-i- DAILY CONFEDERA DAILY CONFEDERATE.1 i J j. r id 1 m t A. CiOltJl.lSJ & Co., Propi'is. ADVCU'nSIMM .iyVilRilSrMEb'i.-l'" -- ironed atTHra DAILY EDITION, for G months $25 " 3 15 " 1 " 5 " ft ' 15 ner oam i f V Hu-s (vr less) lor eachr . Uarrisje notkritri 'il?ri wU fet 0( LT.ASS 4 li'ifirtioa chirgcd as adrertl"tr;ciifi. . JCB WORK, of every dttcriptbn uili b e ecuted at thl Offioe with di;pr.tch, sd asstati 6s.cabo dont in the ScutSem Confe'dcrscy. TRI-WEEK.LT, n 3 iu WEEKLY EDITION', " 6 " P o subscriptions received oo any ether terms than the abfive, nor for a longer or shorter period. 3TS OLD SEKIES, 1 VOL. Y. J R A LEIGH f N". C WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1864: vol. i-xo. m. II M d i .- pi rai fid p4 f i iM .if afci j v.--- I -- f-i-a S. Mil r'TJ e?.1 12 rVTi i il Gen. Bra?gs Urport of the Battle of Mur frccsbaro'. continued. tinder tho efii -I on t management of the flif- r.-!t httV departments, everything had bwn .retired and triisf:rrcl to the renr, inclmjiog prisoners rapture!, artillery, small aims, sub-Iitn- means of transportation, ami nearly i.f i iiir wnmidn! able to be ir moving. No trorpson r.ithrr sidtMitiring the nma inclement dv .,ntjust at right, when a sharp skirmish (;c'.rrMib,t--. lc.ikj riftht ar.d the enemy k hit frank, re-ul.ing in nothing decisive. l.,e 4 ' .1 .... . K Lit Ilf t t o m-.iv uueMiou wr.ii me v-.k ,o'vr,..-i.t flK.uM be mule at or.ee or orlayea "1 bouis t v" a few of rur wounded. Ais Ft r4 pre baa e wc ditiM love i-y exhaustion :i3 m;i iM wr shulli'l reillOVP (if the WiUjriflcl, ny f ik iiri.i'iin to remain v;is yielded, 'i'hc wj' Id tcu'-:. except the cavalry, wys put in niotiorj ;it 11 o'clock, p. tu., und tha army retiri' l in porfc?t onh-r to its preterit poitio, htildi'd Duck river, without recfivinj or giving: a irt Our cav.dry held the position before Mu; i'r boro'' tin til M-'nday mondf, thr 5t.ii, vleci it qtii'-tly retired a.s ore'ered, to cover t;r front. Vo left about 120O ba lly wounticJ, one half cf whom, we leuru, hnye pinee di.'d from the Movt-i ity of their injuries, about 300 sick, too fch!eto bar transportation, and about '2CK) vd! men ivnd tMfdicul officers as their attend ants, la addition to this the enemy had cap tured about J U0 prisoners from ua. As the 1-00 wounded are counted once under that h'ad anions our Ioes, they fchould be exclud ed in the gt-neral totul. As an ofi'et to tlr !-. we hud secured, :s sil appear from the report of toy Inspector General herewith mark trd "o," considerably over UOOO isooersi, had raptured over GO pieces of artillery, GOf 0 stand of small arms; a number of tragon, ambulances, nniles arid harness, with a large amount of other valuable property, all of which Wi3 se cured, and appropriated to proprr uses. Tie-s-iles all this .-ecured, wc had destroyed not luts th in bO'J wagons, mostly lideri wirh vari ous articled, sneh as arms, ammunition, pro vijjion, b:ig'ire, clotliiupr, medicines and hos pital stort'H- 'Ve had lost"3 pieces of artillery only, all iu iirt ckinridge's repulse. A number of st iids of colors, nine of v!)iob are forwarded miiL this report, were also copturcd on the fiM. Others known to have heeu taken, have rut ben sent in. The list marked 4,G" ia herewith 'transmitted A tabular stateinent of our fnrera marked "7'' is herewith subtnitted, showing tlm nttm 1 vr of tlirhtii' tiHui we hud ensured on the fifjbl, vi. th inoniin of the Cist of Decem t t r to have been less than 35,000, of which a buiit ;:,000 were infantry and artillery. Our losses are also rept.vlcd in this same cnniprehfiifive tablo, so as to show how much each corps, divilon, and bi'Wado suffered, and in cw?e of lreckinndcs division, the losses arc reported separately for NTedesday and l'Mday. . Tnese reports are minute and su.'j-stiv-, showing the severity of tho Cuntiict as well as where, when, and by whom it was sustained. Anions the jralliint tVad the nation is ell 'd to m 'Utn, ion could have fallen more honored or regretted thau Brisadier General .TAtnea K. Rain?, and 11. W. Hanson. They viehb-d their lives in thft heroic discharge ef duty, ivt.'d leave thir honored mims as a rirdi U..':ic.v t.' tin- ir di'scendaots. Brigadier Gi-ner- ul J inies K Gliitlriiers not I). W. Adams re- i 1: 11: I. .l T CelVt'U tllS.lOlMiJ WUUDUS mi v cuilrsu.iy , 1 am happy to say not serious, but which de- prived M of their valuable services. Having h.'ii nT 'h r tny iiurne liatn comnmnd since the bejinnin of the war, I can War evidence to their drvotiou and to tho conspicuous jMllan try which ha m irked their services on every. Jiild. For the snored nitnes of other heres aad pa triots of lower grrt'les, who gave taeir lives il ItiTtratiu the character of the Confederate soldier on this bloody field, T inu.it refer to tho reports of ubordin ite commanders, and to tho lit which will be submitted. Our losses, it will be seen,, exceded 10,000, nine thousand of whom were killed and wounded. The enemy's los we have no inpans of know ing with certainty. One corp3 eommnded by Mj. Gen. Thomas L. Crittend?n, which was loa-t exposed iu the engagement, report? over f,0)0 killed and wounded. As they had two other corps, nd a separate division, third of a corps, and their cavalry, it is safely climated uto,000 killed and Ml.OUO woundo.i, adding the 0,'J7:i prisoners, and we have a total ofi'5,273. Lt Gens. L. Pidk, and.W. J. Hardee, c ;ra m indin: corps, Moj. Gens. J..J1. Withers, aud 1. li. Gleburiie, commandinjr divisio'is, are ipocially commended to the Government for their valor, skill and ab lit jr, displayed by them throughout the engagement. line. Gen. J. l'atton Anderson, for t .e eoolne?, juHii nient and omira5C with whieli interposed hi brigade between our rwtrjatiu forc s aud tho e?ieinv largely superir to him, un IV.dav evenin ;, and .-aved our artillsry, is jutiv entitled to special mo.ition. Ihig. (Jen. Josi'pdi Wheeler, an 1 Jn . A. IVliaiton, cornmandinjr cavalry brigades, werr pre-cminei.tly distinguished throuphiut the action. as they lad bfen for a p-nnth previous in many successive cor.tiiota wi-.h the enemy. Under their fkill'ul and piilbnt leid the rep utation of otir cavalry h'-s b?en justly enhanced. For tbe j:i;-t cninnvsdatinn of other officer, many of whom v.trr prc-cniinently distinguish ed, I mint re 'er to the reports of thj'tr more linttK liitr cototnandi'rs. C- iNCi.l" L K. I IV -M OK Ii 1 W. CAiti- V2-h A i. a. Kr.uV. skar ? Nkw Map.ki i, Va. Oct. 27. 5 FAHors lUU'ujh Confederal .Allow me to return, th.vujh the columns of your valu iifcdd jonrual, m si.-.ccre and l.e-urtfclt thank n tothv e0t)J peop'o of Polk county for tbir kir.d attenti to tr. while on a visit thrre, wounded. Whether on the battle field, in camp or on the weary march, tho reccoliection tithe kiud treatmeiit 1 received from person rkn wero strainers to me, will always tend to ehr my heatt and inspire ma with re r. wed courn aT-d dit':nr.i'nation to "fight , n "f,..i t i. until our beloved hnd M fi-e from the po'lutin? tiead of the hatcd V.-.nkers. Hepec't. yours, ocu. John Vtisr:. Co. I, 12dr, Alu lLj;'t A. N. Va. . A writer iu one of our religious exchanges fays: dt is well known that the Yankee's notion of religious liberty is, freedom to wor hi l God as he chooses, and to ccmpcl all othcid to worship iu the catuc way." Mutual Relief Association. At the adjourned maetinp; of the citizens, held on Monday, the committee appointed at a previous meeting, suHrnittd through their chairman, George W. Mordecai, E?q., the fol lowing report: The committee to whorn it was referred to sur(re.t Bome plan for the supply of provis ions rr the citizens of JUleigb, daring the ensuirifr year, have had tha same under con siih ration, and submit the following as the result of their deliberations : 1st. That an association be formed to be called "The Raleigh Mutual Relief and He uevolent Association. ' of whieh any person may become a member who shall subscribe a sum not less than one hundred dollars. 2 1. That upon all such subscriptions, the Fiibscribers fchall bo endtlcd to receive inter- ! est at tl.-e vAt'i of per cent. )sr annum. until IijG morey shfi'I be refunded; but in the event of any loss beinqj sustained, the s'-d scii'en-if skall 'mly bo entitled to receive pro rata upon the sums subscribed. 3d. That the sums subscribed may be re fnn led in whole or in part at any tima that the Executive Committee may think proper, ami any subscriber may require his money to be refunded to him at any .time after six months from tlse time of subscription, upon giving thirty days notice. 4th. That the sums subscribed shall be laid out in the purchase of provisions and articles for the supply of the citizens generally, and of the immediate vieiniry, who shall he per mitted to purchase the same under .such rules, regulations and instructions as m iy be adopt ed by the Executive Committee. Cob. That as soon as tha sum of fifty thou sand dollars shall be subscribed, the ?ubcri bcrs shall meet and yppoiut an Executive Committee out of their own body, to e niit of five members:, to whom shall be entrusted the genera! supervision and management f all the bu;--inesof the association and the adop tion of such rules and regulations as they may think proper. Oth. That the sahsrri'nrrs shall likewise at said meeting appaint Treasurer and Store keeper, and oae or more Purchasing Agents, and the Store-keeper, under the direction and with the assent and approbation of the Execu tive Committee, may employ such clerks and servants a may be required to assist him in the discharge of his duties aud to rent such stores or warehouse as may be necessary. 7th. That the salaries of the Store keepers and Treasurer, and of the Pur basing Agents, shall be tixed by the subscribers in general meetinif, who may require such bonds as they wny think proper from these? officers fur the faithful discharge of their duties. Sih. Besides the foreoiug aud for the pur pose of providing for the nee.esiities wf tho poor and indigent eitiz-ns, they recommend that a separate subscript! m be taken up for vo.uutary eontnouttons, for tne purchase of provisions for that clas of citizens, and that the sums thus contributed be placed undT th contrtd and at the disposal of the same Executive Coyimittee, and that the articles purchased with this 'fond be kept separate aud distinct from the cthor, and be appropri ated exclusively to the use and benefit of tho p vr and indigent, after defraying such )vr ti u of the euviai expenses iocurrd as the Executive Coiarrdttee may think light and. proper. yth. That this Association shall continue iu op'Tatiou f. r twelve months, unless sootier nscoiitinued at a ge coral tnreting of the ftibsci ihv rs, and when discontinued a state ment or exhibit shall be made of va opra tions, and if any Lss sit all sus'.rii nd. t'ne sune shviil be apportioned y the Executive (.'oinmitlce Riming the subscribers according to the atnonuts respedively subscribed; and shotild any prolits h.-vve accruvd, a'"ter ic fuodii'g t too subscribers tho amounts sub scribed with interest thereon, at ii.o rate of si:c per cent. ur anuiiin, such prcfi:s s'nail bo appetiuned among tho subscri ibers so as to emitlo them te ivceivo not vonro than ten per cent, upon the amount sub. cribed; anel the suppjies, if an, sliall be ap.propriated to the fund for tho relief of the neor and in digent. The Committee, puisnant tu instructions, have had a confert-uoo with the M iyor of the City, who insured tnein that arrange ments liad already bt-eu mad-3 by the city authorities for procuring aa ample supply of wo;i.l lor the use of the poor of the ciiy, and they tbvrefovo did mi deem il advisable to propose in any luanu'-i' to interfere with their arrangements. Tn? report was read striniiux. an. I adopted. Oil luetics, it was resolved that a, Ooamnttee ofoe frora e ich VTard be nppoiutfd, to procure subscriptions to ths fuuls of tbi Associaduit, aud that subiuriptiou papcr3 be left at tLe several Auction an-t B )ok atcres of the city. Tiie following Oouiniittec-men Vierc appoin ted: Mr. Crowdfr in the Western Wird ; Mr. L.inds iell in the Middle ward, and Mr. Jaj. J. L'nchfurd in the Eastern ward. Oa rsotion, it was orderad that the Secretary furiib.b the City pviperj with a cojy of tho above report and proceedings for publication. The meeting udjourued, to meet again Mon day evening next, at 7 o'clock, at the Mayor's cfhee, uud the citizens generally arc invited to attouu. JNO. II. IdlYAN, Cha'raiau. A. M. Gobman, Secy. $1-0,000 IN COUNTY BONDS FOK SALE. 11 :iAl, I ilC liiu , Ci.nrt day, )1 will to tho hijh: t biuler FORTY ? injUSAND T0LLA11S PUHSOX COUNTY t EONS. at the CVurt-lloiis in the tovtn of It ox- ' bT9'. f?-id Bonds . ill run from tw.t rive years. AUft, at the saai time and plac. I will offer NINE THOUSAND JjOLLARS N. C. TltEASU KY NOTSS. ALEX. V,' ALKEIt, nT l dTi Coin. tv Coanni?si nar. rilHE CHURCH 1NTKLLIGEN- rrvoTs.r to tub interests or tfi PROTESTAN l' KPfSCOPAL CHURCH IS TU13 CONFEUEliATE STATES, ianw published by the PnoTxsTAXT Episcopal Chi pcm Piilisriko Ai sociatiox is Cy AKI.OTTK, NoRTn Cakolixa. Rtv. F. M. IIUF.IJAMP. D. I)., K. , Ktr. . M. EVElillAET. A. M., 1'riToR" TKP.M3 OV SCCSCRirTION CASH, IX ADVAXCH : Por th-e- mcn'.hs 5 3 Vvr six laoiitbi j0 For one Tear u . Fer Artny r 1 losj-it.! Uirtrihution, a ue diieth n i tweity-five ptr cent. AM coifliounveatiotus should bo aJJrtcifcJ, CrTun h Intclligcuccr, Charlotte, N. U." no 1 -Ml a n k t t m. a u A n t A i M 1 C A It I A ! 1 M A C A R I A ! t 1 THE GREAT SOUTHERN NOVEL! THE GREAT SOUTnEKN NOVEL! ! THE GREAT SOUTHERN NOVEL!!! ALREADY PUBLISHED IN LONDON AND NEW YORK. NOW KKADY, THE NEW EDITION. T W E N T I E T II THOUSAND ! ! MA CAR I A ; OR, ALTARS OP SACRIFICE. By Augusta J. Evaxs, Authoress of " Bsulab." " We have all to bo I Icl upon an altar ; we have, a3 it were to be subjected to the actioa of tire." This magnificent Southern Novel, from the gifted and accomplished mind of Mis Evans, of .Mobile, authored of " UruUh," and tittinlv eall "the Madame De Stael of the South," fa uow in its second edition, revised aud corrected. The following extracts, selected from innumer able otheKS, of similar commendations, speak ap propriately of its superior merits : From the London Tlic. " The South surpasses the North not only in " chivalry and military genius, but in the high " civiiizati -n of surpassing literature a!?o. Jfaca ' via s ths product of a female mind ; but maaeu " line, learned and grand, beyond the qualities " usually found aiaon lifr.rateurs of thataex. It " is atonco honorable to tiio South and hopeful of " its future." From tli Xew York Davy Timet. " It cannot bo denied that, in 'Maearia,' Mi?3 " Evans has more than sustiined her splendid " powers, as first illustrated in 'Beulah,' for tlve " former is far superior in learning, gonius and " portraiture, to the latter; while a-i a story of " the war, it casts far in the shade nil Northern " rirals." From DcBoit's Reticle. " Misa E.aps bids fair to be one of the most " ehining lights of oar literature. In this, our " own judgment cor- esponds with that of nil our " friends admiration for a noble production, and " on whieh mu?t place the author on a high "niche. Where there area thousard meii8, it would bo invidious to discriminate in favor of " occasional ones. The literary world will be anxious to hear from Miss Eva?s ofteji. She is but at the beirinniuir of her career, and we efi'er " this weal: and hurried tribute at her shrine, and " bid her 'God speed.'" PRICE $G,C0. Jl" Upon the receipt of the pric-i we will for ward this book to aay address in tho Confederacy, postpaid. Orders, to receive prompt attention, should be addressed to WEST & JOHNSTON, Publishers and Booksellers, oct 27-eodSt 143 Main Street, Richmond. TTENTION KKFUCEES ! I VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE. THE undersigned having eh ingcd their busi ness, now offer tor sale that, well-known Tally-?H property, in (Jrnnville County, N. C.,imtnetU;tteIy 3D the road leading froTU OxterrJ to JIillsh-ro, ten luilc? so'ith-wcst froia Jxford, 13 miles ru';i t!e R. A H. R. 11., and 22 miles fn m the N. C. C. it. R., in a healthy section of country, nd entirely safe from raids by the c jcniy. Two ii-uii.-'"jing seh .ol-, inie foil fcmal are eonveniant, it mi is oae of the finest locations for a country store, and the best locution f r a Tobacco Factory in the State. 'the tr;u;t of Land consists of 216 acres, and is well improved, having a Dwell'iiv w'Oh sc-Vv n Rooms, six lire places; and another Dwelling with three loom?, two tire-places, an (j;!ice with two Rocvns, lire-plaeo to each. ; 10 Nero Cabins, 2 Hrroko-i ous'.-s, a meat Stoietooi.-e '10 by f'2 fVrt, a T..baceo Factory 40 by (o feef, two story is liijfh, with 2'i Tobacco Presses, Mil's. Sharers, is faet all LOcessart tixtures. anvJ room to work 75 to 100 hand?, Ht'am ilou?e, Uov Slioj WU'k-Shop 2S bv 52 lott, one Hou?e 2". by 20 feet, two .-tr:rys ; a Blacksiiith Shop, two Forges, one 1 a rre' Gra nary o 4 by 4G feet, Well, Stables for twenty bead of Horses, two good Corn-Cribs, Can iuge-Iiouse, two Orchards of the be-t selection of Fruits ; and a never-fading Well of Splendid Water ia the yard. Also, one Lot of 8 acres, w ith a gond Dwelling with four looms, tww iirc-plae , and all necessary out houses, and good well of Water. One other tire acre Lot, with a good Dwelling, three rooms and one h re-place, out hous. ? and a splendid well of Water. Most ail the improve ments have beeu put up iu tne last & or 10 years. Ail the iand joins and cau bo cut Bp to suit pur chasers. -Itismot necessary to say anything further, as the place will recommend itseif upon examination. We also have a large lot of Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, from medium to lineit grades, aud a lot of Smoking Twbaceo. All of the store named property we will sell f r Confederate mocey, or a part in Negroes. This property is in a section of country where there is convenient a quantity of good Iliver liot torn Land, which can be rented, for further par ticulars address tbcj undersigned at Oxford, Gran ville County, N. C. J. L. JONES & ERO. p. wish to rUY two or focr STEAM SAW MILLS, of 25 horse power or more, in gold ruiming order. Also wish to HIRE for the next vear some TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY or THREE HUNDRED HANDS. Those having h4Dds to hire and wishing to secure good homes for them, will do w ell to make early application. I also wish to BUY ONE HUNDRED BAR RELS OF SORGHUM, lor which I will pay a fair price. For further pticulars address the undersigned, Oxford, Granville Coanty, N. ! J. L. JONES. October 26th, lSG4. d6t or. s L E I have for sale a beautiful French Lady's WATCH AND CHAIN. Ptice $1,500. AJdress J. D. BAIRD, jiov i-dt Tally-Ho, Granville County, N. C. XCIIANGE WANTED. '.'anted to excbac; for the cadrg year, an excellent H-USr. A X I CT ia TTarrmWii, N. C. iar cae in lalcifh. Apply to HECK, BRODIE & CO. November 1st lSf4. 6t A HOME FOK A REFUGEE J. IN YANCEYYILLE, N. C. WILL BE RENTED for the ensuing year, ob the 3th dav of November next, (it bcir g Superior CeTurt wee'Oalnrge and commodious House, with ten Rooms, Kitchen, Smoke-Ueuse, Necrro deab'e Cabisis, Ice-House, and W ell m tneyaro; a uirgs and fertile Garden, suflicient for a large famny. j ros-.-sion given uii cay oi renui.-. xu-u uu security squired. JAS. TOTE AT, THOS. J. W- MACK, oct 2S-d3i V - LEA. 4 Richmond Enquirer insert three ieie3 snd forward account. MRS MILLER continues to aecoin&iodate ! Boarders, by thy day, wttk or month. I M OFFICIAL. TRESt7BT DKPARTHEXT, Kum Statkh of Axtmoi, - BicHtNr. OctoSr 12. lsfil. J COXFEDE NON-TAXABLE BOXDS.FIVG HUNDREP Million loan. Sale continued Narnerous applications bavins been ' made for 'bonds at the established price of one hundred and thirty-five dollaig and interest, under circumstance that en titled them to favorable Sonsideration, it has been determined to continue the fair at the abova price until further notice. Agents lor the sale of these bond are instructed to act in accordance with this order; and the at tion of disbursing officers of the government ii particularly called to it. ? G. A. THEN' HOLM. Sec. of the Tre.-.s. oct 19 d2w - CONSCRIPT OFFICE,) Raleiqg, N. C, Oct. 22nd, l6i. J CIRCULAR, No. 56. j T THE. attention of Inspectors of JL. Censcriptiwn und Enrolling Officers. is here by called to Cc-.eral Order, No.' 82. A. A I. J. O., current series." illl nien turned over undr this order will be forwarded to Camps of Instruc tion without delay. II. Any delay in furnishing the required lists will b proinntly rep rted. III. Specal attention is directed to Par. IV., General Order, No. S2, A. & I. G. O., current ' series. By order J. R. McLean. Acting Cpmd't Coe.'cripta N. C. E. J. HARD IV, Adjutant. ATi TTT'T AVTi TV2ro -rvT Arrirmi EicmioN-n, Oct. 20, lSf'-b Gkxeual Orders, ) No. 82. T THE Chief of tho Bureau of Ord- f- nanre will without delay, tke measures to pbve ip tho s,.u cne-tifih of all tbe nien employ ed in his dt pd' tment, (including contractors and thdr t-iaplovees. of the r lasses speciiied in Gene ral Orders No. 77, A. and I. G. Office, (current series); To t Lis end he will direct the several odieers in charge of arsenals, workshn s, depots, Ac, to turn over to the neartst enrolling ollicer, by list, showing th' ir ages, occupation and resi dence, such proportion of their employees (includ ing contractors and employees under them,) of the class above referred to, "as will constitute in th figgr'i-gat one-M'th of the whol number in he said ebisses, according to returns in his office Sept. 50, 1RG4. Duplicates of bueh ist will be sent to the General of Reserves of the States, and trip licates to the chief of ordnance. Three days a? o - allows ! for the execution of this order af'er its reception at any pott or station of tho ordnance fllepartrnent. II. 'i he chief of the Nitre and Mining Bureau, w iil turn over in like nunnar, on 5iii!ar list;-, cne fifth of all men of the classes specilitd in General Orders o. 77, employed in iron, le?id, eopper and coal mining, and in all service appertaining there to, whether under olilcersof his bureau or bv con tractors. Daplic.ite an i iplicate li-ta to te fur nished, as p.bore directed in the ordnance bnrt-au. And will in like :uprier tarn ever one-fifth of all such men as ;u c-midoyct in the nitre service. The period of three days, under th.' same rodi lov. as above mentioned, are allowed for the cx eeu'ion of" this oider. III. The list of r ei sons directed in the forego ing fl'-ctions to be turned over to the enrolling o!i:o r, will be prepared a once, rn the reception oft! is order, aed will be furnished to the mid ofherrs within thr days, as above prescribed, by the virions oft-cers of each of the i'bvc bureaux having ren une'er their charg, and every a.si$ tence will be rendered by the luttf-r to the puim.11 ing oflicers, to carry out the intention of this ord'-r. IV. So much of tTencral Orders No. 77, a re lates to men employ; d in the two borcuv neiu d above, is hereby suspended, and the foregoing oidv r will ctand iu iieu of all requirements under the former. Cv order. R. COOPER, 24-dflt A. at. IT. On. fti? Favetteville Observer, Wilr-dnglon Jottr n d, Ch-irio'tt Bulletin. Grfen.-boro' ('it'w.n. Sal iMmrv Vatebui;n, ryt0 .rurnM, f,rn.-- 'rv:itire, Ashv'iile News, Iredell Express, Wadesboro' Ar ptjw, coy.y thrp times Such of the above papers as are publithcd weekly copy twice. CONSCRIPT OFFICE, ) IlALkl'iH, Oct. 2I, 18C1. J CIRCULAR, 1 No. 57. ' fY dircdtioii of the Lieut. Gen. J Commanding, Enrolling Oflifes will a!:o all Railroad employ, ls to lereain at thei- present duties until action can t:kn at his oihee. By order of ilaj. McLkan. Acting Commaiidant. E. J. HARDIN, OCt21-t;3t Adjutant. Conservative, State Journal, Wilmington Journal, Clnrlotte Bulletin, Salisljury Watch man copy three times ; Fayetteville Observer one wtek. HEID'QRS CLINGMAN'S BRIGADE, ) Neat. Chafmn's Bluff, Oct., 10th, 104. OT1CE TO ABSENTEES ! All officers and rnenet this Brigade whoseleaves and furloughs liave expired, or -viu are oti"scrwie absent without projier authritj-. arc mot-te nne.'-t-ly ca!l?l up n to rcturti wilh-itit delay tj their respective Regiments. . tih-juld this call not be promptly complied with, immediafe steps will be taken to have all who come under its terms, arrested and brought l ack. The Brigade, depleted by many battles, is fast Slling up, and if this call "be promptly eompi.cd with wiil f con assume it f:rni-r proportions. By command cf Col. II. McKetf' ax, Cvnvnanding Brigade : ED WaKD WHITE, oct24-dtf A. A. iJcuT. jfEW rUliLICATT OiTS", THE METHODIST PUBLISHING COMPANY, RALEIGH, X. C. FIRST READER, for Southern Reboot: Price r-r hundred 30,00 ' dozen 4.50 ' " single copy SO SOUTHERN ZION'S SONGSTER, for Sabbath Schools, Soci-d Meetings, the Ciuip. Ac : Price p or hun dred , jSO.t-O " doz-t! ,M " -siejle cony 1,00 BULLION'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR, Revised by Rev. Dr. Cravks, (ijret). We can also furnish all MUSIC, Published in the Suth. Catalogues of Mu?ic -nd B ooks sent wbeu de:-ired. Orders solicited, aad will be promptly attended to. Address oct 27 dtf Bev. A. R. RAVEN. G ii U 1 T S W A N T E D ? TWENTY voune, able-bodied recruit? wanted in Faion's Scouts" to fol up the Company; will opeiate chicflr on Confrate Point. They will furnish good horses. Fort Fisher, S. C, October 27. d2Ct TO GAS OWcMfJIS. ON AFTER THE 1ST OF NOVEMBER, THE price of Gas will b St'O per thousaod feet. At the present piic o; t o.in, fn i t:ht and iron, it ets tho Company $'7 ."0 i er tbouFat..' f. to make it. WATER HO USE L BOWES, oet 2o-dtln, 0 S T Between the Episcopal CLurch srd Mrs. H. W. Miller's, assail PIN containir.g hairatt8rhrd to a black how. The fitder will be rewarded on Laving it st MRS. MILLER'S. October SIst. ISr.i. dlt L O T ! A BROWN FUR C WV WITFT A lil.rK rnttn and Tas.el, wra h-,t at the Bnpti.t Church last night Sunday, or, I Hw rn the Cbnich and tuv residence. The finder w ill Lo fuitxtlv rewarded by leaving it at my Store. Oct. 31-tf. P. F. PFCn. LANDS FOR IlENlMXCASn COUNTY. Will be rented out'at IIHlircton. Nash Cour.tv, to th highest bidder.en the 12th November. Two Farms, on each of v.hlch 6 or S hands can be worked to advantage. There is on each place a good Overseer's house, and Negro Cubits. V'. 11. A W. F. ROWLAND. October 27, I8(i4. du "OOXES FOIt KOLDIEKS. " iy . AH boxes for Sn'dirrs or Prisoner.-of War from North Carolina, delivered to tlw tollowing named pel sons, willb pron.ptty '.'..r v.rdid lre l chargu Spraue Brothrts. S.ili l urv. Dr. D. F. Sii'in.ev, it- 1(ie. Dr. W. A. C llett, Mo.-gKtitoo. ir. J. W. Alli.on, tst rviile. Dr. J. L. N eagle. Gr. rrsboro'. Mr. A. ilngin, Cliat lot te. 3Ir. Edward Hege , Sb-m. Capt. J. N. MeDow. t!, Rabigh. Jos'i'h A. Worth, Fa r 1 1 vi te. E. Murray & Co., Wibni-'t'o. Mr. F. L.'BonJ, T.irboi-o'. Mr. J. A. J. Askiw. Coleraso. Mr. F. L. Roberts. Marfre -sboro'. The Boxes should be wrll hooped, properly marked, and delivered in time for my Special mes senger who leaves Raleigh on the lirst day of every month. E1HVARD WARREN, Surg, 'iu t-Viieral N. C. Raleigh, N. C, Oct. 31, i;;4. dim O O R A L K JUST RECEIVED ON CONSIGNMENT. 20 Dozen 12 and 14 inch Mill Saw Files. 10 12 14 44 llorse-Sho Raspi. 100 Hand-Saw Files CREECH A LITCIIFORD, oct?S-d4t Com Mcrcii'Unnd Auctf. o As, A L E 4-4 Pro. Sheeting, by tho ble or piece. N. C. Gray Cassimf .-rrs. CREECH .'c LI Ten FORD, oct27-dlt -Cow. Idercl t's end Ancts. TpOM .SALE. 1 Herring's Fiic- J.. Proof SAFE. Ifg- s;.e. CREbr il & I ITClIFOrU), oct 2S c!4t Coir. Ie.cM's it..i Auctj. WOOL NOTICE. QU AliTERSM ASTER'H I I. I'ARTM ENT, KAi.::ica, Jclv '2, 14. X AM NOW rREPARi'D 'i O EXCHANOE jL .trou Yarn fr V .;, u;cn the loilovit:f tei tris, viz , Oiit bunch of Ysrri f-r three pounds washed Wo;d, and one bunch for four pounds unwashed. Agents have been appointed to naaka t5e ex change at th fjl!ewin,- 'jf - : Oxford, Tarboro', Kir.tor., Ctherir.e Lake, fi.i-.e"rd, I'.oekirifhaTn, Hcnrh-r3f.r;vi;ie, Statcsriii -, E iber', ' Ashevihe, Pittsboro'. Jjouisiiurg, Kayctti: ;itii, Ccletain, auJ at this jdacr. IVrfons shipping woe! to this pla.ee will ptrsaa riftrk on tbn packages ?bo tb v 5'"e fr' i, and tLo cotton yarn will be forvsid--' i"ii,t. diatcly. I Lop- the people will i.strb.t-cal'.y rf.-pond t the above notice, as the Wool is for clothing tht N.C. Troops. H. A. DOWD, A. M., N. C. A. nly 8-MO-tf 1? o n L t A fiiii? LTT1LE FARM. 12 :r.?b frcn Rab ijh, cnt.taining 200 acres. Oi e il bd i.i cultivation the balance in Oak, Hickory row) Pine wood. Hie improvements consdst of ki oroii. irv tiaLie Dwel ling with four rot m- a jood Eilchu, Barn, Stabh-p, Ac. Anplv eaily to oct 2S ." s.;:u W. MASON. w A BY A GENTLEMAN, l.o!..-s lw.d considera te experie:e: in teacLirg t ol boys and nirls, a tituaticn as TEACHER in k -i-.a. Aoadviay or H'gh School. Address iunucdi.it I v, TEACHER, oct 27 dlCt Tallv-Ilo, Gr.f d f N. C. "? F. KThKI), OK P.A SMViA'lU ULl'F.Ci- fully informs the Mend ' of tb House of Comrr.: ns if the ensung Ee--'-.iuro that ho it u candidate for Assistuut D'orKn.ptr. oc 11, ISfi I. dtral. I WISH TO EMPLOY A MAN TO TAKE cliarge of my farm a O rr s , v lu is fiornpt from n.tlitary "service. For lurther particulars address me at Halifax, N. C Oct l!-dlt OHO. A. SMITH. rOOUKEErKi:SI:IP TO THE ! J SENATE. The suW.-r:bcr TCfpccti"' .-..noiircr Mtrelf CANDIDATE for the C-o of PRINCIPAL DOORKEEPER to the r.co ,WENA1 I cf North Carolina. He ba.- b-er in lie v::r cer since Apiil. lil.und is r.r w d':.-..' 1 :-d and t.a light duty, lfelocrr jhe jileg'.? hiui if" tu si f iitrou! dii charg of duty. ' W. J. SAUNDERS. Oct dJ?r 2, ISM. dt 1 QONFEDElvATE TAN NOTICE. 1 hertbv give notice tint I w ill a'tcrd a my rfbee ia tne City of Ra 'tizk, on the days min i in thi nctic. to tec iv-the p:( peityor general tax due the Confederate Gevcrni. tnt for the yr 104. To prevent coafesin and ir.-nr dipttb, th tax pavers will attend t nr t-.Tr c n th? days appointed for tLe diif ict in wLicit tLey rtsptc- tively i erode. Swi't Cr'k distiiet on Mordav Panther P.ranch " " Tu".-dv 14, Nov. UU. 15 Barr. -y Jorts ' Wednei'v Euckhorc & Newhill ' Thursday White Oak ABeavO., rridir 1 17 n n ii ti u li 19 21 22 er Kjrc-f-m y Crabtrcc A Gary " " Saturday H"-u.c5 Crek " 44 iloaday 41 tl Cre-k f " J " " W 2f ?'y 23 J Fbhlain New Ligtt Baitn' Creek St. Matthews A St. Marks Wake For?, t CiorS Roads LiP'e River A i?Lfi".i!oa Ma:'-sCrVi St. Mary 'a ilAleigh tl 14 II II II II It 2i t U il If It " Friday Fiturday " Mcr.dav 26 21 2'J " Wedr.'r SJ li It t " Thursday 31 " " Fii-Jiv 1 Pc. II It from M;sday 4 to Tedr.eM day 13 " . RUFUS H. PAGE, Coii; .to" fi r Wake Coutif. Oct. 2'"-diw. " i Sur.dard, Piogr. si an J Cunsti rati vo copjr tw I tiac w t.k!y. 5 L Sale of Old iTlt r.iHls a Auctlim ()N THURSDAY thk 15ib DAY OF .NOV KM ber next, attbeCouit lb te in Lexit jtrn, N. 0.. we will tell at public Auction In eon, t ight Barrels of e ld Brcdy, which wi ld tf V.". S. Henrehan and Levi liavrn. Persia wi?hinr t buv jotd l.rsrdv. woiid bj well to attend. .1. A DDERTON,- J. A. MARC". LfxitipUn, N. C, Oct. 1, let'l. ritriivl5. TXILLSBOBO', N. C, 71LITA- JlI. RY ACADEMY. TUP SEVENTH ACAD1 MIC YEAR cT thia Ir.:itttt..n will ccu-tP-nce oa WllDMSiA, FEBRUARY Dt, lf;:. Applicatioi.s tor api einttn ids n rt bo mado prior to 15ih Decc i iter 1U, stoul which timo the terms w id bo iu ki:v n. Address Maj. VM. M. G'MtDON. oct 1-diai Supei ir.tetidtnt. A S O NIC Til E GRANC LODGE r.f F. rrd A. M. " f North Caciina, niil nut in this City 1 Monday rvenit.g, tbe Mb of Di c n.1. r ?im'. at 7 o'cloi k, for thr ttsit .icti rn ot bu ir t . Cf.lnta of Soboti'.inate Lodm n rc n queftrd lou'.tu d 1n pcr-on or Lave hH i iiil d b p a let pppoinu tt, tho Con? litutioti atd ue; .il r nbti. t ! of ('.( Gi auft Liaise n quiit. WILl i.NM T I AIN, Oi.ini hc ii l irv. Rab-h, Oct. 17, i:C4. Vuw'td Q T O L EN. kJ ONE liUNDLi D DOLLARS RIAVARO. STOLEN from ni.? cr tbe c ' t b.'tv, r n t'olH boto anJ Jryrirs Dtp t. -n Frif.v nilit, 3f-th ult., a line S-r.c t Rifle (a tvi n t p ntr i. ) '1 be 1 itie butt a ; t; si' k i ut in n the i t li 1 will pay the al "ie r-waid to nr,' pertt n who wiildelivtr the nod lith to tlw I ' ' ; r of thy T:o!ioro S uti.ccc. t , r torn cl l-'aUiand. I v ill sho n v t'.'. O to lb an et and t .-nvic-tion .! the thilf. Y.M. J. F"RE.N1 AN, octlld:!. Uklatd ' V TvT O T 1 . G E . -Li T A X IN EI N 1) . 'I li2 Cor.f'ulrrr.to .Arfejfots for Wcke Coiitv wiil meet tie i -itirei.s of this rounty at Xlm' td-lo-ftirg it:r s and plncip, for the j arpcre of A "-es fringt:.- Tax in Kind m Win at, Oats, Ky. t urcd ID'.y and Wool. ','!''.' prtidncrra W lio lclb d to fiv in the pt ducts ot bit yt ar, -uiVkt cou. Ii wrd and cempN with the fuw : Fi i. kliu', .V eju'ay, Hi or B.iik-, Tnc.hiY, V.il Ha!i:V Jn V(Jii.!v!av. 2dh October. It tl i - l Novtn bcr . La.MY. bo rdi, H liutKl-r, 27th ei i Level, 1 i an , 2Mb M"Misville, SatenbiT, 2'.th Spikes', Mr.nc'r.v ? 1 rt Hvo' Tt..d.v, lit L k (Jrove, . W.dr.i'Jav, 2 1 J'Uw, ifitisdav. 5 1 G. W. Tbotuf.son'i, I i idav, Durn-viHe, Monday, Fnir.-lviMe, Vi;fiy, 4th th f th R'i..- iii". Wedrrsdav, f't)i Wi'krheid, E--K- Kf.ck, A ubern, (Vey, Wiley Lvnn's Tbtirsdnv, Pdh F-i.fcv, 11th S;iIuiUjv. 12th Vrdsr,' Kth Tu(;:nv, l.Mh Ra'f igh c-ti Wf-dnodnv, Tbuisdav Ptid Fiiday, t! o lbtb, i7thanS 1Mb oi .vo mbcr. Evm y pet 'ri lutift meet n at t b" t it ' n i;d p'.scs named, rd e cu'd npon all xtu cilir.' to sri.-t tbe fcoldii ! .' wives and w iwuw iauiti iu th county to lift their piod;uD. Ort. Oj, 1 f g4 dtf Af rsret' . ' !?.- VicLiy St.w.brd copy tn. i'rd bi ', to lst!f'or for p.iovf.l. CUPJUIE COilliT IJ'TOir. Th Rj.'rrts of (:"- at La, Arpmd and ! t.'t u-.iucd iu tbe fp.iine Cnit cd N. C", ,f t o 'i'rin;, If'Jt. 2, Vo'nire 1. Fp'itv . a, ... 1, Vol. 1 : t'-voit,d 1 p. 1 ! . U i t..-t ii, I... I'iko .V No. il, s-i; f.o ; I, 7,f. . Or. s )i;.. io-l fro tn the I'.-'d.rr".! t.. ' i wh h . ab ;.dy oidi ii-d Vrctn Mr. W. w ib t i ,i r ir ..t to t?:e Mil riter. A. R. !..Y !'.., Rai. i h, Oct. 2T, IstU. "tl Aitd. 1 v,i!I r,h 2v,0 BAGS VV (O'l'jON . f r. c u ! t v , t' i i v ltd at at. v i:'! n i!. 1 1 ! C.i i 2itii jsiliMil. G. W , iW I.Pto j w ,1 ilti 'Hjw Rivrr, P. O., . tl. n E N T . 1 wilt RENT the Home now o'- i-j id by t , m.d f r f.u.o time 1 ej ? if a Etel, ntatni' 12 R uiti. , u I u.dcM of the I.'o.it R m. "i fin fc '. "J he I uiidieg will Uc ii . '. d wi't. or ii , -r-nt the fcrniture. ua:-"io!l ivm imi .c - 'at i if ur:r i. c;lo. T. COOICI . r.alri;:h, Oct. Zh, lf.Cl. dCt VaSri:t5I I'o;.esdly for rl AV1NG ci.tM.lu'l.' 1 to ih.inj" in v bioirie.'?. ! wili t.ll u. 'i R ACT el LAND. 1 vii i SwifJ Creeh, m v. n r.ibn olOl ' ol Kl 1 , com aitdmr ""it Ivr burdr .1 ?i -r, I in -u;il fciotU oi pine :.. d k, t c jt .' out Li'fidfd aci'f, r- .' 1' m U.ut', whi.'I i n ii. an d in th .o I le w x .,t .., r.iel i: c high nut of f t'llDatl-.r. w .0. "; it to ' . iuipr "t ( i'.t ittf t. ' i : '.''.:'.., '''' ' " rvc u t oi A.f, . i.il ..it t.i j'i'.-, with b-f-n e t. a rt l-t,i.id t.' t . .!'! r'.;oo..n 1 an t ie t aceoir. t;odt i.i s.'ar? ; n.. , in l.- -v.-n ... i b i- :. ! r a .n,. t i f biuJci'. .i".1 1' h.4d b- . j , ti.:,t i w culd 11 if d . Irro ; il". i f ' ' t i' p l.il ay .. nt 1 v ;i ; itt ui,tC, t Clt' I an 1 (,' i.i : . . t i.. f y i'l.r t'Ai't uUiS r.i l.'f: c .i. ct P..i'ei;li. a-Sl-f'tf , ? A PL RDVI,AM. , tSiM. (il (.IM.NVl'.t.E (lilM'V EU.NL'S. o N ; Tt.Erl'AV OF (. RAN VI LbE fiU'MV i'turt next, b it g il e 1 1 day f NvYr.l-r. I .l.:'U il .u i.1 die ,!..ci;. ii. .v::o,M e f Gr-inviJle toft,,- h robs, of dn-.n-iionien of "t 1 UVU, due in ten ymtr, ar. i b -. j :,g in'Tft. m L A. PASC llALL, Cum'n Oxford, Oct V, dtd. of Ittlicf lioatd. izviaz-: A.-.i tM'r I'iiu S.4Z,!:.. I OFFER MY SPLENDID NEW P.l SIDENCE for tab: ii the town of 1 1 imo.hso s , S. C. Tl.n dwelling tou.-e bii c Ij:bt lut'ge mi-ms, with fiw p!ce t each, and Kitehn, htm l e-ho c, Dairy, Stabb-e and rib: a'l c ntii elr r.ev td cutnn i. ii. Tbw grounds an un J the l idw-ne arc UAokiri-1-CAri.r orn a m i.r oi; by an Irishman Willed ia th i bu mos. The garde u net to lie irpa".td If." frrtUitv and varird prwuects. TLo ici hs ebuul i; ACr.tSwr i. 6 ittachvd. A kfN to, or adiros, W. II. HUCnES, ort 1R 134 dPit ll-ndef r-oo, N. (! T?AYE'lTEVIi;iii;, N. O., M1L1- J; TARY ACADLii Y. Tb.! fiut SrfIon f this Ins'itutin r.'dl con. teence the Ut wf February, UL'5. Appli' 1. 1 i.u for sdairi"n t.iuit h" m.ideprb.r tw tie !' Ju vrrv.lwi; about v. hi eh tln-e tie tt run w i il bt made Luown. AdJ:te Maj. VM. A. BAN US. ;t 21 widlf v S.'p.'i inU i 1. Ab- wmd, TWO TrACEl.l'.S -d rn:iiM c-d-aeation ai.d a STEWARD iu tbi intiiu!i' n.-" Audi v S ab.ii o . M I

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