North Carolina Newspapers

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aka Hial 1 have a trwrtvUaetntn tt ata rra-tLad wh ail lha seteo 2-- Ttlliiniir- -
aatceatarT c.uut, ofuiBc. by Uie i-UM-ut Mk IU KliKSrtiwOdUijU part at ihe ft ububl at
trvci oa 1 itar--' j i-.wMwtiwfcw qtto, kn4 jet Mrr. mU imwi LAT
mm Cou4 tar uf uk. ui rpl. I
jtcU tm !" f raU
tuut a br, k M.t'ocr la pot Wit avvm,
cspct; &i t lru4 t LAurt Ow
U t im kufi, if lhm tr diji 4 tOlt.:
Wdi, ri til tUpoMj to Utt k al
wiai nu!X I kno f kut Ccv 1 ouU
Uij-tKf cUima ta Um truat of My tiiUul
Uai tir ib r ouUenutt iC Wesftf
I C(I Uci.cJ to cater upoaM i-
uniM at ti litUt hicUun, tttourti
) a giil m4 trua adninimuo "n, aitall ic
dui; contdml, aly cucWnf ib promiae.
m lua part that L will to tar kep til aubcr
tewei aJjcvt tiina aj ao to i'atak4tli Br
kcr't' tti for lha UtUca UdaeC .
. 1 win. apin par wny reapcu ttla (cntl
ajua from Ohio, wbo Uaa appeal J tlx ecomJ
tin ia th' JnnoTv whaibcr to aupplj
furmer emUxuii, r, obedtnc'tw lite
rortinp of tb w'.rea,1 wkich ara inforTn
d, amaetiniea taW pbee 'behntd U ctr
Utui, -I ! th geirflinui 19 answer. fie,
- 8ir, aeama la lue forjoltea hia aew tooa
lion of defending, aivJ to kare aatumed bit
caoro'appropnat cUaractrr, of praaa cuiiog
sAttorrfcy. Urn idU ua, that there ara otber
Vcparuuetita U U to tnitaea of mucfi
,tnor cneaaitt patronage, Uiatf that of lb
Suit, tad ak 1 bar sot directed my
attention to tbcmf I am not diapoaed to
queaiion tha gentleman' awt ority M mat
te r of fhia kind, and 1 ha no doubt, if b
wouU lead ua a LtUo of hia Mtutues b
8igtilb Kbit to dicor, hat we, in our
wbt-r aenaet, bare not dreamt I invila tba
grollemin to aatumo the laboring oar, and
1 pronua4ira helping baud. lietcllf u
tbat.tba Pwt Oca I -cuartment ha pat.
otiz ia contract! and adrcrtuementi, a
hundred fold gre-tir tUaa tliat of tbe bute
' Deaarttuent. ' tio froresea tbe biplwat rea-
pect fof the. officer at the bead of that Ue
tiarttueaV. trivea the moat aoleron asrer-
, tiona of hia counJeuce, and, at the aame tiifie,
dotf binv the injuaueo of coufoundtng cuu'.
tract with pttroaage. , lloce he mean to in.
antuate that any contract faa been gtvca to
any one wbo waa but the lowest k'idi.,o;
when the pubbe interest dkl not retjuire hi
Doe be nan' to lay 'that the ToaUaatr.'
v General, la advertiaing hit pfoponii, ae
followed the eiampUi of the Scicury of
bute, and atlected bia pupera with an eye
to their, political cbaracbfr, and not to the ire ir
cuUttonl . If ba due, let him "call tor lu
case, the reason r the cauacni 'aiKl ho wiU
find hiumelf adly nnLaten, , 4 wiii give the
; geulleoiau' own language which uopht a
' curge of the tUnd: t am told, .ir, and I
beju ve it to be Uue, that Uu laaue iew
rUnipUie printer, J ho oukc aucit a uoi
about tbe kua ol the pilianco given lor the
publication of the Uwa, baa oow,at ibis time,
tmnl coulntot to a greater amount Uui the
whole ura. paid to J the puonahcis of the
law of the Union ant ahto hdyieuct. Sir,
that the publialicr if an vppoajoou ytt iu
th lhatriot, who ' daily pouring out it
envenomed abustt;Vpoa Uie aununisvatton,
and all ho auppori it, ts alad in the eugag.
Bvuit of nuil coiitrscta." Ivow Sir, upon tu
authority vf a rcpieVrom'thw l'iiJV.Vier ien.
to a commuayciiuon made to bun, i pro
nounce the fact intended. -u beumvryyd
in tui kUieuieut to be powtivcty ; untrue.
. And il the genUenuui entenained the re.
, ptct he prvl'Mtcs why did be not cull upon
tlut offiier biwse'yor torrent intoi uiation,
and not', rely upun what be was Mold," and
t by, th uitder-hiht attempt to H wina i re
; : puliuion jdown," vTho. amouiit reeived hy
tiio Ediui-t the New-Uauipalnie itriot,
'lu all tu jMail 4)utmct In which he iain
, Herestei, is 2,983, tiot one" tird of the
; amouiK'whicn gentlemed admit to bp'paid
' lor fchu pubiicauou of the law; mid (or every
contract . he wa Hie tbweat bidder, baafoi-
' Idudluenttotbe publio twVWaotiou, and with
a tW Uilurvs any otuer contractor iutbc
eouulrj. -ia dt because this mauium, at au
. time and'pu all occasions, been true to hi
piluoipU, bia party, end hia, Country, tit;
r he U to ' be denied the (auio fright which
bulotig tocry atuitnl, It, ,n, ,tui a a
cause of Dllctictw another jL)eparUWHdglwldof aue-wortto ou
I Ikaatnalilaa thfOT nt t twkat atlkwfe iXaa t Kta atiiaat af
fonuoattly, a u aot o witibufci the Feat
'- Office. 1 am h.o, watrauted iff anting, as
"- tapeoU "Uie pubhatier of aa oppcsiUoa
Baiter ia this LnsUict," tlmf be had a mad
contract ..evejai .jfCai4ietir4 Vf,?vzrl
' H wa rauewod a other .comrcu,tuait uie
' individual cam W th plaoe U to create the
. tunc ot ruuuing ms suges, which was reconi
meixlcd by the representatives ot lha seu
tion id comiuy thivugU wliicli they were, to
' pass but 1.01 ((rulcU. . , thai, ou.ti3a 10
. tniapUce, Ueptiituav-doutanoUicrconuuct,
whiclt, as in oiber caars, waa changed to hm
naoio. Hut. .litter Umj. individual auuuW to,
. detexnunett on locatip-r hinwed iuthut iiis-
tnct, aa the Editor ot. a ptper, uh oat-J
Waiter tieneral aUuressea lun a letter, aj-
svrUiug be had Hut nghi to ..uepnea Uua ot lu
couuaow .but auiea if a one ot ins reguh.
tioos, ibatt ie person tnti-iesvadLiuthe trau-
poruuon ol the mail, shotitd give a pcisojud
auptTinitnaeuco 10 uie ousiuvi.s, ana ro,u
' runt I Uanafcr ol ttitr Coi.tratla. Uiullney have
heeu lUSjHJkcd ot aad Vial tue uiuividual
uly retaius a Itr n ou the conuacu to cover
tno taw or uti saiijes uu iiuiacti . t
The geutleuoMi ..further iiUiirnied us, that
this'wa a roajoritji.a'iuitiusiiiaioii, as li.e
president waa elected ty a umjoruy ol the
buua.a represented uu bis ftvor. . :i aiiali
not cUspute this fact, and, I have ao . doubt
the jtnikman could iidorm us of every thing
xonnocled with, Uie "bargain, sale and deli
very , al ahicltu have tieard koeuucU, but.
aipvt, which, I want tto imormailun. . tie Jja
also been pleased 10 teU us, tnat no measure
; i)s been prepvsed by Uie pivsciu iuiccuuv,
wbich ha not been sustained by a majority ot
Congress, i)d that tbe I'anama Mvaaiou iu iar
ticuUr, not only received the aaactiou ol thi
' Ilyu, but f tbe tkt.uxi. , f tkightabk, a bat
.. iiicasure has bec'o proposed b the adutuna-
tratioa, iu which rvterence'baa not.oettt h.u
. to tnetr.p'jdfcciaora, sheltering itself under
tlielr eaaiuplc? Vt e iiave- sounded w, our
eara,ii all uct ations, the t ainiugton policy
" the J Heiaon poucy,, and Uw. xowue. pvhey.
The ,auiagamatMig pvihcy . ot the latlei-, has
" contributed, ta av wuail 4cgree, to btmg into
aulotao) did ar M tho freudei4. b
MUrac ta )M. we.vaiead aw ia
CWtrwa taev weatrat fetation Of due Mua
na your Uiadtri ta turn Congrcaa, Without
j ing to yw.' we are ao to a itivotTca as
ay twta-ist g aaUnee." It if wry
purpuar, br. U trc Umm Hipvmemti rrwteee,
UaoogU tee armta atiapta aibj omtnin
ante ft annwil. iroe M wa appcafwncc.
to lU f al eait Tet. 1 would eautiwo gcwile.
sue wot to calcaUto too re6daUy wa tbe
loo. of the aaiioav oaU wo aall bear
dun of We ItMiw aad. I pay. aw.
thai iu result ay toauty a ecnLct of au-
, l agaia ait, Sir, arrf taeaainrc na ine
diatiMstniieo attcmpttd to carry - iaroaeb
taw tluue; relying a pee Iu warecammca.
datiOaf b t Ut famous Lgnt liwaee of
tbe Skiea , 1 grant laeaa tbe aoaur of the
weattoBi y el 1 befieva at. eeau w too iigtit
juaw where it waa. first conceived, or with
the ComouUee U vtioat it wa retarrad.
Ccrtaia, 1 am, it baa not beea camttd ihrougti
lb House oa thm Csecuuve tnlweaets.
' I will aotiea. Sir. but a wagle further re
mark aaade by the geutlenaaa frota Mary laud.
He aakedL u 1 Jtad out transferrc4 my poli
tical allegiance? I supported the cleeuon of
Tm. tL Crawford, nut from a regard to the
toar alone, but from principle, and a aea
of duty. Tbe same allegiance to principle
and dt r, will uxlace me to support Andie w
Jackwm, a sooet likely to defeat tbe present
incumbenti and a au honest man woo will
brings beck' thia rrpublio to iudayaofre
pubhean wmplicityi not by pulling down any
of 4b great eatablishmeiiU in the country,
but by auauining tbeni with a propt r econo.
any; a not likely to in voir the nation in
Win tuty balding it in an altitude to eo
GiKi j-nxixc, and command tight
',, Oie word more, 8Tr, in repiy to aa alk
tow by the gentleman from Ohio, and 1 have
done. He, Sir, naadovaii alluaion abich
excited my feebngs deeply, at the uiomeut,
one, on which I ku t it difficult to wipprna,
and Kill nore difficult to expre them. -The
gentleman did, indeed, disclaim all applica
tion, yejt the earo with which "be drew, bis
n attire, me greu caution wita vwee ne
applied hi. brusOj and the emphatic tone
in which he repeated the hackneyed worda,
military clucftaiBk, aat'isfied roe -a to the
wiaoed for application.' ; Yea, .Sir, the gen-
uemait waa . r
Waling, to weuad.aad yet atraid to atLe.i;
When, Mr, ftpeak.f, lUrAonericau people
sbail -bo (old tilal a reprcaeoialive in hi
place, .and that representatives aupporter of
the present admiiiutration, ba so lr presum
ed upon tbe latlitude tf debate tolerated
here, as la institute a empariaei between
ah ancient traitor,. and the nam in wbota they
recognize one of the hetocauitheircountry's
caune;. When tdcy aliaU bo told that he
comparative inaiiiuauoa Las been made, wu
ther in relation to the 'paat, or in anticipa.
tion of the future they will receive it with
one burst of Qeep execration aud indignant
contempt. Tea, Sir, a Juutia-Jts, who siut
titined the liberties -of hi country' upon the
plain nf Marathon,' fell a victim to a charge
made, "in the'Stnaie Chamber, died ' within
thii' Vull of si ptiaon, under bne,. Which,
front hi poverty, he a a uimbie to dincbarge;
.impoaed under fatte accusation, engt udtrtd
hy envy, malignity, end -uad ambition; Vet,
1 thank my Uotl, thesb are ntduj nt which
feelings of this kiud g erminate in the breas
-of a lire people but, that a de4iuy'inora
honorable to the inuiMlual, more grateful on
the purt.of the nation, await our iivrtM.
-t . jaajawaaW' BMaaaaaWMU MatiaalaBawarMWasat' '' V
. .jRrm lAe JtichntmJ 1ngiura:..!i . .
BltiNS Of TUii TU'ES. - yy.
Tie more-we iclteot onthoeoatao whioatbe
National lutelliireiicerand H "afiiluued inei"
purwic, the iioi e a are antpnitbcU at the diu
genuoubuen bichlla-y uiluy. Tlie plot abich
they have doviaed to aureco tbe Admhii.itiauoa, i
too etumiiy one to impoe on a " tbuikiac po-pl8.w-
At a set-off tfl the Coalition, whii ha
succeeded In moaiiting to the seats Of power,
they have rawed lhNmcrr of' Cembiniion.n
J' . . . r
muw uningonuonuy nerverung we meaning oi an
expresaioa Used by lr. I'loyO in one of hut let
tort, and ahich-h so enplieitly gave in hi ed-
urvtaat tne eagle fliaBer.-riHViiigUiuacuuiun:
neoiiie. ther next cast about for the means of
kivuig cnitaey 10 ineirputn. - ney are conjuring
up their.materiaU h-oia Varhut ijuartert during
all this .contrivance the. editor uf the Kationat
Invrlligeawar ar aetkig Uataaork
Tlej f,otrrin-suraedipekybn
who.arr -determined ta -put doait the
AtuaiiuMrauon. ngnt ar wvnff.r ney repre
sent Mr. Van Uurcn, at the leader of the 'Coin,
batatioiji' he being actuated to take the Ibad br Oi
ambition, af becouiing the ice. freuileul uf the
Linae- otsteti aud lot colleagues in the Senate,
a ho have traced the puLlai ibcalre solnug,thc
inoomparsbio Wncon, the ttura Chandler, the!
irtdupeuuenl Dickersont kc .se."'sokmiUiug ty
Mr. Van li urea's dieMion,tbrthe take of win
ning the support of .New York .to the caute of the
opikOtitM)a. -AeeurOing to most ot die atliliated
pretarsr the "-Coaihiuution' Jro uuitad togetbt.1
tir ao Object of nubile coueerameut, but tcata die
moat conuauteo, teltih iutei-.U not, ta arrest
lb meaauret ol a (uitcbatvoe AduuuistrauoB,
but to mouut into Uie seal of jvowor, aial JO leap
Uie fruits of otCce tor tlreiftselres and ailherenta.
And at auol her pan' of the plot of tha w Com
biuatioo, r unit) On. ie set ail out of attempts to
Sub'tMuxe the bretsea throasboul the countrv bv
weant, of a purtc of j4U,U0O, which (.Uiey prvteuui
baa aeeq, eontnoated Dv the Irauinsvot lieneral
Jaksoit lo prornota hi elccuou. la a word, the
L'omIiMh it to ba saved by, the aotiuter-cry of the
CuniliiiMiUou" aud they . are to be retained in
their placet, by faiuug the plot of another Junto
of. " greedy exptctaou- who am ambitiott of
tbeb places. j. V,' J . - y...
Tiee are indeed new &gt tf the Tite.
TKejf ktdieate a "determined spirit of mitreure-'
sentution.. They are like the tub-pluti; the X Y
and Z Biachinery, ,jdie talu of the murder of the
crew of the Uceae, whkW were tO wluiuaily got
p In 9S and 9V tn save the. Aduiiuustration ot
Uia elder Aiams. They uled theu, and they
WiU &il aow, tor tbe same reason; as they arc got
an for effect like " Hydras, tiorgouv and
Chimeras due," t play upon the. tear of lb
peojile.:"'- -v - -? -, '-. .i,.Xxv - ;.-
It it the risbl of the evented to be ewfrouted
vitb hit aeeuaer and their proof. W bat proott
air exhibited of these alU-gatiout? What proott
of the selfish design of Uie oi) position? W hat,
of the detiga to run Mr. an liurea for the ice
Pretidencyi What, of tlie aoheme of Afaoon,
Dkkerton, Ice. to purchase tlie vote. of K'
York by political dooeeurA . y
-r Tbe only tacts which have been allcdrcd ara '
half a dosea scateaeel Uttered by itr.Yaa iSarcn
Ml rrpaaw.4 law bat m 7 J- VT
aiaiac. ab aa iwa aavt iotwtn at Mr.
- ' m . to sLa L a. aaa
Maaoa, taai al aawa uat. a i
mmm. Laaww Saaab auw, at wiw-
.1 At tk. nii a uf taw fnaMTa lk
Laat abauld be aavat ay law UiraaiaLrrt of
aaarWe tto etiwM tea, i
r a 11 t r " " w "aa
ota Btwav wak waa so eatptoyad, bvat ike
tupervit afuUa.Se-r-tary at OUle, aad
aaHulaU awta U- Soaptataia af Uka; taat
Um - - wad wDt ' air.
mm atari spobe of law puts as a awrt ealy of
taa buUtioa- of mkxh laa abjettwattutaeuu
U, m orOtr to taard the jwwm baas tto iaawtite
Uv&cmlpxnmf 1 bat tot was laa twaciall
W of ba tantaraa, sbimlJ aata baea. aaaaaat
aaaa la ta tViUort uf lha Nauato lultJJsuanr,
aud yt tbry (ert tkamietvw at hbrity U put a
aoaauwMi bis woritediraally law icvre
hat aat ailewoeu V e aava ao aouiai um
tb aat bit meaaatt.- He have inlurn
ia oa Uut wibjvet, a hick caa acarcely deceive oa
It ala t part of U u( ot tkcaujr, toreyre-
trat lha frwo4af Jaskaoa a jonig aboullo bay
a or act an new iweata m anous alaeea a
ttorv ia act aa toot a. the ataw Uiae ia tlat fklf
clukia Freat aaa K. Litclliccowi'. that craoo
bant baea al work at UaiTuusr--waA tAkXJ.
eubcrto bay op lha PcaaeyUauai loUiligaacer,
w u a u t new nanar tavar-Ue U Jwluou.
Tbi. alory M taui to ua u the UpW ofaonuuw-
aalKMU Iroot tltmaourg wratcu prooauy ay
the auua aonetpoudcul, mm equal ly OotutuU:
af all iLtondatioa. lite finl'-i-i wt nautia
Uoveruor Carroil of Tcau. Alettrt. KmiUav, Kj-tS
tucr, k. at tue agoaU aWllarriiburg, a an tij;
emjUnjfj ia uu uaniett.ivoi amuc a.uiu 01
prou aoaeveri a euuuaau ui narao oi uo
wOneai op kU'onnaut u ivea-N'o taive than
the. a for th Cory ot luv ftM.OMO fuiJ, m bmU
a Com:tMiaucut of the f. frett, aud Uia ma-
Ion Aiueruuui aava put wu euxumuuru ne
canout ktraUnw these tulet wilituut proof,' A We.
oull tor M. Throw off Ml rekerva, geodemea,
and let a haw: yeuioruiault epem tW waixta
ttauu. . We wah to see who Uaty W, jt there
are any lo jmlee fo? ourevvsof thuif ebarau-
are any-10 jnuge r ourteivet-oi .uaar eiuraa-
tor and their aieau of aJuiwidJiii auU to erota-
tod back- to hiuw
pui nnui tonu, ttHia proui u
rivaa, let 4it bare no Btore Idoteui your own, or
rumors oi-incut ut wuei--; ouca ruiuor are
among tha most strikiug Sign t.tht 'i'tmca!
, f-,n . i ii m 11 1 ' '
. - : Jk :. ... V...I. .-lo
1 .i . aaatv a viai 41111 vir mwi
MtlkVIon. JUWrm ao.
Ttlie paCa;' Sums ,JaiUCi li oppr,
briiiinij papers tu those date iticlnstve
Uvvrtijj lu the coDunued prevalence of
easierhe. wtnd, r there bad been bui few
arrivals at tha above porta for several
Uf, Yet' Ue COttOR market fit Lter-
Doot Vaa mora de nre. scil and the arti
pool wa moro uepresseti, anu the arti
yis iitu Kynreutcu m taiuiet vivwiu-
lu pnee. yupt. Uraitant saw a great
iigniber of itiWartl bouirtl" veskela tLe
da after be aaileti.1- '.'' ,
i lie paper' contain bo poiilical news.
Tlo l?i iuh lock's had t tten to 83,
and" the t'reucu Fives to and a
JVaCtiOHf ' :',fc'4:"-.v-' - "
Owing to the indispoylion of Mr.
Caniiiujj, inc subject ot the Corn 'Laws
wai post poiiuti to the 26tli oi Feb. IN u -uierbua
ieluieus - were presuuied a
gaiiiit' the prooaed uioutAciinoi of
these' law. ' - v , -. - -
Depuuuuus from the ship uvvtieia lit
ljvei pool, 1UU, knit utl- tli principal
outportai had jrnveij in London, wuh
powvriut petitions for a repeal ul' Mr.
liojiktsson s.Kree Trade act. ''I ,
- i t'he French chauber oi; Deputies had
coutaieuced tlte ; dibutmuiit ui the law
to regulate tliu press, whidv appears to
tnwt wilh a ktruiij hppoeitiun m Uiat
botlj ;it f t r t,
" Some etunsjive forjeiies have been
detected iu fceotlaud ' l,lie pnncipal
iletaMjuetit is stated to have tied to the
United b tales. , ff .;;-'.V7 -- ',' :"'
' (ien. Morales, who yas long engaged
against the Fauints of IS. AmH tca: na
L v "he fitiiot
paid toto
hand, the last two vears, is kaid to x-
.trvu uiuc.tuiiiiuiis sterling, v ;ur. ,
XiWf. ;vttNtrota -kfir. 6, --
Tlif ship Washington, which arrived
here ycMerdaV, & ts now )n the Prince'
Dock, ia pcobabty tlie largest Auiencan
LsJiip that evur jcaine into this port.--'At
the btfad ut this veaael ts a fine full length
iiguio ui ucnoiai .jfasinngion; m the
American tnilitar j tin ifortn. ? As a. ape
eiwen td' Catving, it is bighry credit
bit to the firtisij and it is ell iksery.
tag ! .tha public attention --.;:,. .
:iKfv - From the Nantucket lnquircp.X-
from t'l. South, Seu iaajwa-Bv
Capt. bunker, ul the Oniario who left
iho Soticte, Islands ft ov, 3, we learn
that4be natives were -afljk-teji ; tviiti a
Bpeciea uf ptsgue; extreineljr a-irtilent
aud fatal to its luturje, and rapid lu it
progress ui uiu disorder, man; tf the
inhabitants of '1 aheita kud UUelea bad
Irutu the last luentioned Island, that the
distemper was1 then raging in n extra
oidinarj jmanneilhal at '4 uheita. thera
were ten dead bodies found in one house.
Assoon as one meniberor a lamily hm
attacked, the othrkabandfiiioil tka' .. -
. . ...
tonunaie victim to Lu late. This dis-1
lemperj it Is aaid.-did not , affect the1
temper; it is aaid,- did not affect the
t'" r"T"7 .I 1 -"'I lUte the prices of the Buefand fm Icrenymitdr
Tf- t.vrfy r. ot anuty Mid tiedhii y A. Urge portiN , d uear,bta at the several Savy Yards
ployed. their aeruoy eaikbuin any.luamwr tra- , Ainerwan btatet are ut Colo.nkt , a voi , i ; .r' ., . .... .
a . , a . a 1 . . . ' " T wets ewua, lesaaiaw aaa vvaii n lull T a auwi wiitav,
USD. Uraliata, IrOm MVlfrpool, tVH. IDlll, u""u. iu pajx ui mtioiytcH ueia thai itat ttu'rem, oa the promues, oa Moudav ike ilk
dudCadmufe Caut. Alvn. from Havre f , lbd h tiijiu ar .tnauon Uve been. biy of June wcxt, being thenraday of ilteCooa
4u ctuiroui. yaut. iw vo, irotn, MdVf.e, . l.i vain do 1 wish ta propose theexain- ty Couit. , . ' , .
Feb., mb, ernvetl ytstefda v alteruotm, , pie of vvsiiiiwo a my defcaev; an,l. twt. JACtevfttf iitnorf th. .iaU
BU CaMfifB' UtnerilfuT thfr-l5, Jwet wn e.aiies'quciH.t, frT Samurf lPaVtklll i-.i-r -i
.nt if attual loss uf trruneyii:Iue, w;thus found deciphering i ,h7 w.yrof age, i, of 6jr eompk. ;
the Wtnt ctitniianies in Enn- !nee WM cHera and naintiuSS. fiii
wlute resident.. Although, the 0Btlyed 9a it, wi;:
. . - .
almU tK et ba UWwiw; aa OJaaah
1 .Lkia rva laa art aw at taa -tara'
arw wauar ak a a evejamt M t-vW ai
riawlntl t Jaa atv ria 4T1"'a
Lir.a la aav lk aa I aawa fc-afc J .1
atra Lkrk a Ucra ta Iftla Owki iv
bnik aiil kJ rL-me bcjr tswrw a 01 M
aakH, af lrt, CuldiaLai, auJ ik4j nail atoit
IvvyoaVnlrVMkvl ktl.' .'. .
Taa aivjed of a mwa 'if Uhaw, ft, ai
(.inkt, m lu;U j aphLorJ lu Ika lra".
' MiHAlitJX tut. "iva
- . Utat.aaaaa,
TS kit Treerracf tUt fiy-uJS JUtt K4.r-
JLljtl Erc:trl host ia aoawki-r ewjamaan.
oca hat lha aujaat aalaartr ui yjujrea byca of
S4aa autamiT to Um lltyuttiie, aa ai utw praeui
period, m wUadi etwry auae' hat taca UiMoraotl,
ad law aksia itaUot agitatoai i Jataiaal aaua-
j to Um IttyuUie, ai tUw pro ul
V r
atotioaw ' . . -J
CaUsd bf rear lUceUeaer to tale the
elftee a frYetidcet of ttie hVpahlai, i arrived at
tkaaanul. wbvaea 1 waa awewltlr rtai
lb denartuieali of tkj ancarut Vaucaitla
BoeuU to Um aitir. 1 bata Utned Weij-ect. to Un-
i "f-
aoretid that, 1 taake bolj ta deelara il of the
rraautt moaeat taai Tear rneuiK-r tne
call the ntteatjoa of Cjarvat to Uteiu. and
4U- taat tnair, tram a, lo taad uw ana taeir ,
anon. It 1 have ePerwepveu in ,
by aadioray, tbe (aa lie olely
t I a-Iaiy eoatto avoaiuy
botaniareu of
wit), imin hut
. o-i , i ,
amoceata to llat tatutv uf tint ruuUiC Tbi
saemoe was rejoored ai aar, and i glory m aot
aT rJt - . . . I
- VV uaa in Pora. aa alSelal notwa brj, 01
killijeaewof my evatain y the Pao,4e, l0
ihn, riataktaey ot ditt-UepaUU, I deruawt to the
Kweatnar power lb t ol tbe
MagMMT at dt aauoa. rV fcertee ya a
i d'e o!Sf of 8-lreuo Head aad.,
s-raioeM oi uie Kepuuiic; uaurtioroeu wit au-
ty upon uie,. whieh, no louger evwluic, leave
ai Lbott to-reuuv Aa eojmeui at piv
ato.iao. 7- y, - .. .'
-,1 1. Lf "rf" VcirVUP?i
Mtuetioa of tloinbuLof AnK-ma, mI lot the on-
Ure world: vei- Udiis. eemt. la. flatter kl.
fhere iiotNbpaiaTa -naiheAnia.
tin at,
, r
Uiuoaalut tjeace k-t prnnteti in l.lnnthis
u.e wim.aeueeuvenv oiiuo pieteut year.
Many puei-tui Natwiw i-ewrmM our political,
ana opn.-u present aieuaceu oy ureat Hiiuiiui;
llavtc b rt.4 a -, ijwa,
lYnai-niorataa wa uopo lorf tbe wombol.thin f . s ......
uute can aioue coutaiu vue uuiuenitV.ol aancik
nets wbch hat beeii pivpared for ut by bouiib-
'toi Frovalonee, in a boat is oar only reliauee.
U fcr tnc,' oaiioioa af 0 lyiMaieal Ui-aawpatioaV.
" apou mi aaine, anu uiwuia too liearta ot
aaine. anu uittui b ihu )Mrii
, fi,a cl.....h:J.-. i'7T.
Hbemei, cannot eouanlo roe wulmut a secret
oue or many exuepuon can efll-et nothing scuinut
Jh experitnte ot the world, which hat alway
been oppretted by the uowerfid. i tigh oetwevn
the disu-ette 0 my fcllow-citixcns, ud die sen
tmmsK wunu wuu vim m uw juiigiueuc oi poster-
yL 'f myk am wi-e that I na not hwe own
I mb,tf? ' . "eV, L desire to extt-icato
t-om thegiaspof that tat7; free my
, iukncin mtiiu u luunuue. anu vo tMuaL'
" . "r vcm" ipuvataHi wiucni 4nay d .
With tucli &ewuneutt, I roucmuue." ainiu auif,
. M j m lav tutu oi iieertvr
again, the ti-etidency of toe Hepublav. Coa-i "
(ires tnd the nation mutt receive this abdication '
as Irrevocable. Nodung will be able to oblige '
me to eantinua in the pubhe service, to wUicli I '
have already dediuated-mv 'antin. lift. a. '
ow that the trmianU uf bbert, bat nliu..l thi.
umune rigm. iiuu uie enjrment ot every oae..ll uieutenant liawnomftM Comnwrawaie,
shall I aloi,e be deprived ot a? .Kot Tbe 'Con " : . ' ' of Virginia. - rr?
gits and tuVColombiaa People are jnstj they ' " - "' A PROCLAMATION.
fatTrtrr .'Sm-'u,ti has been represented to the Ex
Few, are the dava wluch now retiiam -to nle; eeutivo of this Commonweidth, that a Certain Sai
more than t m, exwtea has aire- muW itwa.t7, did, on the evetungValnnto Vbc'
dy pasted, JFt ,e, re tore, be penmtted to ,I9tb mrt. wantonly attempt to akWnato James
awaa .prBcetuldeafllmthe oksetu-e and adeat K Sf.i.'.U.ei t of th eitv eVvidimonu, by intlietmr
my 1 eait wil nevertlie ess, heal4y wal, tj fwjoad,, ,ud it appeai-ing tohcEiacuUv
loud., !J my last ihs will asceud tb Heaven , tW khe:saitf ParkhiU ha .uddealwtoppaaiwtl;
topers tor herajnUiuedprosiKiMy.-- - and Upvfibably eadeavo.iug tojuke hi' e,
I pray, tlieretoce, sgret and 'my feUow, from jiiktieei I have therefore thought fit, Vith tW
eilixenv to eanler oq e-te. Wu i of a private advwea.l cohsentof the Council ot' State, to offer
"rt t. S,ir - " ' 'auraird of two hundred and fifiydollai-t to aa
k Cod guard your EteleMr. , ; t ptrtoq w.rwaan.: who iU apprehend, and eonV
. ; "k, bi-UONBOUVAU. vrtatJaUaenpicoeouoty-.toetdSamttct
t" 1 ' "' i ? " Parkhill; and I do moreover require all oflSoerv
l!Jinburgb Review. The tiiibiir1i , U ST mflitary, nd exhort the good peo-1
Review f.M- iWa'whor !. kka iia.n .. Pto t ComntoaweaJtb. to aw theia best en-"
Keview lo LWceirtOe Ut has been N re aavors to oppruhwdand secure the said Parklid
ceived m thi.ttwitry;,' -It coutatua a ordwthatbcinaybetwitiustUelawdiiwtt.''
learned tty m Uie ineroglyphjca tif rW Gjv nndermy tJeuienW:
the ancient Egyptians. sU.r.Mpn'antfv--iKAL-v-'COTerao d auder the Scalof
M.Chamfiflliiin ha Srfjtl:lti' d'e 'iws- m'"., Comoaweal''i,-at Itieb,;.-
: i. .i -.i ... . i
Jertitis the tuealtiti.f an v ..r thiuT T,:nami8 ?yoM,ra,isa-
They-are .bund to &,frmix4 cbsir
an long an object bfjcaritiaity'? Some of
f rYaWiri' -TaVaXtWaai ' nklili.i Kl a '".l . 1 OfiA Tl
betf Christ.- MooreV Life of She-
Hiviu wviti IHtrUBU w IlldtAtS a Ol 111 VHafB
ridan is reviewed by a ihaster. Tli ar -
UCie on KraisraUtMi cives an innallin
viaat Af ImUml ii TklT L .r
viev ot ireiaBa. I here are gig millions
orpeotila there in huts no better than!
tile wiswami of the American savanna I
asd oiTlbe verira of atarvatinn "I'R.J
! 4 . I?,5 r ttHW,, hey
ara mud ij. t.. - .I.-
rj",- " '"; y j tor a auqi
gainst the London University now bt,ild
ins. to she w he evils of scieutific kiiowU
edge jA the cooimott classes of sucie-
' t.'-Bi'ffttb; March
Thtubltt in Cnviatav-kFor vrl
days past there have been alarming re
. . ' - . . . ... II1IIMII
tanta of the provides" will tome within
the operation uf theaiie.n law; It would
appear that 'tliey ard resofved. not to
subiuif to it. And it b re nor ted thaf
liberty poles, or, wliiih were displayed
l k-- . . . .. if 4.
i .. .
, x-iicrn. ii ii.i,
Vave bean raited in
several -place
'PS. li. W.rtr' k tik.A-KAA
wg, ried. a nd the Aiuetican flaVwa-
uua fewrocli. ofiiigCA-
. i Miii. aiiiueu u.rif it;. r. ninb:iiuirA -a smii mimt V!ii ij l-
inai can k.nppnrt tnem H ooura -iJAre,i "r- U:)'MUI nartoue.-- tne owner is rennets-
; :V: i .j ' .. ., . . , CO to OroVO bit nrnnertv. aanu1in ik law. nr '
i lu I x wT , A,VPnaia4tke'hbuaaay,. 5 J. i
rj and Atwurd. J)ae i lif the irMcleSi' ;va..-l; '' JAMES pLUTCY, jaOe'--eutttlet!
"Difluswn Knowledge "and l.aWaWrofcgn,' March?,,. " -.
u a. rvietyL' 'inmidiletrwrittfin.'t-' . w.v?-s 8' i '.
13c;f uiU i'urt Ibr 15;,
aWi ;. a r eaa a
' . ' JfaTttaajriawaaas r,..
Snled 3 bo r. -4
Wwri oi a Nary, utj c. A
IU?, hwthwtwavaly U-
j ,soJJ am a lut
' aaju tr li of ilL
th UirU J lua tjiuaaa af Tm'
a) UlrU 4 lua tjiutaa af rm..i t
a .aau of to U tcuTN a JT"
jr ar.laliUu-i. Nc JTz
. at ua
fulk. 'UaaVJbli!'tkr0jk,l.
d, HJt : -
! t-J IW aJ VxX fHaO be of w
W jJ!jtf, lb Ikw4 ahali sm pava4 b
tU acU Uttractl, and t.f taf vW t
lb a and to ", lha..- AU tka k-i t
rnuaJ, tl ," J I lha tro-. it aecl.-T,' '
aiuiutt aball bo eaclJdcd, aa. 'arerfyf l
J .I 1 I . !... . . . '
each, atoearaa nut b.'. to tku ttentv
Vuiaw a tm l af v'AI Ua nctt wrbki'i -.V .M
i . 1 ,L L. t. U H . . 7
t.'4cd, ell tuvaaajlt, aan .fi l biiul i,
' 4-',B,hd n4 tivs u lUt t
iitdixalinr a'H tuot-e C'ja Hirv khooltk-ri i- '
VI we f wm-wilM II k M kr 1 4 -
, barrrl, tiall- bo cat txto- pavvi ewitp ,
,UKU to i aa, as ttar as may bsaa that twt -my -aw
""laill lutia a VarnH af 80 J Iba ratt arLtai ,. V
The whla. of the wU ilvrr aaa -t te
Jaad, Ud ol Mn.or SU Ubet a-Jt, w.thfin,.
eet of the beet wit oire to etvli barit L - .
. t-t. i i- i- i . w .i . . i . l. . -
ThWrrla ia aLiab Jjie ailt Uect and hA
.1 IA wixm, mart betu.vtc.riho U-a
hll! wk ....hae aJt.fKelrom .P, , (,TT
i- bonned-thrr toui be braadeJ. ,; 'f.
it tonnmrT oc aruinu. -, i; j i
- m vt. i il u .1.- . .
M(l ,he Trr . hen paokeJ. -' '
or .Nvy rork,. wan uie eontartj't tu.
I wiHue ia norma t OTal FTlUi -m.
hpMitm at tto Navy Yard, where
y M to u by Mlat. ,
nr n s.. .L,.-i, ft !.- rt . iv, ' .:.
ef t,,e N,Ty,.a ta ioh teal, intptalio, .t,d ev.
.ajKiaUa. t)y Uiv. or vwy hererfW,
,3 S of t.,rwa t-i tlm Lultod Suit! la
burelto.uM ko id ;,atajet thippina orovr
. prtipaluj ft, jnA.Uiing tke Beefan.1 F.'
m,-, plar o( reakenee of ikebutdZ
the a-mea of rwa eomnvinit pmoht m riuM
d the plate of their reUaew-tna u.
wnL wiJ be -aer.- b, the United State.
. .:, u.n a..
fa ed.lilWn to tlm boml. an.l all raw... . u
. - 9 .
mmia ai uiopiaocaoi atnvcrj. v .
TL, pntal, mutt be enJoraed On th awk.
u jvr to nU pi-owklaai," and mil
tjminu or nofreeeived withi. the lima liaa
TIm tuin.imit
-,i.rY7J 7r.if i:..I - T i".,.'.V'TV xiTC
ampton Court House, C wiy offer for sale the
fertdo laud efelhe Jtounoke, and w the neighbor-
hood whuriv largo quantilie of all kindt oi pro-4
once k i-aitcu1,, about 12 mile u-onl the towa ftf
lUiiki, 23 li am Belfiehl, Vs. S J fi-oin Murfrei-'
ooi-vr, ana it waiun toaai, live nulesot jUnugervt
iorryan irijkb,pla8 boau can ascend
at aliaott all teatjnt qt the year, except whent
ivw.sune.mim.l,lyiowJndkci(itob i
uuaitny as any .situation, of the Jund tn Ike 1 ;
sounu-y. ; teruii ot talp wUl bp maai; uown
toe auove aav.
vlrar HfnnTiV .' ,
,- J0I1N PEEUJe.''
- COLUff V. llABXeSVCeVnV;
AbreVjO, lr--K;,v.Vv. ' 44.I0WV
n.. .t ... . . 1 . . ' " . .
fMFK '. jWflb"
. .--..i-',-
:.t WWftMOfimBl t ted
1 Was taken np'tfml eornmkTe.tto '& Jail of Or
wumJ' pme mm uay w imaum, a
negro man, wno says-that hi. flioroitobojomon,
and that ho beio. t ito ,,,.. w,h. of
tialhax county, h thi Suv, he it black fellow, 4
PPntly about twenty-hve year oid, find about
j"t six oryen inches hight'beaay!!!
J reastor had sent him, by Mr. Benfield, to Alaa,'
t. . . .. n ' . . . . . -
- w aeii, irom nam ne escaped about
-..; iv.., ; ' '
'.y, . --1 m a i-i a a-w. r . - . n, ,.
yw w publitj miimricv i SeJiiroiu to aupef :
mtend au Academy iu aorae bealthT part of K. .
Cafolina. Satisiactrjry Uatiincmiaia ol cliaracter
aad aomretetkCT can be nroduelda Lettert (fr
rWtft I -a...l . . Wk 1 t -.a a '
" MfvVg J9 AViU Capiat. W PC ptvmjiw t
,'a '. -.ik . Tf nr "- ww. a nnniir "
Feb 14, 182f. . 4 . "-: ? -.Wfr.--
1UU La KAUajJAaaUrf . .
. .. .-. T- tl X 'O. w.j-
ni fur at the Star . Office,: .
.' vuttisrrujic's VJILEWDEK, i
'J- i-r.''Por the year' J82r r, f?i v: ;
. vuuuuumj we 1 uiviuont, "eclipses, rising ,
tettingof the Sun and Moon, and time ot bic
-- w , .fcv im. 1 . . i. BUUK U. . "
Frttinlt .4 f ti n rln.k I imt rf til'
Clergy, "Sscirtics, W.:f..V.r'a.'"!:-.
Cj PrieeaS cent. j'l-'v; ' (;' & :
1 " 1 '. " I' ' ll.l. I . I 1 M I III
' '.-if. A. ,-' 1
'i'.t,.' '-"
-.v. . -
1'. 1

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