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    ferved tliat partial evil is oftentimes an
\ini verlal good.
He was forry fome gentlemen liad
not brog'ilit forward a relblution pro
viding that the ilates who had paid oft'
wore than their proportion, and had the”
certificates now in tlieir irealuries,would
be allowed to diicouni thciii againft the
United Stales, &c.
Mr. Vining concluded with an hand-
{bme figure, comparing his arguments
to a vellel launched into the federal
ocean. He wiflicd that the biifinefs
could have been poltponed with proprie
ty, but feeing the gen''-nien Were anxi
ous to b-'ing it to a decifion after fo long
« difculfioii, he could therefore wilh it
were hallened.
A few words more were "added by
Mellrs. GeiTy, l*age, and Sedgwick—
This important queftion was at length
^Ut from the chair, on the fourth relo-
luiion, refpefling the airumpiion of the
ftate debts with Mr. Madifftn’s amend-
tnents, and there appeared
For the affirmative, ,31
' For the negative, 26
- [ To be coiitimteJ.2
Congrefsof the United States.
Segun and held at the city of New*
^ York, on Monday the fourth of Ja
nuary, one thoufand feveu hundred
and ninety.
Jfn ACT further to fufpenipart of an a^,
entitled, “ An Aft to regulate the col-
• leilion of dutict imp-fd by lam. on the
^ tannage of jhipt or -eejfjs, and on goods,
•wares, and nierckandizet, imparted into
the United States," and to amend the
/aid alt.
B e it enalled by the fenate and houfe
ofreprefentatives of the United States
of Ameriea in Congrefs aJfembleJ, That
fo much of an aft, cnililed," “ An aft
to regulate the Colleftion of rite duties
impofedby law on the tonnage of fhips
dr ve/Tels, and on goods, wares, and
men'handizes imported into the United
States,” as obliges Hiids or vefl'els, bound
lip the river Potowmac, to come to, and
depofit manifells of their cat goes with
the officers at St.’s and Yc'.'comi-
eo, before they proceed to iheir port
of delivery, (hall be, and is hereby fur
ther fufpended from the firil day of
May next, to the firft of May, in the
year one thoufand fevea bOndred and
And be it further enadei hy th authari'
ty aforefaid. That the landing places in
Windfor and Eaft Windfor, in the ftate
of Connefticut, (hall be ports of delivery,
and be included in the diftrift of New-
Speaker of the houfe of reprefeutativtt.
JOHN .\D AMS, Viee- Prejident of the
Thnited States, and Prejident of the Senate.
Approved—February S, 1790.
Prejident of the United States.
True ropy,
Secretary of State.
T HF fyrtem of ttie enfuing campaign is faid
to he thus atr.ingeri :
' I’rirce Henry, with K ill:reiith. erm-
snanits Mie army which marches hy Saxony into
The duke of Prunfwick, with his vnime pu
pil. the prince royal, takes the fteii) in t’nlanrf
The kme. wiili general Mollcndorlf, com-
tnandsin Silcfia.
r.ittsts fr-.n Oftend mtr.tlpn the dcat’i of the
tmperor in tli* mnfi pt rtiive terms.
Letter!, iioni Vienna ol the i jili iiiftant, fay,
they have no liop;:. of a pa.ic; with the Forte,
as the laft advices from Conftantinople .alTert,
tiiat tfie {rand iignier i. deterniiiied t6 carry on
the war.
'I'he accoimts from Warf.iw are totally difT-r-
*nt j tilt) mention tint the ptcliminaries ara
nearly finitheri lor figning, and that prince Pa-
tenikiii has had yoliorfcs got re.idy at Nimirow,
to carry the news thercol to dWfiri'nti]uaricrt.
rasavARv Tuefday a coinmiuee of
American meich.ints, had a conltniicc, by ap-
pi'lntiiieiit. ssitli the milliner, ceneerning wliat
ileps may he proper to be petUicd to recover
the debts which are outibnding and doe from
the Americans, contracted hncetheycar 1776.
The king ot Sardinia, it is now fold, it to
make a dWerfion In the next canlp.'rtgn tn favour
of Aurtria. A ftinilar eff.irt is alio cxpedted to
l-e .1 .ade in favour of KuiTia, by the princes of, Tart.ary, and C'ircaQa.
'J he emperor has lain a new tax on provifions,
and all other Common necefTarlis (ex 'cpt stood)
in Vienrli. And every perfon xapible of bear
ing armi itlo'bt fent to the
The prrpiratinni for war, both at Vienna,
Berlin, irfaw, and Stockholm, all proceed with
the greatelt aQiviiy.
1 he Turks have made feme attempts towards
Iherclitl ol the gariifonof Orfawa,but hitheito
T he king of .Sweden has puliliflied an ordi
nance. exhorsing all hli fubjeCts, inhabiianti of
the coaft, in take up arms in defence of their
cantons, and ftiare with him the datig'.r and the
glory of the iw»r. I he exIuntatioB has had the
d fired cfF ft; theSwrdes are earnellly freond-
ing the lormidablc preparations of their king,
and every thing pertendsan aftive caiuiiaijn.
'Maacn ,. \v« believe that we m.iy now
affirm, without any chance »i beine prcmi'ure
In our prrdi^Vion, th«i the emperor no more.
We are.agt opiy aiiiliorircil in'tliis b'*lief 'hy the
words of tiie Oizette, but by pr;v;it' letters frsim
Holland, fomc of which intted mcnii tn, that
his m.ijcAy (ii(*d the rijtht of the i6ih ult*
heine fufFocn^ed by the vi.Jtncc of hiscf Uih.
On the I 3th he received the faci -imeiit in hh own
Upartm nts. in t)»c-^rtferree ol fs ertl perfens
belonging to his'eoiiit. .mil all the public pUers
ofamufemeni were •nlerrd to lie ftiut ; .ind on
the i^thhis majefty received cxiremc unction-
That the emperur's dif fd'rr WTib incurahle and
too violent to hold o\n long, hai b en the con-! in;orm.iti'o f this p iper; in’?rd his con-
mull have ber . hnco.Timonly droov; to
have fupp rted him throoyh lofevers an il'.nefs.
We have aheacly menri* ned th it his nujerty
fente time lince fent for bis fuccen'^r Inm Flo-
rcncp. but he was net arrived at \ Icnna on the
15th uU.
•At Anrwer|>. the approach of the citadel is
moft clofely binckaried. and a lire of c.nrnon
planted from thencealonf the Fauxbou'^gh, to
the adjacent villagt of na^henlinl:. in ufdcr to
prcvcKt furprife. It Is faitl, that one huedred
V l int’ers Irom each ot the five comp.mVi in
tf«« city, will he difp.atchcd lliere againft the
cvtcucicnof (he gairif^n.
Extrafl of alstter from ronftantlnople, Deesm-'
h-r 'iti.
Tlic Div^n ha- mi t of cry day f t tbeftf three
weeks. Tht-. bin.* 'Ih af*d Ftrnrh ambafTsdors
hive nudienr*** thcriultar and are
the (inly r-iinlftirs (the Spantih excepted) who
fech im fo often.
'• Tli» prepstationi fCr wsr.ire carri-d on Vr-y
reriilarly • two 'boufan'l men, moA rf wbom
arc Europeans, art- employ ri at the .irfrral. ' he
granj fignior who go»s I'rcpurntlv in pt c ffion
with Mahomet’s flandsrd. wiffim the people to
Wriieve that he mean-, to pu» hinifeU at the head
of his army.
fiOSTfl.V, MARCH 13.
The Biit'fli flicriff from fit. Andrew's (•To.
va .Scoti.ij lias taken with an arm- I inn r, a Mr.
1 uttle, forint-rly a lieutcnam in ibe Amriirsn
army, from hriife on Mot,r lll.ird, in the
bay of P.ITiniaquoddy, and tonviy.-d him 10 Sr.
Andrew's jail, where he e-.v. conhned a corli-
dcrahle time ; ihtir coiiit h ive rcpc.itcdlv fined
the inhabitants of tliofe IHands for lefuline to
ohey svhrn fummnned as jnrynirn. In a late
inftance Capt. IStinn, their high ffiei 1(1 for Char
lotte county, with David Owen, cfrjuire, one of
their principal inagirtrales, and four men, arm.
ed with inulkets, pillols. Arc. in a hnrtlle and
violen- manner, went on Ficdirick ifl.ind, and
attempted t ■ break opm Mr, Drlefderiiier's lionfe
to fearch for property they faid belonged 10 a
BritKh fuhjrO. The m.irtcr of the houfe rp.
pofing them, armed with an ax, prevented their
fucce-ding on the houfe; but they fiodiiig a
cow on tlielfland. forc'bly carried her off with
them Mr. Dt-lefdernier i,s the collcftor of the
cuHnms In that ifl.ind lor the Unir-,d States.
It is hoped Lord Durcliellcr will notcuuntcnancc
fucli proceedings.
One laft Irtrrrs from HiulfeU reprefert the
Belgir revolution to be much l.arihi-r from a He-
cifive ratificailonthan has been generally expect-
T'vn Pruffian camps a-e. it Is f ild, to he form -
edmxt fprir.g in Wcllern Prutri.i, on the coift
cf .Sainoyiii.1 and that of I'ricow. I lit I’olilh
army, divided into tluecbodies, or'.ll form three
camp's, one under K.a.iiinieck. anoiber on tlis
jjoptiers of GaUlciaj and a third ir. Lithuiihia.
Infirmatian from the Genefce eaunfry,
communicated by a corrcfpv.dent. R wajrmnn roiul, with brietj-es
over all llic creeks ami rivers, quite to
the Genelee river 119 miles from Onei
da. is now complealed—the p-nprictors
of the Gcnefee cimipanv having opened
the road from Om-Ida to Cayiitra, (>i
rtiiler. in c;;lent—tli it the i’llt works are
in fucli forwardiiei's as to afford 40 h j;h-
els per dd/.
tANBURY, fcONKTCTirt rj ARRtl. f.
Lately palfed tliror^h this county,
one Johnilon, a feaman, belonging to
Exeter, in New-Hampihive-, who gives
thb follo-te'ing account of the capture ol
Capt. Pettrfon, of I.otig-lfland-, and his
trew. Confining of eight men, (he be
ing one) by the Algerines, and'their
efcape I'rom tlieni.
They failed from Newbury-Portfotne
time in the year 17S4, on a whaling
voyage, and having been out about
three months-, were taken by an Alger
ine cruifer of 16 guns, and carried in
to Africa, wlicrc they were kepi at hard
labour forcne'ytar, at which time Capt.
Peterfon was made overfeer of the reft
cf the (laves, and had the charge of
dealing out to them their prcvifions, &c.
Rnd tlius continued for four years, when
liis filiation became intolerable, and he
determined to attempt an efcape.
Finding ah old Vefl'dthat was broiiglit
in as a prize, and trondemned as unfit
iorfea, he conveyed on board of her,
from time to time, fiich f rovifions and
Other neceft'aries ashe could carry with
out deteftion ; and being as well pre-
parei as his fituation would enable him,
he communicated his intentions to his
men, and to Mr. Underliill of Weft-
Chdlcr, in the ftate of Kew-York. who
liad been twenty years in flavery. They
ap|iioved of his plan, and accordingly
embarked in the night, witli their clogs
on their legS)-and put to fea, chooling
rather to truft thcmfelves to the mercy
Cl the waves, than continue in a de-
plor.tble Rate of flavery to a mercile''s
gang of infidels. 'They fulTered ru: -h
by f.itiguein.pumping, and from aw.;rit
tli ptovilions and clnathing ; but being
lavoured w itii good weather *and lair
winds, they arrived fafe in Georgia, af
ter a paffiige of fix weeks, and are now
on the way to tiieir friends, having been
a'bfent almoft fix ycai-s.
By a Gentleman from Amherft, New-
Hanipfhiie, we are informed, that in the
nigiit of tlie yih ult. fome evil minded
pet Tons fct fire to two barns, belonging
to an attorney in that tnw-n, in wjiich
■were his hay, grain, ftc. which were
wliolly confiimed by tlie flames—four
cowsperiihed in the fire-i-Amougfl the
rums were found fmall carthern pairs
containing coals, by wiiicli it was I'up-
pofed the fire was communicated.
Another attorney in the fame town
found the ncxtmorning,ticd tmheknoefc-
crof his door, a letter, containing the
fullnwing laconic advice—"Be ye aifo
ready" A not a hena direfted liim to look
donm. Oil calling his eyes to the ground
h-.- beheld a faggot of pine fplini.ers
piiclied at the enI—We leave itlo the
world to giiefs 'heir meaning.
We likewife hear, that ilie office, pa
pers, &c. of an attorney lielongliig to
Filciibourgh, Maffiicliuletts, was burnt
to allies, in tlie night of the ytli ult.—O
envs !—why art thou thus permitted to
r igt in ijie licenlimis bread of lavage
nan ? Ye kindlcrs of fire, what can ye
expeft but fire.
.Ttid IloIIaqd, the very counTies from
vhich we have huhei to imported tilis
atiicle. Glauber’s falls of an excellent-
qualiiy, arc made cheaper than can be
fi:!i.Arri.pinA, Aratt. rr.
Laft Wednefday in tlie alleriinon, the
reni.iinsol the 'Hull■.•ions and venerable
were Intel red \vii!i every mark ol ten
der and refpeftful furrow, wliich an :if-
feftionale family,devotedto liim, friends
truly (enlible ol his worth, or an intel
ligent and grateful city, could Ihew.
The Ihips in the harbour hung their
flags ii.ilf mad high.
'i'o the city ofBofton the glareofhis
raiiviiy, lie has left a liberal and well
jiulgedtnken ofhis renicmhr.ance ; to the
city of I’l'.iladelphia his feeond place of
Liith, lie has left tlie fame. lint lime
alone can unfold to his country and liis
fellow men, the nimcrous treafiires of
wil'dom which his pairiorirm and philan
thropy have be(|iie;illied them.
Tlie ui'efnl arts are conftantly iticreaf-
ing amogft ns. A iliigle m.nuifaftiircr
ill the noi thein liberties makes annually
400 dozen pairs wcrfreil, cotton and
thread Itockings ; the lad fuperior in
appearance aiul goodnefs to thofe that
ate iinjioMcd Irom England at a niitcli
higdicr price—fn in tlie laboratoiy of
McIIsTs. M.nlh.'d.l, We are inlormeil,
that, (his Hiiiltrii i- fiocolb. i f mule fill
ammoniac '.vill be exported to Lugland
We hear the Preiident .of the United
States lias been plcafed to appoint th4
iKNiutii-able Samuel Ash, efquire, judge
of the didriet court of this date, and
that the full federal court is to be held
at Newbern.
On the 22d inftantthe houfe of repre
fentatives of the United States refolvedy
that the members wear the cufloniary'
badge of mourning for one month, as
a mark of veneration due to the memo
ry ot Benjamin Franklin, a citizea
■whofenative genius was not more aa
omam nt to hurtaii nature, tluin his va-
ilous c.xertions of it have been preciouf
to icience, to freedom, and to his coun-
The window glal^ mannfaftiired ini^
Maryland is equal to the heft of that im
ported from Europe. It is hoped all
y Hing ladies and gentbrmen of tiie b au ,
monJe willgive the preference in futurc^^
to American refteftions.
New-York newfpapcrs advife, that
the Prefident of the United States hat
been again indifpofed. It is find tha-
Airof New-York does not agree with
Letters have been received at Phik-
deljihia by the late arrivals firm Eng-
I.ind, which mention, that the court of
London hasiffiued orders For the imm»
diate equipment of 24 (liips of the line,
and for the recal of all their officers on
half pay, die prefent pollure of poli
tical affitirs in Europe haviiw rendered
tiic meafure abfolutely nc-ceftary.
Oh wiilnifda)’the 14th up. hefore the Tii-
rtreme circuit court of the tinned States, held
at the ci.-y of New. York, Wil ii.n Bfown an4
Limes Hopkirs were tried for a tonfpiiacy to
dertroy the brig Moinins Star, and murder tho
rapla-n and |ohn Lewis Loney, a paffenger on
h-iard faid t-Kg. Alter a trial which lafled aboil*
four hours, they w-ere found guilty, snd fen«
tenced to (land one hour In the pillory, be im-
priflmed for fix months, and publicly whipped
previous to ihcir difdiarge.
At PUBLIC vendue.
On the 9th day of fane next,
A Valuable W ATFR LOT in fh#
find tnv.-n, latcl" part of the eC-
tate of William \Vilkinl‘on, efquire,
dccMfed, cortvenicntly fituated fra
mcrch.ant’s bufinefs, containing about
75 feet on Front-Street; on which there
.ate feveral valuable warclioufcs, a good
wharf, and next the ftreet. Hone tonu-
dations for three tenements of 25 feet
front each, with an alley to the w.uer,
on each fide of the lot, fix feet wide.
An iiulifpiitahle title will be given,
and credit for p-,u t of the purclnue ino-
i'lir'her ptriieulars and condilirns
will be made known on the day of'iale,
or by previous application to the fub-
Wilmington, May I, 1790.
F rom from thefubferiber, living ia
Cumberland county, at the lower
Little-River Biidge, on the new road,
an old negro fellow, named
He has thick lips, a littk (loop flioiiltli r-
cd, and grey headed—has high Vein, in
his ilrms and legs, and in liis legs the
veins appear to be in knot.s—hi.s l ack
fliews a I'ew inaiks of the fwheh—lie is
lively and reliihiie at anv ihir.g he un-
tlerr-.ikcs. 1 expeft lii.s intention wa.s tn
go tn Ionic of the hack counties, and cn-
iieavour to pal's foi a free man, a- he
was once IIIIFerred to pafs .ns fiirh iu
fome of thole counties, v here he took up
wiih a Iree woman for Ills wife, who L
have now living at my houfe. .'\nf
j'crfon who will deliver the faid negr >
to ine, llvill receive five pounds reward,
and I will pay all real, n.ahh- rharres.
May 13, 17^10. jd.

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