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i;u! a' .vi? f!:hiy.yc-r3 sffertrnn-??, tf?e
I';:.!::'.-?- n.i e a un-j;Jra:1 htv.o
c hr? r -!;: (p:cb.;b!y. r.iur: a,, W ;p.
;: lr.:cd) ih? nr.?. m-.t f L;ch we laid
rssiiT,!e theitje, the wo-M eiaUt,
ca n;.)' po!;raly bhime him -or Im
OiC en:
if.-; :.'fn t .i'.i ;
t. '.. c,rs.iv.?.v.u-
ei:u'.rrn to reach
-riiicr.r f'iko?t:ied in 'he
; oy retitrrjr: in a con-
. -on;, they were enabled to onccl
- 1 r'nVer r i" i:rrs into wLLh the toni
! :;micr5 cf thtV.rher two vdJll had
' en.
a ni1.- s li Tt IT of j'ome c f
c-tr.i.:nonr. ii ora the i rait . 0 'h Rrctsnd
wh. or., a new foul into Lin;, :anJ bid
Lim. (or a time, n?r only to iort the
r.y fbch he poTVTen, is t!irrr
trr a iu!i: cbaihc 'of u is .er.avtr.
. -.iwfc-,, , j ift;.u ci tilt;
5i iclicvcs. him, and Lis Lfi
(IVVik!. - T, . L- , I- .
Uie cc .nuortim
son, ;n: alio ence uT'
raJiirn to Iok f;;war.t toihofe nheJ
of joy, v hire the meai-m continually ;
fii.?, ah'i where no one thai ever was al-
: 1,r f... r 1
3 apors to
. . v 1- J. . 1 v : vt
lontd tc tafte could tiuly lav,
quar.ri-y .is diminiffces!."
;'-r'":;' ia raritirKe evcurfior.s beycnl
f r;cr-:on ; we mull ah'h remember, that
:a:?r atteirpt h not above twerty
i'.-v-rc remains anocraiisniaiy ar
- : lent in iaveur .cf thr 'ncrtli ead. H
:r::s !hc Larbarcttc people inhatuirg ihe
aboat the r.orth-eali promcurcry
" Aha, gjive information of a" mah ulard
l.o-ciTjrcm their ooafl, about a day's
irnrn which they can cieferv a
l.vconutiy, filled withforeaa, and
poshed by a people uhofs language
t..rr cmiid nat underaand, but wiih
t-hom t!.-y traded for certain commodi
tiJ i-h they nerer before had feen,
Lc ice. This makes up the u'hole of the
a-::rrents in favour of the norrh-ealL
w;n h we i'il let Hand in full rru7, rn.
f t .re examine what can be brourht in
d oh u;c European noith weiK
I: appears, that Norway Hands pre
p2 To: tt Cicicli the honours which may
icrue mcrtneqv.cncc of the north-weSl
t.: : ni.:.
WGrU! O if I urn fnrpvrr ip'trlrl rn
tht i:i'e of water ! 'Jhis clement leaves
me a- it found me, a poor infipid" crea
tu; e, deli:ute cf all elevaticn, as Wcll as
v :ci'!.c:. ext.on'i
Vv'i'Jo w ; I d
nc.z. 1 was ever r;atly afrui.I of
mn :Jio v, as ffcv.T know n to trar
. ... HJ lli V.l H.iJM',
'uch a man i ccR and uH'ir. J-j is '
v.hcle happiiiefs; ;sc-nLiTd in Iminf ccn
tinrially. lie never relaxes the fivf re
his f:row ' rcr but ; l.ike a .-cemiri ar imai
s, is cpntmnahr anxious to
defers, or
1 c
-n,mn : r!!s ionp-iocpht-for cemmuni : For (fay they) in the ninth cen
t"ir rKii,. ';r
, ; -'wj, aim piuccccea m
-. cromziilinn of Greenl.-mrf. hh
. --- .. IXIICI I uu-
v4 1 1:VGI T ci:t hundred years,
...tihe cl:i.ft,an faith, brought this
naon again to ylte? From
L, ,i l-'-'.ien,we le.rn, that1 one
r. l,Kjr r, who nndctftcod the
;lS'.oi nd, pafci over into
r , t" nis aiiO-
p-",n:ntf.)un,j ther f. th 1 ,
m , v , 1 i u-c 1?' A.e the laruaee
t.'; r.C,nU"'' and in every p.ui-
the ame people! So much portal thronob w,.vt, .1,-
I inqaimaux mufl at all events
' '.'v '-co.or.e ct the 1 -ui.) kii
- i.Itl!e Tai'Jilcc country,
1 cordidcrvihc variety of
mat nature ha& th:ov,n in
- a;, cisian, Triiiis a reiident on this
. .. . . 5 t -
Xiie.e d and defign of man is happi
.3. Hence then ve celd rrnr;tH;f c.
who upon the uncciain Upeeulat.ions of
fuuuitj v.-ouldidb-id-c our joys of the
pr-fent fealon. WIkh once- a man de
pots hence, he; is 7xan no more. Iiis
phnfmes, i any he has, will r,o lc'ngcr
be-the plrafures o-f a nian, butota crea
ture c;(hng .in;fome other .mode cf be
in .r. mc x
.- - -w 'J ;, i4 I' ' "ft
nature, while here, enjoy thole pk auires
which are tlie peculiar portion of huma
nity. . ,
'f'he time will come; when this liquor
vhich now fpaikles in the bcwl, will
avail me nothinrr l They will place tke
full bottle by my fide, but it will not
yieid me a ire of confolation, much lefs
lhall it inflame mc to generous -and noble
''Jeverthelcfs I pity that man, who In
uHng tin- good thing is lb unfortunate as
to conveuit to an evil purpefe fuch- is
cur fnend Tvjkenalah, or the Big lieute
nant : nofooaer dees the firong fpirit of
the juice of the grape begin to operate
tlian he in a moment becomes a monfler.
Cruelty is in his eye, and the resemblance .
of d-xath is on hrs countenance. He
imiies fiercely at all around him, and de
lights in acls of violence. Foi-fuch the
great man above the clouds did not bid
the grape to grow. For fuch he only
meant the runniag ftream, the ftandirg
laJie, and the fpring that hTues conftxLatly
from the bofom of the mountain. To
lay all in a -few words, he placed fuch
men in the fame rank with the hearts of
the fore ft. ;
Who that has a fpirit within him par
taking in ever fa imall a decree of the
edefiial nature, but will peiccivc him
felf becoming a better man bv the opera
tion cf this divine liquid, the juice of the
Tape- Ishe generous ? it heightens; his
genercfity Is he brave ? this clevatfs
him into a prodigy of exalted valr nr. .
All naiTCTTftef? and rscani:cfs of jfjpirir, if
in ourifoTehs,
viU not long cxir m ti.jQj. To he aU
; ways-fcndtis- is not true wifdorr. lif
fJjculd, to certain degree, be cl:oueicd
with folly, otherwflc , we difgwiiV the
feelings of nature, anid' under 'the feverc
mac of .wirdom loje thofe pleaiiires
which folly, h:en fbafotiably. iadulged,
never fails to irdrire.-.; ;
What thir-k.yoa of ihe power called
Na uie ? Teil me,rtphilo p-r, is ihe al
vvaysin 'hat icdate apd ltfike rroodr
v-hjehyou yeurfelf wouid ih Von it am ly
; tftafliime ? : fias fiieinot Viiiby her paA
jflcns and ijer wiirric, her fits c f aner
and of moderation ; (he has even her
hcurs of ply an d merriment ; , and par
don me when I fay, e at times con n its
fbne little freaks Analogous toi what we
call folly in man.' , :
T here .is a. flowed that grows in our -foreits
which has jpaniculailyi attracted
my attention- in cur language-lit is' call
edjeu ha. ataroah, in jEnghft Ecejbixtr.
Upon this flower ths vfiiin;flcl iarcy of
nature has painted a bee, as i in the vei y v
aft ofeitraaing hoce);,. fo nicejy as to
deceiveheoit penetVating eye, till Uie I
impcfition is difcovered by applying ihj5
fingers t the flower, and endeavouring s
tp,catclr thcibe. .-. . :
rThis was evdentlr done witij an idea "
of jocular ae'atbtion.j- Is it prdphene to -lay
Nature had taken a glaft cf Jwine too
much when ihe went to' t oxk at contriv
ing this jflawerf- If fb l-hcpc F may be
permitted to obervc, without fceniure,
that, fhe could not have been other wife
than at leaft in a try good hurncuh. '
Why is a GARBXZRjhe mcjt x htraords
hary 7nan. in the world- ? j.
Add-elled to the counters- ofi .
1 ' : " ' 1
BECAUSE no man has morejfcuilneis
upon earth , and he always chooles good
grcu?t(ts for what he docs Fie cotrmaixis
his tlytue, he is maifer of the t.nir and
fingers femry-.tcyei Fie laifes his rcery
evtre year, and it is a-Lad year indeed
that does net brirg Lira a-pluAk- He
meets with e' lcugfo than 'a mir-tfler et
r.atc; iraUs n::rj: tiJs ihzn the French
S t'c
K 1

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