j A - -. : -jr- . DAILY CONFEDERATE. A. SI. GORMAN & CO., Proprietors. DAILY EDITION', for 0 months $15 "3 " "1 " ........... .3 It r. TRI-WEEKLY, for C uioctba n WEEKLY EDITION, for C months 6 No subscriptions received on dt other terms than the above, nor for a longer or shorter pbried.. 4 From the Army of Tennessee. Special Correspondence wf Savannah Republican. ' Atlnta, July 22. night. A great battle hern fought and splendid pucces'cs achieved, But tho end h not yet, uml for prudential reasons I do not now giv yon all till? details.' Yesterday our linc3 were " withdrawn to the entrenchments nround the city. The enemy advanced, and planting tbeir guns, commenced to throw shell nmog tbe women arid children. General Ueod, with that energy which is his charncteriafie. matured his plan at once. Atl in fa was to be defended at ev.ry hizard and cost. EvucKr.Vl by its citi- " z n!( a mere fdjell of ita former self thcrev nothing in it on a mern Iocaltjy which re quired a ffnorifica of life ; but the morale of the ' army had to be preserved and tbe country re- lievt'd of the laoster preuro beir:rg co heavi- lj upon it Gate City. T strike Sherman in front would have ben impolitic and disastrous. General IIoJ, .therefore, determined to heat him at his own game, that is, to flunk bis lines. To tliii end he isrued orders after night-fall for Hardee to move from h-3 position on the contro, and with Wheeler's cavalry proceed to the enemy's right, march quickly and deal tremendous blows. Jlis Instructions were to urr'ke nbouflii o'clock noon. The movement vas unavoidably dsbiycd until 2. Meanwhile --our lines had. be.:n extended bo as to fill all cur . works, ar-d skinnihingcorrimcnced, interspers ed with almost incessant voRies of artillery. Our batteries were massed ir. such manner that tboac portions of the fortifications on which tisvy were placed were impregnable. The morning hours msscd slowly and eo emnly. Every face wore a look of dspon dvney. Shells were dropping iti the ftr-c-t, and o:id rtuips of women and children, with a temporary .supply of provisions, were wend1 irg. th"ir way tf) the woods.' During the night ftr.ii'ijli'ig ruflia:is bad broken into the sto.'t!. robtvd the.n of such of their conteuts as thry wanted, mid scattered the rctnaituler through, the Mtroeta.- During tbcv morning h.se de moralizing split's were repeated. Abandoned .vii;r.on Woke into the millinery shops, and n;:i in the uniform of soldiers?, gutttd and pilUged premi.iCi? from roof to cellar in search if whii-kev and tobacco. r ho otfiro of the Southern FJ.qie-s Compavy underwent this process before day, arid I enjoyed the'meUn t;hn!y privilege of sef in boxes, pupeiv,. aid . everyttiin ni'iif if-nuble, thrown in"confu ion worc c uj founded," on all sid(js. I dwell otj th s-u'oj ot with peculiar dissatisfaction, ' beraue. of my own losses, which leaves me tnird: of everything, . Iroru toothVoush to . blanket, rva'pt the clotiies in which I stand. WhiV this mdi'scritninaie pilbirin was in prop s, watjnri, tiauleis, eitizn?) and ne- , rwes loaded with!yndcrf wcuo fiflrryiiifi out t f town, tully iiopres-ed with the idea that Atlanta w.'.s about to.be abandoned. Under ti-oose cirt'Ufiitarjcs it is no wooder that the oll'ictr of th army were, in a. mea?nr3, tlA p. .rident. arid pardod thw tjitnnts of the day' as decidedly unpromising. Ntfc until evon- ' ir, did this mood change. Then it was'as- -rtaiiifd tout we had struck th? eue.iny one of the severest bl(ws of tho war. Hardee . 9 nd Wheeler nvj-epintf sib nlly around tiie IVderalfc ft, pou need upon-their fliink, and prn5S-tl so sieadiiy as to bear down all oppo-hiti-ai. Wh fe batteries, wiih heroes and f fpiipniet.'t. .fell into our ptsoeh.siori, fortifi carions, wi'h frowning abitti of sharpvued T-il;n, were crossed if) the teeth of nuirdt roii.s lire, while individual illantry was conspicu in the captors of llas and rriswriers Vhreh, with his rava'ry , co-opf-ratin with Hardee, pcrioruicd d'ed-j of valor t!rU have ,ienov(l every prjudieJ which unjiutly h,is Mttiu-iird t tiC:r past career. Charinc; as .iiifantrv, thiy firovH the enemy from one of li:v lines td l'ortiticatiins, captured several ioM;di'd prisoners, burned enriidera.h!e 1 amount of camp t quiptge, and galled their '"an tii .exists a t. every s'ep Conteii-oraneoii with the sop "rb movme.at -of llirdee, Olieat .bam, with. Ilorui's old corp.'', advanced from the entrenchments tiiey had previously occu pied, drove, the Yankeo skirmishers frm their f i rut, aiid then with a yell, commenced or.e of tl;e greatest diare f tae Avar. TJ' lull Tul down, through tlx woods, across t'.ie ii. ids, f ilteiiug hcie and there before tho-liro . of the env-niy, but only for a moment, th"se bave rn'Ti of -'iVnnfssee. Virginia, Gp' T'w, Nrth Carolina, Smth Cani'Jna, Mississippi, Aalvama and Louisiana, dashed on, ai;d lik'j tlieir lta,ve competitors for the honor of the 'field adv.incing ou the right, overcame everv obstacle in tlieir path. Thus, for a niiieand r a half, perhaps toorr, 'A lowing the Federals 'over-their work?, they met with ufiinterrupt success. One misstep only wrested from us thecom- p'eieiwss of the victory. A brigade is said to . t.ave bri kr"u I will not mention names. Into tie? gap thh created, a bxiy of the Yan . kees rushed, and seizing a siror.j position held it until a portion of unr linrs were com- tllal to retrace their stf-ps to pieviit an at- tat.k on the ilai?k. In. other words, the tnis . li'p destroyed that perfect chain d communi-' Cation designed to be1 establisded between Har- dee ami tbe corps immediately adjoining. Since nightfall, however, I leirn that this de- 'stdt.-ratutu has been accotlinlishsd. . Stextari's crp on our left was not exempt from tle dangers'or the j!orits of the fi-!d, .and although not participating so extn-ively in tit Aggressive njovements of the day, had .8cca$bu lurin; tho afcemoon to repel tho .vigourous demonstrations of the enemy. Such in general terms is tbe situation to niah. Th- results of the day have been moT than gratifying. While the bat'io has not been so decisive as was contemplated in toe plan of tue comni.imler-rn-chief, it has never theless crippled the enemy, humbled l is pride, destroyed his morals, nearly aanihilattd "s me of his command?, part'uily destroyed his orgiU.iziti"ii, and reduced hia uuml ers, and it is believed to something liUean equality with oar own. Oa the other hand our men have learned that they have a leader pn Whose judirruent they can implicitly rely; thatbreast , works ,are not so fearful to encounter as they imagined ;that their own. strength is yet equal to every emergency and finally, that by the blessing of God they nay yet conquer the ' Federal army that has so deCantly pushed .fhem hack into the heart of the Empire State of theJSoutJh. The battle has been a benefit. It h is proven an inspiration ; and if called irt'o the 'field again to morrow or the next day, the men of the army will show hew more nobly thap ever they are determined to crush the hattd'enemy whose pretjancu stains our ' In practical results, few battles of the,war 9 OLD SERIES, 1 'VOL'. V. J hve a better showing. Hardee captured fronr 10 to 20 guns, nwd Cheatham's corps eight er teu, bendea battle flags and regimental colors. In prisoners we cannot have les than from twetty-6ve hundred to three thousand, antorg wh'ra are a considerable cumber of Colonels and Euhordinate. field officers. Tfcey nre Ptill . - - i a . . coining in. The yankees coniesa mar ir.e uau raovernent of Generals Hardee arA Whtcler was a snrprie, and to an entire lack of prepa ration in consequence. . Tue idea oces ox ap pear to Lave entered a yiT.kee herxi trat uen. Hood would h.-.ve the bardihootl to rteracii a whoin corps in the face of the .overwhelming numbers Iv which he was beset, ard while the enemy was batti ii-g even at the door, snd it miles around tbe rear to strike tuein on the flank. And tbey compliment our new coin roun der fr his Mjeee?s. It is but a title. of the tribute whioh General Hood deserves, when I add that for an officer to agnme the comraand rf an nrmy that had retreated nearly one hun dred milcs-in three day,?, to make fdrusclf ac quainted with every detail, whi'e tbe enemy's guns were booming iu his ears; and their lines more closely investing his own, ard within ona week thereafter, fiht two important battles I repeat 'that for a Genet al to do all thi.', is a nir.rk of jreoiu.", judgment promptness and elf reiianee, of wSuch the annals of war fariish but few parallels. I need not tell yen that the tide of enthusiasm now runs in his favor with a fare that is gathering strength every b&ur. "Pluck vfill always win." " Oor own Joss is yet unknown. In efficers I fear it has been heavy. The lion-bcaited Major General . W. II. T. Walker, of your Sta'c, was killed by a ball through the heart, while hading; his men. Col. . Murray i f an Arkana; regiment, is also nmonir the dead. Generals Gist, Mercer. Jas. A. SmiMi (oom mandinjz Granbnrv's Texns brigade) Culquitt and Stiahl, and Col. Tressley, of tbe 10th S.' C. V., a revv runded. The latter ws in the act of wresting- muskets from the bands of the cn."my rmd mounting tbeir breastworks when shot. The Georgia milifia. .nnder Gen. Gsn-davns tV. Smith, held th'dr 'position like veterr.p, bing exposed to the heavy fire of artillery and musketry,, both in the tren'hes and on tho advance. For a long time they lay in front of a Yankee battery, which they wero anxious to take, and but for the gap on their right and left, and absence of " troops within supporting distaff:-, they would undoubtedly have made the attempt. Geu. Toombs was everywhere ab i p; the lire . animwfirjr th troops in Ids peculiar .yle ; and with Gen. Smit as their mentor, they appeared villisg to be led anywhere. For the Confederate. Mkssrs. KniTons :- Who will support the election of Z 'buion I. Vrance for Governor of North Carolina ? Why both the old whig and democratic patties. Yes, every intelli gent ard patriotic man in the State no mat ter to which of these old parties be formerly belonged, will vote for Zebulon I. Var-re that is, if he votoa at nil. Well now who will support th elctun of William W. Hidden.? Why chiefly tbe secretly disloyal, the disaih; fied the croaker, the grumbler, and the open enemies to our Government, traitors a;d the turir-.-i. - . Now. what fiflfect has IIoldar.i?m had? What purpose hay it answered in North Cr ? Why, it has benefited extoitioners and specul tor$--euccnraged the Yankee to prolong the war, and has induced many of our poor soldiers to desert the arny and be htm;; up like dogs 1 Forty-two poor fellows induced to desert the army ami bo hung in K'mslon last spring, by reading the Standard, and lis-tenbijj to the teachings of tlolrlen. Now. the Uoldfcnites have started a new " Order,'' for the purpose of imposing npn tlx-ae who have not iete!l'rnce enuh tt see tiirougli it. Thoy rail it the " II. fj. A " society; which, L snppn.e, means " liar, g One and Al)." ; wbivli o;iety, if he is not a mem ber of, is no doubt all known to hiiq.. For what would not this corrupt, wicked, inron stent, Khullling, political-compass box ing traitor advocate or wink at to answer Ins own end ? 'Who do not know' thaF -he would advocate either r-ece?sion or co risol i dr. -Hon, union or disunion, slavery rr anti-slavery ? But after all his appeals io the passions and pttjudicies of cowards and toi ks, extor tioners and speculators, Uprediet that he wifl bo beaten two to one. That the old whig and democratic parties who have united for tht purpose, will carry at least two-thirds of the rotes for Z-buUti B. Vance. N. 15. It all ti e true friends of the cati.e in tins county, who desire the election of that sound old patriot and " noblest" Ibnun of them all,'' Aden W. Wooten, Esq., will goto the pdls on the 4 th August and vote for him, there is no doubt of his election hy a large majority. . TUCKAHOE. Lesoir county, N. C. C. BANK XOTIiS WAMtU. WE are coiuDPis-ioued to buy another lot of $2,000 of Xctcs on any of the liaDki of .thi State. Persona wishing to sell will please call on uf. CUEECH k L1TCIIFOKJ), july 'J7-deod2t . ATTEXTI0X. "VTOLUXTEERS fr the defence of the city, will V meet ou the Oapitol Square at bli'-Jast six, Saturday afteraeon. IJy urtier of the Capttin. M. A. BLEDSOE, 0. S. THE following Kalis were submitted amd unan imously aJopted by tbe rtituibers in attendance at the drill, July 23d, 18G4 : Tbe undersigned, appointed by tbe Captain to draft ruls to cvuie punctual attendance on tbe part of all tha members of the "Volunteer Cm pany for tbe Defence of the City of Ilaleigb," respectfully -report the following: 1st. It is the uty of every member to attend all drilli, and meetings or the company tor other purposes, that shall he oi dered by the c uninianding otlicor. A foe of five dollars sLnll be imposed upon each and" v very membf r failing hus to at tend without valid e .tease. 2d. A court martial, consisting of an rrucer, Bor.-cOmmiasioncil.ofliccr and privatt, to be ap pointed by th eomuiinding officer ot tbe compa ny, shall be coavened at such time and !ace as be shall direct, to try th validity of excuses that eball be rendered by members failiDg to attend meetiag of tke cowpaily ; also lar th trial of oth!r eiffences of which merabera mir be guilty. 3d. The tines collected from derelict members shall, after defraying the incident expenses of th- company, if any, b pnt into the hands of the Soldiers' Relief Society of the city, for tbe benefit of the fiek and wounded in the hospitals. Respectfully reported, K. It. BATTLK. Jr.. 2d Sorg't, G.KO. W. MOKDKCIA, S-rg'4, T1IOS. BIIAGG, Private. Raleigh, July 16th, 1S64. july 28-lt I - i" 1 RALEIGH. N. Cm SATURD1Y. JULY 30, 1864 MRS. MILLETi continues to accoramodats' Boardei B, by the day, week or month. DK Deems' Appolatincnts. rjlHE Financial A sent of the North Carolina Orphan EadowWect Fund, will "address the peopb: a? follows : At Thvat'ua Church, Rowan county, Sunday, July 31st. i Salisbury, fit Court, Tuesday, August 2nd. At flrlbboro', Friday, August 5th. Salisbury and Hiilsboro' papers please copy. $30 KV, ARD. MY boy MACK 'has runaway. He left on . Sand.ny evening' Isst. I will crive the above reward lor hir apprehension and delivery to me. llack is about l! vears o!d, black cemplexion, weighs about 140 poinds, five feet three inehea" high. He may endeavor to mako his way to the neighborhood of George V. Thoaip3'-n's, aa kis mother beloagi to tbe estate of Pelesr S..Kecers. july 2& -tf JOHN O'RORKIS. rpxa -IIUXIiXlEil D0LLAUS REGARD. 5. Ranaway,from the SiibscriHer, on tha 7th July, 1864, iny neyre boy ORMAX, seventeen ycfars of age, ve teet five inches hib, weighs 132 pounds, cerup!eion dark snuif; bad on.whea ho Irfc a new pair of copperas-colored pants, a new-shirt,-gray cap, and was barefooted- Said b )y formerly belonged to Col. Clark', of Newbern, but hnj been living in the cjuntia ef 'Alamance and Guilford since the mujt,ncemcnt of th'e war. He ha a wife livbi at Graham, and will proba blv bo found lurking in that vicinity ,V Ha Inti mated to the balance of tho nejrroes. soma .weeks 'afT, that hfi intended to go to the Yankees, . and will, perhaps, try to make Ls way to. them. J Tke ac.vo "reward of tv. n hundred dollars will be given for the coHfinemnt or dtdivery of said neu-ro, so that the subacriber can et him. Addr.-ss, GKO. W. FOCST, july 29-dtf Gibsonville, Guilford Co., N. C. I OANS Olf TIIE SECURITY OF TIIE J el Y E III) N D llklu MILLION SIX PER CENT. ON-TAXABLE BONDS UNO Eli TIIE SEVENTH SECTION OF TIIE C Vil li EN CY LA w: Duposdtea on call will be received by tke Treas uterin tbiscitv, Assistant Treasurer at Charles ton srd Jlobile, and tbe Depositaries at Wilming ton. Raleigh, Caluinbia, Augusta. Savannah and ' Montgomery, aad certificates will be issued for the earne, bearing, interest at tho rate of four per cent per annum, and seemed by the hypotheca tion of an amount of he above bonds, equal to. the sum of these loans. The bonds to bo set apart by the Treasurer, and the proceed.1, when sold, .applied exclusively to the payment of the said certificates. The security and convenience afforded to banks and other corporations, and- to the public gener ally, by this mode of temporary investment, and thi i ii'tct of the measure if generally adopted, in kevping the currency within moderate- bound3, it id hupt'd, will commend it to tha favorable con sideration of the coTuniunity, nd iecure their prompt co-optiat-ion in oni-rying it iwto riVcct. G. A. T UK N HOLM, Secretary, of the Treasury. Richmonb, July 22, 1864. - july 27-sltf OFFICE OF G. S. DEPOSITARY. l - PiAUUiii, N. C, duiy L'uth, 18'Jl. TTOLDERS of eifht and svvt-n pr c-Kt. certi--I.J. 'fieates, issued by reorge W. Mordecai, lflt Depositary, and of six ptr cent, certificates issued by tha uudersined, ara requested t present them and receive their lluwte. The eoupous theroon, due January first And .July Sik, 18C4, wiii be paid at the same time. Holder of Registered Stock?, who have here tofore rrccivt-d their interest. t Wilmington, are again iufo' ined thnt the same will be paid at this oiiice in future. Holders of miy KVg'aten $ov.da can i "Ct,-iv thrir interest at Ihiofrk-c, by -n iu:.it ing the Register at Kihmwnd to ttiir.sfwi- hii stock to tho pav-roll of thi. Depositary. G.-1L HAUlilSON, ja!y 27-tf C. S. Depo.-itary. . Conservative copy till forbid. Chief Kn. OSce Isl Ctmz.. Dhst. X. CM 1 Juiy 2 1 St, lS5t. No. I-v.. ) . . I TIIE of;a- isntion of the Senior G!a. of Keserrts hav:ar, b''en rtu fertd K..praeticahle Uij:er l'cntr instructions oorn this o.Mce, ovvinar to the fact that -tbot e were not iien cnou.'di of that chisss vrroll'.'d to form a compary in uiv od county; it i.-j ordered thiitn.1.3 UMle" v iiitB 4M 3.;ds bet.veVr. the age of A't and 50 (v.Lsthei- pje viously enrolled or not) ssfinbl' ou the lutii day ;f AuUit, at the foilowicg places, to eotuplc-te their orgauixition, viz: Those of the erunties rf Hertford and Xurth aihiton, at Grysburg. Those of the county f Bertie, at Windsor. " Those of tho counties of Washington and Martin , at Wiliiamston. II. Local Enrolling O.ficers on duty in the sev eral counties hi which threpd' zvous-are ordered, wiil swpei intend the -organization of tho ctm pa nics and the election of tbw otficers, ia accordance with former inst actions, and forward the rolls and certificates of election to this otiice without delav- III. Local Enrolling Gflieers are charged not only with the dissemination of this order, bin will be held utrictly responsible for its execution like wi-e. They will call upon the militia officers to aid them anJ will spjre no pains to seeure the presence" of all the "Seiuor Reserves" in their re spective counties. IV. It is not the intention ofhe Lieutenant General Commanding ' Rssorvts of-X. C. to keep the Setiior Class ot hi forc in the field- Tha purpose of this order is .'imply to - organize the companies so as to readt,- them eUiei.ntin repell ing raids, and in other emergeurie?. A prompt atteudaneu is urgtd upon tha nien, undererj uian is reminded that it i3 to his interest not only to be present himself on the day appointed, but to eec that his neighbors come to S, as it will he neces sary tf retain them at the rendezvous till a tuilU cieiit number report to organize. As soon, on tbe other hand, as the organization, is complete, the men wiil be permitted to return to.tbeir homes. (Signed) II U G II L. COLE, Capt aud Chief E. O. let C. D. X. C. iulv 26-dtd Conservative copy till date and send bill to this oruce PITT COUNTY, FOR THE SENATE I DR. E. J. BLOUXTv . FOE TIIE COMMONS: C. PEUKIXS, 1J. G. ALRRITTON. - Tho above ticket will be vcttd for.by BY SOLDIERS AND CITIZENS. july2l-tda THROUGH the many solicitations of his frionda, THOMAS I. FA1SOX has consented cain to bscoms a candidate to represent the cennty of Sampson in the Senate. " jnly 2o-te .Stolen. FROM TnS EXCHANGE HOTEL, Raleigh, n the 22ad of June la3t, one Gold Thimble, marked A. L-, also a pair of Pearl and J.tt Ear kino, with hair encase'd. Any. information left at THIS OFFICE, leading to tbe recovery of said articles, will be liberally rewarded, july 2l-d2Ct RICHMOND CITY INSURANCE COMPANY, KICMOND, VA. CAPITAL .$300,0000. Takea riska against fire at lowest rates. T. I!.' WYXXE Prest. E. McCARTUY. JT. B.AoaaM Wasted. ' jul 23ta2w TTV k. -11 I g mm m n in i ilil'i m m a i bandid ates' Cards. ; .ci:aven county. To the hJ.difrr, a ,d Citizen icrs of C'rm A T Til S O L 1 C I T A T I O N S OF MANY fx frienjs, I oiler myself a candidate for re-elec-tiou to represent thecoanty of CrA-en in the House cfCoimj-.ons, in tiie next LegiIatm v cf North Carolini If elected, I willsiive van to the best of my gLSity, a, all times Vi-'din,; rdl rour interesti T. U. GARKlKS. juje 12-113 dte 1st LtCo. B, 67Lh Rgt. N C T J?or tte Siirnffalty or Craven We are -i- authori?.?.! to anco-ince, that ALEXANDER C. I.AT1HM is a candidt for re-election to the oiiicc- of Sleriff. ia the county of Craven, may 21-101-dtf. ' . FOR SHERIFF OF WILSON." WrE ARE REQUESTED TO ANNOUCK W. W. UATTS, as-a candidate for Sheriff cf WHbJ counir, nt tba ecsuing election. JoynePs Depot, June 15. 121-tde. TO THE V0TKRS OF CRAVEN COi'STT. EL LOW CITIZENS AXD SOLDiERSs I I. annocr.ee mrsi.-!f a candidate for re-election to the ivrute for the next Term of our Leris4a- hay's heretofore don- r;;e, and hops to nierit -your continued coafidnst? and support. Yonr Obt Serv't. jane 14 121-dte NATHAN T7UITFORD. SUSR1FF CF CATAWSA C01NTY, WE are authorized to announce that JOXA'S CLINK ioa candidate for re-eiection to the c Dice of Sheriff of Catawba County in- August next- juce 27," 18G4. dte. ' i, , ,, " E ARK AUTHORIZED TO ANNOUA'CE Dr. JOIIX F. FOARD a candidate te rep resent tbe County of Rowan in the House of Com mons of the next Geaeral Assembly of th State. (Jraens Coaniy. To ilia Sol Jivrs and Citizen Voters cf Grefie County : ' . 4 T tha solicitation of many friends, I announce V myself a caudidate, to represent the county of Grecnu in the House of Commons cf the next Legis lature of Xorth Carolina. .If elected, I will serve yoa to the best of my ability; guarding your interests with unswerving fidelity. ' J. T. FREEMAN. Snow Hill, June-27. 1801.- 133-dte. Wilmington Journal and State Journal copy. FOll TlTrT LEG 1 8 LrATU R lYTE are authorized to announce Col. M.'K. 'v CRAWFORD aa a enndidat: for reelection to aseatia the B" hm of Commons of the n-.-xt Geneial Assembly of Xorth Carolina, from Wayne eoanfy. jal 2 dte. To the Soldiers ar.d Citizciis (voters) of Person Comity, N. C. At the solicitation of many fi iends, I have con sented to become a candidate for the o:Hc; of SheriC'of Person county, State of Xorth Carolina.' Should vou honor ia; with yourfufrf.ges and eh'et me, I can only, promise to serve you with fidelity, to. the b.'sfc of my ability ; oa all occa sie.Ks t be in :ny placi; bvsiu-s, my opinions and action-' in tttis war ani si w.dl known to you 11, that I oxe n it cniir. , unn.' ce.ary to say more, a'.d leave it with thay.ters of this county to de cide. tul v-lm . ALEX. M. LOXG. t! and requeKiod to ur.aounau tha fdlnvin gei thrtjuui as'th-i C'.miso)--.-.' live candidates to rt.-p re sect thi c.iuntv o Joaruiton iu the next Gen?r?l As.-vmhlv: Fur the Sf riU-THOS. I). SXEaD. E.q. For the t V :n..ns - W. G. RA XKS and W. A. rUIITU. 'ibis .ticket was sei:c.ed by the Reeivts fun Johnston, in cdtnp t G.d.isboro, and. by i c.-ac3 nit-etw:g of the citizens reinainiti at home, h dd it Smith field ou the 28 th of ilav. Th-s genlle- rr-r u ill be upf.o tt-d by ill true Conservatives. Tht-y endorse .tne platform of Yi:-; Pr .-ident St -ph. r;. Gov. Urown ai.d W. W. IIold?n, and ii el t.t-d wHI d: rill they cu to-procare an e-niv' . ani lioro:-sb!e peace JukuS 110 dte. " - iVjnS0 CvJl'NTY. ;pc Ihf KDJ-tr'r-i dj? CiUiin Tttrs of i Deidf-ou County: W are1 per-ivotteri t- an nounce Col. C. W. Rradshav,-. of the 4 -'d Ke't N. C. Tior3." Ai-.i stift i . c.-iu-iidate to 'represent thj pephj oi J).tv .c.--.u 0 oiuty i.n the House of Coin. moT,3 of the r-.r.;.-r.il Assembly f Xorth Carolina. Col. iSriM-!:i .v ai b-eii a fait b ttI soldier in l!.i fi .ld for tii.-n ytiits in defence of hi.- tNuntrv; and w.fi us laitu'utty i-rpr.'san. his country's lutt rests in tht Lcgi.dalui e, if the people call him to that po.i"ti;n: .MAXY VOTERS, jnne 27, 1SG4. d2Ct WAKE COUNTY". rpHE SHERIFFALTY. V.'e are authorized and Jl requested to announce W.- H. HIGH, P'riq.,as a candidate for re-election to the otiice of Sheriff, at the election in August. ja'17-te-diw -CT7E AXE AUTHORISED TO AXXOUXCE VV THOMAS J WHITAKKR, a candidate for redaction to the orlice of Sheriff fir the county of Jones. july G 23-wtf TO THE CITIZENS, SOLDI EiiS AN I 11 F FVGEES OF PASQUOTANK BOUNTY. WE are authorized to announco GEO. W. 1ILVTOX, a c-tndidate to represent Pas quotank county in the next. House of Commons, ma 10-S3-dtwfewte -zTeiXYO .Juihortzc't fo atir.ounc Llrut. v f E II. RAY, of the 47th, X. C. Reguuent, for the oihee: of Sheriff of Wake vounty, a, the enduing tlctin in August next. july li cGtwtd.' rTTji tin Yot'.Ts f IVarrt-n Ca:intv, li. C JL I ri spsctfuily withdraw my rin;e as a can didate :r tbe Logis'atnre. If a merciful Provi dence hh ill-see fit to restore me. to health once more. I prefer to remain in th service until the last gun ir tired in defence f Home aud Indepen dence, an4 J desire no greater applauce from pos terity than to be instrumental t.t that deed and thatdelir rance. PLUMMER W. GREEN, jaly 13 J2t Co. E, let. Reg't X. C. Cavalry. 7 jufllTcGlTY "TT'EVe authorised to announce Hon. DAVID V O'JTLAW, the present Senator from Ber tie, as a tandidate for re-eLction. He will vote for the reelection of Got. Vance, and for. such, nu-asuresas in hid judgment are calculated to pro cure a speedy, just and honor able peace, on the basis ot Southern Independence. He is, and has been frou the beginning, opposed to a Conven- , tion, bell-ting it to be a trick, by trlrich North Caroliaaw a to be withdrawn fron tho Confeder acy. ! "We an also authorised to announce Cjpt. W. 51. SL'TlOX. A3 a candidate Tor the Houe cf Coiuraoi. .Capt.. is in favor of Gov. Yance'i election. and is a true Southern man. july 131&64 dte. . Hill&oro X. I. Ullitary Acaarmy. Th-Second Serion (lS'J4f of this Institu tion, wij commence July 1st. For Circulars and informaion apply to j ilaj. it. M. GORDON, nta. i- 11 9S-d3ra Alnii&nce County, ivc arc Autho ri d to annoance Gen. JOSEPH S. HOLT a3 a calidate for the Hou.e of Commons from Alamane C.ounty. Gee. Holt is a Conservative ."after " he straiicst sect," and w ia favor of a speedy lod honorable peace. He alio bclierea in iherigh ofthe people to rule, and in the con stant pf dominance of the civil over the military power. july 1G dte. ttii'e. During tha pst Term, I have end?avoro d to discharge lov duties faithfully, and according to my abiiitv. "I thank roil for tha honor vou MOT?- .adiB. ''it XLa VOL. Mo. 159. C0NFESESA1E TICKET FOR G DANVILLE. for tid: seXatk: C. H. K. TAYLOR.- -vT-; FOB THE COMMONS : JOHN W. HARGROVE, E. G. -CHEATHAM; DR. P. 1. PEACK. july 20-dte . " - - hi i v NORTHAMPTON COUNTY. CANDIDATES FOS THE tENATF. DR. W. S. COPELAND. CANDIDATES Ft'K TIIE C01!.MONS : CAPT. S. T. STAN CELL, LIEUT. W. J. ROGERS. - Election in csmp, Thuis lay,. the 2Slh of July; . at home, Thursday, the 4th of August. july 20-dtwiwte . SFLSXBID CLOCKAK SHOES. A S 31 ALL LOT OF FINE SUO' S, LATEST style for Ladif's and Gentlemen, at a elight advance on Importer's pi ic s. at . N. C. HOOKSTORE. CLASSICAL AND .uTIIBIATICAL SCHOOL. Tally Ho, Granville Co. If, C. Tle Fall Sr?s!on u tit's School, iindrp the care of T. J. HORNER, assisted by .1. li. UOVLAND, commences t 3rd Monday in July. The price of Ooard and taitiou i SCoO per ces sioc. Application for adniiislon should b Made in advance. T. J. IIORXER. juno 20-124 dl8t SlUGICAL IXS7HCMI2XTS. ' SEVERAL CASES of beautifully finLhod Sur gical luptruments, at TUCKER, ANDREWS A CO.'S Auction and ComiuLilou ilou-e. A e sixes and Fouip.!rvnj2iiVi'r.ntt OfFICS OF TIIK Lv-CKVILLE MlJUNd AXD l VNCVAO- TcaiNtj Company, . t Lock.vii.lk. Chatham county, X. C VflA NTED immeJiattlr. bv thi. "Cuinpaay. 1HIRTY GOOD "XSGROES ch-pperi pret.-i:d. Y'e ii'so wih to employ a white I'O UX DRYMAX, who can tak' the -ntire eoiitrol of a cold blAit charcoal Furnace. Tor one well quali fied, steady employment wii he given. -Apply to wo at oz;c. rt the Endor Furnace, or addrt!3 me there, via FayettevilL. X. C. july 25-dl6t . Vr. S. DOWNER, Supt. Isfot CO- TY' ALTEI A. THOMPSON nil! Jenrc Gr-n.- t bwrough and iIilis'oorugh tor the Army f Northern Vii ginia, ou Friday, the iith day of Au gust next. . Person desirous of ssnding bo.ve3 will p!eau have them at tho depots on the day before, prop erly direct-d and weighed, july 23 ta4 W. A. THOMPSON. OUEKT IRON FOR . SORGHUM .R OILERS O V,2 nd fot long, 3-lt inchea thick and SO inches vode, for eale by july 2-1.-5 dtf CREECH k LITCHFORD. NEV AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. H. AND B. S. TlTKKtl A ll) W. R. ' V Andrews, have thi 'iv H35oeiared therj- eel yes together under tho ra're uud ktvb of TUCKER, ANDREW'S k Co., for trr; purpoa- of conducting a general Auction a;5 Ooi'-oiil.-tdon bu.-.ines.?. AM ba?in-.vs cntrutd to tbem will meet with orotiiptne-. r.rvl di-p-;ifih. T UCK E ?i, AN t R EWS A CO. june 23 m-dtf WOOL, KOTaCB. QUARTIRISM-ASTEU'S DEPA RTMENT, Ralkio!", .Tt i.Y 2, U'C-t. PREPARE U H) EXCHANGE JL Cot-m Yarn fr Wcol. upon the fo.lvrin terno!, tiz , One bunch of Yarn for three pounds wjuhed VMol,and onebancli for fottr pounds ur. a.-hed. Agenti har.; b ;ea appoint-d to noik.' tlw r.jr-eh:r- at the folir-wiro- pl;:e. : Oat'rd, T;t ooro', K iii.-t.n, Cthe" in.i LaJce," Concord, Rockir Hendisonyiil, Siatev;il, iioi.h .ro', A.-l;c-v ill'. . Pift-boio' Louicburg, i'iiyetteviwe, CoI?raia,.:tnd at t!i is place. P' rsons ftldppir.g word tthis place will ph ;i?e ir.-nl: on tb'- pifk-- ub.i th -.v r from, nud tiie chiton yarn will b-. (", wardt-.l iinmediat.dy. I hop" tiie people w iiatru.-ticaUy tc-pond to tl:e'aboveiiotic!, cs the Wool is for clot Cin- the N. C. Trooi H. A. DOWD, A. Q. 1!.; N. C. A. julvS-14U-tf MlOhVll MUX, Ti ii 6 L K S A IE TO G A CC'O HOUSE, AND Commission Merchant, GOLDSIJORO', .n. c. JIBERL advancements mada on Produce con finned to me. july 14, lct d3:n. Office Raleigh & Gaston R. R. Co'yy, RAIIGH, July 7, ihGL rpilE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THIS JL Company hav dv-cfared a divide.. of V per cent, on tho capital it(i(k, payi.bh .n and after after let f Ati?u.t. 18(14. iu 'unit per cer t evrti ficates ard bnO of the Confcvirt ate Sfr.te. or in Coal'ederat'e treasury notes of--the dJ i.-.-oat face value, at the option of th- Coiupjuy. W. W. VASS. jul 3 dtf Treasurer. Pi-t County. TT II E people ofpitt cu:.ty in 'odv r-tion I seii.Lhd, op ti:: 4th ou!y, lr'M; noirdn .td the following nrii'd gir.thmon as CJr.did.itea to represent trum in ?Le nest Genet ! AsseniLiy cf North (-aroiina. or the S-nt-, D. Ktor.iKD Williams ; For the Coi.iruon?, Hlnut Stifrpaitn,- E-Q., and Dk. Johm Taft. Thidjs a iiraihi-.utiSV.KArrt Eight t;cl::-t:' opposed to tbe wholeah and n.-fle fxenpiion .f raen who oubt t he iu the army, and in tavor of fcastaininff the Government in "prosecntih the war ton honorable peace, upon tr.e a?i. f our cational independence. We -call- upon all men r.h Jove freedom aud chtrn-h the honor of tV.-ir country, to p;ive it a heaiy b'uppo, t at the en suing flection. COMMITTEE, july 14 dte. TO THE VOTEitS OF rfllTHAM COU.V ty. At th-go!ici'tion of ufmy e-?dirB in . the army, aa well asf many fri.ndu at ho-ne, I announce niystlf a candidate for thn Hon. of j Cunjinons trori tintDt'i; (.ounty. 1 tJrerc?ir ed no solicitations from th- Rahabite?, the A mcii can Herfeg, or the oligarchs, or thow n hoftay et home to make money out of the families of the soldiers, and occupy their spare timt- in abusioj better teen than thwrnadves a.i disloyal. -I tnd fairly aud squarely o the .platform of Stephen fid Brown, of Georpa, and A. W. ILdden for Governor, aain?t the world ; and I brlieve that without the election of t ucb men to orlico wc wiil never have a permanent peace. So far as the soldiers aa concerned, I do not wLh to appear to boast, but I will say that I have done as much for their fa mi! ic3, or more, according to my meii, than any Vancitein tb County Of Chatham. Fellow citizens and soldiers, jroto th polls on the day of election, and vote for true-Cunierva-tives, if vou would have p"ace anl be a free people. Do not be intimidated, but stand up for ' 'our rhrhts. JOHN A. McDoNALD. ' Vakland, July 1C, 1SC1. dte. DAILY CONFEDERATE. ADYKUTISIKG. ADVEP.TISKMKNTSvrilt bt Inserted atTHBti poi r.Aas per square of ten Hnes (or less) for etch Insertion. 51arriace notieeu;d Obittarita will b caarged ss adrertisemenLs. JOB WORK of every dceription will.be tk ecuted atUif Oflice with dispatch, and as neaflj &3 canba dona in the Southern Confederacy. EII.CTI0X. ASIES P. SPLlbllT i-a card! date toreprefent !. f"n nnd Lenoir in the Senate; and ALLEN' V OOTEN is a candidate to n present Lenoir county, in the House t Commons ofthe approach Cenrrel Assembly of Not th Carolina. Jill.- 22 !5t. NUQlTSTKATr.I) HERTS. fpHE underpinned will attend nt the followirg JL time? and placcc, to colUct the Interest on tha reqnmr.ncJ Dectsjn his Di?tiict, via: at Hdh-'ooro July, nth, isci. "RiL'th "F-rette'ville :oi2i. " ?7 ?S Ir 0 tt it r 1 1 G-" WILDER, Receiver. Faelttvil!e OUcitcr copy till July 25. jupe 27 dtjy 23. Johnston County. WE are ut!. l ized to announce C. R S X rl& tTxfer,u,''m!.IL PINCH ard '.JKSSE m..'u.uoi- i tie copunuts, to rntttiit John tlnn Pi,imti t . .. T ; i .... .... iu li me rr-eiection of ('..minor Vance. R. 1 pp'-.-cd to 5ir. Ili-lden'a Convention pic' J(rt- jaly 18 tele !.. . I . .. mi . -c ii-jt ju-;if larure. inrv are to r:iE voTi-nts ofvahteret'axd J QXLS. IX compliant with the wh7;cs of many frict.da in aud etitffth.r srniv, 1 fitit.our.ce'trt m If a rvdidate to npicct your Sfi torial D'Utrh t in the next Gennal Ahecmblv of Noith Cuioiina. If elected, I pledge my. entire devotion to your public nd personal interest, july 20 dta E. D. ISLER. Mate Journat copy and nd bill toth-jiuh-icriber at Ritihttm. TO THE' CITIZENS OL' CAliAllUVS COUNT'. T ANNOUNCE m8elf a candidate for a 9at In J. the House-of Common. North Carolina LotrU lature. I an ia f-vor and kball voto for the ie election of (lov. Vitcce. july 22-d5C P. IL C. SMITH. SKUVANT WANTKi). T WANTlo hire a good Cook and Warner, for eitrfer a hart rlon- tirae. Fr R COod, tiaatv woman I v.il: give a lioeml price. Family au.-all. VM. B. Sill TI!, Ulu-drAtcJ Merei:rv 0:!ie. ju,T2J ' N. C. Sorghum Boilers, roii s.ai.i:. I am Manufacturing Roil rj of all i2cs. o: dcii promptly attended to. Rsh.igh, July 22 ' ' ctf Wb a km KKQnsn-:;; To lyxmsxii H the, name of ISAAC Ut'OH'N as n caiitfi d.ite for the Shot ilf o.lice in Jones county, july 23 tde Bonds for Sale. FIVE lli'S 1) 11 ED MILLION COS FEDE RATE SIX PEIi CENT. EONDS. . MMIESE RON 1)5 pnMr.ttba greateht induce 1 nierits for inveftjiHi. if. They have tbiitv ears to run, interrtt payable t-t lm-autiu tllv, and are. H'cured by im j et t i.d export duthn; nra eseaipt, principal ai d Interest, I'tom taxatiu, atid tlij c-'Uoi.i receivable as coin tor ciiftto'iu eulUi. Ap Ir tu . ALL'CN A. G I liHS, july 22-tf Af-nt Tiei.ury 1 pai imcnt. .$100 RIMED. MY SI RVANT JOE ., runar ;tv. JTe left Satnid.v. iiiomiiiir lu,t. 1 i! iv the ahoe renaid for hi? npprehersien. doe in abniit 10 xiuiKold,- a muhiito, ht lair is blown, straight, but di.porfd toturl h.s aidiLt n'i.r i.i( k ot bis h'tt f lii-k br nt, p- ikf iu a low Um a d Mi!i.ir, iini bei't. v-ry u . t in hi:CHi riar, 'P.1 on "when he lett, a t-olwieiV jrt ;y cfp. mioicl Iii:i:e.r'Un v''.t I. j.'.cki t f"n J t; o b m . 1 tf.n.k he Vwil aim to go to Newbctn w;:. A. R LOU NT. jaly 20 dl2t Tlill.Vl'ONA CANE 311 LL Titi? mj.t pi'un.cr ma cut Nr. v.k GRINDING- SOE.r"-KTJlVrf vi: oi i i;-:;;i) io 't in; itulic. rAKiCFLLLY co;m:iiicm ut.der th ii. iefHi.-to J t f(pc: viniiii of :i ;;i ulit iiimo Uri-I't t !oi. n-vt t 1 y- arn on a r-inv t Li.t .Htiot, it vcirA',:"' thi i e i:.lt. of pnicrrVal I'.vp -i i -nee with h. -t-t r ate ri'l and'gotd worki:. w-lu- It ' i pjii ; .ty little wo'l o k in feltifg up. ar.d tonih;.. r. sn $n ciijinr lit d'-rree. nt.i(iiy or.d do ..bi'.f . Other Mil: of 'i ai d S'tcllrtr, hutiy-ontnl nud v tn'cat. nnd Swuj R.ohrs Ir.tn 20 gall ro to 120 gallon, tor rale. Adurif . SA PlkNA IRON CO.. . . r-v tl-viih, N. C. N. B. Mills ard br.ih-i? d -liven P. at IVytit i n v?tern Kui.ru: a, or at i..in ih on N. .' Railtoad.' july 21 , or Aim i li-vr.io 2ui Bank of North, Carol na; A DIVIDEND OF SIX DOLLARS AND un tv cent? on tach tbf ot toch in tira R.n.k. h. bveti il.'diM'd thi. dr, payable to th t. k'l'.ojet (t tf tux ot ninety cent ti il. tai.- or. iiidiv i :tt;tl ll tx 'i four i r cii;(. r i li:ica' ? or br !.- i.f the fV ? f!v i t. SlaW . , or nur Hi i Ot the ui.il IJr.it fh- f on f ? r!llf 4 i Ati;'Uft 1)' It. T.'m' ! vid(. x.i'.n ot the Win. !-'!", XVvi-beiii ftnj Thi I j . i " !J: &r.ei n t too Co'dhwro' A "rev wili t j.ii-I at th : Prin. ip ti Berk, ard of t if. r Wer.twoith A.'.ncv at Mi't.-n. '. . C. 1EWEY, C',!0 tr-w:J Raleigh July 2Ut, Dol. BY 'IKE GOVERNOR OF NO.TH CAROLINA. a pi:on U1.V1I0X. . WHK'II'AS, IT HA'IH BKKX REPRESKNT V ed to n,e' that Ih.LJei.'on Jnnts, late t f tbe county of Gu'RV-td, Li In' en ct :ivietd f t). munlir of V.'m. St-pL.r.p'n, !.e of i-ail county, iir.'d tht tht aid H'-ndet" n Jems hi.t- es up d from prison ind ij tout at ti.rj'. And Klci 0 , it bntb lso Ikhi tcpr?nf.t d to t.ie that W. T. Kvjrii-, ali.h Tuner Fry, f icld county of Gt'i!fid. wfc trd i.dietj f r rl.e eriu.0 of Rurtary in rail t. uMy, i:u.th lm c c pi d froto piic.n and ia atlarpc. Now, therefore, to the err! tht the t-si l ifcn-d-t8"ii Joiios -trid tl full V. T. EvaL, . almin Turner Fry. may be anei-ttd at:d brought to ju ti r.r tiic'r a:i 1 rrfencts, I do iMie thi toy ProclarMt on. f."-rir.a rew-rd of THREE H EN DUED "DOLLARS fr th' apr.reheoMr,'. f.Ml di i;.ery of nl J .nes .r.d THREE HUNDP.ED DOLLAKS fer the arrt ho.1 delivery r f Evan to the Slu-rRT of th county cf GuilnrJ afjrfjtd. In witnests where f, I, Z tnbn B. Vrrc, Cnp C tain-General Ld orniuancier-ib-Chief, SKILL hath iyocd t 1j- prrpcr.ts and causvd ( Jthe Great Seal of the State to Lo af liard. I)no ot Ra4idh, thht 22nd day of July, A. D., ISCl.arl in the year American Iodtpeudtnce, the lighty-ninth. ' By tbe Governor, Z. B. VAKCE. A. 51. 51 ( P.1KTKHS, Private Secretary, pro tta. july 23-dfit . TTJ00K AXI) J0R WORK A3 N'eutly xecitHi at THIS OFFICE.

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