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erirical moment thelites of nature were
let lool'e upon their hoftile purfuers :
hcn for the fame murmuring band, the
adamantine rocks were clett afunder, by
a towch of the dirmely impregnated rod,
ad thv-fi.bterTaneous waters pouredforth
to fave the lives of thirfting millions :
when, for the fame captious and idola
trous fett, the florehoufes of heaven were
ooeacd, and the dainties of the angels
were rained breaft high afcout their camp,
of tiro days journey diamiter : I fay, when
fuch miraculous nifplays of divine power
were made upen iuch fubje&s, ihall we
dare to reftricr the iame exertions in the
creation of intelligencies, when their ha
bi.ations and furniture are all in readi
nefs ? Let this iufficefortht prefent, as
I mean to brighten this rcafoning before
Begun and held at the city of New-York,
on Monday, the fourth day of Janu
ary, one thoufand feven hundred and
An aft imptjing duties u the Unnage f Jhips
r vejfeis,
BE it enacted by the fenate and houfe
of reprefintatives of the United
Sutes of America in Conrrefs aflembled,
that upon all fhips or veflels, which after
the fiift day of September next, Ihall be
entered in the United Stases, from any
foreign port or place, there (hall be paid
thefeveral and refpehve duties follow-
fing, that is to fay : On dips or veflels of
the United States, at the rate of fix cents
per ton : on (hips or veflels built within
!the United States after the twentieth day
Lf T..l i r t i i v it
,vi juij iaii, oni Deionging wnouy, or iu
art to fubjects of foreign powers, at the
ate of thirty cents per ton : on other
ips or vellcls, at the rate of fifty cents
er ton.
And be it farther enacted, that the
pforeluid duty of fix cents per ton, fhall
jbe alfo paid upon every (hip or veffel of
the United States, which, after the laid
frirft day of September next, ihall be en
tered in a. diftricl in one ft ate from a dif
trift in another ftate, other than an ad
joining (late on the feacoaft, or on fome
navigable river, having on board goods,
iires and merchandise, taken in one ftate
to be delivered inanotherftate : Provided,
thit it Ihall not be raid cn any Chip cr
tllcl having a licence to trade between
'he dij-rcnt cViftiicls of the United States,
or to carry on the Bank or Whale Fifh
eries, whilft employed therein, more than
once a year.
And be it further enafted, That upon
every (kip or veffel not of the United
. States, which after the faid -firft day of
September next, mall be entered in one
diftricl from another diftridt, having on
board goods, wares' and merchandize ta
ken in, in one diftritf, to be delivered in
another diftrift, there fhall be paid at the
rate of fifty cents per ton.
And whereas, it is declared by the
twenty -third feflion f the acr, entitled,
".n ad for regiftering and clearing vef
fels, regulating the coafting trade, and
for other purpofes.f ' That if any veilel
of the burthen of twenty tons or up wards,
not having a certificate of regiftry or in
rollment, and a licence, (hall be found
trading betwexi different cMricts, or be
employed in the bank or whale fiftieiies,
every fuch fhip or veffel fhall be fubjeil
to the fame tonnage and fees as foreign
ftips r veflels," which, from the imprac
ticability in fome cafes of obtaining li
cences in due feafon, and from mifappre
henfion in others, has operated to the pre
judice of individuals ; and it being pro
per that relief fhould be granted in cafes
where the ftrid operation of new laws
may have occaficned hardfhip and incon
venience : j
Be it therefore further enated,,JThat
in all cafes in which the faid foreign du
ty (hall have been; hertofore paid on fhips
or veflels of the United States, whether
regiftered at the time of payment or af
terwards, reftitutSon (hall be made, and
that no fach foreign dutv fhall hereafter
be demanded on the faid fhips or veflels. j
And be it further enacled, That the
aft intituled ' An ad impofing duties on
tonnage," -fhall, after the faid firft day of
September next,' be repealed, andt fhall
thenceforth ceafe to operate, except as to
the collection of the duties which; fhall
have accrued prior to the faid repeal, for
which purpofe the faid act fhall continue
in force.
JOHN ADAMS, V. P. U. S. &c.
Approved July 20, i?9
Prefident of the United States.
(True copy )
RINCE, Duke and Marquis, Count
and Abbe,
Are titles lately grown fo fhabby,
The people will
no more reiptct 'em,
E'en noblemen themfelves irejea 'cm
For by the magic force of found,
The werld has been in fetters bound j
To keep all future evil from us;
Ourfafety lies in Tim and Thomas.
Hail happy age- long fmce fortold,
That turn all bafer cpin to gold.
Hail detfp humility of fpirit,
That forms a common ftock of merit
Afligns th fame exalted ftation
To him. who faves or jinks a nation.
THE (ubferiber informs
J the public, that he has
provided himfelf with conve
nient (tables and paftures, for
the purpole of keeping horfes
the enfuing fefon. He has
one hundred acres of meadow
and corn-field under one fence,
which is only half a mile from
Fayetteville Thole who
Eleafe to fend their holies to
im, may depend on their
being taken the beft care of,
at the moderate price cf Tvyo
Shillings arid Six-Pence rtr
PIED This moraiig, Mr. ELIZABETH
SIBLEY, the nifj of Doaor JOHN SIBLEY,
ard daughter of the Reverend SAMUEL HOP
KINS, ef New port, Rhode- Ifld. Sh ha
left a hufband, whb two little font, te lament her
deith. as a wjfet a chrirtian and friend, fhe wis
weeacq Dy lew j' but as a rnother. by noe. "
The inhabitants of f ayotteville are requeued to
attendher funeral, mcrrow, at elevan o'clock,
in the forence-n, jifom the hofe 01 DcflorSib
17 to th place ointermeat
cooox cxcccco
THE fubfc riber begs lcarc to inform
the public, that he has removed
his fhop next aoor below Mr. Willis's
tavern, and oppofite Mr. Ritchie's ilore,
where he carries on the bufinefs of
j - . j
He has for Jae, f
9 . . : j : ; ; - o .
Hair-Powder -Pomatum ?
Powder Bags and Puffs-Waft Balls
ShaYing-Soap-Tocth -Powder in boxes,.
-ALIO j '
Ladies' Grape Cufhions of the
neweft fafliion-UHair-Sliders-Artificial
Flowers, and Perfumes of all kinds.

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