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mrth-Larotina Chronicle ; or, Favettevilfe Gw&fte.
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.Total Kp-J 53O
Year, 1766, 1767, and 1763.
By J.'lCARYER, esqtjise.
JN June, -1.766 I fat out from Bofton,
an i pmcse&d, by way of Albany
and KiasiraWyichijliniackinc, a fort
fimaied between the lakes Huion and
Michigandiiiant fromJJoHon 1 x o nrles.
jTliu being ihe utterrabft cf our factrrics
(towards the North-Weit,Iconfidered has
th?mft convenient placer from whence
I could begin mv intended progrefs, and
tr. r at one in.o the regions Idcfignea
',fo explore.5 ".
j Referring my reader to the publicati
ons already ex'ant for an accoxint of
ithofe parts of Nor ih-America, that, frcm
Ilyi rig adjacent to he Back-Settlements,
Jiave been ? frequently deknbed, I ihall
confine myfclf to a description of the
fnore interior parts of it, which having
teen but feldom -vifited, are confeq-'ent;
But Utile known. In doing this, I ihall
Hi no inftance exceed the bounds f
truth, or have recourfe to thofe ufelrfs
and extravagant exaggerations ten often
rjpade ufc of by travellers, to excite the
Mlitiufitv of the rublic. or to increafe
' 1 4 w . - - - . -
itteir own importance. Nor ihall I in
!flrt any obferva ioi s but fu ch as 1 lMve
Blade myfelf, or, from 1 1 ie credjlMiiy
Kf thofe by whom hey were 1 elated,
hi enabled to vouch for their authen-
Michiih'macktnac, from whence T bepan
tiayfchj is, a .fnt'rrmf)nd of a
r.g ftockad-, and u defended
a parrif n of en? h;m 'ict! men It
ain abnhr thirty h' fe.. re of
1 v
ch b??cn;-'s to oycti o' , .inJ ;;no
to rhk-cim-i iifun . Several tia 'crs
dwell wi Mr its for'! -ations, v ho
it coyvrev.t fiMia'-Mi to traffic
the n. I,'1 br;;r incj r:i i u:s ?icl:i'
ckjnidc.iin tke nj;ny;e cf hr. Chi-
7 irc!arr, f?frine itoife ; and
-cc is-jwieU te xcctivcit caii.c
from an iflmd, lying ahouffix or feven
Kiiies tothe Nith-tait, witliin fij!u of
the lort, which has the appearance cf
that aninial.
During the Indian, war that followed
foona "ter the conq icfl of Canada in ;he
year 1763, ani'whi h was cauicd oh by
anjmiiy ol confederate Rations etimpofed
ot "the Hurons, Miamiet, Chipcwavs,
O towaws, h'oQiomattiTiiie, Millxfat:ec,
the extent of
heir routs, I was to fmd
Wc accord
on the i 8 h
This iort is (1
iremiry of a
te lined by the
and.fomc other tribes, uniier th direAi- pofltilion of a
on of. P.intiac, a celebrated Indian war
rior, who kad always beeti in the French
intereft, it was taken by furptize in the
following manner : The Fniiian?, haig their plan, drew re4r the fort,
and began a game at ball, a paflime
much ufed among them, and not unlike
temis. In ilie height ot iheir game, at
which fome of the ngliHi ofl'iccrs, net
fufpecling any deceit, (tood locking on,
they ftruck the bail, as if by accident,
oyer the ftockade ; this tiiey repeated two
or three times, to make the deception
more, complete ; till at length, hvin by
thiv meant lulled every iu picion of the
centry at the South gate, a party ruined
by him, and the reft foon following, they
took poflcflion of the fort, i'hout meet
ing with, any oppofnion. Having accom
panied their 'defign, the Indians had the
humanity to fpare the lives or the great
eft part f the gahifon. and traders, but
they made them all piifcners, and car
ried tlicm 01T.. However, fomc time alter
tney took them to Montreal,. where .they
vvere redeemed at a good price. The
foit alfo was given up again to he En
glifh, at the peace made with PontiVr 'y
the commander of Detroit, the yea. fo -
i 0 . "
Havi-g here made the neceflary difpo
fliion for pu'fuicg my travels, and ob
tained a credit from Mr. Rogers, the
governor, on fome Engiifh and Canadian
traders, y. ho were going to trade on the
Mtlipii z:J received alfo frem him a
prom:fe of .! f efh fpj-ly of goods when
I reached the fa'l- rf Saint Anthony, I
left 'the for on the 3d of September , in
c-nipany wi h
agreed that th;
full oods as I miht want, for pref nts
to the Indian chiefs, during my fontl-
y mc
other guides, and to depend on he goods
the governor rad promised to
ngly fctout together, nrid
arrived at Fort la. Ear.
tuated on die louihcrn es-
bay in iLake Michiah,
Fi ench the Bay! ot Puaii is i
but which, fmce the ilagiifii liavc guinea
tnew traders. It was
ry Thould i'urnifh me with
f inoi's crdcr,
STT-eahle to
but whea I
al n veu at
1.1 1
i-ine ictucmcfits on sins
part of the continent is calldd by them
Green Bay. 'if he reafon fits! btinsrthys
denominated is from it, far
on leaving Mkhillimackihac in the ipring
feafon, th ugh the trejes tnere have not
put forth their buds, yet you 'find the
country around I .a Bay, nptv.ithllar.d-.
ing the pafage not exceeded fourteen.
days, covered wiih the iineft verdure,
and vegetation,, a forward as it couici'
be. weic it fummerv
Tliis fort, afo, is only furrounded by
a ftockade, anc being much decayed, is
fcarcely iKfcnfible again II imall aisr.s.
It was built by the French lor the pro
tection of their trade, fome lirne before
they were iorcjed to relinquilh it ; and
when Canada rndf its dependehcie were
furrendered lokhf Englifi,;it .was'immef
dialcly gafrifohed vsith an officer audi
thirty ;men,; thjrfc were made prifoneti
by the 'Meiymqnies, foon after the. fur
pr ie- of Michilimackinae, and the fori
. has neither been gariifonu or kept in
repair fince. I I '
The Bav is aljont ob miles long, but
differs much in its breadth, I being ill
fome places onhr fifteen miles1! ia others
.from twenty to thirty ; it iies nearly
from North-Eiift to South-Weft. Ati t
the entrance of it from the lake, are &
firing of hlands extending from Norlr
to Soiifh, called the Grand Travcrfe j
thefe are 30 miles in length, and frrvc to
facilitate the papage cf canocs,ias theyl
Yhclter; them frfnm the v, Jndf , wbicla!
lometlmes comr v ith 'violencei acrofs!
the lake. On the fide that lies to the
Sriiith-Eaft is thh nearer! and beft naviffa-'
ti-n- '-i ;' 3 'L v :
' The iflanr s eft fhe Grand TraVerfe are
mc fily fmall. arid reeky rrary gt ihci
icfks areol an amaiiig iiz, anappeji"
a ff they hi'dlbren fawstoijcd
by the!
On the iaiC& aiid Lrft '
., I!..
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