North Carolina Newspapers

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, ,!.,"" i.eVnt wan of d rect and
enrrrtA irt'iraurtioA tipon Ik eondidon and
. yaptt of li.-ce, ml yon hare, iwm to do
nw-ytr'alooe, W Kior Greece, ha rr
. ,a bitier.? to Urgrftl that her ait nation
Icnoni in Arr:ac (lie, bad it been Americans,
ippkjruur-th" wea-he!i tbey Vo'eiit
otto in a dineruol winner, ni-H have, been
it i tf- t fnnceiU t)i trtli lief rnrjliies,
hrina tnmhle mr tlisim fon Ue couMry.
the 'ice nl lst VC. no wet of kerdvil 1
try o brink of ruin, from whick r-' lm
c'e -olv can hrn w'l tlt (jiirscle ouW ea
He rtiitMe ofl hrtfcr' rmimet-of thtr:
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,,m ihmrvwreintJS'"0',,l7'tr,c
t iito''"!?,' of "icrt:l nay. ; -f opert.inwmal.
v ar Te olhr'i,i(ht, whiWhrmy ofthr
Vitha wa wHItin iirhk lunira, rorob pf tbi
rtlar-H l aroused by roai'of camfona,an)
ib inl'm;( of mii-tqlieiiVt Lamed mvaetf tn j
lie ihp t trim tMrarka oati matir a
,lcn auU ipi,n tne puce, nt was amnni'i
nrt to fitvl o .movement on 'h ttaH. of tlc
:nhabi'nteaob remamcd aliil m li Tiouto
ki thoiurlt awantHtt' Wht lfbinir; obi aJ
I won fcjrAed that CpIowttonii'WitU a bafld
4f o1liets bad aaiiltrd theaatl,m hopts
10 master it, and make, 1ijireU independent,
both h ita pesseswon knd- that of tht Tlf
aure of lOiHyanis. whicli ,b knew were
concealed bare. ThiUth man whom le
you hpld tiffh .In eatff m Anuerica, for
oouraie ail patinot'm'! Matab ip, ye Cod!
matcJi mo oUern)ai who hatf drawn- upon
Hie Pefop iimaaua .many rmteriei a Uo
The uVl of Ibrahim PAclia- be, haatrfnec!
and- driran ifronv'theif rhonie thoiiaWi. of
pe8aritr--iCo!noiron., has frrouinl tbeiff tci-
fain by h)a lawoiwona exaction: tb Pafiba
M drfentedi tbe odr" (Cobipotrtniibaa
, paralvted we . Faena, ftaa peniv
.awhatt and ijilfen town from his ensile
Cobicwttoni hasVorVeil i eaW b intritfu;
and assnailtcd iiMmidtiiffht castles and towns
held by mer Actinic wider the orders of
lOennln V I le J'a3ia iw aifiretsea. tue
Government fc it hi mo.veiels and depreda
tion! Coloaot toni has aid), mure distressed it
h hia demand! for tav and rations for armies
which he nor roiled, by hi intrifue, by his
t.necret oppoiti,nv aad open war- Leave aside
- .Ins proceedintoi in 1324, bis intriaitea afcd
jpcn oppositirm nd rebellion )ram the
lawful Government, hii defeat ami imprison.
nwnt; let us lb jilt at him since his h-avinff his
-tonfmemeet in ..the tneOastery at Kydra, ani
us beiMmm;; tpEneral-mhi'! ot,tneMoreai
bow' often M. loudly baa lie talked of the
death and deal taction be . prepirinrt for
'the Turkm hofv often- lialbit'itemaiwled; and
received larcre 'ippbes from iidverntnent and
from hit PrpyirW;e'hiih he brM either erfrfer
gtvchtohiscriaMreS; il m true ueias saiiiwJ Orevk; pklryj picture to youratir rather, a
out sjpiinst the fnmyihe has examined iVnr aeriof men fho have each jryrt ami two
with hia BRVrj t Jfrom wSpm tnountajn side, piatpla ,bitt bo know- bothiug of a bayonet,
but never, n c tit in one ninle instance, ha rifle,, or caononi wbv kno; notbntf of dia
he or bia'immrjaUata followers ivertured their- cipbne'-evenvenoiiahto firm inM Unj wl.o
precioi .perspi within hkyrartge f. allot, never are-enlisud buwme and go'a they
fie bwluj aiidi dannpr.put jaot.pefprean arm.
d eneaij'i ttiitin intrigue ami pbrttinfj to ?
Jiimself inci;,f tiends iopower: it j. in plun.
''fintfand ttitasainff treasares for hi own.
)l:;nti,'Wbere- are tbe, treawres cf Trip'
vkxii AihI 'Nanolu whictv be took as (wm-
.nundeMiKhiertwimthe GoveBimaftti Where
his banVis'inX"1 ,n different pns of'
tuiv, wlritj, u M rge "ip anno ire
ks th poor, peasantry pay for tbe art'itles
even of biaown tableVr , Boat be jyot, hi for
mer rcprtatiott far-conrt r Know not; out
now hisfiame here is Retting to be mockery,
nd he is khoa onlyt"..!! whP will
sacrifice tlrtfnubttcfor nartv rbbd, who wbuldj
- it a . ' . I '. -.. a"..-
B!i COUUtn'i miV, n S(UI, ma ut,,,iyr
fpnlrl :' V I ' -.'I . 1 ' . IV.
.r lancroace may sem sto ymt mrms ana
, impasoued, but it i the language of a man
ho, engaged with all tun heart m th i-at
3 us ftir ichr People-: ever yet drew he
'mV sees that ue mlangred by the
sslfphaegs of those piost bound toinipport it
f one) ho see his adopted eountty about to
be aacafioed on; the' kltar of atajice'iwlRsli
oibitioij' pf cW'who, sees 'aA ignorani, bnt
uuuraiiy tnt-eiiifgni ana vinuoos ruvpirj, pejf
leeteeV ry,vbetrayeil, ,byheif leader. I
flk toypu pf Cojocotroiii not because be,
i alone 'px the course ot iniquity ."nor because
is tW wbrst-rbtit because-, hi arbr
known j0vi,' I am not of bis party,: aor of
ny p,rtyj he has' tteveTdonc ehher m or
by frie iida any good or 111! I siicak of him as
pubfii charaetef, and Icogld spesk to yon
' otberat I could , tell jou of the dmracrer
of Dillyois,. pf? Mo&ra' of Zariiw; of tfon
of Siseni,' iof Coletti, t'f Conduriottis,
c.nian whose course has been Uniformly
one r ititrigue, fof tlieir own private vrpsf
Jj werit -neglecting dieir sacred duties to
visit -country) to pursue selfish, nay, ofien
,'mliuIe.Mla.f SiJtiHs eBoiijjbtO!? toyoti.l
ece is rtttucett to pet .present state,
asenmr by the- jealousy, .the ln
tripnej, n4 the- secret-o)po$:tion which oue
. fcadt-n nvakea to, knot ben J bavet uptifnow,
jastaitjied Jron making this knonirt Amtti-.-
from ,motiets ,f consideraiion .Tor the
?nwTrt(tr f 'the toutitry-"hopriig,j afw) ts
ting migbt unit them, but I see the
tope is vain and; petlisp, tbesOojler the
know the tiutb the better.'
. ttOt jti own auiarte Jineatc vepuiion
kicb 1 express to you: evey eidiglitentd
JP". " the count rv has lone felt niid lamented
;w. . no '"; have arrived tn snub
Wthi that afl tee k. .Auk a comroori soldier,
timul woiain, whatba brought the
!!5!??pjf ' present stalei and the teply
'iffi1 Ve CWai-, tthe great
i.C ""' me curef"Jla (out mbeemnr
in" tbelt bti my fnll j t ticse men
i.TvJ-00, bA mot. Th kri.
U l".rMtn. m Kk dure' an fa ke
rrnet mil b (lf from it hj knav )
ImeLicf, vol ,() foU hu
""V th"4C, or oca ) lrrrn
ilwti, VtUt i4 th ' alacMT tu
ffuMt tk Turkv l,Th eiuc' bent ih u
ipcrinr to - lb Grrnmi. nrxlM Vkc
IxmuiwbW titsfW ami ht V
rrint; rc! while Kj fcfle hc b-,e j
mpribiyporr' Oiwfil. t,n Rle vhj
M W ch U"n ). 4 1 Uye now th
Cme r hei Ctrcra HJ o VXJ on lout,
rMioiMlU .0.00 bMiei h i rh
UtmiJ. :.A wkn irrrniri-4t(c)(t ni
ImwJ rwaM to taiitf any tmpunDmae cUiw
r.U. tbry .Uieil to pacify him by Oii t-h
WJ. Any ; be, b hia profctaoa hu il
mifhf,UL had oKknt upon Gorprameat,
pim1 iden he hid enmnvw on f Coel
or Ccnefl: n for Uijair or lrtrti. U u
!nat!i oe' itle. sfhi Mmj!! u o
cofnmim, ilutt title Urf: twdiaiierdicitlcM
port l . Oier-r hnndiriu W rufc'ftvri,
nt ho WW only frpitpk cr erfnU in
nil' topt wiih ooe'pr racd ldi?n
VI mnvinW once bcinf ilk bi of thre
twmlr' men; sntL bii cwiocllof wiif belnir
cl1ct1i niani'-ot ojJarm, hr (pere4
, kna more tlun twtniyjivm jUn. 1 hii
irbv rmllv bel t any rank in rera-
nr army rr riot , Jliftp tjj put thenMctvca up
oh a nrtfc corporal ainl scrreintt niany
of themttie num of Riro, aixlthtv fc;ioi
rX i uigMt,v Aia they flo well: Jfor.
njch a they pretend,! afiVtil'uropfc-
ana, tli Oree)i bv, iv tenia tf, a rntpecifof
t'iem,ntl far their utiion and tliev reloice
l find aplfish meiw bo. for (beif vrn wiier-
est, by action, word ind wntmjr. uphold tair
iu-ivtemi men wto cry tnatthc eaJtcarf Hyt-
tern th only one to aave Greece, and com
bainir 'tbem 'nerhaps With JustieO to ihe
KuerijUs ot Spain; latnlin tlieir skill Irt piU
laftm Uieir bravery n ightHjg,hvi'enr be
hind a stone, alU or their eknertm-u in whin-
iinff ll the head of a clend Turfc bat they
know not, or rather know and care not. for
thenv d.treirte the wtryrthe dinputts
among '.themeelvesi their readme to hght
ool the qtfarteh -of their ehiefa, for the pro
(liic? )l i province, or ur tne noeaioft et a
town, and 'art, tlie r disobedienee jtlii rebel-
lion. to-, Gqvernmenr, Greece, ha now tu
irfportaht ".V.rese..'"but-vet ani order feaii
Government , ( Governor bhostfn -by. the
unaniinoua ,'sufi'raCT of' the. people)' would
ufi dim latignea at -cy tne coinmanitx an
one of them, etci-t Ibar 6f Metha-w. Iii'jb
is held by.ibe rannant of tbe,reu1t tnwrfl.
'hat untortiinute DancL winch nu aoefien
been doomed W desinictiim bv alt the jure-
iriUat1 chiefs Keen airain slid aain aiisanrtpd
by all the art of intrigue, bat been theV;c.
tltn ,01 open . ireuciinry, . It i tnte Uiat the
Devest ot tbt aid,en- neve- wouia enter ita
rank,' iktlMsinr what they called the tif of
a Ue; ulV though composed, as it was of
mere ooys, the oiiucounii; ot the luUnas,
slwd what discipline : may' do-, and when
in f'Ce of the enemy, conducted itself often
oeiier,: jnvariaoiy as wen, aa lnt oraveK m ,
inc iiTcgiiiBi-si anuv eig monins gyt wnen
Athens had not one hundred pounds of pow.
tier, and the other chief. had been In v'aip
impiorea m Teueve li, ,six nunureu oi mem,
wiib each ftn-ty pounds ol powder on bis back.
tnarclied with chargrtl bayonets pon the
urns ui i lie- enemy, ton Ji.ciear puionwiisy
nigh, forted themselves lbrouKh, and savet!
the' place from falling a thing which, six
week 'ajro, 1 saw 10,000 rrresulaf in vain
attempting d '4o, , Dut tbe wotd irrtgular
hmst epntf to ari: a very impeict idea. of
choose; who. are never, hj(irerct nd whose
number it is impoaible to calculate; hi-e witn
otji any, of (be appurtetmnct's of a camp, with
neither druriij oof any .mwsicl ithtruihen-, bur
uniform, bpt even i; ient but, Vhit i Worse
than all, they hae notbinitf ffirit du earbi.
th real soui'ofan army; and, tlymgll person-,
ally raUjerrtrave,,tUey are cowuruly
botlV.,.' t"i ' ' ;'Y':'.j' t J'-
' I have been witness of numewu instance
of personal courage oo' the pari of the, soldi, t
anu aaiiura, out never wi wuui sdiiiu, uc caiicu
a general Afliiir: pet bap I inay except
their dettiices, which ai' oiien yt-ry in
1 be ienilnriied out m lettert, fed on fnmi
7 . l .i .v. '. r br..k a J . a'-.H
i putoiuuuu ivaiuwicr, nruuuoi ntuiiiiiif
I tl4 -Mill fh fla.a.ruia ,MMll Kilt VIW Itltl taa-'
that atTaira ar at a low ebb, and you have
gamed, pcrhai, Vome be uluaaof the Cause
ot this: aid now, tor the future prospects , ot
Greece. y 'Tbb question, of, her ultimate slid,
ceaa: must be difficult to decide! if she can.
get the,;?astery of the tea, all is bmsliedi
the. Morea, Caiitba Cyprus .Negropoul, in
fact all the ialaiida must, maiVmui.tha, be in
tier power. loraiwm racna canno rcimiin
Ah bis army ill the Peloponnesus, nor .hoM
hie castles (hrte mtnthi -without-sUiipbe tr)m
Alexandria lithe Greeks eso i bold their
own, they must b content with the island
tbL-y pow liavet the Morea, with the exception
ot Kapob di Romania, Kapoh di tiaivuna,iKi
th'bMVioce bi : Mania, fnust fall mitfhe
hamls.of the i'urka, tltotigh doubtlesa a par.
t'tfan' 'war wid lor year be carried OA in the
hiotiiitamoua'distrktei' ;,. 'S:. ;
'! 1 say we ibusV be content with the Wandsj
li'ndthey are enough, tf their fevenuea Ar
properly' formed to ..D'oetfoJbrane and.
his neu wiiat ha tlie. Jtoii b4 Roib
dia,e for the Diiblic chest for everal'y ear .
pl Nothing! all hat been panLbg tbi bUmA
Ueru vaKUiating men upon iuc -ji;
Greece ha a rea-iuree she- can, and will hold
out perhaps for yeanC but tn that time U is
prababte some stir .in iSurdpe, imr d-rar;
raiigBment ol tbe too nicf ly balaaced interests
of me great Fwa,ill5nk ir-forttur
interest ot? aome "oije of tbem tegive hrt A
belpirtg bandJ.lto not thmkj.eih
biend to - Uretce -thanv Ivrmel), from the
gtoomy accoiiMU I bve given oui look
upon AM cause mm) wn, 1 wball ttick to H
while there 1 A iJiadbw. of bope, Out t u
tiijie to teli tlie tmth; and so far Irom assisting
Greece by eoneealng it, I think her true
fiiteresui will be best promoted by detA'hug
tbmga'aa they are and letimg me worm
knowbe d l'cara, tbe want and
resuuVce bf tt.e countty.- In my next, wil
lUaiUnyou the public occurrence that shall
transpW' I reruniouiS truly, ;s Jr,
i ' j. ' .."-.Ik., i v v-j i n Uitu.'ir -.
UH it, Wv av fn I theJi
.jro.utN r: tv atfr tve , .
If M7i, u)iiW "g.'iia VIktumv,
-t-'j i..rai j vjw-.'chiKj
w W rt Xawl. Y ar kHW Caa
rm fr wwc lUaa tlx f iRevatg aattwlj am
TV V-ftcr kitcdMSTrM.! V ' ,
On ir rr tu. n I (! Wkc)f r.oil
lamtlarii in C fry lipai with to
Kn s'j ! f a t! r a K4 I jtt UnU
. mm m id np 107, une i,
lm I.fciL'.n; uns man m boit ftur
r 6 Anil (wvMirv Vi&irrNvIr in
V Ixtt of eriiciatWn ami
Si W ciajpanio4, raLir ii ireriaut.ttt
AOavoun la itenniirfc (be ItaluuWt
n jjir ; 'hm ju.rterj in th loaaitda.
j'-!'1? P!" nt Vie' ynun;'joOenm'
or tola, t3 A inr iJ. ei1. U.r J ri
hauVMk vuh snxkrn cl t auJ Ianire
IjpM f J8r.-, VV.'iiUf t!4fr ilti iai ro
riblfe pppra'ticiva nrgei tiart ?T
fm,riajs; must iTnii hm xw(tce,1
p.tiniig not pni WT ApnujAict
yf his ilrallt td iiUertneul, butiti ei
t&XjliMrtrnfiit would Jo. r diara-jw-tA
th. suipiciun climate of nnrrpa! ba
inntar hatfV expred in . tt , Iv w
with diiTiculty thiit the elder renlemea
proi ured permii-sloo for hita t reinuin
on the SOU wliiUtite went to aei-k tnrrt
hospiuble A titers fur him: he tucked'
d, bnwever,. ap J eveninj the in-'
vahd was removed to Jiouae uear
Catlunye'a Garden, where.' ho airetch-
ed litiriself on-tbe bid fi-om which he
was never Jto rise, ai. ne expireq ou ute
fullowinz (iaT.-lTta .navicular f th'w
-sTorr, tuey were "Kiaied to a or hn
i i.r : i,.i ; . ..
ciiiiipaiuvu, cumuinea wuji tne urcuiu .
iQitig pecuuarij meiancuuiy "u roiuao-
XtC.' . - ... v -V . ... j- " .-i . i
,Hi mine was VV-r and hii father.
a gentleman ul opulent circtjmi.ti.nce,
uttll resident ta liuUitn, where he was
orisinalljr destine lor H pr((feiKi of
uicuiiaiuc, in, iim urepaiAii" r uiuc I, it
wnitn,.ne, nau , inniic ttnisjui:ruiB au-
k. I i f , . ., .. t Li. ' .
Vurrnfeatirrl r liapireneij: rj.t- jn iie.
bpiuUa,.Which be was 14 the haiit of
.UewUuff tfiBiCBtiefiujes, aud whete
VonfiideiwOie ixri iion- of hisPtitne wait
'mij. tMr fpvifiit'Aifi. iA th
t&iht bf-llie Vive's iM?&rAtetl.frlmi
the giotttitiatit ouier Dy watt .4 fit
tinslderaUleJ1 herAj-, ..Utie jiiaywhdst
i Ji' .i.'":r. ,. .-i. " a--..:
Hiigprrnvr in iuc' wuina tu inc ,reur -oi.tne
hMpijUbTvhi r w'f struck wtta tbe
plainttee note of a voice tit' Hie. adja '
cent garden, which tiitiig CUe Mf(ad(jk(
rish air oF'avoarnecn Deelisbj' ,tu
i tosity prompted Mai to fee -hte the
'i.inalr.l aJ1 or '.nf,i,jv i.i'.aiV1
MtilltSf TTirn, a, i vi VMIUUIIIU lf Oil ?
bertnreiti thedipai'H wall, tie satv iiU'
tnetiialely be.ow him a beau i if u I, Vl
who sat irt mournful abtrCt"uabeiiea(J'
a treej pluckins tbe lrttve koin a rooe
bud as she sAbg the ilinttve atr.f'.A hIi
raisetf her head Sc ouKerveU the atranger
before Itef, he ntntled and beckoned
him to come to lterraltef a? moment'
lu'silaudn,, and reQciiuii ou tlie coado
ouence, he threw hintsien ,r the; wail
and'aseaxed Jitmself "bbside her;ji-r
mind seemed in jiUte ol perfect eun
jiliciryi her, ' disorder appeared , to luVe,
iriven her' All the playful centlene id
childlidotir And, IS aheVfixett her tlalk
cxprefVHive eyes on his, slie if IdainirV
and carA httnV and Aibg ovei iid ovei
the song she was iiillmg: wlteri ; h'evhad
firaj heard her BtVuck wit'n theoM'
tv oi ucn a hiiuauofl, nu tui ueauiy ot
the innocent and neipies oeitig tj,re
hjui,', yiaetLUofiepough!to; t
void detection, and .then returned -by
the same tbeanalie had entered the ear
dtu but not. till he had imluted him ta
proniiife to tpine again uuu sue ueiv f
I he rtiitowina iay ne rMitineu !
found bef at. the atne' Aot'w(ier a'W
titl she hat, been $inei(i!r for a looi; time
betiire'rin h'iipeflo' attract hii r axatB!
lie now endeavored to una "UMier sioy
rf, or. the -cauWe. of' beF-deraMgetnent,
buf hiSjeflC'irtsp were1 tibavaiiHig," prtier
wurda. f4i--1ncoereot-iVf.'mvy;-iMi
r . ..Kit Hi.:-. : -a.:: t...'..-...:.
wnnec-eu ,.ieiiuj5v a qii-'wu9,,,ituve
er,",norr titaid Atin' tticlatithtdjr bilt!
lie remained with heY, and stinted and
tHBhed.and wenf kad sanz. by'furiia, iu
j- - ir ' t .T i ... .
IX waa time ' umv nr agaiq uiu ir at
dtetr. -Withtnetexceptiun Hilthose
rhild 'llle wandyt-ings ebe,1)etrai-d jjio
outer ip.ika.'dOH:i)HYj herabenafnitj
were iberelf '"blatfdl "aHdintiiH.tati she
is as oneii iad and melancholy', but oft-
irsAa.f Aatl 'ikrtA atlBri '
Vv (titan rtliteinentin hrit uVe
setate'. whicfr.h?'hat) never'fiuwti be
torej 8by app f reu t Him a pure cniio
of: JNatuVe lOth extreme- ot'iiatuie'a
lovehiiea". i5beHeeined itbi asohewhobl
reason had deserted, but as tt bibg who
had never mingled with the world; add
dwelt to the niulst of tts vtie and d
fortuity irt- pi-iwevaV beauty and bucoii
tatntnated innocehc and affectif, Hii
1sit were now- atiilioualy repc ' d and
... aixirsi I V amiriVwtlPll bv lllA 111! i l'linr
a-."p-. j p7 T ' J o
eomimniDp, to "whbni he found hunsflf,
Almost InVtdohtarilt. (leeplv attached
the inofe sn, perhaps, ffotn the romantic
circotnutnCes of the case,-nd secrtsy
Which ll was aUolatelf i Betessary tp
main tat I bf .the whole affair,so that fao
ear wapiivy to hi eisits, and no eye
.1 c .i ri ..:'.'. a i.a..i.
H4U HllPft.etl ineir iiicciimkb, "S"i
t owevor. the 'matter besatl' to 'effect
stngulijr change in the mind of tbe ladyv
which becanT more abd more compos'
I. .1 .. ti. -alii i.I.;.t,a U.nifulii.iva
ed; thou b still sbbjccCto Wamierig4l
and, iusUAcliOQtrf 'be ftAW.bAAsion,j
'h was &. tAin tnr-,.',ou
er m.n.f. J to be eri,lics'n tUt
ai irin, cvynrerictif,
raa Kt lmV to fV in
if t'-e
ho'iir', and. the rr2iaof !,t-r recoev
aa rtiud t U induce tlivm to aeek
for SAme wore Uient of ,art. i tN h
ker frfiaent ail rroltn"ej iiti to t':r
, .. r - e .
uirir maetin-j an ejetwa n.ibem.
tabich Jrenorted ' the cirtnwfance ,of
r tf to the sanemtrui tlt e-
Ublisit'ttenrr an iuimrdMJite in vis '
then jiut to W retain, and tl Udy
walk tuaQned Jo another nnrtiio i.f the
groanrls.'. Tbe eonaVioeneta auJa Inn and dannm Mi ki-s fmuj
btnioi: her regret and niefyened. the malaria of Fylw, eo nbtm-d'with
to rccal her dirde witD rtnl..u-le ei- r tliet and bui attend wire fr-im his
r', and t e eajrrljr demanded to be a"li tk do-nestici, nnited wjili hi i bnv
t&a pcriwtteij to tte huiV.., A emami-rken apirlf t hi in mi a rani,) nn-u B
iiuoo wan mane to ner parrots. nn"ttMi., tt wattndi-r th.'ie circomitiice"
tiiii.av.a444'aJiteaTttui!Unceii fliai Mr. U who now acco njuuu-u
hec Hittrvut,ery.rr relfw, aud the' bi n, h,d Vun ii vilU in the
spjMrent 4ur ai toni and ifier ieUliitrict -if VliiVt. anJ- had unie. mi I
anifwitsnee.M WasresidvedthtV - w - Invited .'to rebew K vistts.
aniline aa .w be permitted t take it whe bad 'i-o-uh' htm t H vilra. w
A4iircoure. Hartprdingyreir.lie wai 'eniVed to pr tre him a f
ed te the tiauaf rtmJrt"".' where; she sj to a Fren V vevef, fro n wh
tui?t Jina'wita'rhr mnl iinuaHuuned ea hf hnnel to Hi t A BituH s'lio to
........ ,1 ": .A. ...I .'j , .1 I L ".. . n a . . . . . "
oil,ike be permitted t take itk
gfTues, aa,-to,uiflyieproiihebi!bj n it Enlaitd womvh hi lat m nnrnta
absence, and weJcomrd , linn with ' find I mif b. WalcM by trietid! f eyes, and
ifK... "t .111. t
i rr. iieviiiw nawinta onit, ret wan in fit'ieni. - lit
Ttiutber r; ovary was rauidrv piosre-
'.n3 i.ieiijin wiw was so tar retiorH
ed tliat her pAienVs resolved; on, remnv
wig tier tu tter p 11- iwme and she ad'
cordiiiglj badnaliieai mjttte ai.vluw,'
,')u;n? here atme ttrcurasiances
wftcli l..iV',ciwnpafiitMi, .Nr tt.,re
4ted indisiinctlv. or- of which I 'regain
oui an .imDeiTeit rrcoiietlioiir and be
w !m couf d alua e 1ie7' Jnfurtn, d me of
tiieol was gmeo his long hoine before
i neara tnis ainoiar story, j It appear
ed,jtowivi' that, after some farther ui-
u rcourse, jie-twaA iiDiigiH to be absent
frtun lrelmd fur soma time, and during
thtf interyai, the tirore of her mt'nd
in lfi iei.i coiiecteiinetconiue(i unin.
tf 1 rujited ; bdr iter fortner memory aeetn
W to artay wan iiervtweiise,jatiil she
gratfually tttt bee iowr ..ung pro
trachi-iine edaucily' Ana. lief nrtt
ana coijsiMitfioii vemea; to tiraop.wttb
ekitattvtioti efteV their (iirmer untwialthy
ertitetutrlf. ttll.W 1f bgrh,; ahe A tdi
w r6ryeff' from a!; Rene ht riamu.k-.
her .facultleA- Were j)iffiyi r''livd;
ou.'. every trak.ef her former sttaaiion,
or the events which had orrnrrpit to Kr
tiurinfi her Ulnesa and rettidt oee tn Uu
ld.iu.iia4 vantHlied , lik'f 'a' dreairt frodi
heitVatfti'tAney,, ftrtr drd herVamily.'ever
venture to touch her feeUnn by a recur
i In tne mp"n time WMetorned, and
Ajrw'ly fle w X her embraced Alter o
liHig separaf inn , hep who ', had neteF
pasjiea from V utuughts AnqTemHn;
kande..1 lltT f4niily ,H'elt torNhim tbe
warrpt gratitude and, "afti'ctibiiV froui
the cbiiHciousneas thai Ire hid Wn the
main instrument- in tlie'Teifbratlo of
thejr attehitr,,, f this lb-
terview, they awaited with the'ni'oat pamf
1111 suapense. , sue had king ceased tc
titentioii,bi nahi be betrayany iymp
torn Qf rec bUeurig'itiMif 'lje to
hv parted from her nt-'murv with the
other iiR(wfa'nr1teWa nf her, siitis ,
tivn, and rht moment wat now to brve
4otuem wueuiL'r any ctrcutnMat.ce cobW
make the stream of nipmory 'roll baclt
in iiira ujsnntieu oerioii 01 tier luieiiert.
r coin the ahotk 'of thatinteVview Wr
never recover1 , be received him its
Ijer Family had anticipAted; ihe iaW
ai mere, uninteresteo,. stranspn she
met him with calib. cold rxiiitenena and
cpuht ill conceal her Astonishment At the
a2iUfioo,bd 'despair of 1ii mAtioeri
when be found too truly tKat he wastib
longer remembered wuh the lima afTec
tion he hud amiciDAted; He toulil not
VeptesV bl anxiety 0 rVmiiid her ' bf,
tiH'ir late attachment, but she only heard
Ms distant hthtS;wi(h if oniahinent and
Might'arp"ActlI found that
? only, step which remained for hull
wa tti endeavor to "make A second ftn
ni-casioit" tii,hfr renovalef . Meartf b.ufhe
failed, vl'here-.was ul ill some fliystert
jm 5-inffMebce whtich t.AitAched their
minds, bacihr alliaiit pii her part had,
tilty J jfhubgf d its, foj-mer tone,' nd
when 'she- did ..'permit', hep thou eh ts to
.deil'itpnji flittv "it waf tathljr with a.
yeCMon tiui eateemj and ber JKmuyar,
lei, fiMig1 encpuras'tna; his tdansHAV'.t
length persuaded him to forego hi wit,
wtiiiyWitii A heavy hiipeieHS heart be A.1
seiited tti.vand batle: heradieu fc A I
tl. . '"But the'die of his, fortune ,ws casU
he "jqou Id, ho Jdnger. walk heedlessly by
these' scenes where W had spent hours
of happinesV and he fel( thst WAnder
wiiere .'lie' might, 'that happiness fould
neyt r return. '4 r At length to. crown his
misery; the last ray of hbpe ws atot tly
afte:haHed by theniarriage id his miA-
JreA." Vy now .abandotii'd every
prospect At home. And, in order to shake
bff tjiat melanr hoi y which was gathering
I: L. .-. .1 I f ' L a .-a, a . al V
iiac fi' arounu .11 nean, went to tne
Continent, -but change of scene is but i
"era niteti t beforehand a.kOroiid'Dinrcaif of tli
chahge ol ilUo Phones who-must bear .ficientlyj if 4here were DeeuT of proof,
with theni the cause of tlieir eot fpM, And tthut there ar all tht; tonatituents vf
find withiui thatf aching void tU world 'romance in the Advebturfsdf ourfvAr
cap never lie;: hurried ia vain; leas, natigators. ". 'We havt Ab. ideed it
irom one scene or excitement to another;,
society had ao spell to soothe his meftt
ory and thange'ao charm to lutr it , :J I
8t'-n Blo'wty paas'dr!the! melancnoly day; -
ahu atiuine iranger win not wnere tottray.'r
-Tsbe H preentte wi; at g.pan
of eminence at too irisk h-U
t !. j 'el tl rtt,
(irecks, '. ' " 4 r,
ar.J hii,,.. r .,ei,-. . ,
co npini in i if J , .I.
; ',. Mr K l,lhip's ('-
I a-
he anil r ,.
'i(Utl! J
i in Ui ?c, bat lut c
Wfak fit (,. .,f c'
.t u -
'! V
in M15 t
I r . .
cric t a
IS.T ..
!, I. 1
ior, t.uen a i
- -J n
it n t
f Maranmi,. in t!,e Mor4. arl w,i
'wojiul'.J in tbn ac'i iu tf Kr-'urt .-fj i, h
thd tam nor f IBM. Ih- ,,. r..i
rnxni nent uf a aatino inm,,!. a ,. .
hi con5-.ern'nr In tht. f irtresi, irt-i
d to Ui aurrendT i ri .,1,i.n ..,
.hiine - ryaitetjjn in hia piwer. ,13v
eiutioa manir:nint nJ i-..iti. ,ir'.
hfc bad 'j-o-uh' htm to Hrdra. w'e;e
: A 1 . I . . m - .
pinrculf of tJii i.ihpitlle rewp
tioa ( ttaye Alreadf Teco.iitelj but we
At Ut sw hint filed under ho care nf
n old . French siificer at Smyrna, who
engaged ti ttif him, every, r.-quisite At
trnU ,m, till he siioild denart for Eurnn.
Ot; fr annthcrworldv".,. '! : j '
, " inejoiiowingiuy we call(Hb ice
V-u -.but Wv fotrad that hairian svm'
pAih.wmild. Ait n ce.tse; for him; the
step ufdeath was alreadr on t'te thres
hold. -i,Tlie AUeott y M S fam :
bnan had J)een to ace hi,u. but all pro
pectA of his suryiviti had iled.v Tne
ftig;ue bf his rem'ival from the vei;fL
hi exposure to, th( su itJ,.thA OiiAt
whilst landing, and htf.'annnyance at
the tnn; eemfdlto UiaVO hurrti'd down
the fetv, remaining - sand Mf his glass;'
And J h;.fe!, hiitwelf : that J! tiuio . wai
drawing to A wtth biwit ll wa
pcrfecil fcollected, ond. as . Ily at he
OJuMa'waA irtviitg 'hw IajU 'directions' to
b -frietid, i.whd.hijut a generously t
tended hiin he rtoke jnuchol hia
fa iiily. nd gay i,af,tWularines-ag3 tn
earn, pointing om p II the Various
tittle iritikeli. bQ Wished jto cnI them
A4 dying memorials of .huns-lfj a! ring
wnicn ne, ami wore Hwv hu finger, mi
.iioh borethe inscfintiui..' To eta.
Ittemory of my dear mother,' de desired
mignt- be barfed with., jhtrti. together
witii- 'jt . locket. , which " was; AUAnended
.from hi neck, and contained ock; nf
..... (...J-. I ..i:j .a
'"i"". uiq noi mention wnoae.
But words could tiot Daine tlie exnrea-
shn, of hi countenatice, bo .the sad
suliltmity of yoice,'hen forhhe last
time, nejeeujy grasped ht hnnd nrhis
aflectimtate, friend, thanked him for all
his form kindness. And bade him his
last.'miiial farewell: hp Bhortly. after
sauK inw an apparently patniess ictliar:
gy,' from, which M never Around him
kelf4 t twas erehi ijg .pefot t , ho1 died;
there wa not breath of wind, to waive
the ufanchei-of be peach tree ArJiAid
nis winnow, rarough which he un
btfAm were Atreamtneunhis cleathdjed
tinged with; the golden dies of sunset
it was id a remote corner in Smvnii
and. tij sound disturbetl the calm mleot
ptogress, 01 neain; tne sun went dowo
at, length behind the hills; the clear; palrh
vbtcAuif. the Muezitn Front his towet
cae from ' tho.diAhlWty.'Anti again
Alt ; was rAoe. We Approached the
bed f , W but UU -jbot. had bade
Adieu to niortalityr he had expired but
. a.a.-' l.-r . "' "at. -a J ' ... I
uiuiiicov uciure, wiuioui a sijjn. anu
withottt a tnggfe'.t-i.i tW
Tbe follitwing day 'tlie "remains of
poor, v -- were tnlerred n the En
glish boryiiig-ground. v ;Th few in
tellers At the moment In Smyrna, at
tendeif'Alid the JanmAries of ahe Con
sul preceded the wdin, which was born
bV four sailors. Coverod With n Kn itiah
ensign. On; g Htayjcbmer of the
cewentry, beside A etoiiD or tvofesses.
his" grave was dug by the attendant of
we uritmnnospitaliAtuI his last remains
rested by thbse eountrymet Who 4iaye
Fallen' victims to tha climate of the
Levant v.Mf Arundeiy the chaplalri to
thAfactwy,vread. the'r'SArtice bf, the
church over hii tomb; and perhaps friever
was pronounced tinder; more melancholy
circum?(aiices, bt!Deaththetalm, bright
sayr -vsia,1, on an eminence1 winch
looked down oil 'the btistlti bf the citf.
bur was far removed from its din and
clamor); and disturbed b no sound save
.theigh of his" friend, rthe hum of the
flittering; inafctA fluttering in the sqn
snioe, ana the, .hollow rsttla of the $U
on ..tne teceptAcle of the wanderer
.1..,,. If ,ui 1 --vN A.T -i.
.'1 'llM tllll.aU.IOir illaK.ft-Jaft 4.n.ia,a A .a.
. a i a. . . - . . - T W
ntiarnaaie instance ol bardy fciitrprise
crowned. With success, and briVe auf-
from a more extended . Count to the
laat noinb-rofthe Nbrtb, Atrterttua Rei
view, ju t rpceived. J. 'i
P ,,Capt; ttichard J Cleveland, of Mas
lacbuieues, sailed from UAnlpb, in Chi
"na. oa the t.lOih ofJanoiVy, 1799, for
tho iiorUwat Coast; ti a Uttla vessel
tl f.;: r t
w .1 ,
ta reib t c
knuwo t j Li
l Mtii... Ji i
1; v s nci--
1 )
t )
1 1 I
fll'l l,, I,
r .
p, Ci .
tiat it w'JCI
, .1 . v
IKK l 1 .1
an u'KO.i,
tut I
I. .ll C r .1 .
7 1
,. 1
fV:n ,..n
1 ( t , !
:. r d lii .
1 s .. a 1 1
.or a
tn at
aill'i'i.l. 1 ,
to Wuik , ti ciue a, j. ;
iti Uy ' : !ind au hik.
or, fi.ititi Vn, tu u
1 UUt tj r
ami loe ite ffatlway t tiiey h
rtouily iiJUH ,1. I ney ma te ?
fVaS 10 till i; , .
lu,''jrd 1.1 .Sui
il, al l... j . , :
L-atef exte:,.i ai-
,.i l-.e 1. . J.i
, tuey raa on a u,ik. n I-. -
vinjiut' ii , it vva , 1 ' vi . 1 r,
ten toe tuie t a I v
r witttoul nyury. r. n i i
l. Ml, SHU leiOU- WeaU'CI ,'JI r
ed Ail aucnorai.-uiii.t r the lee ,
laud f Ke uey, 0.1 the 1st ul
uy. " lleit tie crutv entered i,.,o u
CoioiMiusihitt to f iice the C'apuin to re
am t Canton, aud refjsej ti ,uf
aaohoi when ordered tu do so. 'i,,iv-
OaptJiQ offered 10 set them aL re,
WCii, loreeeini that thry would ,, :i.
oe glad mmoo lake a, vt) , iimu d i:i; '? -
lley. resd.ty agreed to bis p .oat,
ur anduig tDtimeives wnaout t . a--
lOtij,- ou ji unkiiown shore, tier ; , '
proActied tiitf tesset tiie next tnotninj;'.;
til f UinncsO boat.., wt.iiin hail, .
tney. were canitoued, on tlicif pt'i I, to '
uoine no nearer. 1 tie y aul, die Man-'. -
iey au
ilanit nail bent them on, atn
u'ot 1 eluiiirV Tbedcei ;
nun at tne boat, and threat
i -
iC, tf it advauced an fji tl,,.. .
alarmed tlie Ciutiu tnen who v, (
at V
ine oatn. tliai tucy uasteited. back., j
Capl.-Cleveland then went to the beacb,. i f
auu, caning ouu at a uum 1010 mh u,iata. . r
received a.auisiuu nioiuie ul tuucj be-TZ
iiavtor tro'tn 'alt' 'Out isK who were-. ac-vN f
cordiujjljr jeU.V beinud.' llio Cajiiairt 7,
delenuiued io prosetute'the voj'ar, , -
vca wtut tins uiaiitiinheil crew. - ' ,
Alter leu days' more labor, ! hoy had. , , "
the tAUbfatliou ot seeing the iNouii vud J- '
ol Fuuioaa. bearing south tiuni nn m, - . -
anU'df thus, Aclueiing' what tiu-y iiadl ;k
LK-en : assured a was iuiiosaibit:. 1 bey ; -
now Auetcned' Across tn great Pacific '''Y F; :
and Ui rouh sess and tuceant utorms x; '?
iliey expei leiueu Amply proved the un- -
proitriety ot the uauie oy .wbictt uut o-'- .
cean is called. ' Tbe exposure and uri-f ; a 'f
vations which tha, ie.wt&red wero.tVv
so greiiVuiAl they rsoived to Ueacrt oa,,!.' tl.
the hist piwrtuiiity. ; Ja the 50th ofC
&farco,lhby anchored lUjNor folk Sound, , '' '
nod oegAR io. trAdoiwiilr the ;JVatives." -i'l
I he Captain was Obliged ' to use the . , ;
gteateat s etautu,us, tioih , -tgi prevent a."
surprise from tne savages, and the tie-v
sertion ot tite ere w ';?','''.
Tuey traded b successfully with1 tlio;
Indians, asv lo convince ' be - La'laiaV
that his vessel Wal the first on the coust
tiat AAAsob.1 Abourtha Ctu'uf May; ?,
tney cast anchor n ChAtham's ttraU3,--
Only two canoes came to them dayi r ".'
out on wie morrow tney jfgan to muswvy
(er. udi by 10 oVlock, there had am- .;
fed tweiny-toui. canoes, many t f t' em 'h
ae long, aim some longer inao the v s-'.
sel, coutainiDJi about four hundred -per.
sons, Armed with f laukeis and speartf
Asmey uauQWt lew akiiim, it was obvi-
otnr nhaflrado was tibt - their," ol;ject.v;:'
Lailtatn . ('JaWMlall.l tutn r,ru, ..,..l:7 " -.'
Jrom Bailing By-AtljiMe.evry; pos; v,, v.
iwioacniugemeax ag.ut;stj.ner lQtenu tfiSSi
ed Attack. . No ' more tliaft! two 'eannr ,L- :
wcratler!d. to Approach kt' a time.
The whole day Was passed at the'guns. vK
with lighted tnatchts, waictiin the aio'0'ihy
tiobs4t'thacAhoes, And vailing to ihent ;'-i;;V'
not, to; Approach, t At av'ht tho 'sava- !
ges went ashmvA, lighted Xheir fires, ttnd ' i
reoatned; Qidttvf l ie ' next a,1nii..r..,w'.VV-;
Captain Cleveland took ad vantage 'ot
iNorttierly Dreete to leave tlifm, oot-
witliatAbtiinit" their eartiefat entreatleA J.
tiiAt h woulovitAioV And their prom- "
w "iis giwu many ski ns. iio.
had obly proceeded ; Abort, distance; !;
wnen hti. met two waf canoes, each con-r
taintug twenty .six mem well armed, s
who wevihastentng tohare (ha et.pec-1,'
ted glory And sjiotl, 4 for whose ArrivAl
tne-aticA )iaa ifui,ably beerf floiayed.',
When thet WerA about to leave thif,;
coast, the vessel struck on A sunken rock.T
and many; hours Wer passed' U thel
must anxious suspense, dm inz which'
their rich" cargo, Ao hardly earned, and .
their1 own liberty arid life, were at tha"
incrcy f A thousand Accideuts. ' . AtV
lengui aur noatea again, ana tne uamage' "
pr.tved to bo Infting'. Un the $7ta f j i ;
June they left the coast; and arrived in V
safety At ;WAmpoA on tha 13th i.f bep- '"-i!
teniber, where they realised about sixty . ";
thousand dollars, lor Aft investment or';,'
nine" thousand doliArs, in a voyage iori&"
bout eight idmhUia'v ' v' ' -V?','.tf-'
r -' Jourttttf tfCommer&'- p.
; r f ,-.,;
V'v'.ir'rom tU QuebAc'Gaartlfc-'i'i
. Attempt fan EafitU JturaJtf-k veryX '
a.?. ..1. aw....a . a. a; .1 .fc.Ti. . .
I! .1. ' 1. A a J I , - ' - - a, . . . . .
lore, last, in tbe Pariah ot St; Ambrotse, about
nine oules from tnis city.". Two bos,'t nr
one Seven and the other five years oUl,'
anuised -themselves in an adjoining -nekt,'
trying to reap white their parents were at
dinner A large eagle soon came saibnir o
bmt nU at X&JZt
tor; tbenu . and with a swoop attempted to J
: -'f:'
; 4;.
' s ' ;
, ' If t
. t

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