DAILY CONFEDERATE. 4. 31. .GOllttAS & CO., Proprietors. , ADVBRTtfilXfi.'. ADVERTISEMENTS will to, tn&crtrd al TifMia ooLuata per suarr of ten litm (or lci) ,or lnrrt'.on. MairiaRC t'oCe a i.d ObDoarUn will i tharp-eri ii advertisement; . JOB WOJtK of etety dcriptlon wiH r ctel at thU Oniv with dispatrh. and aa neatly is canba 4on- in tiie ScatLcrn Confederacy. DAILY EDITION, tor montas ' 4 t ti i5 3 4 u tt i t Tltl-WEEKLY, for months 10 tt a 3 WEEKLY EDITION, for 6 months 6 No subscriptions received on any other-terma than t he abovo, nor for a longer er shorter period. i ii OLD SERIES, V0L.y. RALEIGH. NV Or ERIDAY. AUGUST 26, 1864. VOL. I-Xo, (82. DAILY CONFEDERATE. Mm f HxW. -'Jo I jL : IJU I'M my Legislature of North Carolina. . Tli fol'tfWiu li ? t of member elect to the General Assembly, for lSGi-'65 we believe t be correct. It i complete, with the except tien of tb tvo C rorftonera to which Curri tuck and Tjrrll are entitled. We 'hate heard nothing from -ithr f tbee cuintief, nrid think it probable that iri neither was au election held : SENATE. Puftiuotank and I'urquimons W. II. Bigly. Camden ;tul CurriU 1; D McD Lindacy. Gates and Chowan M L Kuro. Hyde nnd Tvrell Edward L2Iaiin. "X.rtha'mpt'ij J B Odora. Hertford J wnes M Wyuna. r Heme John Pool. Martin ami Washington S II Stubbs. Halifax Maou L Wiggins. Ivlgeco abe and Wilsos J II -Powell. Pitt Dr. V4 J ILount. Jldaufort 13 S Warren. Craven N A Wnitford. CiUeref aud J riifi D. M F Aretnlcll. Greene an J Lenoir J P Speight. . :'. Ha .over !, W Hall. Duplin W H Ward. Oiif.!wv I-ciac N Sandarn. Bladen, Brunswick and Colunibu? John Ellis . Cumberland and Ilarnott W B Wright. Sampson William Kirby. . Wayne I'enj Aycock. Johtutuu I' I) Sncad. . Wake W D done. Nash A J Taylor. Franklin W Harris. VVarrH Dr. T. PitcMorJ. Granville Ii W Lisaitei. w v crson (J S VVinstfud. Or;tuu John Berry.-. Albemarle and Uiudolph Hon Giles Mebune. Chatham E II S.traughn. Moure aiii.MrtLii.;ncr Dr. J M Crump. Richmond and Ilebenon (files Lsitch. Ans oi and Uuion Col. VV. C Smith. Guilford R.bt P D.ok. Ca&wiill AVilliam Lor. ll -ckinghat.i I) W Ciurt.f. Mecklenburg W M Crier. Cab uris aui SUnly Dr. J E McEacheru. Rovvau and Davie W l March. D.tvidkou Henderson Adams. Siokes and Forsyth J E Matt hews. A-he, Suiry, Col. Speer. Iredell, Willies, &c A M B.le. Burke, McDowell, &c. S F Pattftfson. Lirjc !u. Gaston, M L McCorkle. iiuthrfor,, Polk, Dr. W J T Mith r. Buncombe, Henderson, to M Pattou. ilaiuu and Haywood S C Bryson. Ho eft w commons : Alamance B Y McAdcn, C F Faucett. Alexander J M Cai.son. . Anson J Dargan, E B Liles. Astie Mr. McMiil in, fcfeaul'ort IIui 11 S Dorm'I, 1) M Carter. B i tie P I Henry, Jaa Bud. Bl.tdea J W Bus.-. BiuiHwick D L Busf-ell, Jr. Jksrlie J J Ei-win. Buncombe J U Guder. CJarri:a W b llarriri. l.aldil J Al IsbbU. "I iiuwlt-.i V a Dukf. , Cuuict S tphi'D Poo!. Orwell M nftnrd McGhiC, S S Harrison. Catawbj W P'BeinhHrdt. Chatham Jas H tlead-.i, W J H-adn, W P Had ley. . CuinbeihiMd and Harriet: II . u JG Shepherd, A I) McLran, Dr John McCormick. CherokKc G W Hays. . Cnowan 1 C T-nb;:ry. Cievlaiid D B.jarn, j W Gidney. Columbus F rney Go ut;e. Ciavyn Wm Lane, T H Gaskins. . Currimck . Dixie KFJol-uston. Duplin Zaun Smith, B. B Houston, lv.ivfd.snn C F Lov, Liwi Hiines. IvJccinbr, Divid Cobb, L D Farmer. Frfikiitj W K Davis. Foro'th V II Wixeter, W B Stipe. Gu.sto: V V ihipp. , Gates Uichard Boi d. Guildlord I) F Caldv.-cll, A Clapp,' A T Hol- . toll. ' Granville PP Peace, Eugaue Gri!ssom,J S Atn's. (iJix in H II Bt. ILtlilax Dr II .Kiyjtcr, A II Davis.. Haywood Dr S L Love. Henderson M M P,irton. ik-rtUud J B Vaun. Hyde Mr Gibbs. I e led T A A!!i-on, L Q Sharps. .ljud;so'i W A E.iloc.' Johri'i .n W A S o th, W- G Banks. Jorii's F (i Siiiiiniiiis, L-fcoir Alku V Wootcn. L rcoio Ambrose t ostner. Macou Di J M Lyle. Mdm )V II Brown. Murttii' . W OufterbriJ?. McDoneli VV F Craige.' liOcklen- urg J L Brown, E C Grier. Montgomery E H Davis. MooreT-Eiaui J' Hanin!;toa. X-sii-G C Le-iis. ' Xcw IIiinoy.r Hon S J Pers -n, J B Iliwes. Morthamprt.'ii S T Stancill, W J Holers. O.an-e-S F PnillipvW X Patterbon. Ow8kw A J Murrill. lt!-quutank W E Mann. Perquii.' nus J i Hiddick. rron John W Cuninbara. Pitt B G Albiitton, G Poikit.8 Bund lph Joel Asheworth, E.T.Blair. . B owati F E rShober, W II Ciawhjrd. Kichmond B F Little. Robeson Dau'd Bethune, T J Morisey. Bockinham ilr Strong, A J Boyd. ItutherJord J L Carson, A 11 Bryan. Sampson L A Powell; Patrick Murphy. . Stanly li Harris. Sti kes W II Flynt. Suriy Mr. Waugb. Tyrrell . Union (J Austin. Wake D G Fowle, G II A! ford, C J Rerx. Vytie M K Crawford, J M Caho. Warren V V AUt, T r .Inrllcx Wa.bifgton LC Latham. i , U atauga Wi Hortou. Wiikes-A S Calloway, P T Horton. adkin A 0 Cow leu. Yi. g D MY..!tr.;. " - ... Ti-ero re no h.nger any FIcii.i i-.o.-m on on tb rtiAialand of Texas. t Shameful Swjndling and Rascality. We tail the atteliiion of the '-onlr-derate authorities, civil arid military, to the u( j m- ed communication from Oxford, in this Stt. exporing a system of Hand and rascality that shou'd be promptly met, and the guilty per peirators be broujht to condign puuiAmtnt. We deem it unnecessary to do more tbanthu.s dirett the attention ot the officials to the out rage, assured as we are that prompt and de teimiued action will be taken in the prerni-ps Scainpa of like character are aoubth opc- ratins in other portions of the-cauntr. and it will Le well, wuerever they appear, that information be despatched to authorities' com-O petent to act iQ the matter, without delay. Let there be io rest for the rasca's : ' For the Confederate. Messrs. "Editors : Allow me. throin4i your wellfitfed columns, tcite an incident 'f uegnguneo aua ra;rejjity, that eccurreo! at this pUCe home lew days go, and which ought not to go unoticed inl unpunished. Some time lat week a genlletaan, hy the name of H , came to this place, (and by tiie way, kucu visits are tot tii.frequent, cor fir.betwtei,-))auttoiiz-ri(soLe euid;) hy a cer tain DeLoU,C S. Navy, to purchase y!iea. for the SAine. Mr. Alex. Hunt, the aent at this place for githarin and forwarding; sup plies, and, 1 may add here, a gentleman of great wmth, euergy and zeal, who has done a great deal lor our cause, an. u always. alrt and active, positively refusrd to allow a grain to be carried out of the county, as he had re ceived peremptory orders from the authori ties U that effect.- Tfeis f How (II) tl-eu weui dowtt to Honderswn, and Mr: Hunt f .1 lowed'lnm, and gave special orders to the trauspbitatiou ageot not to aMow any wht-at to be taken troui the depot. This is the lrrst leanl from this geutleuuan. A IVw days alter a gentlunun ,y the name of 11 , eitJie to this place, for tho Same purpors, tod dutivirizs-l by the ;iameDcLion, C H Nucy. Nov ir turas out tam this IhLton vj the O. 8. N (1) is a jictitivus gen ItcHi'in, ba-t is i'ar us hi. auih. rity goes k'r a:omuit.v,ioniri amts,) and that tiics? 'to lK:Leon-auiliovtz-;d-oe.ntitmt.n " aM; 0M a jptcuiHtig tour, ,.;.d n.kvc alicady realized irooi twviiiy to ti.jrry hous-unl d .liars 1 Vtrrtiy, this is a cry in kliaiup 1 'There fioitid be a- prd.v n.ui tH'-ctuni stop put to lLti-,5 tioeisii proceedings of tbo many " out skirtit g gentlemen " f the army. -Buying up provisions in te ria . e of th' Government, tdcieny purchasing ' ;it low rat, gttiug trjnsponatioa on Government account, real izing irumen.se proti., aod skulkiug the army, whoso '.vtliare tiiey are seriously injuring : all at the exp-nt-e, ina iu !he name of the Uot en.ui.M.1. Th in seems to bv getting an 7'ry iay aUair, tur tn-so out nkifdtuj-gcHtUmtn to oe c-.uriug the country uu ier tuo na n i of i he UovefuuH-nt, and purchasing iuur.en.se supplies lor tliiir own net -fit to extortion and h i inesr own pockets o tiering $15 when the b.aie only allows $10, iu order to facili tate a leady purcaasc, and'ott-dn a large sup ply, knoAjfcg lull well that even at $15, they can realize a -splendid protit. " There are some me::, and I am afraid they aro not ievv, who are cljukvd with rascality aV 'with a cloak and should be exposed to the pi.bhc by buying it stripped toui their iiacks oy the ffirong arm of ti e iaw . Iu my butnble opinion, tfrere thou'd bo;.e vespoiiSible person m e.ch cuuty, commie sioutd as agent l'f procuring mppiie.v axd let L.s headquarters be at itie coutity -ft.it and not leaves Torn, Dick and llan-y, and every scapegrace, running loose and wmt over the country in the Goverun.enl'i came pi':r chasing. supplies ot provisions for ex orsio;: iiivl ihcir own benefit. I hope the attittin of the aiCh' rid-s wdl 1 be called to this mtier. ABGl'S. Oxford, Aug. 19, 18G4. Confederate Securities. Within the pat we. k or two, fays the Charleston Mercury, there has been a ru-irked advance in .all dafeses o C.x.f -derate' bonds Eiilit per cents havo reached as hijjli as 1 VJ for Ions; dates, agairt 80 to 85 tweioy days 3g ". It is reported that the ia"pid 'iic has bien occasioned by orders on ftm-ign account. It s' ems there is qnito a denund for 8 per cents in Europe, where the bonds fall readily at, 15 to 17 ernts uti the dollar. Let us set bow profitable such sales ire. An 8 percent. li)00 b i d. at 20 p-r cent, preiiiium, costs tnft holder $100. Snt to .London, Pris or BreroMi ar t! sold.. at say 15 cents on tht dol lar, wrtuld give one hmulrt d and fifty collars in excWawi;e ; which am unt, drawn for at enrrt-ut rat- (20 for 1) would yi'-ld three th -usid dollars, less the lumrnifsioi)., &c; , fcc , which would, of cours-e, ue hmall. (Jaite a u'ue operation. S-vt n pf r cents three weeks ao were at 70 to 73, imw they arr 85 t 87.. . Six per cents of the new $500,000,000 loan have t'Mti sold in .heavy amounts, the coupons commanding 15 to 10 lor 1 among inu orters, who u.-e them as specie at Ihe custom house. Four per cents are not 'airly qu- t.b;e, as a Confederate cnrity, bing held only 1 r pay ment of taxes, the collect i.-u of w hich having beenn'cessAily delayed, virtually puts them out ot the market. ' . Caifidence is being gradually re-established, aud w ith it romes the nhanc nnit of tht value of our public securities and the willing ness oa tho part of capitalists to fc'ustain the yoverumerit liberally. Thk DtuiCKACY Against the Wr The Dvtn.'4 racy of Chester, Pa., rtst I red last wek, ir: c ca iy tcee ting, "That te only hope ( esc&ie lr m the evils now prtssiu upon the country is through p-ao." 0 Anti-Draft Petitioeks The Lnzerne county. Drno, rai ol Pel nsrlvania, resolved tfcat tf.ey demand, by potiiioti tatho President, a j-uspen-vion of the -draft until the next .meet ing of to nrcss. The Ball in Motion. The Michigan pop !f T.vi com itienced to organize asocia- iirrn in favor of tviace. Thest bocietie are ahe'utto is'-ue a "people's address' to the President emanding an immtdiate suspen-, si n . f i.o-trilies. . Th Chit ago Time ndvueates an irr medi ate i'.r'oi'-tire'and a National Convention of all the iStates. . . BY TIIEGOYKKXOU OFOBT CAUOLINA. A FROCL.A31ATIOX. WHEREAS, IT IS REPORTED TO ME THAT many solditrs frota the trcc-pa f thi.t ttato have deserted tbeir colors and corn radt., a.r d ar- now lurking in tin woo!a smd mountaiI, .oiuo of them subsisting by forcing their friends to vi-.late ' the lawij by aiding thern und others by violent de-prcdaii-.tis upon peac-etHlj citizens, cmailiDgehaiac and oblyuijy upon themselves and their pobtcr- ity, omrdgiLg the laws id the pesieo of society, I ad daimigiug tua caut-o of their har 1 pressed j country; arm, wherras, uenerai itootri t. i.e, in i General Ord-r Ne. 51, August 10th, 1854, haa promised to deal leniently with all who j-rfnt!y return to du'.y, though they may huve i&cirred the pcnaltie-s of desertion by prolonged absence with out authority : .Now, therefore, 1, Zeuulon I). Vnce, Governor of tho State c-f North Carclinn, do issue this my Proclamation, urging moi?t c-iraes'ly upon ail such misguided men to wipe out from their oue res pected names the foul stain of desersion, by promptly r- turning to the poet of duty iu accord ance with fcaid General Order 2o. 5i, promising U "all fuch.who voluntarily return or surrender them selves to the proper authorities a full and fte.j pardon, or the infliction of only the mildest pen alties of tho military law, except thcse w ho havo been guilty of "apitat felonies against the liv8 and Vropcity of the ci'izens; an-i this promise shall h'.id coad'fjr THIRTY DAYS from the date here of. And I hereby warn alt sjueh who refuse to comply wilh tbete. term. that tho utiuy.st power of th?s Stato wili bo exerted to capture them or drive them from the borders of si country whose hih honor and spotless renown they disgrace iy r? fus ing to defend, and that the extremest penalties of the Javr will bo enforced without exception, when caught, ad well as against their aiders and abet ters, in the civil courts. Simultaneously with this proclamation, order wi.l be issued to the entire militia cf the State, to turn oiit for their arrest; and I hope, by timely submission, they will spare me the pain of Luutiog down, like- guilty felons, many brave and mi.-uided men who have served their country Well and could do so again. De serters frain other States who hide in our wood.- and assist in giving our State a bad name, 1 can do nothing for, ut to the erring soldiers ojf North -Carolina, I eontfdently appeal. A.nd I earnestly call on all good ciiucus to assist me in making this appeal effectual, both by their exertions iu militi t soldiers and their i.illacucc as men. to t ike pain to seek out all deserters of their jo-quaint ance.pjt this proclamation in their, Innds, or iu the hands of their relatives and ftiends, and urge upon them to return to th path of duty, which is :iiso tll path of safety aud honor. If every gocd and loyal citizen would vet about to rc.-hiim or capture one deserter by every means in his power er, h would succeed, and he will have ronutrcd a most valuable ind patriotic service tj h"u State and country. Ciil magistrates are aio exhor ed t bj di i--cnt in pr jjeeding against all m;'.ii as violate. the statute against harboring, aiding or abetting deKorttr., and warrii-fg is hre;y ivon that iu all cas where siiher civil magistrates or inditia or home guard ' otliccrs refuse or e-glcct to f-titb fully prrform their duty ill ttus resj-tct, up--in I'roper evid-r!ca sulmitted to me. the Executive. pro-U'i-tion extended 1 1 them under acts of Con gress f hail b wittolrawrw us I cannot certify that ! ofrieers, civil or miiitrnv, who rcni.-c to perform their duties are necessary to the due a lmiui.-tra-tion of tho laws," which tliey wiling .execute. Given n.idcr my hand, ucd the great sJtl of the j State, at Raleigh) the -Itn day of Aagu -t. V.. R. VANCE. IJy the Governor : A. M. ' iIcl'rfTi:ns, Priv.de Secretary, pre. tern. . aug 2-dfl-tri-w6tw2t All the daily papers iu too State copy one week all other papers, two weeks, and scud bills to Executive Department. APJ T A.XL IXvS'PIl OKX.'S OFKICK,? iiichmvnd. Aug. 9, l6-i. ji" KX TRACT. G KNEItAL OlUiEUS, Nt. 07. j y , -. a V. Paragvnp'i I., Genorni Oiders S'o. 63, (cur rent, s ;its is thus aitcr.:ed I Ail detailed men, (it,c!udiig those between '18 I -and 45 years of ae.) will report to, and be com i V' m in ted by. ti.e Grnrval of lt'scrves in the. i3t :te ii. wtaob they hnvo been' assigned or detailed, who will !; ni.o them into compYn;es and 1 taiions. It is nut anticipated th;t th-y will be call-. d out, i xe.-pt in emerje'ic;cs f-ccmiivg in or n" ii thv counties cf their residence ; nor will service be -x-acted of j-ht 4 bejond those counties and coun;ics contiguous tiu-rcto ; exempt, that com pan ie hero afr.r firmed miy b. required to p?rfor:a ervic!J iu rebelling ri'd-4 along :i line of ruilri- rl running through ihtir ro-pective eoiiuties. All csetup's are allowed; and invited to enroll themselves vita futh companies, s as to .be prepared to aid io defending their homes when menaced . by ih; ene my. ' e -a Signed S. COOPER, A. and I. Gen. Otncial Jxo. Vtr. Hi.NsnALE, A. A. Gn. Ileadq'rs Reserve N" forth Car.-dinf, ig. 23, lh04. J Ra'eigb, An: Gexeual OitnEHS; ( No. 7. S I. Pursua-nt to Gtnaral Ordors No. f7, parcgvnph Y., Adjutant and Inspector General' Ofiice, dated August loib. IStU. De al Enro41iig Officers will proceed at once to organize the detailed men, "f whatever kind, in their respective coui.tks, into companies, reporting to this othee tho names and residence of the officers elected. II. All exempt are invited, and earnestly re quest d, to attach themselves to companies thus to be organized, for home defence. " ' Arms and ammunition will be issued as soon as the companies are f rmed. l!v command cf Jaeut. Gpo. Holme?. JNO. V. HINSDALE, auL' 25-d7t A. A. Gen. Conservative, Pay tteville Observer, Wiljning- ton Journal, Chaiiotto Democrat, Vinstn Se ati n.l, copy seven tiuifcj. NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. WII. A XII R. S. TllKfcU AM) W. K. j Andrews, have this day associated them selrei togethei under the rame and style of TUt'KER, ANDREWS ii Co., for the purpore of j conducting a general Auction and Conimissics j buiir.ess. All bnsmess entrustta to tnem will i i meet with promptness and dispatcn. TUCKER, ANDREWS i CO. juntf 23 1'7-dt AIRAIvI'S SALVE. riHIS Salve has been thoroughly tested fcr I many years, and is now offered to the" pub-ic with the guarantee that it posses.-es all th valu-, able healins rrr-rerties claimed for it. l'or all cut's, ruises, burns? scalds, risings, felons, blisters. ulcers, excoriations, rUing and gathered breasts. ani for all tcooicfoof every description, it will be found eminently successful in affording re lief and effecting a cure. it is peculiarly adapted to wounds exhibiting eyraptoms of erysipelas. Reference is made iotbe following persons who have used the Salve, and can testify to its healing powers ; P. G. Sno.wden, Serg. P-A. C. S ; Drs. Hanks arjlD?rry. Pittsboreugb ; Tiev. Pobert B. Sutton. Rector of St Bartholomews Church Pitrs bori usrh ; n n." A. R-nb.er, Col. nnry A. L-.n.!o Dr. W. F. narllee, member of Exauilng Board 7th Congressional District. l or sale bT P- F. PESCUD, Raleigh, and other Drugfrist in the State r.nd F. ATR.UI, Pittsborn.' N. C. july ll-eod-l3t BOOK A. X W JOB WORK Neatly executed at -THIS OFFICE. For Sale. j A No. 1 article of Syrup this day received. tx. Call bood, as it is sroinjj oif fast, by the f ion, ir doors Delnv toe hxpress iimce Also for eMe a Hous and Lrt, with three roouas, sear the Railroad Depot. aug23-d3t . J. II. KIRIIIAM.. r. A u clio ri Sa 1 c s So rIium li oilei-M". VkvT Saturday, August" 27th, at VI oV!ock,.I willoinr to the highest bidder, -One Hundred Plates of Iron for Sorghum fTn. D. W. C. . Commission Merchant, Greensboro, X. C. r.ug 2j-d4t - 4 ! .Stolen, ON" the night of the 2l:-t inst., 1'roru my lot. in the toivo of ILjnderon, one llht Scrcel HorKP. blaze fa ;e. wira one whitt! hind foot ; some 6 or 7 yeare old. Any irifonQaticn 50 that I can ret him ariu, n'.'.i i. i.i au- 2 -tt- 'JOHN JEMvIXS. A Hoy i&bscoiiflcii. A DEEPLY DISTRESSED MOTHER calf X JL upn th? kind and sympathizing- p.?o;i of the community, to aid in tho recovery of h,r lit- i tlr .oo, who left hi hom in Harnett county, last wuck. and I as ben trac.ul to RaU;rh. nr.d" from thence to CroUUhoiV, vrhem h w as r-rn last i i Sunday. His name is. JUaEPH RLACK. but he ! pa?H's under different namce. He is nearly okven years f id, renarkably well grown for his r.zt vei-y shrewcl and smart, hs a ccar on one of hij feet,-hs dark ?kin. djrk brown eye., hair cut ch8e, h'ls a toleiablv high forehead, and Wja dressed in cornmou homopun clothing. Hu is ssupectcd of having gone to Vtila:iii'gton. All goodponple are arp?,iled" to, to aid in re storing him to his deeply dictrcs3-tl mother. All charges A his arrest and detention wi!lb- ch?er fullv paid, and compensation, if required. Ad-di-f-i Editors Contwlerate, Raleigh, who will communicate w ith me. MARY' A. DL.VCK. ITarnf tt county, C. , Augr 24-dtf - Tueaslt.t Dspautment. C S. A.,) Richmond, Julv 28, IsCl. J FJ1AXED TREASDftY NOTES. Iti order to promote, as far a? practicable, the early liquidation 1-r the Trcasurv of the OUT STANDING TAXED NOTES, the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Pay Depositaries iu the rliffeii nt States, are Berebv authorized to receive the said notf-s, except he $100 rotes, at CC?.; per centum, on deposit, issuing tor arr.e Uertiticatea of Jjoac. upon hypothecation of ron-taxabie bond". Vhe said certirieates to be payable;, ou do mnnd. after the expinition of ninety dayg. And all agent.- fr thesale of the above boLds are hereby authorized to receive ib taxed t:ot?s. with tb exception above named, in paynu-.u of bonds, v.heK. solt', the rate of W;xt centum. G. A. Tltf.MIOLM. auj 23 dl2t Secretary of the Ti tafvr. liKADniiS AHWY IS A 11 MY- N VA , 1 Angu 111, 1801. J Ge.sliiai. (i;i)Ki:s, No. 4. $ AH peisons conr.eettd with this aiuiy who am absent without proper authority, aro enjoined to return to their respective command without delay. This ord-r is intended to e'tibrace those who ha ve'i caiained absent bsywnd the ti e limited for their return, r after the cause of their Mb.scneo has ceased. Alt s.urh pei-a-Mis? are ad notdsl..; i that ov iy d.".y they remain aw:ir from ti.rir ps?ts, a!us to the dat.gers and labors of thir naiinad-'s, while it iiicrases th'ir own i c-oiisibility ;o tho law.- they aro violating. The Comn?i!di7ig General deems it onlv ssccs sa'y to lemind tho-c wh hare t ried through thortgli tfalnr-.-g or nei.'.iMKv';, of the shame ami disgrace hey will b-i-ig upon the:jit lves :it;.t tlit ir ;i;:Liiii Of ,.lut- if t r.ev sl! tv.k tiom th-f ; ia:;l'.d di. cna e the hour" of their country's io-cd. and l-;;ve th i- h-.r.ies rt be dctVIed ni l iheir i;ule-pi-'ud-nce to be ftcured by the unaidtd couiage of others. ' To those whose absence I as Ween prflr.tged nn- ti! t!:.'V have incurred the guilt of de.i rti he can only say. that z prompt and voluntary return to duty aloi-.e cn paliate their oQbnce. and entitle them in expect any clemency. it arnsl t -and .brought. bacJc, j u.tice in 'ho I and true, as v.e.l as tiie lntuicsts and sm,.-- ty " thi rounti-' i eq-nres that they siiall fcuir. r sh'j extreme p.naltv of the law'. iU".cdj " R. E. LEE, Gen. Or! K I ai. : J. ('. McRas, -. A. Gvn. . r.mr22-.::!t 1 1 K A 1)Q'HS !: F.:-Kli v i:. N 0 , 'iiV'jA. Aug 19 J C ENER AL.ORD E US ) No. (5. T. Gtneral Dicers No. 3, pnrazrapls HE, IV. p.nd V., Headquarters Reserve .V. C, cumnt lies, are h-.-reby revoked. . II. All Exer,iiin4 of pejsorv- within tho Ru sei v ages, will be granted und.r general in fatructious li o'ii the Bureau of Conscription, with out reference to the Lieutenant Genera! Com manding Unserve. 111. Applications, for Hetail of pt rscrs within the Reserve ages will not bo received by the L-ci! Enrolling Ollieeii, until aJVr .hs -orgiiizitiii of the company fr:n the county in which th a, li-einticside- shalViave been" effected. Thoy v.i!l then be carefully investigated, acd acted u;"n in conformity with the provisions of Circular s No. :t, ft and 29," Bureau of Conscription, current se. lies, except as hereiaaft-T prescribed': 1'int, In cses of apprnral bv the Distri.-.-t Eniollmg 0 : 1 i -. cer. a fSrloujih for sisty ibiys will not bz grant-d, I when th.e party jwould, will, in that time, bi-coma i eighteen years old. SwouJ'y. Incases ot t.isaf- j pivival by the District Enroling Ollicer, if tlie party b?b -t worn forty-five and fifty j ears old, h- willbe forthwith CRsigicd by the Enrolling Olii-' ) ccr to the; company of Senior Reserves fAiu thj j cotintv in which h jiciu-is; if between tlx Qges ! of sevrnteeii aria eighte-. .wav. he will Ik; sent ' to Caffp of Instruction t r atgr.;iieit bv th- t Commaudaiit of Conscripts, arconiirg t" ecu ' and corgrcssiortal district- Thirdly, apIi ! rations herein return i t required by the Ciieu J lars from tho Bureau of Consciij tion to bo forward j ed, will be transmitted, through tho conim-indant j of Conscripts, to this oHico for ftcil acti.n, instead j of t" the. Sapei inttndent of the Bureau at Ek-b-i niond. j Bv cnmciacd of Lieut. Gen. Holmes, j JOHN W. HINSDALE,- aug z) tt A. A. o-.-n. The Wilmington Journal. FayetteviMo Oh?cr- Ml ' V 1 . " Ik A Tor' Asneuic jews, v-nanoTte democrat auz .Winston Sentinel copy seven times. j fiEK TIFICA TES OF ISVE B TE 1) X K S S i V,' HE A MSG 6 PER VEX-T.PER AXXIWf j IXTEUES T, A A" I Eli-EE FROM TAX A T10X. j TisEAStuT lArAKTaaJir, C. S. A., ) j Kichmond, August 8, 1S(14. J BY the 14th section of the act to reduce the ! currencv, anniovcd February 17th, 1S63. the ; Secrtarv ot the Treftsuiy authoried to i3.-ue j i the above certificates, payable two years after th j raiification of a treaty of peace witb the United ; States. They cannot be ?o'd, but are only tu oe. j rssut'd to such creditors of tb (iovprnmert a ar - ! willing to receive the same in papnipnt of their : demands, i hey must also be given at pr, though j , free from taxation. j The attention of rurehasinjf afenta and d'.i- ' bursing ol!icers of the Government is called to j this class of public sov iti s a? "offi icg pecu!i.n advantages to those trom wfcnn th ufplics of the Government nr.; bought, and to facilitate the use o.f them, checks crawn by disbursing orlicers upon tho Depoifar'8 bolding. these funds, and marked across he face payable in i ei tificates cf indebtedness," will be paid in conformity there with. . Depositaries ae hereby authorized aii rtiuir ed t? cnip'y with .this recul'ition. r.d to make application to the Register for supplies of Certifi cates a ieoai;"ed. ?d"j G. A. THEN HOLM, SvC!tarv of Tredarv. aug 2--d20t KTKKT BODY LOOK THIS WY. "ILOUR. MKAL, CORN, 1JACOX, MELLS.NS. X. ic; Ac., fur tale at. w. w. wooni:rs. 2 doors We?t Of the Fresbrtfiian rtinrrli- t-1 v . . J " " Sorghum Boil.rs fci: SAI.K. f mn Marufaeturirg -ltoUets of all tiif. A It orders promptly attended in. 1 T. NUUWPCm. Raleigh, July 21 dtf n isTbTiva iuTs iiros . : (o r V I C r. AT FxrilAKHtliOTtl..) O.'lict hours from ! a. t. to 1 ji. in., and. from 3 tt C n. m,, unt 1 1st October, flu? 4 dtf RS. MILLER cetitinue. to accoineiodnte Roardfrs, ly the d.iy, week or numb. --ncnl L'Mfnff Ffir f?:tlo. VALUABLE Tract of Land in Onslow coun tv. tntai:.ii.g f-nj acrs, half of wbiel, is cleared and in cultivation, r.nd producing i.v.cU ; aboA 200 acres first rate land to clear. Elevated . and healthy, and totituhtid as te rctuire but lit tle tVnting. For faticular?. r.de)rc5. D. A. HUMPH KEY, wug IK din G IJsl.uio'. N. 0. RALEIGH, July 7, (14. rSMiE B0RD OF IiinKCTOKS OK THIS JL Company have d.-clartd a dividend of 15 r r cent, on the capital stock.' payable on and alter after 1st of August. 18U. in four per cent certi ficates ami bonds of the (Jon federate States, .or in Confederate treasury, notes of the old issue at face value, at the option of -ll Comoanv. W. W VASS, jul 8 dtf Treasurer. Valuable iron 1'rojpcrfy for Sai lfE offer for sale th'e Crowder'a Mountain Vf Dn Works, formerly known a Btlggs' Forge, consisting of near eleven thuusatol acre b of Land, about one thousand of which is denied and verv line farming land. There is an abundance of excellent ore, including th? ce'.fbrated yellow ridj-t ore bunk oue 15 or 50 horse St'-aia En gine; over 15U feet of Iron Piuno, Rope, chains, ic, for ruining ore; a Saw and Cri-t Mill, and three hot blast Forge Furnace, all in sactvtsl'u! operation. There i-al-o a verv li-avv Il"l:ii,g Vil', c- re taining six sets of rollers nnd m.- rhieery o ces a ry for its fuccessful operation, which wt will sep .irately, if lrsircd. Th crowing crop willbe t told if the purchaser d-sire. There a ood dwelling and nil rcesfary outhoies atth- uoik. For further information, audiOiS, at Wiiite Pine, Gaston count v. N. C c.uji' 2t-uot C . UK LI V 1 UIJOTLI h'A S. SO,iiO Pounds r,r5ita"J ib:icco. 71IL bo fold ti the uigl.e:. bid e', fit Is 1 1.l.S V'V BOHO'. on TUESDAY, tua Stith AUtilVT. instsnr. St). 0.0 pouatls f excellent LEAF li. BACCO. D was f elected io Gritiviile ai d Er:i'k. lin coiinries, two y.ars ag; Las luin curefuily kcusnd, and ii in line condition. In the lt arc tve boii-'htadi ,f the celebrated Vevy 'f o'ia(.c. Terms to fcuit purch-isr.-J. D. D. Pif ILL! I'.:. r..i(.OM HOOK EH, ;ugl9 dl0t ' H lls'e r.f. N.;. , CS2fudrra(o fairs! rpHE (' )ufeiicrate Tax As ss-its 'or th? Coiiuty I of V 'ake, M ill RtteLil X t h fol 1. w i r r linos and places, for the pun. aj of asoCC'.Pg the TAX I.S for the yeur lCt. A Kalc-t;;h, Thiu c'-oiv, Fr id.-. v and Sfurdar, Lt, 2ed ar.d 3rd S ptrtn'-. r. Kinics. '."..i.oay. frh IJarr.cv h;'. Tusdv. . C-h Lashler's Rnds, Wii'n sda r,- 7;h Given L -vel, Thurs .r, .Morrii-v'l'e. Friday, Pth BusbeoV Td.nKav, 1-th Hood's Tucsd-iy,' Utih Wak ti.-Id, Wiit.fdy, . ltrh Kolfsville, Thu-soay, lat'i Frest idc, ivlav, Dunr-sv-ille, Saturdai, 17th Law Tuesday, ?0tii Oak Grove, W'cdnesa iv. 2I.t (L W. Ttior.r..3i n's, Th'iavo'r. 22f.d ' The tax-pa ei s ot ihi; Ci ii t.v nr-- henbv nr' i tie't to attend at th? tiou s aiol o abovo :tt- i c-d. r.ares-t th'.-ir respective residences. :nd fT.r- L-b to lb-; A;oft! s a ci! i ect list of the foi'ow"-.'g ! rui j-Tts of tnjr.Jir., rr I art, hfldatt'l . owti-d on j the 17th ol I'i bru.-.t r, HCi : j Iand, n-'it'-r c'.' ac;-s ar vnl-.ir in D'(:0. Slaves, r.nmb-? . it-, ar'-. ad vti.-c in lr;0. Hoi r.s. M ate-, Arses and Jennets, and tal,i in lSiO. ('atil-. numb r an 1 value r.i IS;;0. Sh-rp, Goats rd Hogs, ar.d valuo in DClt. C.'tto.i, Wool, Tobacco. Corn, Whar. Oats, Rye. Rut k- wheat, Itice, Potato; , of all kinds, Pens, G ound-p.-as. Beat's. 1-'oar. Meal, Su?nr, Midti?. . Ba i i. Lard Sfdriti-o us Liquors. e, on h.ir d on the 7tb day of Fi b-u ity. IBI, aiiJ not to ce.-sai y for family e:-.0!u:nption tr tbe year TIe number uf bu-hels and hew- value rekpK:tivt :yt n:ut b" statcJ m parat Iy. Ilou.?eho d ;d Kitcbeo rirt.iture, Arri'-r.Jl otil implements, JdcchanicI Tools, nrd Mu.-iral in 8trume?its. and their v.il-U'.' in lMM. Ciniug. ?, Carts, ami Wrfgous, Dray4, and valu-! in l-V'0. Bouks. Map?, Paintirgs. Pictures. -i t tr-n-cry, Ac, and value i-i IMO. Propel ty uf all Oor portition?, Joint Stock Coirpofi" atd As-oiia-tions. Gold an 1 Silver coin. Gold .Inst, si.d Gi ld or Silver huilb n. Au'ur.t ot al! Solvent ci fJits, Bank Bills, nr d all otln-r jiapers issued hs cio . c i. cy, (exclusive of n n-ir. rr.i e? t benrir.g ' t reuo. l 'ite Trs.;sui v Notes., and employed in h t.iAcd La.-in ss. ) Valu-: of all rmr eys b Id abro d. no.! bii s of Exchange o: foreign coni.fis; aii't t!i-j v;ilue of i.ll alliens of personal or mixed propr-rty not enumerated above, ai..l n;t xrf.ij.t fro; l.ix ftior. Land, .Since. Cotton .nd Tobico i ur ctiar.ed fcince the 1st of .January. l'M. m;:t ba listed r.t the nn'onnt itidfe,r them. The. L'.ic It :lt als j be lUwl. . M. A. BLEDSOE, R. H. JONES, jA?:-8'K-.rB. ibc S-d2Ct V)URSUANT to a dec tee of the Supreme iVurr, .a. made at Raleigh, Juik term, 1504. I h i uu dei signet', e cutoi of U'e late Vw'in. ii. Carson, willexp. se to poblic 7ale. at the Court House, door, in Mari' n, McD owell count v, North Caro lica, on Tuejiiav, thel'Oth elavef Septeiober r.txt, a very il-cirab:e TRACT )V LAND, lying on Ueeca (Jretlc. ajoii.ing th- Pleasant ia:i1eu, inIudin? the late r esidence of eaid lU-ceasco, Con taining about ecvto hundred acres, ftfjjut on hu-oJr. d and twt-ntv (ive acres of which is ie od bottom, ard in a bfgb ttate of cultiriti-tn. i here is on the placj a iarg-i and comfort.ib e biick house with seven roms aud all the io ccs ary out luil.i?:gs. including a Grist Millard i.'aw' Mid, aud eeveral hundred choici fruit tries. Also .in undivided half inter gt in four hunirftrt and twtn-tv-acres, adfirdrig th" nbove, one buton-d and tilt v aer?s ot which is bottom. At the "am" time and place I will ustll, as administrator of Wm. J,. Crson, d c?aed. under au ordtr of t!. i nnr.tr Ccut. an undivided Lr.lf interest in what is known as thy (:bb's placv, cdjoinir-g th- Bii'k Hou place, containinor ab-ojt tivo bundre! a-i-c., and sixtv acres, adjoiuing the aauit, lyiu;; on tbs Cbostjut 1 and ore hundred acre Im,2 on the Pol Bridge branc. . Ab-i an undirided cne sixth interest in the Fork place, lying on the north fork cf the Catafba river, continin ab -it six hundred acres ; anl an uniivid-d ov? fv.utth in ter, ft ia about two Lundred and ti ty acrs of wood r.'d, adj ininjr the town ol Marion. For any fui ther information about the pfoper tr, call on or a Jirew the subscriber tt Marion, Not th Carolina. TERMS ude known n dav of si'. JOIJ.VCAUSOV. x cutor of Wm. M. Carson-, dec' '. and admicistrator of Wm. L. Carson, dte'd. aug 12-dl2t Niras a.m. Mixing BrRicr, Kichmond. Aug. 15. 1"4. I LTNDER irstructiona fi.uo Ibe Srietatv oJ War. the CVmoi-nrv Departuurt will in future f...,bh all nuppiies ftou're.l by tht Bureau, nnd a'l. oarers r jg r.ts of ti.e Nitre end Mjuirg P.areru u(.w cn cage's cdlcitog CriiMniffary Ktore in the State of North Car olio. Virginia aud U pT TonncFfee wi'l at Mic ee ac opi r.'orc. Ei g8g sncnU fc!rvHlv md will W complied with. l'.ICH AKD MORTON, Lieutcnnnt Colonel, JngJ9 t A?titig Chief of Bun a. "" AiJOLni (oYix, " nilOLKKALK TOIiACCO HOISE, . AND Comniisrion Morchant, , UOLOSBORO', X. C. iIBER.Vladicrcencntr.do oa Ptoducr con Jt figto:.! t tr.. julr 14, lvoi-eiiT.. Bonds for Sale. Fire imsiniF.n uiu.tvx coxrr.it r. ra te .S7.r ;: c:at. noxns. PHESE BONDS present th c'eatei-t indllc., 1 tuvnts for investment Tr?k-v hH thirty yrs to run, iciteirst payable .'ini-anr.n!lr, and ai secured by import and export dutit-i; nrr exempt, principal and lete.cef, ft :e taat'miif and tht- cm; ous receivable as c it. J. r cutm duties. The Coup. )D wf thesf Bonds, due J.li;:i.l V Irt, I0.r, bare been ot dwred to be received in pa mcnt of i input t dutie In advance of matur ity. Apply to - ALLEN S. oIBBS, Agtnt Tieaurv Department, july ?2-tt Wilmington, N. C. U. Vcrnun I'omale Scitiluao . (Jfiucrul Sjjriiijt, Chatham County, X. C.) rjHE next sessivH of thi Scl .d w ill roirmenc 1 on the 1st of Seuteinbfr". Everv leprtm nt will bo iujjlicd with competent nnur expetienfid in.tiucori. t Cirtuliir i cmtainiug full particulars nr to tern s, Ac, will bo foryirKd upon atplicit ion o . liLV WM HOOPElt. Or . T. C. HOO ER, Fyittevillr. V. C. N. L'. Y-wu,,' In J ; ill boriciivni : Loiitd eii at pne tiic iuiinf thv f.onths of Ju! m Auge-t. if tlu-ir ynienis ti-usiil. t it a.h i.iil le, with a iew to tbti biit to b dctivd IV.tu the min-t al w att;-. &i 1 idt if.Oi Volluri SSfUiU'tl. RAN'AWAY fifliumeoa Moodtv Ut, PUNf-, CY, aged 40 year., and EMILY, reed 1. Both toe verv black and it -tit made.. 1 Ley are probably u.!liieg liseu- way to the Eastern part of the Slate. Lrr lb tor biTuht rr . 1 will gitr iLo abtivt i-tfwaid lor t'urir ioifin? incLi iu jail, tc. thct I can the)n BEVJ. EI.LI, BUjlTdiOt Coacoid.N.C. Ni. ror Wmif 1 ! IwUh lo Wuy one hundred likely young Nrgro of both f.'xcs. beticn thi ir:."'.' l ten and fiflc-M )cf. AIa a liot rate 1'ari. dng Black- su;ith. TLlO. J. iEi:S.ON. Oar; .'burr, N. C. QHEI-.T IRON FOR S'KGi:C.M Inrli.Ei.S O 4,'a and fct ioaj, 5 10 inilo s tbii k u; d 3'l ir ch". w idp, fyr le hi jui; -i i ; Jtt ci.:d;cn a LiiurroitD. THE SAFONA CA.XE Mii.i; TIJC ) T rr.ttllXT Mai KIM'. J'i U GHINDING- SOHC- HUM, yi;t o: ri;i:i:i to i ui: it m.h .. AHEFULLY corsjrnctrd wiidcf tli iiem. dinte hope; vision of fi r-entU lawn ie-!dc: t U.t s ial yesr? on n iii i r i lri.t 1 1 ior, it cinbiMs th" re nilt.. of his practical r-so'tl nr ith t-t e -i! -Pin I and g'jod orl rr,,r.t lip , J: jki'w Viry Iitli'' wool work in n tio g up, and coml'im s. in m cnirnt i.;rrce. r( t w in r tiw on -.ibi'ir i . Other Milis of '1 a; e I', ' f V- i s, bo;:z i nid v r tical. r....t Siioli Poller. I'roi i SO gdi !f to 4 galloos, for mle. Adorers r:J OA I ;' go.. . l-.iitt. vi::,., N. r. .V. B. Mil's aad hi't r ci.-li , it it Fy j n Wr-sti n b.il.totd, o. r.l Ealefgh, r ! o: i . vide .n N. C- Rail tord. july 21 . iu. ' wool hc:vi c; is. QUA UTERSMAi'TER'S DITA T f EXT. j' am Nov; p;ir;r.itED i" i:x hang 15 C tt'.n. Yern f.r Woflj t.p : li e l. ij -wirg t: r..s, vi?. One liuii'.h of. Yarn : three p-ui.d wnshtd W ool, aii or: buntli lor four puuno.' unwa. h, tJ. Agent' hare b'-en eppoir.c '1 to um k. the c.r lianee nt tht- f ing p'ac . ! G " rd. Tr.j b.r-', Kittt -ri, C.ilhui:.e Like, tV-ricor Rot-kii .ti, H.-nd'M Mini i He. S!al '. I.'t ioi.ro. AJ.ei . Pilff boru. Looirbnig, Kay c? ;e . i;i . ( olirti;i, ar.4 kf this pfacs. -out shipping wool ti ll. ii p!n'e v. j'! i lm.e u.nik on th.' p::ckhir s v. l:u G ey aroiroir, iH.ei tin -i-: t.n y art. will bo loi w ui'VH n fvliatly. I h"pc (be f rople w'li i.ii ,it -ally -i m d to the above r.O.p, k tl. Wtd ii f.'r c! ; bir.g I b u - C. Yi cps. II. i. IHVA II. A. ). M.. N. C. A. julv ? lh-:I - i 0,i.v.n' f;.v" r.'jr $i ff'Rrr of tin: ! a I !YF. UrShRf.it Vlt.UOX yfX .' rrxr. xox.taxar.i: r.uhs rxurn Till: SLY FX Til .'ECTiOX OF TEE rfR. REXCV LA W. D- p. ite eji i all ill be ec.-ired hmK he Ti ( r o i.r ii tl it i il , As?;tr:i t Ti ur.r at (I,m1 to: al' Mile, ai'd the vitfjc a. S I'l .ii:'.-. trn, RI. lgh, Cioumbla, A tioia, Smvum.:.!. ai d ?ii.Mg-i;i.err. nrd cr-.rtiti.-Ht.-s will le i.-ioo d ior the ir.e. ti.:a-i:g iu'ere-t nt the rate fSf ;,i.r per c." nt p, r ii!iiijm, a.vd 'cui.(! by tl." !.y j --tls-tion of n ami. i.i t ef t, v ne bonds,- rr;o;l to Do? Mini of thi se l-.n.-j. The borio's to l,e t apart by the. Yeeiu.ef . 'ard i!ie n t(o!, when told, Kjiplied t-. i Li rly to th" p.'y n e:.t of tho fiid c-t tificnt. 5. Tbe security and -rinreni-r.c5 alt. j d-d to biinkf ar-t ;tT corporation, nnd tot'. ui.lo (jt-no-Hr, by this nuolo of tejrpotr.rv in ver i. t, at d the r-fieot of ti.e uit arure it g'.rvi oily li-tf u, i.i ke-'-pir.g the ru.Kflty within rued. inte bour.ds, it is h'uprrt, w ill cr.roinfr.d It to the !avi. ruble n.t.. sibrti 'n !' the co-r.ti.ai.ity. and ftiure their pro.rpt Co operation in carr -irg it Inm n.-r?. G. A. TRIJVHoLM, Scr tarv of the Tr jsurv. RtrnM-.sa, July 2, 1Ko4. ' - j-jlv QT -ftf i ' oKFicr, or c. s. cfjo innr, RaI I'-iH. ,N. C... .iu t r. . Irt, n iM.I'i,K of riM ." 'I sr . .1 p(- r. r.t. i ci tj ricatca, t$r- br li-oro W. Moulecn, lat Depoeitar i, and of tix per cor.t. cci tilicatea issard by th ut der.-ir:red. ar.' 1 1 qustrl tu ptcent them endr' ira their Honris. The oyprtu brfon, du January fir?t a: d Jnly fitft, Ie;4, will b pali rl the same tin-e. I!oldra of Regr.-terfd Jtoekf. who have bere. tofore received their interest at Witmirgtn, ar ajuln inforn;ed that th fame will W peiJ at thia nf.ic In future. Holders ofom Ueg:atcrcd Bonda can rerciv their interest "at thisnfiiec, by icq Jest ing the HeCiter tt ni'lin.rud to'tianeftt hit ht jck V) the pT-roil of thia Dcpoiitarv. C. B. HARUlSnN. j ily 17 if C. 5. Drpu,!tJ!y. CuM"-'t vatiw copy t ill foibid-. ( (if O (5 5 fi E O- i .

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