih Pi'e Ac Ui'ilT' cwp"t, with larg lot of One 12 hor-e Sta'Tonarr Encint. l?Tse "'wOil Mill or Tank, made of new bailer Plate, wide i-heets, nevtr ued. One large Dim-fel Fan, in rumple order. to apply at onr. IIAV. WILLIAMSON A CO.. n . . nrtb Stat lrcu and Brn.u Works. Raleich, July 19. hi. juJ 10-flt lInnrton Journal fiynv . 'i i i ; l f to thii o'Vce. SKOl FSTKATKii nniTS. T " - ---- mw t , mm m W HE undersigned will attend at the following times and ilc, ! riinr i ,t.., n ti. Sequestrated Debts In his Dbtrict, vii : at lluUboro : Jul ua. ici Rablgh O ' 2051. 'f ajcttevillo 27 2 I "i ' v ... t ' WILDER.'Recoiver. FayettcTilK; Observer copy till July 2:. r jun(i 27 dtjy 23. IMPOUTANT TO EVKEVDOI1Y ! f PIlI.I'.Tn,!':M A bav attached to their Machineries at the Saddle-tn-o Factory. A f ft ......... " r AP"'Ji lll.ST Mll.l,, r or the accommodation of th and will grind at one eightk. " Persons wishinir coon ukai.. uitl ...i n.ir corn, and relr upon prom'ptnefs and dispatch. Johnston County. trrrA..,o,nM'.i ,i i. ...v. . . .. v .uuiui ii'u hi ii i mi n . ii, irt, l r. It nTvv 8v"'tc' " FINCH and JESSE HIN N ONT lor the Commons, to represent John ston county in tho nxt Legislature. Thev ar ......... yj, vllc ir-vii'i-iuiH oi tiovernor v ancc, and opposed to Mr. HoM J,ct. iulr 18 tda Chlcr En. Ofllre 1st Con:;. WM. N. ('., ) MURFREESBORO.' J-na no. tsiu. f Central Ohdku I No. II. TLL white mnlos between tho ages f 17 and TO whether Ivritofoi pinnui lum con? ci iit i n or not) and all t;!t (reo rrn between the oges ot ltvand f0, will n.-MUiblc at me louowinj times arni places, viz : lliorie iu YV Wellington count v, at Plvmouth, on 15th of Julv. Those ill Mfltlin CCUlltv. at Wlllminiitrin. nn 20tb of Julv. Tliwc in L'crtio count v. at Windsor, on 2.1nl tA Jul-. Ihose in Nti thamnton cuntv. at Jackson, on 2Sth of July. Those in Hertford county, at Muifren-boro'. on 1st of August. - II. County Enrolling O Hirers and (in tin ir ab scnce Ihe Coii:inandii.ir Ori pi of lhn I'.i cinnnta of Militia, are charged with the di;tv tf discetui- a a naiing mis oruer inrougnoui Wiiir rtfrpeepva rnllIitii'D. and ttlci- will tin 1: 1 1. 1 In llni ktrifli-.l accountability lor the uianner in r loch tlirirduty is executed. (Signed) HUtJII L. ''"1 Capt and Chief E. O. lkt C. 1. N. C. HEADQUARTERS MED. EX. HOARD,) 1st Covi. Dist. N. C, . Juns 3(. 104. f The undersigned, Chairman of tb M'diral Ex amining Board for the 1 ft Cong . Diti ict of N. C, gives notice that he will b pre i;t at 11, o times and places specified in the abot i rrvv, for the purpoM of examining urh persons iiablc to pon.rripiion as may preient th uipelvs bef-: : L;s Board. (Signed) - HENRY K. COCHRAN, ju' 5-td Asnt.Surg. P. A. C. S. A CVS'u Roaid. CoTisei YAtivu copy till day. . , Quax-Urmnstf r'M IR prtnu'nt.F.S, 'A., DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLIN A. Ralkig:., N. C. Jli.v ls;4f ATTENTION OF OfJHERS AND SOI,. dirs retired' urd- r the ad f ("otgiiss t provl le an Invalid Coips, aj rotf d Fel.mry 1 7li , 101. is culled to the following paragraph. n eral Ordc, No. J54, AdjuMint m1 It.rrrior ieu cral's Otl'iee, Ricl.moi.il, Va., Man li lf;li, H,, IX. Officers rtird under the t of Con press above recited, uie entitled t e.iMtnutiitiri of quartrrs nn l fuel nly when aligned t; only (ai provided in Section 1th of siid nr t) at n Stati n without troops, wheu pullie qusiti rs nuw t le fif. nitlicd in kind. They will receivo py lrt:i nuy l'f-t C;UJirtermftf r, upon tshititiig cvidi r.ra of their retirement from uttive srvb'i, nn 1 the r r. lit.cate of hi :t payment required ly p!r.;iapb IV, General Order Nr.. 2, and parsgrsph I, General Orders No. I2n, 10 I. X. Soldiers rtiirid aoia ihe service us Juroin provided, will be furnished with desci 1 . t v li when in audiiibti to the ut-ual birtory given "ill exhibit the fact that they have been j !., 1 on !' retired lift, and designato the ' at l,ib tl.ry willbe entitled to receive pu ::n.l allowum-. They will report to the Coininund.tiit cf ucli I.-t . which will be neareht their place ef residence, and deliv r to him this descriptive list. XL Post Coinmanduis are required to tnko pos. session of dcsciiptive lists of E sMicrs rfp'.rt ing to them, and from the d.ite' therein givn ut the end of ovcry tw iiiotillir, to prtpurc musur rolls vpnn wbi' h thcrt fcolliers will receive pay from the Pod Quartetmrstr or Afci:kiit yuartrr mastcr. Th?y will n f ei.l to e;.c rc1 a r, r tilicats that it bas been i.mde nt in n ecrilaix o with statements presented in descriptive lifts of the soMicrs on file in his office. XII. Oflicrs of the QuaitTDiHster's Depart, mer.t will is un neecs.'ary rl. thing to retired tid dlers upon ri qwifitions made 1 the Comniin'tunt of the post t wbi' h they are Utiowd, taVirg tin ir receipt upon receipt ro'Js. Form o. .;$, regulations, for the QuartennMt4i 's Departnont. X II. Retired soldier Mill hate their ration romtuutrd at $1.25 per day, to bs paUI y tho Coinnbsary at tli post doijtoited, under llm or--derof the Commanding iilY.v-j. V . W. PK1 1!CI Mj- ad Chief Q. M. DUt. N. C. july IS 3t IIEADQI'AIITEP.S, EESKRVK OF . C.i Wkudux, Julj 13, ltC4. General Order ) No. 3. I THE COMMANDANT OF CONSCRIPTS 1 will use every possible exertion to eipcuito the organization of the Reset ve of N. C., holding kis subordinates tu the stiictest accountability lur anv want of energy or activity. II. At the erliett practicable dste, aft r tho Senior R rvt are organized into Con pini s, the District Enrolling Oliicrr will orjanie t'. in Uto Regiment, if thera are ten rompatd-s; or into a P.aUalion, if l-ss than ttn Cor;panie, by a.setr.b!ing l be Company Officers, and holding an election for Colored, Eicut. (Lionel, srnd M.'jr, for a Regiment ; a Lieut. Colonel and Majwr tor a I5attalion of fix or more C mpats ;,or a .Major for a Batta'.ion of less than six Companies. III. Hereafter, all applications for indulgence of every kind, will bemad throtigh the propHi chao'.el to th .a Head Quattets; aiid pending such application, the applicant will be coni lercd ani treated as though it had net becu made. , IV. All furloughs, leaves of absence, details or temporsry exeini-iions, heretofore granted to of. ficers and men, belonging to the Beseive d" N. C, by otficers connected with tbe ConrTipt P.ureaa, are revoked. All "n abent. by virtno of such papers, from Coinpai.ba iu tbe tiybl, will at once j in tbtir coinmands. V. The Reserve, from being called into irvjeo only in cases of emergency, aro oct liable to bj dettiled as Writers, Mechanics, e. Bv command cf Lt. Gen. Holmm. 3 JNO. W. HINSDALE, ju!vlCd7t Ain't. Adj't. Gen. Wilmington Journal, Fayetteville Observer, and Ahville News-py even times, and I f.n ward charges to Capt. J. W.'llinsdaltt, at Wtldon.

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