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Having now settled the question that no ,MOf emtul was bring made against our right, nnd none even to bo apprehended, Breckin ridge, waa ordered to leave two brigades to tup'porttho battery at "A," on his side of . Stone's river, and with the balance of the foro to ore to the left and report to Lt. Gen. Polk. By the time tbia could bo Accomplish ed it was too late to send this farce to Lt. (Jen. Ilardee'a "support, who was uoablo to make further progress, find hf was directed to maintain bis position. Lt. Gen. Polk was directed with the:e reinforcements to throw nil the f. rceho, could collect upou the enemy's ytreme left, andj thtreby either carry that strong point which had so far resisted us suc cessfully, or, failing in that, at least to draw off from Hardee' front the formidable, oppe Mtin thre coucentratetl. -The three brigajfs of Jackson, Preston and Adams were eucce.-Mvely reported for this work. Hew gallantly they moved to their , Msk, and how much they suffered in the de termined tffirt to accomplish it, will best ap pear from reports of subordinata command ers, avtl the statement of losses herewith. Upon this fUtik, their strongest defensive po sition resting on the river bank, the enemy bad concentrated not less than 20 pieces of artillery, marked almost entirely from view but coverinj: an open ep- e in front of several hundred yardd, supported right, left and rear by heavy masses of infantry. This position proved impracticable, and after two unsuccessful effort?, tha attempt to carry it ly infautry was abandoned. Oar he.ivietit batteries of artillery and rifled guns of lon range were now concentrated in front of their fiiea and opened upon this position. After a cannonade of sometime tho enemy's firtt slackened, and finally ceased near night fall. L'. Gen. Hardee had slightly retired his line from the furthest point' ho had at tained, for better position and cover, without molestation from the enemy. Lieut. Gen. Polk's inlantry, including the three reinforcing brigade?, uniting their front with Hardee's riarht aud extending to our extreme right flank, formed a continuous line very nearly perpendicular to the orginal line of battle, thus leaving nearly the whole field, with all its trophies, the enemy's dead and many of his wounded, his hospitals aDd stores, in our full possession. The body of Brig. Gen. Sill, one of their division commanders, was found where he had fallen, and was sent to town and decently interred, though he had forfeited all claim to Hitch consideration by the acta of cruelty, barbarity and atrocity, but a few days before committed und r his nuthoiity 01 the women and children and old men living near the road on which ho had made a reeonnoissance. During the afternoon, Biig. Gen. Pcgram, discovering a hospital and largo numbers of stragglers in rear of tho enemy's lines and across Stone's river, charged them with his cavalry, and captured about 170 prisoner?. Both armies, exhausted by a conflict of fu'l ten hours' duration rarely surpassed for -its continued intensity and heavy losses sustain ed, Mink to rest with the suu, and perfect quiet prevailed for the night. At dawn on Thursday morning, the firsfof January, orders were sent to the several com manders to press forward their skirmishers, fee! -the enemy and report any change- in his position. Maj. Gen. Breckinridge bad been transferred lo the right of Stone's river to ie sunie the command of that position, now held by two of his brigades. It was soon reported that no change had occurred, except the with drawal of the enemy from the advanced posi tion occupied by his left flank. Finding, upon further examination, that this was the casp, the right flank of Lieut. Gn. IVk'a corps was thrown forward -to occupy the ground for which we had so obstinately con tended the evening before. This shortened our line considerably, and gave us possession of the centre battle-field, . from which we gleaned the spoils and trophies throughout the day, and transferred them rapidly to the rear. - A careful reconnaissance of the enemy's position was ordered, and the most of tho cavalry was put in motion for tho roads in his rt'Ar, to cut off his trains and develope any roovi-roent. It was soon ascertained that he was still in very heavy force all alocg our front, occupying a position strong by nature and improved by such work as could be done at night by his reserves. Inaphort time reports from the cavalry informed me that heavy trains wen? moving towards Nashville, some of the wagons. load ed, anil tho ambulances tilled with wounded. 'These were attacked at different places, many wagons were destroyed, and hundreds of prisoner! paroled. No doubt this induced tho nemy to fertd a l.irue cscort,''of cavalry, and artilery, and infantry, with later trains, ;md thus the impression was made on our ablest commanders that a retrograde move ment was going on. Our forces, greatly wearied and much rer duced by heavy losses, were held ready to avail themselves of any change in the ene my's positions; but it w.;s deemed unadvisa ble to assail him as there . established. The whole day, after these depositions, was pass ed without an important movement on either side, and was consumed by us in gleaning the battle-field, burying the dead, aud replen ishing ammunition. At daylight on Friday, the 2d, orders to feel d he euerny and ascertain his position were repeated, with the (same result. The cavalry brigades of Wheeler and Wharton had re turned during the night, greatly exhausted from long continued service, with but little rest or food to either man or horse. Bth commanders reported the indications from the enemy's movements the same. Allowing them only a few hours to feed and re?t, and sending the two detached regiments back to ' hrirftnV Wharton was ordered to the right flank, across Stone's rivfr, to as sume command in that quarter, and keep me advised of any change. Wheeler, with hi bri gade was ordered to gain tho enemy's rearajjair,, and remain until ho could definitely report Whether any rctrogtado movement was being wade. . TO BE CoiiTlS UfcD. Latest From the North. We have received copies of New Yerk papers of Tuesday, the 25th instant. Ike news 19 un important, aud may be put in ft very brief space. The Yankees have no intelligence from Sherman. The Ileraldsays Hood's movement have been executed with such skill teat Saer man must attack and whip him er Ms line of communication will be rendered useless by the proximity of the Confederates te it. Sher man, it say, has been compelled to leave one corps in a state of siege in Atlanta, and now has to go forth te fight Hood in his own chosen position. On the 18th, Hood was reported one mile below Lafayette, and Sherman at Villa- son, six miles from him. Hood, according te Yankee accounts, is being; heavily reinferced, including Walker.'s division from the Trans- Mississippi. Ibe only intelligence from General Price is the following telegraa from Kansas City, Mis souri, on Monday : A courier just from the frnt reports that Price is ;n full retreat and c?oseiy pursued by our forces, when the courier left' the enemy was twenty-five ailes south of Iters. A letter from Butler'3 army says of the re cent gunboat fight iu the James : lesterday morning, two new batteries which lad been constructed by General Butler eu James river, near ChafhVs Bluff, opened on the rebel gunboats m the vicinity, and drove tbem all, except a stubborn iron-clad, about half a mile further up the river. The iron-clat?, later iu the day, joined her consorts. Tho engage ment, for the short time it lasted, is represen ted by those who witnessed it as particularly lively and interesting. The Confederate prisoners recently kept un der fire on Morris island have been removed from heir position by General Foster, he hav ing been informed that the Unien prisoners un der tire in Charleston had been similarly re lieved. General Hardee, cowmauding at Char leston, has proposed to General Foster an ex change of all prisoners captured in their re spective departments, and the preposition has been rofcrred by the latter officer te the autho-. rities at Washington. Gen. Beauregard's Address. Hoes Military Division of the West, ) October 17th, 1SG4. In assuming command, at this critical junc ture, of the Military Division of tho West, 1 appeal to my countrymen of all classes and sections, for their generous support and con fidence. In assigning to me this responsible position, th President of the Confederate States has extended to me the assurance of his earnest support: the Executives of your Statps meet me with similar expressions of their de votion to our cause : tho noble army in the field, composed of brav men and gallant effi cers, are no strangers to me, and I know that they v.'ill do all that patriots can achieve. The history of the lastr. written in the blood of their comrades, but foreshadows the glorious future which lies before them. In spired with these bright promises of success, I make this appeal to the men and women of my country, lo lend mo the aid of their earr.f st and cordial co operation. Unable to join in the bloody conflicts of the field, they can do much to strengthen our cause, fill up our ranks, encourage our soldiers, inspire confi dence, dispel gloom, and thus haaten Ou the day of our final success and deliverance. The army of Sherman still defiantly holds the city of Atlanta he can aud mutt be driven from it. It is only for the good people of Georgia and surrounding States to spe ak the word asid the work is done. We have abundance of provisions, and there are men euough in the couutry liable aud able fur sttrvieo to accomplish the result. To alj such I earnestly appeal to report promptly to their respective commands, arid let those who cannot go, seo to it that none remain at home who arc able lo strike a blow iu this critical and decisive hour. To those soldiers ot the army who are ab sent from their coinaianus without leave,' I appeal iu tho name of their bruve comrades, with whom they have iu the past, to often shared the privation of the camp and the dangers of the bartle-field, to reiurn at once to their duty. To all such as shall leport to their respective commands iu response to this appeal, within the next thirty days, a'u amnesty is hereby granted. My appeal is to every one, of all classes and conditions, to come forward free'y, cheerfully and with a good heart to the work that lies before us. My countrymen ! respond to this call as you have dono in diy3 that have," passed, and with the blessing of a kind and over-ruling Provii'ence, the enemy shall be driven frura your soil, the security of your wives and daughters from the iusults aud the outrages cf a brutal foo, shall be established, soon to bo followed by a permanent and houeiabJe peace. The claims of home and co intry, wite and children, uniting with the demands of honor aud patriotism, suramin ua for the field ; we cannot, dure not, will not fad to lespoud. Full of hope anil eot fideuc?, 1 come to join in your struggle, sharing your privatious, and with your brave and true men, to strike ihe blows that shall bring -success to our arms, triumph to our cause, and peace to our country. (Sigued) G. T. Bkauke'Jauiv Geueral. Ofliefal : Geo. Wm. Brf.nt, Cd. S A. A. G. Head Qcautkhs, Department of S. Carolina, (a. and Fa., Charleston, i3. C, Get. 19, leCi. 1 Edward Warren Surgeon General of N. C , Sir: I am instructed by the Lieu. Gen. jonid'g, to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 1 4th inst., and in reply to request you to say to Lis Excellency Gover nor Vance, that euch supplies of clothing, pro visions (f limited bulk and not perishable in character.) aud tobucco, as h may desbeto send to soldiers from North' Carolina, prisoners of war in the vicinity of Charleston, will be ieceived by Major Matte A Pnngle, Q. M., in this city, and duly forwarded by Flag of Truce boat. Very respectfullv, ycurobi't serv't. JOHN F. LAY, Maj. and A I. Gea. Tobaeco can be bought by all, and can b sent Nerth, as the Yatikee Government ba3 al rcadj' granted permission to do so,' aud while it will serve to lnee aud comfort the dreary monotony of priscu life, it is a means of ex change with which any article desired may be procured. Tobacco sella as readily North f.s South. For the Confederate. THE DEATH-BED FRIEND. Suygeited ly the death of Besj. It. Bostick, Co. Kt ith ii. C. Cavatry, at the Generml Jlilitary Jlo'pital, 2io. 2, in Wilton, JV". C. . Around his couch are gathered, a mournful, busy few, For well we knew he was taking his last aad long adieu ; No sister's form is beside hira, to part his death damp hair, . And drive away the shadows that fast are settling there. 2! o mother's form bends o'er hira, with a mother's tender grace, To shed the tear of agony, and kis his paling face ; He dying many miles from hoote, aud iu a stran ger's land, And the last sad, tearful duty is dono by a stran ger's baud. j Slowly wo stepped aside and there came a footfall light, And o'er the sheeted cot there stood a vision heavenly bright ; .-- It was a female form, whose tender loving yes, Glowed with a light like that which shiaas in angels in the skies. And as she slowly fann'd his brow and gently stirr'd the breath, A soft and cooliDg zephyr floated 'round the bed of deatn ; While pain-hot tears drop down her eheek their way were slowly stealing, Her love Voi her own far distaat boy so silently revealing. The feeble pulse, the nervous start, the hard and labored breath, Came heralding the near approach of the stern re lentless death ; Look I his glaziug eye is fixed, and broken ia his - tone A short spasmodic struggle the brave young sol dier's gone ! She bent in hatnble meekness, but not a word she said, ' She only looked a sad farewell pon. the handsome dead, Then placing ber soft white h2iid upon the quiet sleeper's breast, Her .quivering lips breathed forth a prayer that bid soul might be at rest. She wiped away the last cold drop and pillowed soft his head, And in his blond-stained uniform, there lay the sleeping dead. " 'Tis over now," she sadly sighed, then turned to leave the place, And round her form there seemed to mere a cloud of heavenly grace. tJod bless thee, gentle lady, in whom all good doth blend, Heaven's minister to suffering men, the wounded soldier's friend, We'll blesa thee witlrour latest breath, and when grim death is near, We'll think of her whose pleasure is to dry the soldicr'i tear. While the countless hosts of armed men are toil ing now lor fame, And struggling amidst blood and death to win a deathless name, Thou ha-t won a bldsaed heritage w Lich never will depart, A priceless gem the grateful love of tb,e wounded soldier's heart. Mr.i.viLLS. T ANDS FOR RENT IN NASH JLJ COILNTY. Will be rented out at Ililliardston, Nash County, to the highest bidder, on the 12th Noreinbor, Two Farm, on each of which 6 or 8 handa c;m be worked to advantage. Threis on each place a good Uverseer s house, and regro Cabins. W. II. & W. F. ROWLAND. October 27, !SG4.d4t TTENTION REFUGEES ! ! "VALUABLE PROPERTY TOR SALE. TUT uaders'nd having ehangt-d :hcir busi ness, now ofiVr fr sale that well-t-. owij Ta!!y-JIo property, in Granville County, N. C, iuiuieditely cn theroa i leading from Oxierd to llil'b -ro', Ion miles semth-west from 3xford,J8 miles from the R. fc . lt. It., au.i 22 miles from the N. C. C. It. R., in a healthy section of country, and entirely safe from raids by theejemy. Two flourishing school, male and female, aro convenient, and is one of tho finest locations for a country store, and the best location for a Tobacco Factory in the State. The tract of Land consists of 210 arrcs, 8nd is well improved, having a Dwelling wi'h sewn Rooms, six fireplaces; and another Dwelling with three rooms, two lire-places, aa Office with two 'Rooms, fire place to each,; 10 Negro Cabins, 2 fcmoke-I oust s, a meat StoreLeu.-e 20 by 52 feet, a Tobacco Factory 40 by GG feet, two storyies high, with 23 Tobacco 1'resses, Milts, Shapcrs, in fact all necessary fixture?, and room to work 75 to 109 hands, Steam House, Box Simp Work-Shop 2S by 52 f-et, one House 20 by 30 feet, two storyg ; a Blacksmith Shop, two Forges one larre Gra nary 34 by 46 feet, Well, Stabies for twenrr head of Horses" two good Corn-Crib-, C4trriage-lLue. two Orchards of the be-t selection of Fruits ; apd a Bever-failiug Well of Splendid' Water in tha yard. Also, one Lot of 8 acres, with a good Dwelling with four rooms, two fire-places, and all necessary out houses, and good well of Water. One'other five acre Lot, with a good Dwelling, three rooms and one fire-place, out houses and a splendid well of Water. Most all the improve ments have been put up in the last 6 or 10 years. AH the land joiua and can be cut up to Buit pur chasers. It is not necessary to say anything further, as the place will recommend itself unu extfrninatioo. W e also have a large lot of Mar.uf 'jtired and Leaf Tohacco, fmni medium to huct grades, and a lot of Smoking Tebaccn. All of the above named property we will sell f'r Confederate money, or a part in Negroes. This property is in a section of country where there is convenient a quantity of gmd Hirer Bot tom Land, which can be rented, t or further par ticulars address the ucdersigned at Oxford, Gran ville Countr, N. C. J. L. JONES & BRO. 1 S. I with to BUY two or four STEAM SANV MILLS, of 25 horse power or more, in go-id running order. Also wish to HIRE for the next vear some TWO HUNDRED AND I IFTY or THREE HUNDRED HANDS. Those having hands to hire and wishing to secure good homes for them, will do well to makeer!r application. .1 also wish to BUY ONE HUNDRED BAR RELS OF SORGHUM, for which 1 will pay a fair price. For further particulars address the undersigned, Oxford, Granville C-.cntr, N. ( J. L." JONES. October 2Cth, 1364. d6t -siotss: a?;e lot fck sale. T OFFER MY SPLENDID NEW RESIDENCE H for sale in the town of Henkkhsos. N. C. Tha dwelling house has eijjbt large imiji.', with tire place to each, and Kitchen, Suiuke-h6ue, Dairy, sUnhlp and Crib? all entirely new and commodious. The jrrounds around tne resilience: t magxiffi- The grounds around the residence: t magxiff CantLt ornamented by an Irish magi 'killed in tl bu-iness. Tha garden not to boaVrp2ssed f fertility and varied products. Tbfj'lJr has aboi -,v-- - - the for about 15 acres o p iasd attached. Applv to. or address, ' ' W. II. HUGHES, oetr-lS 1S.U dl2t Henderson, N. G IvL RS. MlLLEll continues to accommodate Boarders, by tho day, wttk or mVath. OFFICIAL. Treasury Df.paitmesV, vOJfrEDBB ATB iSTATES OP AWEIUCA. RiCHvnxn. October 12. 1SU. T OX-TAXABLE BONDS. FIVE HUNDREP 1 Million loan. Sale continued. Numerous applications having been made for bond? at the established price of one hundred and thirtv-five dollars and interest, tinder circumstances that en titled them to favorable consideration, it has been determined te continue the rale at the above price until further notice. Aqrents for the sale of these bond are instructed to act ia accordance with this order ; and the at Uon of disbursing officers of the government is particularly called U it. G. A. TIIEXITOLM, Sec of tho Treas. octlO d2w . CONSCRIPT OFFICE, Raleigh, N. C, Oct. 22nd, 16C4. ) CIRCULAR, I No. 5G. j I THE attention of Inspectors of . Censcriptien and Enrolling Officers is here by called to General Order, No. 82. A. A I. G. O., cjirrert s?ris. All men turned ever under tbia irdc-r will hn forwarded to Camps of Instruc tion without delay. " II. Any delay in furnishing the required lists will be promptly rep irted. III. Special attention is directed to Par. IV., General Order, No. 82, A. fc I. G. O., current series. By order J. R. McLean, Acting Cemd't Conscripts N. C. E.-J. HARDIN, Adjutant. ADJU'T AND INSP'R GENL'S OFFICE, RicnK0i, Oct. 0, 1861. J General Ordzhs, No. 82. J T THE Chief of the Bureau of Ord- JL. nance wi'i without delay, take measures to pt?ce in the field one-tiltfe of all the men employ ed in his department, (including contractors and their employees. of the classes specified in Gene ral Orders No. 77, A. and I. G. Office, (current serie). To this end he will direct the several officers in charge of arsenals, worksho-'S, depots, Ac, to turn over to the nearest enrolling officer, by list, showing their ages, occupation and resi dence, such proportion of their employees (includ ing contractors and employees under them,) of the class above referred to, "as will constitute in the ajrjrejrate ' one-fifth of the whole sumberin he said classes, according to returns in his office ' Sept. 30, 1SG4. Duplicates of such ist will be sent to the General of Reserves of the States, and trip licates to the chief of ordnance. Three days are allowed for the execution of this order af;er its reception at any post or station of the ordnance department. II. The chief of the Nitre and Mining Bureau, will turn over in like mannar, on similar lists, one fifth of all men of the classes specified ia General Orders N. 77, employed in iron, lead, copper and coat mininsr, and in ali service appertaining there to, whether under officers of his bureau or by con tractors. DapHcate and triplicate lists to be fur nished as above directed in the ordnance bureau. And will in like manner turn orer one-fifth of all such men as are employed in the nitre service. Theperiod of thre darS, under the same condi tiors as above mentioned, are allowed for the ex ecution of tht5 oider. 111. The list of persons directed in the forego ing sections to be turned over to the enrolling officer, will he prepared at once, on the reception of this order, and will be furnished to the srid ofheers within three days, as ab've prescribed, by the various officers of each of the above bureaux having: men under thdr charpe, and every assis tence will be rendered by the latter to the"tnrll ing officers, to carry out the intention of this ordf-r, IV. So much of General Orders No. 77, a re lates to men eirpl ved in the two bureaux r.amed Above, is hereby suspended, and the fc regoing order will stand ia lieu of all requirements under the former. liv order. S. COOPER, . 2f-d0t A. and I. G-n. f j r avnievnie "uscrFei , iiunniri" n .jour T.' -Ai Ml ! TM.. : . T. nal, Charlntt- Bulletin, Greensboro' Citizen. N:il isbury Watchman, Ht;rf' Journal, Cons-.-rvuti e, Ashvillc News, Ii'-fU Express. Wadesboro' Ar gus, copy threw times Such of the above papers as are pubiitliod weekly copy twice. CONSCRIPT OFFICE, 11.vi.eigu, Oct. 23, 18C4. CIRCULAR, No. 57.. j DY direction of tlie Lieut. ' f7on. Commacding, Enrolling Officers will allow all Railroad employees to remain at thfi present duties until action pan be taken at his office. Ry order of Maj. McLfan, Acting Commandant. E. J. HARDIN, oct24-d3t Adjutant. j?: Conservative, State Journal, Wilmington Journal, Charlotte Bulletin, Salisbury Watch man copy three times ; Fayettcville Observer one wek. HEAD'QRS CLING MAN'S BRIGADE, 1 Near CiiAfFiN's I.mtkk, Oe., UMIi, 1H64. JOTICE TO ABSENTEES ! All officers and mend th;s Brigade whose lc.ivt s and furlough have expired, or h(t are otherwise ahsnnt without proper authority, arc most earnest ly called up n to return without delay to their respective Regin ents. Should this call not be promptly complied with,, im media-e steps vriil be taken lo have all who come under it terms, arrested and brought b.ick. The Brigade, depleted by many l attlcs, is f.i&t filling up. ii nd if his call be promptly complied with will soon as-ume its farmer proportions. By command of Col. H. McKktfav, Comioi'nilin' Brifriide : EDWARD WHITE, oct24-dtf A. A. Gcn'I. --V- "TV T 1 TT T' T T C W T A J i j XJ V X U Jj 1 U -a 1 i J O y JJi BY THE METHODIST PUBLISHING C 021 PAN Y, HALElGlf A". C. FIRST READER, for Southern Sehoc!? : Price per hundred 30,00 " " dozen 4,50 " " siujrle copy 50 SOUTHERN ZION'S SONGSTER, for Sabbath Schools, Socid Meetings, the C'ap, c : Price per hundred 500.( 0 d.rvMi 9,f0 . " "single copy l.oo BULLION'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR, Revised by Rev. Dr. C.iavex, (in rei9;. We caa also furnish all MUSIC, Published in th South. t Catalogue.? of Musis j nd Books tent when desired. Orders solicited, and will be promptly attended to. Address oct 27 dtf Rev. A. R. RAVEN. T ECRU1TS WANTED. ? TWENTY vounj, able-bodied recruit wanted in 'Faison's Scouts" to fill up lbs Companr ; w;il operate chieflr on Conf. derate Point. Th"ywi'.l furnish good horses. Fort Fisht-r, N. C.f October 27. d23t TO GAS CONSUMERS. ON AFTER THE 1ST OF NOVEMBER. THE price of Gss will !.; ? 0 per thousand f-et. At th- present prie of rot-in, freight nd iron, it costs the - Ccropaiiv S57.M) p r thousand feet to make it. "WATELHOUSE & LOWES. oet26-dtln. OR S A L' E JUST RECEIVED ON C0NSIGN2IENT. 20 Doxen 11 ard 14 inch Mill Saw Files. 10 12 14 Horse-Shoe Rasps. 100 nand-SawFilef CREECn A LITCnFORD, oct28-d4t Com Merch'ts and Aucts. OR SALE 4-4 Bro. Sheeting, by tho bale or piece. N. C. Gray Ciinercs. CREECH k LITCHFORD, oct27-d4t Com. Merclt's and Aucts. I7J0R SALE. 1 Herring's Eire- Proof SAFE. Iarfe size. CRELCII A LITCHFORD, "T. oct 28 d4t Com. Meicbt'a and Aucts.'J m ii - miiiii ii ii i ii ii i i ! i ii m , w .i iwu .i ! ii. .i ,i m i, i. i, A HOME FOR A REFUGEE IN YANCEYVILLE, N.C. WILL BE RENTED fer the ensuing vear, en the Stb dav of November next, (itbeine: Superior Court week,) alr.rce ar4 cntuiuodioui Jlouae, with tn RnHis, Kitchen, Spi"ke-Hou-?, Negro doub'5 Cabins, Ice-ibnis; and Ww!l in the yard ; a Lrgo and fertile Garch-n, outc;.t fo- a large family. Possession c;ivrn on day of renting. EwJ&d'and secarity required. J AS. POl'E AT, Til OS. .1. WlilACK; oct 23-d 3 1 WM. LEA. Richmond Enquirer io.sert three timss sod forward account. "T ALU ABLE I'lXl'ERTY FOR V SALE IN YANCEYVILLE, N. C. Ths subscriber oilers for sale a largs snd con venient HOTEL and LOT. frorting the Cr.urt House. Said Hotel cor taius twenty-two Ro'cs, .with fire-place in ech, Dicing Ro .m one hur.dred feet long, Smoke House, Kitchen, Ac., largo Stable and Corn-Jlou-e, Wei! of pood water on the lot. Said lot centaias b. ut four acres cf Land. The tfarden iaa vry y roduti v one. This is the only Hotel in the place and oOrrs inducement to any fciie desiring to cuter the business, or invest their money. J AS. POT EAT, oct27-d3t Near Yancey villc, N. C. , Richmond Enquirer copy three times and forward account. WOOL KOTICE. QUARTERS M AST E R'S D EPA K TM E N T, RA1.EI8B, Jtlv Ii, 18GI. I AM NOW PREPARED TO EXCHANGE Cotton Yarn fr Wool, upon tho following terms, vis , One bunch of Yarn for threo pounds washed ool, p.nd one bunch for four pounds unwashed. Agents have been appointed to raake the ex change at tbe following places: Oxfoi d, Tarboro', Kinrton, Catherine Lke, Concord, Rockingham, Hendersonville, Stateville, Roxboro', Ashcville, Pittnboro', Louisburg, Fayettvill.j; Colerain, and at this place. Persons shipping wool to this plaeu will please mark on the packages who they are from, and the cotton yarn will bp forwarclrd immediately. I hope tbe people will patriotically respond to the above notice, aa the Wool is for clothing the N. C. Troops. H. A. DOWD, A. Q. M., N. C. A. uly8-140-tf F O R SALE A snuz LITTLE FARM, 12 miles from RaWgb, containing 200 acres. 0;. j-i1;ird in ru'tivation the balance in Oi;'.., Hie' .; y I'ir.e wood. lhi improveuifntA coiiai?t of an t i ii.i ' y fime Dwel ling with four rooms a good Kifch;n, Barn, Stables, Ac. Applv tarly tw oct28-dUt " W. S. MASON. W A N T E i) BY A GENTLEMAN, who lias had eor.sidera b'c fxperi-.-nert in leach'n both l vs :i.id iils, a sitUHtion ts TEACHER i:!s"m Acuh-nv r II gh School. Addrtcd i:i:ediaie! V, oct 27 dlCt Tally-tio. Cianville O.n! C. rjp. a iIagJTco'i t )n" i o u sale! I will sdi 200 RAGS CF t'onoS of good qualitv, di-livered at aui p .irt oil tim North Car-ti-ii- Kai!'oad. (. W. SWEPSOJI. ct 2.) . Ci H.tw River, P. (., N. C. H V JiTt'Kil. tY? ! Xl It '?! f?i. PfCf- .5.3 fuiiv irdtiri'js the Mcmliers ot l ho i.ouse of Coiumon.w i.f ;e en.-ung L v'i-hture tlat Lo is & candidate fcr Assistant Dooikctpvr. oc. 11, IMU. dtral. CritUtn tiv .S;:Je. 1 AH RALES good merchantable COTTON. IVU Apply to CREECH A- I. ITCH FORD. Auction r.nd Comn-i'.f.i.m M yi thar.t?. augCl-dif r WTSH TO EMPLOY A MAN TO TARE charge c f my farm n" Ovcr"r, who i exempt from military reivicc ' r Tut titer partictiiais address me at Halifax, N. C. Oct iy-dlt GEO. A. SMITH. DOOUKEEKi:SI!IL TO THE SENATE. Tbr pubsfribcr rct.pe tfu1lv .'innotinccs hiT. if a CANDIDATE fur the of.i .T PRINCIPAL I'OOR KEEPER to tb" rest SEN TE f North Cirolina. He Lat ft in the war rr hir.fo April, and is n.;v d::idi.d and on li.lit duty. It elected ho pledges Lin.f.-.f to a f-i'fMVl !is charjee of duty. W. J. SAUNDEIiS. O c-ber 2, l.)t dtd QONFEDERATE TAX NOTICE. 1 hereby give note" th.it I will ft'W:d at my r.fitrc in tf Citr of li U-i,; h , ot. th dys name! ii thD notice, to receive th.: p op-rtyor gencil tar ductile Cot federate Gr.rtinu.cnt lor the ear 18'ii. Tirevent roufnion and i?jr di.p itch, tho taxpayers will attend t my i'l:c.- rn'the daxs appointed for t e cli-t ic.s in which thvv respe'e tirelv u si.;. Swi t Cr.c!: district on Mo '. r Pauthcr Branch Tu-:dsy I'rney Jones " " W J.,c's'y P.uckhorn A Newhill 'i iiuifday Wbite Oak A Bear- r . , er Vrrck f 1 r;d.r CrabtneA Carv " '' Sifuiday lLm..s Cre,k ' " Mot ;r Lick Crctk A Kltts ,.. 14, NOV. I'rCi. 1 ) k it a IC 17 Ifi ' l; 21 n 2i 24 25 2", 23 tl II it it a ti Cre-k Fh Dam New LiLt Rai ton's Crcek j - i ucsaay tt a n i n il 1 1 " Thu.iav t e i it r i m i r St. H-mhews A ) t( St. Marks Wake Fore t ' Cros Roads " Little River A ) ,( Marks Crf !c St. Mary's " Raleizh . ' " Saturday Mcxct.iv 23 " Tuesday '2'J " " WedoVy 30 " Thuredar ?l n it I'iid .y 1 pec. " Horn Monday 4 to Wednes day 13 RU FUS IL PAGE, Collector fur Wk Count". Oct. 2G-diw. Sumiatd, Prue'ri&i and Couscrvativo ccpr two times weekly. ' Sale of Old KiRndy at Auction ON THURSDAY Tns 15m DAY OF NOV EM- ber next, at the Court Iloucu'tn Lexington, N. C, we will erll at public Auction- fi r C'fn, ":t;Lt Barrels of old Brandy, which we sold to W. S. Henrobsn and L-vi IUwsoik Persons wi)-hing t buy good ltrsndrv would do well to attend. J. ADDl'UTOX, J. A. MARCH. Lexlngten, N. C, Oct. 19, UCl. dinnvlS, HILLSBOKO N. C, MILi'J'A RV ACADEMY. . TUT. SEVENTH ACADEMIC YEAR f this Institution ill. commence on WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY let, 1RC3. Applications for appointments rr.vt be madn priur to 15th December IsCf, about whieh time the terms will be made known. AdJr f Maj. WM. M. GOHDON, oct l-d4ei Supci lute rdt nt. M A S O N I 0 THE GRANC LODGE of F. snd A. ?.f. cf North Carolina, will rnet in this C!t n Monday ovenifig, the fth f Dccn.bi r i t i at 7 o'c'oek", for the trms.ii tin ot bu'inc. Oi:cef of Subordinate Ltn'gi s arc ieqiX'ted ti i: I in pei mo r have tpecil tMrg.: f apf oi.it, i hcs Const it at un and gtii'i t.I r cnlst i ti k of in' ( ,i at. a l.cuije require. WILLIAM T. 1? .Ma, (Jlaud St.erct.irv. Raleigh, Oct. 17, 1G4. i id s i T 0 L E N ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS Kl-.WAIiD. STOLEN from me on the cir? !'. m .'.!. boro snd Joj-ner's Dcpt, on Fiidiy ''..It, -0th ult., a line Speimr's Ride (a hcvi -t i ; i t . ) 1 he ritle had a cin,- matk (tt i pn ih" I : ! I will pay the above tew ard 'to mv i h,t f ill uelirtr the faid litli to thw Fd'n l : llm Tarboro Southerner, or Join ft Vi ;i t.f . i will slto par $jOO fo the ni rot . ,'nd m ie tion of the thi'vf. M. J. FOREMAN, octlldtf. FiilklauJ ' C. ivr oi7e -Ll T A X IN RIND. THE Confederate Assors forWrk - C n tii will uni t the citizers of this rou!;y i t tl,v t.l low ing limes and places, for the purpose of , King the Tax in Ivind in Wheat, Otx, Hy, i un-' Har and Wool. Thmo prcduceis w h 'f. iU i t give in l he jirodutts oflHt year, mu-t c.-'f" foi ward ami comply with the law : FranklinV, Mmlay, 24th of Ott 'jci. Banks' Tnrsflav. 25th Barney Jones', Wednesday, 2(.th La? -LItr X Roads, Thursday, 2TCi Ctreffn Level, I ridar, 2th Morrisville, Saturday,. 2ih Spikes'. Mondav!! 3Lt Hives' Tuet-day, 1st Nov.t.bd. Ok (Jrove, Wtdned.v, 2 1 liUw-.',' Thursday. "itl G. W. Thompson's, Friday, 4th Duntisvillc, Monday, Tth I'Vre;tTille, T'Ksday, Fth Boli-villc, Wednesday, S?th Wak.ti.ld, Thuisdny, luili E.ile Rock, Friday, 11th Auburn, Satuiilay. , I'ith Carey, "Monday, Itth WiU-ir Lynn's Tu-Klav. liith Raleigh on Wtdne.-la v, Thutslr.y aid lii.! '.v, Kith, 17th an t 18th of Nov-mber. Every person inut meet n at the tiini s i i i plates named, nnd we oil upon ail g-.n .1 eim to as ift the soldi! rt w iv -s nd widow hi l'r i.i the ccuiity to Ji.-t tbi ir pnk'.uvts. A'ATSi h. B-vsII'. Oct. 5th, 1PU4 dtf At.; . s- "i--- We, klv Stjn'':'.fd cpv and i b . As: e. -,, i d lor rippiova!. QUrRl' jlE COUKT Ll.rU:. . tO ThR',porfs r,f (V.n nt J,w, Ac il-l Mid ' -t-. i l it. tie i i ji.e C'oui t of ,N. ('. T !.;', I fu , No. 2. Wture I, 1.,tv ( 1, V. i. 1 ; ,..,(r d bi P. JI. W i ' fu't,, : ,f. I'li-e ,i Nil. 1 1 , ! ...,) ; . 1 , .3 ,, v. U' fc.'.'i ;.t-d fro. ,1 th Pi' '.r. !'..r".li. f .ilfi otd tm! f, o:a Mi. V. w i'.i i -;i ti j .. , i t : i c Mil m t ie, r. . A. U. U.k ... . r..!-,;!:. Oct. V7. ! If.-vlt!' A. , - : ;.g bit l i : .: 2 1:1 s r. ".: . - v f , in r . r t v. 7 v:; -i Id - E cj I V I' .".I i'.:'.:i't'u ! I t ) Oil' f li1, ; ;;i i: I f ilX Se'd, ii: ' 1 e T t i 1 m !) 1; i .' J 1 ! M.EI.CH Li'i ( iil .i.;, ?. . 1 , :.t it! . , , . ; s.'P 14 dtf j: 1; n r. . I will HI' NT the !!. nr.r ' ( 'ii ( i , a ,1 l' r M ine tin.r J., n Tl .ltd. -Mi 1 2 R' i.i-. in i. ; n lt t f tl r 1' 1 ' I mi. 1.0 t. i i.e. bili'dll g be H I e I wi.ii or . 1 ct if.' f-trfi-'tvilt. l'..-.c t'l'j'.i i'iv, .. 41... ... .. if diiirc-1. GEO. T. COOK : r.nli;:!i, Oct. 2., lMTLri.t V;iii:ul;Si. it v,;.ri l y Utv ? nu . 1? A V 3 'G c.k Iu I -I t' rli int M'i v 1, i.. i - ', t wi.l 11 f.y Tit V ; f.A "!. i i'V ft Crer 1: . feven !iuN r. Sont t.,-, , . ut Jin ' , Cf. tabling hbout Il ( ii i t 'i'll ed '.' I f, .ill ir uitfl gii'Wlh ofpirrj red (, ,-i!;, . c . j.f ,.' )tv.iX'- "", iii"tl' IcttMNi (!. -.hit b-en c!'-avc' i t! ! i .t f tv y iJ.-, ii.ni . bih rfe of en': ir." ;..r., w ,ih j;. o . k i ...-. iifiprnvome' ts .v:r.itt of a dwcTlii.;r. r.., . , k -v , I. roo:n., 4, i.il ('.'lit 'iii' j '.f . : ij ,i ic-'i.f, a ipb.'Xtdi 1 b.-,'. ! p..( .. , smplc to icfjinai-tu"' lit, v t'.4c- fiii.v..t. in t i ; 1 .""V'.n y.-f. 1 hive o ,i I . i I r-r.!-. "a?:'-, bo nr.d r!.. . that I u -aJ, .1 d iitfi ; tiro my prcMi-t tic j,. f n p' lu -r.t 1 wou'J ii-'virc R"ni-, mn, , at. i C,t;l -df rate t:i'rir For p u titulars adircss to 3 st Rtdrih. aug 21 dtf -AM'L leJV'I.A '. i. SMd! Ul' (,IM. li.I.K I !,1J1 EM ON'il'E.-i'AV GF GKA.NVILhE dli". , C'..jrt 1,. .'. J. in;: il . 2d -i.iv .' ., ;. I h .M .-.-ii i,t je,t.!;o ih -'i'.r., :'),i c . c .;: wiTi:y briid-, cf the dc.;.i.inriii',a f 1'.- , iu ten yjr ,.,'. ' ' irir ih'uvi. L A. PASCIIALL, Ci:-:'-. Oxf :d, Oct 13 ..m 1. rf R.'.-r f P. .i :. T Mk :IX If. t ND pomti '.tt'.l t-, tl-Ja.l'.r M- :.!, . ' ... . -'V ' th; 2.' th of F( ' mj,,i y hi-', ar - t. l.o ays her nim is LEt'Y and T!ot. t ' '. D;n ic ,t hi -'iuioo l. S-id 10 i o i .;!,. . ., . .' dd, T"i -y !)l,,rK. and i.hIht ut; !- r 1 .. : ;;,, .!.-nv." th it .lie wa t,;uS'li-d .,'?' I 1 it uA by 13. in h- gav-r l.i r.a-' -. ,;. . Sh VTA; .11 t-fed o' th cxrt out!,. .C, i ., !"i. i.Mir ChirJdtf, N. C. The t, w r i. i. t.' tifd to fines furwurd, prove rin-, , eh-rg-s and take her tuay, cr the will" I. wuii a iur taw ctritu. n, r ,l in r; . cr p 21-dltwCrn S!,.n:;. AYETTEV.LLE, N. C, :ilL; Jl TARY ACDfM V. Th- fir.' . r-ion f t U Ir.i' itiou w!l! fl ,J menrc the .t Of lbru4i-y, :;;.". Aj'in , for uduii.-i'.ii juti-t be made prior fo !: L , J , urrv, lr.Cj; about whirh time I he ten,.. r t tnm.de known. Address . Maj. V,M. A. P,A !;s. oet2-wAdtf Sup.-i in. i,,:. t ; A I ao wnntcl, TWO TI.ACHI RS of n.Mn' J iduiutmit aud u STEWARD in ills iu6i;tut.lui.J (I CI I

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