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    rth-CaroUna Chronicle ; or FayeHevilk Gazette:.
, of Vol. II. M O N D A Y, S BP T E M B S R 27, 1790. Ltal N- 55.-p
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( Ccr.tinued.)
2R and bears arc very numerous
Jl i 1 thefe parts, and a great many
beaver ..nd other f.irs are taken on the
Urc-ims that empty thcmfelves into this
. TucriTer I am treatmg of is remarka-
ibl; tor Having been, aoout eigmy c1
, arrLtherefidemct of the united bands of
r tSt Otligamics and the Saukies, whom
their wonted cuftom, des Sacs and des
Reynards, the Sacks and the Foxes, of
whom the following anecdote was related
to ns by an Indian.
About fixty years ago, the French mif
Xcnarles! and traders, having received
many infolts from thele people, a party
. .cf French and Indiais, under the com-jz-zl
cfcaptain Morand, marched to re-
. " mr. thm-xT trr nnfufririoilS of a villi C'f
f ;thisHrJ, ar.d puriuing his route over the
bov? to their villages, which lay about
fifty rr.':cs up the" Fox River, came upon
,th:rj hf furprize. Unprepaiei as they
- .were, hs found them an eafy conqueft,
; and cnrjequentiy kiuea or iook piuuu
:zxt thV'greateft nart of them. On the
rstuni cf the French to the Green Bav,.
,m s-C m TnKjrt rh',fCt in allhmce wish
" Vt Vi iVI.4. -
X'lherr.vwho Lie! a ccr.fiderable Sand of
V the piifoners under his care, flopped to
L .drir.:ir.tabrcok ; in the mean time his
: ccmp r.rions went on, r. 'u:k being obfrv
i' ;; ed bjraVornan, (h- iudvet'ly feized him
' -vrhh both her hands, whilit he flocped
-Xioirinkf by an exquhkely fulceprible
: . the foot! A s the chL f , fro rr. th.- extreme
tcrtuff be fuffcred, va- unable to call cut
to'hisfnend; or lo give any :iUrm, hey
psiT: ! Cfn ithouL know ing hut hadhap-
! m.1 -ir.f tli .- Ii-i'jiltcr r',At 1 V:
f , bar.Jsrofthofe of her fellow prifoners
I ) r;ere in lb? rear, v. ith the i
her cfcape. This heroine was ever i tcr
trer.tciihr her Pinion .is their dsliverc-,
zr.3, niade a chntVis in her own .light,
-TrJilibeirr tocptail the fimr her won
,l:r dcicciidams au uauiual diiliaioc,
and permitted only on extraordinary oe
cafions. About twelve miles before I reached
the Carrying Place, I obferved fcveral
fmall meuntaiiss which extended , quite
to it. Thefe indeed would only be ef
teemed as molehills when ccmpared with
thofe oa the back of the colonies, but as
they were the firft I had feen fince my
leaving Niagara, a track of nearly ele
ven hundred miles, I could not leave
them unnoticed.
The Fox River, Trhere it enters the
Winnebago lake, is about fifty yards
wide, but it gradually decreafes to the
Carrying place,whtre it is no more than
five yards over, except in a few places
where it widens into fmall lakes, though
1:11 of confiderable depth. I cannot re
colleflany thing elfe that is remarkable
in this river, except that it fo ferpentines
for five miles, as only to gain in that
place' one quarter ef a mile.
The Carrying Place between the Fox
and Ouil'confin Rivers is in breadth not
more than a mile and three quarters,,
though in fome maps it is fo delineated
as to appexr.tobe ten miles. And here
I cannot help remarking', that all the
maps of thefe parts I have ever feen are
very erroneous. The rivers in general
are defcribed as running in different di
rections From what they really do ; and
manv branches of them, particularly of
the Mifliiippi, omittei. The diftances
cf places, like wife, are greatly mifrepre
fentei ; whether tkis is elone by the
French geographers (for the Enlifii
maps arc all copied from theirs) .through,
deffgn, or for want of a juft knowledge
of the country, I cannot fay ;. but I am
fiti .fied that travellers who depend upon
them -in the parts I vifited,. will find
themfelves much at alofs. HaingJkr
veyed, with the greateit care, every
country through which I palled, I can
atlert that the map prefixed to this work
is drawn with much greater preciiloa
Ulan any extant. ,
Near one half cf the way, between the
rivers, is a meraf; overgrown with a
. kind of long grafs, the reft of it a phin,
with Coma few Oakland pine trees grow
iiT theiecn. I obferved here a uriat
n-.frnbrr of rattle fnakes. Monfienr Pin
niuiice, a Fieachrader, told me a re-
markable ftory corcerning one tof thefe
reptiles, of ulnch he! faid he was an bye
witnefs:, an Indian . bclorging to the
Menomonie nation, having taken one cf
them, contrived to tame it, and when he
had done this treated it as a Dicty, cad
irg it his great father, and carrying it in
a box with him wherever he went. This ;
the Indian had done for fcveral lumrhers,
when Monfieur Pinnifance accidenlly
met with him at th?s Carrying Tlacp,
lull as he: was letting off for his Win
ter's hunt. The French gentleman was
fin-prized one day , to fee the Indian place
the box: which contained , his God en
the ground, and opening the doe r, give
hira his liberty ; telling him, vhiiilfcje
did it, to be Aire and return V y the time
he himfelf Should conic bj:cV,v rrhich
was to be May following. As this was
but October, Monfienr told the Indkir,
whofe fimplicity ailoaiHied him., that h
fancied he mightwait long enough when
May arrived for the arrival of his j-reat
father. The Incii m was fo corfldect
of his creature's obedience, that he of
fered to lay the , frenchman a, wager of
two gallons ot rum, that at.tne tim
nointed he would come and crawl
V.Ic kv " This vca anrecd on. and
fecond week in May following fixed for
. : A .J 1
the determination ot the wager. At mat
period they both met there agjain ;
the Indian fet down the bax,;and called
for his great father. The fnak$ ijekrcl
him not; and the time being expired,
.he' acknowledged he had loft. Howe
ver, without feemirg difcouraged, he of
fered to double the bett if hi? great fa
ther came riot within two days more-
this was further agreed on ; when behold,,
on the fecond day, abeut one o'clock,
the iuake arrived, and of his own accord,
crawled in to ".he box,: which was placed
ready for ni. j TiieFrenrh gentleman
vovthed for the truth of this ;iory, and
from the accounts I have often received
of the docility Of thofe creatures, lice
no reafon to doulet his veracity. L
I obf-rved that the, main body rff the
Fox River came from the Smuh -VeR,
that of ;heOuiuCbnfir fiom .he Nculi
Eaft, and alio !h at ibrr:e of the ?fmaH
branches of thefe two risers, in deicetid
irg into them, doubled, mithin a fevr
iccVof each otfrer, a little to the Sctk

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