North Carolina Newspapers

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L. A.i Mil authenticated
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A 'ttAvn mure, and I'tuuA k et Ikiih "-f4 Hy
. . ' ft:J,';jiii mnj want mora tUn wir u
- whu I hve already gruttted yuu. YuU
- jnay cet la vo( tmrn N-.Yut you will
i' Mii.i tour ii-oaa 'MuryUwid-'yort Vr;li ; aw gc
-Ii larttiio iitl wrt irec more' tHsn fbiir
, V ! from Uea'ufky- oh will iut gel Loiiumiia- -
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"j,.. wp6a 10 give up unw. nf wnerc .mrv
J.-.-' Ueu you'-cQuVl no elM your buvu, row
7vu have the true tai uf lhc'Cativastand
. (erriv( Auania uii o" iunii
lcctuhtl ote Turn mid twiot it ailv way
"i"' w pleUae, toMhia cumnletiohit tnuttcotne
t at laat " ,T)ie tote inth electoral college
oa tirtirly aa pibjc, JackaoA J7i,
VJ: ami juUtfiuft iroin preacnt.ap:
--i" feara.tcev'we duaU wbihcrvUr.1-. Adiuua
j.- Vill iiot loje $ nwny votea l New.- England
' , aa be will iram out ot it. Ho camtot, ,111 any
. 'f,'iiVaJf -wr y fcHy ehangV'obtaih tOU elctrl
"; .Me 0t lot KIviuV.-,t;-'r'4f;.'r'
,iC fmef1l- lieilntof the U S7 the
vadium a tuttcrlt datruB, audVitliout
' the bbaduw &f.foumIalkii.' MV Cai"
. '' ". a v I . . ' . ' ' -?
, 'the iettefHyhicb 4e JayJjefijre. atar'fem
; ,' ilers; to?; UetiJ anjF aeny whkh, he i
reprfeted to; have bad iiVvh aine
.i .'. v f hv.trotb of hw atatenvent. Indeed
' ; er-ear. Ima .name bruudtt .iiuto
' Vinvttl ifin. v All lhrt we tinderfitaiHt ua.
K thariJlriWcbtitep
had ahuwed
corweteu ' d
AtitinV j)eh'iT4n-rktojf iMt
bciat ceuVe -which W v a titiBpoaetl t
purMe toward the it I ederal .-rartys
We bail tUi 'tatetnent pba Wch au
Ihciritf ttwt U tvui.impowtble far,ui to
? dibeue,Te itHo wey r, thing $ow;
'-f we hayej put' th matter iuto
. ' . traittot, iiltetlauou-anu iWwv aliaM
H-t submit 1o our reatlei a the result-, efoilr
, ' fesesreheft t as" mu i a possible.'
. th-re he. no f -untUtion for ihe asoej tion.
tt - due Mesar Adama and JiVeb-
; - ,Btter that thtf error ahuuld be cai rettedi
V -If heie be, an? truth in . the: atate
'4 "miiri it; U'd'ue i to 'the' eountrjr tor have it
aUttnderf-tcAii?nf.' j-j.VM5'
. -si From the Boston OailyMyertien
i,To th ruBub. u :'..,
. a nae aeea in toe 4 w 4 yr wcwng
Posi of 9th int,s a" iwraictapli ; e.
ti aci e4 from the. Pbtladelpliia, palladium
at '.l- . II ..'A.j. -.-
01 tne Qin, espreaa urma. the winter wi i-i-j.vpeBainj
the Presidential etectioo. I bad eonver
tation vith MkVebsier ud Mr: Ad
v'T'JNMfcKoo '. -the ', contuJeration which the
federal part:, would fcav m the diatrt
,i 1 button of the covernmeiit officta. iii
i s Mr. Adama should, he made Presiileat
i that a letter, waa written, by ma to
. - Mr, Wehater; on the subject, as tin-
f. w-a reauit i j:onverauop mna fira;
i ams. and on hia authoritr. iv-
-"v f Ererf particle' of these ailegatipni ia
a gi-rtss lauiicaiion. -uiteriy oesiuuie, oi
the Shadow ,iof ;trttth I. never Jiad i
' iitle..of any auch cpnverisation .with
r either Mr, A.'or JVlri W not; did any
''iti letter ever pam from or through . me,
. Aatin; the most remote resemblance
. '''tkeoiinee?;.Hi,i-'--W
it ia atated, that tne names or two
. . . .
J;enilemen, . members of Congresa, are
eft with ua the Pailadiem as war-
ran lr boe tatement. i lt ia
; ' j not poaaible that this assertion la true.
; 'It cannot be that a single member should
iC-i- t'Mnd, ao profligate and base, aa to
ffv4?gV hia name a jrencker; for nch uo
: V ', .blHni falsehoods.. From the date of
,'tlie publication,
three days ixiere tne !..
- V. t,.Kf V dV L.e 6C
e suImki s i the j uU'ii' f.-'j; , par
hi.;, tu
liit .u(j. Tlie MU.W.11' are
; i-iw h.f !.Ti,tMj atnl r
Th " r-'pablkin enVnloii
('.rjU'' !ir iliairWi hcl'l ailinioli
1t tfl the l'Kh in- Full d-Wxuinifc
K!n tn'l Qieen) alientl-J." With
IcJtMM' WfiTiicmtJjr 4t li w.'Jtckwi'r.
nil lw nitoM, (M4r. 8c(iUrk
i"Ot;i ri'15 ftomirwftu. eleC
rttm nt tjlieaiim-J. '-. '-f, '"'.
The republican tonventHMi m thf
nrnl ; etiafe i!is!ricl 'vW-b? l
llit'rirt i cnnpSfl of ttrf counii,bf
VVsichHer. rotnin.. Sufliai vtid
UmKUftiir' P?rr"'trMfg4? vti-C iiv
fat scppt ue.fp,n"'.tK tantj of 0i
iny,'(il rverr-tejiprfsen eicVf.V
one t "Oenrral 7!ck'm.
M-lertiort w4 lh'Wcer' the cuuntiee '?
rVVestcUkMerend I'at'iam, Hch f urh
ix-Mrntett one cahillJt. Wih ea!i
tin vic-'Uenrmen axi irteniw? tmi.
. Potiuta wit decfaretl low T''hU-U
in U, anJ Mr TmlJ was ujnatpd."
Wn(irfilf in cooforrai'T with the n
on rtheltstrtct ire llie r Mr r. U not prwbnble a toirmer iioinin
itmn will lie mai'f,
t ihe.tepttldicarv CurtYehtioft of ile
irooi ins counitifir composing
.ie third lenite difitricr,.'a toll deleg '
idrt' beihs nrcarnti the irtwlaium in'
Urcar of Gen. Jickson "which appear
in the firoceedihJ;5 tof llieftneiilionr
pnbl mhi'd "4d day; wan adopted tvitb but
one diatinj- ride. ;i v?' '
At tlve.ute'republiCBi coQntf enni
vnuonHn' iWchess fr the -iioniiDaiioH
of df jegute to the 1 district, convcntionV
all tlie iuwn except two were reprewp'n
iwf.ABil 4. r.-4Jf dek'satea attendpu.
Allflt'cot three were ia favour if. Gen.
At Ihe Sallieutt ipountf republlcari
eonventimr l'or tjie same prpiHe,? Si
delegate VatWiled of which 28 were
twr. JacKson nu 4 for. Adatna.;
rrVVc Sre Informed fi-om a respectable
statrce,' says th ttakapaej.(lyiiuisiitf!a
neyvl lie. where about one handretl and
fifty meh' were present on a ydre being
taken for Trrsidcn'', ihe compaiiy.
e ice pt three, were, found' to he in layor
of Giii Jsckaotu ''I" ne Parishes of
Aroyelle and . Catahoula, the' rieople
are Xinanimous fwr Ja k-iotv.
The followiriir i extracted from an address
to the public, on" the, presidential question.
recently pdi'ptedat a meeting of- the f Wends
of Gen. JackHOii. "m thc'couniy fjofliisen
Va,U ynio fcU 'diacloaed.are ehtide) to
inainre'coiiHiderationV-and V (as we 'doolit
not) tney can ue austumeo, are ueaemnir t
mote aenoos treatment than a paasinp news
paper coioteut- t'm. Advociitc. - '
v' VVheo .we' stated 4hai ,Mu Adams
he'd dected.; money to be Jmid out of
tlie publrc 'Jrea-.ury wkliou l 'the author
Ity i, ww, wo nau no auuaioit- to tne
. ' . I 1 ' ".! . 1-11 I . -
trming item oi tue punaiu tauj, jmt n
a ;inuVh, krgivr nm. lfX hi9'thage we
know U e t'ry, serious Quezon inpuich
o6e fijfeiKti and thereiore, ourM not
to b"-li3itly 6r tncauliiiusly made. It J
certainlt would n0t have .been made,
unless! jeer. haVl beeti i;y tdence to aab
Mtantiat j'f eidence uicti Mr AdamaJ
cannot object to, Jbecaose jt has-been
(uuiahcd, by rlttinseir r through v hi
directiotiS (i-wnthe Department of States
t 'Among lim public dieument sent to
pongresa durin r the 'J last , session Jn
consequence ot csit4 Ji-ont one or the
Oter houset jWas- ohe No- 73 oh
Fi"eiri ..Iwsione'.'V B'jpue doeu-
OK-fit ufppearstnat. Air.' Adams Dad
directed tohe jiaid to John A, Kin 5, son
of MfjRufus Kinr, ' laie.JVinister;to
London," tho sum of four thousand Jive
$un$rtl dollaT$, by way of ,n ' outfit"
tohaid JohitiAr'aIiNS who wig left
by' his father as Charge tie's Affaire ajl
a40Bd,B43 i,tso; it appAifsv was paid
for.hja, ef vie, .jisty days, as Charge
des ASaires, the,, farther sum - of 75
dollars and 13 cents, making togetner,
5253 idollars and iceisi iN'ow-we
say," end will proceed, 'to prove one-
(uiycally, that.' both these allowances
HHH paymenu ma'ie, by Mr. Adams,
were directly contrary 40 law; and firat.
as' ti the.oqifit-iWhat Says the law on
tli at suhifct? . It shall speak for itself
,fThe PfeVutfottif the United Statea
sbait not allor to any Minister Pleni-
potentiary a greater auni . than at.the
rate oj nine jhonnand dollars per annum
a a tempensation lor, all his personal
services fti f expenses; uor to . any
; (OhargeJIIes Affaires a great r V, su tha n
at the rate id fuur thousand five hundred
dollars per' annum fur, all hfc perianal
services and exfcnses," &. ;. Provid
ed, iUhall he lawful .fr the President
UJt4tet to, el
P'cmotentiary, or CI
1 13 w! to a Minister
harge des ASaires
on 'fpiijig frmmhfP. Slat to any for-
rign lOuntru, mark sb out
fit which shall .: to- hr- ease eiceed one
yearV salary of such Minister or Charge
oea AUitires.-;.
'iff. .
Idea AffiiiT9.vj. members fjieXegislainie aa Iherjspositioo of the rpnsttttititn, IjnViTwion w the Divans and M continued to J seem toJjji ucareidj endurable-)', - ?
f-trM .f tli rrare I'.e i rri.if r.f t
herrby s lri7ed it mIe',8i ;i
-in!iiiB', w!.hH a'ta'l lr nS lr I t
d ? it be tie tt e4'xi iWrfr.
fur thnr ca and crnt k; J
tXre Jit jJnrf t, mr Secrkta'rirt Ktrf
jynrtitJ at nf minitP htx ait of Majr,
llTj tWn, ti; app-ars'that f)t"e law
h be ioiafed ia la paricu'r: Oir
nne in ywin t Mr,.J.ihB A.. Kinjt'an
nv'iehfA ki ac4 i'UinhiK ,aod
CotiMrqurtiilr did H t Cr)
hmi ihe fj. 8u t SnyejVre'jn ciu.
rt the other, tvwa'iae he w-a A ap
f'inted Vyine VteMjnt. fither'with or
1 without ihe aiNtce -f iheVnate: 3
l.omment ilion a transaction like this
can Do- bf ucciai yj tummnn a -n will
iiil.n'ni efry bdy 1 whf tlie-allowance
of an iiOifit m i Vfi.iedby t'i'law.toal
Wvarjt drs AW'jirea 'going fiom the
U. Sta'eatit any T-ret;n, coUMry.' It
ia itouwe to enauie oun w mevt.iue
eitrjat'dinarj charges aaint hm, jail
dairies Inns ami esoeusive luuruet
ih1 niider all lite ciri-.aunc; oi
tin vet1t , wotth nit be.tery anchirj
i-ab'e to uppo.e, that Mr,1!ufua K.ii'x
tt-fl England, whea he did, and wlien u
wa knwnthai Mr," Bullatin woald
ah'uUy take his pi ace", fH- the aide pur
jkm? of pla'cing hi ann in cha'ge of the
emiwMyj and i thci-uy jrmnst - mm
cielor turre kuia;ni bavi btrn aome
arfan'gnztni or invltr!aidin& between
all-the,fa'ia bet j-etwodj ol getting .
ftt! otifii with the salary auatilo dj' the
titAtiiMit re pJerinz 1th oiIht apt ice titau
merely eepihs; charjjo f me papers oi
the e'mbasvy antil Mrl tia'da'in'a arrival.
For this ei vke, trivial as it 'wa', Mr
AdHma lundeitoiik to par.-, without the
authority "ol' law." and- dii-ecllv iu the
leeih' of the law,' to John A. KW, the
enormoua mum we speak now naculii
yators of , the Roil, rtot r as1 pampered
Eublic njentsj f five 'thounand
nudredand, nity-eighldoHa'rs!w-'
H "From the New Vork "Enquirer. .
Tlie followipg declaration has twice
anoeHVed -undrr-the-HiOthorii y of the
Editors r the 'National ? In'rellij'eitcer
-i'A iotfe sectimeht whicb OeneraJ
Sounders denies haying espiesmtd to
Mr, Kent; we here rejnjat that, .if joe
hai) tint nteftaiWd ity he would have
been abou t the on y fiiend to the eiefion
of Mr. Crawford who did nor about that
time." Vnh all "due-mpect, we pto
nounce' it who'lyuii1rue, tbat Mr,. Ad-;
amn ever was the second choice of the
frif itds nf Mr. Crawtirtl. Wk. knio,
that the fcnrieen membm of Congress,
from- thta -state, were ')ftinirtMfy'dy-.
ermint'tf, if the friends M" Mr. 0. ts'ver
dmded on voting for another, to give
their votes -fo lien. JaeKson." TiifrV
wa a time when 'we were disposed
ro,ly6n the statenienis of thee tilitori.:
u.iiheiV is stunetftiiig- irt. the Adams
r.t)Ue whii-h absolutely, change) our
hvn-als as1' well "as pi-infi'des.' Riptib
li'eauVnevp'r were, ihdicver will be, for
Mr., Adams. : ' -''
Sptalw'of. iht ThefAdmiu
is'ratiMU' P,Mty, are well drilled by
iS'-iine of the first FuU men in the coV
rrSr, 'that all thoitnien Vill be upim Ke
grotitid on tliii Is lomlay' ii ; Dp
or ioimer, prt-pared1 to re-elect Mr.
Taylor to'th Chair of the I louse Not
a nieinbi'i-; hot an exertion, will be
wanting to secure this iniert-sting ap
nointtni'ttt. Hut it ill be thov fault tl'
the Opposition,' V v Admiriitration
and their Speaker 'sUould succeed , in
thVir ;"obj -ct, V e have .the; sf reng'h
M.tusanpmnt win. 11 w are aeiermin
ed to exert it. We sincerely trust.
tUeieioie," that every member Will be
at his post. . , Ueinembpr.thVt it was tlie
absence ef one 'Southern mttnber from
his seat which e nsurAt 'the former elef-
tioti of Vlr. Taylor: . It is; moreover,
to be hopfed, that, by di jwiper concert
and co-flperation, the whtile force of.fhe
Opposition 1 will be, directed tothe dc'
;cai 01 i aviot .!-4tvi. &xiq .
Etvct 'onJlier Jjpm BaUimre.; ','
. wTou hare no doubt foritieU prop
er estimate 6f ,tjie dependence Whicnisl
tw be placet! on -he -Adama,editors if
our .tily. ' Hitherto we have trea ed
with tntlilffence ihefr frpeated dedaA
rations mat mis otaie. was in.isvorpi
the cbahtion,. Rely, hpon it and p'o
paye my warrant if yo'u fleas' to make
aoy bets, M that Jackson wilt have his
old ele 'oral votes , in Marvland
That 1 ma r' ho be, considered as
king a hasty deplaraltiohtake the fol"
lowmz statement irom me Aiiains press..
ea" theih'sfchei and you; will prrceive
how the Vletorialoletaud v'
Dnltimore Cwinty i 1 '. i.' v," s;
ttalliraoi-e.cilv and" Ann Arundel Co.
Frederick, Vl'iliigtoa and Allegany-' t do,;
tleaH anil Hrfnr.f 'v..j. . :g l-i ;;V
1 aioot ana uuwinw .', : ; s- . A . k I
Prolwble ?;--'?. $ '.V V y :? votes'
turen Aoa'a and Kent v,.j ; 1.
i. WhiH "they lay that jtliere is an Ad
aws majority in the !iegislalore.of 16
you must unuewanu tnein -can,' even
if true, have no e fleet upon the rirtslden
Uial election because the.yjwp'e.chobse
uie eii'cront anu- 101s majority may a
ritte font tht unewed apportionment of
rrptmntation-A s, f or exam pi e, an A dams
county of 10.000 inhalwtantft Senis as
maii are ww, Jr" .' u Jlt
1 likon Wn Ufore a'tW
a-wimalw" frwm t' cifiin of. Grn
omi, OUaus. Itrhr. Uia-)aif
sad lrs;" are 4l nn t M tr k.
'IVNiYwl Advocate eod tne A
aaoticaa (Adaws tu) ritt the Pio-
riwof ww-fftss ef Adama jooj
ox"t'il JamnanfjUalV on .Saturday
Kejn. which ine rf 'we 'at
.00(I the ether t liOO.- 1Te Mcming
Conner (J4cko) eior-vra lhe,ici-
ns t I3i)0,f whit b, ilie grratrpa-i,
iraaraeoBHiated of Jackiuna who
atteuded tVom.cariijy We, aUould
doubt' (II tbewe caicUunv' "''" V .
r v - . , -y K-4'. X J!kk.Eq:
v u ' . ':
l- Vt Jtrsftf,-X have ajcef'aoed,
. . 1
says-.uie ireoton, tnie .Amincao m
8i'urlay list, that there art a sasjoritf
in fjvor of-the AdintniitratioB in built
hojeaof the Irgislature '-Tliert M
be a majority, if we are not greatly-mw-Uken,
iif IT at Iratt in Joiiit Meeting.
. Our election io thia- evunty, hss tt r-
mtnsed is the svleetlnn of the Caoea
Ticket, by an avrrage pjriJ of from
1 to 000 votes, over ihe -Anti Caucos
wilh tfe escrption of the Sheriff. '. Pf -
ter Fonnan. Esq. of this city has been
elee'ed ,Sheriff by "87 votes-fiver Mr.
RockaWJar- : s '
,J ,-.- Ttt nton Jatkton Emp.
I he. lindfretown hiz, (IN.j.)an
Adimr print, after observing that the
administration ticket had, prevailed in
Cumberland county, candidly savs there
ws "hme disaffection among the friends
ol Jackson, tn consequence l the. ticket
not haVinehfen regnla'rTy got op and a
local circumstance (which cannot occur
neitryear; wnicn nperaieu against tue
Jackson ticket.
. ' .'
from the Augusta Courier, an Administration
-We publish today an interesting
letter from General Jackson, declihins
to dine with a party.celebraling Perry's
Victory - 17'e idta of a man, at his
stage of .life having to1 " re pose ; for
character a?trt a good name more on the
past than the future." and, "looking
rather to what has bean, than what ma v
be," is affecting and beautiful. But no
man in una country can rest on nis
j -1 . . 1
oust acts with a prouder confidence of
future fame, thnn,vcan the Hero of New
Orleans; and whether of not he shall
njov any farure onnortuntty of increa
sing his 'renutation, enough already ex
ists to emblazon' the "bage of history
win nis name. 1 no "youngv Soulier,
with eager'" ambition, may spring for
ward to the goal or his hop and
natch fresh ladrels in other fields; but
thp old Generaf, adorned with the
warrior's wreatb, -rests proudly on his
oreaent (hnliies. I'he laurels which
iL- .Lri.l' L- L!
inr jnutmui H?Ml Kliv 8l-rm in ins CIlllH-
try's service, that country will award
as Ins tieeils my merit: but those
which the old patriot hat already Won
she will cherish while lie fives, and wi
irmi tiiPir sacreu roots - wiin n- r
rears, bid them bloom forever oyer hi
tomb! . -v ,- ''
- Mantpettitr, jDcl. 0, I8"ir,
Sirs I have iust seen in anoihci
Gsette the followin par.irranh,. notei
as ao eitract irom . tne i,ypcnour
virgtnra vws ., - . v-
" We 8tn, aa a fact within enr on know-
leilpe, that, very recemly, the sage and patriot i
Montpellier expressed Via ,deep regret at. the
eourte now pursuing hy some ot Uie most eminent
politician, o V irgfini t hat he veprabateil it.
ijjtppmg thefonn(laticni of her! power and in-
Bueneetn the aoiifederacy, whilst, by eourse of
moderation and prodenee.-'sho miRiit have Won
over mHiorit of her ier45tato to etnbraea
nerBi-meiplea l hut he tlefonded the right of the
rvaiioRai Vjovernmenl, onOcr Ihe J usMt'.tion, t
imnfm a XnrOI' nt ifnt
I - ------ v.. "'"' - .". " '
fc rents to other ohjeett than reenue-4ie Srerretl
lliat tilth had beea Ihe eoUine punued byeVerjr
adnunisti-HiinD in .the ei junti-V.' . hi own at Mi.
Jentiton's Sneludedj thiit lo ul all the tatenr
resoorees of the V-itmrrV inta atin'n; nd to vire
them ieh pi-otetlkm as. eircwmstiinces might
s(fst, wiu one of 'the prinoipal rwsoiis forthe
abolidimeHt of the anidtalertioft system,- whiih
was lounq. inwiennaie tor mat porpose, and the
aooption -of tlie Federal ConWrtuUniv and tlirt
tte resolution passed by the h".st V-gtJiiUwe in
relntionto thia sqbjtet, was estremtlly unwise
and iionolitie. Here! then, is man evevlswmrtv
inoteU by Hiemsrtexts ofe Cohstitiition inithis
lutte. whoassisted to frame this instrument, ami.
wne was one or aa earno and ablint ootcm.
porsneiuis expounriers, and who, Jn the exercise
of hi Cxtjenuv duties, at a later day. m ealled
n to eonstrse its provisinns, who SB) s, thnt hfl Is.
i-mmetitiiuiF viihi quinen- ana irnit yiiuam 11.
.incn, limiting hi ne mungrr, II wi nurrj Id)? tile,
. "I. jL . J ! 1 . . . - . . . i ...
wjiwreu irgnnB u mm ann' yv e
gam-rppcrat that what we haxe hee sttrted as ol'
our own knowledge, and cannot he cuntrsdioted.
.'Without hemg aware. f the jsround
on. which i the statement is alledseo. to
he within the p9rspnaf kphwlcdge of the
rators, i iniiiK ifcv)ntier 10 pDserre
that, as often' happens irt the report of
convcrsauonsj ; yieremusri Jjaye Of en
tmuie -. Jr-'i rc M iiiisauwiciicuonJIi, j Ol
mister otieclioh. i'4'-
X js true that I have Pot approve the
proceeding of the Ueneraf
.1 Asaerobly
pf , the State, which, wdtth-,li!nrt the
r tower ( f Congress over trade, to regu
atior.s .aving revenue 'alone foi their
object that 1 ..nave, "in ccisional con?
versations. befn led to obsfene 'that a
contrary doctrine had been entertained
and acted on. from the commeiicetaent
o(he 'Cnitution W the Ui StateSs
by lhe",seyerait branches oi eA.ry tad
minuttration under it: and thattreirfet
ted the course pursued by -the general
ssembly, as tending to impair the con-;
fidenre .and oidiality of oiher farts of
the UnioB, agreeing vyiih ( Viri nia a
jrr4 Vt it enVrJ cnV-4 vrrrcoiOT
mrrw, a pnery ( .anaa uLjri
in (jonn.r Jr tK'ttiiii..0' lan-4ae
of d lU.'runl inareaiate. t lr-
at" b"!s urrjitjl!e rf, a cocwrjrii-t
ewVjcitif iiiih fi-iue jwere r h
entire reoetc wf the c'yjr:?',"tl.
J ,r?t jiffOin ti.M t?w et;irrijrina
hlh frfvr, by ant to the limior
of the" Slate," wery not HMaaJ ta b
ScruVd to
vei bytnj very awre that 1
rvuhl'nr? Jave Im far foncvttrn what
I nvred to JDcU. ef.the respect dat to
him. .C ..V .
" Ills with neh rrlectancf. Sirs, that
a - a a v .
I ftaye Mil recyorae to meae t-ijuanaiurj
remarks withnrawn aa I am irou acejir
of political igiiatitMiby any age". lod
purauiU more conj-nial ,wiib II. It Is
the sioih tnstanc f communkstiao
from me to the prea, o- say auUjecJ
connrctru -wuti , tue eaiutj . aiaiek oi
parlies.- - its repecu "v ..
Ta the Edu.ors af tba lraehhorf Viopi
TUitorRA? rEVt
, i
. . Prom the Ijoadnn Caarier, of Sept 4," i -
.The (.orda ('ontmisaionera at . ttie Trea.
s'iryheld a tlusrd to day. St the Treae-irv
Chambers, at whiea pord.VvIertch, as First
l-ord. presiited Mr. Hemes look Ms aeat
a the Htard. as ChMicctlor of the Exchequer)
and Mr frankhnd Uewra waa irti rndiiced to
the Board, an 4 ' appointed 'on of the Joint
secretary, inttie room or sir. Metrics-; - ,
h is not yet decided, who will aucreed Mr
C. Grant, aa Vice rrcsident of the Board of
.1 he following fr tha new' numsleriat
wranrme.nta; t - ; v '
Hrat Lonl of the Treasury, Tord Qottenrh;
Chancellor of the Ktchequer. 1r. Herriea.
. Recretary, -.f iOate or Poreim . AfTaira.
Lord Dudley fcAVard;'4 " - ' ' ' .
Seeretaryrof 9tat for the War and CoUk
aial 'Dfpai-tmeBV Mr, Huakiawn.
Secretary 4r fliate for the Home reparw
ment. M'qius oTljiosdowne. - - i -
faater -Urneral of the Orddsnce. llaruuta
l-ortj Chancellor, Lord Lrndhurat. VT
President of the Cooncif, Uoke of Portland,
Ird PriVf Seal, Eavl ol Oarl'sh. '
President of the ftuard of .Trade, and Trea
surer of the Nivv. Me.. P' Grant - -
Preaidenf of the Board of Control. Mr.
Secret:u-y at War, Loid PalmeraToo
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Master of the Mint, Mr. Tierneyv f
Surveyor of the Woods and Forests, Mr. S.
oourne .. . - . : .'-' ,s'. '
Seeretanea to tlie Treasury. rll. rlanta
anil Ml. F'mirtiinatf r i i i". '
.tnnior loi-ds of the Treasury Earl Mortri
Charles, Lord FT L. Gower, Lord IJliot,' Mr,
M. Fitarefald, Mr! Macnaoehten,
Admiralty Council Hoard Sir O Cockhurn.
Mr. Demaon, Sir Keith DoOir.
las i ' ' ' - .v. '.-'-. .t - ''
The Duke of ClaTence and Duke of Wei.
Jirtgton, '.he (brmt aa Lorimgh ''Admirs!
of the Tleet, and the latter as Commaritkr !n-
Chief of all His Majeaty?S ' Foi-ces,: b'p'niff
eompicreiy imiepehrtent ot ine Uajjinet, we,
ot aoursf-i nave not classed tliem . with the
lr.! Jluskisson havlnjr accepted the office
of . Secretary "of State of tlwi ..Colonil J)e
partmeptj he, as a matter of eon.rsev'vacatea
his seuf in tha House of Commons, ak Menv
orr tor Liverpool '- . r--V'.
.r si' a in. ;r t
A rourier estfttordinarv who arrivNed tit
Bsvonne on "the eveninsr of the 29th Autrtis'.
iahMiitistry"';rV -'";' f"'p'r,
i ne apconnta: irom; pain, -in tne j-rencn.
journals,' cOnttfltie to, assume evety day
morexnireatemriB' tiapert. , inf whole ot
f'ulatonia Is i opert. lnstirrectiont and 'the
rhrls, nn1er; a self sty led. Captairt-Geiierat
enter almst every ;ton.:-and carry "off the
arm' of 'those1- wfi: refuse to join or'W'aid
tnem - i ne . tiovemnvnt has at length,
aemoiea troops t9ontenrt against yje dit
fi.rulties nd dantrer which every hour as,
amtied a mot serioua character; ""Meanwhile.
tlie Colombian privatoeralnsult aHthe coastiT
ot spam, oiocaaq almost every: port, ana
Seiae upon almost every ship which attempts
M make its eacpey '"'' ' &T-i'"S-
The list Lisbon dates arw to the )8th Ao
ruf, Tlie aflFaira of Pbrtuffal remain nffiich in
the same toiaettleHfatote'r A messeneer from
JR;o is reported to Tie on hia way to Vienna
oeanne a Ot-spatch from the Emperor Don
PediVi to his brother Don, MiguelhppCjintliig
unuTicifriH, in; rontiai. ; not, precisely
known whether this aopointment has taken
place tu tonsequenee.of the ttmD'rroT8 ah-
prrhehs'uW that Jiis 'sisUt!, whose danyeroiu
iflneas had bee n comnjttn'icated to him, would
riqtrncoverin which case he would, merely
ua, wegent under he Chatter W ,M name
of Donna Maria or whether he is wppoiated
Ldeuienani ot tne' realm t, rortugai, aa jtn
representaii ve of liis brother,'
BnisavTs papers eWe letters from t. Pelers
burgBi rcspectine our last intcll'rence. that
great patWltjr is obsct'ved in ihe dtfpait;menis
Mt ine w i maters ot Avar and Foreign Atlatrs.
A SW declaration la .a-iokea of. to. he nd.
dressed by the Russian the other
a-reat Poweia of Europe, relative to -tha
negotiationa act od foot a Constantinople for
adjusting tha hfTaire of Creece, , Jt appears
to. be beyond all doubt, that.thc Emperor
Nicholas has oiani&ated great discontent at
the continhaltergiveraation of the" Port t and
that, eimfoi-oiablv la the wi-nhea of tlitr PeonI
and Jhe" .Clergy, ho ia firmly reSolrrd'to pu
ait , liid to the eflosion .tiC'ridlm-jlii
Peloponoesus. It is aflrmediihnt tjie. hut
despatches aent by Connt" Ncaselrwuj to- the
JJussian Ambassador at Vienna, are drawn on
wihi pru. . .-me contents ot the despatchea
are .to be commuuicated ip theiourt of Au.
ftria,. with an invitation to send fresh ininrue.
1 19ns to Baron Ot'.eiiftts, the fmperial Intel,
tiuncio at Constantinoplek to' employ" all hh
inBuence to ' niskel tlie Po "enrnnrehend
that ita'prevent policy is eaTcuLted to bring
On events, the result of winch cannot but be
injurious to the empire of the' Crescent, 4
, From Turkey, it is stated, that though tlie
result of the conferences at London rellie
to the affairs of Ci-eece, had caused soma
ooeasmeas to , the Forte, , the fact 'of the
Courts of Vienna and Berlin not havintf" taken
any part in them, had produced a favorable,
prrn ind typr- (nm Fwi
.Ma m .I k.. - . W-
I ,.T V " ia asm
hi. luprvaa .Mving Ura kuJZ
iblf . It is bow vruMvsl an J
od w Lf the if J7r
PV ' The paprr fiV
h oanaiiv. of tV. ?Z
kina at Nanf.ti I.. I "si.
" - iV I-" ,r 1""" h
4AU0O Spanisb ilulkia shouMu Ucif??
lor uim, aiKler l! e n.uie of TwJ
nwmrf r tL er-orfuwrre,ttSr' ,
which to tmrxwed fcn Qia uu-l a- -.
eeedevt l,i ruAr him, accept, pw,jL"",
tU,va d.;awd MrZZZSrS:)
" P " " 11 Had aot bor, fn, u- '
e4pit.uaartttir. which was Oeew,
Uvt arm J of a courier Mo7Tl
ST tli til nowa that tlrlia and ui. 7 7
maatc-ra of the fori neaaof PaUu, moT
Jonirer ackimwledm anv aml.. .
tU. city was loreateoeo wim t, ITT"
arrised reWie the eveau E
av ukea placa-. st .-h .- - V , V-
1 l-tcb; who erria at vi HJ
tt, twdi red lliat Palaonda sh.U L rW
0 l aiai, Coieta aod Criva. wh.
andedtho,dnwB,led 'the arrean 4I .
Iheie ' taoops.- Tbav Goimrni "
swer Ibat they bad Ho mosey, u, whaZ
reptted that lliey wOukt remain . noaaiZ
oi idc in uu uie aeoi su satwhe'i. CkL
aided hy the on of "Colocotrotil, 'mi .
movement agaiust tbn w hi ch caused tha
to fear a aeriona attack, and the sh ueT
selves up 1 A the. citadel The 'Gon(m
declared them traitors 4o their eoailtf
Church, seeing that hi ofiWwwiU bs '
eaa,rquilred Kikjiori the I0io, hd ntwi
etJ to his camp at Eginc'V? V T-
iweaiume, one ot tne broflierj tt &,
took tlie command of palamida, sod tt k.
er, thar of th w bastioua wl.ict' ovsnwi .
the ssltyi 4heyw?ro. alo masteuofiha
pona, -1 ne government retired to fiousa,'
a little hUmd situated at ihe enbsncs ot
portf and a outf ftiiup
Moras, the commander tf the troop thick
remained fafthfut io the General n Chisf.oa.
cupied the batteries of the ramparii nd i
the tower parts of the chyv OniaulltXtk,
firing tiegaai at PaJamicWrand (he
larmed, ruabed towards ;tha gatea.( Bt! ss.
Rira they could escape thev,sere aUuri
alternate ly,- o pay a ransom fo twt.Wa w
tie, who were eaciis apposition to fire ajxia.
them." GeCfolocotroni, jimthir himscit'ia
iwiiwryi iwgi lives, s aoiirea is pj
considsn.ble J Soni, From, the ilih u lit '
5tii, there, were about kun'ireil peoola
kiltadln the cut-, and a trreat BUber. wound.
ed, "The itnf'irtuoate Inhahitantitaok rHuj
4 tht plain of Areos, where tlie were ailsd
op like flifcki; Sod beset by the jiiost drtsdud
miierv; s Tho toldiers'who Jhyld the fit
ton r Kount a o demanded ranaorn froia
tho flyings. But the English 'admiral 8
CcslUtgtoiv enmge.d' at v inui:h UihaaisaitV
signified that if the forti'did jjktnf allow tha."
boats to pass, which- Were lo Wed with .
aon who had already biHiglijj. their liberty,
he Would destroy -it, Foe tijis; pnrpase, hs
disembarked some men, to jwa'ch ovsr tha
safety Of the ugHivea.. Dujfmg the bol
of the l4th, 1 3!h, and loth, tide firing hardty
ceaaed'. The emigration coiitinnedt snd the fc
Sea was covered with boats, Carrying wonw
cWli!rn, and .old then,' whiB "sere Jjoing tail
Uke refuge -on the other s:lfle.,'t i : I ?
tjn-the J7th afd,20th, airier. a tnwrwv
of th cbien of the- two parti
et, On board the
English ship Asia, at which
was prestrot, a suspension of
Lord! Oochrsi
Urm's "took place;
St was defiiiiulr
birtrt was not yet known wh
determined, to nut 'a. itoo t
d slirtmefid to the'Greeks,a i
their itira,v, i x 'A Y '.-,'
teek,,aind to ruinous is
Ca?n: CborH sailed ftom f.gin tha M
with 3Q0tnen, aiKt 'ia.'gotoej to disembark SV
tfie"IthnbtCorirJtf, JsaupposedtMi
fiia project, ia to go and !it the gsniMa
of that olace. which" thre-wsaed; by Cuuir
lafiai vrir?- ,'Alt-JtR'.iI-y-K' -
Byt 'tlie schooner Shawrock; kitivM
at Baltimore fropx; Havana, w lean;
that : Commodore jborde;s sqnauma
wa' lyiag invthajt fiwbofbn; tJi,"!
tntnu? This' infiirmtionf rourty
esthbliwhf ft th e incorrer tnesa ot jwe .re:
port which; ;feachd as iroin aw
Orleans relative: 4bi1fuppo,l Kt
bet weeil . the ; Spauish 4 ;
Tho 'Juputta onstitdvototW
iaiiis an accoantof anlattackXmio'f W
aa), Alligator ujwn a tiinale ,
was going into; a swamp wttn: a pasiei "
coPtt tipbn hef head; to ed bog,
u... a Atriic ir &mm.riiir anil aPRrcir w'-
the breast ht this ferochiusf iraiw
Whtf attempted t 'deWivy7 hrr M"!?,,
her iJesb, anf 'je.totnes n ,nisjsw"
She extricated herselfwilh diC"'1;'
and fled; pa need by the Al?uiytor,-w
Sought shelter upon log,", pe e?0
Vhich rested upon a .tumr"T,'1r 5
brougbt fo her et9tanc se twi "'
fr.n mn .Aivrmi flolil. - U)1lO L2lrd
AUigatbr and relieved the. 'wonoW 'j
herperifbua situation mSM
. '.V ' .t. '.-i , t: '' v ,'..
jrafon.-rThe driv?of cat Wt
(lis horsev aome'iit, :W TiH f
of Lierpoolsomethipj? ktartled. !
"audi i moving lorward tl?f J tW(
down-and '(lifled a . child", aged M
m'onthsC':- '1ie diiver iT?- P' Z
te'nced , to d nir'miPlhs ,hard f
Th ChaVioVfesVaje1 f 1
:' i romplains of the, oun.ber.n -
ttuct I tne visiter fi ;- i
seat of the late M r, Jfr rsorr. j It ,
thatthenorrMm of his fatuily who rem- I
there, jmaofi WTny" '
and imprrtirteRt'urtoi.jr -JWJu'i
pb -disiiositibn to refuse entrsnc
r. ..-., . ' .1., ulm'arwiroafar
liofHHUiuy -S..W. .tiiv..,.-T.j" -: -rr
place Atjtfc proper feeling
hut . tht modes and f w;.Ma4

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