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: 1 . . ' . ; v :
He-St 0? RirtUlllTATlYt!,
:: , .,rT,HE for regulating procefes in
, . t t v X" the toirti of the -United States,
-r-f-"rastead and ordered id Be engreffcdTor1
u-.uu jcnumg iu-morrow.
The petition of John Boridfof Kew
J Yotki merchant, relative to the tonnage
; M ?. Denfon prefented a conveyance,
agreeably to an aft of the legiflature of
New-York, for ceding the light houfe
at Sandy Hock, and buildings thereunto"
' belonging'to the United States. ...
" iThe houfe : then went into' a commit-'
: te. of . the .whole, on the mitigation of
fi-, forfeitures and penalties, under the
; reunuclaws of the United States, Mr.
' X ermore in the chair ; which was gone-.
th gH in the committee and reported
to .h houfe. , , ... J r .
i- VLt Burke gave nptice"tnat he would
: to-morrow, move fct a committee to
s ring in a new bill for the; relict ,of ai
certain defenptkn of officers, as he had
reafon to beli eve that which hadjl ;en
already agreed to in- tBe howIeTwaTloC
formation .having been regularly. laid be-
for the fenaW;
The houfe, then went into a .cmimit-
ee of the whole on the bill for the go
. vewment of the t irrjtoVy oil ' the iouth'
... t;, of the river OLo to which artutnheroof
' amendments were made and the bill or-'
deped a third , reading to-morrow, i
1 V The fpeaker having reumedjths chalr
7 M Page, frdm tlie committee tor'that
, ,pi .oappointief rented. the form '
-4 -of- bill forjpt efetving records," &C. of th
- uu etett ftates. .i.'t. -V !,;-v::fev-- -';'
' ' The houfe then went' Into a commit-
' - tee of ttfe, whole oj the bjll for regula-
- ttng the trade with . Indian tribes, and
- made ptogrefs therein but -on ,mo
tion of Mr. Jackfon, the was recom-
mitted to the lame committee who had
. formed it,' with the ; addition of1 two
members Mr. Bloodworth and Mr.
. Steele.; . . '
. The houfe then adjourned until to-
. . .... 1
TlbrfJayi jfpril a ). r.; X -
' T Mr. Sherman, Mr. Smith (3:C.)( and
- M rVining were appointed a committee
' " to reppft to the houfe if any, or what,
; . -funher rules were neceflarx to regulate
' ths proceedings In the houfe and alfo
. tot confer with a ciAimitte'c of U:'e fenate
repecting jurther regulaMfitlsincorN
- du Vm bufinefs between t&e two houfes.
V Mr. Fiufimchs, Mr, Smith (M.) and
llri'Sturges were appointed a.conimit
tee to bring in i bill for the government
and regalaticn offeamen in, themes,
chants fcrvice." -
. The houfe then refolved itfelf Jmo X
tommittee of the whole on the bill fu
', T3lcmentary to the ail, entitled,"
ail for, cflablifblnor the falaries of the
2ecutiyjDfGccrsjof government, jheii
. . -ainaants and clerks.", The bill being
com thtoueh' with, and amendecLj the
V-i-Uvommittee rofc, and the houfe agreed
to the fame. By this bill the fecretar-
. . . ct iize it allowed to employ another
J , chief clerk at falary'of 800 dollars per
a . '" . annum' ...."'
, y ' The houfe took Into confiJeratton the
1 bill for provicing' rfcans of intercourfe
.;-. witli foreign nations! and agreed to tlie
fame as ammended by the committee
of the whole on Tucfdiv lau. '
f The houfe then refolved hfdf into a
.. committee of thewhole on .'the hl
u for the encouragement of learning,'
, by fecuting the copiei of mapsi charts
and other writings,.; W tlie atthori and
' v proprietor! of fuCh Copies during the
, ' xi&iii tl-.cre'm me. '.iond. -
. Mmltjyftt "$.'.:. ' v "' '
Th bill ' XS prefcrlbe' ihe mode tn
t which'the public atSs, record, and judi.
' , c'ul.proctedings of each flate (hall be
auihenticatcd lb as to take eflc ft in every
llaw,nd ' . . - ' .
' The bill to allowccapnuAtlon to
. '. ' ; .
I bhvfician and furpe'on to the American I
prifonerrbn Lonrr-Mand, were read a- I
third nmerana palreauit Ivbufo n r 1 ,
The bill to authoti& ifluifig cettifi-
cateiio i cettaiitdeftription f Invalid -bfficers
vs read the fcco'nd time, and
ordered to be engrailed.
The bill for adiuftirie andfettjin? the-
claims of khe Baron Steuben, was
;read a econd time arid Referred to a
eornmiltcei.of the ".vhcle "to motrow
MrrFnrmoMyTepffrtSdbltbrthe reguUtion and gnyernment bt'amen .
In merchant' fcrvice; which. was read;
a firli and fecdnd time. ' ' "
; -' Mr. Lee p efented a petition from the
inhabitants of Aleand"J lefpecltng
certain claufes in the tonnage ad read -and
referred to the committee,' nn the
report of the fecretary of the trea'ury,
-relative to 'the' defefts of ahe Yevenuc"
.On motion of lt Goodhue, the te-'
'port qf die comnj'iuee on .the pttition of
the inJiabitiints of Portfmottth (N. H j
(Tefpefling at) enhanced duty. on foreign'
tonnage, :t was ' read. The -rt port ,
proprifes that an additional ddty cf one
apiiar p?r ion oe iaia op inrergn oottoms, .
and ten per cerit.' additional impbd on
. Ameacan vtlScls are, rot peraiitted toj
;raer4;iTOs was7rW
. tea ot the V'hole houfe, bit Friday next.
On, motion ci-Mrl Smith; ( S. ' C-")rit
was.mdved that the amounts of the trea-:
" furef tof the UnitcdrStates , (liould . bft
printed and ahaeied to the journals W
rKe houfe,
2kiM:r;,GeitTjfiggetted the propriety tt
rcaaing tnoie reports on petitionii rrom
the heads of departments which negative
'the trfayefsef ich pethioni, as .well as
thow in fairpr f trantinjr them r as, he ;
I ubferved the, wntrjry praftice is hj fafl
mcicjiui m wy ciiraurmnary power
td'executiv'ofikersA' AFttr feme de-
bate, Mr. Cerry fBomitted tiie f pllpwinrf
in fiibllance i " .That the re,ert on'
'memorialvaid petitions hot deiermined
upon in .one ieiirn may be called up in
f. On motiyn of Mr.'Smith S d.) that
part ot the frendpnt ipcrch which ref--pccli-
the .encoUragcjnent- of (eienfce;
and UtertuTt wa read, , He then mr
,vedtbat It tliouhi be referred w afdeft
Fir. St6n. cnquirect what parrpf the:
anj Aepi in a bufi
hi part lie knew
je.agyritojg wp-canvvitn
proprictyvve j.are encouraged, learn-
W oj pvVi uir .a,ctuiiTc pi u
t iaivt v vuui.i -t iii
a nauonai untvenity.wav made m.uie
general conveij;i9n, d 1 x ws negative
... .... .. ...... r
mefl.tcewas rc;ivei fron)thefem
r- " a "i" 'i i'ir ' r
gome a wehave,pow:rrx)ddby.U,: iacrtd,tobc printed. : ,
conjtrutjon. :,fy-. I- lntommittee of thswhote 6ntheb'.n
. ..M. Sherman faul that TI for adiollimj and fatisfying the claims
W ireft Congrefs with power to eftabl!h . of Xvaiiarri l Frederlck-Steitueo.-',
na" TfT:r5 1 6 h? thatJhf h'? 'Mf.'Boodinot, Mr, Scney. Mr. Sinnkk.
r(Ted a b,H or extending, the jdkblfon an() Mr SIOne-and fupportcd'by
hw of theUnrtcd ??tate to the (late cf . o:.w i. r
iNotiVCaroli4-rauo, that. . they have.
concurred in the vote of.thV hcHife, to
con G derf if any,and what fuaher rules are,
'ncfsliftwcen the two houfes alfa to de
tcrmine t!t$ period at whh the appoint,
rhent of Prelident,, Vice riefidcnti lena
tors and reprtfentatives of the United'
States commenced agreeable to the con-
Uituticn.. ',' . ; - .. . j,
' 'Hie bill Jd authorife JtTuinj certin.
cites t9.acfrt.ain defcrip'tion .of iavalid
nfliceii was read the- third time and uaf.
fed. . r,.i' '7 ;,'
A memorisl OL -M'vire 01 North-
CaroVina propqetjbtof Weft-roint was
read, referring to rrfohnion of the lite
to j Cobsrcft--far purchaGr.g-thc propot;
; v.'' .... ..-...- c..'.
for adiuitincr ajndlfatisfviaif the-claims
or JJaron teubnu!. 1 '.-y-
Mr. Stone moved thai ihe report; of
the ecretary of thcJSrcaiuty onjke.Ri
ren's i memorial fhoold b .ead-'he
clerk- read thijamv Thl':commitree
. OThe 41a which ptopcifd aarmuitf ?
rif a Tnrt' fnr lif -Was'ttbitfaedtO.-! Several v.
amt.jnents were propoiedypd loft a
lengthy SBate 'ibp'porti baWr" ;
propplitionsi-bttt a motion.for the com -TnntecVrifing
prevented a dcclAon. .
4 A meff.i'ge was received from the k
"fiate, with the bi$ prcvidinff for the go-
vernnient foutlv of ! the Dhto,--the a
mendments of the houfe to this bill were; 1
notagreed to -' ' Adjonrncd4 "
;.The houie receded ' lrom their .
wendments to the bill for the govern
ment fouth' of lhe X)hio, -which had bee
' disagreed to by tho fcnatetbey agfeet
to the amendments' propoled by the lei
r.ate tdthe till .for the mitigation or rej
miflionpf fo,rfeitures and penalties a
cruing in certain caies tinder the revenuf :X'w,'.v.v.".iv: iV.ii:':;cK
&LA roeflage was received from the ft
The committee appointed fof tbatptiri
pofe 'reported a -bill for the fplktheiifi!
the additional duties on win', rum, fee
aspropofed by the. late rtfo'uripns of tha
hpufe. -A The faid" bill v. as, read ihe firfl
-Uroe and-Jaid pn-the-tabierr 5'-iTt1
t; The Bill ffttothe:enare,, for extendi
lioglthc judiciary .law . oT- the United
States ; tov the Aate of i North-Carolina
wai read a! fecond turie. vi'i 'r-jp
n The houfe refolved itfclf into a com
mbee and;4diftulh'
'acjdfting and fettling the claims of the
Baron. Steuben. V -U,f'7
On motion of Mr. S'niitli ( S C.) the
.fecrewry eaVujy was direfled to
report the amount of tonnaee duty col
lected in each oC the laiti between tlie
firit day of Septe mber and ihefirft day of
January la(l, diftirigui(hirj the foreign
from the. domelicjonnage, r"--i-
-" A very long nt,norral of Nathaniel
' Twining.' was read praying further
h Rub!Tc aeK- ortKirnit Si
1 m tCAi a fi. ft and fvonJ
. tiroe aod the Qrtler of d m
Txh which ProK arvannuW
cf ; 7o6 J0narg j;fe: further
, cuneaiuTarM.amrneyfsitjvcre-
ome of which were
txi negatived, it was
m committee wuh-i
11 aMB MMn,te ft . ti ,71. A.r. at.
vwfln L o,..u .uiV:.-'
vinincr.Mr. ' Hnmlnton Mr.
m U.. O ' O - 7
worth, and Mr. Ciymov . . , : ' ;
r 'Adjourned -'-."r" T"
..r. '. - Frilti, Mat f
i In coptniwee of thVfchl on the btll
for adapting the" judiciary law of the
United Slates, to Uie llau cf JsWh-Ca'-roitua,fomeamndment
Were agreed to,
and fevcral claufcs added to the bill ic
comrnirtee tljen rnfe and, rrpftrted the
fanie f the lioufa aoceedid to tbefe a-
mendments. ' 1 ... 1 - ' .'.
Mr. BUnvtafteMlatln loathe houfe,'
, that in civrues'tence of olrtxininc (aa 11
fappofed) a furepthioi' copy from a
public nlftce, of the rta'tne of ntlicefs,an4
l folJicrt u . thi Viriw aaJ Ndrth-Cw4'
- - . - - , ' - .t
Ji.irMi$ing rheodeofaii eP5f aore11 ' 'i!
ihentlcating the; aflsJ records and pro - Tins 'motion-, was committed to -?J"C " 7 J;
"cc'edJnM -ot .tWfcvwaOat$ Mr Bland, IMr. Wlliainfon sind Mr.TR7'.i'ff
.rv"rr""'" VedneWaT.iert-tbocobeswereor.
e ordfec
rmy to whom
arrears ot pay were orafed to bemad . ' t
by a law paffed the laft feflion of Con" ,
greis tome pertons jko. fraudulent! ai
preourtd aflignmcnt f payfor a'cc'nf '
iideration mucji bobwlieir valueil H :
.therefcrenioved arewution to prevent .
.... 1 . t . 1 ? 1'1 I . .ft . L
the frauds takitirfla(; in Qae followifisr "
-Words v i t, Refol vedJiaf, tie fccretary Z$
at Awari be, "and he is jetc by jclireciedi' to
rolina lines of the ' la
dtife accurate lifts toe torthwuh putK ff .n'jfr ;j
liflied in the news'Baitri of the ' 'kisbSZZ
""Virginia! and North-Tarotiaa pf-itU of
;rs ana ioidtctt,' aor-ar (eniiuea. 10 ;c:;-:
:receire certain arrofpa'f fine to the' . " ' '
lines of the'a'nrt'inj the faSd ftates, for ,- "
which- moneyvWas granted and apro ; 221
priated By Ongrefs, at their lail fcflion t''-. .' ,
and tifat the payment oc maae to ui -faid
officers and (oldjersrof where dead-,
"to'thetr It-areprefeptatiresj-upder tliA
famVreguTaiions as have been, adopted,
for ihr payment-Of tuvaltd. per.fiocer?,
in purfuanre of an a& w3cd the laft tef
: 'Con oftJoneteKenaclrd 1. an at, pro-
ividing or tne payment 01 tue- mvana
pentioJaers Vf the United State?,". 4ind
, that "no claim of any afline?iunder any.'. v,
transfer Or riower to receive the fame be , H
admitted, .valid to entitle-any perfod :':
.10 receive any part qi tne iaia arrears ox
iXV: W ' '' v- '-.i-'-K
?t :The bill for adjailng anl llitisfyini;;-;"
the claims of the . Baron Steuben, ' ai "
Reported iby the comnMteeofthevwholei:
jwak taken upbijiiehouIiULAnarnend--
ment a fubfiitute for ths
VholebiUwas mtfvtd tiy Mr, Bondinot
v hichpTppofedr'th; payment: of 700 :
dollars and an. annuity. of -i cco.dollari
"duimg lifcTO commence fromthe firftof it
aattarjIt7pQ a tnotipn;wsipuile anj;;i
carried tto. tlrike. out ' ijco dollars, t
; leave the fum blank.. .1 . " ; r !
MrStceIeXf.:chairinani Iobjei)i;i
to one cfrpfc ;. ip that bill, I mean th ' ' ", vV-'-'i
" clauie which 4 grants. att! Bmnnuity of'.-?'-,'.'".: ' j
aof dollars to the Baron'for life t th ': " '
,reit of the, bill isin my .opinion, not
Texceptioiiatntj out u this claule cannot
be itricken .outI hope I ihall not be
thought inconfiiltnt to vote againft the
.wholei.Vj. a;.; "V :y,." H t'v
'.'It i with, reluftance that I fpeak'oti
tVioceafu)n, becaufe.I forefee that mf
motion will be corhbaied by lome vn-jr
refpeftable gentlemen,' and becaufe wy
.opinion goes igainft the demands' of t
" very.-memoriouiY"officefriut7"CivI !
have To high ah opinion of , the prido l ' ;
2nd delicacy which this officer, ppfleflcsj : ': . ; V.;
Uiat I would rifqae an'. aiTcrtion that' he V ,
would prefer; a l'mall fuxa unanimouflf ; . , , ' 1
voted, to anyluirt that has been named, ''I '--'7 '
If eartied pnlyiby t fmall majorilyi. t m - ; - , ; ";'
. IamavaJofs to know whether thit .,"'-- . ;
demand is made upon a contrail enter. ' ' . V
cJ into upan.hia coming to Alnenca : . , ' !
or twhether. it isja jdemand pon-tli "."!
teni"dy'or; Consre.fs j if it. is up
on a..ontra hat'contraft, fiioull ', 1
be clearly and fatLfaclorily made appear - ; . .
as wen as tun proot ot the pecuniary fa "J .7
crifice' he fullained on leavinrhis na - ' ' . ' , -
tivfl country if it Js made- upon tha
generofity of the houfe, which, I ke it,
is the bell ground to fco tpon, we Ihouli t
extend our generouty.' tri that, mod .
which woulJ be leaiUxceptionable. tv ;;
But fome gentlemen have faidf thaC ;'
though the contrail does not appear
n Uie journals pf tlij former Corfgrefs,
and thoogh it cannat 'row be. made ap
pear by any -cocument jet from hit
coming to America , in perilous times,' T
and entering our fervlce, that a contract
was implied..Th;sI admit, and pre
ciiely (bch a contrafl at was' made ith. '
vcry Amtrican officer If. yott uc-
ceed, we muflfe be paid 1 if you fail, bur
country's . lot, hall ' b; our'.". .Thit.
wat the language of. th American ufhVn
cers, many of whomficrificeJ more that
this German gentleman, many of whonr.J
performed as elTcntial fcrvtces, and.H
. havt hA laOierioj'ajiil uoA-- ; '
- - . r;.--'':- r. .". i
1 '
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