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i ,
nit.-o-jc, i-cp pafTige that lies rmr the
brink of the rlcr.
At a little diitmrcTrora this dreary
atcrn is tin buryinj pla::e of feveral
bajiJs of the NauJoweffij Indians.
Though thefe people hare no fired refi
dehce, living ia tents, and abiding bat. a
fer nunths ononefpot, yet they always
brfcg the bones of their drid to this
pace,v which they take the opportunity
ofdoiag when the chiefs mcetjto hold
thir councils, and to fettle all public af
fairs for the eiruing furnmer. , J
Ten miles below the Falls cf St. An
thony f.he River Si. Pierre, called by the
n uives the WaJaoawmenefrtor, fills in
to the Millifippi from the Vc(l. It is
rot mentioned by Father Ilennipin, aL-t:vr-ugh
a large fvr river : this omiSion,
1 Conclude, m ill have proceeded from a
fin ill ifl mi that U iituated exactly at its
enhance, by which the fight of it is inter
c pfci. I fhnuld not have difcovered
thb riermyfelf, ha I I not taken a view
wlKnIwas fearching for it, from the
high lands oppolite, which rife to a great
Nearly over-againft this liver I was
obliged to leac r.iv canoe, on account
vcf the ice, and travel by land, to the Falls
cfjS. Anthony, where I arrived r,n the
17.i1 of November. The Miflifippi,
frbm the Sr. Pierre to this place, is rather
iivre rapid than I had hitherto found
Iti and without- ifiands of-any conficra
tio't. Before I left my canoe I overtook' a
y 0 m:g pi i n c e 1 f die W i rmebago I n J, i a n s ,
viio was going on an embaffy to. foci s
of the bands of the Naudowefliss. Find
ing I intended to view the falls, he agreed
to accompany me, his curiofity having
been often excited by the accounts he received from fome of his chiefs.
He accordingly Jef: his family (for the
Indians nevr travel without their houf
lioMs) at thi place, under the care of
my M hawk f:rvan and we proceeded
together ,by land,, attended only by
B y Fr e".chmani to this celebtated place;
We could dMinftly hear the nife t f
the water fall 'fifteen miles before we
reached the falls ; and I was greatly
pVif:d and Tirpmed when I approached
thi-. al'oniihing woikof nature butl was
not long a. liberty to indulge the To emo
tions, my attention being called ofF by
the bthAvi ur of my compahion.
The prince h J ro fooner gained the
rtoii that overlooks this w nikrful c; i-
cade, ihtn he brg rn wi h an
voice to iavoke he Grait S;v-i-,one of
rrhcfe places of rei'dence he imagined
thi to t.e He told him 'lint he had
corne al ng var to pav his 2.lor:ri mi to
l:Jn,P. d n w. would h
oeigs in his power.- Hs acio.diaIy
firll threw li is pipe 'into "th? ftreanx ; then
the ro'.l that contained hs tobacco -y ut
ter thefe, tht bracelets he worj-c-n hp
arm j and wrnts ; next an orna'm eii . 5 ac--encircled
his n2cky cfempofed of head:
sth;t wires ; and at lair the ear 1 ivt;s i si
his ears.: I:i fhort, lie prrf'enteJ to'h'.s
G ! every part ahoy his .drf that
valuable daring this he frrqaentlr fmcte'
his breatt with great Violence, threw his
arms about, and appear ed to be
agitated. '
AH this while he continued his adora
tions, and at length concluded therh
with fei vent petitions that the Great Spi
rit would ccnllantl) sifoTd us his protec
tion, cn our travels, giving us a bright
ful2, a blue iky, and clear untroubled w;i-;
" ter ;. norvculd. he. leave fhd.plact till
we had fmoaked together with my pipe
in honour of the, Great Spirrr. :
I was greatly furprized at beholdirg
aninftance of fuch elevated1: devotion ih'
fo young an indian, and inftead cf rid
cwling the ceremonies attending it, as 1
observed my catholic fervant. tacitly did.
Hooked oji the prince with a greater de
gree of refpecl.for thefe Mb cere proofs he
- gave of his piety ;;-and I- doubt but that
his otTeiings and prayers were as accept
able to the univcrial parent of mankind
as if they hadr been, made with greater
pomp, or in a confecrated plcr;.
Indeed the whole condutft of this young .
prince at once amazed.and charmed meJ
During. the few days we were together
his attention fsemed totally to be em
ployed in yielding ma every 'afslilance in
his power ; and even ia; fo fhort, a tima
he gave me innumerable proofs of the
moft generous- and- diflnterefted frirnd
ihip,;fo that bnour reiurn I parted-from
him with great rcluilance. Whilft I be
held the artlefs, yet- engaging manners
of this- unpolilhed i'avage, I. could not
help drawing a compariCon between him.
and fome of the more refined Inhabitants
of civilized countriei, not: much, I owni
in favour of the latter.. '
1 : TWaKV'Ti iTfy
Of the firfl-pestling cf Anxric.
OF all the various fubjecls cf fpecu
lative enquiry that; hire hirherto.
cor.fum.;! ihz ume, and nircn ven to
th Uarning cf th- cuiious and inqui-f-.tive,
that of t;ie hrd peopling of Ame
rica mu't urtioubredlv challenge-a nlare-
' 01
.iz snd attention of every Amc-
:hor. Wheji we. rort m--
p.a:e this might y emptre,juil ;commci:cing-
;t t tin
her career pervaBel! by im ho ft of
vin'aes, which hvt bst traniier.t! '
i v-ered overthe oilier nac'foris cf pifar,
wk cannot but mfcrali conduHt, j ib
'hit exiiUace wiVi e:-.gIoiiouv aniliT
eJiii i'ion icacb forfA'au! toapcii ad 'ih an
laitine iemore ialthe agev ei ruturi yj
2nd that; l'tr:recof'ds will contibre to be
;iri:xla:jt4-;b!e ibiirc. of example -nd h
Ttvuc'tiqnVnot oalvj to the fu'Tnoundi--,
'ibut 'iiaur-iife UBbofr?- : rI hef hrrr.aa
;Vr:ina, wicn expanjdet! upon thisj:giu-a
ble and' jaugutt ra?ige of future iproba3;:;..
lilies, mii"ft frequtq.tly be makirtjg" e xctr."
fios ")ii ia contrary direiiion, ' by jniy.
gating the original of the fir it injsabm:;tf
of a country that bids 0 fair to be
trefscf half the glebe.- j .
Various and voluminous haye been
the theories which-have been thru ft Ir.o
notice uon :his-engaging and; cmi us
enquiry, and which as unifcrrly- ;c
been encountered., with fuch fon.iqc,o!c
bbjtclionsj as flill fp leave the eii.paif) In
full vigour.. I !
I Previews to the advancement' 'of . p ry
new theory on this lubjecl, evcryi eiir.
and cor'uifaai5lry one becomes r.fc't '
But leitl ihould exfreed the bountss ci .a
hewfpatfer publicafion,I lltaU conifime y tliaL one which has genci ally tb
tained, apd as it were to have fwlalloc
up all thp reft I-mean the ho)ith-wfci
of Etirorl?, and the northeait cjf A Ha,
which, from their proximrty to iAmeri
oa, bave'4rawu the i;iream. of; cofjsur?
in their favour, as being the - only ar:
riues through which the new rfoiid vas
fumiihed with inhabitants., ;
Let us examine for. a momtni, whe
ther the'tconiiguity of either thel ro-'h.
eaft of A i.'i a or north-west of EuVfy
will lufHciently fatisfy 'the fvdjal en
-quiries, which will neerfaiily arif 1 rr r.
a'furvev of Ameiiea, rchen firlt difcoveV
cd by t he Spaniards; . - j
V.'irii th en, with refpecV to the north
eiit f Alia. We will find, that th; lu t
fi.m court, taSreeable 10 the i.'cas '. f
Fctcj the Great,. of opening atrade v.i ;i
Ameuca,lhad confiderab)y extencjed th'
boandarics of his empire ro the we A t""d
the o'aft ot'the naked and ragged re';K r s,
of Siberia . fo late as the y ear 17:1. v '. h
irfiriite trcublc and faffienhy, , fitted'., c 1: t:
two velfelk n the tea of Kv mA;arb'; rn
a'voyagej.iof. difcorery The v. Hole (f
the- iniorrrration coming from this p
taking, ibardy this, that each hi' tic
corr manders diic vcrcd land h:dh il-J,
coijeauredi to be part cf the VVrufi ... a
cn'inentJ:' T-his. itnppeais the co::o-bo-a
e, and?, rove from a fimilaiiky f
m i;ners itVid cudoms in iome,-ifln''tr i
".Anf mn'jLwhica !Tjry,nl:(? diovcr
cd, fpn' wilt re. c- iguou. cb t.Me fujppo d.
' Amcjiciiii icc-iiuueau. Agaia Ji- i?dr

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