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Nc;5, of Vol. II.
MONDAY,1 0 (7 r 01 R n, i79o. , Total . K? 57.
7' jT7
UllflLis WV
' ( Co?:tineJ.)
rxHE Miflifippu'as Taras the; entrance
Ji cf the river St. Croix, thirty miles
ni"o,-e Pepin, is very full of iflarids ;
fw.r.s cf which arc of a confidcrable
ic.igth. On theft, alfo, grow great
numbers f the maple or (ugar tree, and
r.isur.dthem vines, leaded with grapes,
creeping to tlieir very top-. From the
lake upwards lew rrrbuntrnns are to be
fecr., and thefc but firiall. Near the
River Sri Groin relide three, bands of the
NawdowcGie Indian, called the River
This nation is compofed at prefent ci
elt-cn binds. Thty were originally
twelve; but the Aiiir.ipoils fome years
ao revolting, and iep.iratinj themfelves
from' the olhcn, there remained only at
thi-, lime eleven.- Thcf: I met htre are
i-;:.ird tliff River Dana., :bccaule they
chi-3y dwell near the banks of the river ;
ih other eight are generally diilipgukh
d fcv the title of the Plain's; and inhabit
a coi-.r.try lies r.oic to the Weil
ware. The names of the former are . the
Aehtatawanahs, the Ivfawtawbauntow
ah:, ?nd (he !Shafweentowahs, and con
fi.l cf about four hundred r.-anicrs.
A little before I met with thefe three
h in '., 1 fell in with a party cf the M iw
rawbar.r.UWijp.r., : -counting to icrty w:tr
rins and their families. With thefe I re
r.Jcd a day or two, during which time
ilv or nx cf their number who had been
out o an escurfion, returned in great
h-u-.c, and acquainted th-ir companions
that a large party f r the Chipeway v r.r
r.or?,. " er. they ezpre?:-J
rhtrafeives, a -o iVv.illvv: them 11 vp,'"'
.. .re c.Iofc r.t tl:e;r hech, and cn the point
f marking; ihtir little camp. The
fh:;5i applied' to me, and defired I would
, Ir , tell at their head, and lead them
v:c tor.ppjfc .their enemies. As I 2f a '
r.n a tJ imvillmrr to excite the un-
n t-.l rr i'on, 1 hrew not how to
4. t ; arer found anfelf in a great
r , 'rjrn:;:. j Had I 'refufed to uf;m the
.:.f vccsj t, Ibould huve draw' on idi.Vlc-.u'.c , or had I met
the Chipeways "with hoftile intentions,.
I lliould hare made that people my foes,
and had I been fortunate enough to have
efcaped their arrows-at this time, on
fornt future cfcaficn I mould probably
have experienced the feverity cf their re
venge. In this extremity I ckbfe the
middle courfe, and defired the. Naudow
ellies would fufFer me to meet them, thsu
I might endearour to avert their fury.
T-o this they reluctarnly aficnted, being
pcrfuaied, from the inreteracy which
had long prevailed between them, that
my remonftrances would be vain.
Taking ray Frenchman vrith rne, who
could fpeak their language, I haened
towards the place where the Chipeways
were fuppofed to be. The Naudoweihes
during this kept at a diftanc behind.
As I apprcached them with the pipe of
peace, a fmall party of their chiefs, ccn
lifling of about eight or ten, crme in a
friendly manner towards me, with whom,
by meaws of my interpreter, I "held a
longconverfation ; therefultof tvhich wa?,
that their rancur being by my perfuafi
ons in fbmej mtalure ; moliirisd, they
agreed to return back without acccm
plilhin tlieir farage piirpcfes. Bur
ing our difecurfe I could perceive as they
lay fca tered abcut, that the party was
veiy numerous, and many of them arm
ed with mnfkets. J
Having happily fuccee'ded in my nn
dt: taking, 1 returned without delay to
the .NaudowctTies, and ' delired they
buUfinftactly remove their damp to;
fome other pai t.of ilie country, leli tkeir;
enm ies Ibould repent of ilie piomiie
they hai wcn, and put their- intentions
into execuaw-n. They acccrdin 1 i !-'.
Cwed my ::d ice, am;' in.mcciatcly pre
pared to-Vtike thir tents.' Whilit- they
ere dcing.ihis they traded me vrhii
thinks : and when I had lien 0:1
and; .the! elder pUrt; of them thsrkfd
m e w 1 th gr at co rd i 4 i t v ,
tor ti e mu-
Thev ii.formed
board their cunccc I pmlueu.
To this '.al!vehtu!
c I 'vra"i ch.irflv in
debted for tliff friendly receptit n 1 ; -Art,
vards met with frtm thcjM-i'...-.wrti:s
cf the Plains, ar.d for th" ho
nours I received during niy aboc n-.rr:g
iheni. A nd when I ai 1 i v cd many mor.tWs
fter at the Chipeway vii-je. xtsr the
Ottc;vaw lakes, I found tl-fet n: fame hvd
res c bed that place before me. The
chiefs recciyed me with gicat ccjdiIity,
chief I had prevented."
1 1 1 .
,mc9 juiac tne war.. .between ! tneir nation
jand I' the; Naudoive (lies had continued
without interruption for mere than lorpr
winters.; That they had long -wKhed tJ
put an end to it, but this was generally
prevented by the young vrarriois cf either j
nation, who couhli not fei1rtin their r.ri S
dnr when they met. '.They faid they I
mould be hanor iffome chief of the f.wne" f
ii'.. ij i . .
pacific difpcfitibn -as . rayfelf, and who ij
poffefFedi an equal dtgrce of reiolutiqn I
-arcd-coolnefs, would fettle in tlie country
between the tyro ri anions ; for by the in-
teifertnce of luch a perjbn an accommo-
elation, which ontheiri oarts tkev fin-
Z j. !.;.. J
cerely defired, rpJght be brought about. J
As I did not mfcet any of the Naudow- ;
eOies afterwardi, had not an opportu- j
nity of fbrwardng fo good a woik.
A i. i 1 1 t 1. T71' IT-' C
xoout miriy oeiow. uie r aus cr
St. Anthony, at which Iiranived the ;
tenth day alter I left Lake- Pepin is a
caveiof an amazing depth ; the Indians ;
term; it Wakon-teehe, that is, the pwell-f
ing of the Great Spirit. The entrance!
mto it is about, tea teet wiae, tne neigni jj
of k five feet. The arch within is near
f.iieen ieet high, and aboit thirty croad. J
The bottom of is ccnfifls of fine clear ;
fand. About twenty feet from the en-'
trance begins a lake, the wafer cf which
is tranlafent, aid cxtbads to an un-itarch-bls
diitanci ; fbrjthq darknefs of
the cave" pre verj-s all : Attempts to ac- .
olre a knSwlede: of it; 1 threw a fmall'
pebble; towards ihe interhtr-paits of it
with! myutmcit tcrengdi;- 1 cld ner i
that it fell iato the water, kr.d ROtwifir4
tlandinsr it was rij fb fmall a fize,itcaufed aiisj horrible nolle that rc-j
ve Related t!'iioiu;b all ihofe gleomy re-
glons. I. found irj this caveman)! Indian !
h ierog ii ck.? ,' v p'fh appeared very ap-
tient, itr tin.e l-ad pearly covered tkem;
with mp(, ib thatjjk wa's with difficulty ,!
Ther v. ere cut in ;t !
icr. the infji-e of: ike
T coi;!u trace ilen
Vr-aii;!. . Lien vrzit cf'Snpoiea cr a none ;
fo extremely frf; tjmt -it. n:ighv be pene- ;
tra'ed with-a knif-f a ficnt, every vrl re ;
to be icunJ neaij the Miilifppi The j
cave .is prJy accleb'le. by aiecadicA j

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