North Carolina Newspapers

    '''''lJnWaWBeB(BBjBjBBjgpanajBj J.
; rian of the tncftkftiiam htQ
v rrHE front oStre ' to' ba filled
J. with inftrufuont and obfcr
?;tton rcUtie to- the tilligfe"ff
Qdje American fol, fi4.Gi.rdeni.fg,
Orchard f aiGng . of Sfotk, cote
of Difcafcs, both in Animali and
i.yegetahles,,; - ,
?K ii Wkfe regarif to the human fp.
v art i r!ct of Health, Longer icy,
t pretention of ; iuunatorc iu,
sbcMConaljjf Will Whaitdei out
vV-outtine of ludiciat AftrolojtT.
, ----- a . - -. .
voted upon the world, under the
.tjfpe of conjuration, juglaiywuch .
kfiin8fT&C' to the difgrace and j.
f roach of human nature hlelly ; :
t- Some account may be expeQed
V f that infinite arictf of cuftom,
- mode and manneri,! that havfe Ob
i. tained among the different aatiews
j f the earrh with the general prih'.
ciplcs f ronj whence they proteeded.
It will not be thought improper,
ircquentlf to ornament the hjlti&
kM tor with lively Itrokci of the mo
a law, drawn from the' general
i ; s priaciplea of the law of nature,
t'A'i (not ed ling with any particular
t - lyftem of religion, aori elancine
? at any thing that might have the
r. "fhadow of tendency, to InTatidate
Ji-the refpeflabilitt of in perfuafion
v.p natem.i wun arrariety pl other
kv .ff..i j --ii : '-i..
? , In fine to reduce phylofophy
andfeiencein general to praftice,
to greatcn the human mind, with
fen'timcnta leading 'to ttiiWerfal
knowledge t to encourage the A
tnerkaa geniui, .by giving every
valuable production a free pafiage,
Will go into the defigtu '. J.
With regard to the political fea
urea of our piper, it it eonteav.
plated that an accurate and, jufl
ftatement of fafla will form it
"lyftem of poUtica, without falliag
ia with any party whatever. Jv
s From the refourcca that will bt
aabll(hed. and the literary fcorre-
foondence that will he formed anJ
: i-rmO'if nfpfl. ' it U . exoeded. the
;Sublcribera will confider it their
iintercft, to, file tbeif papen, to
T which an annual index will be ad
ded, pointing at number, column,
. fee -; .-. ,
Scurrility, glancing at charaQ
crt, and evert fulfome ftoff, with
which mod of our public printi are
frequently crouded, are uot to be
, admitted.. .-: . ' .' '' ' I .
' . No production to find a pa&ge.
y but that wiiuk comet forward,
with the gentility and liberality of
' ' the gentleman, and man cf fenfe,
' The ad, i and 4tH pagei fpt
newt, foreign and domeftic, atla
nfCongtcfi, Qi of our Central
." AlTcmbly, AdvcrtifemenU, &c. :
TWe give thit notification, in or
der to learn, whether the fcheme
may meet with the public appro-
' .t .:t!
cauoiu U 11 COM, grmiiccavH wiu
-CznJj Cclr fitoli&T"l' he
, oming Sublcribcn to It, puifuant
; ti the propotaJa.
rricney to be paid before the
' itceiot of the r ft riper, which
Will be wttltly,
Inncm. (vh
cne half will be paid down, and
the rmnainirg half at the eipirati
a cf fit monthi,) and which we
hope will be a living fIonltor, and
Kct the momrnt of a day -
JAtirS WILLS, V' .V.
lumen, .rul7,teo
K' I. It will ba printed on a good
type and paper ot.a large iemy
uze, and lent toi:brcnbera, (they
becoming accountable for the poll-
are i at brtt muart oer annum.
-.k .. ... . . ..
. M win make its appearance
as foon fcs 500 Subforiber are ob
tained, v va !f l i '", i
III.' One half the $ubfcriptoti
money to be paid jo advance, on
receipt cfjhtfiiAaunibgrandlhe
remainder at the eipiration of fix
"month. To thofe, who - do . not
aovancr tne money, on ne receipt 1 t
ot, tuecra Jiumbcavne paper Will
oe difconUoued. ;i,V;: '
Cflays, Ankles of Intelligence,
&c intended to be inferted ia the
&iuftkptdum'?rlnjlru8rtr will be
luaiiAiuiif icbc:vca obi 11 if
petted, whenever thev come thro1
tht medium of thcPolt-OiBce. the
poftage'will be paidotherwife,
thev cannot be attended to.
Advertifement (not exceeding
lo lines), will be inferted at Fivt
Sbillingt the fir ft timtf, and Tw
bhtltingt at SixptHtt for each con
tinUancd t larger ones' in nronor
tion t but, tofecure iaTertion they
muft; be accompanied with the
" Ladies', beware I hit you not.'
trNVY ia a vke,- awire predond
- Bacc aad-dangerooa, xhin. ny
wunn tonnruTS tnc Human muiu.
malice, lamenting er; profuerity, !
and fickening it the, fight of health.
If the bfeath ef envy did not cva
poratci f Tiniverfal ire it fig
tliat it niht intedt' the a'u-wurfe
than a pUgue,' darken the fun, make
the fca unnavigable, and Waft the
fruha jrf the earth. , 4 , -,-; '
1 may be thought chitnrrical, but
in cxpofing this, vice, 1 claim every
aid; ' t-1 '.f:.:.-, ".,- -'
pifcord, difappointnient and ant'
pair, are the nuuriflimtni of the en
viou V they would crulh' all noble
utidert.knijis, and nip the bud of 1Q
ycHtiaa. mrrtlv becaufe merit mlaht
e more cunfpicuoua than ia their
own. ' : ' v'-r. '
,': Thf'y can neither endure Induftry,
fcufe. or bravery l beauty appear
to them deformed, and courage is
turned Into cowardice. . ;v
"nvt wants both fplrir and jrood
nature,' a nd'confc (ous of Its own
impotegce, ittoldsitA ami m JU
pair, and tit's ciir(iuj in a comer
Coufcioas of Inferiority, it infen
Ubly tuppofes mem v. here none can
be found, and, from defiretobc
above it Sri vlf is rmuercd contcmp
tible to the meaneit, .... ' (
Tis made cf impotence, vexation
and malice, apd preys upon iifelf,
while it rxhauits its (pints.. f
' Ambition can find gratification
pleafure, luaury t covetoufnefs can
acquire pelf, but envy f.aiiil nothing
but vexation mvb, ty proving
duirate to the conlliutioo, It lingers
and exhaufts itlelf, . i.
The vice thus delineated,' vmh
mortification I am compelled to fay,
that it predominates molt in the lo
ataU mind i bat 1 trull all wh read
this attempt to reform Ir, will held
It ia equal abomination with one who
hopes fee psutBcs a liberal mind. .
Lord, what a ueftionjiave yoo sik
1 it Hot plainonefaid".laria(
wJtormjreiy fA plain one -jay
nave aued uie.ts defite that wUkd
ii perfectly undcfijiable and to ex
plaiif what would tire all sac fatui
ties of expiKat.ion,'!"' --:?--K..
IThefeW tf Hoimr all this I
.'1'teti- Marla-vthst hint is of fe
wonderful a quality, tlit it rot in-f
trtqtiem ly- nappe os but , laid i,
pretfing hr band gently-r fa mat it
pevir ,be Ulf ;the f t -not JpfreS
questir ntppens. tliat- on a untne
tone fif ;thooh im;fM-tVBfQjtir
tigmur n tied forever, r ,:..V..'.i' "'f
: lodeed, fid Wsria -va atiti
rif Maria but ninlr utHthilfk'n:u
lien fatt lkD I finileo-Mttole a
kift the fvefi revense for her
nuttentlon, and Jeft Jier w artjaa-
i (bit bed rrpoPt I J, -J; , " " -'; f '
. hoping at the fme tt,: th thof
; aed umiiar fcntimenu may B'coroo
tha model sod pattern, after wbieh,
tliemaoeers and COnducof oury outli
viilbe joraiea.
, at 3 dollar! psr
i It Is ttf tfted that
TNTAllIA the playful, bewitching
XvJI Maria waa littio? near mv
iatheparloarwiodow iweexchan
ted our ftud'm, i foe had faatchfd
ntwfpaptr frem me and I was
meditative over tin para of .Sterne,
wutcn eta jua occBfica ueraittnti
on. .. , , .. , fc .. .
Tray," fays Maria, laying down tlit
piper, and looking arthly prjy,
touLo, WMat is the ttnl J dJemmr i
Why,- it ii, tliild, Uid I, recover
kg fi eia my rettrir, and yatrokg '
Jr?t evefl i. -nrv Jear CouEa t-
Print wbatfoever fo difficult proper
ly to difeufiAi too widely txfundti
in the Wilcmnon, it Ivies all its ener
ay the . erowa tediuua. 'fetid
isfeldom, if ever, reticwsd.
If on the contrary, itl.e.ckf
ly ivwprtjltdf it will give.uior puiiU
tnaa pieaiure in (be djt,yi,n.n
arguroenti, like theft 1 i fntak of,
Maria i nothip eia more lnariount
the Fwit than train fit wiwh the;
fpace of arnnmcot is at I Jiavtid
too contracted, one canntot ilttrate
one cannot r fei fcort.eLilfJ
-rbeWifouifion will h ImpeKtcJ titltef
the on way or the whel v
A very Jintnlir oiiitit tlaa ton treat
of I there i du err iIar
i is multlpfitd Uejotid tli-pbfnb'ilt.
tr sf cDumsiat ittii-iit ifliivcriiSad
by iircumlfmner, ;imW; ten J thrmfsp.
different forms, -it -liers ,.any
farfatti as the Hi of i tj nen pli'
Our own image and tna frfi tace rt
fiefis Is i man dinVretit colours at
there arc ptrfons who know uj, sad
at there are varying opinion! ainangll
thole to whom e are kaawn.
It it'is iiit omprehenTibW as the ef-
fecit 'of a prlfon to the Uninformed t
tad ltcarrif e w itb i rrtiiijhH even
lis. the ' cultivated and" plulofopbic
wind. ' .-
We all, Maria, or at lead the jte
neralitt of OS view the furltc which
reflects aur own lmie," ai bearing
all the poliih of a diamond- nd dt
fykg equally the tioge of.afperQoD,
sad the inciiiog of calumny. .
This Is iodied placing the fubject
lo a new lUh. faid Maria. v.-n '
FerhSpt it may j bur in us pear
what others may fay of ih bje ft
which affords ua fa mnch pi e la re I
; It is without lullre aau uliout
poliih, faySone-i'its wdcr is abio
lately tinted with the '-reVsw.hue t-f
ruWrtJtiHtiby trigtr fjyt sno
tlier. - . .' v- -
no, .rejoins a third, bot it bear
the" ennrfl tlat of .pi He van
cxrUime he,-win ftifl fiea ii'H mje
refltcted, and theyJ'it iiufullird,
aa r. firllr what tiiifrf prtfvutatiun i
her f - .. : :. ' ; .,
You, rfftftti,: ho tievcr kee
of Ut could not podibiy lay wbt
inpaUtfy. ' " ' ' -"
Timidnt', who never kheir .fi.r;
Itttnti could not polfibly f.y In what
tgft eonfifts and Aiif'iftnn, when
he kiiputtd rivty to f ,-trrtiinly niif
tools liia owa furjace for mine. ' 1
Cut litre comes my chofen friend
nha fay you, f lorio,' tu this ce
dfiotlf .' : '; -
" .That they are all 'wroag, replits
he, but fmils not yet for yours is
equally fo.' ' , " " ' .
It has neither the' brilliance you
affigu to It nor iIk hues which tlity
Impute.' I. fSr'difirt ao fee no
thing buthe7tff un'rcSoitiDg fuiw
fact of fdj-Uvt I i k
Thus it iithrough the world, Maria,
and fucb Is ihit fonwr eonceroing
which yoo enquire. That perfon,
therelorf, is m(t reenrt wnoierf
fan, on the Imaginary Itllfmtn 1
hare defrribed. it fmalleft and lead
obfervablel and the poet agree per
uaiy la tills episton, wnea lis i,y,
Kccmslevialt, qui natas moritufqut'
' ,; v:.- fefliit. :m- ';"
I wtt tbent to proceed, when I
percelrtd oaturamgsriuud that til
..''"- ' ' - . ' '
, it . . - v- t -- e -."
" '-''. 7 ,
4 ' 1 - j , , a s' '
for the yi$itiiH JalgfajX,
k; ;'CJ '):":. ,-'" A', -"t
Jit 'C a o i t a i a Os t a v s a,
'- - .; no. i. - . -
HAVING thus earjy : introduced
mytyf o the man of Science,
.(uih Hot Mr. Editor Ibould yettdif
cover the kllufion, I would neks 'ad
irtfr niyfolf to the 'Ciptftmmi-f-"-?1'n
t finvi iou -of this thsraler,
is not welt bndtrAood tvaa on the
$rer LBeatre ot iita. jw4 Jl tuy
abftrned molt of us Carol'inlwaaarva
bat a cirfufd ides the (oali lies,
In whatever prt of the World W tra
vel,' the Gentleman, ty be difcavsr
ea uy a nice ouicrver, witrt sue ap
titude with which a rf t-.Mafonfihda
outa Urother, The fisns art theft :
Ths Gentleman ia courteous, uu
ad'uming .and liberal-wcuptioua 9 of,
givilig rfeuce, aid sfabU to, tht
uieaneil donreftle.' , Id a tolled corn
pany, you msy difcovet tha Gentle
!b, by a dlflideacf In' hU. deport-
went tha indication of merit His
ppif ions are thin, hut well digtfted,
beeawftV he stvet ventures them, bat
uponnjatufiwith wlikhhf iafomt
what acquainted, ; - - V"1'.-, s--.
-You will feldora find him flart
luljet, or lead a'converfatka,. be
:uth M?.IniTOv what ts tha
reaibn that there It lo much sda a
bout opinion, more thaa there it
'bout practise I p-- J;-'-"
-.;The 8tTea eanaot sa- .
fwer HoaTtobetter,thanbyrcla '
ting the following; anecdote ; .
v:,-.At a wedding in theWcttountrj',,
an old launch profeCor, wbo hsdoit..- -
that occafiofcpati bit wfpv&Siarge- -
ly to Baccnus, ana coiucq-ieotiy
vertfull of hi divinity,V itdrcflc(t .
hlmW toa tefpeaiexWfymaay
inattlapftcareatoay. Youethefirtt -man
faid he, ihat ever eon varted aie. j
It looks tike my bungling work,' re"
plied the Clerg) man, for 1 fee 1 will . -have
to do it over again. 1 v
Qh; Will pot thia fame remark
apply to pree chert in the low-couti
try at well as to thole in the upper f
Does u not appear tftat our pracn
ers in general, aid mora..imeat la ,v
making numerous converts ihan In
making found converts f V"
. Aa the preaching bufintfa Is a funer- -tion
Iwottld always wiflitorefpeet,
it might not be improper to fuggefc.
one CtifiJ(TtloniC that department, . '
viz. that along with the .ctiptunt 1
doftriees cf fioib," reptntauce, x v
ptrknees, &c to take tha freedom,
tolmprefabpoa the auindtof their '
audience, the plain and iniportana
IMIIIIT, VM ! yi www - ),,; ;,
nA tnflnmei tn their (rneral H. .
portmant and ia a particular maa p i
ton. we would wiu inem, not ia ;-.
confidef'tbe foil SS Uft,-or tb;.;'
ground on wnich it ltaudfaaencnanc
ed laad t but that they art on God'a .
earth, under bis luprema eve, ana t
aifo under the eyes of their lellow- -
matures, Who would rejoice la lc
the manifcQatioos. af thofe fubllma
prbciples taught by the great hed
of the minilUrlal order, la thrlr
lives and converfations, vlt. the ek
ercifing themfclvesio!the iraportaoB
duties of temperanfct, sneaknfcfa
forbearance, brotherljy kindntfaJic.
in onmofition to drutikennefa, 'nua-'"
i turn
it th
precept of the moral law contrary
relline. dilliODeflyai the like,
1 1 do not know that tnerc i
ea.ufrh It apprehenfive that he mat
meet with men of more knowlcd'e I precepts of hc moral law, and that.
.1... ti,f.lll Tt,. I jr.. 2 I . ,L.
...... ; , in ivm.iw lumiii- i m a more PnnrnjLtoiC r HiM, ll
nsi oiocaneao wuoen-roleStiie ton-
irtTriiani hi views Vith att
inent ielt LrtrccWlavrtfpoa "
felf the marked attention of the ig
noramus. , ' .(
When we meet a man, on wham
fortune, liat . blind goddefs,' -hai
Ihowered.dowa her bounties, de-
fcandingfroma gaudy carriage, with
an haughty tnemlupcrcilious airs,
ino pnpcriooa languaga j uiu w
lay,' .there is a GeVtlemaa f Jfhall
we not rather fay
' Blafl1gratideur,'i blufh, proud
-, ,v cuurc wimurawyquroiaze, i :
: V Ye tittle Uar, aide your: Uital
V' aiihed ray s.'V: ;. .
1 find the Word Gentltatan, to he
derived irom the Latin word Ctnt.
1 tfui. In ancient times, ftriflly ep.
cited, gentriijut, meant a man af
iilz'i birth'and eood family, - In the
pi tier. I day when rank and title Is
liUl ahde', tha Gentleman is fco ac
quired ijt is in hli one of aur nain
rairighit, It ia a title of tnoro en.
trinlic value, than thol which the
enthroned -Monnrcb bellows upon
fault fend fychophants. -. J . s
? r eyince.of manners, eafe of ae-.
crf$;flbil)tyof behaviour, audat-
'. ?. : 1 r
icniiou i;j)itii rnttcury appen
v to tlie Gentleman. tie mutt
be alfo a nioQ at Uriel honour. ' The
title litre, and the character are lo
fep.rable f jf thstharaiter confers
the tiile. '-?':'? ' ' ,
Ihe obferref doeaaot arrogate to
hlmfclf this characler,but be is am
b'niuus ta soffefi fome of the quali
ties ncctOary to ronUitute the Gen
tletnin, 1 - Liberality of fentimeuts
and a liacere defire to comrpnnlcate
blaobrervatioaa, while he iaconvin.
ced they tend cither to inftrut or
Improve,' are . at any rate, - princi
ple, Inherent ia hit bread. Under
their benign influence, Le has at
tempted a literary,
(le baa certainly paved tha way to
mental Improve menr, for lie flitters
himfelf that h has fecured a corner
of a publication which doea honour
to biscoontry. lie willies however,
la have fome fellow labourerald tbii
literary field, To find fome purfuing
bis track, by whom he may' gain
fome fmall (lock of knowledge i and
at the fame time efcape the m perti
nent cnriofity of fuch at read only for
ftlbion, and condemn wtihout tba'i
orieafea.l ; .- ... -
: The Enttoft cannot withhold hl
approbation of the ft aliments tl '
Wiu.a ill.'
ta any one tenes af day ctoftia'n feck - r
whatever, t-'"--:r'-f rr;
''Letourpreacherf asd proieuora
rni.(nMP. nmw an man nor wtm icl.
r.Kv nooflihlt method whatever -
xnmMn.l tli.ii" Jiruiilual fit nmrh
totlia rioike of thf wife nodobferv'- f
kg part of tnankliid, as 'by af.mud
rtenlyr Rmrul aonduct.' . Aaihia hint
!a capable of beinjj improved ' ta a " " "
mnlt valuable pur pole, we nspe ic 1
; r ... ..; ' :
Frm tht AW CMfUt Urfi p!Jer, - ,
0 GtLPlna Ifoissi.
. .... - . ..: v..- t. t. s - . -.. '
' I ant really ot opinion, tnat our
krMit r( hnt-r,.' wnillil li hnt
feS generslly uled by ua, would ba ;
mucn more prcicrioie io mill ney
are at prefent, if about half tbenum '
ber weie to .remain MrtH. Tl-
matter, lafomertfpecls, fpcakl ftr f '. .it mn(l rrrtnll nrnduca.
live of fitch Rood conuqscnccs aa
that their Qreegta and beaaty will
be confiderably increafed, or rather, '
to rntikmoroaeturaielv. Uiew na
U.IILI.. Will lift V IM.....
ia the manner they generally are. . .
The principal objection urged t
Hint .(. 1 1 wiMinwu'a tm w
nr nature Las formed them it, th:t .
il.r mrm in em. rat ra nU-lnuft r.l '
trouDieiomc to rme i out t or n . -this
wilt be obviated fct the teol'.He-
ration that oar (Igiit hvrfcs ar very -t.
much tampered with. iaotJtr to -::
cite lull In them fort the puT01 -
Sating nitres wiibfoal.. W'Mi" :
ert:a is tli lucar.'te, u.iJ
SI ILCI ..f 3 1 11. I ' ' ti.l.. . -

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