DAILY CONFEDERxlTE: A n : " . rr r, months i - . 15 ' 3 1 6 tt 5 15 -oTWEEh.L, . " ,i 10 3 WEEKLY EDITION. 6 " " "'t'erina KEPOST OF TIM SECUZTART OF THE " Richmond, N. ''l8'4- j cwA-er i f tho uouse Hon. Tuos. S. Eocock, Speaker i 0fl.,prsentatiiu; folloW. rB I have the hmor to swoi. ir report of the condition of this Department abutted to Core ? P . V"' Arril U04. The receipt, into the rrtasury, oct- br, nre as follows: Funr per cent B,eie,i;'""7 ?Vi rno 00 Act 17b of February, 1804, $l3,o.S,UW,w S?,;1 ' 280,200 00 Four per coot bonds end stoclc, Act March. 1863, Eiht per cent bonds and etocU, Act 28th Feb.. 1R01 per C3nt bawl stoClf lltb action Act 17th Febru- Siceut bonds five hundred million lean, Act 17th cb., l bc i Six r-cr cent bin Js, ISthsec tiou Act I7ih Feb. 164. Frur per cent call ccrtihcates, 7tl section Act 17th ljtb- gevpcrcnt bonds, Act 20th February, '03, Six per cent certificates of in debtedness, Act 17 th Fob u.iry 1801, Tax on old issues redeemed, Kep.iyments by disbuntiog of- Act 23d March. 186B W -v-. AAft 7.C00 00 388,000 00 14, 431, 50 00 405,200 00 20,973,100 00 2,700 00 1,789,100 00 14,410,500 85 20,115,830,51 Treasury n&tes, under Act 17th February, 180 1, , iZ'U.'.?'S?2 SS 42,2i?4 314 40 War Tax, Keyiestra'tiou, Custom, Export duty, Ofeieers' exemption and tax on non-combatants, Miscellaneous recei-pts, Coin seized by authority of the Secretury of War, Premium on loans, Soldiers' tax, Patent fund, 1,233,782 7o rt 4,820 12 20,5 CO 00 21,703 13 1,053,200 00 4,822. 219.30 908,022 22 800 17 $415,101,550 39 The expenditures during the same period are SvSrtnt, wy Department. 14 28 Customs, . Civil. B.iscellaneous and foreign iutercourbe, 272,378,60o 50 10,772,883 11 Public d'dt far payment of iufcrct, ?ubl:e debt for payment of priucipal, 381,787,413 00 $014,938,832 70 The balance in the Treasury on the lit April, 1801, wP, $30S.282 722 19 The amount received since is, 415,U'l,ooO o.) -"$r23 -174 272 58 Deduct amount of expenditure, 014 ,038.832 70 Thebalauce in the Treasury is, $108,435,439 88 Thih huUnccis made uo ns foil'ows: Treafury notes (new issue) and t!.e,,ie, . $22.05,200 81 Treasury notes old issue to be cancelled, L ,280 67 ' 108,425,439 88 The public debtor the 1st of Ostober, 1804, was " follows : Funded debt. Total iue ofbnd and stocks, $308,410 loO CO Total issue of coll certificatea, 107,578,370 00 Total i.-sue of certificatti of in debtednesa, 19,010,000 00 Total issue of produce certifi catcs.Act Aptil 21, 1802, Amount vi 7 80 interest notes, which havc asiuni eJ the character ofperuaa nent bonds, 8,500,000 00 09.954,900 00 $C8S;439 420 00 Redneed bv thf amount redeemed, to wit: Act May It. 1801 principal, $297,600 00 Act August 19, 1801, prin cipal, Call certificates, Act Decem ber 24, 1861, six per cent., Call certificates, Act March 23, 1803, fivq per cent., Call certificates, Act March 23, 1863, four per ceut.f 1,207,700 00 70,729,OS0 00 70,000,000 00 1,825,000 00 144.119 339 00 $519,340,090 00 Unfundrd debt. Amount of , 3 G5 interest no'es outstanding, Total issiiifl Treasury notes 5lG,05fJ 00 oldisAi, m $9GS2S1,863 00 Keduced by amount called in . for cancellation, 649 047,945 50 - 324,233,918 00 Total issue Treaury notes new issue, 283,SS0,150 00 1,147,970,208 00 The'estimates submitted by tLe various de partments for the support of the Government for the six months from 1st January to 1st July, 1805, are as follows : 4 Lesislatiye, I'xecutivc office, Tieasury Department, 'ar Department, -Nary Departmmt, Post tfEce DrpartmenJ, Stat Di paitintr.t, Department of Justice, ilisctlienecn-, $375 000 00 47,545 40 4.020.350 00 402.012 200 S3 14,f05 1..4 75 204.349 93 03 355 00 715,074 26 15,000,000 00 Afrsreprate, $438,039 315 73 The balances of appropriations not drawn on the 1st of October, 1604, are as follows : Civil and miscellaneous, $97,871,764 13 War Department, 612,260,280 09 'BAT!" ' CLD SERIES, 1 VOL. V. J 247,209 33 33,785,704 SO . $744,165,118 95 Kavy Department; The e xpenditures erc fm??t predece Jore foe the tlm innntbs f 1. 1 April to 1st July at $102,000 0J0 Atthl rate the expenditure for 000 00 sh.iuM have b-eu v To this amount mu?t to added the deMs then" stat ed to be in arrcar, which do Dot appear ' to have been reduced,' the actual fXpcnditurra beuig fczo,- 201,380 80 75,000 000 00 $399,000 000 00 284,651,380 00 Induct amount paid, $114,748,014 00 Add tlie estimated expendi tures from 1st Uatotwr io 1st January, 1805, $S102.000;000 00 This exhibits a total of $276,7 43,014 00 yet to be charged against existing appropria tions. ,ii r This amount deducted from the balance of appropriations undrawn, iz : 744.165,118, 05, leaves the following amount trom past appropriations applicable to the exp.ditures of the six months trom the 1st rf January to the 1st of July, 1805,-5467,410 504. The preceding tables of the public debt, de rived from the books of th Krister present an ag-resaie of $1,147,070,203. rne fol lowing iuwraary includes th results of the taxation at.d fundin- of the icsis, wi.tch ao not yet appear on the books of 4he It-gister, and exhibits the state of the debt with more precu'vn. Funded debt Oct. lst,- Bonds, 4 ptfr cent, to be issued for the old currency, funded, viz : Eafct of the Mis- $589,340,090 s;ssippi, 2oU uwu.uuu West of Do. 30,000,000 280,000,000 $819,340,090 Deduct amount of i pr tt. bonds, receivable in payment of tax, Total funded debt . 81,000,000 $788,340,090 Unfunded debt: Treas. notes out standing, $324,283,918 Deduct amt. fun ded in tr.ins Miss. Dept., 30.000,000 $294,233,918 Deduct tax, 33$ per cadi., 98 077,978 P ' . 190,155,945 Trra. note3 tin- d.-r a?t. 17th Feb., 1864, 28)3 80,150 $1,218,876,185 This sum is liable to a further reduction tor. the following items of debt included iu the Krister's acpounts, but Mill in" the Trcapory, viz: Trea.-ury notfs, new is-U", $22 058.200 P.r.r:!U. r-.er f.snt. 500 million loan. 27 604,150 1oi ds 3 per cent. 100 million Certificate of indebtedness, 17.270 j00 Call certificates, 4 per ctat., - 22,10b. b4U 91,995.090" Total debt Oct. 1st, 18G4, $1,120,881,095 A tnblft of the rmblic debt on the lt nf April, 1804, prepared on fTte same principle, shows it to have ueeu as igiiow : Funded debt, $523,580,070 Bonds, 4 pr ct., for currency funded, - 280,000,000 Total funded debt, April 1st, $803,580,070 Unfunded dobt-Trt-asury noes ar.N!t outstanding by the register's accounts, $505,792,108 Deduct amount funded in trans Mississippi Department, 30,000,000 475,792 108 Deduct tax cf 33 1-3 pr ct., 158,597.363 317,194,785 Total" debt, April 1st, 1864, $1,120,725 405 Which eomparrd with the sum of aebt simi larly ascertained en the 1st Oct.. $1,228376, 185, shows an' augmentation of $07,050,780 in the six xnonths from 1st April to 1st Oct., 1804. ti.u ni.i;tinn trt nnp indebtedness is smaller jl I 1 I k (IM J IV m in miht have been nnnreheiided, yet it is neater than if the currency had risen iu value and thereby the expenditures uaa 'een reuueeu; o.,l .ho birrr amount of taxes raid had contri buted exeluVmly to the relief of the Treasury. The foreign debt, consisting of a single lUro, is omitted; the whole amount being undr 2 200,000 is adequately provided for by the cotton owned by the Government, even at six pence per pound, the quantity being alcut 250,000 bales. The expenditures of the current quarter, it ia assumed, will be met from the folluwicg re sources, viz : Treasury notes : amount unex pended of th proportiCm ap plicable to the payment of Expenditures, m fSO.OOO.COO ffaxes : amount to be received for the last quarter cf 1S04, estimated at - 35,000,000 Bends, certificates cf indebtei ce?s ai d loans ou hypotheca tion of bonds 47.000.000 $102,000,'. 00 The certificates of indebtedness provided by the actof 17th Ftbrusry, 18C4, did not prove as favorite an investment as was anticipated, aBd the tmount of these securities, t.eu ia 'payment by public creditors up tu 1st October, is about $2,000,000 only. From the sale of bonds and Janns on hypothtcatioh of henas, about $45 000.000 was raised, nmrftrw the uew is-ue 'of TrcUfeuiy note? $283,000,000. The large and rapid issue cf Treasury notes is the more to be regretted from the failure of the measures relied upon to tustain their value uiiiyj? RALEIGH, N. C, SAT URD and reduce erpcrUnres. The new notes are r-ceWed by the public at a ralue scarcely any ii?'er than the cld.r.cdas a consequence, the erec?es have not declined: The currency demands the immediate acd the craTcat confcideration of Cuogrcss. Unless a tmifflrm and stable raue can be " given to tb trea-ury notes, the effort to cry on tke war through their instruraeniality uu?t of necessi ty be "abandoned. Acquiescence in its deplo rable depreciation is to court the ruiu to whica It leads. One hundred and thirty-fite dollars in currency, the price ebtaincd for one hundred dolUrs in six per "cent, bonds, is equal te eix dollars only in specie; ftcd to sell the bonds at this rate ia in reality to dispose of them at ninety-four per cent, discount; or, in other words, to give a bond for one hundred dollars in coniideratien of the loan of six dollars. There id not a man of property in the eouo- - try who-would not prefer any fir meagre of euxtionf rather thm procur a tainporary aud treacherous prosperity by the sale of mortg ages on bis estate at this ruinous rate, . rru- n.tiA, ntihe currency, trocceding from redundancy, and the want of confidence iais ultimate redemption, ean only be correc ted by measures that shall both dimmish its ' Tclums and tustain the puVlic coDfidence. Thy measures adopted by Congrcs to re dure the currency, dfd not comlP these cs Fer.tial elements of.succe. Those who had -taken the old notes, relying on the good faith of the Government, ou finding them suddenly deprived of one-third of their nominal value, became alaimed and received thenew noes un der strong apprehensions of a repetition ot the measure At the time, tao, that the currency act provided for a circulation exceeding four hundred millions of dollars it circumscribed and reduced the demand for the notes, by making the four p,r cent, bonds rccajvable in thi payment of tows, y the rrt day of airra.ij ken issued, and less than $10,000, " 000 snftlfted for the payment of the taxe coihcied at that date. Depreciation com menced at once, and proceeded at so rapni a rt, thai by the Ut day f October gold was . Eclling at twenty-five dollars for cue. The 'necr-ysity of providing a speedy and efficient remedy for this conditwn of things isobvinus. The bonds have to be sold for this currency; the taxes must be collected in it, and hence all tho means of the Govern- of sunnlics will consist of this medium. Admitting that the amount which mav be raiascl from these sources is nominally equal to the estimated expenditures, there is yet uo security against such rtjler decline in the value of the notes as will dis- Imitations, and add fuor- mouJy to the accumulation of the public debt. The time, therefore, seems t have ar rived when Congress should take measures to restore and sustain the cunency, or make pro vision for its honorable redemption, and resort to the use of specie and bank note?. The adoption of the last alternative, it is feared, VMu d produce great embarrassment in the , mnn I ur.. t.hfi !tU OOSs'lbllitV of t-btaiH- ' ii'.y adequate supply of specie and bask notes for th3 wants o! tue uoveruuuwvu.. create the cecoshity for a system of universal iaurps?nn.s. followed by incalculable uf ferin and distress. Tout the Government must be supplied with s-uiFkient means t carry on the war a!l are agreed. Our enemy oCVrs us no term short o! unconditional surrender of ti'e, lib erty and property, arid no choice, w If It as ewn if we vere disposed to hesitate, which wo are not, but tu coutinuc the war. The . auopwon, therefore, oi ft periuanent and effi cieoi svslun ot tinauce is indispen.sabie to ti;e full eevelomcnl and uncynst rained Hje of our resources. The return kto specie payments beinu for the present impracticable, the inqui ry, is, wlw.her it is possible ?e tore.and maintain the value of the Treasury notes as ihment of this cn 1 is of such vast importance that it is, o. a,l the rcsjurces ot the couniry should be devoted and applied. Were it possible to anticipate the productions of future years of peace, and convert them ;f tr,r immediate use. the expediency of TCFortia to such a measure could nat b doubted. May not a near approach to it be mooKv rlnvLtino- a nortion of those futare pro- ductioLs to the purpose of imparting to the Treasury notes a high, a stable value? I Bubnjst that this may be'done,and respectfully ,.,... a ru.rf.r its accomplishment. It is an act pledging the taith of tne Gov Prnment against the issue of Treaiiiry notes beyond the amount authorized by the act of 17th February, 1804; exempting the n t -s from taxation; providing for the application of 20er cent, of the taxes annually to the reduction of that amount until peace be de clared t r the outstanding sum be reduced to $150 000,000; continuing the nx m kind af ter the war, and appropriating an ascertained proportion ihrreof annually to tho rfd-mp Son or payment of tho circulation, until the whole shali be retired. I propose that the redemption shall be made fiom the tithes of .cotton, wheat and corn, at prices fixed by the act, annually: cotton at fifty cents per pound, wheat at four dollars pe bushel, and cora at two dollars per bushel; that the notes te received after the 5r. fr,,n U nrsnns liable t UlCiai uj kiiio, i.i comn.ut.ii ion of their tithes; and that ti e ! Secietarv of the Treasury be authorized to ift-uo certificates in exchange for treasury rot-.-?, hetiiug s x per cent, interest, secured and redeemable in the same manner and on the same terms'as the 'notes themselves, free from taxation, and receivable after the war in payment of the tax n kind, and that all rotes, received into the treasury for these cer tificates, be cancelled. The t fleet of this treasure would bs that, at present prices, the e-.tire population would be interested in exchanging their productions for treasury notes. They would constitute net only a ?afe currency but a protitab.e in veftmr.nr, fsr in tha ratio of ten oollars for one, r.s corr.pred with specie, th" prodnce ob Uoe i in p.ivxnent at the c'-se of the war, wiu'd c-s; tha f.-lhwim; prio, viz: ccttn fiw r.-nt.s per pound, wheat, forty cents pr bushel, and ecru twenty cents. These polu pa'dy low Fccs would" not operate to the 'pmuduo c f the ag:ricu!tr;s;, t-r his tax, L't-.. in kind, would r-i-itner lucres? nor di , .i Ti triii? hn "'jiv.d have lijii'jsii o ii- I""-- ' t by ih ' i true as vou.u j vral tl.tt Tost in co:nmon with tax pay- .n ir - ,.,i!rva all iotf-rest wil ...rV.U- ff.,fof coure ail lotc-reM wi-i Ve irx- ) iu ihe Jcrnptio'i of the notes at- a would be prodded by tho pnee stipulated V v t'" s'ft which aro net too low for a lime of oi iaoo. ' But if they were, a fulltcompen- A' KOYEMBER 12, 1864. satioa vould accnt to the tax payer is Ihe immediate enhancement of the notes and COii rcquent rrluctioa of cxpt ns. A. id the pro ducer would' find a complete inewirhy in the cale of a bushel of corn now at four dol lars, and the appreciation of the money to the payment of a tax J ereafter of two bushels. In BUijestirs the throe articles of cetton, vfbeat and cor o, A3 a fpecific pledge fbv the redemption cf the enrrencr, no immunity from their full proportion f taxation is in tendtd to be implied, in respect of other ob jects of the tax in kind, or -any subjects of taxatien whatsoever. Tne-es are only assigned to this panku'r a'flke or fraction because of their adaptation thefeto. Th following is an e.Mamtte of the resour ces to be thus applied, via; what, Twenty" five million buslvlf; Indian corn, two hundred million bushels, and cotton, two million bales. A taxof ten per cDt would yield as follows f V'hea!, tWo two milliou ve - hundred thousand bushels, '" " -' at four dollars, . $10,000,000 Indian corn, tweuty million bnshels, at two dollars, 40,000,000 Cotton, two hundred thou sand bales, at, $200 per bale, 40,000,000 $90,000,000 TO BE CONTINUED. Mokfptt blowing yur own horn like Phillip II. Sheridan. Pleasure an excursion on the Centrdl train to Camp Lee, and a medical examina tion by Gen. Kemper. AnTrLLERY a thing made in Richmond, and directed to Gen. Skieridan, care of Gen. Early. JgLtJESTONE'! BLU11STONE ! 200 LBS. Blaestone, just received on consign ment and for sale by CREECH & IjITCHFORD. Auction and Commission Merchants. norll-4t A SSISTANT DOOR-KEEPER JX TO SENATE. The subscriber reapectfulty anaounces himself candidat for the olhce of "Assistant Door-Keep-er t the next Senate o' North Carolina. He pledges him3elf to a faithful discharge of its du tia if elected. J. A. Git ANT, nov H-eod5t of Northampton. Important Sale of Furniture in Greensboro, IV. C tttttt1 tjt; MTT a 'I1 ATTr tion. FOR CASH, on TUESDAY and WfiUNESDAY, the 22t and T.nX instant, a large amount oi valuable property, Dtiionging w me GKEEXSB0R0' FEiIhE COLLEGE, consisting of - . PARLOR FURN't 1 ORE, 4') BEDS, alotof BEDSTEADS, MATTIt ASSES, BED CLOTHING, TABLES. TABLE LIN EN, WASH B0V7LS, PITCHERS, about 6 Jos. CHAIRS, several seta of PL1TES, and a small lot of GAS PIPES and Fixtures. ALSO SIX PIANOS, some of which are of the very fce?t qualitv, and R or 13 GU1T VRS. Also, a larsre a.- Mmcnt of SC'IOOL BOOKS, & catalogue of wlrcJi will be furnished on appli cation to Rev. T. M". Jf-ncs. X. II. T. WTLSON, nov 7-5teod Sec'y Board of Trusters. w. ANTED A BJHmtJnn a OVERSEF.U. or CROPPER with some' person who needs the sorvices of such help. I hive had two years' experience as over seer, bat have bn a tarnisr an my uie. i .am above the conscript age and not liable to military duty. lean pioiuci the bt of recoinoienda tions. Address me at RiMgh. N. C. uov9-dSt SH till WOOD WniTE. EW PUBLICATIONS, HI THE METHODIST PUBLISHING COMPANY, RALEIGH,-N. C. FIRST READER, for Southern Schools : Price per hundred 30,00 " dozon 4,50 (t - single copy 50 SOUTHERN ZIOX'S SONGSTER, for Sabbath bchools, Social Meetings, me tamp, ctv Price per nunarca " ' doxeu a Gan nn v o no " " sinzlocopy 1,00 BULLION'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR, Revised by Rev. Dr. Cawex, in preen). We can also furnish all MUSIC, Published in the South. Catalogues of Music md Books sent when desired. Orders solicited, and will b promptly attended to. Address oct 27 dtf Rev. A. R. RAVEN. 73 ANK QF NORTH CAROLINA. A DIVIDEND OF SIX PER CENT, on the TJapital Stock of this Bink for the last six months has b?cn declared this dav, payable in tho Four Per Cent, bonds of the Confederate StaVsat their fice; and all sums undrone hundred dollars pay able in Confederate Treasury Notes at a deduction id DividTi!! narable to the Stock- n t. ........ . m holders on the 2lst ir.stant, at the principal Kar.k, Branches nd Agencies Th Dividends ( f Tarboro', Newborn, V nming tnn, Windsor and Go'.dsbnro' papaMe at Raleigh, aud of Wentworth Agency at Milton. C. DEWEY. novlO-eodtd Cashier. Charlotte Bulletin and Conservative copy. O THE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSK OF COMMONS. I rcsnectfullv announc- myself a candidata for ASSISTANT DOOR KEEl'CR fthe ILmse of Cmmon3. I h-vo r?en m tue Anny oi vac o.i-fedo-ate States since Atmi 1S61. I am perma nently disabled from fit-id service by reason of wound received ia battle, having three trigers eh toff and the fourth d'SV.ed on my right hand, and one finjrer oa the left hand made entirely ue-Ipm- cnl haveafamilv and fur littre children deoJiniirg on mv labor for siipport. I 'uvb'pn noting for the last nine months, as Orie-lv in the oliioeof Cot. Millelt. I can give ttv- Uihestr'Coiamcn'latinciaernir.crny 5ter-l-in - and character as . s Vtriier and jrepUemai, anl if "elected will pledge faithfully to discharge the tiutie. itrrpoaid upon re. nnn,,nT5 ' nov!0-4t ZAOHAHIAH ROBfcuTS. ; T r i yl f A N T E D ti o vtt vr l V. who Las bad cf.i'eic'cra- bleVjoerienc in teaching both boys and girK a situati'oa as TEACHER iaauioe Academy or Hgh School. Address immediately, TEACHEU oct 27 dlOt Ta!ly-IIo, Granville Cc, N. C. VOL. I-Xo. 247. L O S T I arrd Tsel, wra 1ot at the litptift Church last nipht Sunday, .r, between the Chnrch ird tar residence. The Hnder will be cuittbly rewarded Ly leaving it at my Store. Oct. 31-tf. P.F. PESCCD. JgOXEsS FOR SOLDIERS. All boxes for Soldier or Prisoner of VTr froftn North Carolina, delivered to the following named persons, willbr promptly forwarded frecul cbarge: Spragao Brothers, Salifbury.- lr. T). F. Summer, Athevil'le. Dr. W. A. Ccllett, Morcaoton.; )r. J. W. Allison, Stattaville. Dr. J, L. Negle, Greensboro'. Mr. A. Ilftg?n, Cbarlotte, Mr. Edward liece, Salera. ,Capt. Jtji. McDowell, Uateich. Joseph A.Worth, Favetteville. . Murray A Co. , Wilmington. . Mr. F. L. Bond, Tarboro'. Mr. J. A. J. Askew, Colerain.! - Mr. I. Roberts. Murfre"sboro. . The Boxes should be welt hoopttt," pwrporly marked, and delivered in ttoio for rny Special mes senger who leaves Raleigh on the. first day of every month, - EDWARD WAttREX, Surgeon General N. C. Raleigh, N. C, Oct. 31,1864. dim JLMAXACS ! ALMANACS J I yon EIGHTEEN nUNDRED AND SIXTT-FIVE. FARMER'S AND PLANTER'S ALMANAC, just received, t'o long and so favorably known. Apply soon. PRICE PER nUNDRED...-. fCO.OO " " I OZ li N 900 " SINGLE COPIES 1,00 BRANSON fr FARRAR, nov 4-d6t Raleigh, N. C. WOOI NOTICE QUARTERSM ASTER'S DEPARTMENT. Raleioh, Jclt lf61. I AM NOW PREPARED TO EXCHANGE Cotton Yra fr .Wool, upon the following terms vix , One bunch of Yarn for three pounds washed Wool, and one bunch for four pounds unwashed. Agents have been appointed to make tho ex change at the following places : Oxford, Tarboro', Kinston, Catherine Lake, Concord, Rockingham, Hendersonville, Statesville, Roxboro", AIieville, Pittsboro'. Louisburg, Fayettcville, Colerain, and at this place. . Persons shipping wool to this place will fleasa mrk on the packages who they are from, and the cotton yarn will be forwarded immediately. i hope the people will patriotically respond to the above notice, as the Wool is for clothing the N. C. Troops. H. A. DOWD, A. Q. M., N. C. A. uly8-H0-tf F. STEED, OF IUMI0LPII, RKSPKCT- fully informs the Members of the House of Common of theensung Legislature that he is a candidate fur Assistant Doorkeeper. oct. 11, 1884. . dtml. WASTED. :WISH TO EMPLOY A MAN TO TAKE nf mv farm a O vruafer. who is exempt I fron military service. For further particulars address me at Halifax, N. C. OctlD-dlSt GEO. A. SMITH. jjENDERSONVILLE TIMES. AN EDITOR is wanted in this office. The E resent Editor desires to retire. This is a good cith for some one who is too feeble to be a sol dier, Hiid v.ho desires a situation well guarded a-ain.t -'conscription." The applicant must We o? tv.oral habits, educated, aud "sound ca tht goose.'-' Addref WM. L. LOVE, nov 8-tf Hendersonville, N. C. w A N T E D x' 1 pi) ari;D t n'mindpd unldler or to a man bove cooscript age. with n small family and of suitable qualifications, I can give a geod situa tion the ensuing year. d2t tw2t CHAS. MANLY. JOST, OR MISL A,I D . ACONFEDERATE il'Tii CENT. CERTIFI cate for $600, No. 2,128. A suitable re wsrd will bepid by leaving it at Tucker, Andrews A Co. nov7-d8t T- OA ON FEDERATE 1 AX NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the tatci for the districts herein named will not be received at the time. ! heretofore adver ifed, but will be received at the following times, viz: . Swift Creek District, MmvU Dec. 18, Panther Bianch do TuBdajr. " . Barney Jon e' do Vednrfday, -0, Buckhorn A New Hill do Thursday, 21, White Oak A Beaver Cr'fc, Friday, li, n-utr A-, i arv do Saturday, 23, 61. i it t The other districts will be received at the times heretofore advertised. Collector for Wake county. nov 8-d6t I-ost or Sto1cii-25t Reward. VT FRIDAY NIGHT, AT THE f Railroad Depot, a small black oil cloth HaVEKSACK, with white leather strap, (con siderably worn,) containing a number of papers in a blue oflicial ervt'.ope, addressed to Captain mVp''voCiiu'xi'r.Et; AND FIFTV DOLLARS reward for 'he papers and ark no questions. Theac papers Leuig of no value to any one else, it is bored that ih.y wil' at once bere- , turned to the ollice of the Daily. Confedeitte. nov 10-cCt P li C U U 1 T SW A N" T E D . TWENTY ycun, able-bodied recruit wanted"in 'Faison's Scouts" to bit up the Company ; will operate chiefly on Cohf. derate Point. They wid furnish good horses. Fort Fisher, N. C, October 27.-d2Ct - mllE CHURCH INTELLIGEN .Jl ckr DEVOTED TO TBK l.TKrESTS OP TUB PROTECTANT EPISCOPAL CtHTBCH IN THE CONFEDERATE STATES, is now r.uL'Ubcd by the . Protestant Ei rcoPAi. CnrircH I'trusiuyc As sociation Charlotte, N'-nru C&oL1a. Py. F. M. HUBBARD, D. D , ) ErITwK3. Rev. G. M. EVE It II ART, A. M., " tkrvs cr scrscr.irTios cir, aivaxck: Fortb'ce months - 5 For six months VI uiit: i v . . . For Arsnv or nsp3i Qi-uiBajuu, duiu of txerty-Cve per eeut. A') cr.ra-nanlcaona thou!! b addrcMCd, Chcrcn InuLiencer, Charl-tt N. C." uovl -2t M RS. MILLER coutinuei to accommodaU Boarders, by the day, wees or monio. DAILY CONFEDERATE. AD V ERTISIS O. ' ADVERTISEMENTS wil be Inserted attiaxa oolla ter square of ten lines (or lew) for eacl insertion-- li arrive toUces and ObltsaxiM will r m charged as aCtTertiaemenU. mmmmmm J03 WORK of every description will be e-eciit-J tt this Office with difpaUb, sr.d as Really iscanbt docia the Kootbsrn Confedracy. Snlo of Old Ilrnndy At Auction fX THURSDAY th 15th DAY OF KOVKM bcrnext, at the Court Ilf-oe fn Iilofrton, N. C we will ttll at r ublic Auction for csn, fright Barrels of old Brandy, is Itch we sold to W. S. Henreban and Irvl Uswnn. Persons wiyhinr: U'buy coed Brsndy, wonM do well to attend. J. ADDElCTON, J. A. MAUCH. " Lelngtan, N. C:, Oct. 18, l$6i. dtnoTl5. 1LLSDORO', K. C, MILITA RY ACADEMY. THE SEVWTH ACADEMIC YEAR oftUi Institution will commence ou WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1st, If 65. App-lications for appointments must be made prior to I5lh December 18C4, about which time the terms will be made known. Address Ma. WM. M. GOUDON, oct l-d4oi Supeilntcndent. M A S. O N I C THE GRAN'C LODGE of F. end A. M. of North Carolina, will rncft in this City on Monday evening, the 5th of Decwbr next at 7 O'clock, for th transection ol business. Olliceia of Subordinate Lodges are retfoerte4 io aitrnd Ia person or have special ui legates appointed, M ths Constitution and general regulations of the Grabd Lodge itquire. M1LL1AM T. BAIN, . " Orand Secretary. r Raleigh, Oct. 17, 18C4. 2td STOLEN. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS JIEWARD. STOLEN from me on tho cars twtween Golds boro and Joyr.er's Depotr on Friday night. 30tb ult,, a line Spencer's Rifle (a seven re peatr.) The ritle had a crops mark cut serous the brcrth I will pay the above reward to any pcrnon ho will deliver the said itfio to the Lditor of the Tarboro' Southerner, or to me at Falkland. I will sl?o ry $ WW fo the arrest and convic tion of ths thicr. ' WM. J. FOREMAN, octlldtf. Falkland. P P. gUPREME COURT REPORTS' The R. ports of Cases at Law, Argued and Do termined in the Supreme Coujt of N. C Juno Term. If G4. No. 2. Volume 1, Equity Cas, No. 1, Vol. 1 ; reported bv P. H. Winston, Esq. Price of No. 11, $i2.50 ; No. 1, $7,50. Ordcre tnliclted from the Proftriion. Those n ho havo already ordered from Mr. W. will remit payment to the subscriber. A. R. RA KN, Raleigh, Oct. 27, 18C4.dtl . .Agent. T?XCI1AKUE WANTED. '.Vantcd to exchtiifce (ot the earning year, rn cedent H:US'-'. N i I OT in WatrmUn, N. ,;or kno iu baltigh. Apply to . HECK. IlitO DIE & CO. November Itt, 18t4. dCt exce A UCTION.BAL E S Will h cold at rttihlic snrtinn. on MONDAY of Court wevk, 2lst ay of Not mber, for cath, Nine likely NEGKOLS, a follows: C Likely Young Negro Men, I Girl, 1 " Negro woman and rhlld. The woman is a good Ironcr, Wakhei and Cook. They arc sound and healthy, cot relugte ttgroes, aud are sold &r no fault. TUCRER, ANDREWS A CO. AuctA Com. Mercbantr. Rateigh, Nov. 9, l&C4-eod4t City Dailies copy codtt Ymyeiteville, n. c, mili- JU TARY ACADEMY. Th-i first Session of this I&s'itutlon will com mnce the lkt of Fbruary, 18C&. Applications '.. ...),lc.i,.n mnl li rr9(Iit tltiiir to the lkt Jnn I ij I nu ui i . ' " - - - I ' w - - - urrv, 18C5; about which time the tetini ill loo mada known. Addicts Maj. WM. A. BANKS, oct 24 rJLdtf Superintendent. Also wanted, TWO TEACHERS vjf military education and a STEWARD in Ibis institution. Address as above. . 1 uliinbfc Property lor Sule. I I AVISO concluded to change mv bustners, I LI will sell my TKACT OK LA!D. lying ou Swift Creek, even miles Southwell of Raleigh, contttiuing about eleven hundred aires, all io nat ural growth of pine and oak, except about two hundred acres, mostly bottom land, which has been cleared iu the last few years, and is in a high state of cultivation, with good fences. The improvements consifet of a dwelling, containing seven rooms, and Ight fireplaces, with a baw; mei.t, a splendid bake houff, and Begin quarters ample to accommodate fifty staves; nil new, built in the last seven yca-s. .1 have aUi a slock of mules, cattle, hogs and sheep, that 1 would tc.l if desired ; also my present crop. In payment 1 would rcceiro Bone's, negroes sod Confederate uomey Fr particular address me at Raleigh. aug 31 dtf SAM'L ROWLAND. DOOUKEEPKPtSlIIP TO THE SENATE. The subscriber rcfj-cclfully announces hinelf h. CANDIDATE for the tffiee tf 1'RINCirAL DOORKEEPER to the next SENATE cf North Ctrolina. He La been in the war iter rinec April, 1861, acd is now disabled and cn light duty . If elected he pledges Liinvlf to a f iitbful dia charge of duty. W. J. SAUNDERS. October 26, )864.Tl I -? O R R E N T A LA RG E PL A N T A T I 0 1.T 1 2? II 0 W A N COCSTV, ft. C. I will rent up nlit)tial terms my PLANTATION, lyicg ten miles west of fallsbu'y, kbvna as tie DR. JOHN F.MRD PLACE. There is uu th place a convenient and comfort able Dwelling, nine Nrgro Hourcs, a tpaclci B rn, f ur Tcbacco Birns, and all other cerrsry out hjildings ; and the Plantttion is oif of lb-1 crt improved farms in the Wtstcrn part f the Flute. Immediate porref-ion cf all the lands and portion of hc buildings will hi given cn the day of c jntrac, if dcbired, and full p'tiscrtion of the wb'lc i rctnWts v ill begirtn on the first cf Janu ary text, pirtliaj s fOi-ner. Far tero s and further particulars, addre, d T. . GAITHER, No?. 3. 16C4.-d5t . Mocksville, N. C. ;5r'Cor.fd rate, Ralfizb, insert five times and seed bill to Salisbury Watchman Oflice. D L NT ATI ON FOR RENT IN X vakei;n county. MILL BROOK, tha i c?ld ncc .f the late Orn. John H. Hawkins, f.or miles north of Warrenton D(.Tot, will to rented for thu cr.iuir g y. ar, to tho high st tidier, in the town of Waircnton, on suturdav.3 1 rlsv of Decrinber neat. lift C Tiltll'g la luiujuiovr, nuu iii,iinii;ii j out liouer, caOins. Ae., Ac. The tract curtint abou 10C0 acres, with open land c& ui;u to fi ut with 12 or b hand. 1 his is a rare orfrtunity tor refugeca or others to L'njcarc a good Lorn? fr next Tear. JAS. A. EGEirfON, GuarlaD f..m II II. u Irtr,. nov 9, !C4-!tdcc3 1JERSONS wUliing io suLbcribe to X the iUUigh Mutu.l Relief and Bcntvolent Aasocition," cau find subscription lists t the Anction. Houses. Book Stortf and Drug Stores if the City. 1 COM. xiot 4-d3(

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