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olurncshaveheea written en. each of
e. I ''have take them all in for the
i of fyftem; but to me none appears
I portant except the third and Lift.
The firft queftUn includes mechanics ;
-i mews how naturally agriculture
j-y he takan into'thefecond branch of
- iral philofophy in any of the fyftems.
I- "sed mechanics originated from agri
.are : the farmer's handfpike was
" probably the firft lever; and his Hiding
pete, with one end o-n the ground and
th j other elevated oa his krn cr log--P
Sa7C s firft" idea of an inclined
re. From this firlt fource, evrry
ranch of icieuce, as navialin, optics,
:c."hs its own fyflem of mechanics,
,;iont which nothing cam be done.
Manufactures yet may receive great
r-itantages from improvements in me
chanics ; agriculture, which is more
Hrriple, never will. Wc are now at no
lcfsfrr implements, but for want cf in
clination to nfe tliera. Great improvo
:r.2i;t would here be pernicious. Co uld
r nuchine bedevifedto do . the work of
t:ri farmers, nine would be pefts to fo
s'ttj, efpecially in this new world.
A great deal has ben writtea on this
.r neftioa, I will only make two or three
Ort remarks. The inftfumentj. are de
rived from the mineral, animal and ve---table
worlds Wi'h the procefs of
iron amd other; ores, the farmer has no
thing to do ; and very little need to pro
. ylic farm-wood wher a carpenter can
tcHad. When this cannot he, he alrea
dy knows, that thewiater is the feafon
for this purpofc ; that the oak is in per
, fecYion at an -hundred years, and other
trees about fixty or ftventy.
Much has been faid about the trench
plough and roller : the roller is a very
ifcful inftmment, though little ufed by
; Use farmers in North-Cat Mna ; it is very
'ufeful in breaking clods, in prefling down
llie roots cf wheat thrown out by the
'froA, and to prevent them from being
f thrown out. ' The ufe vf the trench
plough may : be fuperfeded by Jeep
; ploughing, and by gradually defcending
vfroin year t year, as the ftate of the
'foil willadmit. If earth be takn from
tthe bottom of a cellar fix feet deep, and
, jpread over a foil already fix inches, the
f whrle will, in a. few winters, have a ve-
. getative power twelve inches deep.
i Among the inftruments of agricul
ture may be claffed the animals ufed for
t that purpofc ; of thefe, few farmers know
.the value mf the ox he is as tradable,
land may be made as. fpeedy as the
. fhoife ; his durg is more attenuated, he
i-, cheaper fet', it crippled is mere falea
I tie, and needs lef? currying and fhoeing
J than the horfe. The comparative gain,
I by thole that have made the cflirr.atc,
basin twelve years ?vncvt,"td ". mere
than isvenry pounds. is, ;-t any
rare, a fubjeft that deierves confide: a-
ti-.n. On the
2 J Qneftio,li:tle needbefuid. High
land fhould, if pcJible, be level ; leaves
and grf, never burnt, but ploughrd
down for manure ; low wet ground
fhould be drained, and defended from
the current by crefs and fide ditshes.
Trees fhould be girdled two or three
years bcfoie t peniag the foil, the bark
and fmall Kmbi fail and form a rich rna
nirej and the timber can be carried off
for fuel and other ufes, to prevent falling
on the grain, or forming a retreat for
vermin after the foil is epesfd.
The belt time foi opening foil is in u
tamn, the fods may be rottd, and the
natural manures imbibed through the.
courfe of the vrinter. Indeed all arable
grourd wheiher new or cl 1 fhould be
.ploughed at this time. The
3d Queftion is of gtat importance.
With regard to fruit trees there is little
choice. The apple, peach and pear are
common ; th? pifiimon defeves culture.
Fruit is certain in the coldefb part of
North-Carolina, every third or fourth
year. This is fuflicient encouragement
ibr the culture of an orchard, for the
farmer may then, cut of a good orchard,
diilill all that will be neceflary for fami
ly confump:ion until the next fruit year.
Rrfpecting grains, graffes, Jcc. the
"farmer may be guided in his choice by
the following principles : firft, as the clime
.is warm, chufe thofe whofc roots will
ftrike deepeft in the foil ; yet not fo as
o exclude, in the fecond place, a rotati
on cf fibrous rooted plants to bind th
foil when to much. opened by the firft
kind. Third, chufe thofe which can be
all, or nearly all, thrown back in ma
nure on the very fpot from which they
have been colleetedC
On this laft principle, and indeed on
all rational principles, we muft rejeft the
culture of the tobacco-plant, unlets, it be
tn-fmall quantities, for medicinal purpo
Ce. Every atom collected from the
wheat-field can be laid back ajain for
manure ; fo that it need never fail.
The fame thing. may be almoft faid of
.flax, hemp and indigo. The fiax and
hemp feed, and relics of the indigo vat,
form rich manures: and by ploughing
in autumn, the foil, by the aid of the na
tural manures will lofe nothing ; but
every planter kaows how much and Low
rich the manur is in a ilngle leaf of to-.')
bacco all this is extracted frcm his
field; it is exported from his country, it
will never return, and tee natural ma
N T E.
Sec GentlwKau Farmer.
aures &an never make up the dfftTLi
4th Qutfticn has engiohtdrfcs utfen
- tion cf farmers'. It is Ij-.? iisbiecl of A'
rncft all the -pieces, -on 3g' thcc
have apptaiad hi thenew-ipaper, yet i
prcmiies vtry lit tie-vto .the Iirpovemeik
oi farming. The pruceis . hi taifing
wheat, hemp, $c 2. is pretty well uadet-.
ftt;od, and v. ill never aslmit of any jrctc
Fv y farmer knows that he muft cq
ftr.d his rop from large animals by
lencejor ditch ; if they be bad or brckea
dn- n, it is indolence, and not ignorance,
tht is the caufe. Againft .fmall infeds
dropping eggs in th milky grain, no
fure remedy has yet been found! Soak
ing feed in water, with felt, lime, er ful
phur, has been triedj I believe, without
certain effect f. Againft their own ef
fluvia, plants may befecured by placing
them at a proper frcm . each
other ; and from fweet oily dws which
flop the poresf as well as from ether
difafiers of the atmefphcre, there is no
The farmer has o need of direclions
abcut the culture o his trees, unle& it
be that in pruning he fhould cut off, rot
thi ycung thrifty, but withering1 brughs,
and thefe an inch or two from the trunk,
. to prevent fears and defecls. Some fay
trees may be tranfplanted any time from
the finking to the'rifing of the I lap. I
have not made the experiment. M
Tn cultivating plants, it, will appear
from the dc&rinef attractions, that die
foil fiiciild be reduced to a perfect pow
der, efpecially at the time of planting ( r
fowing ; and indeed a cornfield fhould
always be held in fuch a ftato. I This is
the! reafon why corn fuits not h hilly,
heavy foil, and fhould therefore he &fs
an obj eft of attention in the weftern parts
of this flate. In cultivating plants, ma
nure mould be equally fpread over, and
mixed with the foil, over rank ft raw or
ftalks, and root-worms. The farmer
kaows wheu his crop is ripe, and alio
how t collect it into his .bar a or ftack
7ard4 The , , j
5th Queftion has refpecl to its ufe.
Vegetables are raifed for the fruit ; for
leaves or blades ; for the roots ; for
cloathing, as flax and cotton ;and for
manutailure, a& pot-atfk and Pruflian
blut. - The laft is ccmpofed ef more
than vegetables. '
f Whsn the cg is nce Stopped, there is no
medy buc ktrplpg the raia eittisr tco hct r too
ccld t9 hatch tliacgj, orccl erwife 10 griad it c-ut
cf tke $ rai . "
A talfr iioor, perforated vith fmall tclfs, to
let the fran through,! ard raifed a a flafe, icot
akcrc th truf)or,ii in irrpevement tfciefii-
mf e vijc.
TibTCWU'dtr is uHctitadatly fipzudtMt ait

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