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    he He -h-Cafolina Chronicle ; f Of , yebevi-jg Gafc v
voT"n " j M N D A r' SftTkiit e, 1:30. I,, lV?
r- - .. . .. 1 .1
I s
ar rl nc uscharsJju Canterbury
in rnrlanci, is coptftom ihc Lon
posOracll. 1;
Bj th DEAN cfURlKG.
LIS'lEN, O lifKnto the wordt
ctmN mouth, i ally now ah
tirls poor or iich, tmen or gentle-n-cn,
taylor-oi bnkfbnckmakeis, or
lawwrsjtftcn I fay what 1 ftall un'. You led rtyethren, our gre;t
tf.n m te: , Brutus,ifrmre. ven lj
-5m, a trial
hofe genms lhooUus vicKcacu),
lies n v. n raiment tiptalify Ala. !
im milc uvniiii hell.
But why (hould I talk of amend
merit in your members,, or
corpora ion. They areindeid hfl tnut
tonty and T drop a tear when 1 coniider
the (tate of their poor fouls. But tbefe
things arc but vanity even tuitle, cm
fon, marrow puddings&c. &c. ray, , we
!.,.ir 1 (Vwi- hours in the b 'lk
and are dilir-ifled as filthy tenants of a
p,or habitation. Confider this my
f iends, and remember alfo, that a H
cek or a black are alike v. hen they .
q it this wretched catcaie ot mortality.
Teach ycurWives, my friends, not toei
pefl the jmoY of this world, but to
hope tor them, in the nex'.fo lKjdl our
days be peac-.ind Jour u dtVO
ted to tranquility and reft. .
Let us now ccnfider what the duties
ofachriitianare,and upon what grounds
we may expect to be returned tor a teat
of greater durability thn thofe of ci
ther Mr. Robinfin or Mr. You
fliouM be in the firit place br charitable,
for we are U Id that Mttue covets a mul
tiiude of fins you thould nei her be in
folent or airrogant, but like me, humble
lowly? penitent, and obedient you
ihould not wiite in the Devifs Mitfcella
ny, commonly called anewfpapei, or af
filt French Quacks inTobbingihe public,
' under pretence of curing the gmr
you iWd not libel yur r.tighbourt
throuch the medium of a prefs belong
ing to a 7fycophant You ftiould
. aC .n or .hp FLtcs before dm-
ner.or fmrke yo-tr pipes at tne bliake
fpear until morning.-In a rord, my
brethren, you do tbeie things vriiich you
mould not do, and your wires fay you
omit doing what ym (hould do ;iat
then vill become of your poor louls t
Oh frightful, fiightful? Butrppcct, I
fey, repent by repentance you wilt
have the ibenHk of an M of jrace and
be -xhittoJl:e! like our old friend
ri I to conclude and maketea r.
1- k r 7nofc poor remainb, anM remem
ber -Zus, y our friend and neighbour,
wastr3cherouflV: mnrdetd ftnl. yon
fliould Irecollecl that i: is our diu to
pray foi the wicked fhape your, lives
L ihv for nbtwithaanding the
ed (Janterouryv.'iic, unfr0dly Jt tms ciry nave ic.
e naine.i uihis deain, ana nav 6 d havc cailea me ri--X.c
r-1'"1 "1. nolle- , 4 d.. 7iZ- on another UiU
J ft. the art ot b ic " -v r- oay, au v - - ?
1 I s . have my prayers. vaic, .
IllTv I . ' Ar.J v:';,;,H;fcnnrftbe corps
) -.1 I V..V ni .'it
is.nxrti.u.v .... .. - ,
(erved a a caU ior a cim . 1 -
Jumlclf had been the Wf V"m
beads, Mated in the frcke- theje.,
and medby the mot. n fth Pedn
lum,ruck thef:.pi fpe.tor.
horror. -That (ta s ht ) theleu m
of my grandfather, whuh I mad i'h
JheUnce of a p or Tludcnr rm
Edinburgh. I have fitted yp deck
m the n iddlcof s hkh ferves aijnce
as eiifii and to n ealure tjim e.
This tkeleton 1 call the mimQertbetiide hiv ti rick way, and he
IciiousexprrlTu n ot hi. eyes and coijnte
nance, nur y an excellent ferrhon
Scarcely any 0co happens opaf.
fion wiles but one woiui u
t. My drat.
i o -M ot -x ior tO-
cay i iJin.ut, -v; " -
morrow, death 4A.-tfrot-nirn, tne
of .itc is cttnd as the apoMe
faid, h fvMeth. Sgiv brethren, fiiall
i: be with ail v fie time will come,
vhen jcv, this c'fytd myftlf together
, i-ii'ihe metiers Qrr, Inert en 9 and
' Corporation. (Ml -lve, and like, the
bafclefs fabrick clviuon, leare r.ot a
frr.e I beinnt:.
' And no-w 'n
you wh BiUtus
rethren I will tell
hs ver Brutus
kofe poor rtmufreit nowf before us.
Hi- wa lip-ealiHefcended from the
celebrated Romalrutus, Marcut
ni-:s whrfe daggelr.ctrated the boiom
of C-r the ct Lierpr not. only of
Britain, but of th Lrld. It sortie he
vas an humble 1 ivc, for his occcpa
tionwasihat of rr ; but then,' not
ail the genious, ar mited powers of thd
Roman ftarc, n.i 1 rhe abilities of the
liniv-rflk combine cotld vie with him
in the working"! J buttcbf
crndant of tha. t. Yfyr KlN
lor in ordinary hat miity j gemrai
of the empert Domnar.-nay , my
frieid- lie 'had honour to, make the
JdiKpireecbe,' he celebrated Taatui
henhema.ric ugfrlm
compliShed Roi u A Hav.n-failed up
, . c t'tirPiutr-itrow called
s Lwichl he led Canterbury v..r.c,e
. . If
..vs 1 J. ..,n rmieA tAe (nock
vjfaa not - -t -
.:Tt. r.4V. had occaf oned, mn a
lovely ye ung won an came In:""? into
the rtom, an infant in her atn .i, lit
tle n ore than two years cf age., Aher
m feii kind iaiutations to u, Ihe hcW up
het ittle citl to the tKrie on, js.ic,
- . V k. . Jl with rrr a
tul mr
v ttanhd niffht cratidta
xne wine in.v - r ,
ther" " Thefeare ou.i.cniiacen, j
thecobler,Mhe,in this, fa
lut their grandfather exr:y njofning
and eveiy evening. , 1 hai old
vhrm ym fee bufy in the garden nyr
father, he is to be placed, ait ei his dearh,
by the fide of the miniiiei, and to oe
a fnmelora piece x hw -m -.
trived to play iome fblemn church ri.ulic,
ib that he will be in the ftaticnf Icier k
to the miniaer. Lock howerfrf.
and brifkheis under his )cai s ; u 1 th
certainty, I aflure Jfflvf !W
be burieil in iheark,, and, lunt
rrave, deprivedf aUornpnr: , J.nd ot
fi,- rtnlliDhl-inf iheiufclbut every
day be a whnetfW.ijhjt i?fe-ivdc
hinHly,:anc!b:braced by hjs
m.rtfLVvpn 'at tJiv adv
fourfcore year- . tfhis n:
the remains At
i4U ! t cthT
thb i rcin Vor P5
the 'V alr
liL-.lftrtnae. itiwrtsia hav
. ' . . J K 1. 1 e'tci ted ft fo to-
1 Hould hae excuicu v vl4
to?' ltute a rot yet i'de
ftcod ta.lllr Ueaib ether- . W-ckil ,
tr y Ibrotbei', raid f r. :
Twoyot rg(en, oMrri iien ;vdiprt.
nurus apcaUnce, carnfirto l.a tfcrr,
andir alivvtius exjR.'ud (Lett a.
tiifacltioH af feeirg it , fit cl btirjrei-j.
r.ettoie V.; Thblr 't tci
after the tow 'am! a 1 vvlhp
' that fed rtn an y W cumnom.rat .
, called, aTid aiittie gitl hat iffiifeher
mifttcis Inthcliot iholdcr nrons.JThe,
.hr.u'e ddg.antte urid vnhaf-
"i. ...... Utt n(!t in 1 h lat tlowri bf
tbeoot,and by IcoH ar u jiu;e pelves
on ip.
a t .,,1 Inntr fntlC 'O IClt. Cit VCf
Vas armiriilered to the coV, mrc
rcnfidered a a kind io'Mi..uth Id ; .
Vrd erairs, with rfots andfome ihj
VffiiU oil the ki-chen, to thc iwae:ai
clock, a, it (iruck Dine.- Ail ey s ;vcre
fixed uon (his r.'.enxnio r,:sn ;. and ins
maK ft tincd to wan ioi their i ood (i GKi,
b v.ay 01 giutc,, - .
, L"rtrJ i,-h pfrilm, , Hie
link gP ofarinja:,, rt,e,.b
of living creatiresMhat iuck rlie cje,
ex ietiiors .in - -
,U tr thft lDlinff
;-ro me
mi h
Hkr rjnxm
V. , m -J.L-.vL-K;iu. vuirov Rive
cur pi rcc
to vcu a little eMiavagant L!rff ..a
cal, Since ik let m,- to aiai-M 1
huve no fenfe eiiher cfyD;
we ai c aw - r 1'
J f
eth ti
Jioiis A
Jc vtv r-i'l'eable.
indeed e are vei y little:
k thfu-frid
.. !. 1-
un:il tt e,
-nropeniior "
" 1 .
tyranny a- h
, r im, nc--wu'
tfi. irtue of rip. Ct eat
fereditary hatred to all
pation navelled down
fVMHore oatiently be-
Lid thatrctkd conclave ofci.y carj
r.. 1 l,.al1rl aldermen, lord
it uncontroulelveryour municipal af
fairs. In the le of the' people he glo
xiovfly qittedl. goofa his thmblc, ins
'1.1 t:.t, then arming
will be enclofed in the armsof our mo
ther Earth and the Dean will dine with
Mr. Elpt. . , " .
Yours arn'", Mr. Printers,
VvTefufFr crcati
luiions cf imaginatitn,i
cheat ourfeh es jrialitk
m aft .:f.if
the lame means,
We lliould !o ir.fcl
111 vs
that VmAe ct -il
r triad s ItVfcu reitihirt,rm
.knat'; z:.iJl fflbii; and
. ?3the :eziv.. vl.:
Ii can
-f.?fs by
. Li-
It that
tttTR rottajre was fxtuat th
i- . .1 r A
a a-iarter ot a miieiioni
: ...... -(
i-AC of
Vim a rrw, - . .
ariHocratic mis who devour au 1, . ofhalf-
. . l.. m.-w . 1 t-i irm uuu
o-.5od thmcs otiniciuu. , -- .n.m. a i
- .1 1 in-trier anv u'v" - . . r
-';cTrn 4?V lTW ai routid which he infed,Ue pr.vuege
not corznanuiifn,.''"'' ?' "caJnir for eels and other fmall,h(hes in
,oarfiouflr.-hey not eaLof t. protruce of hi. calling;
and ofbeb5.r?rHav philSbphic eobler to live
-.r, r: j rtrnr hoinita itVw
I, i rr
OCaU yiu'l vwvi. tKti.
flhfrditToftheidea,na4 mkf? . fcnteife? cj y iPfSU
tha' hciLemSofomed uv l5V'de r Fr Y 1 v i
fh'Afjae. w11 l, V tt -KdRe, not v, n-v vitf'i-n I in lawn fl
'anlen cfat glo Man j kcen pA
the lame thk't
the miniiler
J 1 1 1 r
and do-they net
iRes, with
"biugh, until t
on their broa
the very thou
luptuouir.els t
But who pays
Vtl -' - - "
ael and,; Irilh Ufque
mn reriain no toneer
r w
ottoms )T tremble at
of the id ei manic vo-i-trm
nt'his citv.
all ihet wicked fealt-
or then my brethren,
. 1 L I .
'.1 XXT- ornv at niS IIUIIIUaC
cooler. w --- .
--n tliervenincr Youarewel
come, rtrangers, faid he, to my hcvufc.
But luxury has made great Ritdes imce
thefong was firft compofed
Aeokler tfores9 and he hv'd tn Jtall,
Wkich fenfd him for :par lour t Jr Aitchen,
etna au.
Sab Step in and";oa (hall fee tfce firft ; as to .-.
nnd have the1vcn V. it- -i.-.- l.afi. Hod. ou fhall by
r t V vouroneyf not a 10- mc iuUUu, r . , -
oUurtUfiup yw n , be fatisfied of its exiftence by .,
li;ary T";7 fallow an appeal to another fenfe befides that
n.t. mv bretnrl, ywu l, - , rr' tr
Y ' u i.ind are rkqt t ttiem 10 01 iccmg. - j
the wholeind ar. . Qn thI pariout I was firuct
fat and lazy, fey can f j afpeaacle which announced to me
ence .n a md - nt inuch at once that I had the good fortune to
ftould .fy-jXht which be received the roof of a ph.lofo.
ffgW?,!bi pherand ahumourift, aswell asan hoj:
they willbef -!rV. n Jiuble man. A fccktoa of gigantic
they waibcprUy rnybrcjxei.pAU pu (

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