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    ifi'uflian Cencra! Je Slionfcld Kalli, Ity pcrmif-
fion of fiis mailer, entered into theferv'ice of the It.Ue
ol lirabant, widi an appointment of 18,coo llorins.
The DiikeD’T.Ti fel, wliohad been appointed perjietual
PreSdeiit of (.be rniiilary dcparimeut, has relii^ned
that ftation in i.!ii;;uif, in conlequence ot this ptonioii.
on ; conceiving his brother in-law the Count de Mare,
had a fuparior claim. I’his del'etiion is extrernely
ferious to the patriotic caulc, on account of ilie Jjuke’s
high liation.
■l^xtrall of a letter from iiu o£icer on honrd the lJ);p Coium-
btd to his friend in this io’wn, dated Nooika doand,
Juh 2i?, I 7*59-
/xN tlie C2d of September laft we arrived here,
on tillsw/V^tV/or norlli-well coalloi An.c-
Ifica, where we met iiur conii'rt the Hoop W'ailiinj/ton,
after being abfent troin lier lix tnont.hs—the ciew ol
which is’ere then 'wed, but had been exirtmeiy ill o:
tlie leurvey, of which dUenl'ewelod to two of out peo
ple. VVe had the mistorinne if lofing
our .ulronomer, over bo.ird, ahile in life, rvilacti.
ocaan. This fide of the continent affords but iuii.
Hews ; the mod m.iterial 'at prefentis, that the
ards have taken jtolfelTion of this fovnd, and ercCo. d a
lort of 10 guns—they have alfo here two fhips, and are
determined to take ail Eiigiilh vellcls that may arrive
here—they have already captured ihrec, viz. a inow,
commanded by Capt. Collenei*, a floop b)^ Capt. flud
fon, anda fchooner by C.ipt. hunter, all^ bclongntg to
one company. Wc hourly expeft an Ameruan liiow,
Capt. Metc.df, from Canton, whom the Spanilh Com-
m. ■ lore has promifed not to moled. To-inonow we
cxpeiil to proceed U) the northwaul, in company with
tlie tloop, as far as Cook's rRer, from thence to Can
Veflerday f.iiled frorn this port for Canton, in Chink,
tho Ihip Mairichufetts, Job Prince,' c rpiire, command
er. This veflel was b'lilr in G.'rrr.inlown, about i 2
Hi'les from this town, by tlie honourable Sam lel ."sliaw,
efqnire, Conlul of the llnite.i Sr.dcs in Clnn.i ; is
ah'• I l>oo 'oils burthen, edeemed as fine a ihip 61
her dimenfions as ever went to fea.
'lairtrflic'wejn a Mr. (^lalttli ant! a Mr. Ritch'c,
fii that [ihice, iu V ifeh ilie latter received a w -und
in Ills thioav, of v. hieli lie cxpiied in a few minute.s.
Extiact oi a letter fioiii C adi'z, to a geiukinan cl this
town, dated I'thinaiy 2, 1790.
“ Admiral Cordova received, iluee days ago, ad
vice, by e-tprefs from, of the Enij eror of
Morocco’s having taken polieliion of all llie ISpanilh
veli'els ancliored in his ports, 'and iiupriloned tliea-
crews. The Chaniher ol Commerce >1 ibis city had
a rneedng the day before yellerday, in ordbr to lend
out iwoliigaies lotruife oir tlie .'I'trcighls mtaijh, to
proiecl the Well-India Ibips from falhiig into the hands j
ot thole l’)a>bati.Ills. Tliis deleimination of the
M >or is (.iccoiuing lo flying leporis) in conlequence I
of the I'.nipcroi’s iiaviiig been .iliaii.n.uet! by liis n.n,
and the'la'.ler whiling to have a war v ithtlie Spani
ards, witli a view, J. iinaglne, to get Ionic dollars from )
By a velTel jad'airived, at New!niry-Port, from
rr.ncc we have the follov.'ing account :—The King
has made- his efcape from P.iris, and, it is fald, wilh a
view t i Join the army on the frojiiiers. Yon may
eatily im.igine what "wil! be the coiii'equcncesot luch a
The convention of Rhode-IdanJ have men \vifn-
Ont accomplilliing the important biiflncfs of their ap
pointment. The convention Hands adjourned to the
^i]ih of May, then to meet at Newport.
Many conjeiHures V.ith refpeJf to the bufinefs on
vshich the BritiHi Hoop of war has viflted this por',
we infert the following copv of arr order of the Britilh
. council, which will explainthe reafon. , ...
At the court of St. fames’s, the id Decemher, 17S9,/re-
fr.f, the kin ft mf excellent Majefiy, in council.
WHEIIEAS, by order of council, of 25th June,
IySS, the importation 61 wheat, of the growth ot any'
of the terriioi ies belonging to the Ihiitcd'States i^f
America, was proliibited, until his majefly’s plcaliife
fhould be further lignifled ; and whereas it. has been
reprefented to his niajelly, at the hoard, that it appears
by accounts received lioiii his majelty’s conlul general
at New-York, and by the information of mer
chants of the city-ot London, anel others, trading to
Amciic.T, that the Hellian My, hy which the uhcat of
the f.iid United Estates of Aqierica xvas^ iiifeiHed in
Former years, had this fe.ikm wholly dilappeared : ^
His majelty, taking the fame into cnnlidcration, is
pi'eafe 1, with the 'advice of his privy council, tb ord^r .
that the fail! pi.ihlbiuonj laii.1 by order in council ot
tlit^jth June, I 7Sb’, be, and the fame is herchv taken
olF. And the rigid honourable lords conimiffioners
of hii.naajeily’s treafury are to give the ncceiT.iry di-
teHiois herein accOrdinglv.
Natural Hijlory.
Tn tTlflo- county, in this Hate, on an ifland in the
NevciTink c-eek, nearly in tlie latitude ol 41 to'i'i' th,
■a Mr. Baker,in the begiiiningof tlie month of March
lafl, Laving cjt down a large hollow beach tree, to his
furprife fouiul fhe cavity in tlie tree nearly filled wiili
the common barn fwallows pf tills country, in qiian-
tity (by his e.flim.ilion) nearly two barrels. 1 hey
were in a torpid Hate ; hiil carrying fume ot thole
V'hlch were not injured hy tlic bill of the tree, near a
fire, they were prel'enily rciiuinrited hy the^waimili,
and took the wing with ilieir ulual agility. Ibis may
be depended upon as a faifl.
A few days ago a duel was tought at Fi'cJenckf-
Tlic commioec of Corgrefs to whom was referred
ihe p-'iiiiui ol Rlel.arvl Wells and John ll.trt, brought
111 'h ' f iilowiiig ie|)'ut ; ^
Rci'olved, That I'he poireiibrs of the'continental bills
of (If-..lii, eniii'.c 1 Iiy itie authority of Coiigrels, before
he i8th d.iy of Mat ch, I 7..Srj on bringing the fame
into the treafury of t-ne Uiiite.l iSt.itcs-, lhaV receive ccr-
lilic.ites lor tlie lame, at the rare of one dollai I'pecie
value fir one hundred doll.irs of ilie laid bills; and
tie ! line Hiail be funded on iiitercll in the fame man
ner as ihe mher debtsot the United .States. 'Idle in-
terelt to eomniencc on the day the laid bills fh.dl be
lodged in f.iid trealury : And all fiirh bills in the
treii'iiiy of ally Hate exceeding its quota'required by
tl'.e .(Cta of Congrefs ot the 7th day of Ocli bcr, 1779,
and ilie iStli J.iy of Much. 1 7P0, t.n being broiigiu
into Jic tix.i.'uTy of the Uiiiteif tjtatc.v, fli.ill l>e cieui.ea
■ to the account of Inch Hate at the rate ai'orelaid, iiri in
tercil 01 li' per cent, per anr.rm, f .iiii the' time it was
'receive.I iiuo the trealury o; the lefpeelivc li.ite.s; laid
on the ta le.
I’ne lionoiirable George Mafon, efqnire, is eleclcd
one I f h ■ leiiators of the Uiuic',! Si iics, from ihe Ha c
of VirginL>s in tlicrroni c.f the honour.ible ll iHiam
cUpiire, deccafed.
'riiehoiiieof afl’emhly of New-York has palTe.l a
reroliilion, appointing Ids cxi'e-ilency George Clinton,
Rith.rnl V.ii iek, and John Wat-, efquiie-, coPimiHioii-
ers, wi ll authority to huild a unveriiment houi'e, 011
tlie gn iiiul wliere ihc fort Hands,,ri.d to draw tosieoty
thoufand dotuvs oii't 01 the ireahiry of that Hate for that
purpiilc. 'fhe faid biiil-ding to lie appropriated for
the accoh nmilaii.'in of the I’lflident ot the United
States, while Co".g’'cfsreiT':'.in in that city.
His Britannic niajelly lias been pleated to'conHiinte
and appoint 'fhonia'. hi Uonougli, clqniic, to be lu-
ronful in the Hales of M lirachufcttk Ncw-Haniplliirc
Conneefient, dnd Rlioile-Ifland.. He has been alto
plcafcd to conHituie and .ajqioini Jt hr. Han.ilton, ef-
qiiiie, lobe his conlul in the Hate ofA'irginia.
A London newljiaper has ilic tolb wirg article :—
Tl.e court of Vienna has aiHiially apgoinicil comnilf-
fioncrs to treat wilh tlie Parriots ; ilu y. are two in
lliirnlier, and men of high repii'.alion. TIic firfl in the
ci.mmilTIon is the Trince de 1 igne, whois at iliii mo
ment with the army near Bclgiade, v iih the laiik of
Gencr.d ; the other is Count dc Colienzel
Abjhati of the nett prcc.eds of the duties on imports and
N. TTampfliirc
.iTotnAugtJ} IJ,
. 7.7‘’9
2 I
I’cnnfs lvitni.i,
M irvl.rnd.
S Carolina',
.3 4
3 4
Dcduflfordrawbacks.z percent.
Dollars, .
- •
Cj* Port of B.'Jlon, only to tiyth Decvmhei
T J AN AWAY, rin outlan fifli negro fellowq
\. named TOBY—has been in roiiiity two
or three ycar.s, fiieaks hroKcn Ifnglilli, ba. liis country
mar!, on both fules of his, about fn e icot p 01 lO
indies high, appears tn lie abouUiirty years ot age,
fays he has been in the country about four ^eais; aiid
was landed in South Carolina. He is now hired oilt
to pay prilon fees.
henry DEBERRY, Sheriff.
Montgomery county,
'HE copartnerfliip of DONALD
_ M NiCOLL, O'Co. of Fayette
ville, as al/o that of HENK Y L'KQU-
HAKI , Co of WilmiiTgton, being
tlidoj-vcfl by tlie deatli of Mr Doiiald
M Nicoi'., one of the parthefs, the lub-
feriber, one oi the lurviving pnitners,
being duly qualified to icitle all ths
company’s bulinels, r^ueits al' pei'tons
havingdemaiids againit cither linn tq
render in iheir accounts lor'f.rtlement
(tlioie ag.a'inff Don'ald M Nit oil, &. Co.
attefied, otherv\ife they cannot be ad-
m.ttcd ) He a ,o icquclfs all perfuis
indtbred to either fii m eo fettle and dif-
charge their accounts, that he may be
enabled, a's foon as pc;liible,*todilcba''ge
all debts due by the company., fie
has, in his ablence, for the purpofe of
a more fj eedy clofe of the company’s
bufiiitfs. authorifed Mr Robert M.ic-
Farlane at his ftorc in -Fayette-ilie,
to fettle all accounts make and receive
payments, and grant difcharges tor
all matters relating to the firin of Do
nald M Nicoi I, & Co. and has, in like
manner, authorifetl Mr. Alexander Ur-
quhart to fettle ail matters relating to
the firm of Henry Uiquhart, &r, Co in
The icmaining Rock of goods, for-
m rly b-longiig to the company, being
pti!chafed by tiie fublcriber, will be
fold by him, for cafh or produce at
his (lores in Fayetteville and Wilming*-
ton, on as reafonablc terms as can be
afforded by any perf'orr, at either placci
'Fayetteville, April 27. 1790.
ALL perf.ins having aiiy clemnndi
igainft the eflate 0! the late Mr. DO
NALD M‘NiCt)LL, deceaf-al, are re
queued to render in their accounts ar-
teffed. and thofe who are indebted to
(aid tffatc arc dire6led to m.jkc payji.ents
to _ ...
Fayetteville, April 27, 1790.
In WILMINGTON, on ll,-; otb J-'v of June next,
A 'v.iliiahlcVi'ATER LOT in liie (lu-l town,
hitel'.'pan of ihe iHhite ol ^\''’lliam Willrinloii,
efquire, d'Tc-ii'cH; conveinen'.ly fitu:ite!l lor a mer
chant’s hiir.nUs, con'a’-ing about 75 loot on Ftonr-
Sti'cet; on which there are valuable ware-
houfes, a good wliaif, and next the Hiecf, Ho'’" loun-
dalionsfoi ibree teiitinenls of 27foei front e.rcb, wilK
an alley to the water, 011 each liJe of the lot, I’lx feet
wide. . _
An inJifputablc title will be given, and credit for
part ofihe purrliafe money. _
Further paniculai s and xvill be made
bnown on ihe liay offalc, of by previous applicaiioii to
tile fubferiber.
Wilmingtoh,'May i, t^pfo.
2kpiil26, 1790.
R A N A tv A Y, Hn oudar-li.'!* negro fe'-'-uv,
nameclJEM, about 2(sor 1^ ye.iis ol .1'C—has
heen in tliis coiinly aimilt iwo \e.ns—five fee" 9 or \o
inclu s high, I'p'-aki hroken Ent-lilii—lays he lielou.U'.d
to one Saudem, of .Soutii-C.irtiiin.i, hot iveeii -"lailelloil
and S.ivaiinah river. Hire I out to pay piiiou feet.
HENRY DEBEIbikY, Sherilf.
Montgonfiery county,
April 26, 17ya. 35*

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