4 y DALLY CONFEDERATE. DAILY COX FEDERATE. AI) V CRT irG ..t-'.:. A 0 Vil4VI t N T8w C U lnwrtsjd aAjrun rtt.Laa j ef square f ten Ueg lnr leas for eaaa IncettMC. i:a;rlr noticosaudOMarUS wlUbs casjpid u alTUaamesta., , . , : JOB WORK ef ercrj dxr!p.a will be ecu tod 'at this Offlo with dkVteh, an4 asaeiti u otn be done la "the ontkrn Carraey. - 14. i -a fr i woAttia...............ff 2S ' it' .. -.. ... ii " 1 " & '' C ............... 15 - - in mm m MM. .4 44 ..vgekly. OLD EBTFS, VOL. V. R A T.ETGH, N. C MONDAY, OCTOBE 11 IT. 1864. VOL. lSo. 224. Lh '. ; - ' . . - ' f ... . ; . " , . ... j . . m i- i Hv , v Wi Pi n'AV nil aaent Stephens anJ Ileeon- In or'rr. we-pics'imo, (bat he .mig-t not ; ui'sunderstood In h a jO'icj of ic .i it , i . . i (,or,s:,uiti'iu.. iue vi c rresiuent rcrors w the Coiitcnt'on of 1787,. as the uod 1 of the ('uijvciiti ) i bo proposes, for. th". aa 'geuibln: of the Pot. o h rate and the Uni- vlat wjd tlio ouvention o 1787. 1 'iiiti louver. tion of 1787 arose from (he siipr"St?J di-fic eiicie ( f the articles of c0;,i',; eration td?cirry on the aifatrs' of tho ruifci 'iJitfS. "'-ilt wa3 eal cd by States, .i..,vL in fmih-dHrn'mn, afipi thpir itiHa 8 i i i it .lL petiienco iraa achieved, -and the wur with H 'oat liriuill wiiri ciiucu, lo imur ui amcna their liiti les of coiife leration. Is this, BOw, the con lition of the Confederate and of the" United States tuwrJs each other? D 1 7 i th M ites Avhich -aisembled to--ntkrn Convention, were at that very tiiuf-united toetLer uniler bae govern a nt, n ' upon the ino t intimate relations of a:jjiry, havng fought 'together throu-.'h j-icvcti veirs' war, for their coa.mon in JtpcD enec and liberty. Iu 18G4, Mr. jjterien.- advocat 8 a Convention of " the CoulVtrate States with the United Stat, from w!.un they have separated, because oftlvir fiithly?tfnesaan oppressions aii J yht are hot . w-ging agaitist ta ui t fierce snl b-irbarous war for their subjugation. Ihe . ircumatarces, then, in whieh tie-Sta'o- which formed the Convention of 177 v.cie placed, are very different frou theiii wht h the Confederate and the Units i States n'w &tnd towaas each oth'jr. The Co mer a- a Convention of fr'uudi t-e latter must Le a Convention of enjui'e.i. 2. ir. Stephens proposes that the def lates iippoiutt d loth- 0 nventiou of 186 i (ball be ci f lied with powes to consult an'l give upon some pUm of adjustment of our pre nt r.iWjullies an I .stride, to be" submit te.i fir uh-equent ratificition by the suv;rci;2n S ate- whom it fffecfed. So far as the ;ub.i.issioa of its labors to the Stat s fo. ratification is concerne 1, the pnpo e 1 Convention of .1804 is like the Convention of 1787; but there is a mo t itrikin (iitfVrenee between them as to the uiatteis io be ajuste!. Thero were no 'dtE'ul ics" as to rights there was no "strif " dinlayci, or furiou- win to be adjusted in te Convention of 177. But now wo are to go into a Convention with those who deny us all right, and who have beeu for three "year striyia2hjr-thA Bnurii to root tnoin out Of'our liud. 3. Tho Convention of 1787 ws assem bled to "form a more perfect union." The ' re-'inoSo of the Constitution submit tal to the St:tes. for their ratification, pUrc? t f i i s s the very fir t reason wl ioh governed their U'-or. Gen: Washingtoo, tte Resident f th? Convention of 17tt7, i-Biiins t is uri thr one ure't object of the Convention. N w no union exists-at all let-eon the Confederate and the Unied htts. Uuf if ;he Convention Mr.' Ste. pheLs prop.i i to bo like the C nven tion of i7s7, its ,:r.m 1 object must be jto form a more releet u do " bet ween the font' tkratu m d the United States in oer ur s, a rccou-truction of the de fun t lTnio:i. 4. T .b roar.-ntioh of 17S7.was limited m its jto cs. d he resolution of toe Con gres of the Con e i ratin reeomiwen-led 4 t at a l'o tvcntio sh uid meet in Piiila fe!phi:i on t 6 ceon I Monday in May en m Dr lo the purpose of revising t:ie r- ttcli- u' Coufcdet ion, and reporting to Co:ue- an tr.e.evcral JjOg slature such fi'f r iond n i provi.dons t' e ein, a. shall !un airroe i to in Congress bi confirmed fyt!i. t5t.tes." Mr Stephens supports a CfQV' . t on of the Confederate tud the Voile1 .t tes, in which the delegates shull eI' it c.-s in ti.eir powers. They are to 1 Slothed with powes to consult nnd a;'fee ;ipon soino plan of adjustment." urlibo ties, rights nd independence are a" to be 1 -.lie "to the " pln of adjus- itt." W(.y the jedousy which actuated f t' O'S on CLt-riog into the C -nven- - n . i LiT' i llfn of 1 , 87, formed only with friends 1 full be repudiate i on entering a P'O- posGi Convention with our unprinled - - . r , i icfpica iiii'uv enemies. s a ma tcr, we pftsurue, te beyond our humble appreciation. The Iac on ' Confederate " siys i t is ethin vhi'Perel that an assault in lor e is po. n to be mnde by the Conteae- 'nnon toe mosr liupyriaut uwuv GeWo, I, oh' Lr the cnemv. . Under the ' K Hi OV . "V J " J motives which have regulated our edifori l con Ui:t. in subordinating thee co umns o!Iy to the gr. nl obj ct of Southern n3e-endence, we feel that we cannot fc descend to particulars, and save our toder the benefit of thf partbulara of ePrand enterprise now maturing to rid Jbe Km; ire State of the So lh from the f'tff !k; oppressor. Events, we trust, shortly tell the tale. In the mean- reader WATCU WAIT. : Macon " MeEsengcr" of TVedoes- cav J BK-rnsng publishes the following, as P "Script " : As ariy ere pria Oi'cro ,n t..c vynt tfitli h s nrmv. hut off by. llr forces in Tenne.ee, about kv;lle, on his return from Washington, Jn,y one corps of hi$ army is believed to Hin Atlflnti. Pre We V(tp mittanrr our Pnner rrCS. u., HhYd thatundei orders treni wener- 5Pcho vere received that Sherman's al A. R. LAton. irV.A hud attacked Hood at Almtoonafnd a? bote for 'the: itore., th.; barllt, .IrfJ xehh the IoS Of 4.000 lllVX . 1 will furnish them with nftrnn',1 U.. r,nv tra'ns and store', recants on Hills of Lading Z . ... -- -j f h- store8 to be trn-pi Notice in G.5 vprniisnt fIontractor. valuable steat . mill property for : :' sale. : - TWO PLAIN' CVLI.V OKU BOILED. In n'od condi ;..n . he.nv otfw, forty-ftt lontrnnd g and" A cotnpletH ("et of tlirrunniu? p.-nr of a la: Steain rtaw Mill riinnlng twa circular saws of larcfst f izi. the Kiffht thousand poiinan of, C;ntin j?, cbifflfin the shape ofpullv .n.l c.. and IK wliceli of ?ari ou sizes, frjjin six JVet in dUm.Ur Uovn tu eigteen inche. v . Fur h'u!and nourda or wrou-zht iron, chiffly in hafting.'tf various dim r.sitis. t'r. m eix to three incb-rs in diair ter tire hutured pounds of it in rrds onj' ar.d a Inifir.cli tbick. Thre fir?l-clas Circular Siw. 'txn 'n'f Ht.m 'HT-two inehS in d;a:ueter. never used and in peripct coadition on in roof order, fortv ciirht inche, in dUmct.r,. but hL tta wed? !d fi ""v;1- lcn"iuaiai!!ttcr. Nineteen V,-rticj! perfect condition, aud the leniaindcr but Httto ust-d. . - , To anv oco' wisli'.n? to parcioisa the entire pro perty enumcrat d above, a jj-ejt inducement will b ofiered. If found i.r:p. nciic-ibi j to sill the lot, however, it will by f!d pt-paiate! v. Fur" particulars upplv in person or br tttr to 'THUS. U. BLUNT, ' -Atthaorlicoof J.. Willard. ' v nminyton, Oct 14 , . d6t SALT AT AtCTItN. WILT BE SOLD AT TOWLT? AUCTION and Coiumiafion Store, on Saturday, 17tb instant : . .... 50 Sacks pvimo Virginia Salt. .TA.!i:S X. TOWLE3, AucUonefr. October 13, 1SG1. . - d2t WANfFJ) TO HIKE, FIFTEEN OR TWENTY GOOD ierv.nt!, f r ton b.i-.'ne of this ye rand the enfuinon?. Al.to, -ever id r-.o 1 coolis and wash-er-woiuen. Apjdy to II Sf.itd Stv,rd. " E. J PEEBLES, Gen'l. f!o8T,Mrtt ' No. 14. Oct U d2t . Wake Forest, N; C. Si LB OF GRANVRLK COUNTY BONDS. ONTUbDAY OF G U ANV ILL E COUNTY Ceurt nx, btin the 2d Uy of N verrbsr, I .hall soil at public ;i .t tifn, 30, G of Gnnvillo coeuty bund of'tiie dfnonin.ition of $H00, due in ten ears and lern in-t-rr-er. LA. PASCH LL. Chm's ' Oxford, Oct 13 itd. ' of it lief Board. II. Q. VOLUN'T EBUS DGFEXCK THE CITY. TTCLUN1EEBS for the defe nce of the city, will V meet in Oapitol square oi SA'TUBDAy 15th iost., at 4 p. ui., -fully aruiisd and tquioped fur target practice. By order of the Cantin THOMAS BRAOfi, 0. S. v" Raleigh, 0:t 13, dtf Van ted - mO RENT, in the Sttte of North Carolina, in X either one of the counties of Person, Caswell, Rockingham, Guiltbrd or O; aoe, A FA US!, wnfJiriTnw-rrnm THfij to isttv ar-rea i 'of laVd, , with couifoi tatdi i""Pijvtnienti, for the next three years. Any person haviu such a Farui, thu located, (or rt.-ut, will ple conmiUf.ic itt: by mail tbe location, nambei f ncr-s, charac or of toi!, terio.it of rcnT, Ac. I would prefer to pay a CASH REM'. Adores A. G V., gfr,2jH'-t Clarksvilh-, Va. Hhr- Jleairquartt'v Reserve of .V. 0. 'I tixir.iQu, uct, 11, Ibbi (jkneralOhukr-? No 15 5" T"IE foil win or.Jors from the Adjutant and Insprci r G-.Ttera e Ouit, a.re utli.-btd for the inform i' ion f au c 'ic- rned A;i mtn ie'ailel fro?n the at' my, vh r" fit foe field -ervine antl ntt certitie i to as r nuire i, w'l'1 be iiuujediutoly re turned to their i:evtr;.t com 'mm nris : ADJ'T. AM) I'MVM (iENl"' OF MCE, Uichjioxo -Sept. 26th, 1S64. (Ext Extract ) "J ctal Oroer . y Spec XXV. AM m m (Vt nle I from the army now frvtag i V Tgv . w h are not pro Minced unfit for fieM POTVice ty a Mctical Exuminui Boid anil who are not. c.-rtifl -.1 bv v irioas Heads of Be par moots ai.d CbieJp of JBure-iu as al solutcly ne ceffcary fr the contii uu-cc of the mnuf tur t,f v uniuons otd other indi.-pf nable iuj phe for the army, will re imtnediateiy reiurped to duty, with thei" repectiv. citnraindj. - Bv c-mmiiud of tbe Secretary of War. ' . (Sianed) JNO. WITHERS Assistant Adjutant Gneral. ADJU T ANrD INSP'K ONNL'S OFFICE, ) -'Richmond, Oct. 1st, IStfi. ), (Extract) Extract) STo. 2G3 J brEci N I. The employ f Tux in kind service, are hereby excepted from the operation f raru'apb XXV, Sptc;a O d rs No. 22S. Ai'jutart and In 8pecttr Gencralf OOico, Serteuber 2i, 1864. These tuip'oyees uinier ine waws ou iui? cyo- cial dutv art- providing or the arn.y, arl aot be moletd by Enroldng ofiker,, or by manders of Departments. o a O.U8C com- Bv command of tho Secretary of War. ivn -xr itrri v isignea, ....... Assistant Adjutant General, By order c f Lieutenant General Molmks, JOIIV W. T SfALE. As.dstantAajutant General. Oct. 12-d4tr2t " , Coneivative, Wilmington Journal, Fayete- ville'-Observer and tVectfrn nsuoo.at "iJ jjaiij 4 txmc., and Wct.kiie 2 tin FOR ilLE. A N EXCELLENT cord-banded ctoae Crriage scorid-bi Apply to in god order. J. H. PTBBLE, Kirston, X. C." Oct l5-d3t PI ISO FOStTK VOCAL 3IUSIC rrsHi". SUitC.-tIEK will be oleac-d to receive a liiuit .d nuuibor o!Mi-ila oi private instruc tion in the above brar-ches. . " T,-.W U will continue to tune and repair Piacosin th bst manner. Termi M.ade knojvs on,rp'icatioa. LSO WANTED, a repidecce in or near A VVanenton, toientor rn' c hw. . ApdIv to CIUS L- 1'KTICOLA Oct l5d6t ' : at Warrento.i Ftmals C S, : CoHefe. : post QuartermnMe tfrtnpna Trim HAVE SLOiiES TO TURX ( ) nVertotl.i, Department for transport at.on ateri AintlilrecthltoT d invoice, and return Railroad rocciti, for 'fe ' Capt. A A. q. Ai. . Oct 14 dt OFFIGIAIi. COVSCUIl'T. OFFICE P.AIETCH, .N. C, Oct. 10. No. io. i . -'v -T KXHOTXXN'O OFFiCUP.S wiil prr.cl at L once to a riid execution of Ocncrttl Orders No. 76 f-cm tho Aljr. nn- Invt !rVi Of5c, herewith pnV.iaded. Th-j eCtptions ctebracel io -Pnrgrph I. re-not xofntraed t inelu lo pro ducer' detail 3 1 under bond for th supply f pro vuians to the Oovernraec 'Bond a f given will be returned, If upon xaminatien tbe parti- are pronounced bv th 44 select Board " at Cinp UtilT.es. fit f,r tbe field. . II. Ii puwianoc of T,trieraph TV -H Ger.l Order N'c. 75 and of 0 n1 Orders N7. A2 from tb Lieut. General comnmndin?. Enrolling Oflieeri that all ta'in recom'nnded for lieh! !uty. and nt jet assigned, report to Camp IIolrae. withttit dolav. . Earoliinj OSsers wi l at onca Derciv tbe oeccpshv Lr a thorough execulon of this ina pnrtnt order. Noexcate yi',Uo admltfcd for anv failure to carry it out to the lot tor, and within the shortest po-'siSl? time. If a ldirionil f -yrre bj re quired, Enrolling Officer? will, by direction ef the Liout. Jen; couiTumdiDg, employ dtaebmenta from the R;.'Tvea. for the u-te of .which, authority is hvrehv trive'i. . 1 ' , By Order-cf the. Commandant, v E, Jr i AKDIN", Adjutant . kMt. and Inp dpnfral s Offlce,! ' Kichjioxd, Oct. 5, ; Geneu vl Ordep.3 1 No. 78- J . I. ALL diMila heretofore granted, under an thority oftha War Department, to persons between - the ages of 13 and 15 years, are revoked ; and all f uch detailed men, together with thojie wi'hin the said ages, who hold turlonphs, or temporary ex. . erapti ns by reion of pending applications for details, will be promptly assembled -ft the campg of instruction, nod apsropri ttety afii5ned atnonj the armies f-.tr service ; except that m-n detailed nnd now a-ttially employed in inanfaturing, providing, collecting !nd fwirding inanitions and other iidipeusable pipp!ie for.tho'army and njvy, or in work indispensable to military operations, will b? continued in their present em ployment, until t'neir details ghjll bs revised. II. The He-ids of Depirtments and Chiefs of Bureaux will, within the net twenty (20) dysj forw ard to Ui Generals of Reserve?,-lists of all , detailed in?n in their empb ymont, in t1! ?everI St'te.s, specially diatingui.hin and ceriifyinj; , those who ;ire "Xpcrtg and those nbsolntoly ind's peneaVde fr the performatce of the above men tinned Government work and hninesf ; nnd all detailed employees not so certified within the pre scribed osrio 1. will, upon tho etpiration thereof, be forfhwi'h a.i?ned to the arnv. III. All persons called out by thk Order, who clfjim exemption on account of physical .disability, wi'l be examined by ge'eet medial bvarda, after theie arrival ar thucamps ef instruction. IV. All men oand foT light datv. who are un asigned, w!l at once repuri to the camps of in struction, uoler the penalty of being forthwith assigned to the active forces. By o-dtr. S. COOPED, Oct 11 d3t ' Adj't and Iu'r Gen. Consrviiv9, Kiretteville Ooerver, Goldsboro' Shite 'Journal, Wilmington Jou-nal, Charlotte Bulletin, iAsHerile New, Iredell Express and LO CI ED A T the Charleston Wort House, as a runaway, . V JAMKS LKWIS, aujustie, tb-uL 19 eirs of age. 5 fret d inchen la height. James sam he t e Jongs to Hiram Uringon, at Raleigh, X. U for merly of N' wbern, X. 0. octlO I3t W. WITHERS, M. W. II. Piano ! Piano ! ! W TE H AVEOXCOXSIGN'MENT ANOTHER PIAXO - TUCKER. ANDREWS & CO.. oct !U-ri3t Auct. and Com. Mtfich'ts. . Strayed 7ROM the Government Stables, in Weldon. N I C, on Tn -adiy, tho 4 h of Oatoher, SIX MULKS, biand.j't 44 C. S." As th y were sent from Greensboro', X. C, by th Cc'untrv roads, they are prbHbly making, their way bek to Greensboro. A libjral reward will be paid for thei-appn herist' n, or any information that wdl lead to their recovery.- on appiic ition to .). M POWELL, Capt & A Q. M., oct8-d4t Weldon, X. C. $50 REWARD WILL be civen for the recovery of a large BAY MARE, with blick mine and switch tail, whieh wax stolen from my Fish Dam planta tion on Thu-sdav night last. Sh had no white marks, and is believed to be in fal, and is about 15 years old.' ; GCOiW, MORDEf AL Raleigh, Oct. 7th, 1861-StawStr fr T4KEX tJE. " AND committed to the Jail of Mecklenburg Co. on the 23th or February last, a negro woman who savs hei name is LUCY and btddttfrs to Nick Davis of Richmond. Said negro is about 25 years old. very black, and rather under medium size She sts that she was persuaded off from Rich mond by a man who gave his name as Robinson. She was arrested oi the cars on the N. C. Kail rad. near Charlotte, N. C. The owner is hereby notified to come forward, prove property, pv charges and take hei away, or she will be dealt with as the law directs. R. H. WHITE, ep 21-dltw5m Sheriff. JORDAN WOIHBE,E, RALEIGH. N. C, GROCER AND COMMISSION MERCHANT C'OXllXDr.rf to carry on the- Commission busi- ne on Hargett Street. All consignments of country produce and other "good received and sold; special attention given to the sale of flour. WANTED TO PURCHASE WAX and TAL LOW, in large or. small quntitie Highest drices paid. ; sep 2G w4t F. STKKD, OF R VXDOLPII, UKSPKCT- fullv informs the Members ot the Bouse of Commons of the cusu og Legislature that he is a oandidatrt for Assistant Doorkeeper. eet. 11, 188-1. dtml. FOR SALE. A SERVANT GIRL, 18 year Id, a fair washer, ironer, and cook.snnd and healthy. Having more of this clasa if ervanu than needed, will sell a bargain to get a good home for her. t d4t - - H. CROW. -VIRGINIA SALT! ; Buy Now J J ' - : WILL SELL at th lowest cash price, or "or exc!,uutT one bahel Salt for two famfcet ff.vid--l.eat.r,: Call on" ? - 1 ocil2ili A. D ELLIS, FrattkliotoD. , HfRS- MILLER continnes to accommodate iVL Boarders, by the day, week nt month. DttY GOOIiS A.l GKOCEillES! EA NOV. MADDER PRISTS. " V 'Bteached .Shirting. lfr,b'eached do., 't White Jaconet, -rhcked do.,' ' - Paper Cibric. B'mwn Ho?! tnd. Ciiecked Gingham, lick Towtlj, . . An assortoirDt f fine U.nntt Kibbote, Purple and Blue Velvet for Bonnets. ' Flowers for Br.Lce'a and IlatJ, Belt RibKon, Kid Gloves, Hoop Skirts. Dorset!. Misses and Ladies leghorn Hats . . I,n iies and Al'mes-Wbite St nl'k Lisle Giovw, Wixri Iliirilosa. Merinodo., . ;Ltdic W&it IIoe. ' .Lintien Han-txer-hiefs, Cotton do., tDres-ting' and Fin Ccinbs, . - ' lis- s Round Conibj, StHKil Thread (all colfri and Noa.), . White and Black Flax Thread, . . Hoot and dhoe V tUoini, Ladies and Mif se-v Gait?r3, " . Gents' fine Boot- and fdhoel, . Hawn's Shoo Blacking. - SlaWs Best Whicg Soap, 'Hat Bands ind BindinXi Caps, "S'eclc Ties aad Sii?penderj, Paper and Linn en Shirt Collar, Tooth and Hair Broxhen. f. Stationary, Water Buckets, Fine Chewing and Smoking; Tobacco, 1 "Best Bt adder Snntf, - A -Black Pepper, Snlce, F'lTo ior Krovn Sagar, B-rst Rio Coffee, ' Soda, Salt, Flour, ileal, Corn,' Bacon, Ac, &c A general assortment o" Dry Goods and Groce ries alwiva on hand at CORNER OF FAYETTE VILLE AND MARKET "SQEARE. . J. II.SEY & WAKE. Raleigh, Oct. 3d, lS6t.-d-:f Sortb Carolina Volunteer Navy, r pHFI annual meeting. of the Stockholder will I t ike mc in Kaleign on the 2nd Thursday ia October, 13th instant. ' If. is earcs'ly requested that all who have taken stock in this enterprise be. present, as business of get importance will be transacted. A President and Board of Directors will be elected for tbe en fuingyar Besides; the Agent has taken the responeibilitv of sending an Agrent to Europe to .purchase vessels. "He want? the sense of the Stocfc- h idrs on this subject. He has labored to carry out the original designs of . the Company and thinks hu has been hippv in securing in Europe tae ej vi-'-'S of one wh' h is been so largely en gaged in Foreign trade during the war. IVILLlinOV HRRI - - Agent N. C. V. Navy. Octob?r7th, 1361 dtd Charlotte Bulletin, F"yettviHe Observer, Wilmington Journal and 'reen.-b )ro' Patriot copy ti l 13ih iaat. and s3ad bills to tbe subscriber. W. H. Per ReSt. a TIOUSE occupied by at present, and wbicii has b en kept as a llot-d. Tha build ing contains 12 good Rooms, independent of a Urge Dining Koon, 60 fofct lo;:g. Possossioa given oa tho 1st of Januarv, 1805. GEO. T. COOKE. Raleif b, Oct. 4th, 1864. dtf $50 REWARD. 1 PR THE APPREHENSION and delivery In I hjv Jiil in fh-i State," of rar nirro man JACOfl, -.vho left me .on t,b ISth. His age is 1 years. 5 feat 10 inches hieh, weighs nar 1C0 p-4'inds. hai thick tips, and the first flncrr on bi l. tt nnd cat nearly .iff by a cutting mtchino, and had it ti i ao when he l'ft. II J was formerly orai'd by Sic. Nixm; near Wilmington, So doubt he is makin? bis wav down th'?re. JAKES' L. CARDWELL, oct37 Mijism, !tickinghaT Co., N. C. WAITED TO HIRS.7 1 .- NEC 10 CA HP OXTERS to whom steady l Atnplorment will be giyeo for s?yerl months. Also 12 ll'tuse Sc vants and Farm Hands for the ensuing year. AH to b employed ia Orange Co., N. C, ne of th-j h.a!thifst and safest portions of the Confedervcy. Satisfactory reference will b giv?n. Aip!vto Da STDAHT WHITE. Kal i2h, X C.Oct 31. 18J4 diw Jif ,trb irg Kxprtsj copy oaa week and send bill to this oihee. Hi..1 TAX IN KIND I! fJIHK Confederate Assessors for Wake County 1 will m.ret the citizps of this county at the fol lowina: times and places, or tbe purpose of Asses sing the Tax in Kind in Wheat, Oats, Rye, Cured Hay ind Wool. Those produc-rs who'f tiled to give in h p-oJu- ts jf hst vear, must come for ward and comply with the law : ' Franklin's, M'niay, 24th of Banks' TuLsday, 25th B trney Jones', Wednea lay, 26th LahleysX Roads, Thursday, 27th Oren Lvel, Friday, , 28th Morrisville, Saturday, 29th Spikes', . Monday, 31st H.ivi-s' Tueday, 1st Oak Grove, W dneday, 2d Luw Thursday. 3d O W.Thompson', Friday, 4th r October. ' if . ' November. a u it tt ' it tt- ' , tt tt it tt DunnsvilKe. Monday, 7th Forestville, Kolasville. Wakefield, Earte Rock, Aubarn, Tuesday. . 8th Wednesday, 9th 1 Thurs Lnr, 10th Friday, -11th Saturday. 12th Monday, ".14th- Tuesday, 15th Wiley Lynn's Raleiarh on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, the 16th, 17th an 1 18th of November. - ' Every person roust meet ns at the timet and' places named, and we call upon all good citizens to assist the soldiers' wives and widow ladies in the county to list their products. IHATH4N IVEY, FETOT G. FOSTER, . Oct. 5th," 14 dtf , Assessors. . sgu Weekly Standard copy and send bill to Assessors for. approval. " - - - Wanted. THE subscriber wishes to rent a Ifood family' residence io Raleigh for a refugee from Pe tersburg with a tolerably large family. Apply to W. H. CROW, sep 5 dtf Rsleigh, X. C. Wanted, A GOOD YOKE OF OXEN. Address, stating pric. Ac, S. W. MARSHALL,-' oct 7-d2t . Pacific, X. a PLA3TTATI0X OF 1,103 ACRBS Of LIKO For Sale, SITUATED twelve miles from Concord depot, in Stanly coantv. adjoining Cabarrus county. "As a srrain cntry tb reputation of this section is well known, not "only for corn, but wheat, oats and tobacco, which makea thelmd ttrr valasble.' There is u tbe premises two small houses, Ac -.Nearly all thb land is leveL "Apply to ; " ' lrl .Br.Xr. XI K11L.L.CCI, ' 6ctT-410t . , ; . Rauicb,K.C. Jot Rccclrctl, TBE IOLL 0 rr.YG CC2XS13K1XTS : flO u. nEL8 DIlT SALT, W kt'gs OUU Old Dn inioiv Xa!ls. ? A0 Marofaitured Tolaccc. ItC pa:rt No, 10 Cotton Crd. ' 100 Reams Cctatrerrial Ktte Paper. 600 SLceu Ircr, 5 X Oct-. - CREECH .t 1.1TCHFORD, rept U-dtf Cn. Mrtcb'ts and Anct's. lOO Cords of W ood lVan7cr ONE-THIRD PIXE, tbe balance in OAK and HICKORY. Tbe dtHtery of the wood war bccoramcncid at onco. Fur fuither iofornnatlon, apply at . rpUdtf OFFICE. NEW ARRIVAL. . At Tucker, A ndrews Co. T?.INE Black Merlaoej, JL. a do Muslins. do do I'alian ClMo. Oct. 11, 18G4. , r . For Kcftl, AVERY dealraWe F4MILY RESIDENCE le Everettsville, wi'h ll necossiry rut-buiU-, logs. Possession can ba Lad on 1Mb OrTob ir. WM. U. CHOW, ' sep 24 e-Hliw ! iuleigt , X. U. 3fc?rctH for ESJre. T WfSII to hire out for the eniuirig year ti soma one living in a health part of tho couutrr. ' .about FIFTY, OR SIXTY XEGUOS3. n-iij women and children. Uir t3 comaenca 1st Jaa . nary next. ' ' . faluablo JPropeiti' lor Ja!o. HAVING concluded to ch.Ang rir business, 1 wilUr-H my TRACT -OF LAND, lrig on Swift Creek, seven miles Southwest of Raleigh, containing about eleven hundred rej, all in nat ural growth of nine and oak, except about two hundred acres, mostly bottom Uad, which has been cleared in the list few yarj, and is in a high state of cultivation, with goo i fences. The Improvements consist of a dwelling, containing seven rooms, and eight fireplaces, with a base snent, a splendid bake house, and negro quarters ample to accomm .date Gfty slaves ; a' I new, bailt in the last seven t ears. I hare also a stock of mules, cattle, hogs and sheep, that I would sell If desired; also rcy present crop. In payment I "would receive Bonds, negroes and Confederate money For prti?ulars address no at Raleigh. an;? 31 dtf SAil'L ROWLAND. JTcw Auction and Commission House. - ANDREWS, RAKER & CO. HAVE opened a New Auction and Ctn:fgioa Houeatthettoreof WASHINGTON St AN. DREWS, in OOLDSBOnO', X. C. and offer thrir serrices to the public for ths saV of all artic'is of Merchandise, Cotton, Tobacco. Rii, Naval Stores, Cm Sa t, Baco i, Stocki, R inds, and securities of every kind. Also for the sai of Lands. Lots and Houses, and the Rentiogof Dwellings, Stores, Ac. Consignment are solicited. This is thought to be one of the best places in the State for the sale of any kind of geods. We have a larsre Store and pleuty of Warehouse room. Advancement wade on consignment if let;ireiL J.J. BAKER, M&iufirg raitcfis. Oolieboro9, Sept. 29. dl2t Valuable JLuntfs ior Sale. Jonathnn L Ciiff n and others vitt: 1 PURSUANT to adecreeof th Court of Eqnitv lor the county of McDovrell. made at Fall Trm, 18!4. in the sbove entitled cius?, the an dersigrud. C'lerk and Master, will expos? tn pcti'ie salt at th- Conrt-lf u'0 door in MARION, Mc liOW ELL COUNTY, N. C, on SATURDAY, the 5th day of NOVEMBER mxt, a very desirable PL A NTATION, known as he MeKntire pUce, liT.g on the North Fotkof thi.C?atawo Rirer, cm tsi.iing , Fieypn Hundred and Twenty-Fiv'ii..Acrts, nbo'rt or.e hen dredand tventc-uH Ct who-a is t i. bot tom, and tho bilarii-'i! well tiujor t 1 nvland OwiLg to the prrxiinit-r of t' pUc - o th: icr-cn-tains, although only hix mil.-s from ii(irion, it is considered one of th b-Jt ?'.t.jc i'aens-in tbs county. Tbe purchaser wil?b required t ivc Borjd and good security, payable? twrlvo motitha from " .datj in Specie of Curft-nt lUtk Vote f;r the pui cbaee money. For any further irifttUi'ai?yn about tl e propyl ty, call on or addrersCcl. J. L. or JNO, CARSON, at Marion, N. C. C. L. S CORPENINO, C. II. E. Marlon. Sept. 30, 1864. d6t Nilea' Regis ;er Revived. PROSPECTUS OF "The oimtr? Hiaa." - - N ILES' REGISTER, the most nserul iourral iTerinsndjo America. hab-en reviVtd in the publication tf THE COUNTRY iiAN. Tfcii fournal it a fne timile of its original, in the Htzk oer and size of its pag s, in tyog'-aphy, ard all tbe features which pave velue to th standard publication issued by Mr. Xi'es. , Besides tbe featutea of Ni'eu' Register, The Countryman has others wLich iL juld render it still more attractive to-wk; a department of elegant literature, rejecting the etrle of yacfcee literary journals, and mooeling iieflf afur the best English miscellaneous weeklies, hut,' at tit . fame time being stamped with an independent, Southern tone, original with, atid peculiar to It-naif.- , An altogether novel feature with it. is that it ii published in the country, on the editor' plant. , tion, nine mile from any town or. villsge, and devotes much attention to agriculture, rural "sports, and everything that interests tha country gentleman. - - .'.- - THE .COUNTRYMAN Is a haiidsomeqnsrto, of igtseq pvyes, published weekly ou the editor's plantation' near Eatouton, Ga.,t o which all com' munications should be addressed. -" Onr terms are $5 for tbrt-e month, or $20 per annum, oena au remittances ov i.x res. J. A. TUliCCl. I oct6d3t EATONTON, Ok. Exchange Xotlce. Xo. 12. . RICHMOND, Va., September 20, l8ti. ALL officers and men of the Vick'burg capture ' -of July . 4th, 1863. who reported for dnty at ' . any parole camp east of the MiaUsipp!, prior to September 10thf are hereby declared ex - changed. . Rul OULD, - oct 4-d6t ' Agent of Exchange. flillsboro1 N. C. Military Academy. rpHE SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR of thU I Institution will commence on WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 1st. 1865. ..,, ' , . Applications for appoint men tj cost be made , prior to 15th December 164, abnt which tUae ': tbe terms will be made ke ns. Address 1 ' ' Maj. -W1L M. GORDON, et 1-U Supei ictendeoU . :8TOLDX-0ICO IlEWABp, STOLEN from iae on the care betweec Goldj oom and J.yner'a Depot, on Friday night, SOtt nit., a fine Spencer Rifta (g sevt o repeat .r.) Tbe rilla had a ceogj mk cat acros" the brtech -- - I wi'l W above reward to nv person who wi!l delirer th said riflw' to th Editor of the ' Tarboro Southerner, or to m 'at F I and. I will also par $500 fo the art eat and convle- tloa of tbe thlef WII. J. FOREMAN, ctlldtt Falkland, W. r. WHOT.gSAlK TOBACCO H0CSK, Commission Merchant. ; COLOSBORO, K. C. LIUERaL adrsnceme&U mmdn o& Prodooej ous i iy tied Jo ce. July 14. IS $4 . dim. Cotton for Sale. QQ BALES good merchantable COTTON. - Ari!TCREECn A L1TCI1F0RI. Anctlon aud Commission Merchant. .augSl-dtf WOOL KOTICB. QUA RTERSM ASTER'S DEPARTMENT. RiLSiam, July!, It44 I AM NOW PR2PARED TO EXCHANGO Cortna' Yam Ut Wvol, pon the foil swing trn, vis , Osh bcacb of Yarn f-r three pounds wssbad Vi'eo', and one bunch for four pounds unwashed. stu have been apprlcted.to make the ex change at the fallowing placet Oxford, Tarbora Kinstrn, Catherine LaVc, Concord, Rccklnghaxa, HendcrsonviUo, 8utestille, Roxbcro', AiLcvlRe. Pittsboro. LcuUburg, Favettevllle, Colerain, and at tlas place. " Persrtfl shipping wool to this place Will please DLrk on the packages wfc j they are from, and Ut cotton yam will be ferwr rded lmmtdittcly. I tope the rpople will ratriotlralJy reread io the above notice, aa tbe Wool Is for clolilng ike NC Troops. U. A. DOWD, A. Q. M., !f. C. A. nly8-Ho-tf , IVanted," " A S r.n investment. $1.000 In Old Xcrth Caro i- Una MX PER CENT. BONDS. Aprly ta sep2I-dl2t TnW OFFICE RECEST COXSXGIVKICTM HAVE PLACED US IN POSSESSION OF yds. Sheeting and additional suppli daily rxpected. , J doz. Horse Shoe Rar 4 drz. 14 inch. Rfttard Fih, 20 doa. Hand-Saw Files, CastHollnw Ware, Pots, Orcna and Spiders, Ac, In quantity an vaikty. 25 boxet Boulhcrn Star Suutt," 4 bar i els Copperas. T jitter with father at tides. CREECH- A L1TCI1F0RD, sep 14 dtt C' &i. Mertht's and Aucts. . . . . . . , , lO.COO UlSIIFI 8 rMX-SCED WANTED! WE sre eotumisaion.'d to rffer liberal prices for Flax-Seed, in large nrsieall quantities. CREECH A L1TCHFOKD, sep U-dtf - Com. Merch'U urd Aucts. For Sale. ALL tbr Machinery. ia a Cotton Mill, cow ia opcratiou, with capacity to manufacture 2M0 jartls of eight ox. Osnsburgs per dav, and ran be promptly boxrd and delivered at a Railroad Sta tion near this place. Apply to ISAAC SCOTT. ecp!9-dl5tw4t, Macon, GeoraU. TJIE UlKCiIliJI SCIIOOI. OAKS, 011A11QE CO., C. p OOM for a FEW GOOD BOYS. For ttrmr, lK address, W.J. BINGHAM A SONS, sep 2I-dtoctlO-w4t IIt'rj Ctilef LwroKInKOfo, omcot ) r.x.o., V 21it,UC4. i rtb cone. .HaTBsrr. Klurr, S ptembcr 21 Gbxkral Orders, I No.. f N PL'Kr.UANCE f Circu!ar To. 4i currtrt , crdt rr, of Sept. 17th, lb4, Cfunt? KnroJHtg Officer are r bv rrdered to asaetohie ALL rer sens frr.ro SF.VKN TEHN to FIFTY mmi of ge, iibi to tri:it-rv etrvic, at'thr rtrpertlm Cowty tum't fnr t;. ''.I:al xminstiro, ectpiirg oinv ruch r rticstli.-.r rriajUjye b h, fucibcd t-f f Pnl'.M .VrT.NT etemv tlf'i. ft om wdtn cnlfien ivitr'.r.ii' iLMrd.sl'Ce April leth, 1844 In .i j rii of i-iriiisnfnt exeinpth-n " where ! th- Kr.roolr.r Ot!":tf-r rr.v have substantial reason lor u',.po.!nir it tb dUati!Ity uo kinger exists, 1 or that fraud vas In .tr y wa practiced in Hut oiifwicai prrsertanon-r tae case, newut lorinnun csnathe party to appear for re-xiuji nation. In the rb',v( vi ill bv included all partirs here tr.f re exfciiiined std ss;lgefd to tight duty in any and evpry d-.partmsot of the Government. - - Free rcgrocs from 13 to 50 are kclod.d In tbe abov rail, and the Jat day of each appolnttr.ent devoted to thf ir examination. Enrolling OSRcers wi'l avertible such portions of their Rfgiaental Districts, as will equalise the number on each of the arrointed days." They will also cause this notice to be so tboroegly aa v'trtUed, that there rasy bf no unnecessary time tort from the varior.s puirnitaof those liable, and protait att'udattce rsured on the duys specified. Ail p'.-isoLS enbraeed in this call are absolutely required to be prrtent at the following times and places, or tb.-y wiK boeonudcted as recueabt coo scripts acd treated accordingly. Liaminatlons in pnriuacee of Circu!r SI, Be. reaa of Conscription, current series, will be Rstl tuteJ same time. cocsnts. rtacx. Tiki. -Wake, .Raleigh, Oct. 4, 5,6,7,8,10,11,11. I Orange, ,Hillboro t . - Franklin, JLouuturg, "14,11,17,11,19. "11,15, 2 1, 25. t " 27, M,Mf 11. Kv. I. Granville, 'Oxford, Warren, Warrentoa, Nov. S, 4, 5, 7. Nashville, f " 10,11,12,14. i7ai.h( W. M. SWANN. Cspt and En. Officer, 5th Coog. District, N. C. For AfttUtnnt tierk of the Bfuxte. WE are autLorired to announce MaJ. R1C H ARD C BADGER, now connected with Gen. Grimes' Brigade, as a candle ate for ASSIS TANT CLERK OF Tfl SENATE, sep 2ldl2t ' ' - i . plaotAtion ron a am. f OFFER FOR SALE my Plantation lo Row; county, lying seven teib-e West of Salish on thi road Leading to Llaeotatoa, and within toarteiiesoi chica Urove Depot, on the X. C. Railroad. It embraces elcLt 'huiidrcd and forty seven acres, about four hundred ' of which are cleared, the balance ia forest, Bsavify timbered , with oak and hickory; has an ordinary dwelt lor bonee, good negro houses, srd all aeceasary Vut buildings, also, a well of most- xe4rt wntern These lands are fertUa aad parllmlarly d anted ' to wheat, oau and clover, and heuce o'abtte saade a renr choice stock farm j corn at4! rotter bavo also been grown to tdranug e. 1 ivoald also tell with it six or eight good malestwo taag. eiflcent brood marcs, with edU ; also the sWk " of cattle, sheep, hogs, 4e-, asi aR tho tarmfcsg , insplttactU. ccnslstlrg of a wagon, cart, aid other farming utensils. ' Any one deirlng to purchase aay exaalaa tie t preraUes ra appllcaUoa to Mr. Blair 11. Ernes, on the ferm, wbe will show It, and tbe lines around 1 It. T iJ4 il to made perlectlr easy tc the pur. cbai-r. Adiresr, . . . . sf. , N. X. kixojj, ; ' . . 'i.atmebur. 'NC Or, Col. B. R. UOO-Ji r . - , - TTUalaitpn, 5. C. , nburg, N? C, Sept. 11. l&U. p 14-dSC s 0 y

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