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WHEREAS it is direfted by an
a of the prefcnt fe:Hoa of Con
greTs, j that the m.irihah of the fsvcral
diilrias of the United States lhall caufe
the nuWer o inhabitants rhhin their
rtPpe.Tive diilrifts to be taken, omitting
Indians not taxed, and dhlingufhiig free
perforis, including thofe bound t fervice'
for a term of years, from all others ;
iiftingui!hingalib the fexes and colours
cf free perfons, aad the free males of
ficteeft fears and upwards fiom thofe un
der that age. And the faid marihal
being empowered, for efFe&ihg this pur
pofe, t appoint as many afllAaats within
their irefpcAive -Uilri&s as to them lhall
appear necefTary : I DO HEREBY
der to receive with as general conveni
ence as pofllble, the applications of thofe
willing to become afTiftants in this buu
nefs, I fhall attend on the feveral days
anil at the places hereinafter mention
ed : that is to fay,
On the iSth and 19th of September
next at Halifax, for the purpofe f ap
pointing adiftxnts for the diSricl of Ha
lif.ixl '
Oh the 23d and 14th at Hilhbo-.
rough, for the diftridt of Hillsborough.
On the' 28th and 29th at Salifbury,
for the diifcricU of Salilbury atnd Mor
gan: On the 3d and 4th of Oflober next,,
at Iayetteiile, for the difcriil of Fay
ette yille.
Cn '.he Sth and 9th of October, at
Wilmington, for the diilii& of Wilming
The bufintfs of this Sate will be ar
ranged by counties, or diftrifh, as lhall
ap,)ar moll coavenient when the ap
pointments are made.
The act of Congrefs provides that
each atli.tantfhall receive at the rate of one
doljar for every 1 50 perfonsb him return
ed,! where fuch perfons rcfide ki the
co intry, and that where fuch perfons refide
in a city or town, containing more than
joq6 perfons, fuch afiiAaat lhall receive
at the rate of one dollar for every 30
by him rctur:d ; but when, from the
difperfei fituation of the inhabitants,
o:v dollar for every 150 perfons
fliiil be iafuTicieni, the marfhal, with
the anpr'jljj:iin of thejudgs of their
( 16-j
refpeftiva diftri&s, may mate a fur
ther allowance ? provided, that the com
penfatien does not exceed one dollar for
everv 50 perfons returned.
The bufinefs muft clofe on or before
the fir a day of May next, and the feve
ral affiitants are by that time to trans
mit t me accurate returns of the per
fons within their refpeclive siivifions, ac
cording to the form prefcribed in the
faid a5t of Congrefs. f-
It will be expected that thofe who ap
ply far appointments (hall exhibit recom
mendations from the principal and:
beft known characters in their re
fpe&ive counties, of their inte
grity, punfluality,and fitnefs for the bufi
nefs. When it is confidered that this mea
fure is to afcertain the proportion of repre
fentation of the feveral ftates in the fede
ral government, and that the due weight
to which this ftate is entitled therein
depends on the faithful execution of thi-fai-d
aft, it is therefore hoped that gentle
men will ba careful in their recommen
dations, and that all the good citizens of
the ftate will be ready to aid a full and
fair enumeration.. o the inhabitant,
thereof.. ' 1 '.
Marfialforthe elijlritt cfNorth-Carolineii
The appointments for -'the difWiAs of
Edenton and Newbern will be made and
forwarded. - 53 4t.
Perquimans y Ati uji 2 1?, 1 7 90;
RAN AWAY from the fubferi
ber, living in Surry county, North
Carolina, near Allen's iron works, on
the 29th July latt, a negro fellow by the
name of CHARLES ; about thirty years. 1
of age',, five feet eight or nine inches :
high, has a down look, and one of his
upper foreteeth is put ; I am apprt"h;r)
five he is making j$r Drowning Cretk,
which lays fomc wance Ibm-h. of Fay
etteville. Whoever will deliver faii fel
low to me agaist lhall receive the above
reward, befides all reafonablc expenecs
paid by
THE Aibfcribeij informs the publlicy
that he has removed to Fayettc
vilie and opened a houfe of entertain
ment and boarding in the houfes lately
occupied by nvis Barge ; is now ready
to accommodate thofe that favour him
with their' cuilom, and his beft en
deavours will not be wanting -to give
fatisfaclion) having been happy in that
refpeil whllcliving in the public wayjat
Warremon ; flatter myfelf I lhall
now have At in my power to pleafe in
Auguft 81 50.
f ! . !
Augaft i3, 1790.
53- 4.
EGS leave to inform the.
public, that he has taken
Col. Porter field's la.ree. com-
modiqus new houfe, nearlj
oppafiteMr. Mf Auflan's fldre,
, where he intends keeping ! a
Boarding and Houfe of- En
tertainment. - The houfe
containing men a variery or
plea fan 1 1 y fi t u a ted - roq m s,
will enable him to accommo
date a large number of the
members of theenfuingaflem
bly;' His greateft efforts will
be'-exexted to pleaft thofe that
favour him with their cuf
tom. He expects to be in the
houfe by ths hnt or Qcroier.
Fayettaville, 5ept. 6- j
F 0 R, S A L. E,
A LOT on thes Weft fide of Green
Z"uL ftreeh near the bridee, on v. hich
is a good two .ftoty '"dwelling-hsufe,
juil finiHied, witli fdur rooms on a floor,,
aaa a tolerable feitcSien ; its htuation
for health and convenience is equal to
any in the town Ardilh or produce vvill
be received in payment. For particu
lars enquire at the printing-office.

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