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Editor, v or Cilliese .u;ar watT;ap ppr'in. it may u-tk nn'utene'ir? to J t, n);,nufactur of its UV'e S - . .vrnp, alcohol vhv - 2,r,MB"f' .' .rv,. information is de- U Z the sor.U th. re in not a s hadow f it.-nd th. quantity and excelb LCe of l?-e " prvrt'will depend upon toe carcand skill vith which the operations are roudur-'ed. It is a natter of stne controversy at wkat reri'-d ,lf its prowlh the stalk negius to Con uio and rem- 4;ient!y when its munu- factufe should commence. M. Vdinorin", of Fadswho has given much attention to h-r sublet c:bi to the conclusion that itoin- V.'ed wiia the putting f-rth rf the rpike. t.ut tlicproporti-B of ar rontir.ued toineniiso tttrt the seed were i" miiky sta'-; a- d r ccrdinsto the report of M. de B a'tregnrd, addressed to the Ctyinic do TuuIoh, the npen in" of the sorgho in that laii nde had no .ua favorable tfirct; and he consider the seeds and the "'ir arf two . ffiucts to be -ordir't-Irat'airK'd. 0: t.e her h,i?id, Mr. u ray, foualljau th- ritative,sys the Z iih u eaffr,. U, whose country the. norjih" -i ii iii-'f rx-ns areinthehal.it of lroaUing off thepardchs th monjenr tb-y appear, i ordfr t" aujmiit th qinin ity f p.:crhar!n. matter i H.e italk. Twis qiiesti"ii may he d' s Moe in poitirce in cur taction, and cxpTiin-nt liioi '.Id l nrie fr lts attu rate determina tion. Trtpuccned well in making sujar, or synip of the first qu dity, it is essential that im prratrr quantity td" th fetalks fchmrd h cit afM e tiuu? th.Si cm be property pr-?etl and the Juice b .-ihd down to de granulating p''t. of. tho iyujift d j. 1 am m ware ihat a differ, mitopitiou has been rnttr'aincd and acted on, but I am al.-o a ware that the result of this action lislfeu th fanure general ly to make ftjar at all, aad the tu.kn -jj'of a-larsj" quau tity of very inleri-.-r rup. . Thus- win have not th mean.-, of pr-.fsinr and bulling the j'Mte of the, car e th- simo day ihey are' cut, bad b' tttr co fiix-1! ir t-rfit t tic mnking of t ru p, vinegar and u'.coh.-l as tt eir atietnp: ri mi-kinp iuar must result Uobitccf-sstully und unpiotitably. Ti e cause of tLis is, th'U as pcoti as th-cane is cut an al'erati)n C"iu tnHee aiiuofct iium-diat ly, which gradually crnrp from th cut extmni'y into all the j. intsof the xta'k d -crtMiin tho amount oi crtAiiz.lt)le .u.ir, and iucrrcsing the pro portion of uiicr.vtrliz;ib'' ur4:oIitained in it. Eviii.tl't broken a.d brub ti canes ot a fihl will deteri'.rutp the inici if passed through tie n.ill with the perite' cans The T -uloii'.e a ftrtji. when tiiev h ive more cai.C ur, t' :i can be prised expedi loiihly, iury ti.csurp u in tl r jr-und t. protect it f.oin the eff cts o' the arr-,o here. Tne jmce hollld he pressed f'om the canr-s as thi.roUjghly ;s po.siuie, :vrn if it. sh uld b' rressiiry for tb purp' se to piSii them re p.itnl!y ' thri u,'b the rollers, as that portion wi,;ch is most difii tilt to be expiessed is c n sideiMi the ri-.-M st m ;o harin Matter. It is ra'Cfsarv f fi u r th jyice as it conies fror tho n iil. in order to reroove the c liulose and tihrous rcatter-, and the staich, all ol which aro present in it when expressed. A bag ni ter, or one le. of bli.ik t. pUed i-4 a bis ket, will fii.srt'-r N xf, a id to each g-i'Iou of juice, three ounces of liioe slaked in tivc or ix times its weight of wtiter. 'J he juice should then he Iv-ibd oy uppdration of a trrdu.il heat, for twei ly or t liny minutes, v. hen the impurities will rapidly totlie. surface in a tl.hk jretnish se,um. wiflch candx easily re moved by the f-kimuu r, and then the I quid Fhovdd jiojain he tilurtd. It will ho of a pile fctraw color, snd reiidy br evap' rtuwi It ni.iy iiov be boihd down quue raedy, the teiKpcrature n-t to txcied 215 oleyiets, to about t;alf of its rymal bulk, after which the fire n.itvt he keot i.iw. the evanorat'on to l e carrieil n witn great caution, and the syt up criisiantiy stirred to prevent it from bumiog at the bottom' t the kettle or evaporating p:in. I'ortions of the syrup are to bf taken Diii f rom time to tini", and allowed to c- oi, to sen if it is c!M).e euouh to ctysta iz It should be ms d use as Mtg.ir house ni"lase8 or tar. When it has reached thi- conditio,! it may be v.i hdiawn from tin; evuparatiug es si I. and be pUrvd in tubs or caks to yra::u late. Crut;di f ugar will bciu to foro, in thtfeor It ur tbys, but ir o ttn happens that weeks intervene before crysta izafioii takes p'a,-e ; but it may alw.is be hastened by ad cl i n j to the thick iyrup, when -cooled, a few prains of brown suaror a little pulveriz-d wiute eufrtr. After ifc has. solidified, it may he scooped out into conical bags, made o. coarse open clotty r of canvass, wldch aro to be bung' ever the receiver of nio'asse, and the. drain age being niuch aivfed by warmth, it will he useful tu keep the teo' p-iature of the rin-m I at SD tu 90 TV After s-rr.e days the njrur' n. a l-e removed irotn the bas, and will be found n bo a guod brown ugar. It may now he retind by ii!wWinjr iJ in h t water, add ing to the ndutioa the white ot one egg. m x id with cod w;.ter, for every 100 p uu!e n2ar; aHer which, the temperature is to re ried to b dlit.q. and the syrup sbdd be a! lnwrd to "rem dn at that heat for hall an hou. 'JTieo fkim atal filter, to remove1 the coaguda td albumen ard the impurities it hiii x traried jroMi the sn;ar. It must not be forgotten that sugar making isan art, and that eelbnce in it in only r taii ed by . close obsirutiou and long txpe r'ecce. What wa tietssaty for the extrac tion f sugar from ti c bect-rom. frem. which F.wnce annually proces 120 000 000 pounds of fu-iar, is daibilers rtq oid toi the sorgl, viz : a thorough tu4v ol its nature, with a proeess of ex'racunor the Uiar specially adapted .to it A veTy large proportion of our pevpfe will, doiibthss, be satisfied with the production of. a good syrup, which they may- ubtain by-following the process descri'vd as nb-vef un'il the jqice attains the required Grouty. B on inii-g the lime wa'er. an agreeable but slighily asciduhds syrup is formed of a lighter color, but it is not liable to crptalize, owing to the presence of acid matter. 1 .11 to i lllkl rWf c pnrcipalU U M,.g.,and Pressor or Ja-Uaon, . he Agricultural Smith, of loiVBVe. fw af d A cheap and go-d Tinejar can be nde from thesrrup. To ight gallons of char rain wter adi three quarts.of syrup; turn the mixture into a cVan, tight cik. shake it Well tvr-tor three time and add dire sp-oeful of 2o-d yeast or yast cakes. Piace the caks in a Tvarrn place, and in tea or fifteen dys -' r - it w ti iHI-t'"j n 1 o'piiJ. rcaj iy umeired with molars-?, .i;d t rn int uarro strip, ann yu win hood have a poon Timear. Av sweet fruit nr rr,ts. sunh as fi-?4- be-ts wt&njilon juice, the .sk'rr in'o-gs f the sueritr boiler, fa , add to the bulk and quantity, when pToosrfd to the ozvern cf the air tor the act-tous frrmen'atL'n to he eft'Tted. Th .cini ;fi; nwleot' making inegar rapidly, i . 1 . . ji.. ...I. u.. I. ro pa itie 'uiuor rji.iirfHy uiruuzn winxi p-rtoratfd til tk mu witn t!ij, ana Uhe J wi n w mi1 sh vi: 2. s mat it ruay o- 'ncr- ughly permcaud by th ex eo of the at- mosph'ire ' Til ii bm i!e canes can he usd for n akin c rup-nd a i' dml, -but vrid not ie'd .Mi:ar. Tea r-.h 'I onKlnct-dhv only one distillation ia nearly deiit'ite of foreign flavor, having an ag-ei;t6! .ate 0'U -nat rerrvbiin" noyau, t-in much anient aid 6-ry 'ban run.. A biveraye anahom to cider is alo ciade i r -rn the fefmeMted juice the sorgho. " Ii tiuuld be recollected that to make sucrAr, yrup. tinezar, ale h'd or cider, the juic' f-f the sorgho mt b fi't d-f. cated f-r ciarifird by lime ('bice unces ot lime in fi'.? r sdx times i i s weight of watar t eh c;i4l,", "f juic) and heat, a,id fi en fi'terd At ti e pno ej- tcmpera'ure aud with the addition of a little brewer's y-ast, or yea.-t cakes the ju'ee w ) undergo the vi; roua feriuautath n iu 'rem three to five days. Extracts from Northern Peace Jonrnals. N'evr Ysrk Sunday Mercury. A fit nt revolution is taking place in men's flpihfons. The war is not prosecuted with its ancient enthatdasm either by the Government or the people. Tnf former is demt nted aud intfih ient. th letter arc weary of their cares and burden.. With tha Adini&istration an early peae seciHs o be neidier desired nor expected; hut with the masse who pay f.-r th-i fiddling, ar.d a h 'fe enr arc lacerated with its discord, a half formed, earnest and agoniz ing prayer is going up for calmer times, Ksa sacrifice and the e d of bl..i.o-bed, o 0 race is th end of all confes s. Ititinal councrs ulti'na'elv prv;. It is better to lose something by timely discretion, rather 'han torf it honor and pp pwrty in the' end. The people ot tne U oted States the sro l, loyal; faithful ci-iz ls are m-w de.lii)-rati'i as to wite h-r the lou-t drain their levmrces . to "the lasld dl r and the fas ilrop of blo.id," or pause to ask their anta;o dsts w.-sat is maticfed. .We want, a r -stored Uoi ,n if w? cmu st it ; if it cannot. b (nul in name, perhaps we may attai- it in suhsta' c uoder new rani'. . - Divided we fad is a go -d mott', but a fabe fitt. I1 vv wrre xis irr; iu ninety pars we would still or free. i id and p weiful. Our proper m -t-t shonld be, "Im'oor'al in ev rv pirt dead t.nly wl en annihil tel !" But e are p'usl, ini -tr light, for w orJ to i'nihila'iiM, Besides d es Uu l m die a gr at people? It i belter t,giveupa miilion rf swojects rather tji.m one pi ink m the IV il of R'ghts. Aroei ic was founded, not to oe lare but t- b-i fr e. V lieu we bad tour midioos of peoole our fXoiii!c was omnipotent; We. gave Ear-'pe tne to ch wtiich he it to contligraiioa to day, wi !i ten timrs - the fo"c, we hive not one half ihe m -ral i fluct;ce. Avvay.tlo n, witnall school -by farf. We are not i-rp '.red, aod tlo nt inm ti sn d the -ant ' idlar or I s-; the last man. 0 ir 1 ree 't pow -y is lo stop ae-d talk t'j;e.tb .r. S'o cliriaiian ginr!eiion, holduig t a b -p of N honourable ieavi. is half so mu h a traitor s th. G verntueiit parasne who Wo.ild we us drai..e i of men and b-gired, m r-:iiy ta kee p Ids i!t'lul sinecure .position, or re elect his master by d-'tjounciog better incti as tr itors. Had to the oodnan who snail soov us a liht out of this darkness ! The moments re pr.vi us. For eve y iofant thai we sail on, soire fell w-c utitiymeii's lite drops through he I akiuf vos.d;. t.iie s.';ecie is falling; - into r.eoc aii. S all -ve k-ep seaward, or turn t.ack it port biui refit? F ank! in, N'io York, Gtzftlt) In view of this discounting oJ i"i u and gloomy prospect, a'ter to i e t .an toree years ,f b oody s!ri. we li.tzml nothing lo SA.i g tha' ho.-ls ol K iu!h.'iu.s are wea-y of tiiis ruiti-. ss contH.-t. and longingly lo- k tor smile s g i oi lis ler:; ioat'.oo, evcu, if ned be, i p n U i'.: s ot M-paraliou - and an ackno .v ledgtiu-nt S -in lif rn iudej. deuce. If t is is n-'t , wiit io we sec Micti backward! ets in re-p m dir " tt, ihe Pi Cshieol'n vat; ior mule tint, ? 11 ,w tise can We aenmnt lor th ta-;i. ihat ')-rioti.-ni,' v bicti w. s, ti-reut and seii-fc.ic rttic.ii, g tor- e years ag , ha- run ih-.vu as:d de.4"t e uteil into voting-tax t raio U .uuius to biie nif u to 'tilit fur the 11 g'and preset ve 'he U i n? Who vdiit. seers now? Not a man. but all are intent upon keeping uiit of the? atiny. it matte rs iut'" by what meaus hi the n,ce ol thee facts who wi I deny that the war has become hateful to theptopv geot-ial-Iv, as well astoth" C-pperheads Aud Wh. ut) a that the p-fciarirati.m ol peace up- n the b;st terms we cou'tl obtain would e had C'i with shouts of joy and s.tisfaciiou by ihou-aods upon tlioasaitls of li-publicaos throligcou' tiie Uud? Wry, a ll-punncau paper in Do ton, wh en has heet among the tierces! for war, has g it s far. cured ol the i.'e ol sul j igatioti as to arge that sotn-a Uti detataudiug stio'dd br had uh the S -inner pjoplo, an J that, 'it i hey will not submit lo tr.e old Union, ii is use'ess to fiht any lon ger, but hold on to what we have gut, aud wait lor time to ii-teruiic t'.e future. From th-i Wirtd The new President, t ha no.uinved at C'ni cago and etect.il in Nove.ooer, must ne a man reay and willing l met any ani every eer ture for peace, a mm who shall tepreseat tridy the dignity and pw r dthe nation, and who will uot be uuwd iu: even to tndr a't armistices suggeatir.g a National Convention of all the S-aU'S. T ' Fiom the Nvt York X.irs. The peace l)-m oca y will e -dorse a nomi nation th at taitloully represents the .enti mems t.ertin stated. They are willing t trust to the gooi S.M s- and patriotism of the people for the realization d" a deficite peice a ihe sequel of an armistice and NatiQaal Convention. From the New Fork Metropolitan Eecord. Whatever hopes the North mi2ht, in the rrudt .thusiasm that ihrec years am swept over th-country like a p'juc, have 'enter tained of rextor-g the U.rion. hare melted away like t:e mists of m -rniag, and despite the snallow tricks and schemes of the war or tans t' keep up the supply of "food for pow der," recruiting is generally admitted to be a failure. The . bounty business has In-corne quite dull,, and will soun have to be abandoned hV want of the recess iry matt-rial, while it is said that the harvest of recruits, which w.s expected from emigration, is fir from ret'oz ing th4? sanguine anticipations of the men deale s in the slave markets the North The working clses are evidently determin ed no longer, to submit to tV. crushing ex ic- tions. of a despotism ss tyrannic as hat of I Kusia, a iesp )tisn that boldly avows its in tention' of carryiag out its own will without regard to the wishes or desires of the very people from which it de-ivs its powr. The murmurs rt discontent that are near 1 throttgh otit th who'e-N rtn, are but th' prr-cur-or or the r'torm. that rapid y gathering, and that wiH one day sweep iviy vestige against the war of to, VAony off the land. Tne people de.naml tbn tins tiudis'ri w rk s'?l! end 1 The call of the Aunh rit f.r five huudrvd thousand Uire vr :;i:us ha been receive 1 with a'snlien resolution tj submit no fur; her to his m ntrous dema-ohs. IIoRRiDhE MuititER We learn that Mr. Au-tin, ife ot J E Austin, living cear Gra-sy . Cr-ck ' neighborhood. Union eonny, wag mard'.-ied on T ursdy"last eyerie of 31 r Austin's ne-ro men during his absence It appears that the i egro.had be n stealing, a d Mrs. Austin had threatened to tell his mat-r. Tne next Wny ahe went to 10 field wdiere the lifgro v,i,sat w.tk. wiin h caught her and chcckeii her to death. The negro encfes.-ed the crime a a -on as be was arrested. Mrs. Austin was b .r vreen 40 and 50 years old. Cliarioiir ) liiocrat. N I X ET Y TIIO USANrFFO Ti iTPEIt CEXT Ci:irf UNGATES, for sale. TUCK Kll, ANDUKWS&CO. Au tiou an i Com. Mervhant-. Aug. 20. d 3t Just teceived, A SMALL LOT OF FREXCII M RIXO U.VDKllrfniUTS. JlLL snon, btfbre th y are all gone, tt aug 27-dlw - A. KLIXE'S. NOTICE. , S GOOD AS THE BEST I CI DISK VIXK1?AR. BltAOaS' WEST CHEWI NG TOBACCO, A FEW PAPEUS OF XEEDLES. for sale at W. W. TOODElS August 27th -dtf. Wanted. rri II E suhscriher wishes to cnploj, tor the next. 1 ?esiitn, a ouig Lady qu-jlitied to tv'ach the English liraneh and Music in Ms private fa uhi y, to a few btnall children. Refugees andothera will find a pleasant home on application, with re fert nc'.s, imuiediateh', to K AD Ell BIGGS. aug27-hn niiliacdstnn. Xash Co., V. C. Primitive Baptist Association. THE Ailaaal Meeting o4' this Association will convene t Xeu Church, six miles north-east of iiale-.ih.oa FUID Y before the last Sunday in September next. Persous frotn a distance ar riving at tialeih by railroad, will be. furnished with convex ane- to the place of meeting. U2 27 llt w3t City nepers frier.dly to th eaase of reli jrien, please "'. hulls! 255lis! ISiUJw! l 'OL.l Hundred dozen 3 and men butts- i i s real r.ugbsh imported butt. .OUTv Hundred d7.n 3 and 3V inch Butts TOi.KMl. AMJKEWS & CO.,. ang 2G J3t Aue. and Oot. Merchants. For sale. 0K n the most desirable situations in Oreens- boro' North Carolina.- Dwellin.- contains XE n tha most desirable situations in Creens horo' Xorth ('ailina.- Dwelliiii- contnina six rooms, s'ubn-a large, other outhouses contre-.ni-'Ut, and in good order. If necessary to induce the purchaser will a'so include a lar and valuable new Buick Store on the lot adjoining. D. W. C BEXBOW, au-;U-3tawtf Gregnsboio,' X.C. AGEXTSWOTKD. AGEXT8 WANTED IX EVERY. COUNTY in the Southern Confederacy, to vow the sett of impleuients f Ca-lisle's Patent, for repairing and renoYitin Cotton and Wool cards. We will sell county agencies or will sell the sett of imple ments, to some frond and responsible person to use thetn in a county or. half shares The sett (costing 75,00) is all that ig required for the ag;-nt to b -rtn with. This is a very profi table bussintss. Address. J. H. CA1ILISLE. A CO., iulv 30-d26taw8t Krnirwood. V f!. . " AIM T ANLMN-S VII tiKN .nuKHcl, Iluhmond, Aug. 9, 18G4. F EXTRACT. GFO.ftAL OkOEKS, ) C7. . ) ' V. Paragraph I., General Orders No. 63, (cur rent series) is thus iimeti te-t ! All detailed men. (ine'uding tho.9 hetween 18 and -45 ve-trs e-f ga.) witl report t, and be com mand, d by the G n. ral of R-serves in the State in who.-h they have been assigned or detailed, bo will rg nizi thm int companies and battalions. It is u.,t antie'pated that th- y will he called out, exempt in emergencies occurrieg in or near the" counties uf their residence ; nor vili service he - x afte l of ih-'m beyonl those counties and counties contigu-ui thereto ; except that ;.mpaoies here after formed noy te required to perform "service ia repeil.ig ri'd a:nt; a line oi raitroad running tbr.,uh tlirir respeetive ...u ities. All exemp's are aibiwe.l, and inviledto etsrdll themselves with such e.mpinies, s a to. be p'epared lS aid ia defending their homes when men.ced by the ene my. Signed S COOPER, A. and I. Gen. OHeial- Jso. W. Hinsdale, A. A. Gen. Headq'rs Reserve Xorth CjrolinA, 7 Raleigh, Aug.' 23, J, lbt4. ) Genekal OriPEns, t No. 7. S T. Pursuant to General Orders No. 67, paragraph V:, Adjut ant an i Io.-pt-ctor General's Ol5ce, d-ited Augu.-t 16'h. 1So4. Lo.-al Enrolling Officers will proceed at once to orgmite the detailed men, f wharover kind, in th ir rtspective-countis, into ctimoaiucs, reortTng t this oS:e the names and resid-nce of the officers elected. II. All exempts are invited, and earnestly re quest f, to aft i -h themselves to companies thus to be oriinized. fvr home defence. Ar.iis aud ammunition will oe issued as soon as th couiuanies are f rra,d. By c juituind of Lieut. G-n II drao'- . JXO. W. UIXSDALE, au5 2:5-d7t A. A. Gen. - C-ias-rvative, Fayetteville Observer, Wilining fn Journal, Charlotte Democrat, Winston Seati al, eopy sevea ii. JTallor'8 Xotlce. r PAS EX UP aud committed to the Jil or Chet 1 ' hramajfnntT, S. C. a Negro Man, who ears his name is W ASHIXGTOX, ho first anid he b'e Jongd to a Mr. Williams, of Haaorer county, tat nswsajg he belong to a-man named Johnaun, who bo'gbtrhirn in Kichmond, Va. Said boy is.about 5 fset 10 inches, weigh? ahout 163 pounds ; not verv black. Thaowoer i he""- br notified to come forward, prove propertv, py chargesor he will be dealt with a' the law di rects. - w . li A K5, Jailor. O. Pittsboro', X. C. aug 26 St Tn c a cri v n. a tut-wv tT C 4 Kichwiond. July 23, 1564. tlAitl) IKEASUUl XOTES. order to promote. a- far as practicable, the early liquidation hy the Treasury of the OUT- o i Aa Ul A It TAaEI) XOTIIS, the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Pav Depositaries in the ditlernt Stitet, ht hereby authorized to receive the said notes, except the $100 notes, at CC, per Centura on deposit, issuing tor game ejertiucata of Loan, upon hypothecation of non-taxable bonds. The said certificates to be payable on de uand. after the expiration of ninety days. And all agent? for the sale of the above bonds are hereby authorized to receive the taxed notes, with the exception above named, in payment of bonds, whea sold, at the rate of ver centum. O. A: TRKXnOLM, aujj 2$ dI2t Secretary of the Treasury. File Sliuidrccl Million Loan. S O N - T A X To LB BONDS. Treasure Department C. A., 1 Kithni'jud, Aug. 22, $4. J N' OTICE is hffrehr given, that sales of the above UONtJS. at the present Treasury price of $135. and accrued interest, will be discontinued after the 30th d.iy of September next; or. when th ? sales shall have reached evenly millions of dol!ars, if so iuu h shall be sold betore the said 3 n t b day of September. The sales will be tmp.nded to con.ider the ex pediency of adeaneing the y rice, aud due notice will be given jf their resumption, and of the price fixed upon tht bonds. " The Secretary of th Treasury deems it his duty to csill the special attention of tax-payera generally, and particularly the agricultural class, to this notice. This loaa should be all taken up by our own popb. "The payment of interest to foriffn countries will be onerous and oppressive on the return of p-acft and low prices. Anil roiw that all agrieul turl products are commanding 5ueh high prices, by investing in the bonds of the Government tnx parers will becone themselves tl receivers of the taxes collected for the pavmer.t of interest. G. A.TREXHOLM, aug 26 d!2t Secretary of Trcaurr. EIl T1FIGA.TES OF 1SD E II TED XJJ S S IIEA1UXG fi ' EH VEST. PER A A' A I'M IXTEHEST, AM Fi:EE FROM TAXA TION. TltEASCHT I) Y.VX KTli ENT, C. S. A.,) Kichmond, August Sf 1S4. J BYthaHlh section of the act to reduce the cuirrcy, approved .February 17th, 1803, the I Secretary ot the lreasuiy is autr.oncu ro is-ue the ab.ive cei tilicates, payable two years after the ra ificatioii of a tr atv of peace with the United States. They cannot be nold, but are otily to be hsu 'd to such creditors of the Government as are willing to receive the sauie in pupineui ef -their d-mands. ihev n.uit alio be given at par, though free flora taxation. The attention of ruichasirg agi'rts and dis bursing otiicers o the Government is ca'led to this class of public scu: iti-s as olTjiing ptculiai advantages to those lit mi whom the supplies of the (Jovernmi r.t ar bought, and to facilitate the u?e of ,h.,ni. cheks oi hau by disbuoing iilieers upon the Depositaries hohlij..jr these funds, and matked across the" face ".ayable in lertifietes of ir.l,?bieunss,V will be paid in ceDforarity thcr w I i 1j ." lposit.Tus are hi-reby a'i'horixed and requir ed to comply with this regulation, and to make artrliemnn tu the Register for tUO: lies of CeftiQ- ' i r - n 4 cates as required. Signl G. A. TfiEXHOLM, aug 23-d2rtt Secr etary of Treasury. BY TUE GOVERXOR OF NORTH CAROLINA. w HEREAS, IT IS REPORTED TO ME THAT ma:iv soldiers from the tnaps ef this fcftate Vi i -o ! u rl n 4 I . i l.r a n . I '11 r:i ; I . and ft r ' , fc: . u d IoiuDUillII fc0:nt! ,,f ., . f. r..nA. ... the. larrs by aiding them and thcrs by vio'ent d3-pi-vJains upon pea- citble citizcos, cnr.silingslia.i.ic aad t,bl.qtiy upon themselves and th .ir poster lty, iurraj;i2g tn-? laws aa ue j e,-r vi eueieij, acd dn:nnrinr the eau e of their h;.rd presM-d country; and, whereas, G-nerai liobert.E. Lee, in General Ord-r No. 54, Au-ost lfith, 1SH1, Las protni&ed to deal leci. ntly w.f.h all who promtiy return to duy, though they m;y have i'.euiTid tbe penalties of ttesertion Ly prolonged abscate with aut authority :. ' Now, therefore, , Zehub u B. Vree, Gnveracr of the State of Nirth Carelina, do issue this my Proclam iiion, urin most earnes ly upon all uen misguided men to wipe oat fiom their onre ns pected names the foul etuirt of dtscr.iu-!, hy promptly returning to tbe p.,st of duty in accord ance with fai l General Order Xo. 54, pror,is:n ro all such who vcluntariiy return or su'reoder them selves to the proper authorities a full aud free pardon, or the infliction of only the mildest pen alties of the military 'law, except those ho hae been guilty of capital felonies against the lives and property of the citizens; and this promise shall hold goad for THIRTY 1AYS from Ihe date he:e tf. Anl I hereby war't all such who refuse to comply with these terms that the utniott power of this State will be exerted to capture them or drive them from the borders of a country whose high honor and.spotless renown th y dgruce y r t'us inij to defend, uud ih;it the extremest penaldes of the law will be enforc d without exception, we.en caught as well as against thir ai.lers and abet-, ters, in the civil cou is. Siraaltaueou-iy with this preel.ituation, orders wi,l be issued to the entire mititii f tbe State, to turn dit for th. ir i.trrst ; aud I hope, by timely submission, the will -paie ine the pain of hunting down, like gudty felons, many brave and misguided mm who have served their country well and '-oahi flo so ag du. Deserter- from other Sutcs who hide in our woods and asust ii giving our State k Lad n.ime, I c:in d nothing for, but to theerringsoldicrs of Xonh Carolina, I cor.fidently appe:,l. And I earne.-tly call on ;ill good citizeus to assist me in nuking this appeal effectual, b .th by their exertions as militia soldiers and their influence as men to take pains toeek out all de-erters vt their acqaaiut aiiee, put this proclam ttion in their hiinJs, or in the hards of their relatives and f iends, and urg upon them to return to the path of duty, which is also th- path ot safety and honor. If every goed and loyal citizen would et abutto re.-laiin or capture one deserter by every 'c ans ia his power b . wm.M c!n.vf.h and he will have reiidcrcd J a in-.st v-iluiblc ind patriotic service to Lis State and country.- Civil magistrates are also exhor el to be di.igent in' proceediug aeatnt !1 uch as violate th'j statute against harboring, aiding or abeninr deserters, and warning is hereby givon . that in all cases where either civil iugi?trutes or md-.tia or home guard otacers refuse or neglect to ; faitLfully perform their duty in tUis respect, upon proper evidence submitted to me the Executive protection extended t them under acts of Con ; gr.-ss shall be withdrawn, as I cannot certify that officers, civil or mbitai v, who relare to perform their duties are 'nece:sary to the due ahuinistra tion of the laws," which they will n it execute. Given endcr my hand, and the greit seat of tbe State, at Raleigh, the Ttth day of Angu-t, Z. B. VANCE. By the Gn verb or : . A. M. McPuEfcTEBs, Frivate Secretary, pro. tern. u? 25-u6t-tri-wCt w2t All the daily papers ia the Sute copy cne week all other papers, two weeks, and lead bills to Brenrtive Bepnrmt.' NEW AUCTION AND COMISSION STOW? W1I. AMUL S. Tl'CKKK AND W. .K. Andrews, have this day associated there selves together under tbe name and .style of TUCKER, ANDREWS 1 Co., for tin purpose of conducting a general Auction and Cominissir.a business. All business entrusted te them will meet with promptness and dispatch. TUCKER, AXDBEWSACO. June S3 12T-dt Sorghnin Boikrs FOR SALE. , lam Manafacturiog Boilers of all fieea. Ail orders promptly attended to. P. T. NORWOOD. Raleigh, July 21 dtf DR. B. F. ARRI.XCTOX. (err ice at iicbuii hotil.) Office hours from 9 a. n. to .1 p.m., as4" from 3 to C p. ra., unt l 1st October, ang 4-dtf Ileal T!statc For Sale. VALUABLE Tract of Land in Onslow eoan tv, tontaii injr feOO acres, half of which. is A clear.i and in cultivation, and producing finely ; about 2u0 acres first rate laud to clear. Elevated Mr,d healthy, and to situated as te require but lit tle fencing." For pirticulars, address, m D. A. HUMPHREY, ugl8J3t Goldsboio', N. C. Office Ealcigh k fiaslcn R. R. Co'py, RALEIGH, July 7. Mi4. rpiIE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THIS A Company have declared a dividtrd oC-15 per cent, on the capital stock, pavable on and after after 1st of August. ISeU, in four per cint certi ficates and bonds of the Confederate States, or iu Confederate treasury notes of the old isu at face value, at the option of the Cornpanr. W. W. VASS, jul 8 dtf . Treasurer. Valuable Iron 1'roiwrfy for Sale. tfE offer for sale -the Crowder's Meuntaiu f T Iron Woi k, formerlr known as liiiggs' Forge, consisting f near eleven thousand acres of Land, about one thousand f which is cleared and very fine farming land. There is an abuedance f excellent ore, includirg tbe celebrated yw'ilw ridge or.e bankone 15 or 20 borte Steam Fa mine; over 150 feet of Iroa Pump, Ropes. Chains, &c, for raising re ; Saw and Grist Mill, and three hot bla;t Forge Furnace:', all in sucetsful operation. , . There i also a very beavv Rolling Mill, c tair.irg six sets of rollers ar.I mach'.r.eiy necis a ry for its successful operation, which we will sll separately, if desired. Th irrowii;g ciop will be nod if the purchaser doires. There is a good dwelling and all necesarv outiiouses at tbe work. For further information, address, at White Pine, Gaston couutv, X. C aug 24-dGt G VRUE1T X BROTHERS. . ' MADAME iiOSITOWSKPS FEMALE INSTITUTE, (BAI.HAUVlLtC, NEAR COLUMBIA, S. C. ) fpiIE EXERCISES of this Institute will becwm A menced the let of October, lst. Tlu services of IGXOR TORlAXXI and oth er eminent Instructors have been seemed for tbe Institute. For Circular and information, apply tn the Principal. " . auy 15 tawtt Confederate Taxes rpHE Confcdei ate Tax Assessors fur the County 1 cf Wake, w i!J attend at the following timea and places, lor the purpose of assessing the TAXES, for the ye.jr lsflt. At Raleigh", Thutsilay, Friday ar.d Siturrlar. lkt, 2od and 3rd Septerabee. Banks, Monday.- 5th . Barney Jones'. Tuesday, rh ' Lanhh'v'sX Roads. Weduesdsv, 7th (reen Level, ili'its .sy, 9lh M-jrrisviii?, Fri iay, 9th l'ith 13th 14th 13th lKth 17th :otM -'1st 22nd Busbee . .Vor.day, Hood's Tuesday,' Wakelidd, Wednesday, Rolesville, Thursday, Forestville, rriday, Dunosvil!-,-, SaturdAV, L-.i-.vs'. Tuesday, Oak G-ev-!, Wedrrsday, G. W. Thompson's. 'Ihursdar. . ii 4 (( The tax-payers of Ihe (Jounty arc hereby mot fi.'d to attend at th j tiu:e3 and p laces above stat ed, fairest their respective rtsideio- t, and fam ish to the Atseisots a correct list ,l tho following su j ' ts oi taxation, im hand, hiidar, ewned ou the 17h of February, ISK4 :. Li::d, number of cie and valuo in 11. Slave?, numb , sex, age, aud value in lfeCG. Horse's, Mules, Asses and Jennets, r.nd valne in ISt O. Cattle, utimbn-r and alee in 10. Sheep, Goats find Hogs, an'd vaiue in leCO. ('otton, Wticl, Tobacco, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Rye, Buck wheat, hire, Potatoes, of all kinds, Peas, Ground peas. Bears, 1 our, Meal, Sugar, Molas.vs, Ba con, Lard Spirituous Liquors, ie., on hand on tho 17th day of Feb. uary, IStJi, and not necessary for frtioily consumption- for tLe year LS4, The number of bushels and their value respectively, must 6 stated separati ly. llouseho d and Hi clien Eurniture, A?i icnltural implements, Mechardcal T.x.Is, and Musical in struments, and their va'u.f in lfCO. Carriages, Carts, and Wagons, Drays, Ac, and value in 1860. Bqpks. Maps, Paintings, Pictures, tatmn ery, Ac., and value in lst.0. Propel ty of all Cor porations, Joir.t Stock Companies and Associa tions, (Jol.l an I Silver coin. Gold dust,, and Gold or Silrer bullit n Amount of all ;-olv l.tci i dit, Bank Bills, and all other papt rs issu-d as cunen Cy, (exclusive of m n-irteut beating t'oiii'e-Oe rate Treafurv Notes, anJ thiployed in a taxed bnsin ss. ) Value of all moneys held atro-d, and bil s of Exchange on ton ign countries; and the valu- of : II artic es ol pei con a I or mix; d propel ty not enumerated above, and not exempt from tax ation. Land, Slave's, Cotton and Tobacco pur chesed since the 1st of January, 1 6 j 2 . must be listed at tho amount piid for the-ui. The Bscou will ah be listed m. a. bledsoe, r. h. jones, ang 3-d26t As2&-rors, v.ii.if.tBSi.i. la,s rmi ssaiki IjUKSUANT tt a decree of the Supreme Court, msde at Raleigh, June term, lsd4, the un dersigned, e. ecutt, of the late Wm. M. Carson, will i.Tirir to rmlilif. talp. at thw (nirt Hnii.K door iu .Mari' n, .Mciroweii county, -orin caro on Xues'Jav, the 20tb day of September next, v desirable TRACT Of LAND, Ivirg on Una, a vet Be lneluding the late t esiuencot said deceased, j"db taining about seven hundred acres, about one hundred and twenty five acre of 'which is good bottom, and in a high rtate of cult ivy ti. -ill. There is on the p:ace a large ai-d comfortsb e biitk house veith seven rooms ard all the neces ary out buildii.gs, including Gritt Mill and Saw Mill, and several hundred choice fruit trees. Also an undivided half interest iu four hundred and twen ty acres adjoining the above, one buuered and fifty acres of which is bottom; At the same time and place I will sell, as administrator of Wm. L. Carson, deceased, under an order of the County Court, an undivided Lalf interest in v. hat i know as the Gibb's placa, adjoioing the Brick II euse place, coctainicg about rivo huudred a -res, and aixty acres, adjoining the same, lying nu the Chestnut branch, and one huodrtd acres Ivirg on the Pol- Bridge branch. Alio an undivided one siith interest in the Fork plac, lyingon the crtb . fork of the Catawba river, containing about sir " hundred acres J and au undivided oue-fcurth in-ter-st in about' two hundred and titty acr of . wood land, adjoining the town of .Marion For any further information about the proper ty, call on or address the subscriber at Marion, North Carolina, TERMS made knowa ou da v of sale. JOUX CARSON, Exicutr of Wm. il. Carson, dee'd, and adminutiarnrof Wm. L. Carsea, dte'd. aug l?-dI7t Xitsi ash Uiiinv Bum, . Richaoi.d, Aug. 15, ltt4 J UNDER instruction from the Secretsrv f War, the Coinnofsry Departiaeut will la future furnih all supplies required by the Pureae, ai d all efficcrs erejtei.tt fftueNite and Jdinir larcaa ..i w engeft d elleeting 0 luminary Slrer in the Stale of North tVr.dlna, Virginia aM Trp Tennese will at onee'eeaie .periior. Vrgsge Ktuta alrtay isads wl',1 ke evnapl:ed With. RICHARD MORTON, l.ieatenart-CoUael, ng It It m" Aetlnt; Chief of Bnteati. ADOLPII C0H!,, . fYnOI.RRALR TOBACCO nOVSE, ColIlIIlis;iVA,, Merchant, " GOLOSBORO, N. C. JIBEUaL sdvane n'tj tasde en Prodnee coo U signed to me. i , i rely U.ISC1-dSuv i Bond- for Sale. riYX' HUNDRED MILLION CONFEDE RATE SIX PER CENT. BONDS. . 'plIESK DONDRrreent the greatrst tadaoe. 1 cents for investments. They have thirty years to ten, interest payable f etni-aunually, aat'a are s cured by import atid export duties; are eveir.j.;, principal and intciest, from taxatlob, and the c.uaous rvcitable as eoin fwr w(wnt duties. The c upon cf these Bordi. doe Januarv 1st. DC5, hi vh been ordered to he received iu ut meat , rj . - I... . . f ....... i . " ' vi impoi k. uutiM tn aurahce et ir.aiurny. AppU tu -. ALLEN R. (ilBPS, Agett Ti i asurv Def artrneitt. ja'y 'ii f WiiiLitetou, N. C. 3It. crnon IVnutle Fenilnary, ( Jintrol Sprivgi, Chntfi0m Ctity, N. C). f IHE next session of this Sthrol 111 rrrrmrrvs I oti.ike 1st of Sertember. Every department willj)( supplied with cempttrut tad fit riienced ia:trurte.t. CinuUis containltig full particulars as to terras, &9., w iii te fwmardkd upon spplicttirn t RKV IVM HOOP Kit, Or T. C. LOO I R, Fyittviile, X. C X. CYovag ladies will be rertiveJ asloatd tr it cur time durini tl e irontbi of July and Aust, if their l attata e"t,sidet it sdvirel le with a view to tho tucfit te We diiif.l friia tie u.ia ru1 water. . ' aug IS dCt 3 EGO tsollarsi Howard. I ANA WAY from me on Xlondav lat, PRr.W. J CY, ated 40 y-ar-, and EMILY, aged-If. beo.b are verv blstk and tout nsde. They are probably making t heir wsy to the Easteiu part f vL Stute, wheie they were broul t fjm. . I iil ive the above raid U r their conflua- i i luent ic jail. it tLat J taa kit th u. BEN J. KLL1, aug II J2CI Coi eetd.N. tf. A'eptoes M'aiifcsl! iwish t buy on hundred likely yours; N eg rota of btith teies, between the aga of ten and Cfteeu ytars. Alke a tint tale lariuiag Black will. TJ10S. J. rERSOX, Bf 16-20t Gartvvrg, J. t. QUEKT IRON K)U SO KG HI" H B01LEPB 1 O 4M tnd feet long, Mfc itelo Ihiek and 20 ir.ehes w.de, for sale ct j jely X 16 dtf CREECH it LITCIIFOHD. ! Ti 1 K SA P0XACA N K ' ill hi . t rU H0T rKM TECT IfAt'Uf N K J". a i GRINDING SORGHUM, Q Yi:T OFFERI'l) TO '1 1 IF. PURL10. ' I'Mr.Er'ULLY constructed under the itnuicd:Me j supei vision o' a geml'ioan ritident for vera!. years en a sugar plantation, .it CoUibinrs the re- , suits of his ptactical experience i'b trtt s,it. j rial and good workman? Lip. Jirvuirn very i litl'e o,.d woik in irttirg up, crd con. bint s, in at . eminent drgret,- ncononiT st,d du'-nlilitv. 1 'olo't-Mdjs .f 2 at. d roll, rs, l.oi ijontal sod ; vrtiesl, and Siymp l.oo.rs lion sir go. u u ... eAlIors, fer sale. Address , BATON' A IRON CO., f a ett villr, X. T. V. H. Mills and heifers e fiver d at'Kjyjt ra Western Rsiiiofd, or at fcalviga, or Wori.sville n N. C Rtilresd. I I WOOL HOTIf.E. QUAKTERSMASTKli'S DEPART MEN 1. RAt.r iom, .! r 1 1 5, I AM NOW PP.LTARED TO FX CHANG E C-.ttn Yaru f.r Wcol, ut. tbe f.l :.wiB tern, vii , One bnuch of Yarn for three pennds washed Wi", and on.-bant li lor four pound, unwarned. AgebU have been appointed to tevko the - change at the follcwirg.plaee : Oxford, I'm toi ( Kir.rt n, Cathr t ine Lake, Crjcord, Rockirl.ain, H-i.d: motivi.le, Statesvilir-, I.'otbr.rt.', Abeil!et Pittrboro'. Lou:burg, 1 ayetteviile, Colei aia, auJ at this plate. First us si. if ping wool to this plate will flra B.ark on the put kag s hn thry arc fir m, and tha cotton yai n w ill bel'.mmded in n edio oy. I hope the people w II pti ii.t i a;ly ii.m! to tbj above notice, as the Wool is for eh'thif the X C. Troops. H. A. DOWD, A. Q. M., X. C. A. ' jntye-140-rf IO A SS OS run IRtfVfi F TJt K j FIVE IIVXHRED MILLION AA' FhR CENT. N ON TAX A LI.E hUSDH UNDt.k THE SEVENTH SECTION OFAJIE CUR. It ENVY LA IV. ' - t Di-poiitcs on call Will be reeeirtwi bv the f Ws tier in fFis citv , Asfistant Ireasureral CLsrUa ton nd Mobile, and the Depositaries a. Wjltuicg. tr.n, Raleigh, Columbia, Augusta, Stvar rah ai d Montgomery, and certificates will Le icd loi the same, barirg iuterest at the rste of tour pr cent per annum, ar.d secured by ike bypotheca- . tion of an amount of. the above bends, rual n the sum of these loai.s. The but,ds tt he set apa:t by the Trearurer, atd the prveced, thea sold, applifd exclusively to tbe paymetit of the sai l eertifieates.. . The security and ?rnvenifnee afforded to backs and other corporations, and to tL publie geijer-. ally, Ly this mode of tempo arv in v-st ment, and the eff.'ct i f the mcasurr if generally, adoj led, ia keeping the ra rency within lut dente bound, it is hoped, will commend it to the favorable con sideration ef the cornDiunitv, and retire iLeir pron at eo nratien in earn ing it into effect. G. A. TREMIOLM, Secretary ef tke Yrea.arv. RieiiMsa, Jaly Ji, 16C4. jcriy lt-etf OFFICE OF cTs. DETO ITARY. ' TUi.nt.H N. C,.lui '2 All, Di4 HOLDERS of icht and seven per t.f. verfi fi cites, ifued by f.eorpo W. Miderai, late Dej.ositary, and of six per cent, certificates issued by th i undersigned, are requested to rresentthem and receive their Jtonds. Theoupr,u therecn.' due January first aud July first, 1864, will be paid at tbe same'tifue. Holders of Reirutered fftrveks, who have bre- I Wore received inir interest at w nmington, are again informed lht the same will be paid atthi oilice in future. Holders of aj Reg tterrd Bonds can'feceiv- their Interest at thisnflice, by request ing the Register at Richmond to tiaosfer bis stock to the bay-roll of this Depoitarv. C. R. HARUISOK, . juiy 2T-tf q. 3, DepntltarT. CcagervattTe eopr rill sV.itld. i

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