r- - ' DAILY CONFEDERATE. A. M. tiORXAX & CO., I'raplctcrs. DAILY EDITION, for G uiortna ....$15 DAiLY CONFEDERATE A 2 V MiTfSI x'u ADVERTISEMENT- wi' U Inrtcd ittn port w per c-junrc .f ten lim y ;or Ir) for at n ui.-i tio-i. Marrir nntic,c 1 Obili.aricj will charge.?, a? t,dvu thM-aituU. ft-- - E- .4 I IV. -Cf 5 J i fi-l ill iii r a . tt 3 ........ 3 i -j - it J TRI-WEEKEY, for 6 ccontha 3 1. V"EEKLY EDITION; for 6 mAatLs j JOH WOiiK of every decution will L t j eoutcJ t this OiW wirh Ui-pnt'cb, tod a? neatly . i tac?.nbv d. nein the Southern rVni.tlt-rnet . No subscriptions received on any uther terms than th above. Dfr for a lonjr r or Khortcr period. OLD SERIES, 7 RALEIGH, N. C, MONDAY, AUGUST 1, ISGE la?51 I J VOL. V. J 1m w PI ' 1 II 'it ii JM.U M A Mi1 I Now Advertisements. Sciiedulc of Prices In Xortli The Comr.ii-'SrtnMM f, Appraisonifnt for the Ftate nf North Carolina, anin present their Bch?ln1 of prifps t- fT"?rn tho purch a.-in.oili-cer of tlie (vern!innt for th next eixtv days. unleKS in the intTral fitcts and ciroumstHticr.-s fhonld ari.io to induce an altprntion. Kwry iteru bon car.''u!ir ivi.scd and vrith th valnebfe aid of Mr- (ofr V. Morriecaf. thfy trnit the acbiule now pren-i-tcd will piov jnar'actory to both the (iwvtnmeitt and the people. They wrould resoectf'uMr urjo tfift pop1 to hasten on with thefrsoppliea to nraintaio and feed our glnt arruy dott a.'fuiblrd j ist'on our borders, and in wbfs eallantrv :d fo, tiUidv, nnd--r (Jw'd, -ealiw owe our exiwtion from tit; horrtr-iof a revolu- tl .n, of our ho 4 r.rxr. . ifi-. "' .i-) iuhurran f.;, wh hare onstantir showit th-.-y only want th power, and not the will to dectioy aad take al.1 we hare. Apples, dried 'o d, peeled, per bushel of 2S pftuudd $ 5 00 " nnpir-ied, pur tushel of 3 0 Vi LO 12 00 3 00 2 75 1 50 Axen, Eicon, with h;ndls, eaeh without haudlfH, each i-idtS; per pound ham., per pound shoulders, per pound j v.t13, per p und vhit or cirufield, per bush. GO pounds nppie, per gallon peach, per gallon ireh, n;t, ptr pou-d tcvfti'd, per pouud . Bean., UrAudy, liefff, 10 00 no to 17 CO l 00 1 50 1 00 3 00 3 7o 11 00 Urovrn stulf, ood, per bushel 28 lba Candles, t How, per pound tuaiuantine, pel-pound trace, per pir woolen, for soldiers' clothes, ?-i ) aid vid j, 10 oz. toy ard, and jii-u rnia as to greater or Jcj.-i weight or width, per yard raw, per lb. ilio, per pound unsh-iled, pei buihel of 70 pounds &hell-d, sacks mt inc'uded ''.!' bushel of 50 poimdd i-acks not included, per bush. Chains, Ciotb, C 00 1 Oi) 4 50 G OG G GO G 00 so- CO CO 30 00 55 00 25 CO 50 00 25 00 b 0'J 5 50 5 00 - Cotton, Coff-e, torn, Cmineal, Drill,' Floar, d uOitM. cotton, Jh yard wide, 'j yd. to pound, per yard extra family, per barrel of IS") poundd extra family, per sack of 03 pound sups! fino, per bbl., ff K0 lba. Mtpiiine, per ack of 04? ibs. fine, per barrel of I'JH Ibi. but-, p .r iack of bi. balea, per OOpouuda unb i'td, fer hundred pounds vd, eaeh baled, per hundred lbs. unbuit d, per hundred lbd. (ry, extra, per pound dry, tree per pound " FoUder, Hats, Hay, HideS, 5 50 4 00 3 50 1 rr. tt n i t;llei y, 1st cla.", ptv head 1,000 00 artillery, id cUsf, perLea4 Extra," piC' p"r ton of ,000 lb. . njiare or round, per ton' hoop, per t'-n of 2,000 Ibi. Hit or hand, per ton of -,0io pi;unJ 'bo Her plate, per ton of 1000 pounds ktx riceubif railroad, per ton oi 2,'(0 pourids, X'a.-itin!'!, per pound wool, domestic, per yard camp, iron, per H. ooil, pt-r i,(.00 feet cian, pr pouv.d Hole, per pound upper, n:v pound luirf.Cf.-, pet pound cant1, ))',; liion oruiiiKii, pi-r gallon f.vt ela, per head I'd per head 3d ela.-i, per head extra, per kej; heal, in. baled, pt-r 100 lb?. b'OW 00 Iron, IfeO 00 7'0 00 1,000 00 700 00 l ,0o 00 400 0.) . 30 10 00 ' 30 50 00 3 00 G l0 7 00 7 00 10 00 10 00 1,000 00 S00 ou 500 100 00 7 50 a oo uo 1 50 1 75 It. 0 10 00 10 00 8 00 6 50 5 00 2 00 2 50 10 00 7 00 9 00 Jeans, Kettles, Lumber, Laid,' Leather, Mules, , tl Na?!a, Ots, 44 vheat, bxl d, pi: 100 lbs. ' i.heiled, p -r bushel O.aaburgi, eottnn, ji yard wide, 7 oz. to iaid, tif. yard f . tottiHi,' 'y vi: d wuie, 8 oz. to , ard, p. r yard pei" lu ..! ! cow, per ojasiiol of GO lbs. Irish, oer bushe! of 0 lbs. swcvtt per bushel of 00 lbs. Onions, Fe, J'of atocs, I't aches, dried, ! led, per buihet of ?4 llvs. uu;.el"d, per bushel of :;s ibd. I'ork, fte!i, uett, per pouod . salt, j';ij.turge, . l?t cpaaliry, near town, per hed, per month eoDimi'n, n'ar unra, per h .n 1, per month " ' l.; : fiuaiity, in the country, per head, per month i common, in tha country, per head, per month md, per our.ee niM', j'r pound .old. per pound ood, iii bolul of 5'1 lbs. twj buv-hclj, (nabur;s, . .f.ich cotton, ?.i yard wide, ilj var.ls to pound, per vd ; oo 5i 50 4i 10 OJ 3 00 1 30 1 10 1 75 20 CO ' 35 0U Quinine, Kiee, Rye, Sicks, Shirticg, cutti.t, 7 yad wide. 3? aid to pound, per yard Cotton stripe. 3 yards to IV, p r yard Suit, ('oast, per bushel of 50 lb . Eir, rpod, per bu?hei of j 50 pounds irinia, per bujlK'i of 50 pi umia cant, per pound H"uv. per pair 25 00 8 (M) E' ( Steel, Sh.'o Shoe ihref, tin, per pound H) 00 ! d .S.'i'.ii", solder woo! per pair 2 n(J 3 00 1 00 - . t; i j l 00 1 7o 5 0- Shp, Sugar, Sap, Shmcks, Sinn t. , aip stufi', Tea, lat. per h-ad brown, couut'on, per lb. hard, per pound of l per pound baled, 100 lbs. o, d, prr bn.h.l of 22 ibn. food, per 'bu-h(d of 37 lbs. b!ck,- per pound creen. w. r j)oUhd i f? 0'J j Tent cloth, cotton; lo oz. to yard, per yard Tobacco No I Extra No 1 Nfi 2 " Lugs 1 !0 r, 0i 2 oi) i 7r 1 25 2 50 Tallow, clean, per pou d Viuegar, i Whiskey, Wheat, if a cider, pe" ullon niiiKutacturrd, per gallon good, per gallon lnt rate "White, per bushel of GO pounds fair, per bu,Wl vS GO lb. oniinary, p r bushel of GO 2 50 ! l v: 25 0J 10 0!) 8 50 i 8 00 J 1 O f ! 1 00 I H 00 (I 0'J I piiUUfli Wheat straw, WaP d, per 100 pounds " unoaled, per 100 )ou!d? Wool, wa.-io (I, per pound , unwah'jd, per polled WaOD, wod axle, 4 hoi.-i;, new, a-h iioj a.v!, '4 horse, new, a. h ro:'d h 2 l:! .-e, uew, ea. h ir ! a.W-, 2 ler--. ie.-.v, Ibi) (M I .T7." (0 2-o o h l o H IHK C-r T.A.Oi:, TKAS:. WAGONS AXI) KOIHES. Kulinc lotijr forase, per hundred lb?. Shelling and bagging corn, eackw tur- t o 25 12 00 8 00 22 50 16 00 25 CO nihrahy gornju:ent, ptr bri.hel Hire of two hor.-;e teaiiiSi, wagon and driver, rations lurniobd by own I, per (1 ar il iro of two horse toaint?, wagon and drirer, rations furni.-hed tjr oveiu- meiit, per day Hire oi lour hoige team, wagon and drivtr, ration furnishtd by owner, per day Hire of four hor.e team?, wn and driver, rations farnuhed by goveru- inrr.t, pr day Hire t f rix Lorflu team?, wain and dii- ver, i ationd furnished by owner, per day Hire ofsia hor.e t.arn., wagon arid dri ver, rations furnished by govtm r.:.nt ref dav 13 00 3 00 1 75 Ilir.' of -! ';(. i -r. ration dtruUbd !-. Hire of laborer, rations furnished by goTermneut, per day Hire of laborer, rations furnished by own:r, per month Hire of laborer, rations furnished by govern uit.-nt, per month Hire of hor.-es, pr day 75 00 45. 00 1 50 we publ"fi the following mitruc-'ivo., wit the nope tN:;t th?y wui b; tliifily 'o yen. ''NooHieer, or agent, ahaii iinpre.'.s the re e---snrysuepli a wid'-h any person may hive'for the tor.oimption of !iitn-ef, his family, eir!o vees, s!avo3. or to carry on his ordinary njcchaoieaS, ic an u fa e hi r wig or agr j e 0 1 r it rnl i in p! sm e rs. " 1 he seAt jh fting of the lioant will hi held in Senate .".huiuOer, in the City of iiaieigh, on Fri lav, iii 50. h day of Scptew'-bjr next, itrh's-s EOon-r change J. lMpessir.g agents mutt fe.r-n:.-h good and .atisfctor' leajurs O r dis:;pjoo val.i oa ApS'juN, 'r tha award of I ica! apprahe.s vrili be approved. .II com usication should be addressed to the Secretary of the ISoard, IiaJei"L. N. C. (Signed) IE K. HUI.GWr.V, Garytburg, N. C. K. V. HEACETOK, Stotk.sviiJp, N. C. Corn's Appraisement for the Stata of N. C. . G.o. W. Mukokc'.u, Lrmpire. Ualeigh, July 30;ii. ' rd-3t CeNscRirr Office, Ilaleigh, July 3, 'G-i. exempted or detailed under the provisions cf tha law for the protection of farmiT interests. J.s called ty the lcdlowieg extract from Cirrular o. i't, jr. m bureau ot Conscription, published fr their iiifonuafion : l'y order of " the Commandant. E. J4HAU1)IN Adjutant. UtMirAr op Co sO'TPTfOK. ) Richmond, June 27, li.Cl. j . II, The sate t the government or. to the' fami lies of s.oldi '19 at prices IJx kI by tin Corrimis.-ioa-cr of the State under the iMpreSMueut t, f tliy ioai ketable surplus remaining after furni&Lin:r the government with the -tijiv.l.Vt -d ijuanlity of pro riyionp and which lie may rais - from . yt:r to year, whil-hij rx'inptHjT cimtir-ue, is liiad bv tlir, act of t.ongrrrtu, approved Feb. l7th.13G4, one of th' coiM.;.ci-nis of exemption allowed 1j ari overseer or agriculturist. A cl.iim is asserted by now ft of those exf .-mpted as agriculturists to ex change such part of the foresaid furpiu-. r.: ?hev may plee for tiuppiies of provision!, eloihig and tur like, to be consumed -in familv use, n::i to .ell the gover'srufnt or lh" families of soi li only what r.in- rcmi'.in of su.ii sin-pJh after :a trig said ex drtnpe?. This claim j in vio'all u oi ' l.'fv arol ol th'tr tont' at with the go veiir-i-e.t, anW cannon b? ;:!'(. vcd. j Upon ?a! i-fu.'tory evi lene- b'in g far nilie-ri that ' peijiona ejcer.i ple.d a.-? ovrarers or agrieuihtri. .!-, j have or are tous di onsuig of llu ir s-uTp?us pro- Uite.tioi'i by exchroge us aforesaid. Euroiiiug I olicers will arrot ai I e'.ieh p ;rs, f.ir-.vtird theui j to their neaeot camps of lu'truction tr. be retained j there until unal actios hail Ik- tken ard atik-oun- i C'.-tl it. their eases, and forward ih.ou;.-n the pro- ( pr channel w conniumeation ti the, ljureau a eport of flL the fact j an ci cuiait:icv.s of eaek case. 'Awry arricult.arist or ov.-i:e:r tin rc-t'jir-ing bis c-'ffilieyt" of etnption l u;d b i.'i'-i ic fi tha; the action indicate! abve vriil be IjIc.vi in th evert of fci. uit !ispasig of hij fnarket b!e surp'.&s incco: dance with the l cquirem , nt? of law. Cy coutmiid f Brig, (.eu Ji,o. S. Treiton, iSupei inlendent. C. B. LIT F HEED, A. A. C. Fayettovil! Observer, AVilm ii gton .E wrr-a!, Ch.trUtt' I'en'ocrat, A.-hville News, State .Eur naE W aderfboro' Ar-us, cojiy three t'r.nts. U2 J oi HrAi;Qt;Ai'.T:;s Skcvno Disiatcr, DepartiM'-ut N C. 'and So. Va , aoULbarrS,- If. C, July 'i0, '01. j SPKCtA E OliDER, ) No. 16. ) ISPI-ICIAEC-HIDERS. No. r.i, neadqnart-ra Department North t.-t-oJim, April 6th, 0t, is :i .ir Tii'joifi -r! as to pi (jit loval citicees. rr sidinj; asi of the Chow!:i river, to carry to their bom". such m5 :lui upplie as they may certify upon oath rr for th-ir own juivate u-e, ui- for t'.e u.-e of lh"in.-elTes and other loyr.l citizen. nanid, and that they will not uj--, tr periait io be ut-d, &n h goods, or any pai t iLvi ecd in traiiic with the enmy. Upon pr.-R-ntation of afiltlavit to th:j effi'ct, au thority will be given 'V the Con . oieiirf o''"ct I the ger'-t r-o.t to loval (iE. -i.s t ti'Sr.Jeort such gods thr-ugh ooi V.-w . Ail niiicr'i? mi i1uf? in tni Di-triet wi!i"u evry exertion t prevent illegal tial.ic- with the j Uy'oTder of Ciir. r.r.. E. S. run. j JAS. C. Meilli., A. A. (Jen. j , fltigl-3t j i CH ifcl.-OTrK rK3IAL!2 rplEV exercies nfrh'i; School willhe r-ue-ed tm '' who wisti to places, arrst ake earlT anpSi- , ca' itn r or ti. -uMr containing teua-?. Jic, ai dr.R v a iiuwttL Cha'btte N. C. Juv -7 J 2taivU Not ce- YrAE'F.'! A. TIIDMI'S N will lesv? Green,- j f bir ngh and tliie hor.Miu for th Army of j Nei lh i n Viigii.ia, on Fridav, the oth day oi Au- i gustn.'xt. ; Person- d sirout of sending boxes will ph are have them at tu tl.:pots oa the day beiore, pi tip erlv direct d aLd weighed j i!y 23 twl V. A. THOMPSON WOOL NOTICE. ! QUARTERS3I ASTER'S D EPA RTMEN T, j RALtlOIT, Jt l.Y 'J. iGE ! I AM NOW PScPATlLI) TO EXCIlANti S j Cotr-.-n Yarn f.r Vot!, upun the fi. lowing j tern's, viz , j Oni bunch of Yarn for three pounds washed Wool, and on bonth for four pound? unwa-hed. A gent have b-en app.untf d to m ikt th.- ex- cliange t t 'se f.dlowing places : Oxford, Tai boro', ; Kinst";, Catherine Lake, Concord. Rockingham, i H'rder.ouvi!l-. States ill", lSoxboro'. Ashcville, i Pitr.-boro' Eouisbui g, Fay ettevi!le, Colrain, and ! at this place. " j IVrsoiis shipp'ng wool to thia place will please t ir.atk en th. pa'ckag.' b tbey ar fr.-m. and th-j j enttoe v.i. ii w;!l 0- forwaruetl l'linv'diteiy. i t !,... :!..-. ti.-iii.li! w 11 natriotieail v re-o- r d to ' tin ab-'.ve ..-tiee, a.? the Wo"l is for ch.-hii.. 'V ( r'" 11 If. A. IiO'.YD,. (E M.. N. C. A. Mil v t.-111'.rf !.-?.-.odate Mp.s. Mf!E::?i cititiaues t Iioard !!, by the d iv, week o a ceo or io.n'h Tllin Financial A--ul of ti e North' Cart4ina JL Orphan Ejidovre?nt Fuud, will address th j peopl- follow- : - At Thyatira Church, UoAa i countv, Sundar, July 31st. At Salburv, at Court, Tu- sdae, Ant;uit 2nd. At Fti.;f.-boro'; Friday, -Vugusf- 5th. S.i!i:bu! y ar.d HilUboro' papers plase copy. ?.") :::r'ARD. MY boy HACK b.-u iu::iwar. He left nn Su'id -y r-veiling Uf.. I will give th abve l ewnrd lor hi ' .Appr- h -r.:-i n and d -;ivery t me. Mack is about 10 ye.i. old. black c l.ij.dexioi., i veighj abt.ut 140 roerd-,. five feet three inchf-3 high. Hij !uy errii'Hior :o nia'ro v. ay tr the neighborhood of Gtoegc W. Thompa n'-i. a,i bis r?!ij.r b-!.ngs to the tstato of I'.ler f. Rriri. july rj tf - JOH.V O'iiOUKE. rpy iirxriisii dollars jllyyauk. Kanaway. from to- iitsi riW r." on to? 7th Jwiy, s-U, lay negro boy O llll AN,- sc-venUen vatt, of a;e, tire let liv inrlea hih, weihi i.i j pounoj,-compie ton oarli siiuti ; naa on riif hehfr, anew pair of copperas eoiwitd p:t ,., n w .- .'lire, g;- v cap, ana irv:.,.t ;.. MiJ b -y.il i. i'.m iv it'-n'iii'i ii mi tii'i. V";u ui .ev uwn. - bill :a bten living iu th ,Cfltihtie3'"f. Alatnauee (J, wilt -i ei'sincc theotrinier.ceruent M' the r.ar. lie bis a viife living at Itrahaw, and '.v)!l pu.ba bi.v be lu::;"l lu; king in tljttiirU.T' He iuii i'1'.red to ti e b.-i lar.ee of the cegroe?. soir,e weeic- go. that hr i::tea!ei to go to tha Yankee?, atid v. ill. p!h.p!, try to make h:s way to th-?n. Tlioubvvo reward -of two hundred dollars will W ?7ivoa for tit e corflnom. nt or delivery cf said negro, so that th subscriber can tret hi'.n. Address, (Jf-lO. W. FOCST, ju'y 2,)-dtf Gibsoriville, Uuli'ord Co., N. C. Loaxs ox rnj: sec tram' or the FIVE HUS Ml ill II ILL ION .s'A" ;.' CF.XT. SOX-TAX A llLt: JJOXDS IXMllt rue sKvnxTii .aconox or tub ecu. 0 RZX'IY LA W. iKpo.-ites on call will b;j received bv tV Treas urer in tbiscitv, AsfhU'jt Treasurer at Chart, s tun nud Mobil", and th L'eposir.arie a. ?'il!ing too, Raleigh. Columbia. " August. Savannnh ar?d rloiilgnierv , and cert:;ear"S will be i-.o.'d for the same, bearing inttrpt at t'.te rate of lour p-r cent ptr unr.am, and secured by the hypotheca tion of an amount of the abSve bor.ds," erju.-! to Eli: au?a of. these loans. The bonds t s-t ap'irt by the Treaurer, ard th proceeds, v h ?;!d, ffppiied exclusively to th.?- payment of the J suiu c,i tUiCai"?. 1'h-j K'fcurity nod ?onreni ce adVuded to hank-s a.ml otht-r corporation., and to tat 'public gener- a;i , oy lins mode ot temporary investment. a:id tho h'ect of tho siiecsitre if g-.-neially adopt: d. i jveping the cirictc.' within ;notii;! jr b it:d, it ? hoped, will cottuar-n.! it to th- fsvo'-afjly ron- Mdcration of the. ton-,1. ity,-and secure ttuir .prompt co-opciAtiow in carrying it ir. i-j ; ol et. Secretary of tlie Tteu-v. RtCflM"Ki, July 2, lSi-E jidy 2J-dtf OFFICE OF- C. y. DlTOMTAKY, ) I'ai.uci! V 1: .r.-.-' "i-.Ti. 1 i:l f B. . .,' , ' OEUiutn rf erht and .".-fti pvr c-it. ;erti- i'rntei, issiifi lir Oi-i.:?.' . M.M.it-ui, it iepo.ut ry. Mirj of six. p , t-.-nt. eerti.'ie&ieK i?.-uJ by the udiMvhfiied, a vu v rt: d to prvr r t ;heti t... .... . . - it- ... du- .1 imu ity i.rat and J i:.r lir.n, -19C4, wliiJjep.:id rt . : .. It' I .4 -- I !. i. i t I . jt 'Oi same ti;r;e. Hold-r.s of Eerist.-red Stocks. "wlifx.li " 'jec- -TatT"4- to'vi" neiec-iw 't'tlutimniir,, n r- 'g-'ia l.ito'oo.tj ihst th" f!e' ".iil . vwi'd th!- t in fute.i v. . 11 i d"-S ti ;; .' rg.-r r -d" "I ou ea:i :ve iv ti; dr inUr t ill i his e.f; bv I iV. : : ?i- i .' t'ee. Ee.'iiste; i bivh;:.-n-i f ti s-jsier hi- .I. ).:-!: ti the pv-ro!i of tb.is ' '--j -.-ilt'r-. , C. E. HARSilSON. i i!v 1'7-tf C- S. H.--,...,rit- f o.- n vative oopv till f oil iv!. Ciiti'f Kit 'ViS'- t-1 E":V:'- .V. C, ' euiy i 50 !. ) Ur.rx?- i, r4 .Our::n J THE" t ig-, izati.-vi of fh S'-r.-.r C!.-.v ef 2 K.e.'rv'-s Oavintr b-eu rendered i:.-t aet:e:!-h- I t .i' rr ior:r-.-'i i; JLi m r 'i-i : com toi.- o. !:, c t-i tl. act th?t fo-r.- v. cot nor, i.otigh of ton eras.'-: '.'nriuiec x . lor-a r co'nn,.ny i: A r, v : vj'rts; it i" ordered rn -t nil :r.ate v hit-' pe-rs ': l;ei . " ii the ae--s oi 45 erd 50 e pr: v soosi v erii oi led or ne.t i ; tnni. -n in-.- IOiii oay f Aiji:.-t, at tb'i 0. ;oh;g j litts, to tomi iete th vi. o; g,i:i: iti.m. . -z : 1 hose of the r-t-Miui-s f HerE jrd an.iNoitii iiL'! at (Eiryi'oui g. Thos-.! of the coooty oi R rti-3. t Yindsor. ' Those t f t'le counn -s ol Wshiegton and Martin, at V'ii,p4pi.iiori. IE Enjal Enrolling O ile- rs on duty in the sev eral count i es in - hich tii i ee.Ez .'ous are o; d-ji ed, will fsp'-r nit -nd th orgai.iz-itton f ihe conijia-l.i"- aioi theadecti :i of the ofiiccri?, in aeeordauce with f run r iust uctior;?,- and forv.'wrd the lolh ai-tl cti iiiieatts of flection to this ol!ice without ctelav. 111. Local Enrolling Oliiceis are charged not onlv wilh the diuiiioitir'Ut.f this order. Out will " . be held sti ictE i espntible for it.i exection like j who. 'i hey wiii tail 4ipou the n iliiia ohcer . to j aid them an; will spue no pnie? to secure the I jo eset ce of ail the ,Sc'n!or Ue.-!-tv'' iu tiuir re- speetive c.unti-s. j "IV. ft is not thp intention of the L-'it'"i;nt I Ceu.r.1 Couyi.andu g R.s, rrt, of S. C. to h; ep i the fte. uo- ( l.vs yi h:3 force inteh,. on. , pure.d this t s MUtj-h to organ-.. iro , ct;s..p-;n.-S. aat...rerett,t;.u t-l.ni Uir. v-p-ll- j liiZ raids, a':d in otivr nrerge.iC.-t.. prf-pt &tler.d ino? is u: d Ueon the in n. aod t very r.,:iri ' i ivmiad' J that it :.- to hij i.t.,i,t K..t oniy to W j pres. -.jt nn:ieM on the tl.H a' po'.it 'G, L to .-ee , ', , . , , ii i ' ht Y.a in jgnhor C-...K to , as it -a ill !-e r;:vt : t&r t-i-ta:.i th. in ar the renov.H til! .-n:ii- ! ci-nt nu'aber tepoit to ovtran;.:.. -s ?o.:i, ou tlie , ot'ehmd. the oieaaietti ;n i. fotB:det.!, the ' law a witi h- periuitt u to teu- a to th-ir h'.-ecs. Capt ar d Chief E. O. Lt C. D. A. C. ; J '-'y --utu ... 1 oo.-erva:iw cpv ti 1 dnte and seiid biii to this i e" i ; F ITT COU T Y . 0-l T.. i! shNMl'S S DIE E. J. REO L'NT. r it "".'.r. c u5oSi-: C. PIE: KIN S. R. ti. , LRRI i'TON. The above ticket wdi v.'it-d for by RY SUE UiEiES AND I IZIZCNS. juiy2l-tdi - i rilRROFfla tSf m .r.y 5.!ivi;a En of 1:1.- f-r-.r. Is, JL eliUhA:- I l'Al'UN i.Ja coi-ei.'e i c;.i.a t. iieeollic a e.in .li l-t'.e ii rerr.-tnt' the '.'UP'V ct SaruTeri iu the trr: jI. Stolen. - I.ROM THE IXEHA.VUE HOTEL. Raleih, JL vn the 22.nl of June I '.it. oa- Go:.u Thiuble. marked A. E . also a pair of Pearl and it Ear- ki.m. . '.vim liair t ne :.ed. Apy intwrumtioti let; at THIS OFFICE, leadir.g to the recovery of said . article.-. -Ail- b.'IiUially ievarued juiy "ii-cnt j EICiPIOND niV mm.U'C C02IPANV, r.w.irA.iT-. irn Or' IilCMO-lD, VA. capital "oo.cooo. . Takej ri-ki njjairst tire at lowest rates. T. IE W Y .n N E, Pre.-t. E. AIcCAIiTRY. ! To fh' Stf h'rr. ar Cih'zri V.'.'frs of Cf'trril A T Til ( 1 1 C I T A T 1 1 V S OF M AN Y f frt-n , 1 1,2. r m.welf a ca-.v'.i .'.if u r re-election to represent tl'.u ee-antv ofCv .-. r hi tin Houu of Cosnmoa.-, in the i;est L-sn!.jru of Noith ' Carolina. If elected, I v.-ill vt vr.u t t e b-ct (H iii v abiJilr, a" ail times i.'urv!i.v' .!! rour irdere.-r.. 'i . GAS'INS. I juoe 12-11S dte l.?t Lt. C. 15, 07t!; 11 -t. X C T ! I J -i- a-Mi. -ri7fd to ar;nosi:-ce that 'A EEX A NDKii I C. L.M HAM i a wa-ikUte for relief f tea to the oi:;ct- of .-'!tr,2, ui the County of Craven. jnay.24-i;;l-dtf. IO Ii. Sis. KM I F iiF IViJ. iON. ARB If K'.'irESTKD TO AN NOFNK ! v' ' V-". iiATTS, i:i a .-anciiden- for irhciiii ! to iiso:, coaaiv. r.t -th-, .:uiug election. Ik...,. 1.. " ier's Depot. .Ju.,e 15. 121-t:'e. i.li.mj v. citiz :.s ' a i . soldii::is t i S aniwusee tayi-.-lf a car 1i-.lo fo - re-eh-c ti 'a n ci'C rc-nat-; S.vr th - n ?xt T.'i'ii of ou" E 'i.-ia- j a j ture. Durig tbn p..s?. f I have e.rioa.'ora d j J ' oj.-xii :.-.g., nv duties -f.t:i h';;!! a. -j w i1-' u: aoiiiiy. a Itfamc -V'i-1 f.ir th.' honor Vou j bare hereto' ; -done i;i". "r;:i I h ;e t-"niit v' u- ' j c niiuuid cmM one A?,a j- v, ;i c i ur Oet rv't. 1 TE r.ro . tl.oriz. d to a-.'.i'ie ; th-tt JONAS v ?. CLINK i a cat.-. i'. d:.t.. f, r re-t-i' iTi c, to the ' of iSoeii'f of Catawba C otiM v ri AuUi-t next. june 27, En-E tit.-. 1 271'- AU?iioKT,;r;! to avnoev:k V T Dr. .1011 ' F. F.:A:i? a candoUi.- t?. res-ntth" C-JU-.ty ofii i.vao iii tiie fl. o-"of "o!! uiona of tlte n-xt r -t r r . I A- .s'nbiy .if th J St.ite. To Hi-, Slli:: au-i C-Ha Vt-U.r.r f Cr-c w T iii- "'I'.:i:-ei',-i f raarsy fri 'Vil-, I nnn.-ir;ee I rey-il .: "r.:i'jiJ;-. t.-j i ;.-, rut '. lo -urt v of Crr-etey in tlic iiicise C'.:n ..''ins ..f the ret' Le'gi ralure of .Noit.. Caielia i. -If ek--:t''-1. 1 vi:I si yia to tii- b'.-t cfii!;.' a'ei'.irv: guarding 'x.-trr interests with u.i.-a ervir- lid 'lit v. J. T. rilEFMAN. f nnw Hi!l..lan7, 1M. i'n-dte. Wilmiii-rlor Joarua! cd Srnte J rn j I eor. .rOL: i i I i I !.!-'!; ! SLA 'I ui'v; iVi an auih-ei..? i t a n t' e- (.'.d. M. K. iyiv. n r--.n a. a tv:r"uuj(. Tor re ie.'ti-,:j to n ti-i t'o- 11. -.a of C;rU.rs ot lb i..; , E-siN-al j.i.:-.-usV,y ..f.Nonh Carolina, froie. V'i:,-r,j C('JJ- i-' - ' j T 4", . ". ,7 , .,7..' " """- , j 'i iIC v'Jihi!r. Uiti i ItEv.'Ili (.VfiuTS) 01 Jrt A VV ' ' ill)' A.i a cv:r"lidat. ! u..w,i l.!,,l,i., m , ! At th s I'ieit :,i n of tr.ar.y iVj -odr:, ! n e "r.- i .-.v.t-;d to v:'o: e tn.!e:.;t ! f -r !.'i li'.' e of j ,-,. I i;; i-t I r ..' .! o , : , . , i i 4 11 , t i . i .1 1 ,. 1 1 1 . ,-ioal.t vou nor wi: o 'o;r s-j.ir.ia--'- .1 ! !'.-C h, 11 oo'v pr. te .-;or ve you w.lu j :d.;l'V, to t:i-. t'-t Oi' I.- V &0.'.C- J tf; iliit'-'.l- ; j ,jr,;, to . j T ... v ; b-.:'.!... !llV ie,u:eeis ! i- ,,n,i.; ;; .:,:.. V..V..II k.i i,v.-, 1,1 you ! j th it .1 it .;..tr : .re-'cv-Vi i , i r uo:e. r. J l-ave it v.i:: ti. v.'.i.-r i'.liv foanl V tod-: . . , .. ,.', '-i !-t( Al.::x. M. Mif,. i !.'t:i;it- -1 I S ;,rd reu " - :o "!,. - f!i- f,i, -.y. ;.,- t': . .- ;h.!. . ; ..- c -t.. 'iv !' J-ih.-.v. -z i-: i: r., tU:.e.: :--l Vi t:7 H o.r 'CRT'S. 0. s:E'-vi. K F i' V.' ' . - i-. A'e 'i .. a a -i e ! ti' - e ." s f- E ';;.. ;!;. i'i Mi-p r.t i. !'.'' .-, ao'd !;. r. :; r ! j :' ,: e ; e:n :i i : z. a:- h :::e. h :Ol 2,-ih ef VE:; . --- ! I.V ll! ti i: s-"- ..;; t:-.ii V. id Lo I v end o : 1 I ' t pi ' V f; i , ! - i i it i 1. ,-t sio- v l."e . .hn.e'rJ ll'l'.'le. f , i .. - ". .. r.:v T-.-.tcpj: tn t x'..-i:.l:-: S7 ! i e i1 ; -e. t an .oi; c; IM. t; Sr. ;--ti,hn-. I flie-EM R.-g'..V. 'y. i his': ;. -' s 'i ta ' t'A'! . i ; it t i ; r : i i it - 1 ,.'(. fl ei. cf o'o-. i vii. (r-n r.i! As-..r.bi ..: i ,',i it.' (';. Hr.-d-'; i !. . P'- e: :. f "."?. i! so! iier in !.'.e ' I hr t. vear.-- i i de! of v'i! !" : .'! wi!! i faithn-lly f-pr. ., h: count: j.;. rp in ili- E. .ri-Etu: e, if E:--peo;- e:ll l;i'n t i..'.- osirn.-n. A N V VOTE.'tS. j:iein 27. P- Ii. (2C: W 21, COiJJS'i'Y. rrifE S f 1 1 ! ! 1 1 F F A E f ' . V.- a r . i: h oi i z j d a v.! J,. reij'V';t" I t an n ;!.:.. VI. IE Ulliil, Es-j. , a j a r.i".oe.!fe r.r re-docti-oi to t! "j or!: ... S.'.-riU', I ' i at tile fJKCih.n in Augit-t. ja 17 -t-i -dJ-. w ' p .' 5 f i s, v ot iii..!.o i "riEARE AEVrl'.ilTS.;:.') TO AVNOE'NO" ; VV TEO'IaSJ V,'lJ 1TAEE.E a c-ir'.ida:e tVr i reelection toth-; odicc of Sh.'riil' f" th ;or.r.f i cf .Ier.es. jnh- f. li'J-wtf ; - " j TO TllF. riTZIXS. SO I ' 'A'. JXt .V- j hi ''V.VvW Or J'AS'jh'O TA A A COL'XTY. ! . v ,e i: ilho: i-d to n -un- CEO. V. ! fnXi O.V. fi cr.d.diT to i.w-en: P.-5 r..u..lv ,,; th . JIoa. t....s!::..u... j 1 ..j iO-eeU. A wf ; 1 - lT. ,.,.. ' 1 V ' A" I. V :: 1 ;7 . '' ,1' . ; " ; ,. , , , " . : for : e o -o: ..i or w -.se coui.lv, -it i.ie . .,, . , ,,,, . , r v, Cl7 T - " " ? : ll i v 1 i !' .' id. ' j r87"",utt - , r t; ."" . "7 7. Z '' ;,;,".rx '' V" i! . ;' ' :i ' ',V i ' " " ' ' i"1 ' ' ...... . i .,. ..,,.,. , ,-, ... 4i ' 1 '. ;. 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Y a. ecu' a ti jtien. a-d b? a true Soathern icau. iuh 13 li dte. JTHIshiivo A. t. M!li;iry Arnj2j. Xi 'i I.e S-.or.'i Se-M.-a t 1-Oi ) cf this Li..titu tn, v. ill f- ru n July Lt. For Circulars ar.J iatortaatioa t'.pplv to ' Maj. JI. GORDON inn. 17 9,-d?.m t 1 a i: anrt' .unity. Wo rsr A;ho- lid tont,.are Ocr.. JOSEPHS. 1IOET s- cat- Mt'ii ' l-'i' iii" ll iJ . ; ;.) -t.:!.. ui fi..n Afi-ioar o Cooef v. G-n. H-'t i- a t'.,io ;rv.aive 4-t r the ?-c?. . . . . n 1 z .i f ivi," f.J IE .!ti b 'ii- v. iu feolV ft I.e. tilityl l-.'l )-.!: ti.-. ri ela of Sl.e 1- ''. fo in;,, ru.d i'i th. ron- ?t.i-t predu:iia!!Ce of tiie civil over h. rdlitarv CS.AFEUKSiTK TICKET JOR G3AXY1L1E. FOR Tf!!'. MiN ATE C. H. K. TAYl.OIi. ' u "i ii i-; c y.iin;. : JOHN v.. ii.m:ci:ovi:, K O. CHKAlli x!.!, DK I'. 1 PEACE, j ilv 20 dt. NorwTiiA:irTo..couMY. - . CANDII'ATKS F J: 'i IIZ : DI1. V,'. S C(!'ELXJ). candid vrf: f. r. thc comv-. : CA FT. S. T. STA5CI EE, eilet. y. j. liDot. i:s. Fleet ion in camp, Tht:. '-.A-t th" 'S'h f Jur. t Tl 4.fi ay, tht 4.h of A ...t. " ' i A SM.VEL EOT (F MM: Silo S. LATEST h; for Ea.iiis and G. ntie.;u n, al a rEht auvci cc on iuiorlit ' pi ict'i. st N. C. r'MiHs'inr.!:. tiru(iiOJ, z: v;a .r;j,vcs. i.rVi::;AE CASES f t..;,..'i Uijv f:f.r I,,... ,;r. ' .Cii i ij-r r:i: y A f: 'S ii n ii.-u.-e. ott Auetieri f..;.d Cor..: ;i ; ji:ly 22 V, II0L,;s ILM TOBACCO n i r a , A N D Commission .Merchant, COEUSUOKO', x. ; LNiFR.L adratccLicntsutlc on I'roJuct. t.u t.T. u to me. juiy 14. l'll d.lrn. Office nah-igi I Casloa R. R. Co'iiy, R.A LEHiH ,Ju: 7, rpn: i:otit or MiiEcrons or this Co:-i;y hav" d.e' .r, d a divideed of 15 per c-nt. ,:'i :., Uul stock, payable n nn.l nftfr :uter Irt ol Auu-1, s;i, j-a ? i: ,j ,- n r l;'-at;.s aj.d bonus of the C.:t. I -J.-rrie States. (.r in (';a:-;d"r;..e t ttry i. !", of t!;.; .'i j.aa At Uce ralue, at the o;.tio.i ,;' (l t' j-.ter J . ... i I' -j-io i e r xr'i-t CotlfltV. f pUE "fo off- . r J .-.M.V.h 'lcn f .V'i h ".IV. r ; ' .V'9 "V iht f..::'.:v ,'" .',', , ,V,v), ('j..p''" .',J," , r . p . s. i,r t.e-i ' i.i 'i... .(A ie. i ,i ''' ' "ti. C.-mdi.i . c j -r t!-- S n .", l t. K f cr, r : V.'i m.i y . Fir- f.e ".mi ii.tM-, iir:N.Y a ii'.:.u. Y.: a . muA I)-. J:.i; Tin. 'ibin i i I'tvigbf-. tt .S''er.i I.'!,1.;. tieket t 'ppo.'d t I t'e v.d:'l-al! a.-u t.'.-c'e.-s J.' ;p'ii.ii of n who ;.-j;..ht t" t- io U a.- ii y, i.nd iu ivt of Hi-t.-ni::g the. i Tti nw.. i.t Ei pi eci:tii. t'u.- war tt in ho .s r a" ! 1.1c -. n i.e 7-i f ,,Ur. t''Si'Of -d '!;: rrtteii.'"". V, o on a' o.'-.'t l: ho.-- : i . ?.::: nd t ! tl..- h ,.eor of tr-ir C'.lf.l ! I V . t i ,'! i i . ii .!.!;' L i-e I,. j-...y i, t ' ' .tt i i "; 1 r .A- At II. 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All bu 'u en! runted . tbim will" 1 iut 1 1 v it!i prouij t i'l di4pi lt. . I T C CEEE, A N U 11 K WS Jt CO. . juae 23 1.7-atf N'. i5.-AuiSTi Wisui). jull!3ti-'w . p.vvr. ' july US tit. 'r(Vflt.'.'tlf " I IV NtnMy .x" uted at THIS OFFICE. !

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