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Gazelle, of the 221 iis.f There ;irc Rev rl accounts of ''Peace Nc golia.tiuti'' some of which arc marvellous. The fo'd-jwing appears to be the most proba p!o veraiou of the story: T11H 'SO-CALLKI.) PEACE NEGOTIA TIONS BETWEEN' MB. GUEELY AND CEUTAIN CONFEDERATE AGENTS IX CAXADA THEY . ASlv A SAFE CONDUCT TO WASHINGTON--TEE PRESIDENT'S f.EPLY. 9- . HorFAi-n, J 'ly 21. The ".j-rnspon lonoa with the l.eLii agers show trot MerJ. Cay, Hclc-mfe a;.d Suinders ad;ed on the 12th of Horace Greeley, the protection of the Presi dent or Secretary of "War to visit Washing ton. ' ' - Mr. Greeley, in reply, on the 13tb, under standing t'iat they were the bearers of pro positions from liichrrfond, oo!iir,g to Peace, tendered ?i" safT: conduct of th'i Presidcit. I hey replied that they were not accredited with Mich propositions, but in the confiden "tiil employ of their Government, and felt authorized to declare that if ihc circumatan ceyii?croserj in tbis conespondancfj bo com municated to JlHchrnond, tbejr or other, gen- , tic men would be invested with full powers. . , Tnoy ask a s?.fo conduct to Washington, and thence Jo iiicliniond. .Greeley acf-?tM that the state of facts being ni tlerially differ ent from that Rndtood to exist-by the Pres- . ident, it was divisible lor hjm to communi cate by tslerajm with him, "ir.d obtain iu tnietjor.s. After bor"j;.f3 farther correaporider.ee in reh thm to Mr. Greeley's cornmuoication with Pic ident Lvu'.'l'A. tlie fol'.jWinr was rocoiv.-? iV iiii the Pro id at : To Hon. Jlvi'jcc Oi eel'i: . - Executive aIaniiujc, . Wasijsgtow, July 18, iye4,y To tVioifi it 21 nj Concern: Any prop;. fdtiun which onibrace. the resto- of p-a-eo, tiie integrity of tlie v hole Union and tl:e al andoument of si iverv. tad which :o:nes by and with (he authority that can cr-terol thewrude.- now at war ug4tut tbo U"ni?c 1 States, will he r; r;eivod and c.r.!xid.freil by th Esscu'ivciGovenieut of the United S ate.s, and ill hc; nrt by libera! terms on other k i V; uncial a-td eu'htteral points, and thy b'..iro tlicreui sliali have $sa;e conduct both ways. .Signed Arraiiah Lincoln. Maj If ty, on th 2i5rl, in a note, a.-ks ' MrsM-s. Ho'c riiba and others, if ihty have ruy ci-rniuULuoatioa to send to Washington by him. 0 Mo'cornbo leplrts on th 2bU, regretting bat tie haw been d-laycd Gy uny expeefurion (d'aii fthMvtr to his -eoi!irnnnie;-:tion deliveed to th-- Pr-'sidcut f the United .Status, addii ' ' IT that the coinmnnicivtion va accepted a rc3onse, the leUr of Clay and Iloicombe lo "dr. Greeley, and tu that gwntlosnau has au answer hoc:: taausuiitted. The letter to Greeley sayf: After alulld to the tendf r i. trJv conduct to Washington era the Jiypoihefis that wo were culy accred ited frota lliehLuond as Learcrr'. oi )ropo.sitiotia leaking t .tl'o 1 1 tabiishmeiit of peace, ways ihxt tip- aHrrt!.n vrsJaafceeptd aau evidence of an unexpected but nv& gratifying charge iti policy cue rresjoent. a. ciianev wr.icu we ;ri( aium r'Zo io noo .rnjgnt ler iniu'ute in t:evoa.du-ku of a peao, tnuluiliy ju.t. . h':u-.;rab!, w.d tdvaMajeeus to the iNoriii and to the South. 'Tuxacting no coa diuoa liiii (liar we thould bj duiy. accredittd ij'ini ivicoiuna as l)earr,-i oi proHu.iitionB looking to" thr establishment of peace, thus propping a Ivxsis for a conference as com pre -Ju t.sive as we could Je.Mr, it seemed to us that ti.e-i'rf:deat ( jj-ned a door which ld reviously been closed against tbo C'oi'lVdrr atj Stat ;., for lnte'rch. M s.jnti- ir.-..-.-, a irc dirjoi't''!J of conflicting opin ions, -vd an untramme!!rd efibrt t remove all causes of corjtroveriiy by liberal negutU tior.s, - , ' 'Wo, iiideed, coultl notclaii a s.'i coduet in a charade claim the bafefit of Avr VtJiioh we 'jd i;o iii?ht w ii.-urne and loal never aflVcted to pofs-iis, hut the- utiiiorm declarations ot onr Executive and Congress, nd their thrice repeated and as "cfteu repulsed attempts to op.-fi negtiaTions, furniaii suhicieut pledge tliat this corcdiatory mardfest tion on the puto; the I'rpsidi-it of the United States would b met by thepa in a temper of cqu::l niagi.a.'iiinitv. We h id, therefore. Uiv hesitation in d.clir irg that it his corre.vpondcr.co were enn-imu-niesbd to the Prt-idcnt of the Conreiirte Mtatcs, he. would promptly embia.-e the op portuui'iy. pre.senied lor 'seeking a pecful fcoUtion of this unh.i ppy .stiife- "We fe. l con fident you mu.it snare our ptofonn 1 rret that the spirit which dictated the liit stnp lowaidi j:".tco Vad not continued to ani.u:;te the councils of your President. Had the lV-presf utatives of the two Gov ernment met to consider this qrie-Htion, the most -momentous eier submitted to lain an tatcsu.ani;ip,-in a temper cf beccminrj iro.io ration an i equif.j, fvlovcl as their delibera tion would have- bren liy the prayers and benedictions ot every patriot an? christian on Jthe habitable tiloU", who is I here bald as to tprom.uiico tliaf ihe frightful wtrsie of indiri'd ual hajipincss r;d p'jhlic prosperity which U . H'ady saddeniug th-j universal hirt mrgl-.t act liav-.! b-cn terminated, or, if the dc-solatnwi and carnage of war must stUl ba eudnrd through weary ea"rB of blood ami suiVrring, .that th ro might not at least have been iafud into its conduct nomething more ot a spirit which softens and uariially redeems ivs bru tality. Instead of, tin safe cor.duct which we so licited, and which your first letter gave us every re-on to kuppoo would b extended for the pur peso of initiating necotutiona in which neither Government would compromise its right or its dignity, a document ia present ed which 'provokes as much indigatiou us sur'pri.o. It bears no feature . of resemblance to that which was originally tfftred,. and is unlike any paprr which ever beLre emanated from the constitutional Executive of a free people, addressed "To whom it niay concern.". It precUdes ne'.iation and prescribes in adaiic--'S th'j tarros ajd conditions-of peace. It returns to the original pulicy of no bar gaining, no negotiations, no truce with rebels'. except to bury their dead, Uetil tverf man shalt hive laid down his arms, anbrnitted to the Govern meat and mched for mercy. WTLfit may be the explanation of this sad- dtn and entire- change in the views of the Prf hident, of thiude withdrawal of a cour teous overture for negotiations, at toe too- mont it vraa likely to be accepted, of hi. em phatic recall of word3 .of peace ju.n uttered, and of fre?h fela-ts of war to the bitter end, we leave fur tho pculatioa of those 'Who have the meats of ir.cMnatioa to penetrate the mysteries of his Cabinet, or fathom the ca f rice of hia imi -ahl rrill. It is enough for di to say tnat we have no us? whatever lor tha raprr vriiich hai bsen put ia our harda. We could net triesroit it to the President of t.'.o U;rdcC-ta:. t!ati'w:t.v;ct iti-tuixi.Utizti indignity, di.sh' nring ourcflv and incuriiug the weiin:erited .scorn of our country men. Whilst an ardent desire far pence pervades the people of the ConfeJerato "States, rre re jvics to believQ ther9 are few, if any, among then) who wcr.ld purchase it at the expense of liberty, honor and e!f-ve'pect. It it cur bo procured only by theQ submis sion to tern s or conquest, generations yet unborn rnut witness va restoration. If thereby any military autocrat in hc JNorth who is entitled to profrer the condi tious of this manifesto, there is uo;ie in the Kopth anthyriacd to entartain them Tho.se who con i ro! our armies are the 'ser vants ot the people, not their m-trs ii;ey nave no more jik lmalion tbaa they hr.ve to ngnt to subvert the focm! iiiKtitutions oi sovereign Staters--to overthrow their estab lished C(.nstituti..ua and to 'oarter away their priceless heritage oi sell govcrnraeat. from iiissouiu. The 1 4 tcsl advices from Miouri nre excit ing. The guerrillas ar. increasing in ti.at Scat. to fin unpreced-inird extent, and it is now confidently a. cited that 50,000 n:tu, under Gen. Price. hav al.o entered te State. From the, ton rf the bis t-iegrasi which reaeht's us, we should judge that the authori ties arc alarmed at the aj-ect of a flairs, and are not in a condition to meet the emrrgeucy with any :utqua.te military iorce. , DKCLT.VK IN GOLD. "Gold close'd at 10 o'clock on. the 22d in New Y. rk at 262L The uarket was pi-cV--biy afroe'ed by "poco runn-rs." For the Confederate. To tlie Ladies of the Soldiers Relief Associ ation; and Others. I am always ree.dy and will give the ladies praise wheucver it iB due theua, and in this in stance I liupe I nny ba allywed tk liberty of aeknewlegiug the many kiad acts bestowed en myself as well as otasr soldiers ia this hospi tal. There is or;e ia particular I must men tion. I do norkncw whether bhw is a nitmlicr of the above Association or not ; but never vfiif 1 frget her ki&Uuoss to ne, as welt ag otUtie. asltiug as 1 live. Every wstrnrug iiry. h . is to teen going from tent to tent, supplying the wants and adding to ihe corn farts oi'our sick and wuunded holtliers. Seme laierj wi.uld tite of tuca work (us they would cVd it), but I know It is a nlaura ia.-.tead of a lask. to ic. Mr:y a toiditr's best vi. hes atenrj her, is the wisu of oue who is grateful to her ir ice f:. vore. Tiio lidiof? v?bo compos tho Association, oad also ocr wind mntrr, (Mrs. Campbell) huve dene all in tlieir power t sdmiaisteV to our ufii.ire. a o muca praise C4nn&t c- given tte;u. Tiiey are untiring Tu their erTvits in our be'jnii", and we'd I know with "what jy the faces ft our soldiers beiuu wito as i'toy et't-r I ii hospicals. Tir.re ai-e other" who unserve equal prais, a.n?jng them the tuad Mltemiotj i.f Mrs. H. sfcojuld nt be forgottyn. Tlietr prs'oic" to us is as one bright ray of sunshine. Vfcat wcu'd our tick and wou'odfsd do, were it not fur the ladies of this 1 lace I Well c:ay you, Mcsrs. E litars, be proud f th- lair d tawhtcrs of your eitr- In these rE3 I do not mean to convey t'.,itea that are not grateful to those cJa afcted with this hospital. It is far frern be ing tlie ense. Whila speaking of this hospio!, I would add, it is conducted with aa raocJi pro ' nrioty and regularity as any in our Confedera cy. Tiie Surgeon in charge, (L-r. Leigh) is very geutleiuatdy, attentive :tui kind to us all, aud diechaig.-b his duties faithfully. Tha As sistant s3urgeuis, Drs. Patterson, Bryaur, Ca houn an Moody, "are alaa very kind and atten tive tothoe in tkeir reoecuve wards. . But to retura to tbe Ladies : Let me ask you t coatioue 1:1 yeur nooicJ ivork. D every tki?g tliat yeu can for our p.uor bsys. Dvn't eligiit or pass orre by for another; lailie no chics among theui ; do fyr'tbesa all a;s yen would f jr a dear friend or relativo Kem?m??er they are fighting mry'cu,' our glorious couatrv, r.td ev erytbisg near and dear to them, dive them your htdp, y?sr words of consolation and en couragement, for in tbeir pre&enc situation they need it all. , Let them feel that by the in terest yn maBifV.t tar theai, they have in you kind iriends, ana! I Vnon that many fTiiiOiaeni, which would have been pe:'.t in idleness, acd useiesa thu"e:iit?, will be haniMly spent by theia durirg your visits there, s n cow the case. Toe lidies of Ualcigh shall ever be as one t'rigat soot in my menu ay. I know our scl disrs will never forget them ; anr whea peee?, oh I kppr peace, shall c m oiuie again to u?, do you think while we arc erjoymg the com fort f a home, and the varied pleasures which surround n there", that we can ever fergtt tfee LiuJ ladies of llaleiih? On the contrary, inay a happy moment will be passed ia re calling their generous liberality. Let as heps that with our past, presrnt, and no doubt tu ture guccesse? , ,we n.ay hn eoabled to enjoy t hi t peace which wi s mach long fir. Ye.?, iet live with a hope cf a better day com- blg, ' Tho'dnrk bo our dreams.for a while; For there'.'' jov ia the thought of a better day daw ning, Th;;n welcome our fears with a smile. I &m afraid I am taxing the paticccd of the kind fdks of KaH:li, fTith these remarks, which the Editors have given placa to in thsir valuable columns, but I cannot well clcsa with out t!:?ck!ng Mus A. M., far the ice crear.i treat of last Thursday. It Bra higbly appre- -J ciatej by us all. Assuring the lauics ol tke lnldiers flclief As-ociation that their uotiring effurts ia our behalf, are gratefully acknow ledged nod nppreciati'd by us all. I era, very respectfully. A GRATEFUL SOLDIER. Gecersl Hospital, So. b, Raleigh, C, July 2Stk, lSiii. ' . By the electiou reiums published in this paper, it looks flihtly prbab!e that Mr.. IlolfVn will be tVfcatd to the tunc of twenty or thirty thousand maj rity. Let the people at homo niako it unutiimous. . JVTRS. J.ILLER continues to accommodate J.TX Iloarderi?, by the day, vtek or month! Dr. Beenis Appointments'. THE Financial A-ent of the North Carolina Orphan EsdWinent Fund, will address the peopls as follows : At Thjatira Church, Rowan countv, Sandar, JuJySlat. - ' . At Salisbury, at Court, Taesdav, August 2nd. . At Iliibboro', Friday, August 5th. Salisbury ar.d Hiilsboro' papers please copy. W anted- A CARpXER for the year, coEiiuencing on t ' 1st of September. "VThite rerawn prefciTed. the Arn'v to july HSU , II RS. II. W. MILLER. 3IKrCAL DIIIKCT01PS OFFICII GI-:NEAL HOSPITALS N. C, PaLeiuu, July 23, ISol. CCilCCLAR Xo. 25. MEDICAL OtScers in chirg? of Hospitals are . informed thsttln lion. S. II. Ilnem, Attor ney General of Xorth Carolina, hai givtn th; foilovricg opinion, viz : ''1 have to Hav. construirj: the Ordinance? and Acta of Assembly in regard to soldiers votiujr, according1 to the spirit tbrrefif, I ara of opinioa tht Surgeons in charjre of Hogpital.can hare opened the polls for electioa?, aa cornmariders tF regiments, azi th.nt this election should be cn-. ducted as in a regbuent. Thorj?ct oftli? l?.r is to allow icddiers lioru their homes in tha sevricj t vote." Medical OfTicers in charge of Ilrj'als w'dl aecordincly have "polls for election" opened tt thrir.respeetive hospitals on Thursday n; xt, July 2Sth. t:i Mceordanco with the opinion of the Attor ney General, and make, the returns required by la.v. (Siffn-d) I'. E. IIIXES. Surgeon, jnly 27 . Medical Director. T GMXST OX TII7J SECURITY, of the JLi FIVE HUNDRED MILLION SIX PER CENT. X OX-TAXABLE BONDS UNDER ' THE SE VENTU SECTION . OF TIIE CUR RENCY LA W. Depositcs on call will be received by tke Trea3 wrer i;i thi citv, Asststaut Treasurer at Charles ton and Mobile, and ths Depopitarie Y"ii'Ri!i ton, KkL'fgh, Columbia, Augusta. S a ran nan aad Montgomery, and certificates will be issued for the same, bearing interest at the rate of (our per cent per wnura, and eecured by the hypotheca tion of an autonet of the above bonds, eqnal to the sum of thre loan. The bowds to be get apart by the Treasurer, and the proceeds, when soll, appiied exclusively to the payment of the said certiiicatjjs. . The f.eeuriQiind convenience afforded to banks and other corporations, and. 10 the vublie gener ally, by thi inodtt of te;npoiarv iuvest;ueut, and the efj'cct of the taesare if genernWy adoptrnl, in keepine thy canener within n-o !-; ate bounds, it is kopc t, will coinincf.'i it to the fa voratrt eon- siceratiou of the community, and seeurs their prompt Co-ooeratioa ia carrvtiog' it into effect. G. "A. TfcKMlOLM, Secretary of the SVeasurv. Ricumok; July 22, 1SG4. " july 27-tf OFFICE OF C. S. DEPOSITARY, IIaku-ioi!, , C. duly 2lh, I6j-i. HOLDERS of ei,aht ao svvn pwr c.Tit. eerti fleates, iFuc?d by rij W. Arordecai, lato Depositary, ar.d of six per cejt. certificates issued by thi undersigned, ar? reqn'Sttl to re;iat them ar.d rs'eeivo their bond?. Tlneeev.onus ther-.ori, dee January firMt a:d Jhly lirsi, lbJ, will he ;id at th1 y.ii.io tiaia. . Holders of Registered Stocks, who hava here tofore received their iiiterest at V"i!mingtou, tir aj;aia informed tint tho srae will he paid sA lh; oltie j in future. Iloldei 8 ui ow.y ib-g-8ter-d Poeds can r;'ceiv tb-ir iot.ie.t et.thi'af.iW, ly requet 'g the Register r-t Kihmt-nd to ti aoafer his btock to the pay-roll oi' this Depoitury. C. ii. ilAKiilSON, j.j?y 27 tf C. S. Ijpo3il..ry. Conservative copy till forbid. o t'-'.y ,y THE orga-i.atie.i of the Setiior Cls?? of j Ees-ei Vr:s n.i'. i, 'jj.-- b. an 1'.jdereM iepjaetlebio loider forroj-r in.?tra':tion frota this ofacc, owiog . t'i the fsiet that tuere were not men eiiou.-.b t that dass vr-rofTed t ). f riu a ciMKpAny in iy one eoiiiityj it :h ordered that ell male white peraoj.-a between tho ages of 45 and 50 (tyhsther pro viou.dv etirolled or not) ass-tmbha ou tb jIOih day of Auu'it, at the fdlov. ir.g plscc-s, to couifdete their org niz ition, viz: - Those of the o)untica cf Hertford aad North ampton, at Garysburg. Those of the county of Rertie, at Windsor. Jhose of the counties of Washington and Martin, at Vi'iiiii.'.',tn. IT. Local Euroliiogr Officers on duty in the sev eral ciu:iti 3 in hich the reudzvdus are ordered, will SBperintend the organization of the coiu pa ri ea find the ih-ction of tha olltcers, in accordance with tbroier jiiot uctious, and fwrvvwrd tho rolls and cortiheajs of electiou to this office without delay. III. Local "Enrolling Officers are charged not only with the -dissemination of this order, but -iiI be held strictly respiuiaifJ'c for its execution like wise. They will call ur ou the militia officers to aid them ano wiil sp;rs no paina to secure the preseuee of all the "Senior ileservts" in their re spective counties. - IV. It is not the intention of the Lieutenant General Coiumanding Reserves of X. C. to keep the Senior Clars of his force in the tield. The purpose of thu order is simplOto orpranize tbe coinpiBiea so. as to reader thciu eiheicntin rppell iusj raids, and is other emergencies. A prompt attendance is' urged upon tho men, and every n:an ia reiaiuded that it. is to hid inteitst r.ot only to h: present himself on the day appointed, but to see that his neighbors come to j, as it will be neces sary t- retaiu them at the rendezvous fill a sufii cieut number report to organize.' 8 sown, on the other hand, as the oranizatioa Is complete, the intn will he permitted to return to their homes. (Signed) HUGH L. COLE, Capt and Chief E. 0. 1st C. D. X. C- july 26-dtd ' Conservative copy till date and scad till to this olhce, PITT COUNTY, FOR THE SKSATE : DR. E. J. BLOUNT. FuR TaiscuiiMoxs: C. PERKINS, R. G. A Lb R ITT ON. Tho above ticket will' ba voted for by I3Y SOLDIEiiS AND CITIZENS. july21-tde . m III ROUGH themanv scliMtaticns of hia friends. X THOMAS I. FAISON has consented again j to beeuic a cau.tilafa to represent tee county of Sampson in tha Senate. ' . july 2o'-to Stolen. IT ROM THE EXCHANGE HOTEL, Raleigh, U3 the 22nd of June last, one Gold Thimble, marled A. L., also a pair of Parl and Jett Ear rixo. with hair encased. Any information left at THIS OFFICE, leading to the recovery of said articles, will ba liberally rewarded. july 21-d:Ct - BICH20XD CITY INSIMSCE C03PAXY, Or EICKOND, VA. . CAPITAL $300,0000. Takes ri?ta against fire at lowest rates. T. H. WYXXEPiest. E. ilcCAUTHY. X. B. Agents Waxtbd. jul 23ta2w Candidates Cards. CUiVKN" COrXTY. To tli? So'dicrs end Citizen Voters cf Crttren A T Til SOLI CITATIONS CF MANY V friends, I ofilr mrself a candid tt f ir re--lec-iion to represent thacoantvef Crarea in th IIoupo of Commons, in the n?xt Leii'ataro of North Carolina. If elected. I uiii serve va to the best of wy ability,-a: all tiiacs truarctimr w-ll tour litercrts. 'f. II. ii AH KIN'S, juae 12-118 dte 1st Lt. Co. B. GTth lt. N C T "Por the SIi'.Tlni-.Uj of CraTcn tYc nre aruhoriTca to announce, that A L NX AND L It C. LATHAM is a candidate for re-e'eetioa to the pCice of Sheriff, ia the county of Craven. ' may 2-4-1 01-dtf. . FOR PIIKKIFF OF tVILSU. , , W'l .f'Qo L'STi-D TO A.VXOUXCE J.., y' W. UATTS, as a candidate for i'.hciiJ -or , i;or, county, at the ensuing election. JovHgr'a D -pot, Je.ne 15. 121-tde. TO TH& YO?ERS 9!T CAYtN" COUNTY. BELLOW CITIZENS ANT SOLMEUS: I snnoAceu uvself a candidate for re-eitetion to the- Senate fir- th ; nt Tern of our Lep:if 1 a ture. During th pnefc Term, I havo -ndcavore d to discharge my duties fnth'cllv, and accorUing to my ability. I thaak yoa for th honor you have heretofore d oie j.e,"Aad hpj to merit your continued conn ieneo and snwport. lour uet w-erv't. jane II 121-dtj ATiL vX VriilTr OUD. i f f4i.i w i. ev L.il, are juirhirizi to un:iiaac3 tint JOXAS V ' CLIXE ts& cr.r.dirbite for re-eh-etirm to M.. cilieoof Shcrili of .Catawbji Count r in Aaast next. june 27, 1SG1. dte. Bail-: authorized to announce resent thj County of Kovva'i io the Houe of Com mons of the next General Assembly of tho Stato.. Grc C?ii!niv. To (hi Sdjierif and Citizen Voters' of Greene C'jitnhj : . T the. Kolicitni--n of many friend?, I announfs jl. myseif a cni;id;its. to "reprejeat the four.tr of Gretna in the Ho;jsr of Commons cf the nest Legis lature of Xith Carolina. If eieei-e; 1. I wiil servo you to the best of r.it al ilitv; guarding your interests with u;sv.-erving iid.aitr. J. T. Fit EE MAX. Snow Hill. Jnne 27, 1SG4. i:-;3-dts. Wilmiugton Journal and Stat-; Jourii.-.i copy. FOU Till i.liG 16 LATUM! S are authtrizei to auri--vaaee Col. K. CHA WFOlii) as a c-uidi-Jat 'tor re -election to r seat in toe iI.ai- of Ccmmrora of t!ie next Gem-ral Afc-embly of North Ctrolia, from Wavno county. jo! To the Soluicrs ?Ai tilizens (voiers) of Person County, N. C. At the solicitation of many fiiends, l hnvo con sented to becoaf a candidate for the oiric- of Sheriir of Person county, State of North Caroling. Snout t von Loser u; with -your sulli'rtges a!l- e';et r.e, I ea o?i'y pro tidelity, to thi bj.-;t of :i yniisa to sorve vou with :n ahidtv ; on all ot-ea- i-ums to O j in my pi.ioj; te--id.rf, my opinions end actions iu this v.-,!' are so w-dl kui-.Vii to yu all, 'that lai-iefii it oiiUrely untntvssary to say n.oie, a: d leave it with thy vo;ers oi" this countr to dj- due. tul f-Jm ALEX. 'A. LONG. To?if't5i!l (a'.iily. Tit ;tre RuthorJzr:. a no requesta i ' tl:":erj as th- C n:i iTiiune th? fidU ifinv; rcn vAf'ifi' candidate: to retire- s-.iit the eouiuy of Jv h '..-:t . a ia the next (General Aretiihir or i : S.nta- THOS. Ti. SNKaD. Esc. Fnr the fJaonra--jW. UAXlCS and W. A.S.MIT ff. 't bis iiel'ct vrs selec vti r.y tl.-j Reserves iroia, Jvh i:.L:n. in tH;,;p ft Goldobo.-fi, filed by a n-dj-s ii--.-iir.3- of the citizer.s reia.'d'j;t-.g at hj-ee, h-?!u Kt SndtaoMd on the 2;th of ilay. Tlie.:s entl.:. re.-n v. i i f bj supported - by ail tr'n Co;.!.'Trative?. T"( v en'. ..-s? the platform of Vic; Pi'esid-nt S:;'-m s.:i, (..'(.v. fir.v-n V7. W. lloldci,, ttnd if !..-( .viii o alt ihev cs.n to proeur" an c; !lll.M"l. '!l' l'C jKei" 110 dte. ' i)?ri?r:n; Cuir.f, : We are. rifcrroitteo. t an- 4 r.op.i;ce Col. C. W. B ha'.v, ot the42d R.Vt X. o. Iroovs. as a suitad'i cao'iia te ro reprt-ri.t tho people of'bav':ds )-i County in th HouJa of Com- rs oi the U-.-neiat Asieatoiv oNo th Cti idina. C:!. Bradhaw has been a faithful soldier in .tho held for three vea'-s in defenco oi his couutrv; and will n-i faithfully reprejei. bio country's' interests in the Legislature, if tbe people c.j.li'hi.a to that position. .MANY VOTERS, june 27, 1?34. d2Gt WAKE COUNTY. rpiIE Sn ET.I FFALTY. We are aut horized and X requested to announce W.. II. HIGH, Esq., as a candidate for re-election to the oitice of Sheriff, at the election io August. ju 17-tde-uAw F3ii SJILKIfcF. iTr Ann AUTnoiiTSEo to announce V v7 THOMAS J WHITAKEIi, a candidate lor ret lection to the oflico of Sheriif for th county of Jones. july 0 2.J-wtt O THE CITIZENS, SOLDIEiiS AND RE FUGEES OF PASQUOTANK COUNTX'. w .T 7 E are authorized to announce GEO. W. H1XT0N, a candidate to represent Pas quotank county, in tho next iaouse of Coiatnons. ua 10-89-iitwAwte ... 7o are aut:orlzH5 to nnnouuee Lieut. VV E. II. Ii AY, of the 47 th N. C. H-iment, for ihe oilice of Sheriil of Wake Couoty, at th ensuing election ia August next, july U d6twfJ. , -I ; rijia tlie Vote or Warren t'ouniy, X. C E I respectfully withdraw my name a s can-' diiate fcr the Legislature. If a merciful Prori dence fhall see at t restore me to health once more, I prefer to remain ia th service until the lbtguc U fired inletence f Homo and Indepen dence, and I dfsire no greater applause frota pos terity thin t be inrttuii.nta"! of that deed and that deliverance. PL U 51 ME"' W. CftEEN, july 13 d2t - Co. E. let. lieg't X. C. Cavalry. "TTT" arn Ruthoricd to announce Hon. DAVID OUTLAW, the present Senator ft urn Der tie, as a candidata for re-elrcticn. He .will vote for tha re-election of Gor. Vance, and for euth measures as in his judrrent are calculated to pro cure a speedy, just and"lonorab'e peace, on the basis of Southern Independence. tlei3, and Las been from th? beginning; opposed to a Coaren-S tlon, believing it to be a met, by whicu ortn Carolina was to b3withdstwn from tha Cocfeder- acv We ar abo authori-cd to annrvunc Capt, W. M. SUTTON. S3 a candidate for lheH use of Commons. Capt. S. is in favor of Gov. Vance'a election, and h a true Soutlern man july 13 lSGidto. . "riltoinTj V ( 'iU itrv 4r?nrnv.-. . The Second Session (13o4) of thi3 Institu tion, will commence Jmy lit. ior Circulars and 1 information anply to i MaLVM. M. GORDOX, . 1 ma. 17 S5-d3m . I : Alar.) 3BCC Cotv--c an Autho rizvd to announce Gen. JOSEPH S. IIOLT I as a candidate for the IIou4 of Commons from j Alamance County, Gen. HoU is a Conservative ! "after the straitest feet," ind ia in favor of a j apeedv and honorable peace. Jle also bc-Iievea ia tberight of the'people to " rtJe, a&d in the co& j fctant ptedjaiiaaiice of the civil over the military power. j'-dy 16 dte. C0XFE3E5ATE TICKET FOR GB.WVIUE. FOIt THK SENATE I a II. K. TAYLOR. " Foa TIIK commas : JOiix vr. iiargRoyeV " - E. G. CHEATHAM, I) It. P. P. PEACE. ' julv 20-dt- NORTHAMPTON COUxNTY. . m CANDITAyES F. T. THE ENATi:: DR, W. S. COPELAM). CANniDATES FOB THE COUMoNSt CAPT. S. T. STAN CELL, ' LIEUT. W. J. HOG ELS. : Election in caip, TLurpiar, the 2th cf July: tt h'-n;?. Trimty, th? 4th o'f A -7Ut. . jaly -O-dtwirt to BPLnXDID fcLCriMK SHOES, A. SMALL LOT OF FIXE SIIO' S, LATEST -pt)lefor Ladies and Grirlletnen, at a tli'bt auvaace cn iuportsr'i pries, at ' , X. C. KOOKSTOUE. CLASSICAL AND r ATIimTICALluOOL. Tall y Ho, trranvili 3 Co. IT. C. rpho Y:)l Session t:d l!;?s Srhool. tintlrr i- the rare of T. J. HOIiNEll. viL'tA hy J. If. R"V,'L,ANI, contiionceg t 3 cl Mond.iv in Julv. The price of boat d nd te.itien is G"i'r0 p. r jit" fion. Apr lication'l'or sdmi.-ji.oi yhoald h niadj In adranej. T. J. liOfiXEi:. jane 20-121 dlft ?" ,r f!TP ' v - iri'i'iHf'iivi'i" i ti.uj . w i a i i. o E. i h QEVEUAL CASES of beautifully finished Sur gical Instrument;", t TUCKE1I, ANDREWS A CO S Auction aud CCJtiua.-;si.-.a Et asp. dCt Negroes r.nd Voaatlryw!: Tiap.ti-1. Cric:-: or ins LcCiViLLK and Ma . r a c- A'.ti.vo ('oKri., . Loceviu.". CVntiiam e.iantv, N. tlA.MI-.-IJ it-;nr-Jfelr, hr this(;lBi, ? i itlKTY G 00 D X G KOES ch iM.n-.,., pre.eroo. u ; also wdi to employ a w u.y ma x, wiv) an tafcj Uoj .':tire cxnlml of a col i blast chaieol Ftirrao. For ok? wt-U r-uili-fi-'l, steady eir,p!,-vm.":ut will ho yiven. Apj'ly to u; st once, at thy Eti.h-r Furnace, or aW-is lue th.-re, tin Fayette fii!?. '.C. july 25-diat V,. ti: DOWNEK, '.:pt. j:i ot.ee- . "TAL'"En A. THOMPSON .-tli l've Greer.n ? i br-ii;rhxnd fli!l.-!fi-ug! for tlie A nay of Northern Vi.ginia, ou Fridav, the iah dur of Au- gUritlliXt. . Persons dfj-irouTof sondiqf bnr( will fleafe 'hare them at t j depcta o tLo day before, piup crlv direettd and weighed. july 2J tai - V. A. THOMPSON. ' QHEET 111 ON FOU SOEGMUM EOlLEnS y 1)4 and fj-t long, 3-1 Z imbed thick and 3U", icehes wide, f;jr.iab fcv july 2 1 5 dtf CREECH A LITCHFOHO. NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION STOIiE. ?. AXO ft. S. Tlf liKI :Vi W. t-!. a:vi".vv. lure rLi utv r. jjiociati d thmi- gelrea tor"t'r under Gie iii'if and rtl of TUCKER, ANDREW?? A C ., for th? purpo? of con;b:csiTg a gvVteral Auction and Co:r.:ai: eior. buoiaes. All buhu:$ ertrujteii. to th. ta v.iil Qieet with prompt nesi an I di3'-tcl.. TU'CKEi:, AN I) LEWS A CO. janrt 23 127-dtf QUARTEESMASTER'S I) EPA RTM 2 NT, E AT.K.'iU, Jt'l.T 0, 2P'L p?:EPAHEr to exchani;;;- NOW JL I'-.-ttori terms, ri3 , One ba'icdi (f Ynrn for Itre pounds w.-:hid Worl, ar.d on bttnch for fer polities una-h.-d. A;; ot.- hare b ;ca appointed to mak th? fx change at too tolb'trin placi-s Oxford, T..rb-ro', Kinst.-.n, Cithct iee L ik-, Concord. Kockinha! ', Hendi?rtonville, Statcsril!;, liorbi.ro', Aheyi!le, Pittrboro'. Lou-lnrg, Fayettev'ie, Colertiantid at tliis place." . " Pt--dns shipping wool to this pla. will please n.ath mi the pHck:K"' wln'thej aru from, nud tLo cotton yarn will b- forwarded immedialsly. I hop- the p?ople w 11 ojtlriotiealiy ree.nd" to tha above notice', as the Wool is for clotting tfcc X. C. Troops. II. A. DOWD, A. Q. Al., N. C. A. jrdy8-140-tr fjUi ci. S, llA WK0LE3ALK TOBACCO HOUSE, Cominis ssion IvlGrchant, GOLDSDOKO', X. C. LIEERaL advaneetnenta made ou ProJuco ctn pinned to me. july 14, 18(J4 d3rn. Office Raleigh & GasJoa R. R. Co'py, UALKIGH, July 7, 1664. rjlNE r.OATJD OF DIRECTORS OTJIIS .iL Company have de!fired a dividend of 15 per cent, on tbe capital atock. pa'ab ,ii an i :tr after let of Augut-t. lhJ4,'iii four per reiit c.-rti-Meat os and bonds of the Co;.ftd.:;-Ktc State.-', or in Confederate treasury no?s of tbe old itie at face value, at the option of th Ci eipanr. W. W. YAS, ja! 8 dtf Treasurer. ' Pi-t Countyi riHIE people f Pitt countv in Convention as 1 serubledj-on tbf 4th wuly, 1SC4, nominated tho following named gentlmen cs candidates to represent tneru in tbe next General Assembly of X'iotii Carolina.- ' or the Sen-ite, Dr. RrfiA5n Wrt.r r t ; For the Commons, Hi;m;t Shlppa21, Esq., and Du. JnHS TaFT. This i3 a 6traiht-'ut.S'o'"'rn Rlyht ticlc-t: opposed to the who'eaal? awd ueh-f X'-fption i f ro n who ought to be in the aiL-.y, and in iavor of mstainisg the Goveramtat i.i '.pmse entire: the war to n honi atle ptace. upon trie ba?ia of our cation.d independence. We call upon all refit .who love freedoni and eheri?h tha bot or ot tkeir country, to give it a heaity mppo.t at th en suing flection.- COiliillTEL. july H dfe. TO TIIU Y07ERS OF cn.iTIIAH COU.Y ty. At tho felicitation of many soldirra io the armv, as well as of many friend at binne, I afinouace tnyself a candidate for t!i llcua of OotnrooDa from Cbathau County." I Lave receiv ed no aolicitationa froa the Pahabitea, the Ameri can Heroes, or the oligarchs, or thoe who ttay at hotae to make rsoney out cf tbe families of the aoldiora, an-i occupy their spare time i aiu3in better men than thimselvts as disloyal, f tand fab ly and tquarely oa the j!atfrca cfStrjihena and 'Brown, of .Georgia, and .V. W. Holden for Governor, against th vorld ; and I bdieve tli't without ttw election of euch men to ofllce we wi!l never have a permanent peace. So far as tha aoldiera are concerned, I do not wif iQto appear to boast, bat I will say that I htve d-ine as much f?r their faiiliea, or more, according to iny mean, than any Vanceite in tha C.iunty of Chatham'. Fellow citizen acd soldiers, jro to tbe polls on' tbe day of election, and. vote for true-Conservative?, if vou would have peace' and be a tiro people, bo not be intimidated, but atand up for our rights'. JOHN A. McDOXALD. Vakland, July IS, 1S64. dt." KirXTIlkV. T AMI'S P. SrriMlT in candidate to rrrrsert l itr.:1 I'pn5',5n tl.eSrtft-; ft d ALLEN u- 0(Tr..N is a ea:.;.?hte to r rrt s-m L r.dr county. In the House n' (Vihiupm ot the apt-roach GenrHl A.nbly of Noilh CaiUii.a. . ' jidr 22 ejt. SS'.ri'STRATEII llAucJ ''Plin ur.brt;p.cd will ?r rd at ti e fuIlotTing .JL tunes end p!ars, t. c.lh ct thef'.ttrert cU the Sequ.-t rated liebt.Un bi Ubtiict, vis: at IlilMoro; Jt,1r Ilth. U64. K:.lh CO A 21." " "Fayttt.villo " 27. i&2X . " ' G. It, WILDEr;, Keceivcr. FayctU-nile Ohivr ctpr till Jalv 20. jut;27 dljy 2X Jolm.'.tcn County. Slv'fi-'.'V '!'"d kincii .id ".:..si: IIl.NNUNi lor tlieC. ni:.; v.s, io t .. ; ( J,,hn fttnt csry jn tl.e r.-xt LcgvOalute. iho are mf-.-r i jho e-e!'ciiou nf (h r, rt.r.r- Vunce, m..I ftii'.--J to Mr. ll.hle.Vs Co..T.tion pro J Ll- ju'y 18 tde to 'v;;: voi;:::s or'cAETj;i:LTAxb JU'XJCS. T N crmpliapcV wit' the v i Kr f v.zrr frh rd X in ra.d xt . f tl;j .'.iir r, I ti.-um r,'irv !l' a c;t, uiuate oi npmo.t vhur S !itoi i Pifth t if i nc?1 il 'TVA A'-'dy vt Nt.nl, Crolina. It i -vted, I idtd-j my i use devotlen to u-ur J uohc "Bd pci sural int.Mtst. j i!v 20 4u v v. U:t tm? . Sll JiUil3i Cvpj tci ib.-r at Eir.rtoj;. tud Ki.d bill to the ro tiii: cmzLws of cjhakju COUXT'T. r ANNOUNCE in vff'df a ej'iuHdafn for n fat in ' th,- lbaj- t,f C,.jnen.io. North C.ir.dir.a Lerl"- Ial:ie. I .!: in fa vt-r and iliail vte for the fe t.retion of Cor. Vance. -t11 ' V' n C" MITi' , i ; i v a X T W a n - r . MVANT in hira sfo-i r:.iL ar. Whrr, f.T eiil.f-r a tot t r l:iy tiu:e. 1-Vr a r trir-lv wows a I w:Ii rive a liWrr.1 prj-.-. J 4:,.i!e mmi1. " W 'J. V, SMITH. IMu-Ti-ttd irt(.iv Ju'.' i.alu'-h, X. C. Sorghum Boil- ry, rou sai'.i:. .. ... t a-.-, H.-tr nf'ilnri: ItuiK-ra o A .....I .,, 1 1 .. ...... i i . all .j'ucj. All p, Eib'gh.jBlr 2? - r. Norwood. dtf X.Tv ARK R"-Qn.STKO vl IXNOi'X K 1 f th-iiaia.' of ISAAC HuH't.N ,m a ctiidi drt for slif Sin! iti a olfiee in Jee eo'jn'r. j dy 2 tde Bonds for Sale. FlVC ElNIiKL't JfII.DN (OXFEDIC- FA TE SX FEE CENT. UONDS. pHESE RON prev-iit prr i.t?v.t indue.. I r-i !. Jar inv"titjeiih. Thy havo G.iitv oar? to ruij, :o1 :t s r payabl n ii'i-atc.ii dl r, .oi'd ?- rii :. by ii:if ot t and capoit dulifi; rw tuei,.t, i'iii.eel a;.d interest, bom ta-?hn, :d th C'jr.'or, receivable as coin for ciUita 'uti-1. A Yy 1 , . ALLK-; v. Girr.s, jn"; tf A r. t Ti e. ;: : y Det-ai t ut. MY f-' llVANT JOE l.a-f MiKtvnr. HeLff S;Mu dy liioi i,ir r U t. I uil ?f tJu ubile ic -.vat l for hi .i j n 1, r i"ti. due in .'droit 40 yea. poll, u timlaito, ln. lipir. is blown, ttraii.t, 1-ut di.'Krd ; cut 1 !.. a Kiii'l.t ear ii k k nf Ida 1 !t rhc '-l: h air. ip.-.tki in a hw touu wed t-"-ldo:i"., kiim built, ry rei. i't ai innhxc, br-I tu ul.i : I' If a rohlier'n -l iiy esp, 1 r i ! b' (; siif: t. j :e!d't and I ruv !." I ihiuli be v. ill aiui to i,o fo .tnberij. WiE A. 1; LOU NT. jir20-12t tIeonT a e In i , is T.'tK :m T vi.v.yv.m? :.!Ar:n:;r r ,k GBINDIIv G- E-ORG 19 UM. vi:r oi Fi:ui:i)T( -j in: pullui. f A K El 'ULLY cor.truft d v.vU-v ih laonediafo ' seprr vic.ioatf a getitb map it idf ut. for t-vetnt ri-nrfl on a syg.-.r pluntatior, it caiihi:jfa tbe re bult.. of his pi cticitl epfri;nc w'th b.rt n te rial and uo.l workmanhi;'. . ft roui!c -rr little wood woi k in settirg up, m.d c -mbiiu r, in i ;i emir.cnt detrree, eecou' iiiy nd durbilit . . li tier M m ot pint 3 rollrip, boi'iontfu ftid v rtical, mid Syrup lloilera fttui 20 gll. xit to 12(T gatleLf, f-r sale. Acdriri SAPONA IEOX CO., 1 s vtt villr, X. C. X. 13. Milla ar.d boilers dciinifd at Igypt on Wettcin Kailrod, or at Ka:eltb, or iloii'i.'.vidn oiV. ( lUilroad. 2in Bank of lrortli Carolina. ADIVILENI). OF- MXL0!.LAES AM) nii.ety cents on each li4ie of Ftoek in thia Uank. ha.-, t-en dci tared thia ly, paabl to tb 1 ki -"M . i j i .-. iin" il'.v oi Lii 'y 1 1 MS io irj Srr. tf on rz i individur.' tlinr-e) ri ftT r ttut. CertifiCati' or bor.ea f the Cof Jr:it itu f-c, or one third lc- i - Cot. : .-. 1 1. 1 a t S J ;i :e. ti ii.ry riot a ol t In- i.:c ine : fyyab'eiit tbe Prti.cipl jnk and iir;a.tii S & th I-tit 'ay of A torn t tie at. Th. dividend t;f the 'it,d.. ; .Newborn ard T;iito liiriicb'a r.r-J the tiol i! will t" pAti et th;! Pfiii.;p-i ,Wei ttvui th A g'-tiey at Mi'toti. x io' Af-ncv, ar.d c! tii C, DEWEY, Ch'r. rteleigh July ilt, IfCf. tawtd BY TKn JOVi:!.uh Oi Xr.rv'ji OAl'.Of.IXA. A !'::.CLVVA7If V7 HE fill AS, IT HATH 15 EEN P. !.PE I S IN T i d t-v me that lb n'!:r.-on Jon--a, late of th; cotii.ty -f (I'lilf rl, !m I n.i -.r,vh t' d of tLe nii.ifl'" of V.'ju. h'cp!.riior., l.Ho ot iiil roctv and lh.it th-; 'd Hru ler u Jhia h: a ccaptd frc-'ii pii-wi faiol t( io ut Itr. a.ii nh: i..-. i? baih nl." be u Ki rfK nted fi k:'. that W. T. Kvji.i, ali a lumr Vry, ! uld cou' ty cf Gui'frJ, wlc ffac'l! irdi.'d fr Jh cri:u of Ucrjf'ary in aabl ctunty, bath abo e cp- d fio.a rnuu Mad i.; at iare. Xoiv, thei ( f-.re, to the ed thvt th Vil llen-ders-n Jo5f -tad th aid W. T. E.vra. alios Turner Fry, raiy bo arretted nn l l.rt ugl.t to jy. tieo for ihe.'r fid uirre?, I do" i.ii my Proilauition. rT. rin.;a reward of TI1EEE HUN. F'ttED .DOLLAHs lor tha aprTI.Mi t d d livery of tid Jn.a ani TUitEE HUMiKM DOLLAltS f..r th urrcat nni drlivcr f c-id Evitaa t i the ijberia of the county of Guilfrr J af.rejaiJ. t la wittiea wberetf, I. Z-tub-.n B. V.ijioc, Cp f r-A ) tain General and Couica&drr-in-Chb-f. aali. bnth a.gne.I thefco prc.f i.i ar.d cian d ( v 'Jth.- Great Seal of tbe Snate to be f. fixed. Dne at Italeiyb, tbia :2nd day of July, A. V , Hl.nd in tLo year Atecrican Iuuef eujerc, the eight-niuti. Ly the Gwvercr.f, E. I. VAiTCE. A. J.I. McPmrtcr, Private feecrctarj, pro tyto. BCOK A.M) JOH WORK Neatly cxecaul at THIS OFFICE. 8 a II On CD (3 O (5) S3 3

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